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Story - Grocery girl
Written by Blab


I'd seen her before at the corner market. I should say we'd seen each
other. The last time I saw her she spotted me staring at her in the
produce section and smiled at me, then she picked up a banana and carefully
checked how ripe it was by caressing it, holding it up close to her nose
and sniffing it, generally becoming very well acquainted with the fruit,
all the while watching me watch her. I knew she did it on purpose. She
liked watching my jaw drop as I watched her hold the phallic fruit near her
mouth. She put the one banana in her basket and walked away, her eyes
holding mine a second longer as she turned and disappeared around the

She's got blue eyes, dark brown hair, and she's small. Petite. She's
always wearing something that fits closely - not tight, exactly, just
close, as if her clothes know what a fantastic body she has and want to be
closer to it. I should have followed her that day, asked her out, kissed
her, torn the clothes from her body. I wanted to, and I think she wanted
me to also.

This time I spotted her in the freezer section, holding the frosty glass
door open while she reached for some frozen delicacy. I stopped and
watched her as she pulled some ice cream out and placed it in her basket.
She closed the freezer door and spotted me. She stood there holding her
basket for a minute, matching my stare. I was transfixed, unable to utter
a word.

Her hair was tied up, leaving her thin delicate neck exposed. Her dress
was short, following her curves down to mid-thigh, and her bare legs seemed
to go on forever. Sandals clung to her feet, framing toenails painted with
a blood red polish - I was staring at her red toenails when she turned and
walked away.

I was heartbroken, thinking I had blown my chance to talk to her while I
stared at her body. But after a few steps she stopped, looking up at some
item on the shelf. I took a step, then another, in her direction. She
turned her head, smiled her incredibly sexy smile, then pointedly looked
back up at the shelf she stood in front of. Neither of us had uttered a
single word. As I got closer she turned and walked on, leaving me behind.
She hadn't touched a thing on the shelf she had been looking at.

I drew even with where she had been standing and looked where she had
been looking. There on the shelf were the classic ingredients for ice
cream sundaes - chopped nuts, chocolate syrup, maraschino cherries, etc. I
looked back up the aisle to see her watching me. Her eyes flicked up to
the shelf I stood in front of, then she smiled and turned the corner.

Unsure of what I should do, I hastily grabbed the chocolate syrup and
cherries, then followed her. She was standing in the dairy section now,
gazing at the cans of whipped cream. Again, she smiled at me and walked
away without taking anything from the shelf. I followed her, pausing only
for a moment to pick some whipped cream to put in my own basket. I looked
up and saw her watching me take the whipped cream - she nodded just
slightly and pursed her lips, then walked on. I followed, watching her
hips sway as she led me down the aisle.

We continued this way, with her choosing different foods and me
collecting them as I followed. We never spoke a word, but she had me get
canned peaches, fresh strawberries, honey, bananas, and champaign, in
addition to the syrup, cherries and whipped cream. With every glance she
intrigued me, with every new food choice she excited me. I hoped I had
some idea what the food stuffs were for, but I didn't really know. The
mystery of this woman, with her wordless command of me, had stirred my
passion. I wanted her, I wanted to consume her along with the food.

I followed her to the register, where she placed her basket on the
counter and promptly walked out the front door. She didn't even look back.
Embarassed and confused, I placed my basket behind hers on the counter.
The clerk assumed we were together and rang up her ice cream along with my
basketful - I just paid without thinking, distracted while I went through
the entire adventure in my head. What happened? Was she just playing with
me? I took my shopping bags and left the store, still hoping to find her
in the parking lot.

I stood near my car looking all around, when she appeared, as if by
magic, right in front of me, behind the wheel of her car. "Follow me", she
said softly, and then drove away. Her voice was soft, husky, heavy. I
stood there marveling at her first two words to me for a second, and then
realized she wasn't waiting. I threw the bags into my car and jumped
behind the wheel. Desperate not to lose her, my tires squeeled as I pulled
into traffic. I drove too fast trying to keep up, following her for a
couple blocks until she pulled into the driveway of a small house. I
pulled my car up right behind hers, grabbing the groceries as I opened the
car door and leapt out.

