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Going Native


This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright protected. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights

Going Native: Part One

By AnnabelleandJay

Chapter One Raymond Siders was drenched with sweat as he watched the men spread wide the legs of the naked, young African girl. The girl could be
no older than fourteen, Raymond thought to himself as he sat next to his
two colleagues in the small, dark hut in the African village. A professor
at a large West Coast university, Raymond and the two other professors from
the Anthropology Department had been awarded a grant to study life in a
remote and isolated African village. Heretofore, the village had been
totally cut off from the outside world. So when Raymond, Carl Felton and
Tom Jacobs, his colleagues in the department, convinced the tribal elders
to allow them to live in the village and observe for three months, it was a
major research coup.

Now, as the torches flickered in the stifling heat, the three men listened as one of the tribal elders explained. Holding up a large, green
caterpillar, the elder declared that the life, fertility and family bonds
of the village all centered on the green caterpillars of the region. He
moved closer to the three sweating, white faces and held up the large
insect, telling them to look closely at the back of the creature. There,
on the back of the caterpillar, the elder said, are the "eggs of life." On
the back of the large worm, the three scholars could clearly see eight,
tiny white ovoid eggs firmly attached. With a steady hand, the elder
gently detached one of the eggs, about half the size of a grain of rice,
for the researchers to see.

With a nod from the old man to another elder holding the naked girl's
legs, a second tribesman took a small knife and lowered it to the girl's
exposed, hairless vagina. The young girl wasn't struggling, as the three
white men would have expected. On the contrary, she was smiling, aglow
with anticipation at what was about to happen to her. The man with the
knife reached out with his fingers and spread the young girl's sex lips.
With the knife, he made the tiniest of cuts, less than a quarter of an inch
long, in the crease between one outer and inner lip of her vagina. With
that, the senior elder chanted several words directly to the tiny egg
resting on his fingertip, and then pressed the tiny white dot into the
small pink cut on the girl's vagina. He squeezed the two vaginal folds
together, nodded to the girl and she rose and left the hut. That was the
first of five identical fertility ceremonies the three researchers would
witness that night.

When the five rites were finished, the men all left the hut and gathered
around the fire as the elder began to explain what the outsiders had
observed. Only one egg could be harvested from a single caterpillar,
otherwise the caterpillar would die and the village become barren. The
fertility rite was only performed once a year and only by the village
elders. The tiny eggs of the green caterpillar were sacred seeds that were
implanted into the skin of the young girls of the village when they reached
the age to marry. Within three days, the elder explained, the eggs would
make the girls fertile and aid them in finding a husband. In three days,
the elder said with a laugh and an obscene gesture, the young women would
ripen and become "man hungry." A woman's hunger would drive her to find the
right man to put out the fire in her body, a fire created by the egg. Thus
the woman would always be grateful and indebted to her husband for putting
out the fire and would always be a good wife. Again, the old man laughed.

Raymond, as senior faculty and spokesperson for the trio, thanked the
elders for allowing them to watch the ceremony, and the three Americans
retreated to their hut to make notes of the evening, talk about their good
fortune at being in the village during the time of the fertility rite, and
ultimately air their skepticism. They all agreed that almost certainly the
eggs served as nothing more than a suggestive placebo to the young girls.

The next three days in the village passed uneventfully and the
researchers had dismissed the earlier event completely. Just another
superstitious ritual that spawns the quaint tribal myths of village life,
Raymond had decided. That is until that evening. In their hut, Raymond,
Carl and Tom were discussing what they should accomplish during the
remaining two weeks of the three-month grant, when a young girl entered
their hut. All three men instantly recognized her as one of the young women of the fertility ritual. It was clear something was different about
the girl, but it was only when she untied the cloth that covered her body
did the scholars realize what. As she dropped the fabric and stood before
them naked, the men noticed that her tiny childlike breast were now quite
swollen, over half-again their original size. It was as if she was
pregnant and her breasts had become engorged with milk. But that wasn't at
all the case. The three men could also see that the girl's vaginal lips
were now quite swollen and distended and of a bright pink color, bordering
on red Raymond thought, squinting through the torchlight.

The girl smiled and playfully asked them which one of them was going to
have sex with her tonight. Somewhat confused, the three politely refused
her offer. Outraged, the young woman began screaming and shouting, which
brought the elders rushing onto the scene. The irate girl was sent away,
on to an adjacent hut as the old man laughed. The elders explained that
for the next two weeks all of the young women involved in the fertility
rite would have sex with any man in the village – married, unmarried,
young, or old, it didn't matter. For the next several weeks the village
would be the scene of one large orgy, an elder explained. As men residing
in the village, the Americans would be expected to participate, the old man added. As the two weeks passed, he continued, the women would become more
passionate and allow potential husbands to sample them at their sexual
peak. Then at the end of the two weeks, the pairing off for marriage would
be done. But for the next two weeks, the women were "crazy with the sex
heat," he chuckled. With that, the elders left.

There was little sleep in the American's hut that night. The three
professors spent the entire night talking about the research implications
of what they had just witnessed. Their published articles would be
groundbreaking, their success in academia skyrocketing. Finally, they
drifted off to sleep. All except Raymond Siders, who slipped unnoticed out
of the hut and into the night.

