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Just a little standard disclaimer: This story describe sexual activity, so
please don't read this if you're underage or very very sensitive. This is a pure
work of fiction, and any resemblance to actual people or events are purely
coincidental. Keep in mind that the title was freely borrowed from a line from
William Henley's "Echoes, In Memoriul Margaritae Sororis No. 2" Please don't
repost or archive any of my stories without specific permission from the author.
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Great Gift of Sleep
By Shon Richards
Belerra opened her eyes and smiled. The hibernation chamber was pumping
endorphins into her body to soothe the discomfort of having been sleeping for a
year. Belerra flexed her hand and was pleased at how limber it felt. Once
again, her personal virus into the hibernation systems had stimulated her
muscles sufficiently to allow her to move freely. She wouldn't have to sit
through the day of electro-stimulation the doctors recommended. It was a
drain on energy resources to have the chamber stimulate her while trying to keep
her asleep, but Belerra was a cunning programmer. The virus had succeeded for
five years in a row, and no one was any wiser.

She rose from her hibernation couch naked, not bothering to wear the robe
that was laid out beside her. No one else would be waking up today; in fact, no
one would be waking up for another twenty years. Belerra enjoyed the deathly
quiet of the ship. All around her the rest of the crew was sleeping peacefully;
oblivious to the mischief Belerra had planned today.

Belerra walked over to one couch in particular. She was pleased to see
that her virus was almost finished with the revival of her special Lorelei.
Belerra sat down on the couch's edge, leaning over the sleeping woman's body.
Lorelei was beautiful with her short blonde hair and small boyish breasts.
Belerra waited, her heart beating rapidly, as Lorelei's eyes fluttered open.
Surprise washed across Lorelei's face as she tried to move, and panic became
apparent as she found her muscles useless. Belerra laid a soothing hand on
Lorelei's face.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Lorelei," Belerra said. She swept her long black
hair behind her so that her hair wouldn't tickle her love.

"Again?" Lorelei answered, her voice a mere whisper. Belerra's virus
program had stimulated Lorelei enough to talk, but not much else. "It seems
like I just went to sleep . . ."

"It's been another year," Belerra answered. "And even when I'm asleep, I
feel my body longing for you."

Lorelei laughed, a weak sound that was not unkind. "Please, Belerra. I'm
flattered, but I'm a married woman. Colm is sleeping not three feet away. You
have to quit doing this."

Belerra smiled. Her hand traveled down Lorelei's face and brushed the
woman's shoulder. "Quit? Why should I quit when we have twenty more
Valentine Days alone together? When we make planetfall, we might never get
another private moment away from Colm. Why would I stop seeing you when that
brute can't stop me?"

"He's not that bad," Lorelei protested, although without much feeling.
"He's just been stressed with the mission. I'm sure once we make planetfall, he
gets settled in, and everything calms down, he'll stop being so cold."

Belerra laughed, and her laugh was loud and sensual in the quiet ship.
"That doesn't excuse his cheating on you with Galena. He wasn't too stressed to
fuck her at the departure party." Her hand traveled further down to Lorelei's
stomach. She enjoyed watching the goose bumps rise on her love's skin.

"Now you are just being mean," Lorelei pouted, still helpless to move in
her hibernation couch. "I wish you had never seen him fuck her, and I wish you
had never told me about it. If you hadn't seen him acting unfaithful, you
wouldn't keep trying to seduce me."

Belerra shook her head, her breasts swaying as she did. "No, I had this
planned for a long time. Your husband's infidelity just made me feel less
guilty. I've wanted you ever since we worked on the terraforming proposal.
I've wanted you ever since that first day we swapped stories about college.
I've wanted you ever since the day you told me about your pet dolphin."

