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Going to Night School


Hi, my name is Vanessa. I was born in December 1975 and now have a
34A–24–35 95-pound figure with blond hair. In 1998 I quit my boring
existence in a little town in North Wales and went to work as a
Housekeeper for a middle-aged man in the East Midlands of England. It
was a brave decision to make as I’d applied for the job after seeing the
job advert in a BDSM magazine that someone had left in the
hairdressers where I worked. I didn’t really know what I was letting
myself in for, but I really did need to do something because my life was
so drab and boring. Even the interview for the job was unbelievable, but
I was so desperate to change my life that I did everything that was
asked of me, and I was finally offered the job.
Shortly after starting the job my employer (Jon) told me to write a
Journal of my new life, and he has since created a web site that it is
published on.

If you care to read my Journal you will discover that my relationship
with Jon is rather different to that of most employee and employer, but I
have easily come to realise that I have a life that just could not be more
satisfying or pleasurable. I love my life and all the little adventures that
Jon and I get up to.

Quite a few people who have read my Journal have asked for both
photographs of me and for me to describe myself a bit more. Well, Jon
says that he doesn’t want me to send any photographs. It would be a bit
difficult anyway, as he hasn’t got a scanner or a digital camera any
more. The digital camera that he did have got broken (Jon accidentally
gave it a swimming lesson) and he hasn’t got round to getting a
replacement yet.

As for describing myself, I’m blond, at one point shortly after starting
working for Jon he got my hair cut very short just like a boy’s. It’s now
long enough to have 2 short ponytails, just like I did when I was a
schoolgirl. Apart from a little bit of hair that grows on my legs, I have no
body hair below my neck. It’s all been removed with electrolysis. I’m
slim with small(ish), pert breasts that have small aureoles and giant
nipples. When they’re hard Jon says they’re like chapel hat pegs. I have
a nice firm, flat stomach with a pubic bone that does stick out a bit. In
my pussy lips I have 2 little gold rings that Jon put in me. My clit is very
prominent and is usually sticking out between my lips. It’s about an inch
long with a little round head. Jon sometimes calls it my little dick. I don’t
own any bras, knickers, trousers, leggings or shorts; and 90% of my
skirts and dresses can be described as mini or micro. I used to be a very
shy girl, but I’ve now gone completely the other way, and get a great
thrill from letting other people see my body.
I hope that’s enough to satisfy the people who asked. If it isn’t, perhaps
they would like to e-mail me with specific questions.

Jon told me to stop writing my Journal in the summer of 1999, but has
recently asked me to document, some of the more interesting
experiences that we have had since then.

Both Jon and myself have been scouring the Internet looking for ideas
for little adventures or incidents that we could manufacture to have
some fun. We’ve found one or two stories that appear to be slightly
rewritten copies of some of the text in my Journal, and one or two that
are very similar to some of the adventures that we’ve had and that I’ve
written about in my Journal. At first I was a bit annoyed about this, but
Jon said that I should be honoured that someone thought our
adventures were good enough to copy. I’ve started thinking that way as

The adventure I’m about to describe is when Jon decided that I should
further my education a bit by: -

Going to Night School

If you’ve read my Journal you will know that I’m not a very big person
(well, the features that you can see when I’ve got some clothes on) and
that my face is quite young looking. Just before Christmas 2000 I’d lost
my part-time job as a hairdresser when the building that the salon was
in caught fire. Just after Christmas 2000 Jon decided that I would go
back to school. At first I was a bit horrified that he wanted me to spend
days sitting through boring lessons, but after a couple of minutes of
explanation I started looking forward to it.

Jon took me to a comprehensive school at the other side of town and I
signed-up for Computer Literacy Course. He said that it was time that I
learned a bit more about PCs. The next night he took me to a college
and into an Art Class. When I saw all the students sketching a bunch of
flowers that was on a desk in the middle of the room I got a little
worried and excited. I tried to tell Jon that I was a hopeless artist, but
he wouldn’t listen to me.

A couple of minutes later the teacher came into the classroom and over
to us. Jon asked if he was still looking for a life model. At first I didn’t
twig but as the teacher looked me up and down I realised that Jon
wanted me to pose for the class. I got all excited thinking 'wow,
legitimate flashing’. Without even talking to me Jon and the teacher
agreed that I’d pose for the class on each Monday evening for the next 4

This is what happened at the classes – well the interesting bits.

Computer Class
I was just starting to put some clothes on to go to my first evening class
when Jon told me to wear a blouse and skirt. The blouse he told me to
wear was quite baggy and he told me not to fasten the top 3 buttons.
This meant that the highest button that was fastened was right in the
middle of my boobs. As soon as Jon told me that I realised that he
wanted me to let the teacher see inside my blouse. I didn’t need telling
twice; in fact I was looking forward to it. I made sure that the blouse
wasn’t tucked into my skirt much so that it only needed me to lean
forward a little for there to be a gaping hole for him to see in when he
stood next to me.
I put a coat on and drove Jon’s car to the school.

