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Girl Power


Girl Power

In my former life, I can recall dating a girl named Kelly. Kelly was a
smart, pretty young thing, just out of college. She gave wonderful
blowjobs as I recall. Kelly and I made a smart looking modern young couple. We had great sex, as smart looking modern young couples do. I can
even remember wild thoughts running through my mind: serious relationships,
future, even marriage! Kelly was nice. Kelly was practical. But Kelly
had a roommate....

Andrea was the kind of girl, that in my former life, I didn't like much
at all. Not that she wasn't polite, but she had a kind of condescending
way about her. She gave off the signals, albeit covertly, that she didn't
care much for me (or for any guy for that matter) and that Kelly would be
better off without me. Consequently, I tried my best to avoid speaking
with Andrea too much, preferring to bring Kelly home with me as quickly as
possible to do what couples do. The few extended conversations that I ever
had with Andrea turned into disagreements about men, women, feminism, etc.
Andrea was everything that Kelly was not: Dark of hair, sarcastic,
opinionated, quick-witted. I must say that in retrospect, I was
intimidated by Andrea. She wasn't exactly pretty, but she had a very
toned, hot body that she achieved through spending as many diligent hours
at the gym as her grad student schedule would allow.

As it happens, about two months into our relationship Kelly had to leave
town on short notice upon the death of her grandfather. She had called and
left me a message that she would be returning on that Saturday, and to pick
her up at her apartment, as she would be in the mood to have some fun.
When I arrived at her place however, I found only Andrea.

"Oh hi, um...what's up?" "I Kelly ready yet?" "Kelly is Chicago until
tomorrow." "She said she was coming back tonight." "No she's coming back on
Sunday." "Jesus...she left a message saying Saturday." "Well she must have
said Sunday, because she's not here."

I asked Andrea if I could come in to use the bathroom before heading
back home. She sighed and let me in. After I had used the facilities I
passed her in the living room on the way to the door. I got just as far as
the door handle.

"Oh, Brian?" "Yes?" "You didn't say thank you for my allowing you to use
the bathroom."

What a bitch.

"Um...thank you Andrea" "That's better. Now before you go, I was
thinking that maybe we could get to know each other a little better..."
"Well ok. What do you want to do? Have a drink or something?" "I was
thinking perhaps we could fuck each other's brains out." "JESUS Andrea.
I'm dating Kelly. You know that!" "Oh come will be our little
secret. Just once. I want to see for myself what Kelly has been raving
about. You do think I'm attractive, don't you?" "Well yeah but..."

But. But.

For all you people that think that I should have ran out of there
pronto, you don't know the half of it. Instead of course I found myself on
the couch making out with Andrea and feeling up her hot body, which was
encased in stylishly form fitting blue jeans and one of those tight black
lycra shirts that showed off her highset medium size breasts and flat
abdomen. She was aggressive in her kissing (everything Kelly was not), and
I found myself fighting for control of her hungry mouth. She ran her hands
all over my body, groping me as voraciously as I was groping her. I was
getting extremely turned on. This was going to be one hot, intense sex

"Yes baby. Take off your pants. Let me see that cock."

I didn't need to be asked twice. As soon as I stripped down, she was on
my cock like a bitch in heat, sucking, fondling and then easily throating
my 8 inches. It was wild. No girl had ever deepthroated me, and this girl was doing it like a pro. I pride myself on having good stamina, but when
this bitch started fondling and lightly squeezing my balls with my cock
lodged in her tight throat, I was on the edge of cumming. She sensed this,
stopped, stood up and maneuvered herself behind me.

She cooed very nasty words into my ear and lifted my shirt clean off
over my head in one motion, leaving me entirely naked. I could feel her
erect nipples through her shirt rubbing against my back. She reached
around with her arms and grabbed my nipples and squeezed them both. I
began to wonder how I allowed myself to be stripped without doing the same
to her. I was startled from these daydreams when she slid her body down
mine, grabbed my erect cock and stroked it while pushing her tongue into my
asshole. This girl was turning out to be one nasty slut, driving me crazy
with her hands and mouth at the same time. Just as I was about to shoot,
she stopped again. She grabbed my hair with authority and pushed two
fingers firmly into my ass before I knew what she was doing.

