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Happy Families Part 1. (Mf,MF,Ff,Exhib,Teen,1st,Oral,Shower,Cons)

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.
Check out my archive at:-
This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age
of consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

By Davidb234
Part 1

Meg and I had been married for almost fifteen years, and very
happy they had been too. The one thing that made them a little less
than perfect was the fact we had no children. Meg is a teacher in a
local highschool and I work as a programmer for a rapidly growing
computer company. We found out after almost four years of trying that
neither of us was in the least bit fertile. Neither of us could
believe what the specialist said as we both came from large families.
I had four brothers and three sisters and Meg had two brothers and
three sisters, and the married ones all had a quiver full of
offspring. We accepted the inevitable and settled down to a life of
being an Aunt and Uncle to our siblings progeny and got close to all
of them as they grew up. We were always there when a babysitter was
needed, especially if it was for a long weekend, and all our nephews
and nieces knew they could come to us for help if they need it, and
didn't want their parents to know they were in trouble.

As in many families these days some marriages were doomed from
the beginning, certainly my sister Jane's was, her husband started
hitting on Meg just after the ceremony, and I had to put him firmly
in his place, very firmly. This put a strain on our relationship and
it wasn't until after the divorce that I actually got a sight of my
niece Jenny. She was a cute little thing of three, and before long
had become a part of our family as soon as she came to visit with her
mother. Over the next twelve years Jenny stayed with us on a regular
basis, mainly when Jane needed to be alone with her latest potential
'significant other'. As time went on Jane had less and less time for
Jenny, and Meg and I got into the situation where she was asking us
all the questions girls ask their mothers, the problem was we were
less qualified to answer them that most. Until that is Jenny came to
stay, arriving alone, and was soon sitting on my lap crying her heart
out. I'm not used to having weeping females on my lap, and was just
feeling a little out of my depth when Meg came in and said "What have
you done to that poor girl to make her cry. You big bully, give her
to me and go and find something to do." "But......" I started to protest,
"No buts, let me see to Jenny, you just leave us alone for a while."
Knowing when to argue, and when to keep quiet, I shrugged my
shoulders and stomped out of the room mumbling to myself in protest.
I made my way to my office and got immersed into some work I was in
the process of doing for a local firm. After a few minutes there was
a knock on the door and when I called 'come in' Meg came in all
contrite, put her arms round my neck and kissed me tenderly on the
cheek. "I'm so sorry darling, I jumped to the wrong conclusion
without letting you explain what was happening." I murmured something
about forgetting it, and letting me get on with some work, when she
said "All right darling, but after dinner I need to talk to you about
something that's cropped up, and it's important, OK?" I nodded and
turned back to what I was doing, eventually finishing just before Meg
called me down to eat. Dinner was fairly silent, Meg making
conversation with me and Jenny, I answered in monosyllables, and
Jenny in whispers. I did notice that Jenny was looking at me quite a
lot as she ate, and that she also gave me the odd smile when she saw
I was looking at her. With the dishwasher loaded Meg suggested we
went and sat in the Den and had a nice cup of tea. I went in closely
followed by Jenny, who sat beside me, and snuggled up close as we
waited for Meg to join us. Having Jenny sitting so close wasn't a new
experience, she'd been doing it for a number of years, since she was
six, actually. What was new was that she was now a very lovely young
woman, despite the fact she was only just about fifteen. I suddenly
began to feel uncomfortable at having her so close, but didn't want
to push her away in case it upset her. Meg came in and served the
tea; as we sat there sipping it Meg said casually "Jenny's been
assaulted David". I was just swallowing some tea, and I ended up
coughing and spluttering as I tried to expel what I'd taken into my
lungs when I gasped at her bald statement. Both Meg and Jenny spent
minutes slapping me on the back as I sought to regain my breath, both
of then were laughing at my misfortune, and that confused me. When I
could finally speak I said "All right Meg darling, I forgive you for
trying to drown me, but only if you explain why Jenny was laughing
after you told me she'd been assaulted." Meg grinned but Jenny
answered, "Aunt Meg said assaulted Uncle Dave, not raped. It stopped
before that happened, and the guy ended up being sorry he tried it."
It turned out that Jenny had been out on a date with a boy she knew
from school, and he got a bit too physical for her liking, tearing
her panties and her blouse as he tried to get at her. Jenny had
brought her knees up very quickly in an effort to protect herself,
and caught him between the legs, very hard. So hard he wasn't able to
drive, and Jenny was forced to walk home, all three miles of it. As
Jenny went home to an empty house, a not unusual occurrence, it
seemed, Jane knew nothing about what happened until the next day.
Even then she brushed it off as Jenny being a bit of a prude, and not
willing to learn how to interact with members of the opposite sex.
When Jenny asked her mother to explain it to her Jane turned round
and said 'I haven't got time, ask Aunt Meg next time you see her, I'm
sure she'll help you'.