When I got there and found the right classroom, 4 other people were
already sat in front of PCs talking to each other. As I walked in they all
smiled at me and 2 said, “Hi.” When I took my coat off one of the older
men’s eyes opened wide when he saw my micro skirt. I smiled at him
and asked if I could sit at any of the desks. After a slight pause he said
‘yes’ so I chose a desk on the side of an aisle so that the teacher would
be stood to my left. I sat not too close to the desk so that I had to lean
forward a bit. Sat like that also meant that a lot of my thighs would be
showing and perhaps a bit of my bald pubes too, especially as I never
cross my legs.

Another 5 or 6 people came in and then the teacher. He was a bald,
middle-aged man, married man; well he was wearing a wedding ring.
After the introductions the teacher got us to switch the PCs on and then
told us how to run a program that showed us all about the different bits
of a PC. I pretended that I had never used a PC before and that I
couldn’t find the buttons that he was telling us to click on. After he tried
to describe where I should be looking and me saying that I couldn’t see
it, he finally came over to show me.

Poor man, he just about stopped dead in his tracks when he saw my
skirt and legs. I saw him blush a little as he stood beside me and
pointed to the button on the screen. As he walked back to the front, he
turned and looked back to me for a second before continuing with his

After about 10 minutes I couldn’t find another button. This time the man
didn’t bother to describe where it was, he came and stood beside me
and pointed it out.

This happened another couple of times and then just before the end of
the lesson I needed his help again. This time he came and stood in front
of my desk and leaned over my PC monitor to show me where
something was. As he leaned forward I could see that his eyes were
looking straight up my skirt.

The second lesson.
When I arrived the next week I was a little late and there was only one
PC free. That was in the middle of the front row. I’d just got myself
organised when the teacher came in. It wasn’t the same man. The new
man (Peter Johnson) is about my age and looks a bit of a geek.

After he’d introduced himself he told us that the previous teacher was
unwell and that he would be taking over the class. When we did the
round introducing ourselves, the teacher stared at me for quite a while
before moving on to the next person. That made me a bit
uncomfortable, but not enough for me to think about the fun I could
have. As the others were introducing themselves I was thinking about
my friend Debbie and the fun that she used to have at school.

This teacher tends to go off the subject a bit and rabbit on about things
that don’t seem relevant to what we’re doing. It was during about his
third trip into technophobic whatever that I decided to try to bring him
back to earth. Up until then I’d been sat with my knees tightly together
and been concentrating on the lesson, but I was getting bored listening
to irrelevant gobbledegook so I let my knees part.

Peter was walking back and forth across the front of the room and so
deep into his little story that it took ages for him realise what he was
missing. He kept looking down at the floor, but never towards me.
Eventually he did look over towards me. He stooped mid sentence, went
bright red, then carried on talking. He stared at my legs, and up my
skirt, for a few seconds then looked me in the eye. I just smiled at him.

The poor man just seemed to lose it from that point in the lesson. He
kept sneaking glances at my legs and pussy, but he looked as if he was
a naughty schoolboy doing something that he shouldn’t. Even though he
went to help other students with problems, he wouldn’t come near me.
Each time I asked him a question he stayed at the front and explained in
great detail what I should be doing.

At the end of the lesson he was gone before anyone else. I overheard a
couple of the students talking as they went out, one was saying that the
teacher was cute and shy.

The third lesson.
I’d enjoyed my little game with the ‘new’ teacher the previous week and
wanted to continue it so I arrived early to make sure that I got the same
PC. I was a little surprised to find that not only was the teacher already
there, but that he’d put a chair in the middle of the front of the class. I
was looking at it when Peter said ‘good evening’, and explained that
he’d had an accident and hurt a leg. He was going to use the chair so
that he didn’t have as far to walk.

‘Oh yeah’ I thought, but didn’t say anything. It could turn out better
than planned.

The rest of the students arrived and the class got started. Yes, some
(most) of the men were ogling my ultra short skirt and low cut, lose top,
and some of the women were giving me dirty looks; but I’m used to
that. My only interests that night were learning a bit more about PCs,
and having some fun with the teacher.

Peter explained the chair to everyone and was limping about. After
about 10 minutes he sat on the chair and kept talking. After a while he
gave us an exercise to do and as I started it I looked up and saw where
he was looking.

My knees had been closed up until then, but as soon as I saw him
looking they opened. Not a lot at first, but as he kept looking, my knees
kept opening until they were about a foot apart.

I got on with the exercise but kept looking up whenever no one was
asking him a question. He certainly wasn’t as shy as he’d been the
previous week.

