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Good neighbors chapter 4


The Neighbor
By James Bellamy

Chapter Four

Chris hadn't heard from nor seen her neighbor and furtive lover David
all week long. It had occurred to her from time to time to ring him on
the phone, making up some excuse or other to make contact. But, it
wasn't quite in her to be so forward about this thing. So, she had
waited in vain for him to call. She knew that if he had called, she
would have been unable to resist.

""Well, I'll get to see the magic you two did on his bathroom at last!"
They were just on the front step of David's house. The party had
started already and they seemed the last to arrive. The door opened
allowing loud talking and laughter spring out into the cool night air.

"Ah, you two, at last! I was beginning to fear you weren't coming ,
thought you might have gone off me! Great! Come on through,
everyone is here and has a head start on you."

There were five couples, all old friends to catch up on activities with.
David went off to fix them drinks and was soon back at her side.
Probably no one else noticed, but he was slightly tentative, a little
nervous, not quite looking her in the eye. She also noticed that he
was slightly over solicitous toward Andy, the guilt of their bathroom
indiscretion of a week ago bubbling to the surface she decided.

Just for an instant the memory of the hard floor under her bottom, her
dress unbuttoned and wide spread with her in panties and bra that
didn't match flooded back when she glanced down the hall to where
Gladys was just coming out of the bathroom.

"David!! You've done wonders to your crummy old bathroom! What
has gotten into you! It's lovely, it really is," Gladys burbled.

"Don't give him all the credit, Glad, he's had secret help. Don't let
him tell you otherwise! My Chris has been over making him more
presentable," Andy through in from across the room.

"I happily admit that it is all Chris's credit. I only held the ladder and
fetched and carried at her command! I did all the brainwork, of

Chris knew that a flush was running across her face. She couldn't
make out whether it was modesty at all the attention or her guilt
feelings coming back. "Oh, nothing really, just a bit of paper and
paste. Does brighten it up a bit, though, compared to the bog it was
before. Doesn't it Glad!?"

It was such a novelty that David should have stirred to do a bit of
decorating that nearly everyone traipsed down to see their handiwork,
followed by Chris and lead by David. "You see, you can sit in palatial
settings when you come to visit," David was gloating. Chris
wondered what they would all think if they could see the scene just
one week earlier, her with her legs wide apart and David, his pants
around his ankles slamming his huge cock excitedly into her. She
shook her head to clear out the image and got back to the
conversation Ooh-ing and Ah-ing over her workmanship. She
curtsied to their compliments and as they were leaving felt David's big
hand squeeze the right cheek of her bottom rather roughly. She felt
her dress slip silkily over the nylon of her pantyhose, as he was
unable to get a tight grip. So, he wanted to play, did he!? She
found the secret squeeze exciting, gave him her mock look of
astonishment and went on down the hall before him, a definite swing
of her hips evident.

David stared at her perfect round bottom with devotion. Her pantyline
streaked across the tautness of her dress like an arrow to the main
course of his desire, there in the secret valley between her wonderful
thighs. He caught himself from reaching for another fondle, just in
time. Andy rounded the corner and came to have a look. "Let's see
what you two have been up to, now!" Andy and Dave stood looking
over the new bathroom, and talking "man talk.' Chris went back to her
drink and the color gradually drained from her face to a more normal
It was a happy party, old friends recounting oft told tales, lots of
laughter and good-natured teasing of each other. Chris and David
exchanged looks during the evening, but the duties of host and
closeness of others prevented him having another go at the gorgeous
bottom of Chris's – he thought sardonically, longing for the soft warm
sensuousness of her against his hand. It was making him a bit
cranky, really, and very horny. He went to the kitchen for another
bowl of nuts and was alone for a moment.

"Having some more nuts are we?" It was Chris, a smile on her face
disclosing a secret held between them.

"Oh, yes, I thought a bit more would be nice!" The double meaning
was fairly obvious, especially delivered with the lascivious leer his lips

"Well, a 'bit' more could hardly do any damage." She replied

Then she did what David thought was the sexiest thing any woman
had ever done to him. She slowly reached for the hem of her full
skirt, lifted it above her knees, then looked first over her shoulder to
see that everyone was paying rapt attention to the story being told by
Charlie from down the bottom of the street, and continued up the
towers of her thighs.

David watched transfixed and struck momentarily dumb, his mouth
suddenly dry. She wore high heels that gave her legs the full curves
he found so awfully attractive, her stockings were a gleaming deep
tone between a tawny beige and mahogany in color and they had the
look of being painted on, the paint still slightly wet and gleaming in
the light. Her skirt was at mid thigh now as Chris watched his eyes
riveted on her legs, his tongue lolling from his open mouth.