Jenny climbed on to my lap and slipped her arms round my neck.
"The thing is Uncle Dave, I'm not a prude, I just didn't like what he
was doing to me, being so rough, instead of showing me what he wanted
me to do for him. Are all boys like that, Uncle Dave, so rough and
unfeeling, I mean?" I gave Jenny a gentle hug and said "I don't think
they mean to be rough Jenny, it's just that they're usually in so
much of a rush to get their hands on the nice bits of the girls
they're with. Most of them though, don't actually think about the
girls feelings. I suppose it's a teenage thing, most boys grow out of
it by the time they're thirty." We all chuckled at my joke then Jenny
laid her head on my shoulder and said in a soft voice "Will you show
me what I should do to make a boy be more gentle, please Uncle Dave,
I don't know anyone else that could do it better than you." I turned
my head and kissed her tenderly on the top of her head, "I'm afraid
not Jenny darling, that's really something you should get you mother
to talk to you about. I'll have a word with her when she comes to
collect you on her return from her trip, so she knows what's going
on. All right darling?" I could see Jenny was disappointed as she
said "Yes Uncle Dave, thanks for that" and slid off my lap to sit
between Meg and I. "Jenny" said Meg brightly, "Why don't you come and
help me make Uncle Dave a cup of tea before we all go to bed, it's
getting pretty late, and we could all do with a good nights sleep"
and with that she dragged Jenny off to the kitchen for a few minutes,
before they both came back, Jenny carrying my tea and smiling broadly
as if nothing was wrong in her life. When I was laying in bed with
Meg later on, having given Jenny a gentle kiss goodnight at the door
to her bedroom, she said to me "David darling, I don't often ask you
to do things you're really opposed to doing, do I?" "No Meg darling,
you don't, why, what've you got planned that you know I'm not going
to like?" And that's when I knew I was in for a troublesome weekend.
Meg came and snuggled up close to me, kissed me warmly on the lips
and said "Well darling, when we were making your tea, Jenny and I had
a little chat about her recent problem. It seems Jane refused to sign
her Sex Ed. Permission, saying that she was too young to be thinking
about sex, and she would get all the information she needed at home.
And we know what happened then, Jane refused to talk to Jenny about
the subject." Meg paused there for a moment, I suppose to let what
she was saying sink into my thick skull. "And?" I said softly. Meg
grinned at me, "And I think Jenny really needs to learn what boys are
all about, and be told how to look after herself, before it's too
late and she gets infected with something, or ends up pregnant. Both
those things would ruin her schooling, if not her life, and are so
un-necessary when prevention is so simple." I sighed, I had to make
an effort to resist, so I said "But it's still Jane's responsibility"
I said firmly, "And Jane's abrogated that responsibility by referring
Jenny to me. Can't you see darling, Jane hasn't got the courage to do
this, and she wants me to do it for her. The trouble is darling, I
can't do it alone, I'll need your willing help and active
participation if Jenny is going to grow up able to handle the
opposite sex." (And that's when I dug my own grave, climbed in and
pulled the turf in behind me.) "Oh, all right" I said "But there's a
limit to what I'm prepared to do", "Of course David darling" said Meg
brightly, "WE can only go as far as Jenny wants to, there can't be
any pressure put on her to do anything she doesn't want to, agreed?"
"Agreed" I said with a good deal of relief, "We only go as far as
Jenny wants." Meg gave me a soft warm kiss, "Thank you darling,
you're so kind hearted, that's why I love you so much" she whispered,
and we both closed our eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I woke to the smell of tea, and the sound of soft
voices, then opened my eyes to see Jenny sitting on the bed chatting
quietly to Meg. As soon as she saw I was awake Jenny said "Oh, I'm
sorry Uncle Dave, I didn't mean to wake you. Would you like a cup of
tea, it's all ready and waiting for you." I sat upright and said "Yes
please darling, I'd love one." Jenny poured my tea, passed it to me
by stretching over Meg's legs, and giving me a glimpse down the front
of her nightie at her firm young breasts as she bent over. I took the
tea and sat back, then Jenny returned to her place on the bed and sat
cross legged, Indian fashion. This of course stretched her nightie
across her knees for a moment or two, then the hem snapped up her
thighs and momentarily bared her down covered pussy. When Jenny felt
what was happening to her nightie she grabbed the hem and tucked it
down between her thighs, all without breaking off her conversation
with Meg, and not the slightest sign of embarrassment or concern at
having displayed herself to me. I decided to do the same, at least I
didn't ignore what had happened, I just didn't give any outward
indication that I'd seen anything. Inwardly I was on fire as I
thought about what I'd agreed with Meg the night before, and
physically I reacted too, I got a raging hard on, fortunately I
managed to keep it covered, and after a few minutes relaxed as it

