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H H asian got down all fours


Harry Loves Henrietta (wl, cons, reluct, oral, MF,
cum_play/eating, toy, voy, bukake, FF, cum_swap, beast)
by DemonBound

Warning: My stories are for adults of sound mind and
interested in sex stories. If you aren't, don't read
them. I'm not advocating or promoting anything and no
real people are represented. My stories may contain
sexual situations you will find offensive, I try to
include content information in the parenthesis after
the titles, check those codes before reading, they are
pretty self explanatory. You've been warned about the
content, so if you read my stories the consequences are
chosen and borne by you. With that in mind, please
take a walk on my Darkside and cum.

begin story
Harry aimed his spurting cock at Henrietta's open
mouthed face and his cum splattered perfectly across
her lips and cheek with some droping onto her tongue
and down her throat. For some reason Harry didn't
really understand, he just loved cumming on his wife's
face. And she loved it when he did it too. Their
marriage was based on a genuine affection for one
another, a love of old movies, and a serious fetish for
his cum on her face.

They'd been married for 10 years, had a house with a 30
year morgage and an eight year old son, but they still
loved sex, particularly oral sex, and especially
facials. It was a miracle that their son Michael had
ever been born, since Harry almost never came in his
wife's cunt. But having a child hadn't really put much
of a dent in their sex lives. Henrietta's mom loved to
baby sit, and had actually moved in with the couple
when Michael was born. Jean, Michael's grandmother,
was very understanding. And all she wanted in return
was a bit of catering to her own kink of voyuerish. As
long as they let her watch them have sex from time to
time, she was more than happy to help out with Michael.

So with grandma's help, Harry and Henrietta had sex at
any and every opportunity. Like now. Grandma and
Michael were off to see a nice wholesome Disney movie.
10 minutes after they'd left, Harry was rubbing the
head of his rather impressive cock over his wife's
cleavage. She had good breasts, and liked Harry to pay
attention to them. Henrietta always made a point of
wearing low cut blouses and tops. Harry made a point
of fondling them whenever he could get away with it.
He had run his semi-hard cock along the ruffles of her
white blouse and then drew the head across Henrietta's
left nipple, which had hardened gratifyingly at the

Henrietta had moaned impatiently and scooped her tits
out of the peasant blouse. Harry had obligingly knelt
down alongside his already kneeling wife and kissed her
breasts, in turn taking each nipple into his mouth and
suckling. Henrietta whined in pain but didn't ask him
to stop, her nipples were so sensative that even
relatively mild attention to the swollen tips actually
caused her pain, but she always claimed it was a good
pain. It had unnerved Harry at first, since he was not
into pain at all, but in a good marriage one
compromised for the sake of giving your partner what
she needed. He bite at them softly and snaked a hand
down under her gray tweed skirt to cup her dripping
cunt through her white silk panties.

Since she was already wet, he knew she'd been playing
with herself on the sly even before her mother and
their son had left for the movies. She'd probably been
diddling herself with one of her dildos all through
dinner. Because she liked his cock in her mouth, she
had other toys for her cunt. Sure enough, he could
feel a string running between her cunt lips. This was
a small battery powered vibrator that she could insert
and let run for hours. The cord ran to a garter belt
that held a small battery case against her inner thigh.
Good, he thought, no need to get her hot, she'd seen to
that already.

Harry had stood up and presented his cock to
Henrietta's lips. He was still turned on by the fact
that she looked like some mousy but pretty librarian
with her oval lensed glasses and conservative, if low
cut, clothing. This impression was immediately
contradicted though when she willingly opened her full
sensual lips and engulfed about 3 inches of cock and he
felt her running the ball of her tongue piercing under
the head of his dick. Her tongue and lips played on
his instrument like the virtuoso of fellatio that she
was. Her head began bobbing in a complex rhythm
designed to bring Harry off as fast as humanly
possible. So it was only a couple of minutes later
that he had pulled back and spurted his first load
across her face. The first shot had been perfect, a
line drawn right across her full, open, lips and her
cheek. The second he had deliberately aimed at her
glasses since it always excited him to see his thick
cream running down the sparkling glass and dripping
onto Henrietta's face. The third and fourth spurts had
splattered her jaw and spunked up her long chestnut
brown hair. Harry took his cock in hand and smacked it
against her heaving breast, to splash a few last drops
on the quivering flesh.

Henrietta smiled and took his semi hard cock between
her lips. She knew that Harry was far from through for
the night. He might look like the balding accountant
that he actually was, but his 8 inch cock could get
hard again and again and spew forth an astonishing
amount of spunk for her mouth face or tits. In fact it
was one of the reason's she had married Harry. In High
School, Henrietta had learned that she liked sucking
cock, but she didn't like the reputation that had gone
with sucking as much cock as she needed to get off.
Harry had been a gift from God. Instead of having to
practically date the whole basketball team to get all
the cream she wanted, she just needed Harry. And he
was smart, made her laugh, and after they got married
he'd gotten a good job so that money was only a minor
problem. And her mother had liked him, though
Henrietta hadn't know how much or why until after
they'd caught her mother peeping at them when they'd
been fooling around on a visit to her house. They'd
thought she had gone to bed and Henrietta had Harry
buried in her throat at least 5 inches when she'd seen
her mother in a mirror, masturbating in her robe as she
watched them from a darkened doorway. She'd choked
like she hadn't since their wedding night and pulled
his cock out of her mouth so fast Harry had yipped in
pain. Henrietta was mad at first, but she'd noticed
that Harry never got soft while they had discussed what
had happened with her mother. Finally, Henrietta had
thought, what the hell, and leaned over Harry's lap and
began blowing him again. Harry had grinned and happily
shot a load of cum down her throat while her mother
watched and finally they had both watched as her mother
had masturbated to orgasm. That had been the beginning
of the deal that let them have quality time without the

