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Good neighbors chapter 2


The Neighbor
Chapter Two

By James Bellamy
Lois poured Andy another cup of coffee as he hurried to
finish breakfast. She was still feeling a bit miffed at
being left hanging last night and she stared out into the
early morning gloom trying to understand her feelings.
Andy was busy at the office, she knew, but she had needs
and feelings, too. In the old days he hadn't been able to
keep his hands off of her;……….. lately he seemed to neglect
her. Or was she being silly?

She had read an article recently that a woman's sex drive
suddenly flares sky high at some point as she gets older.
She thought it was quite a bit later, but then people vary.
She wondered if this was happening to her. Was she being
unreasonable in her expectations? She pondered this and
puzzled over his apparent reduced level of interest in her.

"No." she answered herself. With their only child now off
at university, they had a bit of their privacy back and she
was "looking forward to having her needs taken care of,
thank you very much!"

"I'm off to Leeds today, love, be back late," Andy gave her
a rather perfunctory kiss and squeezed the softness of her
bottom and was heading out the door.

"Right. I promised to help Allen. You know, teach him to
wallpaper. So if I'm not here, you can call over there."

Andy laughed. "Oh, dear, you'll be in for it then, won't
you? I think old Allen is all thumbs where tools are
concerned!" He went laughing out the door and she watched
as he reversed into the street and waved to her.

Lois rather thought he might be right, she thought with a
smile. She didn't remember Allen ever having taken on any
household duties before his recent early semi-retirement.
Apparently he wanted to turn over a new leaf and use up
some of his spare time fixing up the house. Lois had
offered to help pick out some colors and teach him to do
wallpapering. Today was the fateful day!

She gathered up a few of her own papering tools and was
soon hearing the chimes inside Allen's house and then the
thumping of heavy steps announcing his smiling, unshaven
face around the edge of the door.

"Good morning, teacher!" he laughed, throwing the door open

The project was a small bathroom. The toughest kind of
job, but that was where the most urgent need was. Lois
explained some of the tasks that needed to be done and got
started with the measuring and cutting. Allen mixed the
pot of paste. He noticed that Lois wore a striped cotton
dress that buttoned down the entire length of the front.
"I'm not used to workmen being so nicely turned out, Lois,
you don't mind my thinking you look smashing in your work
togs, do you?"

"Oh, Allen, this old thing? One of my oldest house
dresses. Won't hurt if it gets messed up. You were
expecting maybe ……… ………?"

"Don't get me wrong, dear, I love it. Perfect, as a matter
of fact!"

Their work continued with a good bit of kidding and
laughter at Allen being all thumbs. They stopped for a cup
of coffee perched on two high stools. Lois' dress draped
open across the top of her thigh where she crossed her
legs, and she noticed Allen having trouble keeping his eyes
off the creamy flesh. Her thighs were opulent and her legs
very pretty.

"You've got real "woman's thighs" Andy was fond of saying.
Lois smiled at Allen's slight discomfiture, but did nothing
to make it easier on him.

The bathroom was a bit cramped for the two of them, and
they kept bumping together and as she slid past him to get
more paper, Lois put one hand on either of his love handles
and tickled him slightly.

Allen wiggled his hips a little in response and pinned Lois
against the wall playfully as he continued brushing the
piece he had just hung.

"Hey, you big old bear, make a little room!" she laughed,
giving him a slight bear hug and pushing him away. Still,
she was aware of a slight attraction and of the intimacy of
their close quarters. It was having an effect on her.
They continued the playful banter, and soon they were
pressed close together by Allen's having to reach over her
to help press a falling piece of paper up into the ceiling

Allen felt Lois' soft bottom pressed tightly against his
crotch, felt a slight thickening in his penis. It was
distinctly a pleasure, pressing against her like this,
though he tried hard to put it out of his mind.

Lois felt the warmth of his body pressed close against her
through the thin material of the housedress. Now she could
feel the way his body molded itself to the voluptuous
crease of her ass. Lois was very sensitive there and she
knew that her pussy had become wet already with the
excitement of being pressed together like this. It only
required a little caressing of her round bottom for her
sexual craving to come bubbling to the surface; this
contact was no exception.

She frowned at what she was feeling, but continued busily
smoothing the paper on the wall. She realized that they
were both perspiring slightly with exertion and the
closeness of the room. This made the contact even more

"Whew, that one was a bit nasty, wasn't it," she laughed as
they both leaned against a wall and had a laugh. "I wasn't
sure if I was papering the wall or was going to end up
papered myself!" "Thanks for getting off on me. I mean
getting it off me!" She realized the slip of tongue too
late to stop it.

