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**WARNING**This story contains sexual material and is intended for legal
and mature adults in Countries where such material is permissible to view,
download and/or possess. If you are not a legal adult or the laws of your
country prohibit these types of materials, do not proceed any farther! Hit
the "Back" button on your browser!

Copyright 2001, Shakespeare_I._Aint. ALL Rights Reserved

Story_codes: M+m+F,interracial and everything

Story_intro: Husband Joe takes his little suburban, soccer-mom wife out
for some glory-hole action. No holes barred...

Glory hole wife by Shakespeare_I._Aint (M+ m+ f everything)

Chapter One: The Announcement

Joseph Savior was cleaning the family room of the four-bedroom colonial,
cleaning and waiting for the calm that occurred only at night in their busy
home. The odd and relaxing silence that sleeping kids would bring. Oh
sure, a few giggling outbursts or requests for water from the children, but
then as they drifted off the blessed silence would come.

Mary was upstairs putting the children to bed. Four of them. From ten
year old hellion, David, to three year old Beth. With eight year old,
Tommy and six year old Faith in between. Four busy kids. While Mary was
upstairs with the kids, Joseph straightened up the ground floor of the
home. Mary and Joseph alternated the jobs of child-bedder and
home-straightener. Putting the Sega away, picking up the books and CDs,
clearing the kitchen counters, loading the dishwasher and generally
improving the appearance of the home for the morning when the kids would
descend and start their day anew. As tomorrow was Saturday, the mayhem
would continue all day, Joseph reminded himself ruefully.

Upstairs, Mary was reading Beth a book. Beth was just starting to lose
focus on her mother; her blinking eyes taking longer each time to reopen.
Mary read the mechanically, putting less character and volume into her
voice as Beth started to nod off. Deep down, Mary was wrestling with a
large problem. How to tell her husband, Joseph about the URGE. Because
THE URGE was upon her. It had started two weeks ago as the tiniest
suggestion in her head and built steadily until tonight it captivated her
waking moments, bouncing around powerfully in her skull. THE URGE. Mary
hoped Joseph would take it well. Not lay too much Catholic guilt on her.
THE URGE was impervious to criticism, but Mary was not. Why do I have
these thoughts, she asked herself sadly? Why?

As Beth drifted off, Mary closed the book and crept out of the bedroom.
In the bathroom, she examined herself in the large half mirror. Mary
Savior, wife and mother at thirty-six years. The Classic Soccer Mom. Had
the minivan and suburban house. Identified herself first as a mother,
second as a wife, third as a lover. Stood five foot nothing in her
stocking flat feet; weighed between 125 pounds when she was exercising to
140 pounds when her period was in and she guiltily indulged herself in
forbidden sweets and happened to be off her exercise regimen.
Shoulder-length blond hair and light blue eyes. Mary would describe
herself as average. Just average. Two B cup breasts after the four
children; somewhat saggy with traceries of light blue veins; a stomach that
pooched out slightly no matter which diet or how hard it was exercised.
The bellybutton which frowned downward. The stretch marks, tiny white
scars on her tummy and thighs and butt. The marks she bore for her
children. Firmly resigned to wearing only one-piece bathing suits to hide
her marks. Turning around and looking back over her shoulder, Mary checked
to see how her bottom appeared through her work slacks. Oh yeah. The
ever-present slight sag of her butt, years ago her best feature. She
sighed and left the bathroom. Time to talk with Joseph.

Joe was sitting at the dining room table paying the bills when Mary
rejoined him. He gazed up at her fondly, his wife of 13 years. He loved
everything about her. He was comfortable about her body and her pretty
face. Any chance? On a Friday night? Probably not. They were generally
worn out after work and coming home to fix dinner and be with the kids.
She sure looked down about something.

"Kids go down all right?"

"Yes," Mary answered dutifully. "Beth was nodding off before I finished
Winnie the Pooh. The boys are quiet. I think Faith is already asleep."
She sat down next to him at the large table. She sighed. That's how
Joseph knew it was talking time.

"Anything the matter, hon?" he asked anxiously, wondering what it could
be. "You need something?"

Mary looked up at him. She didn't want to say the words. Didn't want
to see the look of pain in his eyes. Again. She fought for the words and
the context to put them in. She lost and just ended up blurting it out

"I... I... I have THE URGE, Joe. I have the URGE and I'm so sorry..."
she gushed, tears springing to her eyes.

Joe felt the heat rush to his face as he stared at his wife. Not
anger--he loved her too much for that--but he felt the distress and the
guilty twinge in his pants. Again?

Mary watched him flush and cringed inwardly. Why do I do this to him?
Why can't we be normal all the time? she wondered helplessly. But the
word was out hanging awkwardly between them. She waited on her husband.
Joe breathed out, his breath releasing his tension.

"Again, honey? THE URGE again? So soon?" he asked, trying to keep his
emotions out of the mix. Careful what you say, he cautioned himself.

"Yes, Joe. So soon." Mary whispered. "It's been in my head for a
couple of weeks now. I had to tell you. I'm sorry--I really am," she
finished lamely, wanting nothing more than for Joe to hold her and make it
all better.

"The last time was...?"

"Three years ago, Joe. We had just had Beth," Mary answered sadly.

Joe was silent, lost in his thoughts. She wants to do it again? She
has to do it again? He felt like he could cry himself, add his tears to
hers. I have to be strong for Mary, he told himself. I love her and she
loves me. THE URGE doesn't change that. He breathed rhythmically, forcing
the tension out of his body. Force the blood out of his penis that was
bent uncomfortably in his pants.

"And you want to do it again?"

"I need to do it again, Joe. I don't want to. I need to," Mary said
meekly, raising her face to gauge his reaction.

"THE URGE," he repeated, sadly.

"Yes, Joe. THE URGE, Mary said patiently. "It's on me and I can't get
rid of it. It's driving me crazy. I'm sorry."

Joseph was silent. He had to tell her it was okay even though it
wasn't. Not by a long shot. But deep down in his mind, he knew he would
make her sweat it out before he told her. He just couldn't let her know
how scary and exciting a proposition these Urges were. He had that much
coming for what the URGE put him through. Finally, "Okay, Mary. How do we
do this?", he answered in his best gritty-pain voice.

Mary sat back, relieved from this ordeal. Four times she'd had to tell
Joseph about THE URGE. The first time was the worst but it never got
easier. In fact, it always got harder, watching his pain. He loved
her--she knew that--and she knew this caused him great pain. Watching his
wife defiled by strangers. Because that's what THE URGE was. A
pain-causing monster. A potential strain on the relationship.

It had been four times now. Four times that Joseph had taken his wife to the gloryhole in the Men's Room of a rest stop on I-94 an hour and a
half out of Chicago and her suburbs. Whereupon he was bound by Mary's
rules while he watched her service strangers through a six-inch by six-inch
hole he'd had to cut himself in the wall between two stalls. Standing
helplessly by while she was reviled by these lucky bastards and signaling
for him to take another Polaroid to add to THE BOX. No pornography of any
kind in the Savior home. No Playboys, nothing on the Internet, no saucy
cable channels. Just THE BOX, with its Polaroids of Mary And The
Strangers, carefully locked and hidden on the top shelf of the closet.
Away from prying eyes of their children. Even the key to the damn thing
was hidden. Taped under a drawer in Mary's dresser. And Joseph suspected
his wife looked at those pictures occasionally when she was alone. Relived
those sessions. Maybe masturbated to them. And the saddest part was that
Joseph himself had used them to masturbate in a furious seven-day spurt when Mary and the kids had gone to visit her parents in Minnesota. That
had been humiliating to Joe.