"Hey...ow!" "Hey what boy?" "Jesus Andrea stop it!" "Listen to me
fuckwad. If I take these fingers out of your ass, you go right out the
door now and your clothes go into the fireplace. Do you understand." "Yes"
"Do you want me to take my fingers out? "Yes...I mean NO." "Good. Bitch.
Have you ever been fucked by a girl? "I'm not a virgin." "I didn't ask
that. I asked if you've ever been fucked by a girl. Like I'm fucking you
now." "No." "Then you are a fucking virgin. I love little virgin

She grabbed my hair and physically dragged me into the kitchen and bent
me over the kitchen table. Her cruel fingers went right back into my ass
and she roughly stroked my cock, bending it backwards through my legs
towards her. The pain and pleasure were intense. When she tired of this
she took her fingers right from my ass and plunged them into my mouth,
compelling me to taste my own ass, while she spanked my exposed butt with
her right hand. The spanks hurt like hell. This girl was strong. Scary
strong. She grabbed me by the hair again and literally threw me down on
the ground onto my back and pried my mouth open with the toes of her bare

"Come on slut, my feet need some attention"

She shoved her toes into my mouth and made me suck them, then lick the
salty bottom of her bare foot like a slave. She was interrupted from her
ministrations when the phone on the wall next to her began to ring.

" be quiet while I'm on the phone."

She shoved her foot deep into my mouth, pinning my head against the
floor and she answered the phone.

"Hello. Oh hi Kelly! How is Chicago...oh that's so sad...give them my be safe honey...Me? Oh I'm just fine...having lots of
fun...I met a new guy....yeah...I'll tell you all about it when you get too Kelly. See you tomorrow...bye"

"Hey bitchboy, that was your girlfriend. Maybe I'll take some pictures
so she can see how I spent my Saturday night. Good idea?"

I tried to shake my head no, but her cruel foot had me pinned motionless
against the hard floor.

"Nah...forget it. Let's have sex instead!"

She dragged me back into the living room and pushed me down on the floor
and finally removed her clothes displaying her incredibly perfect toned,
muscular body. God I hated this bitch, but at the same time wanted her so
bad. She arranged us in a 69 position with her on top and plunged her wet
cunt down on my face. She rode me like a horse, with my cock and balls
grasped harshly in one hand, the cruel fingers of the other plunging in and
out of my tender ass while she rode my face, swearing and sweating her way
to orgasm, spraying me with her girlcum. She ground her cunt all over me,
making sure that my entire face was soaked and that the air passages of my
nose and mouth were filled with her juices. I was a choking, exhausted

She yanked me up onto me knees, slapped my wet face twice hard, then
forced my face into her perfectly formed, tanned, muscular ass and made me
lick her anus while she rubbed her cunt, cooing and sighing and squealing
in her pleasure. At the moment of her second orgasm, she spun around and
made sure to soak my face in it again. I, totally used, collapsed onto the
floor again while she left the room. I couldn't even move.

She returned in about five minutes. A vision of my worst nightmares.
Strong, athletic, sexy, cruel, and sporting a 10 inch, thick , flesh
colored, strap-on dildo.

"Ok slut. Time to fuck each other's brain out! Me first!"

I was beyond trying to do anything to resist. She arranged me on my
knees on all fours, pinned my two wrists together above my back with one of
her strong hands, and opened my ass insistently with the cock. Slowly at
first. Inch by inch. Painfully. Savagely. Uncompromisingly. I moaned
and cried like the whipped, ass-fucked slut that I had become. She
appeared to be some sort of an expert at this, rough fucking me into
oblivion as she spanked my ass and slapped my face. My once hard cock was
ineffectual, an afterthought as it swung back and forth with the rhythm of
her relentless fucking.

"Come on bitch. That's right...take it hard. Take Andrea's big dick.
Squirm on it slut. Spread your ass open slut. Say my name bitch. Say you
love it...come on. What's wrong slut. Don't you like it?"

I shook my head hard, while screaming myself hoarse.

