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H.C.1 tv but thoughts were


H.C. By B.P.

Being married to Becky started out just like any other marriage. Becky
is cute, five foot two, blond, blue eyes and a trim body with small perky
boobs capped by large nipples from having two babies back to back. The
kids came after being married two years, we had a girl and then a year
later a boy. We decided that was all the kids we wanted so Becky talked me
into getting my nuts clipped. Little did I know that would come back to
haunt me later.

I was the only person to have sex with her up to then. Mostly because
we met in high school and we never dated anyone else. When our youngest
turned two Becky started asking me a lot of questions about other men and
the size of their cocks. In school I had always faired well in the whose
got the biggest cock contest, with over six inches and inch and a half
diameter. Becky wondered out loud how a big cock would feel and if black
men were bigger then white.

As a gag I bought her a huge black dildo, never thinking she would
attempt to stuff it in her tight pussy. I was wrong. I should have known
better because ever since I took her cherry Becky had become a sex hound,
always exploring new limits, looking for new thrills.

It took her a week of trying but she finally stretched her pussy enough
to take the monster. She called me at work just as I was getting ready to
leave. She told me to hurry home, she had a surprise for me.

Walking in the kitchen door Becky was standing there her legs spread and
a funny look on her face. She said guess what, I got it in, all in. I
shook my head in disbelief. To prove her point she flipped up her dress
exposed her nude crotch. Nude except for a garter belt that she had rigged
to hold the dildo in her.

I dropped to my knees in front of her for a closer look. That damn
dildo was in her up to. Its fake balls! Becky grinned down at me proudly.

Does it hurt? How long have you had it in you? Becky said the kids are
in their play pens come with me. At that she waddled into our bedroom and
laid on the bed. It was clear that she wanted me to fuck her with it so I
unhooked the garter belt and grabbed the base of the black monster. Her
pussy lips looked like they would rip at any second but Becky pleaded with
me to fuck her. Slowly I began easing it in and out. Becky was whimpering
and pinching her milky nipples as I built up a rhythm.

Becky was really turned on by this and I began to think how kinky it
would be to see her fucked by a real black cock this size. In the heat of
the moment I commented about having a real cock like this. Becky moaned
something but I wasn't sure what she said then she shuddered with a huge

As it pulled free there was a sucking sound then a gush of her juices.
Becky lay there, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried to catch
her breath. Looking in her pussy I could see her cervix. I said to
myself, My cock doesn't stand a chance after that. I guess it's a good
thing she likes to suck my cock.

That night after getting the kids to sleep Becky wanted me to fuck her
with my cock and to my surprise her pussy didn't feel much different.
After I came in her, she wanted me to fuck her with H.C.. ( her name for
the dildo) To make it better for me she offered to suck my cock as I pumped
the dildo in her.

I began to fantasize that a black stud was fucking her as she sucked on
me. We both had huge climaxes. In the following weeks I couldn't get that
thought out of my mind, especially when Becky would wonder out loud about
other men. Then one day I told her about my fantasy. She got mad at me
for suggesting that she have sex with another man. I was dumbfounded! All
this time she had been talking about the size of other men and so on, now
when I mention it she gets mad.

The next time I fucked her with H.C. I mentioned it again this time
there was no comment. On several more occasions I mentioned it but got no
response from her, until one night when she said you're serious about me
having sex someone else.

It was a statement more than a question. I quietly told her that I did.
She said she would try it. The following Friday night I helped her bathe
and shaved her legs and pussy before dressing her in her sexiest outfit
without a bra. The baby sitter showed up right after Becky finished
letting the kids drain her milky boobs. We went to a nice nightclub where
I left her at the bar and found a corner booth to watch.

I knew that quite a few black men came in here and had even seen a few
with white women. As I watched several men approached, Becky danced with
them but that was all then a little later a white guy and his black friend
approached her after several dances with them she went and joined them at a
table. It appeared that Becky was favoring the black guy over the white.
After a bit the white guy looked at his watch and said something and left.

In no time Becky was cuddling up to this black guy. He was nice looking
about six foot, trim body, dressed well. They only danced the slow numbers
and from the way he was cupping her butt I was sure she was going to end up
with his cock in her.

Becky excused herself to go to the bathroom and stopped by my table and
said I'll be home later. He's real nice. As she returned to her new
friend, I knew that at least part of my fantasy was about to come true. A
few minutes later I watched them leave.

I went home, paid the baby sitter and went to bed. About two thirty I
heard a car in the driveway then the front door. Becky came in the bedroom
holding her hand over her pussy. I turned on the bedside light to see her
clothes had just been thrown on, her nipples were leaking, and her thighs
were wet. With a sheepish grin she said I did it. How what?

