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HABIT thick thumb They looked





Life at home was the pits. My old man was drunk and abusive most of the
time and

mom was into drugs. I decided that even though I was just fourteen I
could do better on

my own so I left.

Not two weeks after I left home, I was walking on a street in a small
city and was

approached by two nuns. At first I tried to evade them but they made a
point of heading

straight at me. Before I knew it, they cornered me.

The last thing I wanted was to be preached at. When I saw, I was going
to have to

talk to them I said look save the sermon for someone who cares.

One of the nuns held up her hand to stop my protests. I'm sister Ann
and this is

sister Lori. We are not here to try and convert you or save you from
damnation. We are

here to offer you a clean place to stay and food. The rest is up to

We talked and something about the one who did most of the talking
captivated me.

sister Ann appeared older. Her piercing blue eyes reached into my soul
dragging the truth

out of me. Her habit hung loosely on her hiding her features, in sharp
contrast to sister

sister Lori didn't look much older then me. She was very quiet but I
couldn't help

but notice her she had a glow about her. Her Habit tented out over her
fat belly and

bulging boobs.

Surprisingly it was quiet, sister Lori who talked me into coming with
them. As we

walked to where they said their car was parked they approached another
street girl.

She introduced herself as Joan. As we talked, I found I had a lot in
common with

her. sister Ann and sister Lori soon convinced Joan to come along too.

We went to a parking lot and got in a plain two door sedan. Joan and I

guided into the back seat. As sister Ann drove, we talked about
everything. Her manner

was very relaxing and she quickly put us at ease. She told us that a
lot of the girls at the

retreat were unwed mothers and a few homeless girls.

After driving out of town on the interstate she turned off onto a
country road.

It was starting to get dark when I asked where we going. sister Lori
said it's not

much further to our retreat. I know you two will like it there. Relax,
I'll call ahead and

make sure they set a place for you.

We watched as she called on a cell phone telling someone we were coming.

drove for over an hour before turning off onto a heavily wooded dirt
road, like countless

others we had passed. A ways down the dirt road we had to slow down for
a gate that

opened remotely. After another fifteen minutes we came out in a
clearing with a group of

buildings surrounded by a fence. Another gate opened and lights came on
to light our way.

A tall figure in a priests robe came out to greet us. He opened the car
door and

introduced himself as father Robert. He warmly welcomed us. Then he
told sister Ann to

take us to the guest dining room, dinner was about to be served.

Walking into the dinning room the smell of the food reminded me I hadn't
had a

good meal in ages.

There where two people in robes already in the dining room. sister Ann

introduced them as mother Mary and brother John. They gave us a
cheerful welcome and

indicated for us to take a seat at the table.

Two young girls about my age, both quite pregnant came in with trays of

My eyes almost popped when I saw how much food was on my plate. I had

continually remind myself of my manners as I delighted in the wonderful

father Robert officially welcomed Joan and I and told us we were welcome
to stay

here as long as we obeyed a few simple rules and did our share of the

He told us there is a garden and animals to care for as well as chores
in the dorms

and other buildings. He also stressed that the profits of our labors
would come back to us.

Those of us who hadn't finished school would be required to attend
classes until we


After dinner sister Lori was told to get us settled in and the others

themselves. sister Lori showed us to our rooms and the bathroom. She
told us to strip and

get washed up good then leave all of our clothes in the bathroom where
she would collect

them to be laundered.

Joan and I looked at each other and shrugged. It felt so good to take
my time

washing my hair and scrubbing off all of the street dirt. As I washed,
I couldn't keep my

hands off my pussy and boobs. They appeared to be more tender and
sensitive than usual.

I just passed that off to my approaching period.

The robe sister Lori gave me felt great as I bundled myself in it then
headed to my

room. I had no sooner closed the door and sat on the bed when sister Ann knocked and

came in.

She appeared a bit distracted as she handed me a night shirt and a glass
of Coke.

We talked for a few minutes as I drank my Coke.

She stood up to leave and cautioned me about wandering around during the

as they have a very sensitive alarm system. She did say it was all
right to go down the hall

to the bathroom but no further.