THE URGE was a powerful totem to Mary, Joseph knew. A kind of command
to debase herself. The first time she asked him, it had taken two weeks of
steady low-key argument before he gave his unwilling consent. And it had
been every bit as nerve-wracking and slightly revolting as he thought it
would be. He brought Mary home a cum-splattered and sore wreck. With
bruises on her butt that didn't fade for weeks. And she had wanted more.
He couldn't understand it, but Mary was a perfect life-partner in every
other way.

"Can this be the last? The last time we... do this?"

Mary's face was teary. She felt horrible about THE URGE. Just
horrible. And it wouldn't let her agree.

"I... no, Joe. I hope it'll hold me for a long time. I do. But I
can't promise you it would be the last. I really can't," she finished

Joe was silent, watching his loving wife steadily, hating to see her
tears. He knew she felt bad. I should tell her it's all right. I should
tell her it's frightening but it's all right. And I should tell her it's a
weird kick for me, even though no man should let others use his wife. Or
get off by watching it happen. But the only thing Joe could bring himself
to say was:

"When do we do this?"

"I was thinking maybe... tomorrow night. Your mom said they'd take the
kids. Overnight." Mary's face was hopeful; she knew she was
gushing--showing she'd kind of had it planned out--and that could irritate
Joe. "I was hoping maybe we'd spend the night at that little motel. And
come home in the morning," she finished lamely, watching her husband's
face. But Joe had put his poker face on. He had a wariness in his eyes
that she had put there.

"What did you tell them we were doing?"

"Your parents? I told them we were thinking about heading into Chicago
to see a show and do the Loop. I told them it depended on how much running
around we had to do tomorrow. I told them I'd call her as soon as we
figured out what we would do." She waited expectantly, praying.

"Okay, Mary. Call them and tell them we need them to baby-sit
overnight. We'll do it. Okay?"

Mary felt fresh tears in her eyes. Tears of happiness that Joseph loved
her and would help her with THE URGE. She loved him so much.

"You want to go upstairs in a little while, Joe? I'd like that," she
offered. Joe gave a rueful smile.

"No thanks, hon. I'll save it up for tomorrow. I'm pretty tired and
I've got some paperwork to go over. Rain check?"

"Rain check," Mary agreed, although she would have rather they had gone
upstairs and made love. She wanted be with him for a while.

He tossed and turned in bed that night, thinking about events to come.

Chapter Two: The Gloryhole

And so it was that Joe and Mary Savior awoke Saturday with a charged
tension between them. The Saturday chores--the shopping, the cleaning, the
lawn, got completed in their due course, however, the stiltedness remained
between the married couple.

Mary took it upon herself to be cheerful and playful with the children
and with Joe. He responded weakly at best to her attempts to lighten his
worried mood. The children were thrilled at the prospect at spending the
night at Joe's parent's home. The videos were already rented and Grandma
Savior had already advised of the provisions she had laid in for their
arrival. By six in the evening the kids were in the minivan and Mary had
jumped into the "Mommy seat" next to Joe; her own special provisions
carried in an overnight bag set between them.

Dropping off the children went without a hitch. Mary chatted excitedly
with Joe's mom while Joe spoke idly with his Father, about the gas mileage
his father had coaxed out of his recreational vehicle last summer. Joe
suspected that his father was responsible for more than a few of the
traffic back-ups in northern Michigan and Wisconsin in the summers. A
regular moving roadblock. Mary bounced out of the house. "Ready, Joe?"
she asked brightly. Joe put on his happy face.

"Let's go, hon. Dad, try not to let mom spoil the kids, okay?"

"I can't promise you anything on that score, Joe," the older man said
solemnly, before breaking into a grin. "You two have fun. We'll be right
here when you get back."

Joe and Mary climbed back into the mini-van. "I gave your mother the
cell phone number in case she needed to call us. I told her we didn't know
if we would spend the night in Chicago or head home," Mary said.

"Okay," Joe answered. "We're going to stay at that motel again?"

"I'd like to. It's more convenient."

"We bringing anyone back with us to the motel this time?"

"I... I don't know," Mary faltered. "If we do, it won't be like last

They had brought a young man, a hitchhiker, back to the room to do a
special job on Mary. After the act, he showed no inclination to leave.
Joe had been overly patient with him, waiting for Mary to rise up out of
her languor. When she had finally given him a worried look, he had given
the kid the bum's rush. He didn't want anything like that to happen again.

The time passed uneasily between them as Joe left Chicago and the 'burbs
behind and they passed through Gary, Indiana and Michigan City and finally
into the farmlands and fields of Michigan. Mary squirmed in her seat. Joe
caught her out of the corner of his eye.

"Want me to slip out of these shorts for awhile, Joe?" Mary asked
timidly. Joe considered. Acts of automobile sexuality were very rare with
Mary, and he felt the resultant surge in his pants. But he really didn't
feel like playing right now. These urges always worried him, because of
the possibility of being caught and exposed.

"I'd rather just get to the motel. Maybe we'll do something there,
hon," he finally stated. Mary sat back in her seat, clearly disappointed.
Oh well.

At exit 3 of Interstate 94, they left the freeway. Out of the corner of
his eye, he saw Mary shift excitedly in her seat. Joe turned left,
recrossing the highway over the bridge and cruised into the parking lot of
the Sawyer Motel, a one-story cinderblock motel of indeterminate age. Not
recent, though. Shaped in an "L", without pool or restaurant; advertising
their air-conditioned rooms and in-room phones. "Air-conditioned rooms"
had the requisite blue icicles hanging from each word. In-room movies.
Whoopee, thought Joe dully. Other than a Marathon gas station, the motel
was the only other building even visible from the interstate. It always
seemed to Joe that the only reason you could enter or exit the freeway
around here was so the farmers would have a way to get on. There was
nothing else around Sawyer, Michigan.

The Sawyer Motel served as a place to sleep for those travelers who
needed inexpensive accommodations for the night. Fairly close to the
backwater Michigan town of the same name, it seemed to accommodate its fair
share of locals looking for a room for their own sexual enterprises. The
place saw only light use and it always seemed like a depressing little dump
to Joe. He left Mary in the van and headed in to get a room. Forty-two
dollars later, Joe came out with the key in his hand. Mary watched him
anxiously from the car.

"I wonder how he feels?" thought Mary. She watched his neutral face and
posture as he walked back to her. She felt giddy and hot at the same time.
She longed to rub her legs together or at least rub her groin with her
hand. The URGE was upon her, in full effect. Joe climbed in without a word
and drove about eight doors down to number thirteen. Parking the car, they
both stepped out. Mary stretched, then grabbed her overnight bag and
waited excitedly for Joe to open the door. Joe unlocked number thirteen
and they stepped inside.

Mary made a great show of being comfortable in the spare, sparsely
furnished room, with it's old carpeting and drapes, the motel-quality
television hanging from it's ceiling bracket. Mary tossed her night bag on
the faded quilt of the double bed and walked eagerly into the bathroom to
pee. She reached under her short skirt and peeled her panties down, then
squatted over the bowl and let her urine flow. She hated to sit down on
these motel toilets. Fear of germs or something, she figured. Hard to
believe when shortly she'd be letting strangers put their cocks into her.
Lot easier to catch disease that way, but she still shied away from
actually sitting on the toilets in these motels until she'd had a chance to
clean them. She heard Joe switch the television on. The unmistakable
drone of college football filled the small motel room. Mary wiped her sex
gently and after dropping her wadded toilet paper into the bowl couldn't
resist running a fingernail up and down her slit. Excited, she kicked the
panties off and let her skirt fall back down. She flushed the toilet and
headed out to see Joe. It was eight o'clock in the evening, and time to
leave for the gloryhole. Time was a wastin'.

"Are you ready to go, Joe?" Mary asked her husband. Joe looked at her.
His face still a mask.