The following morning, Carl and Tom were shocked to learn that Raymond
had left the village and returned to the United States. They found the
note he left, explaining that as a married man, he would have to leave
before being unfaithful to his wife. He was returning to the University.
Since Carl and Tom were single, he encouraged them enjoy the customs of the
village. What neither Carl nor Tom knew was that during the night, Raymond
Siders had ventured into the brush, found one of the green caterpillars
with eggs attached, and packed the creature into his belongings before
leaving. The two young researched just smiled and joked about the
sacrifices they would have to make in the name of research.

Chapter Two On the long flight home to the West coast, Raymond Siders
was working the whole thing out in his mind. He would beat both Carl and
Tom to the punch in publishing his article about the amazing fertility
ritual, and thereby gain academic fame. Hell, he thought, this will insure
his being named the next department chairman. He would not be passed over
again for promotion, not now. But academic fame was not all there was, he
realized. He could take the caterpillar eggs to a chemical research group,
find out exactly what it was and sell the formula to a pharmaceutical
company for untold wealth. There wasn't a drug company around who wouldn't
pay millions for the formula for a real female aphrodisiac. Viagra was a
toy compared to the money this stuff could make him, he mused. He dozed
off to sleep as the plane soared westward, and Raymond Siders counted his

Many hours later, as the taxi pulled away from in front of his house,
Raymond handled his small carry-on bag very carefully. He rushed inside
and flew past his stunned wife, Helen, on his way to the study.

"Hi, Helen. Had to come home early. Important business. Grab my
luggage, will you? It's on the curb," he called to her, and disappeared
into the study, the sound of the door locking behind him.

Quickly, he dug into the carry-on bag and pulled out the toothbrush
container. Slowly he opened the plastic cover and his heart surged as the
big green caterpillar lifted its head.

"It made it!" he thought. "It's still alive!" and he sat down and began
to plan his next steps. His fortune and glory crawled slowly across the
desktop and Raymond suddenly looked worried.

What if the symptoms of the women in the village were psychosomatic
results of years of mythical indoctrination, he thought? What if they
reacted that way because they were expected to react that way? What if the
caterpillar eggs really had nothing to do with it, he questioned? He would
be made to look like a complete fool if he didn't test it for himself. He
had to know for sure that it worked. But how, he asked? Who could he get
to test the egg on? Then it hit him.

"Of course!" he said excitedly. "Helen! I'll test it on Helen!"

With lightening speed, Raymond began to plan out the events of the
evening. Helen was not a sexy woman, he rationalized, so there would be no
way anything else could induce her to sexual passion. Indeed, he thought,
at thirty years old, she was ten years younger than he was, but she always
acted forty-five. A plain woman, she did little to make herself
attractive. But then Raymond really didn't care if Helen was attractive or
not, as long as she was dutiful and supportive as a faculty wife.

At dinner that evening, Raymond recounted is journey to Africa to Helen.
She listened obediently and nodded with interest as he told her about
tribal life, but omitting any mention of the fertility rite or the
caterpillar. After dinner, Helen began clearing the dinner dishes and it
was a simple task for Raymond to drop three small sleeping pills into her
wine glass. Then, just to make sure she drank, he offered a toast, as she
returned to the table.

"To my loving wife," he said lifting his glass, "who will be an enormous help in my success."

Helen look puzzled for a moment, then smiled and swallowed the remainder
of the red wine. Raymond feigned a yawn, and suggested they turn in early.
Exhausted from his trip, he said. Within an hour, Helen was asleep in the
bed, deeply sedated from the pills. Working quickly, Raymond tugged down
the Helen's cotton pajamas shorts, spread her legs wide apart and dashed
downstairs. With steady hands, he gently detached one of the small
translucent eggs from the sluggish caterpillar and ran back upstairs to the
bedroom. He wedged his fingers between her vaginal lips, pushed aside the
thick matte of public hair, until he found an identical spot to the one
used by the tribal elders. Just as he has seen the old man do, he made a
tiny surface cut between his wife's vaginal folds. He quickly pressed the
tiny egg into the small wound, press the lips together, just as he had
seen, and pulled her pajama shorts back up.

Slipping back into bed, Raymond could hardly keep from laughing. If for
some strange reason this thing really did work, he found it difficult to
imagine his wife in a sexually aroused state. Their marriage had always
been rather chilly and he could probably count on both hands the number of
times they had sex in their eight years of marriage. But Raymond had
preferred it that way. He supposed that Helen might be considered in some
circles an attractive woman, but he preferred her drabness. It offered no
distractions from his research, which is after all, was just what he wanted
from a wife.

Helen Siders awoke the next morning feeling sluggish and with an
enormous hangover. She couldn't believe that two glasses of wine could
make her feel so bad. In the shower, she discovered a small tender spot
between her legs. Probing the folds of her vagina, she discovered a small
red patch. She must have managed to scratch herself somehow, she thought
to herself, and she immediately dismissed it.

Downstairs she found that Raymond had already locked himself in the
study and she could hear him transcribing his notes. It went like that for
the next two days. When Raymond did come out of the study, she would
occasionally catch him staring at her.

"Is everything all right, Raymond?" she would ask.

And each time over the two day stretch, he would say, "Just fine, dear.
How are you feeling?"

Chapter Three The morning of the third day started just as the others
had. Helen awoke, climbed in the shower and began to bathe. It was then
that she noticed the oddest thing. As she lathered up her chest with soap,
she realized that her breasts were not only tender to the touch, but that
they actually seemed larger. Not just seemed larger, she thought, felt
larger. At first she just thought she was getting her period and it was
the usual tenderness and swelling. And she notices some puffiness and
redness in her vaginal areas. But no, her period was weeks away, she
remembered. It was only when she finished showering and started to dress
that her concern became real. She began to put on a bra, struggled for a
moment and then tossed it aside. Must have put the thing on high heat in
the dryer and it shrank, she thought, pulling another one out of a drawer.
But that one too was small, ridiculously small. She hooked it, but her
breasts just spilled over the tiny A cups like they didn't exist.