At first I thought I would want to watch tv or something but now I felt
tired and

slipped into the might shirt and crawled into bed. In minutes I was

In the morning I was awakened at six. sister Ann came in and gently
shook me

until I was awake.

She had me sit up, then told me she needed to take a sample of my blood

urine. In a flash she put a tourniquet on my arm and took several
samples, then she picked

up a syringe and injected something in me. She smiled at me and said it
was just a vitamin

shot and that the sting would be gone in a second.

The prick of the needle felt oddly familiar. I remember having a dream
last night

that someone had come in my room and given me several shots including
one in my clit.

I brushed the thought off as sister Ann got me to my feet and escorted
me to the

bathroom to get a urine sample.

In the bathroom sister Ann lifted my night shirt and stuck the cup under
my pussy
and told me to fill it.

I was a bit embarrassed to have someone watching me pee but by now my
need to

pee overcame my modesty. Once I filled the cup sister Ann stood and
told me to get

ready for breakfast.

When I asked about clothes she told me to put on the dress that would be
on my

bed and not to bother with underwear as after breakfast I had an
appointment with their

doctor for a routine checkup.

Before I had a chance to ask any questions she was gone. This place was
a bitt

strange but so was living on the street and going hungry. Remembering
the prick of the

needle, I took a minute to look myself over and couldn't find any
evidence I had been

stuck other than what I had just seen.

Back in my room a plain cotton dress was laid out along with sandals.
My tummy

growing hurried me to the dining room to be greeted by Joan and the
others I had met last

night. The same two pregnant girls cheerfully served us then

Several times I started to ask a question when sister Lori leaned over

whispered that we weren't supposed to talk at the table unless father Robert started the

conversation and then we were to only speak when spoken to.

I glanced at father Robert and my eyes looked into piercing blue eyes
that looked

like they could read my mind. Everything about his presence was
commanding and


father did ask me a few questions then told me that I would like it here
and hoped

that I might consider becoming part of the staff team.

I mumbled something about not having much religious background. He
smiled and

told me that he and the sisters would be glad to teach me all I needed
to know.

I thought to myself he must be kidding who would want to spend the rest
of their

life without sex.

Finished eating I was escorted to another building and into a plush
office. sister
Lori left me telling me the doctor would be with me in a couple minutes.
A couple minutes

later a door opens and mother Mary enters. Instead of the habit I had
seen on her at

breakfast and last night, she was wearing a plain white dress. To my
total surprise I could

clearly see her very large nipples poking out the front of her dress.

She indicated for me to pull up a chair as she sat and picked up a stack
of papers

and put them in a folder. Pickling up another sheet of paper, she began
asking questions

about my health etc. She showed a special interest in my sexual
activities and how I felt

about sex. She caught me off guard by frankness of her questions.

I felt compelled to give her straight answers. Answers that I had never
shared with

anyone before.

She poked and prodded me in places I didn't even know I had and looked
places I

didn't know you could look. When after two hours she announced she was
finished, she

went to a cabinet and came out with a box full of belts wires. With a
disarming smile she

said I like to monitor all the new people for the first month then
sometimes on a spot

basis. I also check for drug use. Believe me if I detect any drugs in
you, you will be


With that she put a harness around my hips and thru my crotch. A thin
probe was

slipped up my pussy and held in place with the harness and several
sensors were stuck to

me in various places. Satisfied she then told me I could put my dress
on but a lot of the

people here only put clothes on if it's cold.

With a grin she said most of us wear more sun block then anything else.

my surprise, she said. father Robert says it is natural to be closer to
nature and God.

Please feel free to go about nude, and try not to stare at others. You
will see others going

around with things attached to their body in various places and you will
also see people

with marks on then. Curb your curiosity, don't embarrass others by
making then explain.

In time you will learn more about some of the more subtle things that
happen here.

If you have questions please feel free to come to me or sister Ann.

I felt self-conscious about the harness and wires so I slipped the dress
back on.