Lorelei laughed, remembering those stories and carefree days. Her
laughter was cut short as Belerra's hand moved to her thigh. She couldn't move
at all, but she could feel. The endorphins prevented the stiffness and pain
that would normally be present from lying still for a year, but they couldn't
stop the wonderful feeling of Belerra's touch. She could feel the feather light
touch of fingernails on skin and the warm melting heat that was spreading
through her body.

"Belerra," Lorelei sighed.

"I would never do anything you don't want me to," Belerra said tenderly.
"Just tell me to stop, and I shall." Belerra's hand moved to the inside of
Lorelei's thigh. With infinite care, she stroked the smooth skin.

Lorelei sighed, but she didn't tell her to stop.

Belerra shifted on the edge of the couch, so that she could use both of
her hands on Lorelei's body. Both of her hands massaged Lorelei's thighs,
stroking and molding the firm muscles underneath. Circular motions soothed
Lorelei and her mouth hung open as she surrendered again to Belerra.

Her hands still massaging Lorelei's thighs, Belerra dipped her head down
and kissed Lorelei's naked belly. Her tongue darted into the tight belly
button. Lorelei cried out, but she was helpless to even shudder. Belerra
flicked her tongue on the belly button, savoring the soft flesh and salty taste.
Her tongue tapped a short love song on Lorelei's stomach. Belerra felt a
stirring in her own sex as she licked, the small belly button hole making her
think of other darker places.

Belerra's hair fell forward, covering the smaller Lorelei's body. The
long black hair fell between Lorelei's thighs, covered her belly and straddling
her waist. The silky black hair was laid on her like a lover's kiss,
soft and promising of more pleasurable sensations to come. Lorelei wanted to
raise her hands and touch the long black locks, but she could only enjoy the
stray hair that had fallen over her paralyzed hand.

Her kisses, and her hands, traveled upwards. The hands moved to Lorelei's
arms, massaging and touching every inch. Belerra's mouth kissed a trail up from
Lorelei's belly, a dotted line of lips and tongue. The black hair moved with
her, a gentle pulling of a thousand strands that stroked Lorelei's body.
Belerra's mouth kissed between Lorelei's breasts, and she paused as she looked
up at her lover's face. Lorelei couldn't look back at Belerra, but her sighing
lips were all that Belerra needed to see. Belerra dipped her head back down and
caught Lorelei's nipple in her mouth. The nipple stiffened in her mouth, a sure
sign of arousal that reassured Belerra. The kissing woman always doubted
herself on Valentine's Day, so this little physical testimony was a comfort as
the tiny bit of flesh flushed and grew warm. Belerra sucked harder, clinging to
the simple truth that was so evident in her mouth.

Lorelei sighed with contentment. Belerra released the nipple, but she
blew a kiss before moving on. The nipple shivered as Belerra's mouth blew on
it. She smiled, feeling a bit more confidant herself.

"All right, I'll be leaving you now then," Belerra teased. She rose back
up and pulled her hair back behind her.

"What?" Lorelei asked, confused.

"You're a happily married woman," Belerra said. "I should let you get
back to sleep and forget this nonsense."

"No!" Lorelei hissed. There was a flush to her faces that Belerra found

"Are you asking me to stay?" Belerra asked. Her hand went to Lorelei's
unsucked nipple. A few gentle touches of her nails on the nipple and it turned
as red as its twin.

Lorelei was silent.

"I won't stay unless you ask," Belerra said. Her lips were stern but her
gray eyes were bright and mischievous.

"I can't," Lorelei said.

"You won't," Belerra corrected. "You're willing to take, but you're not
willing to admit you like it. I can understand that. Perhaps you are waiting
for your husband to please you. I should put you back to sleep, and then the
next time you wake up you'll have Colm to welcome you."

Belerra reached for the activation button, and Lorelei moaned in protest.
At that sound of perfect sadness and desire, something broke within Belerra.

"Please," Lorelei begged.