Someone at the back asked him another question and he had to go and
show them something. As he got up and walked passed me I couldn’t
help noticing that not only wasn’t he limping, he didn’t have a limp dick
either, there was quite a bulge in the front tight of his jeans. It looked
quite painful.

By then I’d realised that he had found his confidence and was out to
enjoy himself as much as I was. I was as excited as his bulge told me he
was and I could feel my juices seeping out of me. Just flashing him
wasn’t enough, especially as he was blatantly staring at my pussy and
little gold rings.

I wanted to see how far I could go before he got embarrassed again. I
shuffled my chair right under the desk. If I’d had a longer skirt on it
would have risen up. As it was my bare backside was on the wooden
chair. I let my left hand drop onto my leg whenever it wasn’t needed on
the keyboard. Every so often I’d reach down and pull one of my rings or
flick my clit.

The first time I did it Peter did a double take. The second time his head
moved down towards me a bit.

After I finished the exercise there was a gap while some of the slower
students caught up. I used that time to ‘toy’ with my clit and rings. I
wasn’t actually frigging, but close to it.

Peter was mesmerised and missed a couple of questions. One of the old
men had to repeat himself louder, to get Peter to snap out of his trance.

The lesson went on in a similar way and I was finding it difficult trying to
type with my right hand whilst playing with my clit with my left hand.
It’s not the actual typing, it’s concentrating enough to know what to

By the time the lesson was nearly over I was getting close to cumming.
There was no way that I wanted to leave without actually cumming in
front of the teacher so when Peter said that there was just one more
little thing to do before we all went home, I went for it.

Just after Peter had finished telling everyone what he wanted them to
do, I came. I shut my eyes, squeezed my mouth lips shut, and went
over the edge. Somehow I managed to keep quiet and I don’t think that
anyone realised what was happening – other than Peter. When I opened
my eyes and looked at him his eyes were locked on my pussy.

When I coughed a bit he looked up at my face. I smiled and he went
bright red.

At the end of the lesson Peter asked me to stop back for a minute. As I
waited for everyone else to leave I was wondering if he was going to try
and hit on me. In a way he did, he asked me if I’d go for a drink with
him. I lied and told him that my husband was waiting outside for me.
The next couple of weeks were very similar to the third week. Peter kept
sitting on the chair in front of me, but his walking limp had gone. I kept
teasing him.

If anything different happens Jon has told me to write about it.

Art Class

Week 1
I was very nervous as I drove to the college. Earlier that afternoon I
spent ages trying to decide what I should wear. In the end I came to my
senses and remembered that no one was interested in what I was
wearing going to the class. I put on a simple cotton mini dress and

I was still nervous as I walked down the corridor to the classroom. It
wasn’t just nervousness, it was excited nervousness.

When I walked in the classroom everyone stopped talking and looked at
me. After a pregnant pause the teacher came over to me, said ‘Hi’ and
asked me if I’d posed before. When I told him that I hadn’t he told me
that there was nothing to be nervous about, and asked me if I wanted a
cup of coffee.

I told him that I was okay, that coffee made me want to pee and that I
didn’t want to have to go right in the middle of the session. He smiled
and asked if I was ready to get started. I said that I was and asked what
I had to do.

The teacher then called for silence and told every one who I was and
started telling them how they had to sketch me.

While he was doing that I looked round. There were about 20 people in
there. men and women of all ages from about 18 to 80. Some of them
smiled at me and said hello while others just kept quiet.

The teacher then told me to go behind the screen in the corner, take my
clothes off, put my robe on and come back. He said that he’s put me in
the pose that he wanted when I got back. He just said “Oh, okay!” when
I told him that I didn’t have a robe.

When you’ve only got a dress and shoes to take off it doesn’t take long
and I was back within seconds. As I walked back I looked around and
saw a couple of the men looking at me. One was a young man about 20.
He didn’t look as if he was only there for the art. His look brought that
familiar tingle and dampness to my pussy.

“That was quick” he said and pointed to a big table in the middle of the
room. He asked me to climb on and then he told me how to do the pose.
I had to sit on the table with one leg bent at the knee and the other
straight out. He told me to keep my knees nearly together, but I let
them drift to about 6 inches apart. One hand was on the table behind
me, whilst the other was on my thigh. I had to look up into the top
corner of the room.

Once the teacher was happy with my pose he called all the students
over and started telling and showing then which parts of my body he
wanted them to concentrate on. One part was my breasts. As he said
that my nipples went even harder than they already were.

There were 20 people stood all around me looking down on my naked
body. Some were stood at my feet and I’m sure that they could see my
juices leaking out of my pussy. One woman whispered to another next
to her, but she wasn’t quiet enough. I think that most of the people in
there heard her say, “I’ve never seen a woman with rings down there

Eventually they all went back to their places and started drawing.

It was hard keeping still all that time, but at the same time I was
enjoying it.