Looking in a mirror I could see that the dress didn't hide much, mostly
it changes the


sister Ann came in wearing nothing but short robe and sandals. She
smiled warmly

and said she was here to show me around, assign my work assignment and
get me settled


Leaving mother Mary's office, sister Ann said we try to maintain a

atmosphere around here. father Robert is the boss. He is the law and
is not to be

questioned. If you have a beef come to me or mother Mary. We will do
our best to handle

the situation.

I'm sure mother Mary told you most of us go nude. When visitors are
here, we

put on clothes. Yesterday when we arrived everyone, who was outside had
to be dressed.

The reason for the fences you saw is to keep nosy people away. Our past
is our past and

generally not talked about.

We walked out to the garden and I saw several girls, working nude. When

saw us, they stood up and waved. One was pregnant, they both had nice

sister Ann introduced me to Beth ( pregnant ) and Carrie. They proudly

out all of the things growing in the garden then Beth patted her belly
and said I have a

seed growing in here too.

Carrie went over to a cooler and poured a cup of what looked like
lemonade and

handed it to me. She did the same for sister Ann and Beth.

We talked for a few minutes and I was impressed with how happy they
were. Beth

summed it up when she said I hope you learn to love being here as much
as we do.

As sister Ann and I moved on, she pointed out the immaculate

Rounding the corner I saw an older girl who looked like she was just
pregnant and young
girl ( younger than me ) trimming shrubs. The young girl was wearing
the same harness as

mother Mary had put on me.

The older girl started to say something to sister Ann then stopped when
she saw

me. With a smile she said Hi! I'm Grace and this is Tina. Trixie is
around here someplace

were the bush trimmers. Tina giggled and said yea she keeps hers well
trimmed. My eyes

roved over their bodies and it was obvious that Tina was referring to
Grace's bald pussy.

Tina had hers trimmed into an arrow pointing at her clit.

As we chatted, a girl pushing a wheelbarrow approached. Tina called
out. Hay

Trixie shake your buns. Come meet a new girl.

She set the wheelbarrow down and as she approached I was stunned by the

hanging from her nipples and pussy lips. Tattooed on her belly and
winding around her

boobs was a snake that looked like it was about to bite her pussy.

I stood there staring I had never seen anything like this. Finally I
found my tongue

and stammered I - I-I'm Jenny.

Trixie giggled and said it's OK everyone stares. My ex-boyfriend would
get me

stoned then add to my jewelry. The final straw was the night he tied me
up and injected

me with H. The next morning I was out of there and just happened to run
into sister Ann.

Grace laughed at my reaction to Trixie's openness. She said don't ask
her about

any of her rings. She'll give you a detailed account of how she got
each one that'll go on

for hours.

Tina giggled and said Yea I asked her about the snake and she kept me
awake all

night telling me about each inch of it.

Trixie stepped close to me, lifting a boob for my inspection she said
you should get

yours pierced it feels great to have the rings constantly tugging and
jiggling on them. The

pussy rings are even better. They tease me and threaten to hang bells
on them but I love

them. ( she reached between her legs and fingered her rings )

sister Ann tapped me on the shoulder and said It's about time for lunch
come and

show you around the dinning hall.

Entering the dinning hall I saw the two girls who had served us before,
a tall

pregnant older girl with huge boobs and a middle aged woman with saggy

sister Ann said sister Peggy this is Jenny. She and another girl came
in last night.

Turning to me sister Ann said sister Peggy is in charge of the kitchen
and dinning room.

In here she is the boss, not even father Robert argues with her. If you
cross her she will

have you washing floors and scrubbing pots until you beg for mercy. If
you are good and

do as she tells you she will make sure you have plenty of snacks.

She'll show your around, then after lunch I'll get with you and Joan and
give your

work assignments and show you to your rooms.

I followed sister Peggy into the kitchen and she proudly showed me
around. Her

gentle manner made me feel more welcome here than anyplace I had ever
been. Another

woman came scurrying in her big belly tenting out her apron. Seeing us
she said I love

having babies in my belly but I hate having to pee so much.

sister Peggy laughed and said I know what you mean, you just get over

sickness and think you have it made when you start pissing every ten
minutes. This is

sister Joanne she is rather outspoken but a very good cook.

Sensing my surprise at their conversation. sister Peggy said No we are
not your

typical nuns. We don't belong to the catholic church. We are followers
of father Robert.