"Oh my God," she thought. "I need to see a doctor. Something is really

Rushing downstairs, Helen wanted to tell Raymond. She found the door to
the study locked and when she called in to him, his scolding response was,
"Sorry, dear, not now. Working hard and I can't be interrupted!"

"Damn," she muttered to herself and stormed out of the door. If she was
going to go to a doctor's office, she had to have a bra that fit her and
didn't painfully pinch, she decided. At the mall, Helen was hit with yet
another surprise. At the fashionable lingerie store, after several
attempts she found a bra that fit. But it was two cup sizes larger than
she regularly wore. And for the first time in her life, as she stared into
the dressing room mirror, she had cleavage!

She bought an armful of flattering bra and tiny panty sets, and headed
back along the shopping mall. As she walked, she couldn't help but notice
that men seemed to be smiling at her, looking her up and down more, and she
even drew an occasional wink from a couple of be-suited businessmen. Were
men so shallow that they only noticed women with large breasts, she thought
to herself? Or maybe it was her fault? Maybe she was staring at them?
Maybe she was actually looking at men differently? She imagined that she
could actually feel a tingling between her legs as she smiled and winked
back at two young college men she passed. Well, whatever it was, she said
to herself, she was really enjoying it.

After several more stops and more purchases, she hardly recognized
herself in the reflection of the glass storefronts. She was wearing high
heels, which she rarely if ever wore these days, a short, pleated flouncy
skirt and a satin blouse, which she now had only partially buttoned. She
had even stopped at a cosmetics counter for a makeover an a shopping bag
full of cosmetics. It was now more than a perception and she knew it.
Every man she passed in the mall lusted after her and she knew it. The
stares were real. And it was making her hornier than she had ever been in
her life. She could not remember a moment in her life that she wanted to
fuck more than right now.

She drove home like a madwoman, forgetting all about the doctor's
office. All the way home, she rubbed and fingered her swollen sex lips,
gently stroking herself through the tiny satin g-string she had just

"God, I'm soaking wet!" she thought to herself, fingering her damp
opening. Before she could even get home, she had pushed aside the small
fabric swatch and was working her fingers into her pussy as she drove.
When she arrived home, she dumped her purchases on the sofa and walked over
to the study door and tried the knob. Finding it unlocked, she pushed the
door open and stepped into the study to find Raymond sitting at a desk
covered with piles of papers.

She could tell by the shocked look on her husband's face that he was
surprised by the vision that stood before him. His mouth just flapped
speechlessly with only small squeaks coming out.

"Ooooooo, I think he likes it," she said teasingly, and slowly began to
unbutton and remove her blouse.

"I've got a multiple choice quiz for you, honey," Helen said, in a deep
sexy voice, tossing the blouse aside and reaching back to unsnap her bra.

"Do you…." she said, pausing for dramatic effect, as she peeled the lacy
bra off and tossed it onto the floor.

"A…" she said teasingly, slowly unzipping the short skirt and letting it
fall to the floor, "fuck me, right here, right now, until I can't walk…"

"Or B…" she said, hooking her thumbs beneath the elastic band of the
tiny g-string and pushing it down, "do I go out and stand in the street
like this until someone comes along who will fuck me until I can't walk?"

She now stood in front on him completely naked, except for her shoes.
She shifted her weight and slightly spread her legs. This would offer him
a better view and perhaps help him decide, Helen hoped. But Raymond only
sat stunned by the sight in front of him. Helen walked over to the desk
and pressed her naked hips against the edge, while she rolled her shoulders
back and jutted out her enlarged breasts.

"Well, what's it gonna be? A or B?" she said coyly and sat on the desk.

Raymond was about to object because she was not sitting on top of the
pile of his research papers, but before he could say anything, reclined
flat on the desk, lifted her legs in the air, then spread them wide apart.
Sitting in his chair, Raymond's face was now only inches away from Helen's
red, swollen vagina. In an instant, Raymond sprang upright, unfastened his
trousers, slid down his shorts and plunged his erection into his wife.

On the desktop, with paperclips and post-its stuck to her ass, Helen
fucked her husband like never before.

"Yes! Do it! Fuck me. Oh, yes! That cock feels so good! Push it in!
Stick it in my hot cunt! Deeper!" moaned Helen, the torrent of dirty words
coming out of her mouth, words she didn't even know she knew. Raymond
pumped frantically and it was only a matter of moments until he erupted
inside her, as she felt his warm fluid fill her aching opening. She lay
still on the desk, now sated, as she husband withdrew his softened,
slime-covered prick.

"What was that all about," Raymond asked, hoping to learn more about
what was happening to his wife, while not disclosing any of the details of
the research experiment.

"I've never seen you like that," he said, hoping his wife would respond.

"Did you like it? There's more where that came from," Helen replied,
now rubbing her swollen, red vaginal lips and spreading around the gooey
semen just deposited there by her husband.

"Want to try it again?" she said, lift a sticky finger to her lips and
licking off a dangling droplet of cum.