After what seemed like an eternity the teacher came to the front and
told me to have a 10 minute break. I was grateful for that and climbed
down off the table. The teacher said that normally the models put their
robes on for the break, and offered me his jacket. I thanked him and
told him that I was all right as I was.

Most of the students kept drawing but the young man came up to me
and started chatting. As he was talking his eyes were everywhere but
my eyes. It was nice (and a bit exciting) being chatted-up while I was
naked and he wasn’t, but I wanted to see how the drawing were getting
on. I excused myself and wandered round looking at the different
drawings of me.

Some were quite good, I even thought about asking what would happen
to them after the lesson.

It was funny the way some of the students just totally ignored me and
got on with their work. I guess that they were the serious artists.

Some of the men and a couple of the younger women chatted to me as I
walked round. Some were staring at me and I didn’t know if it was for
the benefit of their drawing or because I was naked in amongst them.

Being naked in amongst those people gave me mixed feelings. The
serious artists did absolutely nothing for me and I felt totally at easy
with them. It was similar to being at the naturist swims and on a
naturist beach. The people that I wasn’t sure about made me feel a little
excited. The more that I thought someone was looking at me in a sexual
manor, the more excited I got.

When I got to round to where the young man that had been chatting me
up was, I was getting really excited. That pussy tingle was very strong
and I could really feel my juices flowing. As I walked up to him I saw
that familiar bulge in his trousers. He tried chatting me up again, but I
just kept asking him silly questions about his lousy attempt to draw me.
His answers sounded just as stupid as my questions. If anyone was
listening they must have thought we were both artistic thickies.

The break came to an end and the teacher asked me to get back up on
the table. As I was walking towards the table I decided that I’d better go
to the toilet before getting stuck in one position again (I also wanted to
clean up my soggy pussy before starting again). I told the teacher and
asked him where the nearest toilet was. He told me that it was only
about 20 yards down the corridor.

I started waking towards the classroom door when the teacher said,
“Hadn’t you better put some clothes on?” To be perfectly honest, the
thought had crossed my mind but I wanted the chance to walk about the
corridor a bit. I was wondering if I might meet and shock someone.

I didn’t really give the teacher a chance to say any more, I just said,
“No, it’s okay, it’s only a few yards and it sounds as if everyone’s in their
classes.” With that I was out of the door and walking up the corridor.

The teacher was right, it was only 20 yards to the toilet and I was in and
out and back in the classroom in no time. I was a bit disappointed that I
hadn’t seen anyone.

The second half of the lesson went quite quickly and it wasn’t long
before the teacher was telling me to get down and dressed.

As I came out from behind the changing screen the young man was
waiting for me and asked me if I’d like to go for a drink with him.
Fortunately I didn’t get chance to answer him because the teacher
interrupted and told him to go home.

He then told me that I’d done well to keep so still for so long and asked
if I was okay to come back the next week. I told him that I’d enjoyed it
and would be back.
Week 2
As I walked into the classroom there were about the same number of
people who had been there the previous week. I did notice an extra
couple of youngish people.

The teacher arrived before I had the chance to do anything or talk to
anyone, and immediately brought the class to order. He told the class
that I was going to pose in an unusual position that night and that he
wanted the students to add a little bit of imagination to their drawing.

I hadn’t a clue what he meant by ‘unusual position’ until he turned to
me and whispered, “Jon has told me that you’ll pose exactly as I tell
you. You’re not going to give me any trouble are you?” I was a bit
shocked and surprised. Whenever he had spoken to me before he’d
given me the impression that he was a perfect gentleman. This
dominant style took me my surprise.

“Right,” he said, “go and get your clothes off while I get the ropes
ready.” Another surprise I thought, it sounded as if I wasn’t going to
have a problem keeping still that night. I turned towards the changing
screen and saw that it wasn’t there. It was nowhere in the room. I
turned back towards the teacher to tell him and to ask where I should
get undressed. He was busy opening a bag so after a quick think I
though, ‘what the hell’ and walked to the side of the room where there
were some chairs. I turned to face the class and saw that about half the
students were watching me and the other half were watching the
teacher lift some ropes out of the bag.

‘Here goes’ I said to myself, I looked at one man, smiled at him and
then lifted my top up over my head. The man was smiling back at me as
I undid the little piece of velcro that was holding my skirt up and
dropped it to the floor. I then squatted down with my knees wide apart
as I unfastened my sandals and the walked out of them.

My pussy was starting to tingle and get wet.

When I got back to the teacher he told me that he wanted me to climb
on the table and hold my arms out while he tied a rope to each of my
wrists. He then threw the rope over steel frame that was holding the
roof up and pulled my arms up in the air.

Maybe I need to explain that the school was originally built round about
the turn of the 19th / 20th century. It has had quite a number of
‘extensions’ added, some quite recently. We were in the old part, a
single story building.