Some of us work as surrogate mothers and have babies for couples who
can't have their

own and others we place for adoption. Many of the girls here have been
pregnant several

times. It may surprise you that I just missed my second period, my
belly will soon start

bulging and these will fill up. ( indicating her saggy boobs ) Then
looking at her still flat

belly she said. Sadly this will probably be my last as mother Mary says
I'm getting too old
doesn't want me to push it too far.

I looked at her in surprise and said You don't look as old as my mother and she is

only in her thirties.

sister Joanne chuckled and said flattery will get you places with sister Peggy, She

just turned forty five and has given birth to sixteen healthy babies She
was trying for

twenty but she got off to a late start.

Surprised, I said did you get to keep any? For a second I though I had
screwed up

by asking a personal question. Then she said You probably have met
sister Lori and

brother John. They are both my children. Some of the other sisters
also have children

living here. In time when you have proven yourself the others may tell
you about

themselves. Come give us a hand serving.

I pitched in and quickly felt like I belonged here. As we worked there
was a light

hearted chatter amongst the girls and a gently playfulness. It was
common to see the girls
touching each others swollen bellies or brushing a nipple. As soon as
the food was on the

two tables we sat down and joined the others.

Looking around I noticed besides brother John there was another teenaged

both were wearing shorts but no shirts and it was obvious they didn't
spend all day sitting

around. Both were hunks. At the head of our table was father Robert he
too was dressed

in shorts but he was also wearing a shirt.

With everyone eating conversation was at a minimum. What conversation

light and mixed with laughter. All in all a happy place. Just when I
thought it was to idyllic

I heard someone snap at a girl across the table. sister Ann who was
sitting near to them

barked at them like a whip and they stopped. No one else payed the
incident any more


After lunch I was approaching sister Ann when I saw her talking to the
two girls. I

heard her say "In my office at three." The tone of her voice sent
shivers thru me.

Just then Joan came over to me beaming. She said this place is neat. I
really like it


sister Ann heard her and turned towards us, smiling. We have our rules,
if you

mess up be prepared to pay the price. Now let's go to my office and get
your work

assignments, then I'll show you to your rooms.

Joan was assigned to work in the barn caring for the animals and I was
assigned to

the garden to learn Beth's job. Our next surprise came when we were
shown to our


We were assigned to individual rooms. sister Ann warned us against
going into

another room, unless we were invited. She also told us that we had to
keep it clean and we

would be inspected every week.

sister Ann left us saying sister Lori or one of the other sisters would
be along in a

few minutes to finish our tour.

I was laying on my bed pondering my new situation when a knock on my

brought me back to real time. sister Lori opened the door and came in.
She was carrying

two tall glasses full of lemonade and handed one to me. She was nude
and quite pregnant.

She came over and sat on my bed giving me a close view of her.

She asked how I liked what I had seen and how I was feeling. I told her
that I

thought I would like it here and that it sure beat living on the street
and with my parents.

sister Lori appeared to be studying my body, then she asked. Do you

Her question caught me totally off guard. I started to lie and say no
but instead I told her I

had on occasion but lately I was too busy just surviving.

She shivered at my last comment and said I can't imagine what that was
like. I've

lived with mom all my life and we get along great since we left dad.

By now my curiosity made me ask. If you live here with your mother how
did you

get pregnant? No sooner had the words slipped from my mouth than I
apologized for

being nosy.

sister Lori patted my leg telling me it was ok then she told me she was
having the

baby for a couple and had been impregnated with his sperm.

I voiced my surprise at her willingness to get pregnant so young. She
laughed at

that then said I've already turned eighteen. A lot of people think I'm
much younger. I'm

so used to it now I have fun shocking people.

I asked if she liked being pregnant. Her face lit up as she said AS
soon as this ones

out I going to have another planted in me, I love it. Well we better
get moving I'm

supposed to show you the barn, animal pens, exercise room and then the

As we made the rounds I met the rest of the girls I had seen at lunch.
Several times

I had seen men walking around but was never introduced to them. They
all had some

clothing on but I was too busy to ponder the situation.