"I guess, hon."

"And the same rules?"


The "Rules" were pretty simple. Joe took Polaroid pictures of Mary's
activities. He would make some initial contacts with the strangers and let
them know Mary was available in her bathroom stall. He would take his cues
from her when it came to answering questions posed by the blunt and
distrustful horny men she would service. And Mary rarely said no to a

Mary quietly picked up her bag of supplies and waited on Joe. He got up
off the bed and grabbed his keys and wallet. They looked at each other
uncomfortably before Joe said quietly and just a bit kindly, "Let's go,
Hon." Mary brightened in anticipation and followed eagerly out the door.

Once more out on the road, Joe dutifully drove back onto the Interstate,
actually heading west, back towards the state line. At the point he got up
to speed, it was almost time to slow down as the westbound I-94 rest area
loomed off to the right. The parking lot showed about ten trucks or so,
and a smattering of passenger cars.

Michigan was one of those states that errantly provide twin rest areas
on both sides of a divided highway rather than plunking one down in the
center of the median for use by both directions of travel. These rest
areas, unencumbered by civilian enterprises such as restaurants and gas
stations, were simply long buildings with bathroom facilities, a small area
for travelers to check their maps against the large one, a dog run area and
a smattering of picnic tables set in the pine trees. As rest areas go,
this one, known as the "Sawyer Rest Area West" according to a little sign
by the payphone, was lightly utilized. It had the cheap vinyl tiled floor
and fluorescent lighting associated with most utilitarian rest areas. Most
travelers preferred to wait until Michigan City to get the gas and food
they couldn't get here. They would wait until Michigan City to stretch their legs and head to the bathroom. No, this rest area was mostly
utilized by truckers who would sleep in their cabs until morning before
heading back out on their lonely ways. Or used by travelers whose bladders
simply wouldn't wait until the state line.

Joe hit the exit and coasted down the long lane leading into the parking
area. Good parking was available right next to the handicapped spaces out
in front of the building, but Joe avoided it, selecting instead an empty
space farther away with no one around. He parked and shut the headlights
and ignition off. While the warm engine ticked quietly, Joe turned to his
wife. He felt the combination of revulsion and excitement that he always
felt at these things. Gonna see my wife get used, he thought perilously.
Mary looked nice, wearing a black pullover top, and matching short skirt,
which showed off her short stocky, legs to best advantage.

Mary felt the butterflies in her stomach. She was jumpy and jittery and
her sex seemed swollen and almost weeping with the excitement. She reached
into her bag of tricks and pulled out the small cylinder of pepper spray
and pressed it into Joe's hand. Just in case. You never knew. She sat up
primly, her bag in her lap. "Are we ready, Joe?" she whispered excitedly.
Joe almost smiled. "Let's go, hon.," He almost added, 'let's get this over
with', but that would dampen her spirit. They fairly leapt out of the van,
and met each other sheepishly at the rear of the vehicle. Joe set the car
alarm and they slowly approached the bathrooms. A family of vacationers
were heading out the front doors, heading back to a recreational vehicle
parked across seven parking spaces reserved for passenger cars. The group
never gave Joe and Mary a second glance. Never guessed at the things Mary
wanted to have done to her. Inside the information area/lobby of the rest
area, Mary glanced idly at the brochures while Joe went on in to the
bathrooms. One trucker was finishing up brushing his teeth; his kit bag on
the sink next to him. Joe sidled over to one of the urinals and fished his
cock uncomfortably out of his shorts. He was semi-hard with all the
excitement. And while he waited with his cock dangling out of his pants,
the trucker rinsed his mouth and gathered up his belongings. Joe followed
the trucker out of the bathroom and nodded to Mary. Mary cast a quick
glance around the large glass windows of the lobby looking for anyone who
might see her enter the Men's bathroom. Seeing no one, she scurried in,
her sandals slapping the tiled floor as Joe held the door open for her.
Mary made her way into the last stall, 'my stall', she thought excitedly,
and closed the door behind her. It was still there. The six-inch by
six-inch hole Joe had cut out and then replaced. He had taped the square
back in place with clear tape minimize the appearance of damage.

Mary reached into her bag and removed her sanitizing spray bottle and a
cloth rag. She preferred to start with a clean stall. She hurriedly
sprayed the toilet and wiped it down. The air filled with a fresh lemon
scent as she quickly cleaned the floor where she would be kneeling and
tossed the filthy disposable rag aside. Pulling the tape off the opening
in the wall, she inserted a nail file from her bag and pried the square
from her glory hole and set it aside. She cleaned around her wall opening;
made it clean and ready for its intended purpose. She felt almost giddy.
Her pussy felt loose and wet as she finished her work. Mary removed the
Polaroid camera and set it carefully aside. Last, but not least, she
pulled a rectangular neoprene kneeling mat out of her bag and set it down
on the floor in front of her glory hole. Now she was ready. She pulled
her top off over her head and folded it neatly into her bag. She unclasped
her bra and pulled it off. Her titties felt heavy and her nipples tingled
excitedly. Now she was absolutely ready--naked except for her skirt and

"I'm ready, Joe," she called softly.

"Okay," Joe answered. He took a deep breath. This was the hard
part--selecting the men who wouldn't mind some action--the ones who
wouldn't be offended enough to refuse and then call the State Police.
Judging strictly by appearance which men were alone and which had women or
families waiting for them. Offering his wife to other men didn't come easy
to Joseph, regardless of the raging hard-on he would inevitably get. He
left the bathroom and went back out into the lobby.

Looking casually at the wall map, he also scanned the approaches to the
building. He didn't have long to wait. An old black man, about fifty or
sixty years old shambled up the sidewalk, his back bent; his work clothes
straight out of Sears and Roebuck. A suitable candidate if he was willing.
As the black man pulled the glass door open, Joe was already walking back
into the men's bathroom. He took his place at one of the sinks and turned
the water on. He called urgently to Mary. "Got one coming--black guy."
The old black guy entered the bathroom and went to the urinal. Joe watched
him fumble with the front of his pants and fish himself out. Seconds
later, the old guy peed weakly into the urinal.

Mary was sitting on the toilet in exited anticipation. She stroked her
slit lightly, feeling her liquid excitement; waiting for the moment. She
could hear the gentleman peeing and waited for Joe to make the approach.
Her mouth started to water. A black guy!

Joe tended to use the most direct approach to these men so they wouldn't
get spooked into thinking he was offering them a blowjob. His heart in his
throat, Joe approached the black guy as he zipped up.

"My wife is in the last stall. She wants to give you a blowjob. If you
step into the third stall, she'll do whatever you want..."

The old black guy goggled at Joe. He looked away and then up at the
ceiling before shuffling past Joe to peer down the line of stalls. Mary
heard Joe's offer. She moved her legs towards the door so the man could
see her feet with her painted toenails.

The old black guy turned back on Joe. "Yeah... Yes sir, I'd like

Joe pointed over to the third stall and the black guy headed in. Mary
slid off the pot and down onto her cushion. She peered thru the hole. The
old black guy peered curiously at her. "Bring it here," Mary breathed, and
the old guy responded. He unzipped and pulled his black cock out. It was
a long, uncut, ebony cock of medium girth. It hung down. The black guy
picked his limp member up with his right hand and stepped up to Mary's
gloryhole. Mary watched this gnarled old cock come at her face. She
grasped the limp cock with her right hand and rubbed it slowly over her
cheeks, luxuriating in its warmth. It responded slightly, growing thicker,
but not able to support itself. Maybe the guy was too old. It didn't
matter. Mary sniffed him where his cock met his balls. The old guy's meat
smelled of manly sweat. His cock had a powerful smell that set Mary off.
She skinned his head back slightly. This was only the second uncircumcised
penis she had ever done. They were a weird turn-on for her. It was clean
under there so Mary put his cock right into her mouth and started sucking the old black guy. She would have sucked him if he had been dirty

Joe opened Mary's stall door. Her eyes were closed as she performed,
sucking up and down that cock, lubricating it with her abundant saliva as
she worked. She made a slight motion with two fingers for Joe. He bent
down and picked up the camera. The room was quiet except for her avid
sucking and the old black guy's slight moans of enjoyment.