I sprung out of bed and helped her out of her clothes. My eyes got real
big when I saw all the love bites on her boobs, belly and thighs. Quickly
getting a towel I laid her on our bed and got between her legs to check her
out. As soon as I saw her still gaping drooling pussy I dove face first
for her pussy. For the next hour I are her pussy as she told me about her
date. She then sucked me off. After, we cuddled up and she said I'm going
to see him next week.

Sure enough next week he arrives right on time and Becky rushed out to
him. When she returned, it was a repeat of last week. She told me she was
going to see him Wednesday night and that she told him she is married and
that I know about her dating him.

Wednesday he showed up and this time he came to the door. To his
surprise I welcomed him in and we introduced ourselves. I felt more like a
father meeting her new boyfriend for the first time. It turns out that
John is a year older than me and already quite successful in business. As
we talked, I found I like him.

Becky came bouncing out of the bedroom looking like a wet dream. Her
boobs bounced freely in her blouse, her nipples clearly visible. John
noticed and with a smile he said. Do you let her out dressed like that?
Smiling I said only with you.

Becky kissed me hotly then shook her ass as she went out the door. I
tried to watch a movie on tv but my thoughts were on them. Becky had told
me that Jon was well-equipped she didn't get into details. I thought it is
a good thing I've been putting her diaphragm in before her dates or with
the huge amounts of sperm still in her pussy when she came home she would
surely be pregnant.

Pregnant by a black man! A shudder raced thru me, my cock stirred.
Could it be that subconsciously I wanted her pregnant? No, I couldn't be
that bent, or ----- could I. Visions of Becky pregnant flashed thru my
horny brain. No matter how hard I tried to put it out of my mind I

About midnight I head John's car in the driveway. I got up thinking
something was wrong. They came in the back door just as I started for the
front. Becky was giggling and nude except for the robe draped over her
shoulders. John was right behind her carrying her clothes.

With a shrug, John said Becky felt bad about leaving you home by
yourself. She said you want to see me have sex with her. I found my head
nodding yes as Becky draped the robe on the kitchen table. Her crotch was
covered with their juices as she came over and hugged me.

If she looked sexy when she went out she was mind blowing now. Her kiss
tasted of sperm and my cock was getting wet with the juices from her pussy.
With the fires of lust burning hotly in her eyes she whispered come watch
H.C. fill my pussy isn't it what you wanted to see?

Numbly I nodded yes and followed her as she grabbed John's hand and
headed to our bed room. Nervously I stopped to check on our kids. By the
time I got to our bedroom John was sliding his cock back in her well-fucked
pussy. Damn his cock looked just like the fake one I had given her.
Becky's legs were around his pumping butt urging him to fuck her harder,
telling him to show me just how good a fucker he is. I could see why she
still had so much of his juice still in her. This guy has nuts like a
bull. His cock was churning up a white froth that further highlighted the
darkness of his fuck-stick.

Just watching them my cock was leaking so much it almost looked like I
was peeing. Becky was climaxing repeatedly as John's cock pleasured her.
Then I saw his nuts tense up. He grunted and jammed his hips hard, burying
his spurting cock deep in my wife. Becky howled like an animal then begged
him to fill her with his sperm.

John laid on her as they basked in the afterglow. Becky was kissing him
and whispering sweet nothings to him oblivious to me.

My presence in the room wasn't acknowledged until John pulled out.
Shit! His cock was bigger soft then mine at it's hardest. John helped
himself to the shower before he got dressed and kissed Becky goodnight. As
he left, he said see you Friday. I found myself sucking and licking up all
the traces of his sperm and sucking Becky's clit to two more climaxes. I
then carried her to the shower and washed her up. As we finished in the
shower I reached in her and pulled out her diaphragm. Looking at it, I
said without that you'd be pregnant.

Becky gave me a strange look and said. What! Now you want to see me
knocked up? I thought we were done with making babies.

I was silent as I washed her diaphragm and put it in its case. There I
had said it, I had dreamed about what Becky would look like with John's
baby growing in her. I slipped in bed and cuddled up to Becky giving her a
goodnight kiss.

For days nothing was said about making babies, then one evening when I
was helping Becky get ready to go out with John. I had just finished
shaving her and it was the time when I usually put her diaphragm in. Becky
assumed her pose and as I checked the positioning of the diaphragm, she do
you really want me to have John or one of his friends knock me up.