Allen laughed. "Ulmmmm almost right the first one! Sorry
about that." Both their faces were flushed, Lois noticed.

A little later, they found themselves similarly entangled
and it proved too much for either to handle. Suddenly,
Allen pressed Lois against the wall and kissed her. His
body pressed tightly against hers. Lois slumped in his
arms, feeling his cock probing against her mound.

"Mmmmmnnnnph!" she muttered, not sure herself what it

Resisting weakly, she pressed her hands against his
shoulders, then relaxed a moment, feeling his hardness
press more insistently. Suddenly, his hands were on her
bottom, lifting her against him more completely. Then his
hands pulled her dress apart, the buttons slipping easily
through their worn buttonholes. Her arms wrapped around
his neck and her tongue found his; the electric shock of it
coursed through her body as she returned his thrusting
pelvis' pressure.

More buttons popped open and Lois thought of the old frayed
panties and bra she had worn, wishing they looked a bit

Allen's hands were everywhere, his excitement crushing her
body between his huge body and the freshly papered wall.
His hands loosed the zip of his trousers and Lois felt the
power of his erection spring free and now she felt its huge
size pressed against the thin panties, probing her soft
tummy and the prominent mound of her sex.

Allen ground against her, pressing his cock and his swollen
balls against her. He felt the delicate silkiness of her
panties against him, felt the excitement of her on the
underside of his cock, now fully erect and standing up
between their bodies. His hands found Lois' breasts
through the bra. He roughly rolled them together in his
hands, then stripped the bra upward freeing the tight round
globes. She felt his rough hands find her bare flesh, felt
him pinch and squeeze them.

Her breasts were just a nice handful each and her nipples,
normally a pale pink, deepened to a bright pink, looking
ready and eager for suckling. She felt his lips close over
her right nipple.

She opened her eyes now to watch him voraciously sucking at
her breasts, his mouth open wide to suck more of it inside.
She shivered as she felt his tongue swab eagerly over the
roughness of her nipple as it responded to him. Lois felt
the wetness between her legs turning into a hot torrent as
his cock probed, now slipping between her legs, sliding
along the crease formed by her pussy lips.

"Allen, …………… ohhh! ………….. Allen, we …..we… mustn't!" she
resisted weakly. But she knew it was a lost cause, her
body was betraying her now. Her arms pulled his head tight
against her again.

They were on the floor now, Allen's girth lying on top of
her, roiling around against her softness, reveling in the
welcome comfort of her body. He stood up a moment to
remove his clothes, his eyes never leaving hers or her

Lois stared up at him, sprawled there, her dress acting as
a blanket now, her bra still pushed above her breasts.
Lois' twin cones, now pointing up at him, capped by the two
small nipples looking very much like maraschino cherries
atop scoops of rich ice cream. Her panties pulled aside,
the elastic now slipped down between the wet lips of her
pussy, where his eyes were now fastened in their intense
passion. Lois watched with fascination as his cock emerged
from his underpants as they slipped around his ankles.

"My god," she thought, "he is huge!"

"Can all that he has between his legs fit into me? It
can't be." She recalled briefly wondering to her husband
if Allen's great physical top would be reflected below the
belt as well as above it. They had been joking, or so she
thought. Now faced with the fact, she was ………… fascinated.

"Oh, Allen, we mustn't. It isn't fair, is it? I've never
………… " But it wasn't to be. Still her feeling of guilt
made it necessary to try to resist. Allen was between her
legs now, his hand stoking his enormous cock. She looked
at the large blunt head of it. He was uncircumcised. He
pulled the foreskin back as she watched. A huge deep ruby
red cock head was unveiled, looking wet and glistening and

"Ohhhhh! …." She heard herself gasp as the foreskin
remained locked behind the ridge, which looked quite deep
behind his cock head. It was like a very large mushroom on
an incredibly thick stalk, she remembered thinking.

Then Allen was upon her again. He pulled her panties aside
with one hand and guided his cock to the head of her slit,
now glistening with her love juices. He moved it along the
soft groove, spreading her lips aside, nudging the round
nubbin of a clitoris, now red -- bright red with

Lois felt the heat of his cock. Her eyes widened as she
realized the width of it, now blunt and firm between her
legs. Her hands rested on his muscular arms and she stared
slack mouthed up at the perspiration now heavy on his
forehead as he looked down to see his cock spearing along
the soft golden swatch of hair at her apex. His eyes were
wide with excitement. He was breathing heavily. She felt
his cock slipping along her crease, nuzzling along there,
then finding the entry to her love tunnel.

