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This is a sexual story copyrighted by me, Shon Richards, so
please don't make any money from it. I welcome, read and respond to
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like you wouldn't believe. How come you haven't written already?

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Note, this story was originally posted in Ruthie's Club during
the week of January 21st, 2002. And you say I haven't written anything

"Golden Bridles"
By Shon Richards

Belinda Lynn first saw him at noon. She was in her private place, a
bend in the river that was technically outside the city park limits. It
was one of those magic places that only the quiet people seem to find;
a small piece of shore surrounded by tall trees and with a clear view
of the water. Belinda thought that it's most valuable characteristic
was that you couldn't see or hear anyone from the park or city from
this spot. She was wrong.

She was reading when she saw him out of the corner of her eye. It was a
textbook, a rather exciting book about Egyptian history. Belinda had
come here from her dorm to read in peace about the remains of ancient
concubines; someplace where she could sigh and daydream without the
annoying distractions that plague girls her age. When he startled her
by suddenly being at the water, Belinda felt a flash of anger that
someone else had found this virginal spot.

Belinda was in the middle of forming a devastating if never meant to be
spoken insult when she really looked at him. He was tall and lean but
not thin. His hair was pure black and almost blue and it hung rather
loosely around his shoulders. His skin was pale and yet not unhealthy
looking. Belinda could never remember what kind of clothes he was
wearing but she would always remember how handsome he was. A person of
Belinda's imagination and shyness fell in love almost once a month but
this man inspired more than just adoration in the young woman. It was

The man knelt by the river and did the most amazing thing. He cupped a
handful of water, and drank from the river. Belinda almost warned him
not to, but before she could speak, he turned and looked at her. The
words died in her throat.

Eyes should not be that blue.

The man looked at her and smiled. The wind shifted and Belinda caught
his cologne, a sweet scent she couldn't describe. Belinda felt
something deep inside her twist and groan but it was a good kind of
twist and groan. She watched as the man walked towards her and Belinda
desperately thought back to all the romance novels she had read. The
young woman wanted to say something smart, flirtatious and yet elegant
but her mind wasn't working. The book dropped out of her hand as the
man sat down beside her with a silken grace. Without a word of
introduction, he laid his head in her lap.

Her legs shook as his head rested so close to her pelvis, but he didn't
seem to mind. He didn't say anything for the hour he spent on her lap.
Belinda wanted to say something, but the warm glow in her belly stopped
her. Besides, the way the wind rippled through his hair was hypnotizing
and before long, an hour had passed.

He left after an hour of lying there. She watched him stand up, and
only then did she break her silence.

"My name is Belinda," she offered.

He nodded, and walked away. Around the trees and back into the park,
and Belinda was too afraid to chase him. Only when she could no longer
smell his sweet scent of cologne did she have the courage to stand, but
by then he was nowhere to be found.

That night, when her dorm mate was long asleep, Belinda furiously
masturbated. She had never had sex with anyone, but her imagination was
more than capable of ravishing the mysterious man. In her mind, she
seduced him. She pulled her jeans down and put his head down on her
naked thighs before he turned and did things that took her innocence
and virginity away forever.

The next day, she was back in her private place. Belinda couldn't read.
She just waited painfully for noon to come again.

When the sun was at its highest point and sweat had formed on her brow,
he came around the corner. Belinda sighed with relief but she couldn't
remember any of the wonderful seductive things she had meant to say.
She was speechless as he drank again from the water. Mutely she watched
as he walked back over to her with his impossible blue eyes. Once
again, without a word, he laid his head back down on her lap.

This went on for several days. Belinda tried engaging him in
conversation but the strange handsome man never spoke. The woman didn't
mind too much. Something in her recognized how rare this arrangement
was and she wouldn't do anything to endanger it. Instead of a name or
kind words, Belinda contented herself with the pleasure of stroking his
long black hair and having a man's acceptance.

One time it rained but Belinda was still at the park. Shivering under a
tree in her private place, she waited. He still came.

Another time it was hot and Belinda wore shorts. When his head rested
on her bare thighs, her lower body came alive with sensations she
couldn't control. Belinda squirmed as her thighs tingled and she had to
bite her lip to control herself. She almost begged the handsome man to
touch her more, to slip his hand under her shorts and do what she had
been doing every night since she met him. Belinda could feel her
virginity aching for the touch of this man.

Instead, she kept quiet and tried to keep breathing. He did nothing as

This continued for weeks. The rest of Belinda's life went on as normal.
She went to school. She discovered new music and books. She made
friends and enemies but nothing in her life was as exciting,
exhilarating or exhausting as when she spent every afternoon with him.

One day after he rose from her lap, he surprised her by not leaving
right away. He looked down at her and bent back down. Belinda almost
closed her eyes as she expected a kiss. Instead, he just touched her
cheek with such tenderness and care; a tear sprang to her eye for no
reason. Before her tear could touch his hand, he turned and left.

This small escalation of affection inflamed Belinda's desire for him.
The young woman went home immediately and tore through her romance
novels. She couldn't stand it anymore. Belinda had to do something,
anything that would move this relationship to a more intimate level.
Belinda searched through her volumes of romance looking for something
to inspire her to make some sort of a move.

She ran across one of her older books while searching through the books
of young adulthood. It was a fantasy book from when she was just
beginning to blossom into a woman. On the cover was a scene Belinda
recognized immediately. It was a painting of a young maiden with a
Unicorn in her lap.