I gulped and said I didn't know John's friends were fucking you. Becky
grinned then said I don't tell you everything. Becky gave me a kiss and
hurried on to get dressed. Over the next several months Becky would make
casual statements about getting pregnant and did I really want her
pregnant. One evening John was out of town we sat down and talked about how
a mixed race baby would affect our lives. Becky talked about some of
John's friends who are married to white women and have children. I was
astounded that she had given so much thought to something she had outwardly
treated so lightly. Without vocalizing it I had made up my mind that I
would gladly go along with what every she decided. The practical side of
me knew that there would be situations we would have to deal with but my
sexual being couldn't wait for Becky's belly to swell.

Nothing more was said until one night when Becky was expecting John to
come over. As ususal I opened the drawer where the diaphragm had been
kept. It was gone!

Becky had a shit-eating grin on her face as she said that's what you
want isn't it? I threw it away after I decided that I wouldn't be needing
it for a few years.

What about our kids? What will they think about having black brother and sisters? Won't this hurt them?

Becky grinned broadly and said I'll just tell them their brothers and
sisters have a different father.

Before I had time to say anything the door bell rang. Becky patted me
on the head and said be a good boy and let John in. This was an escalation
in her affair with John. Up until now he hadn't been in our house when the
kids were awake or home. By the time I got to the door the kids were there
waiting to see who it was.

I opened the door with great trepidation. I had no idea what to say but
John saved the day he acted like a perfect gentleman as he spoke to the
kids. He even knew their names and joked with them. He stunned me when he
told them he was a friend of their mommy and had come to take her to a
meeting. Tammy, our girl asked if John would take good care of her mommy and bring her home safely.

I almost choked as John grinned and assured her that he would take good
care of her mommy. Visions of his massive cock surging into her
unprotected pussy flashed before me. I felt a twinge of pain, guilt and
excitement as my cock twitched in sexual excitement.

John's casualness and manner with my kids surprised me. In seconds he
had them treating him like a long time family friend. I guess I had
secretly hoped they would reject him and beg Becky to stay home.

Becky came over and hugged the kids as she excitedly asked them if had
introduced themselves. Tammy excitedly said. mommy John knew our names so
we didn't have to introduce ourselves.

Becky told the kids to be good and keep my company while she was gone
and promised to kiss them goodnight when she got home later.

As I watched Becky walk off hand in hand with John, I kept thinking
about Becky's diaphragm and the fact that she was going to have unprotected
sex with a black man. Closing the door I thought for a moment and
remembered that Becky's period had been almost three weeks ago and she
should be past her fertile time.

All evening my thoughts kept wandering to Becky and John, wondering what
they were doing. Thankfully the kids kept me distracted enough to keep me
from going nuts waiting for Becky to come home.

About eleven o'clock I was surprised to hear Becky come in. One look at
her told me she had already been well fucked. She was holding her
pantyhose and shoes in her hand, her makeup was smeared and her nipples
were clearly visible thru her sheer dress. As my eyes wandered to the hem
of her dress, I saw the insides of her thighs were wet with John's sperm
and her juices. My cock jumped to attention at that. Becky looked over
her shoulder just as John came in. It was obvious that he too had just
thrown some clothes on. Judging from the bulge in his pants, his cock was
far from finished with Becky's pussy. Becky came over and gave me a kiss
that defiantly tasted of sperm, John's sperm. Becky opened her mouth and
her tongue pushed a gob of John's sperm into my mouth. Calmly I swallowed

With a big grin Becky pulled back slightly and reached out to John.
Looking at him with the fires of passion burning brightly in her eyes, she
said. John and I have decided to let you watch him breed me. Since he has
probably missed this month, you'll get to see his wonderful cock stuffed in
my pussy a lot. You two go up to the bedroom; I'll be with you in a minute
after I say goodnight to the kids.

I looked at John not quite sure what to say, when he looked at me with a
smile and nodded toward the stairs. Climbing the stairs, it was hard for
me to believe that I was following my wife's black lover to our bedroom.
Even harder hitting was the idea that my wife had boldly stated that she
was going to have her lover impregnate her.

John didn't waste any time getting undressed. Every time I saw John's
cock I've been amazed that Becky's pussy is able to take all of it. Before
I was able to think of anything to say to John, Becky came in. In one
smooth motion she pealed her dress off. My eyes popped as I saw the love
bites on her boobs and inner thighs as well as her sperm covered pussy. My
mind flashed back to the one time I gave Becky a love bite. She was pissed
at me for days, now as I watched she offered her boob to John. I expected
him to take the nipple in his mouth but instead he put his mouth on her
creamy white boob and gave her another love bite as Becky urged him on.
When John released her boob, they laid on the bed. Becky quickly pulled
John to her other boob as she told me to lick her pussy clean. Pleased to
be invited to join the activities I dove in without hesitation.