He paused there, took a deep breath and looked into her
eyes. She closed her eyes slowly, as if in silent
consent. His cock felt like a very hot blunt end of a
rugby ball, though she knew it was nothing like that size.

He pressed forward, found the resistance of her tightness.
Lois' eyes opened wide, a look of slight terror – her hands
gripped his muscular arms -- then he popped into her – she
heard him utter a guttural word of exertion.

"Unnnnhhhhh!!" then he was inside her. The tight muscle
surrounding her entry snapped over the big head that he
offered her. Her hands tightened, she felt her nails bite
into his arms. Felt him slip still deeper as he parted her
tight vagina, filled her with a searing heat.

Lois knew she was being stretched to meet his size. It
felt terribly hot, not just the warmth of his cock, but the
fact of her vagina being stretched to accommodate him added
to the sensation of his hot, searing presence there pulling
her apart.

Lois gulped her astonishment of the feeling. He was simply
a good deal larger than the familiar feel of her husband
Andy's perfectly adequate six inches of delightful warmth
that she always found so lovely when he was in the mood to
use it properly. But this was something else, nice in its
own way, astonishingly nice, she thought, now that she was
getting used to it.

Her wetness engulfed his cock and Allen was breathing
heavily with excitement. He could not recall the last time
he had felt such excitement. Was it the danger that made
it exciting, he wondered? Or was it the satisfaction of
the lust he had been feeling for this sexy neighbor for
such a long time.

He had gazed frequently at the panty line stretched across
that round wonderful bottom of hers, gazed down her blouse
front to lust between her breasts in the dark valley of her
softness. How often had it occurred to him that it would
be heavenly to suckle them and then to slip his cock
between her breasts? Many times. And now here he was
with his cock feeling and fondling the wet white-hot heat
of her tight pussy. The head of his cock felt as if it
were on fire as soon as it had slipped past the initial
tightness of her muscular vagina. Now it felt bathed in
her moistness; the great boiling cauldron of her beautiful
vagina, swabbing around his cock.

He guided his cock with his hand, wanting her heat, feeling
the pleasure of her tightness, feeling the power over her
that he always felt when he rutted in a waiting pussy.

The excitement of the moment was too much and after a very
few short strokes, he felt his balls contract, ready he
knew to hurl his semen deep into her. Allen tried to slow
down but it was too late. He pulled out with a loud plop
as her pussy muscle snapped back over his cock head.

Even this couldn't stop his ejaculation, though and he
threw himself onto her stomach. He felt her pubic hair
soft and curly against the underside of his big cock, felt
her pubic bone solid under his bare cock and then the first
stream roared out of the end of his cock, spewing onto her
stomach between their bodies, he felt it spread between
them with satisfaction.

He raced on now, rubbing his cock against her as another
gushing spurt heated their bodies with the fire from his
balls. Another and another and he began to feel weakened,
spent. One more little spurt and he could only press
against her, his weight now bearing on her body, the
stickiness of his sperm binding them together.

"Jeeze, Lois, you are something. Got me so excited, I just
had to cum so quick-like! Gawd, you are something. What a

Lois liked the fact that she had driven him to so much
excitement that he had come off prematurely. It made her
feel very sexy. She would have liked a lot more chance to
explore that huge member of his, though. She even enjoyed
him spewing his sperm all over her tummy. His powerful
banging against her pubic bone had made her cum too, to her
surprise. Perhaps they were both excited with pent up
needs ready for release like the hair trigger on a gun.

They embraced at the door, a little like two conspirators.
She gently pushed away from his chest, her fingers slipping
into his shirt to touch the hair on his chest. He didn't
ask how she felt about it, just said how good she was again
and again. It was just as well, though, for she wasn't
sure how she felt about this. Guilty, certainly. That was
bound to be. But underneath that, Lois was certain of one
thing. She wanted to have that feeling again. She wanted
to control the big beast and his huge cock. She had not
had enough of it. He had only given her about half its
length, she remembered. She knew she was going to have to
have it all. To open herself and pull every inch of it into

The thought of that huge member filling her up completely
really totally ran through her mind. She wanted to open
herself and sheath his beastly spear in the deepest curve
of her pussy.

She slipped into the shower, feeling still a little sticky.
She soaped her breasts and then ran the loofah down over
her stomach, scrubbing off the combined juices of their
furious lovemaking.

She stood before the mirror one foot up on the vanity
examining the still swollen lips of her pussy. Gently she
rubbed a little soothing Vitamin A&D ointment over her
pouting lips.

"Ohhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmm!"

End of Chapter Two
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