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Good neighbors chapter 5


The Neighbor

Chapter Five

The Remembrance Day celebration had been moving as usual. Lois
and Andy had come upon Allen by accident, both staring up at the
graceful sight of a lone Spitfire Supermarine 5a flying low over the
crowd, smoothly careening out of sight, a lovely anachronism in the
current military lineup. A singular machine of design beauty, amongst
the more modern, rather ugly genre.

"Hello, both! Lovely sight isn't it?"

"Oh, hello mate, how are you then?" Andy's warm greeting warmer
and more robust than Lois' quiet and subdued "Hello, Allen."

"Still feeling the guilty wife." she thought.

"Can I buy you a drink after this do?" Allen his usual charming and
inviting self, extended an invitation to meet in their local.

"Yes, sure, Ok with you, is it Lois? Free meal and no cooking?" Andy
accepted without really asking her permission.

She said to herself again: "Gad, always throwing us together! Making
it difficult." But her heart wasn't in it; inside she wanted the pleasure
of his company - keeping it short of the bedroom, that was the

"Sure, lovely, thanks, Allen. Hang about, we'll all go together shall

It was a nice dinner, with warm conversation. Lois felt Allen's eyes
on her frequently, but not constantly, so that was all right. His eyes
flicked down as she crossed her legs showing a dark hued nylon
covered knee and a few inches of thigh.

They had moved to the low table in the corner that was a favorite spot
of theirs. It gave a nice view for greeting all friends who wandered in,
and in this case, Allen thought always gave him a nice view of Lois'
legs. He really was taken with the smooth comfort laden woman's
thighs he glimpsed at her every move.

"I'll have to keep an eye on you two, Allen, I hear you've got another
DIY project in mind for my Lois to help with! She's a married woman,
you know. They can be the most enticing wanton tramps, you know.
You have to be careful! You've been warned!" His laughter was loud
and revealed the nearly excessive number of pints he had managed,
what with other friends buying rounds. Yet another had come to his

"They're forcing it on me love, don't give me the evil eye!"

"He's all talk, you know, Allen, with all this beer he'll fall asleep as
soon as he's in the door. No good to me or anyone else! All talk, is

In the end, they were thrown together again. "Look, Lois, would you
mind riding home with Allen? There's a chap her I haven't seen in
years and he's asked me to beat him in a game of darts. All right,

Again it was decided, without any chance for her to avoid it.

Allen's hand slipped easily from the gear lever to her thigh, the heat
soaking through her thin dress and slip. "Oh, Allen, we have to stop
this, haven't we?" She dropped her hand on top of his, intending, she
told herself to soften the rebuke of her friend. Having said that, her
mind wondered if that was really the truth or was it her recent
insatiable desire for Allen in recent weeks.

"Yes, I suppose so." He replied weakly. "Andy really is allowing us a
lot of ............ well ............ opportunities ........ or temptation, isn't
he? Doesn't go down all that well, sometimes. ................... but,
........ well, I find you so ................ appealing. I excuse it on that
basis, ....... wrong of course. " he started to reluctantly pull back his
hand, but Lois stopped him, pressing his palm flat against her
nyloned leg, in fact pulling it toward her, ever so slightly.

"Why don't you pull into the garage. We can have a chat. No need
having the neighbors talking, though."

They soon were in Allen's Lounge talking about the next decorating
project he had in mind. At least that was the way they excused it.
Sitting close together on the couch, their lips soon were locked in a
spine tingling, deep, tongue-fencing kiss.

"....... Musn't." Lois protested as his hand found her breast. Her leg
overlapped his as she turned toward him, longing for more. She
knew that her panties were already soaking with her juices. That had
been evident even in the Pub, just his fascination with her legs had
started it.

"Allen, if we do it, will you promise it will be the last time? You have
to help me. Be strong."

"Definitely, yes, of course we must. But you have me so hot my girl,
by the time I touch you, I absolutely have to have you. My John
Thomas is hard as a sword and dying to dive into you, don't you
know? Here, touch it, feel what you do to me, girl!"

Lois allowed him to guide her hand onto the swollen member under
his trousers. She gasped, once again fascinated by the size of it,
pressing hard against its restraints. Seeming to have a mind of its
own, rampant in its eagerness to slip into her tight tunnel yet again.

"I don't suppose ........... there is any way .........uh ........ well,
please don't be shocked .............. that we could .......let Andy in on
this? That he would consent to let us have this .................."

"NO!" her answer was immediate. "NO WAY! Allen! What can you
be thinking?"

"Sorry, Lois, ........ I just ............. " his hands were on her breasts,
lifting both of them, heavy in his hands. She felt her nipples straining
against her bra, erect and flushed, she knew.

"You know, how, sometimes, he does seem to ............ .......well
......hint at it. At least ...... what a thrill it would be to actually see
you with someone else?"

He sensed her involuntary reaction and excitement. His hand was
under her slip now, touching the wet gusset of her panties. Lois
jumped with the excitement of his first touch, nuzzling her pussy lips.

"That would be a thrill, .......... I admit it ....... not something you
would want to try, though. Eh?"

"No." Lois replied. But the thought of it was hurtling around her mind.
She thought how often Andy had whispered the wish in her ears as
they made love. How she knew it was his most talked about and
apparently most fervently desired fantasy. She recalled the last time,
he had been pumping in and out of her, sweat beading on his

"What do you say, Lois, how about I'll bring one of those young studs
home from the Pub." "Unh, unh, unh, unh," she remembered his
labored panting as his balls slapped against her bottom, his cock wet
and slick as it slipped in and out to its full depth. "Just once I'd like to
watch you with one of those big studs. Love to see your grasping
pussy ride him, teach him what a real woman is!!!!" His increasing
excitement with the thought had him slamming into her body with wild

She felt her face flush and realized that she had drifted away in
memories. Allen now had his cock out, staring straight and towering
toward her. He was urging her to take him in her mouth. Suddenly
she had to have him. Her mouth formed an oval around him, as she
licked him and swirled his huge penis around her mouth. She felt his
excitement as he groaned and pushed her head up and down a bit
too forcefully.