Now was his chance, Raymond thought. He had to discover if she was
merely passionate out of some spousal attraction or if this truly was some
lust driven by the caterpillar egg. He would push her beyond any normal
boundary and see how she would respond, he decided.

"Yes, dear," Raymond said, "I would love to try it again. But…" He
paused, making sure he had her attention. Helen lay on the desk fingering
herself, making small circles around her protruding clit with her middle

"…but, first I'd like to see you suck another man's cock," he said
slowly and deliberately, waiting for her reaction.

"You want what?" Helen asked in confusion.

"I'll be glad to fuck you again," Raymond said, "but first, I want to
see you suck off another man."

"I wouldn't…. we haven't…" she said stunned. "I won't do it. I'm your
wife and I just won't do it!

Helen rolled off of the desk and onto her feet and stormed out of the
study, slamming the door behind her. Raymond looked down at his desk in
defeat. His hopes for a fortune from a drug company, academic notoriety
and fame had just disappeared. Clearly, Helen was still herself and
unaffected by some stupid caterpillar egg, he thought to himself, fighting
off the depression of the moment. He looked down at the desktop littered
with pages of his notes. There, across the pages, was a long trail of cum that had leaked out of Helen's cunt as she climbed off the desk and fled.
The slimy trail reminded him of the track of a giant garden slug moving
over his notes.

"Damn," he shouted and swept all of the pages onto the floor.

Slowly, he took out the battered journal that had accompanied him to
Africa and began to write down the results of his test on Helen. He
documented everything in the journal, from the months in the village, the
smuggling out of the caterpillar, to the drugging of Helen and testing of
the egg on her. As the light began to fade outside and it grew dark,
Raymond sat quietly and wrote every word and every observance of the past

Maybe an hour had gone by, maybe two, he wasn't sure, but Raymond was
still writing as the door to the study flew open and Helen walked in. She
was still naked wearing only her heels as she walked up to the desk.

"All right, I'll do it," Helen said, a look of frustration on her face.
"But will you fuck me first? Then I'll suck off anyone you want me to."

Stunned, Raymond jumped to his feet. Maybe the experiment wasn't over,
after all, he thought.

"No," he said, "first I'll watch you do it, then we'll come back and
have all the sex you want.

"All right," Helen conceding to his decision, and picking up her clothes
strewn around the floor of the study. "So who is the lucky guy?"

"There's an adult bookstore all the way on the other side of the city.
It has video booths in back and we won't be recognized," Raymond babbled,
as he jotted furiously in the journal.

"The other side of the city?" Helen yelped, clutching her clothes to her
breasts. "That's going to take forever to get there and back. Can't we
just fuck now?"

Chapter Four The drive across the city had been a wild affair. Helen
had redressed in the short pleated skirt, added some black thigh hi
stockings, one of her new bras and a skimpy knit top. As she sat in the
car, she closed her eyes and rubbed her enflamed sex while Raymond drove.
Odd, she thought to herself. Just a few hours ago she was shocked and
revolted by Raymond's proposed deal. Now, as she sat in the dark and the
lights of the city flashed past, she was excited and stimulated by the
thoughts of sucking off some stranger.

What was wrong with her, she wondered? She rubbed her puffy vaginal
lips that were burning up as she rubbed faster and faster. She could
hardly wait go get back to the house and get Raymond's cock inside her.
She had dressed up in the hose, the short skirt, with the knit top and the
scoop front showing her new cleavage, in hopes that Raymond would give this
crazy idea up and take her. Now as she heard Raymond say that the adult
shop was just up ahead, she wanted to have another man look at her and lust
for her. Then she could suck his cock, they could go home and Raymond
would fill her with cum, easing the fury that raged deep between her legs.

Inside the small adult bookstore, they moved quickly to the back room.
Raymond hustled her past a row of empty booths and into an occupied row.
He slipped her into a vacant stall between two occupied booths, their
curtains drawn closed. Raymond pumped a handful of tokens into the video machine and the dark booth became alive with grunts and dancing shadows.
Helen slipped her hand down between her legs as began grinding her hips as
she watched large cocks plunge into gaping openings on the screen.

She had never seen a porno video before, only the milder versions on
cable television. And that had been decidedly offensive to both she and
Raymond. But here they were in a porno shop, Raymond now standing outside
her tiny, narrow booth with the curtains drawn back and her exposed for
anyone there to see as she masturbated to images on the screen.

"Uuuuuummmmm," she groaned loudly, as she fingered herself up under her
skirt. "Raymond, please come fuck me!" she begged in a failed whisper as
she turned to face him.

She felt the flimsy walls around her shudder as she heard the shufflings
of the occupants in the adjacent booths.

"There! There!" Raymond said, hurriedly, pointing inside her booth.
"Suck it! Suck it!" he urged

Helen looked down and protruding from a hole cut in one of the walls was
a stiff penis – the penis of the man in the next booth, she knew
immediately. She looked at her husband as if seeking approval.

"If I suck it, will you fuck me?" she said in a loud voice, sure to be
heard over the moans and screams playing from the video.

Raymond didn't reply, merely nodded and with that, Helen dropped to her
knees on the sticky floor and took the waving erection into her mouth. The
wall seemed to come alive with thumping and pounding as she could feel the
owner of the cock trusting his body forward. She wrapped her lips firmly
around the throbbing cock and pressed her face into the hole. She sucked faster and faster as she rubbed herself, hoping for relief. Oh, she
thought, what she wouldn't give if Raymond would step in behind her and
fuck her right now. What heaven that would be!