The exercise room was unlike anything I had ever seen. Many of the
pieces of

equipment had dildos mounted where you sit but over in a corner were a
row of seats with

skinny dildos. The dildos appeared to be fixed to the seat and there
was a gauge and light

next to the seat.

I asked sister Lori what they were for. She grinned and told me to try
one. As I

did, she settled her pussy down on the one next to me. She reached over
and pushed a

button on my chair. Slowly I felt the dildo inflate in my pussy.

sister Lori grinned as she said you are supposed to use your muscles to

the dildo. The harder you squeeze the higher the needle goes. When you
get real good at it

there is a valve under the chair that makes it harder to squeeze the

I strained and strained but could only get the needle to go half way.
We tried

several other machines before going out to the pool. sister Lori told
me we are to exercise

for an hour each day and swim for another hour.

I asked why all the exercise after working half the day. sister Lori
said father
Robert doesn't like fat people and with some of us having babies on
after another the

exercise helps up enjoy the pregnancies. Besides it is a fun time to
get together.

She leaned close to me in the water and put her hand on my pussy mound.

whispered in my ear next to your bed is a drawer full of toys get used
to using them on

yourself. With that she gave my pussy lips a playful pinch and swam

Her pinch did something strange, it set my pussy tingling. I had never
felt like this

before. Trying not to be obvious I tried rubbing it but that just made
it worse. Suddenly

some one yelled "GRAB ASS!" and I found myself in a tangle of groping
hands and

splashing bodies as everyone in the pool groped each other. My pussy got fingered and my

nipples got tweaked countless times. Sometimes the touches were gentle
other times

rough. After a few minutes it calmed down as everyone stopped to catch
their breath.

My nipples were hard as rock and my pussy was on fire. Looking around I

see that I wasn't the only one.

I heard someone call my name and turned around just in time to bump into

Ann. We apologized to each other as we held on to each other. At first
I was just looking

at her face then something made me look down at her boobs. She didn't
have much of any

boobs in the way we are used to seeing them. If it wasn't for her huge
cone shaped areola

she would be flat. However what really made me stare was her nipples.
They were over as

inch long and as thick as my thumb. They looked like they had caught
more than there

share of pinches and tweaks.

sister Ann blushed a bit then said mother Mary keeps telling me that
they will stop

growing if I leave them alone but every time I think about not touching
them I find myself

touching them. Now I'm addicted to having them played with. We all
have our

weaknesses don't be embarrassed by yours, enjoy it.

At that she swam off. I swam the length of the pool delighting in the
feel of the

water against my nude body. I was so fucking horny I was ready for
anyone with a hard


I was soaking up the sun and drying off when I sensed some one standing
over me.

Opening my eyes I saw a bald pussy with two of the longest inner lips
imaginable. Each

one had a gold ball hanging from it. At the top of her pussy slot was
something that

looked like a baby's cock. Looking up further I saw a pair of nipples
that made sister
Ann's look small. These nipples capped small areola on the ends of huge
dangling boobs.

Her boobs looked like she could feed a small army if they were full of
milk. Finally my

eyes met those of mother Mary.

She knelt next to me and said I need to give you several more shots and

another blood sample. I can do it here or you can come back to my

I glanced around at the others but no one was paying any attention to
us. mother
Mary soothingly said I do it all the time. The girls that have been
here a while are so used

to me sticking them they don't even wake up.

As she stuck me with her needles my mind flashed back to last night.
Was I just

dreaming or did someone stick me? Before I could wonder about that
Mother Mary said

this one will sting a bit but try to be still. She wasn't kidding I
didn't feel the needle but I

sure felt the stuff going in.

She wiped the spot after removing the needle and told me to keep
pressure on it

for a minute then she kissed me. As she got to her feet she dangled her
boob in my face

and said in case you are wondering yes they do have milk in them. Have
a taste.

Wrapping my mouth around her nipple made her quiver then the milk

flowing. Patiently she stood there letting me suckle her.