The teacher then told me to spread my legs and asked me if he needed
to tie them to anything to keep them apart. I told him that it wasn’t
necessary, as I was comfortable as I was. I wondered if he knew that I
spent quite a bit of time hanging my wrist, naked and spread-eagle. I
looked down at the students and realised that my pussy was at about
head height for most of the students. I got a little wetter as I thought
about what some of them might be thinking and knowing that there
would be about 20 pairs of eyes staring at my pussy for the next hour.

The next 30 or so minutes went in no time. I’d been daydreaming and
when the teacher unfastened the ropes I suddenly realised that it had
been a nice daydream and that my pussy felt really wet. I needed to go
to the toilet and clean myself up a bit.

I told the teacher where I was going and marched out before he had a
chance to finish saying that perhaps I should put some clothes on.

There was no one in the corridor or the toilet when I got there. I locked
myself in cubicle, had a pee, wiped my pussy dry and was sat there
playing with my clit when I heard some girls come in. I brought myself
to an orgasm while I listened to them talking about what they were
going to do to their boyfriends later that night.

They stopped talking and stared at me as I opened the stall door and
walked to the sinks. As I was washing my hands one of them asked me
where my clothes where. I just said, “Art class” as if that would explain
everything and walked out.

In the corridor a school janitor stopped dead in his tracks and watched
me as I walked passed him. Poor bloke, he looked as if he was about to
have a heart attack.

Back in the classroom I wandered round looking at different views of my
spread-eagle naked body. One or two had taken ‘artistic licence’ and
drawn me with extra ropes and belts on. One had actually drawn a dildo
sticking out of my pussy. The detail that some had gone to while
drawing my pussy and little gold rings was just amazing.

I didn’t get chance to see all the drawings before the teacher called me
over to resume the pose. As I walked back I looked over to there the
young man was that fancied me. He looked disappointed.

The teacher asked me if I was okay to continue and when I said I was
he retied my wrists and told me to get back on the table.

The end of the lesson came all too soon. The teacher dismissed the class
and left me up there while they were all leaving. It was weird saying
goodbye to them as the walked passed me having one last look at my
naked pussy.

When they’d all gone the teacher came over to me and asked me if I
was okay with the different type of pose. I told him that I was and that I
was used to being restrained like that. “Not in public I suspect, did you
enjoy it? He asked. I think I actually blushed a bit as I admitted that I
did before asking him when he was going to let me down.

He then told me that he’d got a bit of overtime lined-up for me and got
another couple of ropes out of his bag. He tied my right leg to one leg of
the table and as he was tying my left leg to the other end of the table he
told me that he’d arranged for a couple of his mates to come and take
some photographs of me.

For some reason I didn’t think that any harm could come to me, only
good, so I wasn’t worried. In fact I was excited. I felt another tingle and
surge of juices.

A few minutes later 3 men and 2 women came in and started getting
cameras out. Not a lot was said, but a lot of photographs were taken.
One of the women got a big dildo out of her bag and smiled at me as
she pushed it into my pussy before more photographs were taken.

After about 5 minutes I was untied, the dildo was pulled out and I was
told to lie on the table. Needless to say I was spread-eagle again. More
photographs were taken and the teacher came and stood beside me and
started playing with my pussy. I suddenly realised how vulnerable I was
and obviously looked frightened because the teacher said, “Relax honey,
we’re not going to fuck you, if we did you wouldn’t be back next week.”

The six of them took it in turns to make me cum either with their hands
or their mouths whilst the others kept taking more photographs. By the
end of it I was knackered and just lay there as they packed up and left.
I was still lying there when the janitor came in to switch the lights off
and lock up. Poor man got quite a surprise and said, “Sorry.” I got up
and put my clothes on as he watched me. As I walked out I said, “Don’t
be sorry, I’m not.”

I didn’t tell Jon about the photographers.
Week 3
Driving to the school I was wondering what was in store for me. I’d put
just a lose fitting cotton mini dress and shoes on, and as I walked into
the school the wind was blowing it everywhere.

I was a bit late, and by the time I got to the classroom everyone was
there waiting for me. The teacher came up to me and said that he was
getting a bit worried that I might not be there. He then told everyone
that I was going to pose in a very submissive pose and that he wanted
them to sketch me exactly as they saw me, no extra bits. Concentrate
on what they could actually see.

He then told me to get undressed and onto the table. Again the
changing screen was missing so I just whipped my dress straight up
over my head, kicked my shoes off and climbed onto the table. The
teacher then told me how he wanted me to pose. What he described
was the position that I have to get into when Jon tells me to ‘assume
the position’. On my knees with them wide apart. I then have to lean
back as far as I can and support my body with my hands on the floor.
I’ve lost could of the number of times that I’ve been in this position, and
for how long. If you add it all up it must be days, so another hour wasn’t
going to make much difference. The difference this time was that there
would be 20 odd pairs of eyes looking at me and my spread pussy.

