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HANSON1 young body little pre cum dripped


If you are under 18 and/or are easily offended, then please don't

Warning: This contains explicit sexual content of a homosexual type
between two Hanson brothers(Zac and Tay). If the above offends
you, then don't continue.
Note: Before I continue, I'd just like to say that I am not a Hanson
Hater. I think they sing really well, I still can't get MMMBOP out
of my head. I have the utmost respect for Issac, but I think
that Taylor and Zac look WAY too much like girls with thier long
hair. Some people look good with it, some don't. Besides, some of
you must of fantisized a scenario like this...I know I have :)
Tay and Zac celebrate a great concert

Five songs, two encores, and a huge ovation later, Zachary
Issac, and Taylor Hanson finally returned to thier dressing room pumped with
adrenaline. Issac quickly got himself cleaned up, and left, saying,

"I'll wait for you guys outside...Don't take too long!"

Zac and Tay nodded, and watched as Issac left the room.
Immediatly after the door closed, they both launched forward and kissed each
other passionatly, both boys tongues slipping into each others mouth. When
they broke up, Zac could see passion for his little brother in Tay's eyes,
"Do you think we should tell Ike?" asked Tay

"Na, He probably'd get mad." Zac answered breathlessly from the kiss. His
long blond hair slick with sweat.

Tay and Zac had noticed weeks before that despite all the
screaming females throwing themselves at them, they just didn't feel the
same excitement that thier brother did. Right after thier contest about
a month ago, they had confided in each other the fact that they were probably
gay. A few weeks of experimenting, and Zac and Tay discovered that not only
were they not attracted to girls, but that they were attracted to each other.
This of course would not go over very well with thier brother, and especially
thier parents, so they would only express thier feelings for each other
in private.

Zac was the first to break the silence, by
looking at his watch, and reminding Tay that they only had 20 minutes, tops,
before Issac would get suspicious and come check on them. Tay acknoledged this
by quickly pulling Zac's shirt off, and struggling with his own shirt and
pants. In a few seconds they stood naked in front of each other, and they
noticed that, due to thier age, the only real hair on thier body was thier
heads. Both boys, seeing each other in this state, started to become erect,
and with this Tay jumped at Zac tossing him to the ground, and pinning him
there. With little time to get creative, Tay put Zac's only half erect penis
in his mouth, and let his tongue do the rest. Zac could not see exactly what
Taylor was doing, because Taylor's hair had fallen forward, acting as a
curtain, but Zac knew something was happening as he began feeling his
11 year old cock throbbing in his brother's mouth, and began thrusting to
attain maximum stimulation. Tay knew exactly how to make his brother feel
good, and started to slide his tongue slowly along the underside of Zac's
small dick head, gradually stopping at the top and tickling the slit at the
top. This drove Zac wild with passion, and he started whimpering and bucking
his hips off the floor, and smashing his hairless pelvis against his brothers
face. Tay could feel his brother's orgasm building, and he slowed down his
pace accordingly.

Zac was on the edge of his plateau, and could slowly
feel himself getting closer and closer to climax. Even though too young to
actually ejaculate, Zac's orgasms were still usually intense, and he felt
that this would be no exception. His long mane of hair was covering his
face, making it slick with sweat. His muscles tensed every few seconds as
the slow stimulation continued. His brother knew exactly how to torture him.

Tay loved seeing his 11 year old brother in
such throes of passion, that he felt his fully hard 14 year old cock
throbbing with desire, and awaiting it's turn. Tay could see his
brother's chest moving up and down, his breath coming out in squeaks now. He
knew it was time, and he began to quickly suck the small cock from shaft to
tip, and this combined with Zac's reflexive counter thrusting was enough to
slam Zachary over the edge and then some.

Zac's eyes and jaw clenched shut, and his
face twisted into a grimace of pleasure as his orgasm began. A loud moan
started deep in his throat, and resounded throughout the room. Zac
violently slammed his crotch against his brothers face, as the waves of
orgasm washed over his young body. A little pre-cum dripped out of small
cock as he continued to thrust like a maniac into Tay's mouth, until finally
he came down from his orgasm, and lay there breathing heavily.

Tay removed his brother's cock from his
mouth, and stared down at his face covered with hair.

"You really got into that!" Tay exclaimed.

"You were great..." Zac managed to utter.

Tay pulled up Zac's limp body against him, and hugged him. Suddenly, there
was a knock at the door.

"What are you guys doing in there?!" said Issac from the other side.

Tay and Zac quickly rushed to get dressed, and open the door. Issac stood
there with an impatient look on his face.

"We gotta go you two...Hurry up!"

They obidently followed thier brother, and Zac turned to Tay and whispered,

"I'll do you later...I promise!"

They continued out towards the car, and Ike turned around and regarded his
brothers, "It must have been a pretty hot concert for you guys, you are
still sweating!"

Both Tay and Zac smiled at each other, comforted in each other's lust.

To be continued...

Remember: Sexual contact of any kind can still be dangerous..Be Careful!


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