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HANDICAPS cum this much before course


Handicaps Satyr

The park was almost deserted even though it was a beautiful summer day.
Most people hung out in the other park across town, because it was bigger
and the city had let this one run down.

The three boys were just hanging out inside the monkey bars when they
saw the girls. There were four of them, the two in the center were holding
hands and the group was walking toward the swings. All four were cute the
boys quickly noticed, and about the same age as the boy themselves, 12.

"Okay I get the two blonds in the middle. Randy you get the one with
short brown hair, and Tony you can have the one with the long brown
ponytail." Tyler said,

"Gee, you're generous today. You sure you don't want all four for
yourself." Tony said sarcastically, thinking that he wouldn't have minded
having the one with the long ponytail. As if that was going to happen.

"Well normally I would," Tyler said, "But our team is playing yours
tonight and I've got to save some energy to hit home runs with."

"Yeah, Right." Randy piped up. But the sad truth was that Tyler
probably would hit at least one home run tonight, he usually did. Tyler
was the kind of kid who was good at everything. Football, basketball,
baseball, even school. And his body looked like one of the ancient Greek
statues, and those old greek artists were supposed to be very good at
picking boys to model. Randy wondered if he might be gay because he
thought that Tyler was so good looking, but decided for the thousandth time
that he wasn't because he thought the four girls were good looking too.

Randy figured he was a little better than average looking and Tony was
defanately average, but Tyler was definately a stud god. He also figured
that being Tyler's best friend would pay dividends when they got a little
older and he could pick up Tyler's cast-offs.

The girls had stopped at the swing set and one of the blonds was holding
the swing while the other blond sat down.

"Are you sure you'll be okay here?" the standing blond was asking.

"Of course."

"We'll be back in about 30 minutes."


The boys watched the 3 girls walk away, admiring their butts gently

"C'mon" Tyler said and the boys crawled out of the monkey bars and
started walking over to the girl on the swings. The girl didn't seem to
pay any attention to them until Tyler said "Hi."

She jumped at little in her seat and turned toward them. "Hi."

"I'm Tyler, and this is Randy and Tony." Tyler said pointing at each of
the other boys. Up close she was very pretty, she had hair that hung just
below her shoulders and looked like the girl 'Annie' on 'So Weird', only
younger and with bigger tits. Her eyes were a pretty blue but it seemed
like she never blinked.

"Hi. I guess I already said that. I'm Becky." She was kind of looking
past Tyler's left shoulder, Tyler looked back but there was nothing there.
He was thinking she was kind of spacey when she added, "I'm kind of blind."

The boys looked at each other. They'd never known anyone who was blind
before. But she seemed nice so they leaned against the rails of the swing
set and started talking. They soon discovered that Becky like a lot of the
same tv shows that they did, though she could only listen. She liked some
of the music they did, but was more into oldies rock 'n roll like the
Beatles, Eagles and Alice Cooper. She seemed really normal except that she
kept staring off into space while she talked.

They'd been talking for about fifthteen minutes when she started to look
a little uncomfortable. "Guys, could you do me a big favor?"

"Sure." said Tyler who was usually the spokesman of the group.

"It's a little embarrassing." The boys looked at each other without a

"I need to go to the bathroom. Melissa said there's a restroom building
real close. Could you take me?"

"Sure, we understand." Tyler said and reached down and took her hand and
pulled her up. "Just follow me." And he started off toward the restroom in
the center of the park, holding Becky's hand as they walked. Randy and
Tony followed behind.

As they got closer, Tyler had a sneaky thought and holding a finger in
front of his lips he looked at each of the other boys and then led Becky
toward the men's room side of the building. "Here we are."

"Could you see if there's anyone in there to help?"

Randy walked up to the door and knocked, there was no answer. "Anyone
in there?" he called. Still no answer. Then he opened the door and looked
inside. "Sorry Becky, there's no one in there."

"Oh well. Could you take me in and kind of describe it for me. I know
it's a lot to ask. It's real embarrassing."