"I'm going to take a picture," Joe announced quietly for the old guy's
benefit. He didn't answer.

Mary pulled the black meat out her mouth. It glistened dark and heavy
and she laid it across her cheek as she licked back towards his testes.
The cock felt good and warm against her cheek. The head was touching her
ear as the flash went off. She put the meat back in her mouth and slid two
fingers between her legs into her wet gash. She was close to the brink,
waiting only for the man to come.

Joe pulled the picture off the Polaroid and stuck it in his shirt pocket. He waited until Mary's next signal, which would mean the guy was
coming. Maybe she'd want a picture of him coming in her mouth; maybe she'd
pull it out and have him spray her face. Or maybe the guy would want
something else. Joe watched his wife sucking the black meat. It hadn't
gotten very hard, but she was very much into it.

After a time, the black guy suddenly shuffled his feet and let go with a
low moan. Mary tasted something salty and tangy in her mouth, oozing from
his black cock. The guy was coming and Mary joined him, moaning herself
now as her pussy clamped shut around her fingers several times. She
signaled Joe, who quickly bent and framed the picture. The flash went off
a second time. The black guy continued a slow dribble into her mouth for
ten seconds before his moans subsided and he was done. Mary let his cock
rest in her mouth until her own orgasm subsided. Then she pulled his spent
dick out of her mouth and kissed it several times. His dangling black cock
was shiny clean. The guy pulled it back through the hole and zipped
himself back up. Joe closed the stall door and waited for the black guy to
emerge. The black guy looked at him shyly. "Thanks, Mister. Tell your
woman I appreciated that..." He shuffled off out the door, leaving Mary and
Joe alone.

"Show me the pictures, Joe," Mary said softly. She sat back on the
toilet, resting. Joe opened the door and handed both of them to her. She
studied them intently. "Oh that was good. Uncircumcised--it's just so
kinky, Joe." He didn't answer her.

"Ready for the next one, dear," Mary said as she dropped the two
Polaroids into her bag. They would go into her BOX at home, and she would
masturbate to them later. She savored the flavor of the black guy in her
mouth. And waited for more.

Joe walked out of the bathroom and lingered some more in the lobby.
Several men came in, but Joe instinctively knew better than to ask them.
They went into the bathroom and came out never knowing a woman was in the
fourth stall, dying for someone to pleasure. One had entered the second
stall and had taken a healthy shit while Joe stood by and Mary cringed in
her stall, hardly daring to breathe. This had happened before. After he
finally left, Joe went back out into the lobby. Finally, two guys approached, one twice the age of the other. Joe had watched them jump out
of an eighteen wheeler parked out in the darkness of the parking lot. They
were laughing and joking as they made their way into the Men's bathroom.
Father and Son? Joe followed them in. They stood at the urinals and made
their water.

Mary heard the two enter, laughing and having a good time. She heard
them piss and heard the roar of the powerful flushing mechanisms. She
gasped when she heard Joe's voice. Approaching both of them?

"You guys together?" Joe asked, standing at the sinks. The older guy,
probably in his late forties, looked at him and nodded brusquely. He'd
probably seen everything at the truck stops and rest areas in his time.
The younger man, in his early twenties, watched alertly, waiting for
signals from his father about how he should act.

"My wife is in the end stall over there," Joe pointed. "She'd like to
give you two a blowjob or something, if you want." He let the words hang.

"She any good-looking?" the younger one popped out jokingly. His father looked blankly at him for a second and then faced Joe. "He don't mean
nothing, Mister. Your wife wants to give blowjobs?"

"Yes," Joe answered, keeping his face and voice as neutral as possible.

"How much?"

"It's free," Joe replied.

"You a cop?" the older trucker asked.

"No, we're not cops," Joe answered uneasily.

The older trucker looked back at the younger one. "What do you say,
boy? Interested?"

The younger trucker looked gravely back. "Yeah, that might be fun."

"And we don't go telling no stories when we get home? Your Ma don't
have to know and your girl don't find out neither, right?"

"Right," the young trucker promised.

The older guy turned to Joe. "We'll take a piece of that, partner."

Mary listened in her stall. Two men at once! A father and son! She
got off the toilet and knelt on her kneeling pad in front of her gloryhole.
Joe led the two back to the third stall. The guys looked sheepish,
neither one wanting to go first. Joe opened the fourth stall just a crack
and looked at Mary. She glanced up at him, her face excited.

"How about one in the hole and one in here, Joe?" she whispered. Joe

"How about you go into that stall," he pointed out the third stall to
the younger man, "and you go in there with her," he suggested to the older man. "And if anyone comes in, you guys just freeze. Don't make a sound,
okay?" They nodded somberly and made their way into the stalls.

Mary smiled nervously up at the older man as he entered her stall. He
was tall and whipcord thin, wearing Levi pants and cowboy boots. Carhart
jacket and a standard baseball hat with the name of a truck stop
embroidered on it. He got behind Mary, standing between her legs on the
floor. Mary got up off her knees. The trucker would need her to lean
over. As she stood, a long thin white pecker came through her hole. The
cock of the son. It was hard as a rock, jutting up obscenely at her. Mary
placed her hands on the wall and put her mouth over the cock and moaned.
Already she was heating up again. She felt the older man position himself
behind her and flip her short skirt up onto her back, exposing her
hindquarters. As she engulfed the son's cock, she heard the father's
undoing his belt and unzipping himself. A moment later, his pants were
down at his ankles and she grasped her hips as she sucked his son. The
father's penis nudged insistently at the outside of her pussy and then,
finding her pussy, pushed itself inside her. Mary groaned around the cock
in her mouth. So good.

Joe watched from outside the stall for a few moments and then fished the
Polaroid out of the stall with his foot. He framed the shot of his wife being boned by the father while she sucked the son through the hole in the
wall. He took the shot. The flash exploded in the stall and the two cocks
invading his wife froze for a moment.

"Don't worry guys. She just likes the pictures," Joe explained. The
two men resumed inside of Mary.

Mary felt the father driving into her from behind. It felt like his
cock was as long as his son's and wider yet. He filled her good, bumping
up against her butt cheeks as he took his pleasure in her. Mary licked,
sucked and teased the son's cock, her head occasionally bumping lightly
against the wall from the father's thrusts behind her. She loosened up her
throat and let the young penis all the way into her mouth. She buried the
young man in her warm mouth. Right up to his balls, which dangled lewdly
on her chin. The young man was doing some moaning of his own.

They continued at a rapid pace for the next three minutes, the only
sounds in the room the harsh breathing of the two men, the wet sucking that
Mary performed and the squishy sound of her pussy being pummeled by the
father's cock. Joe watched, his penis rock hard inside his pants. He
rubbed it a little. This was the worst part--the guilty excitement he felt
watching his wife go at it with other men. It didn't seem right, but Lord,
it made him stiff.

The younger man's hands reached up and grasped the top of the stall
walls. "I'm ready, ma'am. I'm ready!" Joe got the camera ready again.
Mary pulled her mouth off the boy, and stroked his wet penis quickly and
firmly, bending it down a little to her face.