"OH, that's it Lois, ..........lovely .......... Go ahead, woman, take it
all. That's what you need. That's what you want. You want a big
cock up you, don't you!" he urged forcefully, his breath jagged with
passion now. "Come on dear, spread those thighs and let Allen show
you a good time. Show you what a real man feels like."

Lois looked up at him, looked at his wild eyed look as he stared at her
breasts, now bobbing out of her bra and dress, looking rumpled but

"What do you think James would think if he saw us now? She said
hoarsely. "Saw me take this big thing in my mouth like this?" She
thrust herself around him once again, her eyes following his.
"Hmmmm!" she murmured over her mouthful.

"Oh, .............. heavenly.llllllllllllllll ............ He'd probably cum just
watching you. ............ it looks so ...........bloody ........good, bloody sexy - your lips around my big John Thomas .........
he'd blow a gasket ........... Ohhhhhhhhhh ...... he'd like it, I'm
......... sure!

Lois thought of Andy watching through the window. The thought was
exciting in spite of herself. She felt the huge bulbous purple head of
his long member pop out of her mouth, then part her lips once again.
She had to open wide to take it all in. She thought of Andy, outside,
suddenly unzipping his pants and stroking his own cock in time with
the pleasure she was giving Allen. "He tastes good," she thought.

"Come on Lois, to the bed this time, lass. That's what you need.
Come on, I'll give you a good riding this time! Now we've had a bit of
practice." He carried her up the stairs and into his bedroom, dropping
her heavily onto the bed.

He stripped off his clothes in a rush, his ravenous eyes never leaving
her body, engulfing her breasts, then her legs, now that her skirt was
hiked up and the crotch of her pantyhose visible with the patch of
white, promising panties to be torn off as well.

"Thinking about Andy watching?" he muttered harshly? "Wanting to
show him?" he asked.

"YES!!!" she screamed at him. "Give me that big thing and hurry up
about it, you bully!" Her face was now a vivid shade of red, she was
that flushed. "Come on you big stud, give it to me!"

She felt the pantyhose rip under his hands, felt the coolness now that
she was bare. Her panties were ripped from her with his big hands
and he shoved her bra out of the way up over her bulging breasts
with the now vivid pink of her nipples. She reached behind to unsnap
the bra and twirled it around in the air before throwing at him.

Allen leaned heavily on the bed between her wide spread legs and
pushed his big finger into her wetness, his big hand covered the
mound of her pussy. He squeezed her tightly, feeling the wetness of
her engorged pussy lips.

He was on top of her now, hurrying to get to her now, eager for her.

Lois reached between them, circled his cock with her little hand,
pulled the head up and down along her slit, now moist with her juices,
bright red with passion. "Now!" she said, controlling the situation.
Lois took a deep breath, held it as he thrust forward forcefully. She
felt her pussy ring stretched over the head of it. "Ohhhhhhhhhh,
mmmmy ggggggoooooooodnnessss!" she was around it now, and
ready for all of it this time.

Allen thrust into her fully, then waited. "OH, you are so TIGHT! It's
wonderful, baby! Wonderful! " He started his movement.

Lois thought. "My god -- it's bigger than I thought! It feels like a train
inside me, a big, firm, round train. The Bullet Train," she thought,
laughing at herself as he began pumping in and out of her love
tunnel. It was splitting her in half she was certain. But as she
became accustomed to its girth, she found it a great pleasure.

"OH, wow, you are wonderful, lass. Give it to me, Lois. Give it to me
for Andy to see."

In spite of herself, she thought of Andy's surprised but excited face
leaning close to see his huge member splitting her lips apart, curling
them partly inside her vagina as it thrust inward. She felt him touch
the deepest part of her, touch her cervix. His thickness kept him in
contact with that sensitive spot behind her clitoris inside her vagina.
His big balls slapping the cheeks of her bottom. She spread herself
wider to get all of him. It was spectacularly sensuous. So Big.

"Fuck me Allen, -- Fuck me!, come on, -- let me have it all!" "Let's
show Andy how we fuck!" she felt him get even more excited with her
talking about her husband watching them fuck. "Come on, RIDE me
Allen -- fuck me -- fuck me, fuck me," she said repetitively as her
arms thrashed the bed sheets and her heels clenched behind his ass,
helping him thrust deeper into her pussy. Her orgasm rocketed
through her body, beginning at the stressed muscle clamped tight
around his thrusting cock up through the center of her, exploding in
her throat. "AhhhhhhggggggoohhhhhhhALLENooooooooANDY
arrrggghhhh........ come !"

She felt him tense with the beginning of his orgasm. "On my breasts,
Allen, on my breasts ............. Shoot your cream on my breasts!" she
pushed against him unable to move his big frame. He pulled it out of
her. She felt her vagina relax, completely satisfied.

He was kneeling between her legs, her hands helped him. His hands
moved fast over the huge shaft. The first spurt flew onto her face, a
huge dollop of white semen over her right cheek. The second
splashed on her chin, the third, she watched it splatter between her
breasts, now tingling with sexual satisfaction. And more flowed out
the slit in the end of the monster onto her tummy as she rubbed it into
her skin.

"That's it, show Andy how much you give me!"

End of Chapter Five.


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