"No problem." Tyler said. Randy held the door open and Tyler guided her
inside with Randy and Tony following them. "It's kind of a mess. They
don't take care of it real well. There's three sinks to your right. The
one in the middles got a bird's nest in it, but the other two look like
they work. And there's three toilets in front of you, but I'm afraid
there's no stalls, there just out in the open. And then there's some
urinals on the left wall, they're left over from when this used to be the
men's room. The toilets are about six feet in front of you"

"Thanks a lot guys. You can go outside now. Sorry I had to drag you
into the ladies's room." The boys walked over to the door and Randy opened
it but they stayed inside. Becky stood there for several seconds just
listening. "Are you there?" No one answered.

She walked forward and after about three steps leaned forward and
started waving her hand around as she inched forward until she felt the
toilet. She stood in front of it and turned around so that now she was
facing the boys standing by the door. "I couldn't have waited another
minute" she said to herself as she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and
lifter it over her head. Then she unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down
to her ankles.

Underneath she was wearing a blue and white one piece swimming suit.
She reached up and pulled one of the shoulder straps down and then the
other, then she lifter her elbows up, stuck her thumbs under the suit at
the armpits and started pushing down until both of her large breasts popped
out of the suit.

Tony was starting to breath heavy now and Tyler reached over and clamped
his hand over Tony's mouth, giving him a stern look. "Is someone there?"
Becky asked as she stopped pushing her swimsuit down. Tony nodded to Tyler
and Tyler took his hand away. All three boys stared at the first tits they'd ever seen in real life. Randy felt his penis expanding and reached
down to adjust it in his jeans, then noticed that Tyler and Tony were doing
the same thing.

Becky's suit was hugging her ribs just below her tits, she cocked her
head listening, but didn't hear anything more. She reached up and grabbed
the suit again and started pushing it down further. First to her stomach
and then her hips, and then one final push and the boys were treated to the
sight of her uncovered pussy. There was a large patch of blond hair, just
a little darker than the hair on her head.

Becky stood still for a few seconds and her swimsuit settled around her
ankles and then sat back on the toilet letting her knees go wide giving the
boys a great view of her completely exposed pussy, the lips spread open.

All three boys had been rubbing the front of their jeans and now Tyler
pulled his zipper down and reached inside to free his erect cock, He licked
his hand and started moving it up and down the five inch pole. Tony and
randy immediately followed his lead and within seconds all three boys were
pumping furiously as they watched Becky sit on the toilet.

Randy couldn't help noticing as he glanced down for a second that his
hard-on was bigger than Tyler's and a lot bigger then Tony's. He looked
back at Becky and enjoyed the feeling of his hand moving up and down his
cock. He tried to imagine what it would feel like if Becky rubbed it with
her hand, or better yet, her mouth, or better yet... and he came.

Tyler looked down at Randy and couldn't believe how much stuff was
shooting out, then he started coming and was just as amazed at himself.
He'd never cum this much before, of course he'd never jerked off in the
same room as a naked girl before. Tony felt his own orgasm build up but as
it exploded nothing came out since he hadn't started shooting sperm yet.
He was embarrassed as he looked at the puddles below Tyler and randy.

Becky had stood up and started wiping herself with some toilet paper
that had been on top of the toilet tank. She threw the paper behind her
into the bowl and reached back and flushed. Then she reached down and
rubbed her pussy, "That Tyler sure sounded cute, I wish I could check out
his butt." then she reached down and started pulling her swimsuit back on.
After a minute she was dressed and felt her way over to the sinks and
washed her hands. The boys quietly moved away from the door. Becky dried
her hands on the cloth roll that hung down in front of the sink and then
inched her way toward the door.

As she got close, Randy was afraid she was going to slip in one of the
puddles that he and tyler had made, but luckily she stepped over it and
pushed the door open. As she stepped out the boys moved out behind her.
"Guys, are you still here?" She yelled.

The boys had moved a few feet away and Randy said "We're right here."

"Thanks for waiting. Could you take me back to the swing, that's where
Melissa and her friends are supposed to meet me.

As they got back to the swings, the boys saw the other three girls coming and quickly said goodbye and left. Melissa and the other girls were
gigging as they got to Becky. "Well?" Melissa asked as they watched the
boys walk away.

"All men are pigs." Becky said. "Those turkeys would take advantage of
a poor little blind girl. They stayed in the bathroom while I pretended to
pee. They even jerked off. Just because they thought I was blind and
couldn't see them. All men are pigs. But Randy, he's the one on the left
sure had a cute little woody."

The girls laughed and started to walk home. "It sure feels good to be
able to blink again." Becky added.


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