When she saw I'd finished my tea Meg patted Jenny on the knee
and said "Come on Jenny darling, it's time for breakfast, why don't
you go and have your shower first, I want to have a word with Uncle
Dave." With a sweet smile Jenny assented bounced out of the bedroom,
and I soon heard the shower running as Meg turned to me and said "I
told Jenny what we agreed last night darling, I'm just wondering if
that little episode was her way of saying she's looking forward to
starting", "What episode do you mean?" I said in as even a voice as I
could muster. "Oh, come of David darling, you can't fool me, I know
you saw it as well as I did, and I bet you ended up with an erection,
didn't you?" With and ironic smile and chuckle I said "Well, what did
you expect, it was enough to raise the dead. I just hope Jenny didn't
see my reaction." It was Meg's turn to chuckle "Don't be silly
darling, of course she did, didn't you see the sparkle in her eyes as
she pressed her hand against herself. I did, and I also saw the moist
spot on her nightie when she got up to go. If I went into the
bathroom now I reckon she'd be getting herself off in the shower. I
tell you David, Jenny is in real need of some serious sexual guidance
before she makes a huge mistake and gets hurt. I think we should
start this morning." I had a job taking in what Meg was saying, but
before I could respond there was a knock on the bedroom door and
Jenny stepped half past the edge if the door and said "Bathrooms free
Aunt Meg", before turning round and going to her own room. Simple to
say, but it got me hard again, all Jenny was wearing was a small
towel tucked up around her breasts, and covering down to an inch
below her pussy. As she turned and took a step, she uncovered almost
all of her ass, that's when my erection returned. As Meg lay there
laughing quietly at my discomfort I said "OK Meg darling, I see that
she needs to be taught what happens when she does that sort of thing.
How do we start?"

After breakfast Jenny sent me into the Den with a cup of coffee
while she helped Meg do the dishes. When they joined me Jenny came
straight in and sat on my lap, wriggled her bottom to get comfortable
and put her arms round me as she snuggled up close. As she lay her
head on my shoulder Jenny gave a deep sigh, when I slipped my arms
round her she sighed again this time though she also gave a soft
groan of pleasure. Meg sat in an arm chair opposite the sofa and
grinned at me as she watched Jenny give little wriggles as she lay in
my arms, her young body held tight against mine. After a few minutes
Jenny sat up, placed a soft warm kiss on my lips and said "Thanks
Uncle Dave, that felt wonderful, can I do it again later please?" I
smiled at her, "Of course you can darling, just so long as Aunt Meg
doesn't object." Jenny slipped off my lap and sat beside me, then Meg
said "Well tell me what you felt when you sat on Uncle Dave's lap,"
Jenny closed her eyes for a moment then said "Well, I felt all warm
and cuddly, I felt sort of... well safe, knowing he was holding me
close. I felt tingly in places when I felt his arms go round me,
and..." she paused, and I saw her cheeks start to turn pink, as if she
was blushing but trying not to. "Yes..." said Meg, "You felt something
else... what was it. Come on Jenny darling, you don't have to be shy
you know, we both want to help you." Jenny looked at me, grinned then
turned to Meg, "Well, I felt something move under my bottom when I
wriggled on Uncle Dave's lap." "And can you wonder at it?" I said,
"The way you were teasing me this morning, young lady." Jenny grinned
at me as Meg said "Oh, come off it David, you loved every minute of
it, you old fraud. I saw the effect it had on you." I chuckled for a
minute or two then, in a softer voice said "That's all very well, but
Jenny has got to realise what showing her body off can do to some
poor unsuspecting teenager."

"But I didn't do anything Aunt Meg" protested Jenny, "How could
I get Uncle Dave aroused by not doing anything?" Meg came and sat on
the sofa, with Jenny separating us, then took Jenny's hand in hers
and said "Jenny darling, you remember the chat we had this morning,
about the way boys and girls are made differently, and why?" Jenny
nodded, smiled and said "Yes, but I knew all that, about how people
do 'IT'. I saw mom with her boyfriends enough times, like I told
you." Meg smiled, "Yes, well do you remember I told you that men and
women have to be aroused before they can actually get their parts
together and do 'IT', as you call having sex. " Jenny nodded and Meg
continued "Well Jenny darling, most of that arousal is done by
touching and looking at your partners body. When you let your nightie
slip up your legs this morning, Uncle Dave saw your naked vagina,
just like you meant him to." Jenny blushed bright red and gasped out
"OH... how did you know I......?" Meg smiled gently "Jenny darling, I saw
the gleam in your eye when it happened, I also saw the tiny wet patch
on you nightie when you got off the bed."