She opened the front door of her house and walked in, leaving the door
standing wide open. I walked up to the door and peered inside without
seeing her. "Hello?" I called. From the other room her voice answered,
"Close the door behind you, put the ice cream in the freezer."

I closed and locked her door, then crossed her living room to her
kitchen. While I put the ice cream away, I pondered what to do with the
rest of the stuff when I heard her voice behind me. "Give me a cherry,"
she said.

I turned around to look at her. The only light was from the freezer - I
still held the door open. In the soft illumination I took in the sight of
her all over again. She had shed her dress and stood before me in lacy bra
and panties. Her hair was down now, just past her shoulder in soft waves.
My eyes lingered over her curves, her bare skin. She smiled at me and
repeated, "Give me a cherry handsome, before I get bored."

I reached into the grocery bag and felt blindly for the jar of
maraschino cherries without taking my eyes off of her. Finally I felt the
cold hard glass of the jar and pulled it out. She took a step toward me
while I struggled clumsily to unscrew the lid. She held out her hand, but
I had other ideas.

"Tch tch, gorgeous, this is a full service joint. Have a seat." I said
and patted the kitchen counter beside me. She smiled, and I knew I had
said the right thing. She hitched herself up onto the countertop, and sat
there waiting to see what I would do. I wanted to grab her waist and kiss
her, smash her mouth against mine. Instead I fished a dripping red cherry
out of the jar and held it between my fingers, taking a moment to look at
her. She was sitting on the edge of the tile counter, her bare legs
dangling above the floor.

Her eyes held a challenge, and she smirked while I stared at her. I
held my hand up in front of me, the ultra-red cherry pinched between my
fingers. This time she made no move to take it from me. I took a step
closer, placing my other hand on her knee and pushing it aside. I
insinuated myself into the space between her knees, right up against the
edge of the counter. She sat there watching me, her smiling lips closed. I
moved the cherry towards her mouth, and her lips opened, but I didn't feed
it to her, not yet. First, I touched it to her lips, stroking them with
the sweet cherry.

The sight of her mouth open, with the bright red cherry against it, shot
a bolt of heat through my body and straight to my dick, which was already
erect. Her lips followed the cherry, pouting and seeking, so I held it
still for her to take. As her mouth closed around it she sucked gently on
my fingers - a groan of lust escaped my lips at the feeling of the heat of
her mouth on my fingertips. I leaned toward her to kiss her, tasting the
cherry juice on her lips as her tongue moved past my own.

She pushed me away after a moment, then reached for the jar of cherries
still open on the counter next to her. Her slender fingers deftly
retrieved another cherry and she held it out towards my mouth. I opened my
mouth to take it from her, and then she pulled me towards her to taste the
juice in another kiss. As our lips moved together she unbuttoned my shirt.

I reached for her waist and drew her towards me, pulling her ass forward
on the counter. Now she could feel me, hard between her legs, and she
moaned a little into my mouth as I kissed her. She pushed my shirt down
off my shoulders and I let it fall off my arms and behind. I leaned into
her and felt the lace of her bra against the bare skin of my chest. I
kissed her chin, her neck, down to her bare shoulder as my fingers worked
open the clasp of her bra. As I opened her bra and pushed it back, I
stepped back to look. Her eyes were half closed, her head leaning back.
She had her arms behind her, propping her up on the counter, and
consequently pushing her breasts forward and up towards me. As I watched
her nipples got hard before me, and I wanted to taste them. I wanted to
taste them, with chocolate syrup.

She heard the sound of my hand rummaging through the grocery bag and she
lifted her head to watch me. The syrup was in a squeeze bottle, so I
popped off the plastic top and squeezed a small amount onto the skin of her
shoulder, then trailed it down in a line to her breast, leaving a nice
little dollop on the tip of her nipple. Putting the bottle down I leaned
over to put my mouth on her shoulder, sucking the chocolate off her skin.
It was sticky, and I had to lick and suck a bit before her skin was clean,
but that was just fine by me. As I followed the chocolate trail towards
her breast, her breathing got heavier. She reached a hand forward and
around my head, pulling me harder against her as my tongue and lips found
their way lower, lower, and finally surrounded her nipple to suck and lick
the chocolate away.