As her mind wandered and she longed for her husband to step into the
booth, drop to his knees behind her as mount her. At that moment the cock
in her mouth exploded in a wash of salty, warm ooze, surprising her.
Droplets of the milky fluid dripped from her mouth as she swallowed
desperately to catch all she could. Amazed how the semen seemed to quench
her burning desire, she sucked harder and harder, try to drain every drop
from the depth of the balls that hid on the other side of the hole. As the
cock grew limp in her mouth, Helen took it in one hand and thrust her
tongue as deep as she could into the small opening in the head, hoping to
scoop out one last drop or two. With that, the shrunken penis disappeared
into the darkness of the other booth.

On her knees, Helen pulled off the small knit top and began smearing the
several escaped dropletss of cum onto her chest. She didn't know exactly
why, by the sticky substance felt like a balm on her burning skin. As she
rubbed the cum onto her chest, it reminded her of how burn ointment eased
the pain. In another instant, she unhooked her bra and started rubbing her
exposed breasts. She looked up at her husband standing outside the booth.
Then in a flash, she saw the man who's cock she had just sucked erupt from
the booth and dash out into the store area.

Helen heard him exclaim, almost in shouts, "Man, there's a good looking
bitch back there in one of the booths givin' great blow jobs! I'm tellin'
ya, she sucked my balls dry!"

Helen closed her eyes and lingered in the ecstasy of the brief moment,
rubbing the remnants of the sticky droplets onto her sweating breasts, and
kneading the soft skin between her fingers. A voice from the booth on the
opposite wall croaked, "Try this, bitch."

She looked to that side of the booth and another rigid cock had sprung
up from an identical, opposite hole. On her knees, she shifted her
position and without any hesitation this time, crammed the erection into
her mouth, closed her eyes and began thrusting her face hard against the
unidentified hips on the other side. With her eyes closed, she didn't
notice the dark figure that paused at the opening of the booth, stared
briefly at Raymond, and disappeared into the vacated booth next to her.

Harder and harder Helen worked, hoping for the magic explosion, hoping
for the moment the cock in her mouth would burst open and offer up more of
the hot, yet cooling, balm. She opened her eyes, saw Raymond, saw Raymond
staring and tried to track the object of her husband's look. With the
meaty rod still stuffed in her mouth and plunging into her cheek, Helen
looked sideways back at the other hole. There, extending from the darkness
was a massive, black cock bobbing and waving in the air. She reached up
and grabbed it with her hand and began stroking the huge member.

Oh, God, it was gigantic, Helen thought to herself, her mind now torn
with decisions. She wanted to shift her attention and her mouth to this
new monster poking into the booth, but she didn't want to miss the sweet
salve soon to come from the cock in her mouth. She knew it would only be a
matter of moments before the sweet soothing fluid would be hers. And then
her decision was clear! She moved with deliberate speed, rising to her
feet without releasing the swollen member in her mouth. She bent over and
with her face pressed to one wall of the narrow booth, lifted her short
skirt and eased her ass backwards. Spreading her legs and edging her ass
back, she reached behind her, grabbed the huge tube that emerged from the
wall, and plunged it into her gaping vagina. She pushed back hard as she
could, and felt her bare ass cheeks flattening on the cold wall of the
narrow booth. The walls were now shaking as the owner of the enormous cock
pounded his body against the partition and drove deep into her.

"Ummmmm," Helen groaned aloud in a huge sigh of pleasure, as she could
feel the massive black penis split her burning opening and fill her tight
vagina. She didn't know how anything that big could have fit inside her,
she only knew that she could feel the walls of her vagina resisting,
stretching, then yielding and the giant pushed deeper and deeper into her
opening. She lifted her hands, spread her fingers and pushed hard on the
facing wall, forcing herself back as far as she could go. The cock in her
mouth was pounding at a frantic pace as she pushed her face forward and her
ass backwards in opposite directions.

She tilted her head to one side and caught a glimpse of Raymond standing
outside the booth. Helen momentarily lifted her face off of the wildly
thrusting penis in her mouth, and started to ask her husband if this was
what he had in mind by bringing her here. Before she could speak, the
saliva-coated cock inches away from her face exploded with two huge spurts
of semen, spraying onto her face before she had time to plunge it back into
her mouth and cap it's wild spray. Ribbons of cum draped on her hair and
face as she finally recaptured the loose cannon and buried it again in her
hot mouth.

"Uhhhhmmmm! Uhhmmmmm!" she grunted and sucked desperately as the penis
drained itself into her mouth. She wasn't about to lose any more of the
precious liquid. She sucked with all of her might, and with each swallow came a wave of relief, a cool wash filling her insides. In another moment,
she could feel the wilted penis pulling out of her and saw it disappear on
the other side of the booth wall.

Helen now felt the man behind her pumping madly into her upturned slit.
The booth shook violently as she could hear his body smacking against the
partition dividing them. His grunts echoed throughout the darkened room,
as he slammed again and again against the wall and deeper into her. She
unconsciously knew that whatever satisfaction she could find rested in the
jets of semen ready to erupt from the balls she heard slapping against the
side of the hole. She began bucking wildly, as she jammed backward against
the wall of the booth, feeling the quickening thrusts behind her. It was
there! Almost! Just a moment more! Yes…! Yes…!

"AHHHHHHHH," she shrieked.