Again the time went very quickly as recalled the previous nights session
on the fucking machine at home. Jon had left me on the machine until
I’d nearly passed out, then he’d fucked me until I came for the sixth
time. I was still a bit sore.

At the break I needed the toilet again, I needed to pee and cum. The
teacher didn’t bother to say anything as I walked out of the classroom
still naked. I didn’t see anyone again and relieved both aches in peace
and quiet.

However, as I went back onto the corridor there was a group of
teenagers walking towards me. They were all dressed in sports gear and
looked as if they’d just escaped from the gym.

They saw me just as quickly as I saw them. I had a split second to
decide to either jump back into the girl’s toilet or keep going. You’ve
guessed it, I kept going.

The teenagers (boys and girls) were all about 16 and they came out
with all the comments that you’d expect in a situation like that. I was in
the middle of the corridor and expecting them to break ranks and let me
through the middle of them. I was expecting (and hoping for) a few
groping hands, but I wasn’t expecting them to stop and block the

They surrounded me and didn’t move when I asked them to. Whilst
some of them were feeling my tits and pussy, one of them asked me
why I was naked. I told them that I was the model in the Art class.
Another said that I shouldn’t walk round the school without clothes on
because anything could happen to me. When another said that they
should teach me a lesson I started to get a little worried. They bundled
me back into the girl’s toilets and discussed what they should do with
me. Thankfully, when one of the lads suggested that all the lads should
‘fuck the ass off me’ the others didn’t agree.

In the end they agreed that since I was a nude model I should be made
to nude model for a lot more people.

With one lad holding either of my arms they ran me all round the school
corridors and outside through the car park onto the main road, back into
the school grounds and onto the sports field. Most of the group were
following us.

I suppose that the lads thought that I was running so easily because
they were holding my arms. In reality I was loving it. It was an excuse
to be naked in public and to shock a few people. I knew that if we were
caught I could get away with it by saying that the lads were forcing me
to do it. If only they knew.

As we went down one of the corridors we had to barge our way through
a couple of classes that were ending. I’ve no idea what they were, but
all the people were adults and we got a few comments from some of
them. There were a few people in the car park and a lot more on the
main road. I heard a couple of tyre screeches as on or two motorists got

When we got into the middle of the sports field the lads let go of me and
one of them said, “Let that be a lesson girl,” and they all walked off

I stood there for a minute or so getting my breath back the worked out
the best way to get back to the Art class. We’d gone in a big circle and
the Art classroom wasn’t that far away. I only had a couple of classroom
windows to pass before could get back into the building and then down a
short bit of corridor and I’d be there.

As I was walking down the path passed the classrooms I looked in to
see a couple of people looking out towards me. One man had a big grin
on his face.

When I got back the teacher asked me if I was all right, he though that I
might be ill or something. He didn’t ask me about the bits of wet grass
on my feet.

Anyway, it was back into the position and try to relax. About half way
through the session I looked round the room a bit and saw that the
young man who’d tried to chat me up was trying to attract my attention.
He was at the back of the room and it was doubtful that any of the other
students could see him unless they turned round. Out eyes met for a
second and instead of him getting on with his sketch he rubbed the front
of his trousers and pretended to wank himself.

At the end of the lesson the teacher asked me to stay as I was while he
dismissed the class. When they’d all gone he came and stood at the
table at my knees end. In effect, right between my legs. He looked me
up and down then said, “No photographers tonight, but I just wanted to
tell you that you will really enjoy next week’s class. You’ll go home
shattered.” When I told him that I was looking forward to it he turned,
picked up his bags and walked out saying, “Good, see you next week

I put my dress and shoes on and went home. When I told Jon about the
group of teenagers he just laughed and told me to be careful.
Week 4
I was a bit late getting to the class and everyone was waiting for me. As
soon as I walked in the teacher told everyone that he wanted them to
try to capture the mood that I would soon be in. One of the women
asked him what mood I would be in. His reply was just two words,
“Sexual excitement.” When he said that I turned and looked at him and
I heard one of the young men say, “Nice one teach.”

I didn’t bother looking for the changing screen and just whipped my
dress up and off. I didn’t know what to expect other than that I was
going to be sexually excited in front of 20 plus people. I was wondering
how, looking forward to it and getting a bit damp. My nipples were
already rock hard.

When I got up onto the table the teacher tied my wrists to the roof
beams the same way he’d done the second time I’d posed. This time
he’d got me to stand on a few books and when my wrist were secured
he removed the books leaving me dangling there. After he’d done that
he told me to open my legs wide and he tied my ankles to the legs of
the table. I was tied spread-eagle in mid air, and with no way to move.