Faintly I heard her say something like I'm going to enjoy having her
around. Eager

to please I kept up my sucking until I felt her fidget. Letting her
nipple free I said That's

the first time I have tasted mothers milk. Now I know what I missed
sucking on a damn


She laughed and said there is always plenty around here just ask and you
will have

all you can drink from anyone. I kissed her retreating nipple then
watched her go over to

Joan and repeat what she had done to me.

My pussy was tingling so I decided to go in the pool to cool it off. It
didn't help so

I went to my room and fingered myself to several climaxes before dinner.

At dinner I drank several glasses of the lemonade. After dinner sister Lori told me

there is always a big picture of it in the lounge of the dorm.

Later I was in my room reading, I heard a knock and the door opened and
in came

sister Lori she had two open cokes in her hands and gave me one. She
sat down and we

talked until I finished my coke, then she left. A little while later I
was sleepy and fell


During the night I had another dream that someone stuck a needle in my
clit and

also in my nipples. I also dreamed that something was sucking on my
clit and nipples half

the night. It was all so hazy that it had to be a dream.

Every morning I would wake up remembering the same dream and I would get

horny thinking about it. It seemed that every chance I got I was
teasing my nipples or clit.

At first I was self-conscious about it but I noticed other girls doing
it even when

they were working. First thing in the mornings it was getting so bad I
would have to really

frig my pussy until I had several climaxes before breakfast.

My clit was always swollen from all the attention but I couldn't leave
it alone. I

went to mother Mary and told her about my problem. She asked if I had
any trouble going

to sleep.

I told her that sister Lori or one of the other sisters would always
stop by and

bring me a coke. We would sit and talk then I would fall asleep after
they left. She made

some notes then gave me a jar of cream and told me to rub some on my
clit when it

bothered me.

After that day I would often wake up with a damp spot on the bed under
my pussy
and my pussy drooling girl juice. No longer did I have to search for my
clit for now its

rosy tip was always peeking out waiting for attention.

Before I went to my classes I would put a big gob on my clit and that

usually get me thru.

My dreams started including a man fucking me after the needle in my
clit. Other

that my pussy drooling I could see nothing to substantiate my dreams
although my clit

always was very tender and red when I woke up.

Mind you I'm not complaining I've come to love the constant tingle in my

parts. I've noticed that the other girls often are touching themselves,
even some of the

sisters. sister Lori admitted to me just the other day that her pussy tingles all the time and

she has a hard time keeping her hands off it.

I was so glad that this place was not some tight ass religious nuts.
Father Robert

was strict with us but sexual abstinence was not his hangup. I had come
to believe that

father Robert was responsible for a number of the swelling bellies
around here but no one

said anything about it.

Last week if finished my period. My second since being here. I began
to wonder if

I had been just dreaming about someone fucking me at night I thought
that if it had been

real I would be pregnant by now. What I didn't know was, they knew more
about my

body than I did and they were manipulating it. I also didn't know I was
about to get a

quick education.

I had come to enjoy the nightly visit by one of the sisters. More and
more our talks

had a sexual overtones with occasional light touches but most of those
were look at mine

while I look at yours. No one had made overt sexual advances toward me.
mother Mary and sister Ann did encourage me to use the sex toys in my

When I started taking them out and using them while the sisters would be
visiting me in

my room at night they would encourage me to really give my clit and lips
hard workouts. I

would sip the coke they brought me with one hand and frig myself with
the other.

sister Ann introduced me to putting clips on my clit and lips as well as
my nipples.

From then on, mother Mary or sister Ann would often come to me and put
clips on me

during the day.

Most nights my clit would be raw by the time I fell asleep. About half
the time I

would fall asleep with my pussy sucking on a dildo I had stuffed in it.

Almost exactly one week after finishing my period mother Mary came into

room first thing in the morning and woke me. She had me get up and
follow her to the

clinic without even letting me stop to pee. She needed to run a few
tests before I ate or

drank anything.

One day I made a comment to one of the older girls about mother Mary and

tests. I was firmly told never to say anything about them because if
Mother Mary got mad

she could make life hell. Then the girl asked me if I had seen any one
sick other than

morning sickness. I told her I hadn't. The girl said see we have all
learned to trust her. If

she says she needs to stick you with a horse needle you just stick your
butt out and let her

stick you

Well this morning I was following mother Mary without question and since
I was

still half asleep I just followed quietly. She led me into an exam room
and had me get on a

exam table, telling me to relax.