Her hand caught the lacy border of her slip and carried both slip and
skirt higher, now exposing the roundness of her thighs. David was
totally speechless as he watched eagerly the unveiling of her beauty.
He watched as her crotch appeared. Her legs coming together at a
point that formed a little flat space instead of a sharp "V". Somehow
that was a little more erotic to him and his mind went back to the
feeling when the bluntness of his cock had been just there, parting
the lips of her pussy. He sighed audibly as her panties came into
view, pressed tight with that crumpled look that the pantyhose pulled
on over them always gave. It was sexy in its own way, too. She
paused for a moment, white panties shown through the tawny color of
the stockings, then dropped her skirt and gave David a sidelong look.

"Anything I can do to help, then?" she asked brightly.

David had trouble recovering, his tongue tripping slightly over the
words his sex-occupied mind could conjure.

"Aha, … Uh … No … well, I … think, I have everything … uh that I …
well… can …handle right now!" He grinned sheepishly, knowing that
she was manipulating him frighteningly.

"I'll get even with this one," he thought, happily. She really was a
pleasure, he thought to himself. And what a sight her prominent little
mound had been under the taut nylon, pouting there, teasing him.

Chris returned to the party carrying two bowls of nuts.

"Let's you carry his nuts, then, does he Chris?' Andy was just tipsy
enough that he would start to make little jokes at her expense with a
possible double meaning, to the pleasure of all the others and to the
discomfiture of Chris herself. But tonight she was in a mood to return
the banter, her sex juices having begun to flow – literally, she though,
noticing that her antics in the kitchen had begun to produce a
wetness between her legs.

"Yes, dear, he does, ………. and they are quite large ones, quite nice
ones really!" she stared with feigned deep interest at the bowls. This
brought howls of laughter from even the girls now, putting Andy
slightly in his place, his little joke having been overshadowed by
Chris' comment. Andy looked just a bit startled by her quick sexy
comeback, but he recovered, smiling with a certain pride in her in
spite of being taken down a notch.

A game of Charades had started. Between sessions, Chris and
David were sent off to bring more wine from the cellar, excused from
one match which continued behind them as they went to the cellar.
They made small talk as they left the room, but this turned to a
silence, both being preoccupied with their own thoughts, as their
isolation together became more evident.

They had no sooner reached the bottom of the stairs than David's
hands were on her and he whirled her around and into the circle of
his huge arms, his hands finding the bulge of her ass, pressing her
intensely against the hardness of his cock.

She felt its astonishing bulge against her own mound and her feet
nearly left the floor as he ground against her sleek tightly covered
silkiness. Her breasts were mashed against his massive chest and
she felt the crispness of her nipples scraping across his chest. Their
tongues dueled, pressing deep into each other's mouths with a fierce
aggressiveness. Chris felt her teeth touch his, so intense was the

He whirled her again in his excitement, bent her over the nearby
clothes dryer, hurled her skirt up over her shoulders, exposing her
bottom, clad in white panties plastered to her shapely bottom by the
sheer to the top pantyhose. "What are you doing, David?" she
hissed, "They'll hear!!!! We can't ………………… do ………"

Her words were lost on him. The sight and feel of her ass were just
overwhelming and his words just jammed up in his throat. She felt
his hands clawing at her underpants, the strong nylon of the
pantyhose shielding her --- at least for the moment.

Then suddenly she felt a finger pop through a seam, felt the nylon
part as his strong hands yanked with fierce expression of his
overwhelming excitement. The cool air on her warm flesh was a
shock and she knew that he had opened a wide whole in the gusset
of her pantyhose. Chris found it exciting. That he was so excited that
he tore the stockings from her body, his cock screaming to get at her
flesh, at her pussy, to feel her pussy surround it, to sear it with its
heat. This was wildly sexy to her and she felt a flush suffuse her
entire body from the now flooded lips of her pussy to the top of her
head, she was blushing with excitement.

Still bent over the dryer, Chris felt him fumbling with his zipper. She
reached around to touch him, to feel the great size of him again
before it disappeared into her. Wanting to have in her mind the size
of the beastly thing which she so wanted to be splitting her body wide
apart. Her mind went back to reality, briefly, to the crowd upstairs
who might finish their game and come looking for them!!!!
"Ohmigod!" What a though!

But suddenly the knob of his huge cock was in her hand and she
stifled her fears and leaned heavily against the dryer as she sensed
David readying himself for the plunge into her defenseless vagina.

David looked down the sexy, nyloned legs stilted on the high heals at
the very bottom. Her ass was so unbelievable beautiful, so
completely a thing of sexuality, he was simply overcome. Her cheeks
bulged out of the hole he had made, the creamy flesh contrasting with
the dark nylon of her tights. With his heart in his throat, he plunged
between the close pressed buns of her ass.