Jenny looked down at her knees as Meg continued "There was also
the moment you showed him your naked bottom when you only had your
towel on after your shower. He really enjoyed that too you know"
Jenny turned and looked at Meg, "I'm sorry Aunt Meg, I didn't realise
it would have that effect, I only did it for a bit of fun, honest."
She paused for a moment then said, "Did it really give Uncle Dave an
erection?" Meg nodded, "Yes darling, both times", "And when I sat on
his lap as well?" Meg nodded, "But I didn't show him anything that
time," said Jenny, in a confused voice. "You didn't have to darling"
said Meg, "All you had to do was sit on his lap and his memory did
the rest. You see Jenny darling, sexual arousal is mostly in the
mind. The majority of women would never get aroused by the sight of a
naked woman, some that are bisexual would but they're slightly
different. It's the same with men; most men aren't aroused by naked
men. Again the bisexual and homosexual ones are different. It's just
the majority of men that will get aroused by the sight, and touch of
parts of a female body. It's also true that most men will get aroused
quicker at the sight of a young female body."

All this time Jenny was sitting enthralled at what Meg was
saying to her, and as Meg paused Jenny gasped "WOW". Meg smiled, it
seemed she was enjoying what she was doing, and also enjoying the
reaction she was getting from Jenny. "There is a slight problem here
though Jenny, and that is that despite the fact that men get aroused
by young girls, most of them can't do anything but look, and dream.
This is because if they ever got caught touching an underage girl,
they would end up in prison for a very long time." Jenny sat upright,
looked at me then at Meg, "But, you said Uncle Dave had agreed to
show me..." Meg nodded "Yes darling, he did, and he knows what could
happen if things went wrong. That's why you have to be very sure you
want this, and you have to be sure you want Uncle Dave and I to help
you with it. Jenny darling, we trust you not to tell anyone about
what happens in this house, or the things we all do together. Uncle
Dave and I would never make you do something you objected to, we
won't force you to do anything at all, except be honest with us all
the time. We'll do it because we love you, and because we don't want
to see you getting into trouble because you don't understand
something very simple."

Jenny turned back to me, then got up and sat on my lap again,
grinned wickedly as she wriggled her bottom on my groin, then said
"You'd really take that risk for me Uncle Dave?" I stroked one of her
cheeks with my hand then kissed her tenderly on the lips, "Yes Jenny
darling I would. I'd risk anything to see you grow up into a
beautiful sensual woman, that missed out on all the bad things in
life because I was able to help in some small way" I saw a tear
forming in the corner of her eye and reached up to kiss it away, I
then felt Jenny's lips on mine as she gave me a deep warm sensuous
kiss that seemed to last for hours. When she pulled her lips off mine
Jenny said softly "In that case Uncle Dave, I think I'd better make
sure I learn all I can from you and Aunt Meg so I don't disappoint
either of you, when do we start?" "I guess we've started" said Meg,
"Unless you've lost all sense of feeling in your bottom." Jenny
wriggled about on my lap again and said "OH, I see what you mean. Did
I do that with a simple kiss?" "DO what?" I asked innocently, "Make
this bulge I'm sitting on, it wasn't there when I came and sat on
your lap, but it was there when I'd kissed you. I felt it growing
while I was kissing you actually. I suppose that's what happened when
I kissed that boy from school. He got hard and thought I wanted him
to do more?" Meg giggled as she said "What you have to understand
Jenny darling, is that when a male gets an erection it's because his
penis is being pumped up hard with blood, and most of it seems to be
taken from their brains, so most men start to think with their penis.
It's just a man thing darling, what you have to do is find one that
can still think clearly while he has an erection. Someone like Uncle
Dave." Jenny lay her head on my shoulder and said "What does an
er......", she stopped suddenly when she realised what she was going to
be asking, "What does an erection look like?" said Meg, and Jenny
gave a nod of her head as she hid her face in my shoulder.