Then the rush of pleasure hit her. Like a cloud of a painkillers
descending upon her, she could feel the burning deep within her being
doused by the showers of cum now bathing her insides. She straightened her
arms and pushed against the opposite wall with all of her might, straining,
forcing her swollen sex lips deeper and deeper into the hole in the wall,
driving them as deep as she could, and onto the spurting giant inside her.
Then there was peace. Then there was calm. The fire that had grown larger
and hotter between her legs had been extinguished.

Both she and the unseen man were frozen, still – peaceful. His massive
cock was wedged as deeply into her as the absurdity of a hole in a porno
booth wall would allow. Then she felt him move, slowly, slowly, pulling
the huge hose from its buried nest deep within her. As they broke apart,
Helen fell forward, leaning against the cool booth wall. The pleasure that
took her was not from an orgasm. She hadn't been able to climax in the
last two days, thought she had tired desperately. Over and over she had
masturbated, doing things that had always allowed her to achieve orgasms in
the past. But now there was no relief, only a worsening of the burning
inside her. No, this was the pleasure of peace, the ecstasy of the absent
and extinguished fire.

She pressed her face and cheek against the cool booth wall. This was a
filthy, graffitiscrawled piece of fiberboard that she would never have even
touched before. But now it was a cooling perch from a storm. Exhausted,
Helen turned and saw a huge black man looming in the opening of her booth.
Hanging from an open zipper in the front of his trousers was a gigantic
black cock, still glistening and shiny from being inside her. Her gaze
drifted up to his face, but the darkness of the room obscured all but the
twinkle from his eyes. A deep voice boomed from the shadowy face.

"You're one hot fuck, baby," the man said, pressing his dangling cock
into his pants. "You be back here tomorrow night."

Helen cast her eyes down, looked back up only to see the black man gone
and Raymond standing in his place.

"Fascinating," Raymond uttered. "I never would have believed it. We
have to get home."

When they returned home, Raymond rushed into the study and began
scribbling the night's events into the journal. Helen, exhausted, fell
asleep on the sofa, her first peaceful sleep in three days. But it was a
solace that was all too short lived.

Chapter Five

Helen awoke with a start, expecting to be tucked neatly in bed, but only
to find herself still on the sofa in the darkened living room. She sat
upright and could still feel the dried stickiness of the black man in the
porno store from last night between her legs. But was it last night, she
wondered? How long had she been asleep? She looked at her watch and
realized that she had only slept for about three hours. It was still in
the middle of the night. She moved through the darkened house and realized
that Raymond had gone to bed and left her asleep on the sofa. She went
upstairs and into the bedroom where she saw Raymond soundly sleeping. She
stripped off her clothes and crawled naked into bed. Now wide awake, Helen
snuggled next to her sleeping spouse, hoping that her movements would wake
him up and that he would fuck her. Yes, there it was, the urge returning.
That enormous fire that felt like it was consuming her last night was
beginning to rekindle inside her.

Well, maybe Raymond wouldn't object to a little middle of the night fun,
she thought. Beside, she remembered, he owed her a fucking from last
night. And now would be an excellent time to collect, now that the urge was
back and she was beginning to feel sexy again. Quietly, she slipped her
head beneath the sheets and within moments was softly sucking on her
sleeping husband's cock.

Yes! Yes! His cock was beginning to respond to her warm mouth as she
felt him start to swell. Harder and harder she sucked until she felt
Raymond stir and awake.

"What the hell…?" he said groggily, seeing his wife with her mouth
clamped onto his erect prick.

"I want you to fuck me. Now!" Helen said, and not waiting for a
response, straddled, then crawled upward over her husband until her hips
were poised above his rigid member. Without a word, she reached down,
lifted Raymond's cock toward her opening and slid down, pushing him up into

"Ahhh, yes," she growled, "Fuck me! Hard!"

The cock inside her wasn't nearly as big or as pleasurable as the
massive meat she'd had in her earlier. But she knew that tonight's
pleasure wasn't in the size of a cock but in what it would deliver inside
her. Yes, she wanted to feel that spurt, that eruption inside of her
signaling the coming of waves of wonderful cum. cum that promised to bring
ecstasy to her whole body. She pumped her hips hard, grinding and pushing
against the invading cock with an almost animal frenzy, until Raymond shook
beneath her and began to spurt inside her.

"Oh, yes, shoot it in me! Fill me with that hot cum! Yes! Give it to
me!" she yelled and Raymond willingly complied, draining himself into her.

Just before they drifted off to sleep, Raymond, trying to gain some
insights for his research, asked, "You never talked like that before. Or
behaved like that before. What's gotten into you?"

"I don't know," Helen replied sleepily. "I just can't seem to get
enough sex lately. Maybe I'm just making up for lost time. But it is
heavenly when I feel cum inside me. Or anywhere on my body, for that

And then she drifted off to sleep and into silence. Three hours later,
Raymond awoke to find Helen's mouth wrapped around his cock once again.
Within moments, he had emptied himself into her mouth and onto her face.
He watched his wife writhe on the bed in agony and ecstasy, smearing stray
droplets of semen all over her body, moaning with pleasure and delight.

A man possessed, Raymond threw on some clothes and headed down to the
study, there to update his journal, harvest an egg from his caterpillar and
take that egg to a nearby chemical research laboratory. The egg really did
work. He knew that now. The sexcrazed woman in his bed was all the proof
he needed. It was all within his grasp now – a promotion, fame, and
especially fortune.

As he ran out of the bedroom, he could hear Helen calling to him from
the bed. "Please, honey," she begged, "Please come back to bed and fuck
me. Please?"

