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A Girl's Stroke story
By Katie McN <>

(c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Sometimes it's so easy. So very easy, indeed.

Kim came to visit us one evening. She'd never been to this
part of Texas, and certainly, never been to our home. Yes,
I'm sure of that.

I don't know how it happened. Perhaps it was the wine, or
maybe the companionship or maybe just because.

We were reading the draft of Lexi's latest story and
talking about it as we read. Kim just couldn't understand
how a woman could get excited when she was dominated by
everyone. How could pain lead to orgasm? I guess most
people only think in familiar terms, and don't understand
the clockwork of others.

Somehow Lexi and Kim got to talking about bondage and what
it might be like to have someone else in complete control.
What it might be like to allow another person to take
charge if even for only a minute or two.

The scene changed to the bedroom. Kim decided to see what
it would feel like, but only for a minute and certainly not
in chains and manacles. Instead, Lexi attached velvet cuffs
to Kim's delicate wrists and ankles. There was no pain and
the tiny girl felt nothing except a brief moment of
excitement as she considered what might happen next. But
what could happen? Yes, she was lying on the bed, but she
was fully dressed and with friends who she trusted very

Katie sat on the edge of the bed and then moved closer to
Kim who was held captive in her royal bonds. Katie kissed
Kim on the lips ever so gently. She nipped playfully at the
young girl's upper lip and then did the same to the lower
one. Katie let her tongue drift across the red of Kim's
mouth sending a jolt of sensuality from her tongue to the
very center of Kim's mind.

Lexi let her finger climb the smooth staircase of Kim's
perfectly formed leg. Her finger moved up Kim's calf, and
then, higher up on her thigh pushing the hem of her skirt
as it traveled on a very sensuous journey. Kim tried to pay
attention to Katie's tongue, but it was hard to do when she
felt Lexi's finger move relentlessly toward the heat coming
from her pussy.

When Katie pulled back, she was replaced by Lexi who kissed
Kim far more passionately. Lexi's tongue forced its way
into Kim's mouth and explored in a way that said it always
belonged there. Kim raised her faced and pressed against
the passion that was Lexi. She wanted more and yet she
couldn't do anything but receive. The gentle velvet held
her as well as any steel handcuffs.

Kim's dress was around her waist now and she could feel
Katie pulling at the top of her tiny panties. Katie easily
ripped the tiny garment away from Kim exposing her excited
pussy. Kim could feel Katie's finger trailing up and down
her slit. She so much wanted Katie to invade her love
cavern, but could do nothing to hurry things along. The
helplessness added so very much to the excitement.

Katie let her tongue slide over the contours of Kim's ear,
and let her hand rest gently on the soft hair that
protected Kim's pussy. Katie gently massaged Kim's sex and
allowed her fingers to explore her pussy lips. A single
finger was more insistent than the rest and soon found its
way inside of Kim, followed by another, and another. Kim
moaned and tried to press herself into Katie's hand, but to
no avail. Katie teased and fondled her but always remained
in complete control.

Lexi unbuttoned the first button on Kim's shirt revealing
the tops of the mounds that defined Kim's breasts. Lex
moved her fingers over these mounds and then inside the
girl's blouse. Her finger slipped inside her bra, but only
enough to give Kim the idea that it might be more than
wonderful to be touched by this hand. Another button came
undone. And then, another button came undone, and so on
until the shirt was open exposing an expanse of skin from
Kim's waist to her neck with just a lacy black bra hiding
her boobs from her interested molesters.

"Oh, Katie! Look at this. Her bra opens at the front. How
very convenient", said Lexi as she put her fingers inside
the bra and felt the heat coming from Kim's breasts. Lexi
opened the bra and revealed the young girl's breasts as if
they were on display, and they certainly were.

Katie kissed Kim's boob again and again. Her mouth moved
slowly toward the nipple that was straining to make contact
with Katie's lips. Katie held that rosebud between her
teeth and gently pulled it and tugged it and continued to
tease as the sounds Kim made were louder and louder.

Lexi was Katie's mirror and took advantage of the other
breast to tease and enjoy and excite.

Katie had her hand insistently moving between Kim's legs,
gently at first and then with a vigor designed to move Kim
to some other place.

Kim strained to escape her bonds, but made no progress as
the other two women continued touching and examining her
body. Hands moved and caressed and touched and squeezed and
fondled every part of her exposed body. The excitement
seemed more than anyone could stand.