"Jenny" said Meg softly; Jenny looked up at Meg as she smiled
at her, "Yes Aunt Meg" Jenny responded, "Jenny darling, it's no use
you being embarrassed about asking questions, any questions. If you
don't understand, or if you simply want to know something, all you
have to do is ask. Uncle Dave won't be embarrassed, nor will I. It's
the same with using words I'm sure your mother has always told you
never to use, probably on pain of a beating of some sort." Jenny
grimaced and nodded, then said "Yes, but they're words I hear all the
time at school and on the street. Is it only at home they're wrong?"
I gave Jenny a gentle squeeze with my arms and put in my own two
pennyworth. "No Jenny darling, the opposite is true. Those words you
hear in school are best used in the home, but between lovers and in
the correct context. They're not words of abuse, they're words that
describe things in a different way, at a different time. Let's just
try something shall we." I gently pushed Jenny into an upright
position then told her to turn her back to me. "Right, I want you to
hold my hands lean your head back on my shoulder and close your
eyes." She did this, and I placed a soft kiss on her cheek and saw
her smile as she enjoyed it. "Right Jenny darling, what I want you to
do is say aloud the words I'm going to whisper in your ear. Just keep
your eyes closed all the time, OK?" Jenny nodded as best she could, I
then placed my lips close to her ear and whispered "Penis" very
softly, "Penis" said Jenny firmly if not too loud, "Louder this time
darling. Vagina" "Vagina" repeated Jenny in a strong voice. "Cock" I
said and she repeated it after a minute pause, "Pussy" again a pause
before she repeated it in a slightly softer voice. I went through a
litany of words, Prick, cunt, fuck, erection, hard on, cum, orgasm,
breast, titty, nipple, arse, blow job, ending up with "Eat me
darling." "Eat me darling" Jenny said and I felt her hands suddenly
grip tight on mine as they rested in her lap. "Right, sit up" I said,
and she slowly sat up and opened her eyes to see Meg sitting back
smiling at her, "Well Jenny darling" I said "Can you see anyone
that's embarrassed or angry at what you've been saying?" Jenny shook
her head "No Uncle Dave, I guess they're not bad words just words
used in a bad way sometimes." I smiled at her, "Right, now what was
it you started to ask?" Jenny took a deep breath and, as her cheeks
became suffused with blood that gave them a pretty pink tinge said
"Aunt Meg, what does an erection look like?" Meg grinned and replied
"Jenny darling, I think we ought to get Uncle Dave to show you,
hadn't we."

As I sat back on the sofa Meg took Jenny's hand and placed it,
with hers on the outline of my slowly thickening penis. "WOW" gasped
Jenny, "It's really hot, I can feel it through Uncle Dave's pants,"
Meg grinned at her, "Well, I did say it got hard by being filled with
blood darling, that makes it hot, and also makes it throb in time
with his heartbeat too. Let's show you what I mean" and Meg started
to run my zipper down while Jenny undid the clasp at the top of my
flies. Meg looked up at me and smiled as I lifted my hips and allowed
her to pull my pants and shorts down to my ankles, then off my feet
so I was now completely naked from the waist down. "Oh, jeez... It's
HUGE!" gasped Jenny as she got her first look at a mature penis. Meg
put her arm round Jenny's back and hugged her close, as she tried to
stop the girl trembling. "No Jenny darling, Uncle Dave's not actually
huge, to be honest darling, he's really only about average, and he'd
be the first one to admit that. You call a man huge when he has a
penis over ten inches long, less than that and he's very large, above
six inches and a man is large, and six inches erect is just about
average." By now Jenny had calmed down a little and was breathing
normally, "The thing to remember Jenny" said Meg "Is that a
thoughtful guy with an average sized penis is more use to a girl that
some donkey sized guy that has difficulty getting it inside her
without causing her a good deal of pain. When it comes to making love
darling, size really doesn't make it better, the way it's used does."

All this time Meg was holding Jenny's hand on the shaft of my
hard throbbing cock, and she now started to move them both slowly up
and down, gently pressing her fingers on Jenny's so she was gripping
me as they masturbated me. By now Meg could feel the pulsating that
told her I was getting close to ejaculating, "You also have to
remember, that what comes out the end of most male sex organs is very
likely to get you pregnant if you don't make sure you're protected."
Here Meg turned to Jenny and said softly "If we go a little faster
you'll get to see what I'm talking about my dear" and she helped
Jenny speed up. When Meg was sure Jenny had a good grip on my cock,
and was moving at the correct speed she took her own hand off me and
allowed Jenny to continue on her own. For a second Jenny paused when
she realised Meg had let go, then she smiled and turned back to
concentrate on the job she had in hand (So to speak). It didn't take
long for me to reach my climax, apart from all the arousal I'd been
subjected to, I was being jerked off by a teenage virgin, possibly
most men's simplest dream. It sure worked for me, in a matter of a
few moments I was gasping out "NOOOWWW" and bucking my hips as I
began to shoot a stream of semen into the air as Jenny still moved
her hand up and down my shaft.