"I'll bet I can prove you wrong slut"

She slid out the dildo and flipped my over onto my back. I was
powerless to resist anything she wanted to do to my helpless body. And
what she wanted to do is commonly called in pornography circles - the
piledriver position. She bent my legs all the way back until my ass was in
the air, my toes were touching the floor behind my head, and the back of my
head was pinned to the floor, bent at the neck. In this position she had
full access to my exposed asshole. From above, she positioned the rubber
cock straight down vertically, and brought it straight down into my open
ass by bending her legs. I was totally inverse impaled. This position is
reserved for the most wanton, nasty, degraded sluts...which of course I was

My cruel bitch ruler saw this as an opportunity for a nice handjob.

I didn't think I could even get an erection with 10 inches of cock in my
ass, but boy was I wrong. She expertly played my helpless exposed cock
with her strong grip, until I was on the verge of cumming. Then fucked me
harder and harder until the clit attachment of the strap-on brought her to
the verge as well. She timed our orgasms together, both of us screaming in
ecstasy as she milked my huge load of cum in ropes all over my face,
choking and gagging me again. She wasn't through.

"Come on slut. Let's get you cleaned up."

She pulled me up onto my feet, bent me at the waist, plunged the dildo
into me from behind, and began to slowly walk me to the bathroom, making
sure that with each painful step, her cock was forced deeper and deeper
into me. She walked me not to the shower, not to the sink, but to the
toilet where she drove me down on all fours, roughly soaking my head in the
toilet water while she power fucked me harder and harder until she came for
a fourth time.

I was compelled to my feet again and she took hold of my exposed balls,
squeezing hard. She slapped my wet face bright red until I cried like a
little girl and begged to serve her more. She was my superior in every
way...She made me place the back of my neck against the front of the toilet bowl, squatted and unleashed a powerful torrent of hot piss into my mouth
and down my throat...

I spent the rest of the evening orally servicing her cunt, ass and feet
until she maxed out at a grand total of nine orgasms. On the bright side,
I did get to fuck her. She rode my cock harshly for 20 minutes, grinding
and crushing my balls under her powerful cunt, face-slapping me more,
stuffing her fingers into my mouth until I choked, lost in her own
pleasure. At the moment of her climax, she pulled off of me, scrambled up
my prone body and sprayed my face again. She explained that sluts should
always get a facial, never cum inside. And I did get a nice long blowjob from her at one point too until I came in her commanding mouth. She took
great delight in feeding it back to me with a hot, wet french kiss...

Oh what you say? That's only five orgasms, what about the other four? I
knew you'd ask.

Andrea, the nightmare bitch from hell, stuffed a double sided dildo gag
into my mouth, strapped it tight around my head, and sat her pretty ass
down and rode the other end wildly. I think the vibrations from my choking
and screaming around the end in my throat helped her along....

Andrea, the psycho slut, likes to fuck her bitch in the missionary
position too. She puts her bitch's legs way up in the air and drives her
cock home. Just like in the movies. When the bitch squeals in pleasure
and pain and cums all over itself, it turns her on. This makes her cum.

Andrea, the cruel queen, likes a little foot worship, but not just the
ordinary kind. It seems her feet are very sensitive and she can cum just
from foot-fucking a shattered slut's mouth. Deeply.

Andrea, my goddess, likes oral sex. Alot. Face grinding, leg
squeezing, smothering nose breaking, uncompromising worship of her hot,
hungry shaved slit. I learned how to do it right. The life of the
testicles being squeezed in her hand depended on it.

Our Saturday night ended with me in her bed, with my head at her feet,
licking and sucking her toes, with my exposed balls stuffed possessively in
her mouth until she fell asleep. And me praying she wouldn't have a bad

On Sunday morning, Kelly came home to sight of her roommate casually
lounging on the sofa and her boyfriend on his knees at her feet, orally
servicing her 10-inch rubber strap-on cock.

"Jesus Andrea! You've ruined another one! You are incorrigible!"

"Ha ha...welcome home baby. I think you should get over here and
worship your lover's cock."

Andrea put her foot on my face and pushed me to the floor to make room
for Kelly. They did allow me to stay and begin a new sort of life....


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