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Ginny and Sara Play 'Peek A Boo'


Copyright (C) 2000, H. Grant. ALL Rights Reserved

Comments: Warning! This story contains pedophilia of an extreme nature.
If this type of content offends you, DO NOT proceed to read this story!

story Codes: g/g/pedo/anal/ws/embarrassment

story Intro: When five year old Sara moves to her new neighborhood with
her parents, she instantly makes friends with a little girl next door named
Ginny. Within a short period of time, the two children achieve a level of
intimacy beyond the reach of their parents. One day, Ginny gets an idea!

Ginny And Sara Play Peek-A-Boo

by H. Grant

Mrs. Adams heard the light knock at the door and knew who it was
immediately. Her daughter Sara had recently made friends with a friendly
little girl next door named Ginny Mitchel. Ever since they had moved in
about a month ago, the two little girls had been almost inseperable. Ginny
was only five years old the same age as Sara. Mrs. Adams had obsereved
the two of them playing with their Barbie Dolls and rocking on the hobby
horse (Sara's favorite toy) in the basement. The two of them looked so
adorable in their cute little schoolgirl dresses and knee high socks. Mrs.
Adams had often spoken at length with Mrs. Mitchel about the two young girls and the possibility of putting them in the same kindergarden class
together in the fall. Both parents were fond of taking pictures of the
pair and spoiled them with toys from the local mall. Mrs. Adams opened
the door to see Ginny standing in a cute frilly dress with knee high socks.
Her blonde hair was done up in long braids and her cheeks were a healthy
pink color.

"Hi there Ginny." said Mrs. Adams in a friendly voice.

"Can Sara come out and play?" asked the little blonde in her sweet

"Sure." replied Mrs. Adams. "Hold on one minute......Sara????"

Within seconds Sara appeared in the doorway. She had beautiful
strawberry red hair that hung down just below her shoulders. She was
dressed in a regular pair of pink cotton shorts and a white undershirt. It
was late August and still very warm outside. Mrs. Adams permitted Sara to
go out and play with Ginny and closed the front door. She trusted the
little girls to stay near the house and play safely. The neighborhood was
very upper class and safe from most criminal activity. The police were
very good at keeping watch on all the neighborhoods within the small down.

Sara skipped off the front porch - eager to play with Ginny. The two of
them raced over next door to Ginny's house to play with her Barbie dolls.

"My mommy and daddy are out in the backyard planting things so they
won't bother us." said Ginny excitedly as she opened the front door to her

Little Sara followed Ginny inside as they made their way to Ginny's
basement playroom. When they reached the bottom of the steps the playroom
was in it's usual condition. Lots of stuffed animals and Barbie dolls were
strewn all over the floor. In the corner of the playroom was a large doll
house which Ginny was particularly fond of. The two children sat on the
red carpeted floor and began playing with their dollies.

"Let's have Ken go out with Jill." said Sara.

"Yeah....she's got to get cleaned up and ready for him. Let's pretend
this is the bathtub." added Ginny as she pulled out a little play pot from
the doll house and placed the doll inside.

"Don't we have to take her clothes off first?" asked Sara innocently.

"Oh yeah....I forgot." said Ginny as she began to disrobe the small
garments off of the Barbie doll.

"Nuts!' said Sara. "We can't see her privates."

Sara's comment stirred something in little Ginny's imagination. She
began wondering what it would be like to see a real live "pee pee" other
than her own. She looked over at Sara and observed the outfit she was
dressed in. Her eyes fell to Sara's crotch as she stared at the pink
cotton material. There was no hint of the little "V" that resided inside
those little play pants - surely her panties would reveal a more detailed
outline of her small cunny. Ginny began to feel nervous - yet at the same
time the little blonde's trickle began to tingle with excitement. It
seemed the more she thought about Sara's naked cunny, the more curious she
became. Her little clit began to throb as she thought of a way to approach
Sara with the difficult question of playing a special little game.