As soon as Jenny saw what was happening she sat back on her
heels, unfortunately for her she didn't let go of my cock, and the
tip followed her, still spurting cum, but now instead of it going in
the air, it was being aimed at her face, and hitting it, over and
over again until at last she gave a cry of surprise and let go of me
so my stiff cock sprang back to hit my abdomen. After giving a couple
of soft bounces my cock began to rapidly soften until at last it just
lay limp against my belly with a final lonely drop of semen oozing
from the end. Jenny was still sitting quite still on her heels as Meg
leaned over and picked my penis up, slipped it into her mouth and
sucked it clean. She then lowered her head to my abdomen and licked
up all the semen she could find before turning to Jenny, still
sitting there watching what Meg was doing, so stunned she was unable
to move, even when Meg lifted her hands to Jenny's face a began to
rub my semen into her facial skin. When Jenny realise what Meg was
doing she gave a cry of "Oh... NOOO" and pulled her head back as far as
she could away from Meg's hands, "No Aunt Meg, that's so yucky, why
did you rub it into my face, I feel all sticky now!"

"Well Jenny, for one thing, it's a jolly good way to keep your
skin soft and smooth, and for another thing, I think it's very sexy
to rub my husbands semen into a young girls face, after she's made
him cum so hard. I must say Jenny my dear, that's the most I've seen
Uncle Dave cum for a very long time, are you sure you haven't done
this sort of thing before?" Jenny giggled and she shook her head "No
Aunt Meg, I haven't honest. This is the first time I've seen a...... a
cock, let alone touched one properly. Do they always go soft so
quickly?" "Well, not usually" said Meg, "But I think you had such an
effect on Uncle Dave, and he came so hard, he just couldn't stay
erect after he'd finished" it was then that Meg saw Jenny had a good
deal of my cum on her hand, so she said softly "I don't suppose
you've ever tasted cum, have you Jenny?" Jenny shook her head, "Well,
now would be a good time darling, why don't you place the tip of your
tongue on what's on your hand, then tell me what you think it tastes
like. Don't be frightened it won't hurt you, and you did see me lick
it off Uncle Dave's body, didn't you." Jenny nodded slowly and, still
feeling unsure of what she was doing lifted her hand to her mouth and
put out her tongue so she could taste what was stuck to her hand.
After a tentative taste, Jenny frowned as she tried to sort out her
feelings, then she gave a little smile and started to lick her hand
completely clean. "Well?" asked Meg, Jenny looked at her "You're
right Aunt Meg, it doesn't taste bad, a little salty perhaps, but
certainly not nasty." Meg smiled at her "You just wait till you taste
it straight from the source Jenny, it's so much better when it's
still warm and creamy, believe me darling, I know."

As we all sat where we were Jenny asked "Is that it Aunt Meg,
can we do anything else while Uncle Dave's still soft like this?"
"Well" said Meg, giving me a sideways glance, "I suppose you could
try a couple of ways to get Uncle Dave hard again. You see Jenny
darling, when a man gets hard soon after he cums, he's usually going
to stay hard a little longer, and will be more useful to us poor
women. That's why it might be a good idea to make one of your dates
cum quickly by doing what you just did for Uncle Dave, then he won't
cum quite so quickly if you do want to have sex with him, do you
understand what I'm saying?" I could see Jenny did understand, she
sat there gasping in astonishment at what her Aunt was telling her,
"Oh, WOW, that's a great idea Aunt Meg, I wonder if any of my friends
know that trick?" she turned to me then and said "How do I do this
Aunt Meg, get Uncle Dave hard again I mean?" "Well, try taking his
penis in your hand, then lower your open mouth on to it until you
have it all inside. Then give it a bit of a suck. Just remember to
move your head back as it gets bigger. If that doesn't work, take
some clothes off." Meg got to her feet and said "I'm going to make us
all a drink, I'll leave you to try and get some reaction from your
Uncle David on your own."