"Come on, cum for me. In my face," she coaxed him. The old guy let up
a minute behind her to peer over her back. Mary stroked the gloryhole cock
as the young man began to squirt his semen. The first blast struck her
hair and dripped richly down her forehead. The flash of the Polaroid went
off. The second squirt caught her right on her mouth and cheeks. Mary
moved in closer and the rest of his ejaculate hit her neck and shoulders
and leaked down onto her chest. When his shower was over, Mary took him
back into her mouth. His cum tasted rich and slightly tangy. Exquisite.
She sucked him gently until he was too sensitive to continue. He backed
off and said, "okay, that's fine ma'am, I'm done." He pulled back out of
the hole. Mary rested her splattered face against the wall as the father took back up his duties in her pussy. He wasn't long. Now that her face
was away from the hole in the wall he pounded away in her pussy.

"Okay, okay, here it comes. Here it comes..." He grunted.

Mary stood up, the father's cock pulling out of her. She whirled around
and dropped quickly to her knees. She grasped his manhood, wet and slimy
from her pussy and inched closer to him, stroking him. "C'mon big guy.
Give it to me. Right here on my tits." The older man moaned as she
manipulated him to orgasm. He let out a series of grunts and pumped his
load out. Mary took it on her chest; his thin, slightly yellowed sperm
striking her and dripping down her stomach. The old guy did an admirable
job emptying himself on her. Mary rubbed his cock on her nipples, coaxing
more of his ejaculate from him. The stall reeked of his seed. Mary
brought her head down to his cock and took him in. His cock tasted of her
pussy, which was quite all right. His spunk tasted strong and slightly
rank to her, but it only increased the sense of lewdness. She used one
finger to collect a glob of him from her right breast and used it to
stimulate her clit. It felt good and Mary had an orgasm while voraciously
suckling the father's cock while she used his seed to lubricate her clit.
She felt weak in the knees as she finally released the spent penis from her
mouth. Looking wearily at the door of the stall she could see her husband,
Joe and the younger man staring wide-eyed at her. The father reached down
and pulled his pants up, probably embarrassed to be so naked in front of
his son. Mary got back up, the strings of gooey semen running down her
body. What a feeling! She sat back down on the toilet as the father left
the stall.

Outside her stall, the two truckers looked somewhat abashed. The older man finally said, "Well... thanks friend. We sure had a nice time. Your
wife knows how to treat a man. Let's go, Boy." The son nodded in solemn
agreement. They walked out of the bathroom.

Joe went into stall four. "You okay, Mary?"

"Oh, Joe. That was really something. Look at me--I'm a mess! That was
wild! Do you think they were father and son?" Mary contemplated the semen
on her body, idly rubbing and spreading it to cover herself in a glistening
nacreous patina of goo. From her shoulders and breasts and onto her
stomach with its little stretch marks. Her nipples were erect. The stall
smelled from their liquid gifts to her.

"I'm sure they were. The older one told him, 'don't tell your Ma'.
They had to be related. Anyway, I'm ready, honey." Joe's cock was so hard
that it hurt. He wanted to add his load to the rest. Mary looked up at
him lovingly.

"I'd love that Joe. Let me do you. And I want you to shoot on me. In
my hair and on my face, okay?"

"Okay," Joe agreed, starting to unzip his zipper.

"Take your pants all the way off, Joe. I want to do you that way."

Joe hesitated. The last thing he wanted was to have both of them
totally naked in case someone walked in. But he was raging hard and the
thought seemed exciting. He kicked his shoes off and dragged his pants
down to his ankles and stepped out of them. He looked at his cum-soaked
little wife as she smiled through the spunk of her face. Other men's
leavings. He could never kiss her that way, but the thought always seemed
bounce around in his brain.

"Put your leg up on the wall, Joe," she urged him. He placed his right
foot high on the wall and Mary scooted in close to him. He felt the
electricity as she handled his stiff cock. She stroked him gently and
applied her warm mouth to his balls, enveloping them separately and
swishing her tongue around them longingly. It's never like this at home,
Joe thought excitedly. She is so good when we're here.

Mary then rose up slightly and took his cock in her mouth. She worked
him expertly, coating him liberally with her saliva as her mouth worked
slowly up and down his shaft. Joe felt his balls tighten up. Mary used
her fingers on his scrotum, lightly scratching her fingernails against his
sac. Joe was in heaven. She was devouring him, choking herself on his
shaft repeatedly, gagging herself intentionally as she tried to bury his
cock down her throat; making loud and obscene gulping sounds that rang out
in the tiled bathroom.

Mary pulled her mouth off him and started to stroke his wet cock with
her right hand. She dove slightly under him and used her left hand to part
his cheeks. She loved doing things like this when she was here. She
buried her nose behind his balls. The smell was intoxicating. She
launched her tongue out and it struck Joe's butt hole. Making contact,
Mary started to lick his ass while she stroked him. Joe was beside
himself--Mary could feel it. His butt hole opened as Mary prodded it with
her tongue. She laved him, licking and forcing her tongue into his most
intimate place. He groaned as her hand worked him to orgasm. Her mouth
wetted everything in its path. Joe couldn't stand it any longer. "I'm

Mary backed out and faced up to Joe. "C'mon. C'mon. Right in my face.
In my hair. Give it to me." She stroked his raging cock, kneeling in front
of him. Joe exploded on her, just where she wanted it. She felt it land
in her hair twice and then pulled his cock down. With her eyes closed, she
aimed him at her face, milking his semen onto her forehead and eyebrows.
Joe seemed to go on forever and she rubbed him furiously on her smooth

Joe felt his legs shaking. Mary could really bring the best out of him.
What a money shot, he thought, as he looked down and watched his loving
wife masturbating him onto her face. The face that she presented to the
world. The face he and the children kissed goodnight. The face of the
suburban soccer mom, drenched in the sperm of three men inside a restroom
off the interstate.

Mary buried his spent member into her mouth and cleaned him off, finally
releasing him from her sucking mouth with an audible pop and a smile for
her man. "Did you like that, Joe?"

Joe smiled weakly, wanting more than ever, now that the deed was done,
to get his clothes back on. Sated, he felt like a good nap. But they
couldn't leave yet. Mary wasn't done; cum-drenched as she was, she wasn't
finished yet. "I liked it, Hon. It was great." Mary let him go and Joe
scrambled back into his pants and yanked his shoes back on. Mary got up
and sat back on her porcelain throne, idly patting her hair and forehead,
distributing his spend evenly on her skin. Her eyebrows glistened wetly
when she was finished, and they both could smell her victories. She looked
radiant--happier than Joe had seen her in a long time. He snapped a few
Polaroids and handed them to her to show her how much ejaculate she had
accumulated thus far.

Joe finished dressing and stepped out of the confined bathroom stall.
He hadn't even returned to equilibrium when the bathroom door banged open
and a burly young white guy stomped in. Another trucker, to judge by his
old cat ball cap and his dirty old Carhart jacket. About five foot ten and
at least 270 pounds on a large hairy frame. The guy clomped heavily over
to the urinal and fished a fucking whopper out of his pants. Joe waited
until he was finished and put the sales pitch to him. The bear didn't even
blink at Joe's offer. Just shuffled heavily over to the stall Joe pointed
out and shambled in.

Mary heard Joe's pitch and she knelt down on her pad in front of her
hole. As the bear entered the adjacent stall, Mary looked through the
glory hole. The guy was big--real big. Not in perfect shape or
anything--just a huge hairy guy. The guy dropped his Levis down to his
knees and bent down to peer through the slot at Mary. "Ready?" he rumbled.
Mary nodded shyly at him. "Anything, right? That's what your hubby said,
right?" Mary nodded again. The trucker straightened up and pulled his
dingy underwear down his hips, freeing a dangling thick penis. Mary was
surprised at the length and girth of it as the guy played idly with
himself, stroking his length roughly, preparing it for duty. As Mary
watched mesmerized, the guy brought his right hand up to his mouth and spit
loudly and copiously into his palm. He returned his wet hand back to his
groin and lubricated his dick. Mary was stunned at the act and her pussy fluttered as she watched him apply spit to his meat.