The blunt end of his organ probed and soon found the crease of her
bottom smoothed by the copious juices springing from her pussy lips.
The bulging knob streaked all the way along the length of her lips
spreading them widely, wetly, warmly before it. It found her clitoris,
sending a huge charge of electric shivers coursing out from it in all
directions, but mostly up into her throat, it seemed.

Now gleaming wet, he glided back to the entrance of her body, Chris
felt him press hard against her. Felt the wonder of his great

"Wait!!!" she urged. "A little lower, David, a little lower!!!!" In his
eagerness, he had found the wrong entry. Chris smiled at his over
eager mistake. My gawd, she thought, I couldn't take that in there!
The size of him!

She reached between her thighs to guide him, felt the great width of
his cock now really engorged and full with excitement. Again she felt
the self-pride that this great hulking beast of a man was so overcome
with excitement at being close to her that he was like a teenager.

Then it was there! The big round head of it pressing against her
smaller tight little muscle. She relaxed as much as possible. Then,
as before, it 'popped' into her wet, wet, thank god, wet passage,
followed by the hearty wide shaft that still held her stretched to what
she thought must surely be the limit. It felt ……. "wonderful!" she
hadn't meant for that to slip out. Hadn't meant to let him have the
satisfaction of knowing her thoughts just yet. But it was out now.

"Like that, do you, lass?!!!! I thought you would." He said in a self-
congratulatory way. "Tell me how it feels, Chris, tell me about it Luv!"
he hissed through pleasure clenched teeth.

"Oh, yes, …….yes,……. You bully. I like ittttttttttt, shove it in, shove
it in!" Her voice was urgent, her need high. She parted her legs a
little more, pressing against him, wanting all of the long wide, think
wonder of his cock. "Shove it in me!" Her hand touched a switch and
the dryer came on with a slight vibrating rocking motion. Or was it the
two of them rocking? The warmth of the dryer was against her pubic
mound, the vibrations coursing through her pelvis, joining the
vibrations that David was providing now with his urgent thrusting.

She still wasn't getting all of it, she thought. The awkward position
made it too hard for him to reach her depths. But he wasn't bothered
by this, just kept sawing away at the little bit of her that he felt so hot
and tight around his cock. "Stupid man!" she thought.

"Lord, she is tight," he thought. "Wonderful" he repeated aloud,
through clenched teeth, his exertions bringing a sheen of sweat to his
brow as he pumped away, looking down at his cock disappearing,
then reappearing, in and out, in and out, all glistening with her juices
between the beautiful round orbs of her ass. "Beautiful," he muttered.

Again, he had come too soon for her. She could tell by his thrusting
that he was ready already. Knew that his balls were tensing by the
way he tensed on his toes to slam against her a few last thrusts. She
squirmed her bottom against his thrust, wringing all the pleasure she
could out of the hardness in her pussy. It really did feel awfully good.
He stretched her, pummeled her, massaged her pussy lips, did
everything but the one thing she really missed, touching her depths.
She knew that was still something to look forward to.

She felt his semen spurt forcefully into her. Felt its hot blast filling her
vagina, another load came at the top of his next thrust, then another
and yet another as she rode with his thrusting, welcoming his hot love
juice, feeling it fill her. Still another thrust added to the warm broth in
her waiting cunt. She hated that word, but it sprang to mind anyway.
Then he was slipping out, passing the sentry of the muscle at the
entrance of her love passage more easily, now that his passion had
subsided. She felt the combined moisture of their magical fucking
rush out, then spread on her inner thighs.

She turned to see him tucking the monster into his terribly ugly white
Y-fronts which reminded her somehow of an old man's underpants,
unbecoming in that context. A stream of her juices down from the
now bright red head of his cock was caught by the cotton shorts and
tucked inside the pouch. She touched the big round pouch with its
cargo safely tucked away, marveling that it was still so comfortingly
large in its softened satisfied state.

"You know, I'd like to try this on a soft surface sometime!" she smiled
at him.

"Sorry," he muttered, his face reddening.

They hurried upstairs now to rejoin the others. Happily, the game
was still in session and they seemed not to have been missed;
though she thought that Andy might have looked with a slightly
quizzical expression at her. Her smile sent him back deep into the
game, though. Chris made an appearance, then headed off up the
stairs to the bathroom. She needed to clean up a bit, the stickiness
on her thighs now running quite far down her leg.

She slipped into the bathroom, stripped off the ripped pantyhose and
cleaned their juices off herself as best she could. Better no hose than
to be discovered ripped later she thought, balling them into her hand
and leaving the bathroom. Gladys was waiting her turn and closed
the door behind her. Quickly, Chris slipped into David's bedroom and
tucked the moist nylon package, full of her scent, under his pillow and
slipped down the stairs again.

Chris felt good, though not quite satisfied, as she sat on the arm of
his chair and let her arm surround Andy. He nuzzled her thigh with
his arm and went on with the game.

End of Chapter Four – The Party
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To Be Continued


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