Down in the study, Raymond opened the small wooden box that had become
the caterpillar's home and pushed aside the vegetable matter looking for
the large green worm. But the box was empty.

"Damn," Raymond shouted. Somehow, the thing had managed to crawl out of
the box and disappear. For the next two hours, Raymond searched the study,
tearing apart the room and all of it contents, but to no avail. He had
looked everywhere in the room and now sat dejected amidst the havoc he had
created. With his head down on the desk, he had no way of knowing that
underneath the desk, in the dark recesses, there, firmly attached to the
underside of the desktop, was a huge brown chrysalis.

Chapter Six Helen had certainly been disappointed. Raymond had no
desire to stay in bed and play with her this morning. She could really
have used a good fucking, she thought to herself, as she got dressed. Then
she heard the huge disturbance coming from downstairs. Raymond was
shouting, and carrying on about something. She went downstairs to see her
husband tearing apart the study. He babbled wildly on about something
saying, "Perhaps it was at the office, got in my briefcase by mistake." And
then he dashed off to campus like a wild man.

She had already gotten dressed once this morning, and ended up taking
off all of her clothes and masturbating on the bed. She worked her hand
furiously against her swollen, red cunt lips, frantically rubbing her
throbbing clitoris, which had become a huge red knob, perched between her
vaginal lips. But nothing helped. If anything, she only felt worse now.
She wasn't able to have an orgasm, wasn't able to make this terrible
craving go away. She was going to have to have some cock this morning, she
thought to herself, or she was going to lose her mind. Now, here she was,
getting dressed for the second time this morning. And her plan was simple.
She would get all dressed up, go over to Raymond's office on campus, and
she would look so hot that he would take her right there.

She slipped on the tiny, red silk dress she bought yesterday and
buttoned it up, leaving several strategic buttons undone. This would be
just enough to reveal to Raymond the fact that she was braless. And the
dress was so short that it certainly would be evident that the garterbelt
and stockings she wore were just for him. She even decided to forgo
panties in the hope that this would be a little extra incentive. She
slipped on a pair of heels that she had picked out yesterday, red slides
with ankle straps and dashed off to the car. "Boy is Raymond going to be
in for a treat," she said to herself, feeling the powerful urge beginning
to swell again deep inside her pounding vagina.

As she drove, Helen couldn't tell if the loud thumping she heard was the
sound of her heart as the blood coursed through her ears, or if there was
something wrong with the car. A flat tire perhaps. But no, she knew that
it was the sound of her own body. The pounding pulse between her legs
matched the drumming in her ears. Instinctively, her hand dipped down,
opened the dress and slipped between her legs as she fingered herself and
drove at the same time.

She was zipping the car around campus now as she pleasured herself,
couldn't concentrate and managed to take a wrong turn onto one of the many
maze-like streets on the huge campus. She looked around at the unfamiliar
surroundings and realized that she was totally lost. Frustrated, Helen
pulled the car over to the curb and called out to a young male student
catching a Frisbee on the lawn of an older building, the big Greek letters
hanging boldly over the doorway.

"Excuse me," she said to the young man who had come up next to her car
door. "Can you tell me how to get to the Anthropology Building?"

The young man, sweat dripping from his naked chest and clad only in a
pair of nylon running shorts, stared down at her. At first Helen couldn't
figure out why he didn't answer her, but it was only when she followed his
stare that she realized that her dress was still pulled up and her hand was
still wedged into her naked crotch. She quickly pulled her hand out and
struggled to pull her split dress flaps back across her legs and hips.

"Excuse me…," she said again, looking back out the window at the young man, but as he stood next to the car, she realized that he had moved closer
and that his orange running shorts now filled her car window. She was
looking right into his crotch and could see that her unintentional display
was causing an erection in the young student. She could clearly see the
outline of his circumcised cock pressing against the nylon shorts. There
was obviously nothing underneath the shorts and as the young man shifted
his weight, Helen could see the head of his semi-erect cock now sticking
out below the edge of his shorts.

"Ohhhhhh," she thought to herself, and it was all she could do to
control herself from reaching out and grabbing it. Now the young man seemed to be teasing her as he pressed his hips forward and leaned against
her car door.

"Can I help you, ma'am?" the young man said.

"Ummmm, oh yes," Helen stammered, still staring at the growing erection
just inches away. "I'm looking for the Anthropology Building. Can you
help me?"

"Oh, sure," he said, and with a casual ease reaching down and stuffing
his penis back into the shorts, as if it was nothing to have his manhood
hanging out all of the time.

"It's sort of hard to tell you how to get there from here. If you want
to come inside, I can draw you a map," he offered.

Before she remembered saying yes or getting out of the car, she found
herself standing next to a table in the large living area of the fraternity
house. Her body ached as she stood next to the nearly naked young man while he sketched out a crude map. She was keenly aware that he was
looking down the front of her dress as she leaned over the map. She was
also aware that his penis had managed to work its way back out of the
running shorts. As she stood next to the table looking at the map, Helen
reached out and held a corner of the map while letting her hand come to
rest against the young man's freshly exposed cock.

"Ummm," he grunted and pressed back against her hand.

Unable to hold back any longer, Helen slipped her hand around the erect
rod and pulled the young man to her. Slowly, she stuck her tongue out and
took a long lick of the salty sweat drops on his naked chest. With her
other hand she unbuttoned the top of the dress and pulled aside the red silk, exposing her jutting breasts to the lad.