At that point I didn’t know if my state of sexual excitement was enough
for what the teacher wanted. It wasn’t really visible – apart from my
slightly wet pussy and hard nipples; and being restrained like that for
the next hour wasn’t going to tire me out.

What happened next had me puzzled to start off with. The teacher got a
little table and put it in-between my legs. Next he got a few books and
put them on it. On top of that he got something that I hadn’t seen for
years, a metronome that he must have borrowed from the music room.
Then he got a big feather out of his bag and taped it to the metronome
arm so that it was just touching my pussy. Then he set the metronome
arm going backwards and forwards. My pussy was getting a very
rhythmic tickle.

As I started to understand what was going to happen to me I heard the
teacher tell the students to concentrate on drawing my body first. He
told them that it would take a while for my face to get the expression
that he wanted them to capture.

It didn’t take long. Within a couple of minutes my nipples were so hard
that I thought they were going to burst and my pussy was really coming
alive. I could feel my juices leaking out of me. Five minutes later I was
very close to cumming. I guess that the teacher could tell that because
he said, “Try and hold it Vanessa, the students need more time to get
your expression down on paper.”

Well I tried, it wasn’t as if I could back away, or close my legs. I tried to
concentrate on anything but the inevitable. I looked round the room at
the faces of the students. I tried to concentrate on the faces that were
getting on with their sketching and looked oblivious to the situation.
Every time I stared at one of those people I’d see a movement out of
the corner of my eye that would distract me. Only about 60% of the
students were just getting on with their job. The other 40% were being

There was one middle-aged woman who was sketching with one hand
whilst her other hand was sliding up and down her body. I had to look at
someone else because I was sure she was about to grab one of her tits
or rub her pussy.

I saw one young man who definitely had a hard-on, and he was licking
his lips as well. Another older man was actually rubbing his dick through
his trousers.

The inevitable happened and I started to cum. My head was rolling from
side to side and I could hear myself moaning. On top of that (or should I
say below that), I could feel my juices rushing out of me. I desperately
wanted a dick inside me but all I was getting was that damned feather.

No sooner than my first orgasm started to subside than I could feel a
second starting. I tried to fight it but I didn’t stand a chance. It hit me
harder than the first. Right in the middle of it I looked round the room
and saw that one middle-aged woman was looking all hot and bothered.
I wondered what state her knickers (if she was wearing any) were in.

When I started to come down from my high, the teacher came over and
told me that it was time for a break. He stopped the metronome, took
the feather off and showed it to me. It was saturated. He then asked me
if I wanted to be untied for the break. When I told him that I was okay
and was used to being restrained in similar positions he said, “Good, it
would be a waste of valuable time untying then retying me.

I slowly started to cool down a bit and became very aware of the state
of my pussy and legs. I could feel my pussy gaping open and my juices
running down my legs. Even my feet felt wet although that may have
been sweat.

During the break a few of the students came and had a closer look at
me. As I looked down on them I could see a mixture of interest and lust
on their faces. I could see what looked like painful bulges in the trousers
of most of the men. One of the younger men was stood in front of me
for ages. Never once did his eyes look up and meet mine. He was the
last to go back to his easel and just before he left I could hear him
muttering, “What I could do with that.” It wasn’t his dick that I wanted
inside me, it was Jon’s.

After a while the teacher came and put a new feather in the metronome
and started it going again. My body jumped as the feather touched my
pussy the first time. Before he told the students to get on with their
sketching, the teacher looked up and asked me if I was all right to
continue. I looked down at him and said, “Yes please.”

It didn’t take long for that familiar feeling in my lower belly and pussy to
start again and within 4 or 5 minutes I was cumming again and again
and again. I must have had half a dozen orgasms before I finally passed

When I came round I first felt the sweat that I was covered in. Straight
after that it was the feather. I had another orgasm before I heard the
teacher say, “Okay, that’s enough.”

I was just hanging there for ages before the teacher lifter my legs onto
the books and then untied me. As he untied my last wrist I started to
collapse and he had to put his arm round me to stop me from falling. To
be fair to the teacher he aimed at putting his arm round my waist.
Because I was covered in sweat I kept slipping down and he only
managed to keep me from falling when his arm had slipped up to my
armpit. By that time his had was holding my left breast. He held me like
that until I was standing on the ground. He lowered me onto a chair and
said, “You stay there while the students finish off.”

I was knackered, it took me about 5 minutes to feel able to stand up.
When I did I slowly walked round the room. I wanted to see the
sketches. Some were quite good, some not. A couple of them were quite
interesting. They showed little drops of liquid in mid air below my pussy.
I guess that I’d been squirting when I’d had my orgasms.