Sara continued playing with the dolls innocently. She took it upon
herself to bathe Jill (the barbie doll) inside the little play pot. Ginny
observed how Sara ran her small fingers over the doll's breasts pretending
to scrub soap on them. Evenetually Sara's fingers ran down the doll's
stomach toward that "special" area between the dolly's legs. Sara seemed
excited about bathing the Barbie doll and made no attempt to hide what she
was doing with the doll. Ginny was sitting on her rump with her legs
spread outward. Her cute little dress hid her baby doll panties from
Sara's view. Sara continued pretending to scrub the dolly in the play pot.

"Sara.....wanna play something else? This is boring." said Ginny
removing her gaze from Sara's tiny crotch.

"Ok Ginny....what do you wanna play?" asked Sara.

"Umm....I guess what I mean is do you want to play a special game?"
continued Ginny in a hesitant voice.

"Sure....what kind of game?" replied Sara.

"Well....I was kinda wondering if you ever saw a naked girl before - for

"No....I haven't. But can you keep a secret?" asked Sara.

"Yeah." replied Ginny.

"Well.....I had a friend back where I used to live named Joey. We used
to play a game called peek-a-boo.....he used to pull down his pants and
show me his underwear."

"You didn't get to see his weenie?" asked Ginny as her cunny became more

"No. We were afraid of getting caught." replied Sara.

"Did you show him your underwear?" asked Ginny.

"Yeah....kinda....I guess I did." blushed Sara trying to hide her

She was clearly nervous talking about it. But somehow she trusted Ginny
not to tell anybody. She was now her best friend.

"I was kinda wondering......would you like to play peek-a-boo with me?"
asked Ginny nervously.

Sara hesitated to answer as she blushed with embarrassment. Her little
vagina became all tingly and tickly with excitement as she thought about
playing peek-a-boo with Ginny. She was definately curious to see Ginny's

"What if we get caught? My mommy will ground me for a long time." she
said nervously sneaking a peak a Ginny's frilly dress.

"We won't get caught." replied Ginny anxiously. "My parents are outside
for the afternoon. There are no windows in here for them to see.
Besides....we would hear them if they came in upstairs. C'mon.....wanna

"I....I guess so Ginny. You promise not to tell anybody about this?"
she asked nervously as her face turned pink from blushing.

"Promise!" said the little blonde darling. "C'mon...I know a little
room in the back where we can do it in."

Both girls got to their feet blushing with excitment and embarrassment.
They couldn't wait to see each other's underwear - perhaps even more!
Ginny took Sara by the hand and led her to a special area of the basement
where a hidden door faced the playroom. It was a small unused room that
her parents had basically ignored in the seven years that they had lived
there. Fortunately, the previous owner had placed red carpeting in the
little room as well intending to use the room for some purpose. Ginny led
Sara into the little room and closed the door. She switched on the light
and turned to face her friend.

"C'mon Sara. I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Ginny giggled.
Her cute little frilly dress looked so adorable and inviting, but Sara
wanted to see what was underneath.

"You first." said Sara. "I wanna see your panties!"

Ginny giggled and pulled up her frilly dress revealing a cute little
pair of light green baby doll panties. Sara observed the outline of
Ginny's trickle through the fabric and grew very excited.

"Your turn." said Ginny as she lowered her dress.

"Ok. You swear you won't tell anybody? I've never showed my undiepants
to anybody accept my mommy and daddy." said Sara as she placed her hands on
either side of her pink cotton shorts.

"I swear I won't tell anybody." said Ginny as she cupped her crotch area
with both hands - she was so excited she had begun to wet herself a little.
A small patch of pee pee formed inside Ginny's baby doll panties.
Fortunately she had lowered her frilly dress and the wet spot wasn't
noticable to Sara. Ginny watched intently as Sara pulled down her pink
cotton play pants - revealing a cute little pair of white teddy bear
panties with red and green balloon designs on them. Her little undies
clung tightly to her baby crotch - but the material did not permit Ginny a
glimpse of a "V" outline. The cotton material was very thick. Ginny
stared at Sara's cute little panties - another trickle of pee escaped and
wandered into the crotch of her baby doll undies as she grew more excited.

"Can I do a peek-a-boo up close?" she asked Sara nervously.