Belerra looked down at her and the mischief was gone from her face. "It's
hard for me too," Belerra whispered. "It's hard for me to wake up, even only
once a year, and not know if you are going to go running to Colm when this trip
is over. I'm sorry I've been teasing you these years. I shouldn't have taken
advantage of you."

"Shut up!" Lorelei shouted with her strained, quiet voice. When Belerra
froze, Lorelei continued. "Look, I've known Colm was an ass, and I knew he was
cheating on me. Do you think I'm completely stupid? I'm flattered that you are
interested in me, but how long have I known about your feelings? Five
Valentine's Days! Give a gal time to think!"

Belerra was stunned by the outburst. "I'm sorry," she said. "I, I guess
I didn't think about it. I'll leave you alone and give you time to think."

"No!" Lorelei hissed again. When Belerra look confused, Lorelei amended
herself. "Give me time to think, but that doesn't mean you have to stop."

Belerra smiled, her confidence was returning with an increased
excitement in her heart. Lorelei hadn't given herself to her just yet, but she
wasn't fighting her either. Belerra felt a tremendous burden lift from her
shoulders, and she knew just how she wanted to celebrate.

Belerra moved carefully between Lorelei's legs, spreading the paralyzed
limbs so that they hung off the couch. Lorelei's sex was naked in its
helplessness; she was unable even to close her thighs in modesty. Belerra
settled in, tucking her legs under herself, kneeling on the couch. Her hands
rested on Lorelei's thighs Belerra dipped her mouth down to Lorelei's bare sex.
She felt her black hair slip again, covering the insides of Lorelei's thighs,
but she didn't think her love would mind.

Using her fingers, Belerra parted Lorelei's sex. She held the pink petals
open and took her first taste of Lorelei this year. It was sweet, like it was
every year. After she was satisfied with the taste, Belerra nibbled further.
Lorelei's arousal was a steady flow of nectar, confirming for Belerra that none
of this was reluctant. Her lips suckled from Lorelei's nether lips, as if she
could drink in Lorelei's acceptance of her.

Lorelei moaned, her throat becoming dry from the constant pleasure. She
felt so helpless, even to aid in her own ravishing. She couldn't raise her
hands to push Belerra deeper inside her. She couldn't spread her thighs farther
to allow Belerra more of her to lick. Lorelei couldn't even arch her back as
electric shocks cascaded from her sex.

Belerra couldn't help moving her own hips. With Lorelei's primal smell
overwhelming her senses, Belerra was becoming increasingly aroused. She could
feel Lorelei's thighs pulse with desire as she tried to clench. She buried her
face into Lorelei's sex as she tried to ignore the burning in her own pussy.
Belerra wanted to ease her own stress, but she had a sense of duty towards
Lorelei. She was the one who arranged all of this; Belerra felt she should be
the one who had the burden of providing pleasure. Her kneeling hips swayed from
side to side as she fought down her growing need.

Lorelei's moaning stopped suddenly, and from past Valentine's Days Belerra
knew what this meant. Belerra licked faster, centering on Lorelei's emerging
clit. With rapid flicks of her tongue, Belerra brought Lorelei to her first
orgasm this year.

"Oh!" Lorelei shouted, just once. Her voice broke above her whisper and
then dropped to a low moan. Belerra's tongue slowed, matching the falling pulse
of Lorelei's thighs. The loving licks dropped to almost nothing, allowing
Lorelei to relax into bliss.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Belerra said, rising like Aphrodite from
Lorelei's sea. Belerra couldn't wait to go back to her couch, and masturbate
quickly before drifting back into hibernation. Lorelei's eyes were closed, a
smile on her face.

"Don't go!" Lorelei whispered. Belerra paused. "You're always leaving
after you take me."

"Well, I didn't want to bother you," Belerra offered lamely. "I just
wanted to give you something pleasant on Valentine's Day."

Lorelei smiled. "How about giving me some of your time instead? If I'm
leaving Colm, I should at least know who I'm leaving him for."

Belerra sat back down.


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