I slid my hands down her sides, around her waist, while sucking on one
nipple, and then the other. My fingers moved down along her hips,
following her skin where it met the countertop. I caressed the outside of
her legs, then moved my hands to the insides of her thighs. The bottle of
chocolate syrup was still uncapped on the counter, so I squeezed some out
on my fingers and smeared it along one thigh. As she recognized what I was
doing she squirmed and wiggled her hips, moaning in anticipation. I knelt
down until my face was between her thighs and began licking the syrup off
of her soft hot skin. The chocolate was smeared in a ragged line up along
the inside of her thigh all the way to the edge of her panties, and I
dutifully followed it until my tongue was moving along the lacy seem,
stroking the sensitive skin between her thighs just milimeters from her
cunt. She was wet, soaked through and around the crotch of her panties,
and the musky taste of her juices mixed perfectly with the sweet chocolate.
I nuzzled my lips and nose against the fabric stretched across her mound
and she gasped and bucked her hips forward.

I looked up at her face to find she was gazing down at me with lust in
her eyes. I said, "I think this would go better with the strawberries,
don't you?" She nodded silently and reached for the grocery bag. She
picked out a large ripe berry and handed it to me, then carefully removed
her panties. Settling back, she spread her legs wide and licked her lips,
waiting for me to continue.

I knelt in front of her, bringing my face within inches of her sex. I
put one hand flat and heavy against her inside thigh, feeling the smooth
skin. Her pink folds were glistening with her wetness, making me even
hungrier for her. I wanted to taste her. I looked up at her face as she
watched me silently, and held her gaze with my eyes as I moved the
strawberry slowly closer between her legs. She didn't watch the
strawberry, instead focused on my eyes as I watched her face. I brushed it
against her inner thigh very softly and heard her breath catch at the

I stroked her skin with the bumpy firm tip of the ripe strawberry,
leaning my face closer to watch. I moved it along her thigh, lightly
across her wet slit, and then back up the other thigh. On her smooth skin
there was a small trail of her juices following the fruit away from her
mound, and I leaned in and licked it, tasting the faint flavor of
strawberry and the musky salt of her wetness. It wasn't enough for me, and
on their own my lips moved farther inside, coming to her swollen flesh.
Her taste held all the pent-up desire that she had stirred in me in the
market, all the sexual tension of those glances and sly looks when I'd seen
her before. Her taste was the sweet tang of Eve's apple, and I couldn't
resist it. I licked her in long slow strokes up, down, circling here,
lightly flicking there. Making my tongue stiff, I pushed it between her
folds and inside. I felt her inner muscles quiver and squeeze around my
tongue as I moved it slowly in and out.

I felt her hands on my head, her fingers in my hair. Remembering the
strawberry I was still holding, I stopped licking and laid my cheek against
her thigh. She groaned and pushed her hips forward in frustration, but
this was supposed to be a tease. I moved the berry up and down along the
tender wet lips of her sex, and then pushed it softly between them and
moved it along her slit. Her frustrated groan turned into a moan of lust
as she felt the bumpy texture of the strawberry moving between. Her juices
glistened on the outside of the fruit, and I took a bite. I slid the pulpy
bitten fruit along her wetness again and held it up to feed to her - she
wrapped her lips all the way around the red fruit and sucked it like a
cock, making me groan this time. "Oh, I like that," I said while I watched
her suck on the strawberry. I moved it down and along her wet slit again,
and then fed her some more. The way her lips closed around the strawberry,
and then indented as she sucked the mixture of juices from it, made my cock
throb hard in my jeans.