Shortly after that the teacher ended the lesson and the students left.
The teacher spent ages looking at all the sketches while I just sat there
trying to find some energy. Eventually the teacher got up and thanked
me for posing for the class. He said something about there not being
may opportunities for artists to capture true human emotions. All I could
think of to saw was, “The pleasure was all mine,” which it was. I know
that I’m now a fully-fledged exhibitionist and it really had been a
pleasure. It’s one thing letting people see me naked, but it’s something
else letting them see me having multiple orgasms. It was a real turn-on.

The teacher then said that he really had to lock the room and leave. I
told him that I’d go and have a shower before going home. All that
sweating had left me feeling quite dirty. I picked-up my dress and shoes
and wandered out into the corridor. There was no one out there, it was
getting late and I guess that most people had gone home.

Just down the corridor are the girl’s toilets. Through a door at the back
are the girl’s changing rooms and showers. I dropped my dress and
shoes in the corner and went into the showers. It felt good. I stayed
soaking for ages and not thinking about anything other than the
pleasure that I’d just had. The next thing that I knew was that there
was a man staring at me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He
didn’t say anything, and I didn’t react to his presence. I just kept
soaking up the warm water.

After a few seconds with neither of us doing anything, the presence of a
man watching me naked in the shower started to get me going again. I
felt my nipples get hard and my pussy ache. That ache had to be
relieved so my right hand slowly worked its way down to my clit. As my
right hand got busy I still pretended that I hadn’t seen him. It didn’t
take long for me to cum again, but as I did my head went up and I could
nolonger pretend that I hadn’t seen him.

He realised that I was looking at him and he went bright red and started
to tell me that he was the caretaker. He’d heard the water running and
come to investigate. He said that he thought that everyone had gone
home and that someone had left a shower running. The poor man was
quite embarrassed.

I turned the shower off, then told him that I’d been in the Art class and
needed a shower before going home. I didn’t make any attempt to cover
myself as I asked him if he’d got a towel that I could borrow. He said
that he hadn’t, but that there might be one in one of the lockers in the
changing room. I asked him if he could look for me and I followed him
out into the changing room.

He must have looked in just about all the lockers before tuning towards
me and saying, “Nothing, but I’ve got one in my workshop, I’ll go and
get it.” He turned and walked out.

I couldn’t see much point in hanging around waiting so I picked up my
dress and shoes and followed him. It was only when he had to open a
door that he realised that I was behind him. He started telling me that I
shouldn’t be walking around the school naked but I interrupted him and
told him I didn’t think that it would matter as we were the only ones
there. He didn’t say anything and kept walking.

We got to an outside door and as he opened it he turned to me. As he
looked me up and down he said that I’d better wait there as someone
might see me outside. I just said that I didn’t mind and kept following

Fortunately, or unfortunately, there was no one around and we walked
across a yard and into a little workshop. He opened a cupboard and got
out a towel and gave it to me. By that time I was just about dry (apart
from my hair) and I just rubbed my hair. As I was doing this I could see
the caretaker staring at me. I took my time so that he could have a
good look. Eventually I stopped, gave him the towel back and thanked

We both stood there staring at each other for what seemed like an
eternity, but was probably only a few seconds. In the end I broke the
silence and said, “The kids don’t come in here then.” He just said,
“What?” I pointed to the calendar on the wall. It has a big picture of a
naked woman with her legs open a bit. I could just see the folds of her
hairy pussy lips.

“Yes, err No” he said. The man was obviously nervous about being alone
with a naked woman so I said, “Sorry, but I don’t come upto her
standards.” That seemed to settle him a bit because he said, “You’re
more beautiful than her, I don’t really like big tits, and you shave down
there. Besides, you’re here in the flesh, she isn’t.”

We got talking a bit and I told him what I was doing at the school. After
a seconds thought he nervously asked me if I’d pose for him. It was
getting a bit late and Jon would be wondering where I was, but I said,
“Okay, but just for a few minutes, my husband will be waiting for me.”
With that he was off saying, “Back in two minutes.”

While he was gone I had a look round. In one draw I found some old
Fiesta magazines. I remembered Jon telling me about some of the
letters that he’d read in them.

The caretaker came back out of breath, he said that he thought I might
have gone or that he’d find that he was dreaming and that I wasn’t real.
I smiled at him and said, “I’m real all right. Now how do you want me to
pose?” I was a bit surprised when he said, “With your legs wide open.”

We spent the next 10 minutes with him taking photographs of me from
all angles. He took some real close-ups of my pussy and I have to admit
that I was getting turned-on. My pussy was real damp.

Eventually he ran out of film and thanked me. I told him that it had
been my pleasure but I really had to go. As I was putting my shoes and
dress on he thanked me again, and said, “See you around.” As I walked
out he said, “No underwear?” “Don’t believe it in.” I shouted back. What
a nice man.

Anyway, that’s all about my fun as a ‘mature’ schoolgirl and model. I
have other experiences that Jon has told me to document. I’m sure that
Jon will get me to publish all of them on my web pages, as and when
he’s read them and is happy with them.




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