The lights in the exam room were soft so I closed my eyes as she put my
feet in the

stirrups and adjusted them. Feeling something soft around my ankles I
opened my eyes to

see my feet strapped to the stirrups.

mother Mary smiled and said relax my child this will be over soon,
meanwhile lay

back and relax. father Robert has decided that it is time for you to
become one of us. In a

few minutes he will join us and make you part of our family. You see
for the price of a fix

and a case of booze your parents let us adopt you. By now she had also
strapped my

hands down.

Ever since you have been here you have been fed hormones to simulate

sexual appetite and the sensitivity of your sexual organs. The cokes
you have been

drinking were drugged to make you sleep. During the night you were
injected with other

substances to enhance the growth and senitivity. We have also done some
other things so

that your body has become addicted to sex and the enhancing drugs.

One girl who tried to run away, came back crying and begging to be let
in. The

drug I'm about to inject in you is a double edged sword. In moderate
doses it is used to

give pleasure. In large doses it gives pleasure and pain plus it takes
days for your clit to

stop twitching. Remember the day in the dinning room when those two
girls started


I nodded yes. Well those two girls had their clits force fed for over
an hour, four

times that day. Their clits are just starting to calm down now!

Weakly, I said, I promise to be good, please don't hurt me. mother Mary
gave me

one of her warming smiles and said relax child this is the same as
you've been getting

every night. With that she wiped my pussy with an alcohol wipe then
slid a small needle

into my clit.

I felt a prick and a mild sting as I tensed. In a soothing tone she
said relax don't

fight it. You can't go back now.

I laid there whimpering softly with pain and humiliation. I no longer
had control

over my life and if I understood right my body was now their toy. The
fact that It was

hard for me to hate mother Mary added to my humiliation. Everyone here
is so nice it is

hard not to like them. Finally I was beginning to understand more about
this place.

mother Mary pulled the needle out of me and said There that wasn't so
bad. I

thought that, That was easy for her to say it wasn't her clit that felt
like millions of tiny

ants were running around in.

A needle prick in my right nipple told me it was far from over. mother Mary

worked quietly and professionally. She acted like this was the most
usual thing in the

world. She had just finished with my second nipple when the door opened
and in came

father Robert dressed in a long flowing robe.

mother Mary greeted him warmly then approached him. With a small
covered tray

in her hand she knelt before him opening his robe. I watched in stunned
silence as she

pulled the uncut foreskin back revealing the shiny purple head.
Tenderly she wiped the

head of his cock then inserted the needle of a small syringe in it.

father Robert stood there looking me over as if nothing was happening to

cock. When the syringe was empty mother Mary held a piece of gauze on
his cock for a

minute. She then sucked his hardening cock in her mouth and sucked on
it until it was

rock hard and over nine inches long.

father Robert reached down and grasped her nipples between his fingers
and lifted

her to her feet. Without easing his grasp he kissed her passionately
and pulled her against

his body.

mother Mary offered no resistance, in fact it appeared that she enjoyed

attentions. Their mouths parted and mother Mary said. She is ready she
popped an egg

just yesterday and it should now be in the perfect position for your
heavenly sperm to

make a baby in her.

As father Robert moved between my trapped legs he asked Where is sister Peggy

and sister Ann ? They so enjoy watching me plant babies.

With that the door opened and in came sister Ann, sister Peggy, sister Joanne and

sister Lori. sister Ann had suction cups on her nipples and some sort
of suction device

hanging from her clit. All of these had tubes going to something in her

sister Lori came over and caressed my face telling me that I would love

pregnant and that father Robert makes pretty babies.

I tested my bonds and cried out but I'm too young for babies I'm still a

girl. My protests fell on deaf ears as father Robert teased my pussy with his dripping wet

cock head. He pushed gently lodging the head tightly in my opening then
with a strong

shove he drove his cock deep in me. After a few slow strokes I felt his
massive sperm

filled balls slapping my ass, as he picked up speed.