So now they were free to indulge in their favorite
pastime of oral sex sprinkled with any other kind of
sex they could think of that turned either one of them

Henrietta had to work a little harder for her second
helping of cum. Harry stayed semi-hard after he came,
but now the hair trigger on his sperm shooter was gone.
But Henrietta was a master at this, and used her
hands, and lips, and tongue on the big cock before her
until Harry was once more rock hard. She took his cock
head into her mouth and began slowly to swallow it.
She eased the head back beyond the back of her mouth
and on deep into her throat. The key was relaxation
and controling her gag reflex. Soon she had all of
Harry's 8 inches down her throat. Harry loved it when
she did this, he murmured words of love and
encouragement and joked that she should have been a
sword swallower. She grinned around his cock, and
began a slow rhythm of deep cock sucking that had his
cock buried to the hilt in her throat about every third
or fourth stroke. She also played with his balls,
gently kneeding them. And when he got near to orgasm
again she teased his asshole with one of her fingers,
not actually penetrating, but definately providing
stimulation to his prostate. The first spurt went down
her throat, but that was a waste as far as she was
concerned. With the cock head buried in her throat,
she could feel his cock throb and spurt, but she
couldn't taste his cum, or play with it later. So she
pulled back so that his cock was just at her lips, and
let his spunk coat her tongue. She had some
girlfriends who said they didn't like the taste of
jism, but Henrietta had always loved it. Harry's was
smooth and creamy and sweet because he was in good
shape generally and he made sure to eat things like
celery that were supposed to flavor jism pleasantly.
It seemed to work for him. She swallowed some of it as
she milked his balls for more, but she saved a goodly
amount in her mouth for later.

When Harry finally petered out. She grinned up at him,
and spit out his cum into her palm. Then as he watched
she tilted back her head and let it trickle down her
fingers back into her mouth. That did it. Harry was
instantly hard again, and only 2 minutes later,
Henrietta got her third load of cum, this time all over
her tits, which she lovingly scooped up with her
fingers and gulped down for her husbands delight.

Even Harry needed a rest after that, so he lay down and
she knelt over his face so that he could lick her
dripping pussy. Henrietta like that a lot, though she
could actually cum from getting a load of jism down her
throat or on her face, the actual stimulation of her
clit let her shoot off into a half dozen very
satisfying orgasms.

But now they had to take a break, and this was where
they had their one problem in their sex lives.
Henrietta wanted more cock, more cum, more splattering
jism on her face, than even Harry could provide. Sure,
after a rest he was good for another 3 or 4 cums, but
she didn't want to rest, she wanted to suck cock and
swallow cum. But Harry was only human, and even the
most understanding of husbands could get a little upset
when his wife wanted to suck cock and she didn't care
at that point if it was his cock or not. Harry just
hadn't much cared for his wife's desire for outside
cock. He'd unhappily given in when he realized that
she was dissatisfied with their sex lives, but had done
his best to compromise with her insatiable appetite for
cum. He'd finally made contact with a swingers club a
comfortable distance away from the town they lived in.

The club required regular health screening, so they
didn't need to worry about catching a disease like
AIDS or some such, and was far enough away that they
weren't likely to run into anyone they knew in other
social circles. And they were more than willing to set
up what Henrietta said she needed. And Harry had set
up a request of his own, partly because he really was
interested in the idea, and partly because he thought
she should have to pay a little for her pleasures with
something she didn't quite want to do.

So they had gone to the tastefully appointed club,
which had looked like a high class strip club, except
that all the women were married or at least in a
permanent relationship with someone else in the club.
There was no cheating or prostitution allowed, but as
long as both people were ok with it, anything else

They'd had a few drinks and met some of the people when
the floor show started. The show was always an amatuer
talent night with sex as the talent. A well lit stage
was surrounded by stools and tables so that everyone
who cared to could see and the closest could touch if
it were allowed. Most of the time it was. Henrietta
wasn't actually the first show. There was an
interracial couple that got a very nice response from
the crowd when his big black cock finally disappeared
into her red thatched and freckled white pussy. Then
two women made love to each other with a double headed
dildo. And then a man demonstrated that he could suck
his own cock, which got a lot of laughing applause from
the crowd, especially from the women. But then
Henrietta was called up on stage.

