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HANSON2 spurt after spurt his young


Please do not continue if you are under 18 and/or are easily offended

Warning: The following contains explicit sexual content of a homosexual nature between two Hanson brothers(Taylor and Zac), so it involves
incest to some degree, and underage(Zac is 11, Taylor is 14) sexual
content. If the above offends you, then don't continue....
Tay Time

Being on the road was boring as Zac and Tay looked out
of the bus window at the quickly passing scenery. They had just left the
concert and, while Zac was satisfied from his and Tay's encouter earlier, Tay
was still really horny, and so he went to the front and approached Issac.

"Can we pull over? I gotta go to the bathroom" Taylor lied, crossing his
legs so as to hide his growing erection.

Ike looked peeved as he turned from his daydreaming out the window to face
his 14 year old brother.

"We just left town an hour ago! Ah, forget it. We might as well pull over
at that rest stop up ahead. I gotta ask for directions anyhow."

Tay smiled inwardly, and continued his charade, "Ok, but hurry up. I don't
know how much longer I can hold it!" Which to some degree, was true in one

As soon as the bus pulled to a complete stop, Tay grabbed his little brother,
Zac's arm, and pulled him out the door with him. To respond to Ike's curious
look, Tay explained,

"He really has to go too."

Issac just nodded his head, and let both boys fly past him on the way to
the "bathroom".

Meanwhile, Tay had pulled Zac into the forest
behind the bathroom stalls. They were deep enough so that nobody could
hear them, and they could hear if anybody was coming. When they stopped,
Tay looked down at his brother,

"Ok Zac, we don't have much time!"

Before could finish, Zac, reading Taylor's mind, bent down, and quickly
yanked down Tay's pants. Pulling down his boxers, Tay's fully erect cock
stood up stiffly to Zac's amazed eyes.

"Come on...I need to cum right away, or i'll go crazy!"

Tay was possessed by the sexual urge, and Zac smiled at the way he must feel
inside with all that tension. He started by slowly stroking Tay's cock back
and forth with his little hand, lapping at the clear drops of pre-cum that
leaked up with his small tongue.

Tay was furious! His brother knew just how to make
him cum, and he deliberatly keeping him writhing on his plateau, without
letting him go over.

"Come on! Use your mouth! I really need release!" Tay seethed at Zac.

Zachary looked up and smiled, watching the drops of sweat sliding down his
brother's brow, soaking into his long hair. He knew exactly how to torture
Taylor. Just enough stimulation so he would be mad with passion, but not
enough to let him cum. He had Tay in the palm of his hand...Literally!

"Not yet...I wanna see you squirm!"

Tay growled down at his brother in between moans of passion,

"You just wait and see. The next time I go down on you, i'll keep you on the
edge for a whole hour! You'll be crying for your orgasm when i'm done!"

Zac continued to brush his wet tongue across the slit, licking up the many
drops as they leaked out,

"Keep yelling at me, and I won't let you cum at all!"

Tay would like to have said something in comeback, but bolts of lightning
shot through his body, speeding up his breath so he couldn't talk..Only

Zac decided that he had tortured young Tay enough, and slowly sunk his
mouth over the head of his brother's 14 year old cock. Painfully slowly,
thrusting it in and out, holding back his brothers groin, running his fingers
through his pubic hair, preventing him from thrusting.

Tay could only throw back his head and moan, his hair was a tangled mess of
sweat, his face was red from exertion.

Suddenly, from just outside the woods, Zac heard Issac calling for them. Tay
was lost in a cyclone of pleasure, so he couldn't hear anything. The fear
welled up in 11 year old Zac's face, and in desperation he ended his torturing
and quickly fucked Tay's cock with his mouth.

The sudden stimulation on his throbbing dick was enough
to make Tay scream, uncharacteristicaly, "OH FUCK!!" As a earth shattering
orgasm slammed Tay's young body like a ton of bricks. His knees buckled, and
he fell to the ground, Zac's mouth still lached onto his cock, as he
blasted spurt after spurt of his young cum into his brothers mouth.

Still lost in passion, he screamed,


Zac tried to say, "I know!" but all that came out was a gurgle of Tay's
juice caught in his throat.

Finally Tay's huge orgasm subsided, and he lay there breathing heavily. Zac
leaned over, and whispered in his ear, "Hurry up and get dressed!" Tay
moaned in acknoledgement, and Zac ran out to meet Ike before he happened
upon his younger brother lying there, naked from the waist down, his cock
still oozing semen. On the way out, Zac spat the cum out of his mouth onto
the forest floor, and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. As Zac exited the
forest, he met up with Issac, and explained,

"Tay is gonna be a few more seconds."

Issac smiled as he said,

"What were you guys doing in there? I heard screaming!"

Zac, thinking quickly, answered, "Well, Tay really had to go."

At that moment, Tay stumbled out of the forest, and rendez-vous'ed with
his two brothers as they made thier way back to the bus. Before they
entered, Ike looked down and smiled,

"Hey Zac, we better get you a girlfriend quick!"

Zac looked down and noticed that in his excitement with Zac, he had become
aroused, and his small cock had hardened which caused a huge bump in the
front of his trousers! To make matters worse, it had even leaked a few drops
of pre-cum, and by this point, Zac was staring down at his crotch with
a face red with embarrasment, and Tay exclaimed in a joking voice, "Hey Zac,
couldn't hold it, eh?"

Zac put his hands in his pockets as he slinked onto the bus, his brother's
laughter ringing throughout the area.
The End

Remember: If you think you are responsible enough to engage in sexual contact,
then be responsible enough to know what precautions to take.


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