I lay back with my eyes closed, still too shattered to move. I
could still feel however, and I soon felt Jenny's soft cool fingers
take up my flaccid penis and then felt the warm wetness of her lips
as they passed over the head and down the soft limp shaft until it
was completely engulfed in her suckling mouth. Despite her best
efforts Jenny was unable to restore any sign of life to my manhood
so, after a couple of minutes she opened her mouth and allowed me to
flop down against my thigh, still warm and glistening with her
saliva. "You are alive, aren't you Uncle Dave?" she said softly as I
felt her sit straddling my thighs, "Yes darling, but only just" I
replied equally softly "You took a lot out of me with what you did,
it was the best hand job I've had in many years." What I didn't tell
her of course was that I rarely got hand jobs these days, Meg was far
too good with her lips and pussy to make it necessary. "Well Uncle
Dave, as that didn't work, maybe this will. But you have to open your
eyes first." Knowing what was about to happen, or at least hoping
Jenny was going to do as Meg told her, I opened my eyes and looked my
niece in the eyes, smiled and waited for her next try to get me
erect. With practised hands Jenny undid the buttons of her shirt and
threw it off her shoulders and arms, leaving her wearing just a sheer
and very skimpy lace edged bra that covered her breasts yet hid
nothing, but showed every curve and contour of her wonderful firm
rounded breasts and their hard outstanding nipples that were trying
to force their way out of the confines of her underwear.

As Jenny put her arms behind her back to undo the clips of her
bra she pushed out her chest, accentuating the shape of her titties
and pressing her nipples further out so they almost burst through the
fabric covering them. With a flourish Jenny whipped her bra off and
threw it to one side, and that's when my erection returned, and Jenny
felt it as it rose so quickly it hit against her panty covered pussy
and made her cry our with surprise, just as Meg walked into the room.
Jenny jumped off my lap and looked down at her handiwork saying "You
were right Aunt Meg, I did have to strip off to get him hard again.
But what are we going to do with it now it's come alive?" "Not a lot"
said Meg, but I will show you something for you to remember for a
little later," and she had Jenny cup my balls in the palm of her
hand, which made my cock twitch hard, and made Jenny giggle. "Just
before Uncle Dave is about to have an orgasm, his body draws his
balls close, it's only a small movement, but if you're in the right
place you can see it, and also feel it. It takes a bit of practice,
but it's something worth knowing." Jenny sat there, gently juggling
my scrotal sac in her hand, "Is that the only way to know if he's
about to cum Aunt Meg, I'd hate to keep getting a face full of cum
when I don't need to." Meg smiled at Jenny, "That's what I call
thinking" she said "Well there is another way, but you have to have
your fingers on a guys penis in the right place to feel it. Look, if
you have your fingertips just here" and she placed Jenny's fingers on
the underside of my erect penis, "You should be able to feel his
semen passing through, just like you were taking his pulse." Jenny
passed her fingers over my shaft with a featherlight touch, making it
jerk once more, "Why does that happen?" she asked, "Well darling,
don't you think you might be having some sort of effect on Uncle
Dave, you are caressing him in a most erotic manner, after all."
Jenny blushed prettily as she glanced at me, then Meg said "Well I
think Uncle Dave better get dressed, I think it's your turn to be the
test subject, don't you?" I rolled off the sofa, stood up and Jenny
helped me pull by shorts and pants up, then Meg helped me fasten them
up while Jenny lay down on the sofa where I'd been a few minutes
earlier. Meg sat on the sofa by Jenny's feet while I knelt by her
shoulder. "Jenny darling," said Meg softly "Now is the time for you
to think about saying NO. If Uncle Dave touches you in a way you
don't like, or if you feel something that bothers you, you just need
to say the word, and he will stop. It's only fair that you tell him
if he does something you like, or you feel something that makes you
feel good, understand?" Jenny nodded as she looked me in the eyes
"Yes Aunt Meg, I understand, Uncle Dave won't hurt me will he?" I
leaned forward, placed my lips of hers and kissed her tenderly,
"Jenny my darling, that's the last thing I'd ever do, believe me, I'd
sooner hurt myself than hurt you. Just trust me to make you feel
good, even if it seems strange to start with, you'll soon feel better
than you ever did." Jenny lay back and closed her eyes, I reached
forward with one hand as I rested the elbow of the other on the edge
of the sofa. Very gently I caressed her cheek with my fingertips as I
leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the forehead, then worked my
way down her face 'til I was kissing her lips tenderly and
passionately. As our mouths were joined I gently pressed my tongue
forward, trying to part her lips and teeth so I could reach the tip
of her soft warm pink tongue with mine and start a wrestling match.
As Jenny opened her mouth slightly and allowed me access to her
tongue I moved my hand from her cheek down to her chest and began to
trace spiral lines round the base of her breasts, making her gasp as
I first touched her naked flesh.