"Umm, god, your mouth looks so sexy sucking on that," I said. "It's
time for you to pick out some food to play with." When she heard my words
her eyes got bigger and her lips opened slightly, and her gaze flicked to
the bulge in my pants. She looked into the bag and pulled out the honey in
a bear-shaped plastic squeeze bottle. Dropping from the counter as I stood
and backed up, she reached out and slid her fingers down the front of my
jeans. I was aching to be touched, and I felt her long fingernails
scratching down between my skin and my pants. Her fingertips brushed
against the swollen tip of my cock, and then her fingers curled up as she
grabbed the front of my pants, pulled me closer, and knelt on the floor in
front of me. She unfastened my jeans slowly, releasing the pressure
against my erection. Pushing my fly open she reached her fingers inside
and around my cock, which moved and throbbed as I felt her hand hold it.

With my frantic help she pulled my pants and underwear down and off, and
then pulled open the cap of the honey. Holding my straining cock straight
and horizontal, she squeezed a little sticky honey onto the middle of the
shaft. It felt cool, wet, and heavy on my sensitive skin, and it tickled
tortuously as it oozed around and down the side. Still holding me flat,
she quickly ducked her head down to catch the slow moving dollop of honey
as it started to drip. She pursed her lips as if to kiss me, mouth
slightly open, and pressed them again the underside of my shaft. She
sucked a little to get the honey off the stretched soft skin of my cock,
and I could feel the moving heat of her tongue as she lightly licked me.
Her mouth moved up and around to the top of my cock, following the honey
and making me moan.

When she had cleaned all the honey off she pushed my cock up until the
head was reaching for my navel, and then squeezed a generous gob of honey
right on the tip. She sat watching the heavy dollop move down the thick vein along my cock until it reached my balls, then she leaned forward to
lick the honey. Starting from my balls, she ran her tongue slowly along my
cock until she reached the head, and then she wrapped her lips around the
swollen tip and moved her mouth down, surrounding me with damp heat. I
stood watching her face as she knelt in front of me and sucked the honey
off my cock, moving up and down the length of it.

She was moaning constantly as she sucked me, and I could feel the
resonance of her moans through my cock. I was so excited, so ready to
explode, that I knew I couldn't last long in her mouth. I reluctantly
pushed her back from my cock and said, "Please, I want to be inside of
you." I pulled her up and kissed her, sucking on her lips as she reached
down to stroke my hard cock with her hand.

Standing in front of me, with my erection in her fist, she looked into
my eyes and whispered, "Put your cock in me, fuck me, now." Then, never
removing her hand from my cock, she turned around and leaned forward over
the kitchen counter. She spread her feet apart and looked back over her
shoulder at me as she guided my hard cock between her legs.

She wiggled the round thick head of my cock, rubbing it around the
swollen outer lips of her cunt, then she tucked it between as she pushed
back towards me. My eyes were locked on my cock as she slid it inside of
herself. I sank deeper, deeper, until I was all the way in. I felt her
pussy stretched around the thicker base of my cock, her wet folds and
muscles pulsing and squeezing my entire length. Putting my hands on her
hips, I slowly pulled back, watching my cock slide out of her, wet and
shining. I pulled out until the head of my cock was just barely still
inside of her, and then pushed back inside.

I held her hips in my hands and pulled her towards me, and then away.
She let me move her back and forth, pulling hard back until I was grinding
my pubic bone against her ass, moving faster as she started to swivel her
hips around. Soon I was slamming forward into her while she pushed back
against me with equal passion and force. I was fucking her hard, she was
fucking me even harder, and the silence was gone as we moaned together.
She started chanting, "Oh god." With each thrust, "Oh god, oh yes, oh god."
Getting louder and louder. I could feel my own orgasm building quickly and
I said, "Oh yes, you're gonna make me cum, oh yes. I'm. Gonna. Cum." As
my cock swelled, her chants became a sustained moan, "Yeessssssnowwwyesss."
The deluge of her cum flooded around my cock, and the slippery spasms of
her cunt drew my orgasm from every vein and muscle of my body, out through
my cock in a blast of heat inside of her, throbbing again and again as she
swiveled and ground against my spasming cock.

We slowed down as my senses gradually returned to me. My hands left
fingerprints one her hips as I released her, easing gently out and back. I
was completely drained, sated and drunk with her flesh.

I thought perhaps I was done in. But then I noticed the grocery bag on
the counter, still half full of very suggestive food. The entire night was
still ahead of us, but that would have to be another story...


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