Joe heard the guy undressing and heard him ask Mary if "anything" was
the deal or not. Heard the guy spit loudly, like an echoing rifle shot in
the tile-lined bathroom. Joe stepped forward with the Polaroid camera and
caught the guy as he stroked himself. The bear never flinched. It would
be a good "before" picture that Mary would love. This guy was well
hung--fucking huge actually, Joe thought. And Joe heard the guy as he told
Mary that he wanted her butt.

Mary watched as the guy bent down to her hole and appraised her again.
"Turn around-I want your behind. I want to buttfuck you, lady," the
trucker growled. Mary stared at him uncomprehendingly. "Turn around and
spread your cheeks and back up to the hole," the trucker cajoled her. Mary
flinched. Should she, heck, could she even take this guy in her behind?
It was a way she hadn't given up to anyone but Joe. The few times she had
been asked during these gloryhole urges she had immediately refused the
request without even thinking twice about it. But this big guy with his
log of a penis? His spitting on himself had excited her terribly and
weakened her resolve. And what about a rubber? Mary always carried
rubbers for those she deemed likely to harbor disease-she did little extra
tricks for those she made wear rubbers. But she didn't want this guy
wearing a rubber-she wanted him bareback. And she decided that she wanted
him back there.

"okay," she whispered, getting up and turning her back to him. She bent
down and backed up to the hole, using her hands to raise her short skirt
and spread her full butt cheeks against the cold, thin, metal-clad
pressboard partition. Her anus felt horribly wide and exposed to the

Joe was watching thru the door of the stranger's stall and realized that
Mary intended to let this guy buttfuck her--something no stranger had done
to her. He hoped she would be all right--this guy was big and when Mary
was excited she tended to make some bad decisions. And he knew that she
had decided not to make the bear wear protection while he ravaged her most
private orifice. Joe's own penis awakened from its rest to surge inside
his underwear and he felt the resultant flash of guilty pleasure.

Suddenly the bathroom door surged open, rattling the suspended ceiling
tiles with the force. A young man, probably a good prospect if Mary wasn't
already committed, entered the bathroom. Joe hurriedly adjusted his zipper
as though he had just walked out of one of the stalls. He went to the sink
and washed his hands. The young man urinated at one of the urinals. The
occupied stalls were deathly silent, the only sound coming from the sink
Joe was using. Thank God, the man hadn't chosen to use one of the four
bathroom stalls. He might have picked one of the occupied ones.

A couple of urges ago, they had been interrupted in just such a way
while Mary was being banged in a stall. Some guy had came in and headed
right to the stall next to where Mary was entertaining. He had shucked his
pants down and sat down to a loud and lusty shit, his sounds and smells
filling all the available space. Mary had found this near discovery highly
erotic, although the smells and sounds she could have easily done without.

But this stranger was content to urinate and leave without washing his
hands. Once more, the room rang with silence.

"All clear," Joe announced. He heard scuffling in the stalls and went
back to the stranger's stall and peered in.

Mary bent back over, her skirt resting up on her back, and offered her
bottom to the stranger on the other side of the thin wall, peeling her
cheeks apart and placing them on either side of the opening. She was as
ready as she would ever be.

Joe watched the stranger spit in his hand again and start massaging his
cock and balls. His penis jutted like an angry red pole. The bear bent
over and considered Mary's ass; her anus a light pink star framed by the
square hole. The bear got down on his haunches. Mary felt a jet of warm
air near her butt hole and had just enough time to realize that the
stranger's face was near her butt when the stranger spit on her anus. The
loud sound echoed in Mary's head as she felt a huge gob of saliva strike
her right in the center of her brown eye. Her pussy spasmed and her anus
winked in shock-she was so disturbed and turned on at the same time. How
could spitting make her so horny? She had never even conceived of such a
thing. The saliva clung wetly to her asshole.

The bear stood up and inched closer to the wall. When he was eight
inches away, his cock head touched Mary's slippery anus. She felt him
contact her, the blunt head pushing insistently against her. She spread
her feet slightly to maintain her balance and held her ground as the
stranger advanced.

Joe watched the stranger put his hands on the top of the stall walls and
ease his hips forward. His belly pancaked against the partition wall as he
proceeded forward. His angry red cock was disappearing through the hole trying to bull its way into Mary's guts. Joe wormed in behind the guy and
snapped another pic from the side, capturing the moment the guy's bulbous
cockhead disappeared into Mary. He could hear her groan loudly in
discomfort. Joe left the stall and peeked in at his wife as she bent over,
presenting her butt to the wall. Her eyes were screwed closed and her face
was taut with effort. Her mouth was frozen open in a grim rictus of pain
and discomfort.

Mary felt her dirt channel resist as the hammerhead of cock forced its
way into her entrails. She willed herself to stay still and not move away
from the wall as the stranger impaled her on his cock. It hurt despite the
lubrication the stranger had provided to her. She felt stuffed back there
and could not suppress her moans of distress. She panted loudly, as though
she was birthing. The stranger halted halfway inside her and rested a
moment. Then he began to work himself in and out of Mary, his penis
battering it's way past her anus, fitting itself farther and farther inside
her snug dark channel. Mary teetered at the edge of pulling herself off
the guy's rod and promising to do something else to get him off. Her butt
burned and it felt like the guy was splitting her in two. She felt stuffed
to the point of tearing and a cramped bloated feeling in her guts. But her
clitoris was buzzing a bit from the pain and Mary resolved to try and ride
it out for a while. She played lightly with her clit, trying to
concentrate on her pleasure instead of the gut-wrenching feeling as the
stranger bottomed out in her. Mary felt the despair of steady burning
discomfort as his penis lay unmoving in her rectum. Which would be worse,
the full length buried her or the pressure from that cock sawing in and out
of her? Mary found herself focusing on the feeling the waves of pain gave
her. Found herself thinking about the obscene spitting and how randy and
wet that made her. Focused on how plugged her behind felt and how it must
look to Joe. How the guy must feel and how proud she was that she could
accommodate such a weapon inside her bottom. She was surprised by the
sound of her own panting mingling with the grunts of the bear as he rooted
around in her ass mercilessly. The stranger shuffled his feet to achieve
new leverage against her and began to bang her with long, hard strokes, his
long, thick penis pulling completely out, leaving her gaping open emptily
for an instant and then slamming his whole length back into her with
punishing force. Mary groaned anew--each exit left her feeling like she
would shit helplessly right there on the floor in front of the men; each
entrance plowing fresh pain into her as her ass struggled to accommodate
this attack. Her lower digestive tract churned and she even felt a bit
nauseous. She considered giving up again--this was too much. How long had
it been? It had to be two minutes now, long enough. When would he cum?

Joe watched the tableau. His wife groaned as the stranger savagely
butt-fucked her. Joe knew the rules. He wasn't supposed to interfere. So
he just watched, in slight disgust and revulsion as the seconds turned into
minutes and the stranger, openly puffing and gasping with exertion now,
continued to pummel Mary's behind. So Joe did what he was supposed to do.
Which was to simply document the event with Polaroid pictures. Finally,
the quality of the stranger's breathing changed to a quick gasp and he
redoubled his strokes inside Mary. She felt him slamming her twice as fast
and prayed that he was going to finish. And then as the stranger came to a
stop lodged far up her bowel and she heard him keen a low extended moan.
Oooh, she felt it now. Warm jets of gluey semen pulsing deep inside her
intestinal tract as the stranger emptied himself far up her butt. And Mary
was able to stroke herself lightly and cum a few short ones herself,
dwelling on the feeling of such a monster cumming in her. The stranger
gave a few additional slow strokes inside her ass, to intensify his orgasm.
Mary felt the cock expand in her and the inside of her ass got wetter. She
burned back there and she knew feel that the delicate membranes of her anus
had swollen a darker red and that she would be feeling this ass-fuck every
time she sat down. Even now she felt an empty achy void back there.