Becky's pussy was still so dilated from her previous activities I could
have stuck my hand in her without any problem. Even though it had been a
while since John had dumped his last load of sperm in her I could still see
a large pool of his white cream in her. My tongue had a mind of its own as
it scooped up John's sperm. Becky was moaning and groaning in between
encouraging John and I.

I had thought I was pretty good at making love to Becky in the past but
I was quickly learning that I was an amateur compared to John. My thoughts
were interrupted by Becky's legs trapping my head against her pussy as she
climaxed. After her climax passed, she told me to lay on my back. In a
flash Becky was over me in a "69", then John got behind her. His cock was
still only half hard and to my surprise he let the end of his cock lay on
my mouth. He moved it across my lips coating them with his pre-come.
Someone said suck it. My mouth opened on its own and for the first time I
directly tasted another man's cock, the cock of my wife's lover. It was
both humiliating and exciting. By now Becky had wrapped her lips about my
very average size cock. Her mouth on my cock inspired my sucking of

John abruptly pulled his cock from my mouth and it sprang right into
position to enter Becky. With a mighty thrust of John's hips his cock
thundered into Becky. Becky moaned loudly around my cock as she pushed her
ass onto John's cock. I've heard of being up close but I never thought I'd
be this close. I found my tongue tickling my wife's clit as her lover's
balls danced over my eyes.

After John had been fucking Becky for ten or fifteen minutes, I saw
John's balls tense up in preparation for sending his sperm in search of my
wife's egg. Becky sensed this and made me shoot my feeble spurt down her
sucking throat. Moments later John's sperm began drooling into my mouth
and on my face. I guess I should have been mad as hell but strangely I
found myself looking forward to seeing John knock up my sweet wife. The
rest of that night became an erotic blur of arms, legs and a sperm filled

The next morning I awoke to find John peacefully asleep in my bed with
his arm draped over my wife. The room smelled like a whore house and the
bed fared worse. Panicking I jumped up and got cleaned up before the kids
woke up. I came out of our bedroom just in time to stop the kids from
going in to see their mother. I told them mommy was real tired and needed
to sleep. Finally I had to bribe them with breakfast in front of the tv in
order to keep them away from the bedroom.

After getting the kids settled, I snuck upstairs and peeked in our
bedroom just in time to see John's black ass humping away with Becky's
white legs wrapped around it. Oh how I longed to stay and watch but I
quietly backed out and closed the door and went back to the kids. A while
later John and Becky came down. Becky was only wearing her robe as she
came in to say good morning to the kids. Tammy kissed her mother then
wrinkled her nose as she said "mommy you smell funny." Becky smiled and
told Tammy that she came down to fix breakfast for daddy and John. That
brought on questions about why John spent the night and where did he sleep.
Becky calmly told them that John's car had a problem last night and John
staid in the guest room. As Becky said that she grinned at me as if to say
"see no problem." I knew that Becky had won and she was going to have as
many black babies as she wanted regardless of what I wanted. Not it was up
to me to decide if I still wanted to be a part of this family.

Chapter 2

A few days after that night Becky's period came. John came over several
nights to fuck Becky even when she was on the rag. Two days after her
period was over Becky announced that John would be staying with us while
some repairs were being done to his place. I knew it was bull shit but the
kids thought it was great. Every night John pumped his sperm deep in
Becky's fertile womb. Every night I was there watching and either getting
a blow job from Becky or jerking off.

One night several weeks later when I came home from work Becky ran into
my arms and excitedly kissed me as she repeated "It didn't come. It didn't
come." It took me a minute to realize what she was talking about then my
heart dropped, my cock stiffened. I mumbled something like "I love you."
As I held her in my arms. Becky kissed me wildly thanking me for being so
understanding and such a wonderful husband. A few days later John's
apartment was magically fixed but John promised to come over regularly to
visit the kids. When he said that he patted Becky's still flat belly.

It is said that some women glow when they are pregnant, well you need
sunglasses around Becky. She began telling me how lucky I am that she's
going to have another baby and wanting me to kiss her belly. At first I
wasn't real happy about it but as her belly started to show I got caught up
in it. My opnion of John went up as he remained a regular visitor all thru
Becky's pregnancy. It turns out he likes pregnant women. So much so that
when Becky came home from the hospital she called John to come over to see
his son and talk about making a sister for him.

I wish I could tell you that was the end of my story but three years
later John moved in to be closer to his kids and Becky is pregnant again
with John's third child. Just the other night I asked her if she was going
to have her tubes tied after this one. Becky grinned and stuck her milk
dripping nipple in my mouth and said. With all the money you and John make
we can still afford more.

A month after that baby was born, I watched John impregnate my wife again. Becky told our kids that since John didn't have a wife she was
helping him make babies of his own. My two thought it was a great idea and
even encouraged Becky to give John another. What wonderful kids.


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