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Good neighbors chapter 3


Good Neighbors
By James Bellamy

Chapter Three

Lois stood before the mirror, leaning on the bathroom
vanity. How did she feel about today's surprising
happenings? She shook her head slowly, letting her
thoughts sort themselves out.

She certainly felt some guilt feelings. There was the fear
of Andy finding out, too. What could she possibly say to
him? A shudder coursed her body, "this must be what the
writers describe as "her blood ran cold" she said aloud, as
she brushed a lash off her cheek near her eye and examined
her face.

It was a little red - "the bastard, she muttered, he could
at least shave." It was as if a wire brush had been rubbed
against her. In spite of herself, she smiled as she
soothed it away with a cream. She was smiling that he had
been so desperately excited.

"Excited. Imagine. Excited beyond control. And over me!"
she said, her smile broadening. "Makes a nice change from
Andy taking me for granted lately."

"You're not being fair, are you?" She chided the girl she
didn't recognize in the mirror. After all, it was probably
both of them who had let some of the gleam come off their
lovemaking. Still she thought it was more his fault than
hers, allowing himself to let work be so important that he
never thinks of those exciting little ways of initiating a
love session.

But what to do about this thing that had happened with
Allen? She slipped into the cups of her bra and stretched
to fasten it, her face screwed up quizzically.

She thought back to him as she pulled a clean pair of white
cotton panties up over her hips, snapping the elastic in
place. "He was so aggressive. He didn't even undress me

She thought about the roughness of his big thick fingers
that pulled the gusset of her panties aside, exposing her
wetness to his huge organ. Lois recalled the sensation
when she felt the blunt head of it touch her, parting her
pussy lips for the first time. Then the startling searing
heat she felt as it sort of 'popped' past the initial
tightness of the entry to her vagina. "Ohmigawd, she
muttered to the mirror. Rolling her eyes at the astonished
stranger staring back at her. "It's wrong, I know that!
………………………… But, ……… ……… I think I have to have another go
at it. …………………… It was such a startling feeling.. ………. And
he had not let her ………….. fully ………… enjoy it." She knew
she would not be satisfied until she pulled that huge
beastly cock all the way into her lusting pussy. She
wanted to know what it must feel like. How filled will I
feel? He only let me have it for a few brief strokes, and
not all of it either! The beast! And then he pulled out
and spewed all over me."

She grinned self consciously once more, recognizing her
'not so secret' pleasure in having driven him nearly out of
his mind with excitement.

"Beyond control, he was!" Then came the absolutely wanton
idea – what a thought! It would be so unlike her, so
unexpected. But it thrilled her beyond anything she
thought she could have conjured for herself. The idea of
having them both - one for the beast–like, animal taking
of her body, …………… and Andy for the gentle soothing,
considerate sex, with all the caresses ………. and his tongue
licking her to attention there between her legs where the
wetness was returning unbidden even now, just with the
thought of it all.

"Yes, why not? Why not the best of both worlds for a
little while?" "Besides, maybe Andy deserves it for
leaving me so unsatisfied! Wasting what he's got between
his legs as far as I'm concerned!"

She finished dressing and headed down to start making
dinner. Andy would surely be strolling through the door

Even though Lois was feeling slightly self-conscious during
dinner, Andy didn't ask about her day. She felt a blush
rising in her face as she thought of Allen's big cock
pushing its way past the fleshy slippery lips of her pussy
while holding a normal dinner conversation across from her
husband. But, Andy seemed more interested in his paper, so
she finally brought up her day rather brazenly.

"You should see what Allen and I made of his bathroom
today!" She enjoyed the irony of it.

"Oh, that's right, how was the project? Was he all thumbs
as I promised?"

Lois felt an overwhelming desire to say something like
"Well not all thumbs, exactly!" But she held back and just
told him how well the project came out in the end.

"What would you say if you knew that he had hurled me to
the floor, ripped open my dress, tugged my panties aside
and slipped his huge cock into me?" she thought. Again she
felt a flush coming over her face and also wetness between
her legs. She leaned back in her chair and thought
"Ohmigod, this is terrible of me, but so exhilarating!"
She rubbed her mound against Andy's shoulder as she picked
up the plates and took them to the sink.

Lois came to bed wearing a white slip instead of a
nightgown to find Andy already on his side turned away from
her. The light was out on his side of the bed. She
slipped in beside him and pondered his back a moment. She
moved up close behind him, reached around to find his limp,
unsuspecting cock and began idly stroking him to a mild
arousal. "MMnnnnnhhhhf." He muttered contentedly.

"You remember when we talked about Allen a couple weeks

"Huh? What, …… what do you mean? I don't recall."