Sara nodded her head and looked around - making sure that nobody was
watching. It was a foolish gesture. There were no windows in the basement
- let alone the small room they were hiding in. Little Ginny knelt down in
front of Sara and looked closely at her teddybear panties. She wanted
desperately to see what was inside, but for now she had to settle for
staring at the teddybears and balloon designs.

"Can know....smell your panties a little bit?" asked Ginny

Sara was becoming increasingly embarrassed. She thought that maybe they
should stop this activity. She didn't want to be caught with her pants
down showing off her undies. Yet somehow she couldn't tear herself away
from Ginny. The sheer perversness of what she was asking to do made the
game that much more exciting.

"I guess.....just a little wiff." said Sara reluctantly. "Can I smell
yours too?"

"Sure....I guess." said Ginny as she leaned over more and pressed her
nose against Sara's teddybear crotch.

Ginny smelled Sara's panties and picked up a slight wiff of her baby
cunny. It was very faint because Sara was very clean. Her mother had made
sure to bathe her properly. Still, the scent was clearly evident. It
smelled a little bit like wee wee. For some reason, this excited Ginny
even more. She tried hard to hold in another burst of pee that had escaped
into her panties. Ginny never understood why, but whenever she got nervous
or excited she seemed to wet herself - even if she didn't have to use the
potty. She began to get nervous about the odor of urine creeping out into
the open air. She was afraid that Sara would laugh at her. What was even
worse was the fact that she had agreed to led Sara get a close up of her
panties. NOW what was she going to do? Ginny finished smelling Sara's
panties and stood up.

"Sara? You sure you want to smell my panties....I....I mean.......well
I've kinda had an accident." Ginny stammered feeling extremely embarrassed.

"You mean you went potty??" asked Sara curiously trying to hide her

"Yeah....kinda." replied Ginny nervously.

"Did you make a wee wee or a poo poo?" asked Sara giggling.

"I....I made a little pee pee!" said Ginny turning her face away in
utter embarrassment.

Sara burst out giggling - she couldn't help it.

"Oh Sara.....promise you won't tell anybody about this. I feel so
ashamed and naughty!" said Ginny in a pleading voice.

"No....I won't tell anyone." replied Sara trying to contain her
laughter. "I'm your best friend remember?"

"Thanks Sara....I feel so ashamed of myself." said Ginny nervously.

"Can I still take a peak at your panties?" asked Sara hesitantly.

"You sure you wanna....they're all wet." replied Ginny.

"That's ok. I don't mind." said Sara as she knelt down. "I've never
seen an accident up close before."

"Ok. I'll let you look and smell. But if I let you, we have to make
things even." said Ginny.

"What do you mean?" asked Sara.

"You gotta have an accident too!" said Ginny.

"WHAT???" asked Sara. "That's disgusting!"

"It's only fair. I won't let you look at me if you don't."

Sara thought about it for a minute. She really wanted to see Ginny's
accident - but she didn't have to pee all that much. She only had a little
bit stored up in her tiny bladder.

"I guess I can try." she said finally. "But first I wanna see yours."

"Ok. You sure you gotta pee?" asked Ginny.

"A little bit." replied Sara blushing again.

"Ok." said Ginny as she pulled her little frilly dress up again.

Sara looked at Ginny's panties. Indeed they were wet at the crotch.
She leaned forward and looked closely at Ginny's accident. There was a
huge damp wet spot at the center of her panties - right where her pee pee
was. Sara pressed her nose against Ginny's underwear and smelled the scent
of little girlie piss. It definately smelled like pee pee. Sara's cunny
began to get excited. She wanted to see more of Ginny but she knew she had
an obligation to fulfill first. Sara stood up and pulled down her pink
little play pants again for Ginny. Her sweet little teddybear panties came
into view again.

"You sure you wanna see me pee?" she asked Ginny.

"Yeah.....kinda. I've seen accidents before."

"Really???" asked Sara. "Where?"

" time I was in this nursery school and I saw this lady
changing a little girl's diaper."

"Really? Did you get a good look?" asked Sara excitedly.

"Yeah." replied Ginny. "She made a poo."