Katie put her head between Kim's legs and tried to stick
her tongue into her pussy. She moved it around until she
found the hard little clit and then teased it and fondled
it until it tried to climb into Katie's mouth. Katie took
that little man in a boat into her mouth and squeezed it
between her teeth. She pulled it up and could feel Kim rise
into the air and then try to pull back just a little to add
to her own excitement.

Lexi kissed Kim on her neck over and over again. She
started in the place where the shoulder starts to become
the neck and walked up to the girl's ears kissing every
inch of the way. When she got to the top she went down
again. Lexi's hands enjoyed touching and squeezing the
breasts that were easily available to her now. As Lexi
moved her hand down Kim's body she found Katie still
exciting Kim in other ways.

Katie moved her hand under Kim's ass and touched her
intimately. Katie explored Kim's butt by holding and
squeezing her firm cheeks. Eventually, Katie's finger found
the rim holding Kim's asshole closed. The more the finger
examined this orifice, the more relaxed it became. Soon
Katie had her finger a tiny bit inside of the girl. A bit
more and then she was well inside making the same insistent
movement that she made in Kim's pussy.

Somehow Kim was able to scream even though Lexi was kissing
her deeply. The orgasm started someplace far away and
overwhelmed Kim with waves of pleasure. It seemed like it
went on forever and ever. A molten heat covering every part
of her body, exploding with a feeling unlike anything else
she ever experienced.

Kim almost passed out, but still noticed when Katie and
Lexi got up and started to take off their clothes. She
looked forward to seeing what these two women looked like
under their attire.

She noticed that the small tuft of blond hair highlighting
Katie's pussy was the same color as the long blonde hair
cascading over Katie's shoulders. Katie's breasts were a
nice size and looked very comfortable and inviting. Her
curves looked more enticing unfettered from all her
clothes. Kim wanted to touch and hold, but could only wait
in her bindings to see what might happen next.

Kim was surprised to find that Lexi did not wear any
underwear. When she removed her blouse, her tits continued
to stand out in a way that was all at once provocative and
enticing. Lexi's reddish brown hair made an interesting
contrast to Katie's honey blonde mane.

Katie moved over Kim and let her breasts hang down just an
inch or two from Kim's mouth. Kim tried, but failed to
capture the nipple that stayed just out of reach. Katie
moved in way that caused her breasts to drag slowly across
Kim's face. The nipples hardened and enlarged when she did
this. Kim could feel these travelers as they slid across
her face.

Lexi rubbed her breasts on the flat surface of Kim's
stomach and moved her tits down across her pubic hair. When
she slowly moved her breasts back to Kim's stomach, she
lowered her head and started kissing Kim in the vee that
formed between her legs. She kissed again and again. She
finally forced her tongue inside the girl and then covered
her pussy with her mouth. She moved her mouth over Kim's
clit and sucked this tiny shape into her mouth, pulling on
it and sending electricity from her mouth to the very
center of Kim's sex.

Kim felt Katie's nipple move across her mouth. She took
advantage of this to suck the nipple into her mouth where
she tried to explore every aspect of this interesting
experience. She wished she could hold and touch, but had to
be satisfied with Katie lowering herself onto her face and
smothering her with her endowments.

Once again Kim's body tried to transport itself from the
bed to some other place with the force of an orgasm much
more intense that anything she had ever felt, but to no
avail. She was held by the velvet restraints as firmly as
if they were tempered steel. The other girls were now quite
used to the sounds of excitement coming from the very
depths of Kim's body. It added to their own excitement so
very much.

As she lay in total exhaustion, Kim noticed that Lexi was
now lying beside her. Katie was moving on top of Lex and
soon had her head between the younger girl's legs. Katie
lowered her pussy over Lexi's welcoming mouth and the two
girls slowly enjoyed each other's bodies in a way that only
two people who were very familiar with each other could do.
Much was accomplished in a short period of time. Soon the
two lovers were jolted by orgasms that reminded them of
everything that happened and was going to happen.

They let the excitement linger as long as they could until
Katie finally turned and faced Lexi. They kissed and let
each other taste the residue of the excitement that formed
when they came with a feeling of liquid heat and fire.

"That was so wonderful. I've never felt anything like that
in my life," said Kim as she watched the other two finish
their kiss. "I hope we can do it again sometime."

"Of course we will", said Katie and she looked at Kim still
securely bound to the bed with the velvet ropes. "In fact,
we will do it again and again for the rest of the weekend.
It doesn't look like you plan on going anyplace so we'll
just take advantage of the situation."

Kim lay back as Katie and Lexi started once again to raise
her to some unexpected high level of arousal. Things only
got better and better.
The End
Let me know what you think of my story . . .

By Katie McN <>
Read more of my stories here . . .


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