With a final shudder and a gasp, the bear came to rest inside Mary, and
then slowly backed out. Mary felt the invader leaving her and struggled to
close her gaping ass. She didn't want to shit on the floor. The flash of
the Polaroid exploded as the stranger got clear of her backside. That's
one for the photo album, she thought weakly. Mary groaned with the effort
to control her once-sufficiently tight musculature. She slowly turned and
sat shakily down on her neoprene pad on the floor. The stranger's penis,
wet and angry confronted her. Joe had opened her stall door. Mary, the
consummate performer went for the finale. She beckoned to the stranger to
step back up to the wall. Mary grasped his exhausted penis and brought
herself up to it. At least it didn't have any of her shit on it. At least
not obviously. A generous dollop of semen was lodged just behind the rim
of that majestic cockhead. Mary nodded to Joe and placed the cock against
her cheek for a picture. And then licked and finally sucked the semen off
the big purplish plum head of the stranger's cock, which had been in her
vitals just moments before. Her nose picked up the earthy offal taste of
her bowels on the man's penis as Joe finished the pack of film. She gave
the strangers penis one last kiss and let it go. The stranger contemplated
her as he stepped heavily back and began to dress. He seemed like he
wanted to say something, but for some reason he remained quiet. Mary sat
back down, her legs tucked tiredly under her. She felt semen leaking out
of her ass onto her left ankle tucked under her. She felt exhausted and
satisfied with the night's activities. Maybe they should go back to the
motel room now. That was five penises now, including Joe's. Her URGE was
sated. She sat on the floor resting her arms on the toilet. The stranger
dressed and left the men's room. Joe watched Mary idly, waiting to see
what she wanted to do.

The bathroom door banged open and three laughing young white males
entered, pushing and shoving each other in a frenzy of young macho mock
violence. They blasted past the urinals and the sinks, stopping in a heap
around Joe. One of them opened the stall door before Joe could even react.
The boys, who appeared to be in their late teens or early twenties, peered
around him to see Mary sitting on the floor of the stall topless, covered
head to toe with the semen of five grown men. Mary looked up, shocked by
the sudden commotion and the opening of her stall door. Stunned, she saw
the boys staring incredulously at her. She squealed and covered her
breasts with her hands and turned her hips away from their view. She was
mortified at being caught naked and cum-splattered like that in front of
these boys. She felt her face redden in embarrassment.

"We heard there was something going on in here," one of the boys said,
"the old black guy told us." The kid had a comically sincere look on his
acne-ridden face. His black hair was short except for a shock of hair in
front which constantly fell down over his forehead. "We don't want to hurt you or anything-we just want to see what's going on."

"Sweet," the second one chimed in as he studied Joe's wife. A
brown-haired small guy about five foot six and he couldn't have weighed
more than a hundred and thirty pounds. Cute.

"Yeah," the third one agreed. He was tall, about six foot three and
skinny as a rail. His head of hair was razor cut down to short blond stubble and his head and sharp nose made him resemble an ostrich.

"He told us you were doing things--sex things. We would like to get in
on some of that if we could," the first boy finished lamely, addressing
himself both to Joe and Mary, uncertain of whom to petition.

"Gee, guys..." Joe began, "you're all kind of young... And we were just
getting ready to leave..."

"That's right," Mary whispered. Their youth was intimidating to her.
She keenly felt past her prime. She felt conscious of the flaws of her
body, the stretch marks at the sides of her breasts from the babies and the
way her stomach must appear with it's little marks and belly button frown.
And the drying goo all over her body.

"We're in our twenties," the first boy protested. "We're all twenty,"
he amended, "we go to college at State." That's old enough," he insisted.
"We'd like to... give you a try."

"Yeah," chimed the other two enthusiastically. Mary blushed anew and
thought about the situation. Should she? They seemed so young. "I'm
thirty-six, boys. Isn't that too old for you?" she asked honestly.

"My mom is thirty-eight," the second one offered. Mary cringed

"Yeah Dude, and your mom is hot. Like this lady," the tall one laughed.
The slight one pushed him. "Don't talk about my mom like that, fucker."

"I'd fuck your mom in a heartbeat, Dude. Why do you think I'm always
going to your house? It's not because I want to see you-it's cuz I just
want to get close to your Mom!" the tall one grinned.

The little guy pushed him again and then regarded Mary. "So can we?" He
was so small and cute. His big blue eyes regarded her hopefully.

"So who is first?" Mary said slowly and cautiously drawing her hands
down and offering the boys a full view of her breasts as she clambered to
her feet and moved her neoprene mat away from the partition wall. She
centered it on the floor of the stall and removed her skirt, consciously
sucking her little pooched tummy in as she stood there naked for their
devouring eyes. Her butthole still ached emptily. "One of you watches the
door. I don't want anyone coming in and catching us. And one of you at a
time in here. My husband takes pictures. Now if you'll give me a moment
of privacy, I'll get ready." With that, Mary shut the stall door and
removed her skirt. She lay down on her mat with her head at the base of
the toilet. Tight quarters in here. Her spread legs faced the door of the
stall. She briefly felt her pussy lips and clit. She felt good lying
here, though it was chilly down here at floor level. She touched her anus
gently, feeling the sore, swollen ring. No one else was going there
tonight, she thought. She spread her thighs and peeled her vagina lips
apart. She fingered herself idly and then self-consciously placed her wet
finger in her mouth. It tasted of her and slightly of the father trucker.
The randy feeling was back. She was getting wet all over again. "I'm
ready," she called gently under the stall door.

Mary heard the whispered discussion of the boys and saw the Nikes of the
first boy, the black shock-haired young man, trot to the door of the men's
room to stand lookout. Then Joe opened her stall door. Mary looked out.
The tall thin young man stared between Mary's legs. He backed off, looking
uncertain and even scared. He apparently wasn't even going to watch his
friend. The smaller guy with the puppy dog eyes, came shyly forward and
waited. Mary knew from his trepidation that he had little or no experience
with girls or women and she felt a motherly tug at her heartstrings. The
young man tugged his shorts and underwear off in one bunch and kicked them
off his feet. He stood there sporting a stiff five-inch penis, small, but
not so small for his frame. He stared down intently at Mary's
closely-shorn pubic patch and her pussy. He dropped down to his knees
between Mary's legs and continued to study her genitalia. "Wow," he
breathed to himself. Then, placing a hand on the mat at each side of Mary,
he assumed a classic push-up position over her cum-splattered torso. His
penis bumped blindly around at the top of her vagina. Mary reached down
between them and pushed his penis down to her hole. The boy pushed again
and he slipped inside Mary's warm depths. His eyes went wide in surprise
and Mary believed he had entered his first woman. "It really is like warm
apple pie," he breathed, slowly stroking himself in and out of Mary's
pussy. She smiled at him.

"Come on, tiger. Do me," she cooed at him to spur him on. The boy needed no further encouragement. His thrusts sped up, his cock filling her
snugly. He slowly lowered himself onto her wet chest, and she hugged him
lightly to her, this intimacy exciting. All of the sudden, she felt his
lips on hers and his insistent tongue force its way into her mouth. She
responded with an excited moan; her tongue doing swordplay with his;
secretly hoping he didn't notice anything unusual about the taste of her
mouth. He kissed her with the unskilled passion of the neophyte, and she
kissed back, thrilled by his enthusiasm. He rode her and she fucked back
against him, coaxing him to orgasm. He sped up even faster and gasped into
her face.