"Eeeeeeuuuuu!" said Sara. "That must have been stinky!"

"I saw the whole thing." bragged Ginny. "It was disgusting!"

"Ok. Ginny. I think I gotta pee sure you wanna watch?"

"Yeah.....I wanna see you pee your panties (giggle)"

Sara stood facing Ginny with her pants pulled down leaving just her cute
little undies covering her baby trickle. Ginny knelt down and watched
closely as little Sara began to wet her panties. She heard a little
squirting noise as a few spurts of urine exited her vagina and soaked the
front of her teddybear undies. A little wet patch began to appear and the
white cotton fabric began to turn bright yellow. Sara was peeing herself!
Ginny leaned forward and smelled Sara's wet panties - taking in the strong
odor of the little girl's wee wee. A few drops of piddle seeped out of
Sara's panties and fell to the carpet below.

"Golly're making pee pee in your panties!" said Ginny

Sara finished peeing and closed her legs together in an effort to
prevent any more piddle from escaping her undies and falling on the floor.
She waited patiently while Ginny finished smelling her baby crotch. She
felt strangely excited by revealing herself to Ginny in a most humiliating
manner. She began to get even bigger ideas as her little pisser became
even more excited by the peek-a-boo game.

Ginny was getting better ideas too. She loved playing peek-a-boo with
Sara. She wanted to see more!


"Yeah." replied the little blonde standing up.

"I wanna see your trickle." said Sara.

"I wanna see yours too!" replied Ginny.

"You first!....I just made pee pee for you (hee hee)." Sara giggled.

"Ok. Let me see if my parents are still outside. I don't wanna get
caught." replied Ginny.

The little blonde nympho exited the small room and climbed the stairs of
the basement cautiously. When she reached the main floor of her house she
peered out the kitchen window overlooking the backyard. Sure enough her
mommy and daddy were still out planting things. Ginny's little mind
couldn't fathom what kinds of things her parents were planting. All she
knew was that she wanted to hurry up and see Sara's pee pee hole. It was
beginning to get dark outside and her parents would soon be coming in the
house. Ginny rushed back downstairs and went to the back room where Sara
was waiting.

"Ok Sara....they're still outside." said Ginny.

I wanna see you pee pee first!" said Sara.

"Ok. Don't tell anybody promise?"

"Promise" replied Sara - her little cunny getting all tingly with

Little Ginny reached under her frilly dress and tugged at her pee soaked
panties. Slowly she peeled them down until they reached just above her
knee caps. She raised her dress and revealed herself to Sara. The little
redhead gazed down at Ginny's pee pee hole. It looked all pink and puffy.
It was also a little moist from her little accident. She stared at the
tiny little slit in the middle where the piddle was supposed to come out.

"Can I touch it Ginny?" asked Sara shyly.

"Yeah....I guess." replied the little blonde sweetie.

Sara reached down and pushed her tiny fingers against Ginny's pink
fleshy folds.

"Oooooh.....that tickles!" said Ginny innocently.

Her little pee pee felt kinda funny with Sara touching it and all. Sara
ran her index finger up and down her little baby slit - feeling the
softness of Ginny's puffy flesh and the moisture of urine mixed together.
The scent of the little blonde's wee wee accident filled the air and
entered Sara's nose. It smelled so good! Sara withdrew her finger and
pressed it against her nose - smelling Ginny's sweet girlie odor.

"My turn." said Ginny as she pulled her panties back up and lowered
herself down in front of Sara's crotch.

Sara hesitated as she smelled her index finger one last time - taking in
the sweet odor of Ginny's girlie piss. Then she reached down and grasped
the sides of her pink shorts and began to pull them down again revealing
her white teddybear panties once more. This time the little yellow pee patch was clearly visible to Ginny as she stared at Sara's baby crotch.
Her little cotton panties were soaked with wee wee and smelled like a
soiled diaper. Ginny pressed her little nose against Sara's twat and
smelled her shameful puddle - then she watched as Sara began to pull the
smelly pair of underpants down her sweet little thighs and legs. Sara
pulled them down just above her knee caps and opened her legs shyly. Ginny
stared at Sara's pee pee for the very first time. It was a redish pink
(like a strawberry) just like her hair. Her little slit was still leaking
a little bit of piddle and Ginny reached out to scoop some of it up in her
tiny fingers.