You know, you asked me if I thought that because a man is
big above the belt line do you think he would be big below
the beltline, too?" she giggled, her tummy wriggling
against his rear-end. She was pretending a coy titillating

Andy, uttered a low laugh, "Ah, got you thinking, did it?
I thought you were more interested than you let on!!!! He
guffawed a bit and put his hand behind to find her mound.
"Got you stirred up, then? I'll have to keep an eye of
Allen, then, will I?'" It was clear that it was
stimulating him, too, as his cock sprang to erection under
her light stroking.

He turned toward her. "And what have you decided?" he

"Oh, nothing, really. Don't be silly. Thought about it a
couple times today though." Now her face surely was beet
red with how far she had taken the discussion. His hand
cupped her pussy now. She knew he had found her puffy lips
engorged and a wet pool there under her panties. His hand
found her breast, its nipple probing through the nylon and
lace of the white slip. Her pussy was flooding with juices
now, and Andy's finger had found her clit while she
continued to fondle his cock and slipped down to squeeze
his balls.

"I think wallpapering affects you, that's what I think.
When are you going to do ours?" he laughed close to her
ear, then let his tongue tease it. "You're sooooooo wet,
my dear, what have you been doing?" he teased. Andy was
rock hard now.

Lois thought how interesting it is what turns men on. They
were strange, strange, strange, she repeated to herself.
"I'll never understand them." Andy had not been this
excited in weeks. It was similar to the way they were so
interested in girls' underwear. She never understood that
either. In fact it made her dig her heels in every time
the subject came up. She wanted to be loved for herself,
not for the silkiness of her panties, she always said. It
made her defiant, wearing her undies until they were
frayed, getting full value, she insisted. There is no
explaining men!!!! She thought.

By now, Andy had turned around to find her pussy with his
lips. Slipping his head under her slip, clasping her
bottom through the silky slip with both hands, he pushed
her panties aside with his tongue and buried it deep in the
crease of her body.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she shivered as his tongue found the urgent
hardness of her clitoris, twirling it with his tongue then
biting it lightly, pulling on it with his lips.
"Ohhhhhhh!' it felt good, in spite of the rough handling it
had had earlier from Allen. Lois felt a slight burning
sensation when his tongue parted her vagina entry, but it
passed soon and she was happy to have him explore her. His
hands were so gentle on her ass cheeks – one of her (or
two, depending how you looked at it) best features
according to Andy. She loved having him rub her there, and
it sent even more of her juices flowing to meet his eager

Andy felt her lips toy with the head of his cock. He
stopped for a moment, not sure how much more he could take,
then pushed his hips forward, slipping past her lips and
into her mouth. She sucked on his cock as he continued
moving his tongue deep in her delicious pussy. Her teeth
scraped on his cock – the one thing she did which scared
the hell out of him. He was sensitive to her biting there
and he pulled away in favor of letting his cock switch
places where his tongue had just been.

Lois laid back and watched as he knelt between her legs,
lifting the slip to display her prominent pussy mound. He
cupped it and looked into her eyes, then stripped off her
white cotton panties quickly and, holding them in his hand,
moved forward, lead by his six-inch cock. She felt him
slip it up and down along her wet lips, letting it circle
her clit. Suddenly, he was inside her in one long smooth
thrust. Their pubic hair touched, hers matted now with wet
juices, now sharing her wetness with his brush-like patch
of hair. She thrust up to meet him as he began his steady
soothing stroking in and out of her tunnel.

Her legs pulled him into her as he pulled her straps aside
to get at her breasts and she felt him suckling on her
nipples as he gently massaged her with his pelvis and his
cock. She thought of the difference between the huge cock
that had marauded there earlier and this nice sized one
with its more familiar feel. This man-cock that had been
hers these last twenty years. She knew every trick, every
vein, knew the temperature it would feel like, could feel
when it was ready to deliver its surge of cock juice into
her. She fondled it with her pussy, moving her hips in an
insinuating little circle.

Andy's thrusting grew more impatient. He could tell that
his balls were getting tense, ready to shoot his load of
semen up his shaft and splash lustily into her waiting
cunt. He could feel himself straining for that surge! And
there it was, firing up his shaft. He felt Lois milking
his cock in that familiar way she had, like she couldn't
wait for it. He collapsed onto her, sweaty and spent. He
moved his legs to the outside of her legs, pressing them
tight around his cock, now losing its hardness as it was
squeezed out of her hot pussy, soft and beaten.

He rolled off her, kissed her cheek and put his hand over
her mound, letting his finger linger in the wetness as he
headed for sleep. Lois touched his chest, felt his regular
breathing and lay staring at the ceiling.

She smiled, feeling really satisfied for the first time in
some weeks. She stared into the darkness, wondering how
this would all work out.

Her pussy felt ………. well ……. extraordinary, it had been
through a lot for one day.

She got up, feeling his cum sliding out of her and running
down her thighs as she walked toward the bathroom. She
stopped to taste a little of it from her fingers.

Lois stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself,
eyes wide, a smile breaking across her face. She lifted
the slip and gazed at her blond curls, just hiding the
crease of her body – "This is all your fault!" she

End of Chapter Three
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