Belinda stared at the cover and tried to understand her swirl of
emotions. Her first thought was that the handsome man must be a
Unicorn. It explained his silence, his seeking of a private pond, and
his willingness to lay his head down in a virgin's lap. Belinda felt
her face flush in a distinct embarrassment. He knew.

She tossed the book away. Her mature mind knew it was silly to think he
was a mythical creature. Maybe he knew the legend and thought it had a
special appeal. Perhaps he was just kinky. Most likely, he was just a
sweet man who liked her and was too shy. Any of those were easier to
understand than thinking that the oldest legends of Unicorns were true.

"Where is his horn?" Belinda asked with sarcasm.

Later that night, she went online and looked up Unicorns. Belinda found
the legend of them sleeping in laps in every place she looked.
According to myth, a Unicorn could be captured with a bridle of gold,
but the only way to lure one was to catch him sleeping in the lap of a
virgin. There was no mention of Unicorns being shape shifters or taking
human forms.

Belinda went to bed angry with herself. She had wasted hours searching
for legends of a mythical creature. Worse, she had spent hours hoping
he was a Unicorn. It was much easier to accept that he was a shy
mythical beast than the fact that he was a man who had no interest of
asking her out.

The next day, Belinda wore a long yellow skirt. She was nervous, but
she was an expert at lying to herself. The woman had a plan that could
be easily adapted for both myth and reality.

A necklace of gold lay in her lap. She had bought it this morning, and
hidden the strand carefully against the gold of her skirt. It was a
simple test. If he were a Unicorn, then this would bind him. If he were
human then he would be forced to talk to her. He must after such a

He must.

At noon, he came once again. He drank from the water. He came to her
lap. He did everything that he always did that gave her shivers. That
was when she betrayed him.

It was easy to slip the necklace around his neck. He was used to
feeling her stroke his hair and he barely noticed as the thin strand of
gold wrapped around him. It tightened around his neck and he was not
aware of her deception until he heard the tiny click of the clasp.
He sprang from her lap, his blue eyes wide with fear. His mouth opened
but he said nothing. He didn't have to. Belinda knew the question.

"I had to know," she answered. It wasn't the response she had been
planning, but when he stared at her with accusing eyes, she had to be
honest with him.

"I've wanted you so badly, I couldn't sit here any more," she pleaded.

He kissed her. It was a fierce kiss, but it was everything she wanted
and it was everything she demanded. It bruised her lips and stole her
breath but their mouths melted like she always imagined they would.
Belinda felt his hands on her chest and she almost cried with joy.
Finally, a man was touching her breasts! She arched her back, pushing
her breasts towards him. She offered herself to his touch, and his
fingers accepted her. Kneading, pulling, and squeezing, he imitated
everything she had dreamed of.

He lifted her skirt, so she lifted her bottom. There was no fear in
Belinda, just white-hot lust. There was no fear in his blue eyes but
there was sadness. Belinda didn't care. There was no room for shame in
her heart now. She would save it for later if need be.

She didn't notice him remove his pants but she felt it between her
legs. He was between her thighs and his manhood was pressing against
her delta. She loved the way his hardness felt against her pubic hair.
It was a solid piece of iron that smoothed the tiny curls of her hairs
with its massive weight.

"Please," Belinda asked once, and he entered her.

That was when she knew where his horn was.

It pierced her. It broke through her and impaled her deep in her heart.
Belinda reeled under the pain, her fingers pulling at his hair and her
mouth opening in a silent shriek of pain. It took her a few agonizing
seconds to understand that it had been a single thrust.

He began to move and Belinda nearly screamed for fear of further pain.
There was none. It was impossible, but there was no more pain. She
couldn't understand it and her rational mind raced to try to figure it
out but there was nothing to understand. The pain was gone.
In its place was bliss; the pure bliss of her sex being filled with
him. Belinda knew his manhood was unnatural but she didn't care. It was
long, solid, and the texture of the winding curves was stimulating
beyond her comprehension. She had found his horn and now she was
discovering why he had been hunted through history.

He moved with his usual grace while his eyes locked with hers. Between
her thighs his pace was steady as he shifted inside her. His firm chest
pressed against her, exciting her breasts with every thrust.
She felt his muscles restraining themselves, tense and so sexy under
her fingernails.

"More," she breathed.

He answered her with a sensual grunt. Faster and faster he moved,
unleashing a passion that Belinda had been begging for all those lazy
afternoons. Now he was breathing as hard as her. Now he was unleashing
himself. Now he was completely hers.

Belinda moaned as he galloped. Hard, deep, dirty thrusts brought her
the satisfaction she had craved but could never vocalize. Her sex was
as hot and golden as an oven left wide open. She burned from the inside
out and it was everything she had ever hoped for.

Suddenly, he climaxed. Belinda cried out as she felt the first splash
within her. In a nova of sensation, she had her orgasm as well.

He collapsed on top of her, exhausted and defeated. Belinda wrapped her
arms and legs around him as she kissed his face. She showered him with
light kisses, thanking him over and over again for being hers.

As she was still kissing him, he rose from her. Her skin ached
immediately at his absence. He didn't even look at her as he gathered
his clothes. Belinda half rose and watched him. She was ashamed at
having compelled him, but at the same time, she relished her long
awaited reward and found comfort in her binding of him. He was hers,
and he could never leave her again.

The Unicorn looked at her and reached around his neck. He unclasped her
necklace and let it drop. As soon as her tainted gold hit the ground,
he walked away from her.

She called out to him but he didn't stop. Belinda pulled down her skirt
and ran after him but she could not find him. She ran through the park
but she did not see him.

Belinda had received the only gift the Unicorn could give.

edited by Ruthie


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