"Do you want-inside or out?"

"In me, tiger. Fill me up," she told him. She felt warm and slightly
sweaty from her exertions and the young man atop her. He stiffened and
groaned and she felt him shoot his goo into her pussy. He spurted and
spurted inside her, coating her and himself with his spend. Finally he
rested on her, his cock still in her wet channel. He regarded her

"Did you-I mean...you know...?"

"Of course I did, honey. You were good." She told him truthfully. She
hadn't come, but his freshness was touching and exciting to her. The boy pulled out of Mary, and she felt his warm semen start pool at the mouth of
her sex. The Polaroid flashed on his weakening cock coated with its wet,
creamy spend juxtaposed against her leaking snatch. "Thank-you," she told
him humbly.

"Thank-you," he gushed, rising off of her to quickly dress himself.
Gathering his shoes, he stumbled out of the stall, leaving Mary laying
there waiting for her second young man.

Joe leaned in and snapped another picture of Mary as she sat there
leaking from her latest gentleman. He backed out as the second one, the
tall, skinny one entered. He watched as the boy and Mary sized each other
up anxiously.

"I want a bj instead. I can't do sloppy seconds, okay?"

"Okay," Mary answered, getting up on her hands and knees. She moved
parallel to the youth. All the better for Joe to get the pictures. This
night was turning out to be a treasure and she would have a lot of memories
preserved on film. The boy simply dropped his pants and underwear down to
his feet and stroked himself unconsciously. His penis was of medium size
and, like the rest of him, thin as a rail. It was hard as a rock and
jutting up towards his bellybutton. Mary scooted up next to him and placed
her hands on his cock and balls. "I'll take over from here." The youth
dropped his hands off his meat and Mary bent his cock down from his belly
and began to stroke and knead his manhood. The boy leaned his head back
and closed his eyes, struggling to spread his feet for balance. Mary took
his cock into her warm mouth and fellated him, rubbing the underside of her
tongue against his sensitive frenum as sucked. She was actually salivating
as she blew him, as though she were hungry. The boy moaned and Mary felt
little jolts of excitement. She used one hand to ply the sensitive bud
between her legs. It felt wonderful. She loved this boy's response. His
cock was wet with her saliva as she released him from her mouth. She moved
down to his nuts, cocking her head sideways to lick and nibble, sucking his
sack and balls and stroking his rampant cock lightly with her hands as she
worked him. The Polaroid flashed on them both.

Judging by the inarticulate sounds the young man made, he wouldn't last
long she knew. He was flexing his legs and rocking from one leg to the
other as he prepared to shoot his wad. Mary herself came in small waves of
orgasm from the sheer excitement of it all. Sated, she inserted her right
index finger in her squishy pussy and sloshed it around. Planting her
mouth back on the boy's cock, she reached around the boy and slowly wormed
her finger into his anus and pressed until her finger was embedded to the
second joint in him. He groaned in response, whether in discomfort or
pleasure she didn't know.

"Come on, honey. Come on. In my mouth," she instructed him before
diving face first back onto his cock. She sucked him furiously.

"Shit, shit, shit," the boy moaned, "here, here it comes, here it

Mary felt his anus contract around her finger and felt the flavors in
her mouth change to a salty, slightly bleachy taste as he spasmed inside of
her mouth. He shot four big looping jets of warm semen onto her tongue,
his hips bucking at her and her face riding his groin. It was fun, she
thought as she tasted his offering and started to swallow the accumulated
spend and excess spit in her mouth. She moaned luxuriously so the boy would know how much she appreciated the taste of his juice-she didn't want
him to have any questions on that score.

Joe watched as his wife moaned. She had told him before that the act of
a man cumming in her mouth was a huge turn-on for her. She liked the
thought of being able to coax them to shoot off just by using her mouth.
He snapped another pic dutifully. The boy's cock must have finally gotten
ultra-sensitive because he backed away from Mary.

"That was so fucking good," he gushed enthusiastically, "that was just
so fucking good..."

"I'm glad you liked it. You have a beautiful taste sweetie," she said

The boy blinked at her incredulously and then smiled sheepishly.

The third boy, the black-haired one, entered the stall. His buddies had
moved off, guarding the door to the men's while they chattered excitedly in
low tones about their experiences. The youth dropped his shorts and kicked
them off, along with his shoes. Don't kids wear underwear anymore? Mary
wondered as she spied his rigid penis jutting out of a hairy groin. Mary
slowly laid back down on her mat and the boy knelt between her spread legs.
He didn't waste time on niceties. His penis speared Mary's cum-filled
snatch and he commenced to fuck her on the floor, boning her with short
fast strokes that kind of took the wind out of her as he rested on his
elbows above her. He did the classic push-up position over Mary, resting
is weight on his arms; his body never touching hers except where their
organs met. His face was near hers-his eyes were closed in concentration.
She watched his face as he worked inside her. The stall was filled with
the sound of him exerting himself and the slap of his groin meeting hers.
Joe snapped a Polaroid.

Soon Mary felt his strokes reaching deeper and faster into her. She
reached out and grasped the young man's buttocks with both hands and helped
drive him down into her. He was pile-driving her now and she raised her
butt cheeks off the mat to enhance his fuck.

"Where do you want it huh? In you or on you?" he panted.

"Pull out and shoot on me," she whispered, releasing her hands from his
ass-cheeks. The youth gasped and popped his boner out of Mary. He shot
streamers of white goo onto her stomach and chest and then rubbed himself
furiously up and down her pubic triangle, coaxing his spend out, shooting
dying spurts up to fill her navel with his sperm. "Yes, yes, that's it,"
she coaxed him, watching him excitedly. She felt so randy-she and Joe
would have to fuck once more back at the motel just to help her unwind from
this evening. She had loved these young men. The boy finally came to his
senses and backed off Mary, admiring his handiwork. Mary watched his eyes
as she idly trailed her index finger through his ejaculate. She fished
around in her belly-button and then put the creamy digit into her mouth.
The boy goggled at her.

"Shit you're hot, lady," he gasped. "You're really hot,". She blushed
in appreciation. The boy rose shakily to his feet and dressed as Mary
rested. The semen on her belly and chest slowly cooled as she waited.
Finally, the boy left the stall and she heard them outside slapping high
fives as they exited the bathroom. Joe peered in and then snapped a pic of
his cum-spattered wife.

"You ready, hon?"

"Yes," Mary answered, rising tiredly to her feet and slipping her skirt
back on. She put her bra in her bag and pulled her shirt over her head.
The fabric clung to her skin where the wet deposits of spunk were. She
felt sated. She packed up her gear and carefully replaced the missing
piece of the wall.

"I'm ready, Joe. And thanks. I really appreciate this, Honey."

Joe looked away and then slowly looked back at his pretty wife's face,
shiny in places, and crusty in others. Time to tell her.

"I just want you to know. I kind of like it, too. Mary. It's kind of
a turn-on for me."

Shocked, Mary stared at him. "You...you like it, Joe? Really? Then
its ok?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah. I guess its okay. I thought it might bother you if you knew I
liked seeing you with those men. It does bother me, it really does, but it
also gets me going, too. It's pretty exciting to see you in action.
Anyway, I love you Mary."

"Oh, I love you too, Joe. Let's go back to the room and look at our
pictures. I think there's still one cock I'd like to revisit and it's one
I'm really hot for right now."

Holding hands, they strolled companionably out of the Men's room. Joe
Savior and his Glory hole Wife.

The End.

Glory hole wife by Shakespeare_I._Aint (M+ m+ f everything)

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