"You like anything you see?" Helen teased.

"Yeah, lady, you got great tits," the boy replied. "So let's see the

At that, he reached out and undid the two remaining button of the dress
and clumsily pushed it off her shoulders and onto the floor. While he
undressed her, Helen simply grabbed the elastic band of the orange nylon
shorts, and gave a quick tug, leaving the boy naked in front of her, his
erection jutting stiffly into the air. There was urgency to her actions

"I've got a great place for that," Helen offered, and stepped back,
pressing her ass cheeks against the edge of the heavy table and opening her
legs. The boy reached down, raised one of her legs, and with the back of
her knee now resting it the crook of his arm, he moved between her spread
legs. In an instant, he positioned purple knob of his stiff penis against
her moist slit and shoved forward. Then he was inside her, his cock
driving roughly into her hot opening, his hand all over her swollen
breasts, pinching and tugging with 19-year-old zeal.

"Yes! Fuck me! Come on, stick that hard cock in me, baby!" Helen
yelled, her voice booming through the old house. Within moments, her cries
had drawn a crowd from rooms and hallways, as clusters of young men gathered around. She opened her eyes to see jeans and shorts dropping and
an ocean of young men with stiff penises protruding toward her. The boy in
her arms battered her up against the table edge, his glistening cock
disappearing deep inside her with each grunt and thrust.

"Damn, Bobby, take it easy." Helen heard another boy in the crowd shout,
"Save some of her for the rest of us."

She felt her lips curve into a smile, in part at the thought that in
seconds she would be filled with Bobby's soothing cum to help ease her
hunger, and also that there would be even more to follow.

"Ummh! Ummh!Ummh" the boy grunted and he clutched her body tight,
crushing her to him as he pumped once, twice, three time into her. With
each violent bump, she could feel his hot seed exploding deep within her,
momentarily soothing the madness inside.

"Ahhhhh," she exhaled, as the young man slid out of her and stepped
back. Her swollen breasts rose and fell, her chest heaving as she tried to
catch her breath. Smiling, she pushed herself off of the unforgiving table
edge, and walked over to another nearby fraternity boy.

"There has got to be a more comfortable place that this," she said,
grabbing the boy by his jutting erecting as if it were a handle and leading
him to a nearby sofa. Crawling onto her knees, she offered herself to the
lad, and as he filled her from behind, she could see a flurry in front of
her as young men pushed and shoved to position their eager cocks near her
now open mouth.

Two hours later, Helen Siders emerged from the fraternity house a much
different woman than when she went in. Now her body was cool, peaceful,
and satisfied. The strange heat, the fire that drove her there, onto the
campus seeking her husband and sex, was quenched. As she walked down the
sidewalk and back to the car, she could feel the cum, the wonderful,
soothing cum, trickling out of her cunt and down her legs. Inside, she had
been fucked by over a dozen boys, and probably swallowed the offerings of
equally as many. She wasn't interested in counting, only relieving the
demons inside her.

As she sat in the car, Helen momentarily relished the pleasure of the
moment, the peace inside her body that had disappeared several days ago.
She dipped a finger into her dripping crotch, a mused at the stretched
sized of her previously underused vaginal opening.

"I wonder if Raymond will even notice," she pondered, lifting a slime
covered finger and spreading it across her throat and onto her chest.
Ahhh, the pleasure from the semen seemed to penetrate to her very soul, as
she rubbed it onto a well-worn nipple.

She was about to head home, but decided that as long as she was on
campus, she would complete her mission and find her husband at his office.
You never know, she thought to herself, we might still be able to fuck in
his office.

Reading the crude map the fraternity boy had drawn, Helen parked and
walked into the large campus building, up the flight of stairs and to the
second floor. She briefly wandered the hallways, not finding Raymond's
office and stopped a passerby for more directions.

"Professor Sider's office?" the older man puzzled. "And he's in the
Administration Building?"

"No, the Anthropology Building," Helen replied, realizing that she had
mistakenly gone into the wrong building.

"Oh, that's the next building over," chuckled the older man. "Are you a

"No," Helen said, flattered by his assumption. "His wife."

"Oh, well, I always enjoy meeting the spouses of the faculty. Won't you
come into my office? I don't get as much of a chance to do this as I'd
like, " he said, directing her through an outer office and smiling
secretary and into a large inner office.

It wasn't until she sat down in the cool, high backed leather chair that
she recognized the older gentleman as the University President. Now
sitting in the chilled office on the cold leather chair, she felt more than
unusually uncomfortable. The nipples on her braless breast were rock hard
and jutting out against the silk dress. And she only now became aware of
how short the red dress really was. She sat in the chair, the smiling
President sitting across from her, and Helen realized that the tops of her
stocking were clearly visible as she crossed and uncrossed her legs.

They chatted and Helen wasn't sure whether she was flirting with him or
him her, but the conversation was delightful and they were both having a
wonderful time. It was clear that the man was obviously enjoying the
sights up under her dress as she now teasingly shifted her hips in the
chair and opened her legs slightly. Despite the suit jacket, Helen could
see the large lump growing in front of the man trousers as he rose and
rather indiscreetly adjusted the package in his pants. He smiled politely
at her and went over and quietly flipped the lock on the office door.

"I don't know about you Ms. Siders, but discretion is a large part of
my position here at the U," he said. "And somehow I think you are a person
who can be trusted.

but her abundant cleavage and protruding nipples.


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