"hee hee" Sara giggled as she felt Ginny's tiny fingers brush against
her baby clitty.

Her little cunny was all moist with potty piss and Ginny was pressing
her nose against her tiny crotch smelling her accident. Ginny wanted to
see more. She wanted to see Sara's other hole, but was afraid to ask.

"Do you like my accident?" Sara asked shyly wondering how far this would

Ginny nodded her sweet little head. Without saying a word she boldly
placed a finger just below Sara's trickle and brushed it against her lower
crevice - between her baby butt cheeks.

"Ooooh.....what are you doing Ginny?" asked Sara in a surprised tone of

"You don't like it?" asked Ginny hesitantly.

"I kinda feels good." replied Sara her cheeks turning red with embarrassment.

Ginny decided to press her luck and inch her little baby finger between
Sara's ass crack. The little red head gave a slight moan as she felt her
butt being spread slightly open - revealing her cute little baby poo!
Ginny decided that now was the time to ask her special question.

"Sara.....could you kinda turn around so I can see your hiney?" asked
Ginny in a whisper.

Sara continued blushing as she turned around showing her cute little
baby bottom to her best friend. She had never let anyone see her hiney
before except her mommy and daddy. Her tight litte bottom looked all pink
and fleshy - her baby panties were still draped around her knees. Ginny
took both hands and spread Sara's hiney apart - exposing her smelly little
brownie once again. The cute little hole winked at Ginny and gave off a
slight odor of girlie poo. Ginny was in heaven as she pressed her nose
against Sara's open bottom and took a wiff of her baby butt. She knew she
had been disgusted when she witnessed the lady changing the little girl's
dirty diaper over at the nursery school, but somehow this was different in
a strange sort of way. It seemed so naughty - so foul!

Sara blushed again as she felt Ginny's nose press against her tiny
bottom - all rosy pink with sweet little girl odors. Ginny loved the sweet
smell of the little girl's anus. Sara's hiney hole opened and closed
briefly as a smelly child fart escaped by accident. The dirty fumes
entered Ginny's nose again and engulfed her senses. Sara was too
embarrassed to continue. She quickly turned around and pulled up her
panties. She felt extremely shameful about what she had just done and was
anxious to go home.

"I gotta go Ginny....please don't tell anybody about this!" she begged
in a sweet voice.

"I won't tell as long as you promise to play peek-a-boo with me again."
replied Ginny.

"Ok." said Sara. "I like playing peek-a-boo. I'm just kinda scared
about getting caught."

Just then the two little girls heard the sound of footsteps above the
ceiling. Ginny's parents had come in the house! Sara quickly pulled up
her pants and followed Ginny out into the main area of the basement.

"Ginny???" she heard her mother call.

"Shhhhhh!!.....let's pretend like we're playing Barbies." whispered

The two girls sat down in the middle of the rug and pretended to play
Barbie dolls as Ginny's mother came down the steps.

"Oh there you are! I was wondering what you girls were up to. Mrs.
Adams said you two were together somewhere - I should have guessed." said
Ginny's mother sounding relieved.

"I gotta go home Mrs. Mitchel." said Sara politely.

"Of course dear. It's almost dinner time for both of us." Ginny's
mother replied as she ushered little Ginny upstairs.

Sara went upstairs and left the house trying dirscreetly to cover her
wet pants. Some of the urine in her undies had seeped through the cotton
material and left a small damp patch on the outer crotch area of her play
pants. Ginny had the fortunate circumstance of wearing a dress. The
little red head quickly made her way back to her house and ran upstairs to
get changed and hide her pissy accident. When she was finished changing
she reflected on the game she had played with Ginny that afternoon. She
loved playing peek-a-boo with Ginny. She curiusly wondered to herself what
Ginny's hiney looked like. She would definately be playing with Ginny
tomorrow. Perhaps then she would find out.


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