He cock was much larger than any other I had taken and it was knocking
the air

out of me as he bottomed out against my cervix.. My protests had faded
to whimpers and

grunts as my body betrayed my protests. My hips started to met his
thrusts and my pussy
was starting to suck on his cock like it had the countless times before
to the dildos I had

stuffed in there.

Soon I felt his cock head expanding until it felt like a baseball racing
up and down

my pussy hole. His strokes became much shorter and his expanding cock
head massaged

my cervix causing it suck at his drooling cock juices like a starving

My body was saying fuck me, fuck me as I feebly muttered "please don't

me up."

The sisters had closed in around me and were teasing my nipples and clit
as father
Robert brought me to a gut wrenching climax. Instead of stopping he
kept on thrusting.

He hadn't come yet! I felt and even bigger climax building in me. My
pussy had gone

completely nuts.

father Robert JAMMED his cock in me and I felt it tremble and gush
boiling hot

sperm deep into my womb in search of my egg. My body went limp except
for my still

quivering, sucking pussy.

father Robert wasn't in any hurry to pull his magnificent cock out of
me. Dimly I

heard him complement sister Ann and sister Lori for bringing him such a
fine breeder. He

said he was going to enjoy keeping my belly full of babies.

I felt total humiliation wash over me as I heard them talk about me like
a prize cow

that they had purchased for breeding stock. Again my body betrayed me,
my hips began

gently fucking his still hard cock.

father Robert called out "She's ready again." Then the dance began again

exactly like the last. This time when he finished blasting his baby
juice deep into my core

he pulled out and one of the sisters stuffed a pillow under my butt.
Then I felt something

sucking on my still throbbing clit. I heard a faint pulsing hum as this
thing tried to milk my


sister Ann appeared next to me gently caressing my belly. She said.
You have been

blessed by our father and his seed is planted in you. He has made you
one of us and has

asked me to train you to be my assistant and help sister Lori and I
recruit new girls to our

flock. In time our other breeders will plant their seed in you so we
can meet the ever

growing demand for our babies.

My body told my brain I didn't have any choice. After being "milked" to

more climaxes by sister Ann's clit milker she let me up and helped me to
the bathroom.

After I had gone I expected to see father Roberts juices drip out but
all that came out was

a few pearls of my own girl honey from my most recent climaxes.

I stopped in front of a mirror and was shocked to see how hugely swollen
and red
my pussy is as well as passion bites all over my boobs and belly.

Taking my hand sister Ann said come sister had made a special breakfast
for you

then we'll go over to the pool until it's time for father Robert to feed
your belly again.

After lunch mother Mary came for me. As we walked to the clinic my
brain was

telling me this is wrong but my pussy is getting tingly just thinking
about what is to come.

I knew it was pointless to protest further. father Robert had already
shot enough sperm in

me to knock up a dozen women.

mother Mary strapped me to the exam table but left my arms free. She
then raised

my head so I could watch her inject my poor raw clit. As she worked she
said In time you

will be doing this to yourself. You should feel honored that father Robert has chosen you

to become a recruiter. In a lot of ways you are like sister Lori.

father Robert came in and this time he kissed my belly as mother Mary
got his

cock ready. The other sisters didn't come in this time but mother Mary
sure did her best

to get me aroused.

After dinner I was subjected to the whole thing again. At bedtime
Sister Lori came

to me with the customary coke. Reluctantly I took it from her, looking
at it as if it was

contaminated. sister Lori smiled and said you can have mine if you
want. I put just enough

to help you fall asleep but this is the last time you will have anything
in your coke.

sister Lori is right I do love being pregnant by the time my period was
supposed to

come I knew I was definitely sure I was pregnant. I had a slight
fluttering in my tummy

every morning that quickly passed.

As the weeks past the morning sickness passed and I truly delighted in
having my

belly swell with father Robert's baby. I love the changes to my boobs and the frequent

"milkings" of my nipples has made them almost as big as sister Ann's.
My pussy mount

has stayed swollen and I think it is getting bigger too. Joan has also
been impregnated by

father Robert but she hasn't been selected to become a sister yet.


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