She was helped up on stage by one of the clubs bouncers
(even a nice swingers club could get some jerks) and
then knelt in the center of the stage. Then a line of
men formed from the audience, at least 10 more or less
good looking men who stripped to reveal already
hardening cocks. Henrietta didn't even bother to
remove her blouse, she just beckoned to the first man
in line who walked up to her and presented his cock to
her. With only a nervous lick of her lips, Henrietta
began licking at his rigid pole, soon taking it into
her mouth and after only a couple of minutes, pulling
back to let his cum splatter her face. Another man
took the first's place and soon shot his own load into
her willing mouth. It was only a few minutes later
that she had gone through the first 10 men, and was
wearing their gifts to her in her hair, on her cloths,
across her face, and some gulped down her throat.

Harry had watched with a fair amount of jealousy, but
he'd also realized that he actually liked seeing his
wife in action. He'd slowly frigged his cock as she'd
gone through the first group of men, and grinned a
little nastily when he realized his little trick was
coming up. He'd made her promise that she'd suck off
every person who wanted her too, and she'd even agreed
that he could force her to if she refused. She'd
thought he ment to get some fat biker or some ugly old
man to fuck her face, and she'd been secretly looking
forward to a bit of humiliation and maybe a nasty
tasting cock, as her husbands little revenge. So she
was completely taken off guard when one of the women in
the audience came up to her, a beautiful asian woman
with flowing black hair, and presented her naked pussy
to Henrietta's mouth. Now Henrietta wasn't a lesbian,
and so she pulled back, shaking her head in denial.
But the bouncer was back, and he grabbed her hair
firmly at the base of her skull and forced her face
into the other woman's crotch. Henrietta had whimpered
and squirmed, trying to get away, tried to call out to
Harry to stop this. But Harry had only grinned and
urged the bouncer to keep her there until she licked
the other woman to orgasm.

She'd had no choice but to begin licking, and though
she felt dirty to be tonguing another woman's snatch,
she soon found that it was a sort of dirty she could
live with, even enjoy. Soon the woman was groaning
and squirming and finally she came in a very vocal
release. Then the pretty asian got down on all fours
and two men entered her as Henrietta was forced to
watch. She saw that the man at the pretty asian
woman's cunt was none other than her husband Harry, and
he winked at her as he sawed his beautiful cock into
the other woman's cunt. After only a few minutes,
Harry shot his load into the woman's pussy, and the man
at her other end shot his load into her mouth. Then
Harry shifted around so that he could watch as his wife
was forced to eat out the oriental woman's cum filled
snatch. Henrietta wept a bit, but that didn't stop her
from slurping and sucking at the other woman's vagina
to try and get her husband's spent seed back out of her
cunt. The woman seemed to enjoy that immensely, and
something in Henrietta had enjoyed it too, not so much
the act itself, but the depravity of it, the
humiliation, the lack of control of her own sexuality.
Besides, as always, she loved the taste of cum, even
cum from another woman's cunt. But Harry hadn't been
through with his wife yet.

The oriental woman had turned to Henrietta and started
to massage her breasts through her spermy blouse, then
she had unbuttoned the stained and spotted garment,
bared Henrietta's bra clad chest and even unhooked that
conservative white silk bra to show the men and women
of the swinger's club her naked and slightly slimy
tits. The woman had gently rolled Henrietta's
sensative nipples between her long nailed fingers,
until Henrietta was practically cumming just from
nipple stimulation. Then she suddenly squeezed the
sensative tips of flesh with surprising ferocity,
forcing an open mouthed cry of pain, liberally mixed
with passion, from Henrietta. When Henrietta had
opened her mouth, the woman leaned over her, and
expertly spit the mouthful of cum she had been
carefully concealing in her mouth since the man who had
been fucking her mouth had shot his load.

After that, half the men had gone to Henrietta, who had
sucked their cocks and taken their loads down her
throat or on her face or body, and half the men had
gone to the beautiful oriental woman and fucked her in
the mouth, cunt or even her ass. And after a
sufficient number had cum in the woman's body,
Henrietta was forced to suck the cum from whatever
orifice it had been deposited in, or the woman had spit
it on her in interesting ways. Henrietta had ended up
taking the sperm of every man in the club that night on
her face or in her mouth, directly or indirectly.

Though Harry and Henrietta had decided that they really
had enjoyed their adventure, they also decided that the
club wasn't really for them, at least not on a regular
basis. Some other means of getting Henrietta the cum
she craved was needed, one preferably that didn't
involve sucking off a lot of strange men. And so Harry
had thought of another solution to their problem. He
found a way to give her the sex she needed without
sharing her with other men.

So, like now, when Harry needed a break, but Henrietta
was just getting started, they brought in the second

Harry got up and opened the door to the garage and let
in his back up plan. They whined a friendly greeting
and wagged their tails, knowing what was coming.
Bruce, the great dane barked in excitement, Colin, the
german shepard, just grinned his doggy grin and thrust
his snout into Harry's crotch in a friendly canine

Harry laughed and led his 'lads' as he called them into
the living room where Henrietta eagerly awaited her
extra lovers. It wasn't long before she had her mouth
full of long hard, bright red great dane cock. dog
jism might be a little watery, but there was a lot of
it, and when Bruce finished shooting his load, Colin
was eagerly awaiting his turn at his mistresses lips.



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