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All good things must come to an end about sums this up. Three
years ago I got divorced and after six months I began to think I
would never again get laid, this is a sad situation for any guy,
but my ex was really good in bed. It was about this time I found
the personals on Yahoo. What a gift, as I read about wives
looking for an extra in threesomes and the like. Count me in, I
placed an ad, modest as I was able and got numerous replies. I
wish I could tell you I did x number of wives and the like, no,
but I can tell you about a two year run with a prefect couple for
my tastes.

After a few emails, they must have been feeling me out (pardon
the pun), we met at a local hotel bar for drinks. They had
indicated we were just to meet and get to know each other. It
was going quite well, the wife was petite and quite attractive,
34b, narrow waist (I really like that) and the husband and I had
some common interests. When I got up to use the restroom I could
see them doing a little huddle and discussing, I presume about
how it was going. As soon as we were all seated again the
husband suggested we go to their place for a drink, Oh goody I
thought, I am going to get some of this. The city where we live
is about 70k population and while we didn't know each other, we
did recognize each other from around town and events. The wife rode with me and gave me directions to their house. It was
incredibly exciting as she began to play with me in the car. It
didn't take me long to start rubbing her thighs and feeling her
up. She was soaking wet, and about then we were at the house.

While K fixed some drinks, her husband went over the ground rules
again, no problem for me I told him, except no pictures. He
disappeared from the living room and K sat down and started
kissing, holy smokes this was one hot woman. I wanted to push
her back on the couch and show her what I could do with my
tongue, but she got up and towed me into the bedroom. Still no
husband in sight, we climbed on the bed and were stripping as
fast as we could. I had planned on going real slow and doing
lots of foreplay, I am endowed with a thick eight incher (not the
blessing some would think, a some women find it uncomfortable),
but she was pushing me back and sucking on my cock right away.
Okay were my thoughts, this is great, a real cutie giving me the
royal treatment. After pulling her head up from my dick she
scooted up and spread her legs over me, easing herself down on my
cock, starting a slow stroking motion. There was another first
for me, she was very vocal, loud, and it threw me off just a bit,
all the better because I needed to go slow for the first few
minutes. After passing that hurdle I can go for as long as I

Enter the husband, he got on the bed behind his wife and started
playing with her breasts, geez it was lovely. K leaned back into
his chest and he started playing with her clit, and she started
cumming, now she was really loud and saying nasty things. It was
the nasty things that sent me over, I was pumping my load into
her even though she wasn't moving on me any longer. She told him
I was cumming in her and as soon as I had finished he flipped her
over and was in her in a flash. He wasn't moving, he was deep in
her with her legs wide apart and they were whispering something,
so I went for a glass of water. When I got back she was on top
of him and she was smiling at me, asking if I could go again,
"hell yes" I told her.

After a few minutes of playing with her clit while she sat on her
husband I was hard and asked for another turn. This was better,
the pressure was off and we were doing a slow gyrating screw,
every so often I would pull up to watch myself between her wide
spread legs, man it was hot. I was good to go now, no rush for
me, but after ten minutes or so she started jacking her pussy into me and asking me to give it to her, we lasted another minute
or two and both came hard.

It seemed like they were ready for me to go, I figured they
wanted some private time, so I told them how much I had enjoyed
it and suggested we not make this the last time. I didn't want
to be pushy but I wanted them to know I would like some more, if
you know what I mean. With that I said my good byes and went out
into the night very satisfied.

It had been some time, over two weeks since I had been with the
couple, making one think it was a one time deal, when she rang my
number and suggested we get together again. Sure, yes and when,
were my replies. The next encounter set the pace for most of the
many encounters that later occurred. After some playful and
suggestive talk we retired to the bedroom and went right at it.
The husband's special kink turned out to be DP, he liked to have
K sit on my dick and work his cock into her pussy from behind
with mine. K would squeal with delight as he told her she had
two cocks in her pussy and ask her how good it felt. It took
several times of doing this to get a real good motion going, it
is not as easy as one would think. He would cum in her after a
few minutes and then leave us to play as long as we liked,
although I never stayed over the night at their place, it seems
they wanted that private time to themselves afterwards.

Even though I had said no pictures (and I still worry about it to
this day), the husband pressed until he had plenty, I must admit,
she looked nasty with her legs spread, smiling and my cock in
her. Most were of her giving me a blow job or sitting on my cock
and the like. They are really into the photo thing. Mostly it
was good wholesome uninhibited sex, on a few occasions was able
to come over during the week and get a little without the husband
being there, this was after they were very comfortable with me,
but mostly he liked to double dick her until he came. One of my
favorites was to put K on the breakfast bar with her legs spread
wide and screw her while I was standing, that way I could watch
myself sliding in and out of her pussy. She knew it as well, as
she would make comments about my cock in her pussy and lift her
head so she could watch as well.

This were we get to the ending of this thing, all was not lost
after divorce and I started seeing some single women. One woman
turned out to be very interesting and as we dated I knew I would
have to pull out (bad bad puns) of the relationship with K and
her hubby. Before things got any further along with this woman,
(I was entertaining asking her to marry me) I knew the time had
come. K and her husband were quite understanding and as it turns
out were breaking in a new stud even before we talked about this.
We had gotten to know each other so well there weren't many
secrets anyway. In the most general way I also told my
girlfriend about the couple (not who they were) and she took it
well but was amazed at hearing it. If I was in doubt about
ending it, she set the record straight, saying from this point on,
I was to be monogamous. We did marry and she has began asking
some questions about the whole affair, I think it is my play now,
but I am undecided. If it gets interesting I'll write a post.



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