Breaking off our kiss I looked into Jenny eyes and whispered
"Everything OK?" Jenny nodded "Oh yes Uncle Dave, everything's just
fine, please don't stop." I grinned and lowered my lips to hers once
more, just as I began to move my fingertips round and up her firm
conical breasts, and gently rub them all round her crinkley dark pink
aureoles. If touching her naked body made Jenny gasp this made her
cry out with pleasure as she arched her body pressing her nipple hard
on to my fingers and forcing then to press into her mammary flesh. As
Jenny collapsed back on to the sofa I held her nipple between finger
and thumb and said "Is this nice Jenny?" "OH... god... yes Uncle Dave,
it's wonderful, do it again please" so I rubbed my finger and thumb
together, rolling her hard blood engorged nipple between them as she
lay back gasping with pleasure. As I switched nipples Jenny cried out
"Nooo... ..." then "Ahhhh...... YESSS" as she felt me twiddling the other
one. After a few minutes of stimulating her nipples with my fingers I
released my hold on them and cupped her left breast in my palm as I
lowered my lips to her right one. "Ohhh... jeez... " gasped Jenny as she
felt my lips covering her breast, and my tongue flicking at her
already aroused nipple, and that's when she started to hump her hips
at the air as I palpated her titty and sucked on her nipple. When I
changed over Jenny worked her hips even more, and when she felt my
hand slip between her thighs and cup her hot wet panty covered pussy
she screamed in ecstasy as she felt an orgasm explode in her lower
abdomen and radiate outward covering all of her soft young body with
it's burning and tingling sensation of pleasure. Had I not had my
hand on her pussy, and my mouth on her breast I'm sure Jenny would
have writhed enough to have thrown herself off the sofa and on to the
floor. Luckily I was able to prevent this happening, and just had to
rescue my hand from where it was being crushed between her thighs,
and my head that was being held tight to her throbbing breast. Meg
had moved to lean on the back of the sofa, and was looking down at
Jenny as I sat back on my heels and gently stroked my hand up and
down her torso from shoulder to skirt waistband, touching her nipples
lightly as I passed down, and cupping her breasts as I came up again.

This was making Jenny jerk her hips each time I touched her
breasts, and give a soft moan of pleasure at the same time. After
about ten minutes Jenny opened her eyes and looked up at Meg's
smiling face, "Was that as good as it sounded Jenny darling?" Meg
asked "Aunt Meg, it was the most awesome thing I ever experienced in
my life. If that was an orgasm, I can see why people like sex. I know
I do, and I want to have more orgasms, every day." She stopped and
thought for a minute, then continued "I thought Uncle Dave's penis
had to be inside me for me to have an orgasm, why did it happen
without?" By now I was sitting on the sofa with a cushion on my lap
and Jenny's head resting on the cushion. Meg was sitting at the other
end with Jenny's feet on her lap, and was gently stroking her legs as
I caressed Jenny's chest, paying a good deal of attention to her firm
breasts and the hard throbbing nipples atop them. Meg looked at Jenny
and saw she had her eyes closed, and that her hips were moving gently
up and down as I caressed her breasts and Meg caressed her legs.

"Well Jenny, like I told you, sex is mainly in the mind, you
were so aroused by the way Uncle Dave was caressing your body, as
soon as he touched you somewhere different, that was just as aroused
as your breasts, your mind told your body that it was especially
nice, and your body reacted by going over the top and telling all
your senses something very good was happening and they should enjoy
it." As Jenny was still laying with her eyes closed I dipped my head
and kissed her nipples one by one, at the same time sliding my free
hand down her body to lift up the hem of her skirt to the waistband.
All the time Meg was gently stroking Jenny's thighs, and when I
placed my hand on Jenny's panties she opened her legs, and lifted her
knees to allow me freer access. For a moment or two I rubbed my hand
across Jenny's panty covered pussy, then I turned my head and looked
at Meg, smiled and winked at her, then slowly removed my hand as she
replaced it with hers. Jenny now had me caressing her upper body and
Meg caressing her between her legs, and she didn't seem to be able to
tell the difference. Not even when she came to another crashing
orgasm, this time trapping Meg's hand between her thighs while mine
were cupping both her breasts at the same time.

Neither of us moved until Jenny opened her eyes and started to
relax. That's when she realised she could see both my hands, yet feel
at least one between her tight clamped thighs, resting on her pussy.
With a jerk Jenny sat upright and cried "AUNT MEG...... WHAT ARE YOU
DOING?". Meg smiled and said "Well darling, I thought I was helping
you to have another orgasm, or did I get it wrong?" "But you're a
woman, you can't make another woman have an orgasm, that means you're
a lesbian, and me. I don't want to be a lesbian, I want to be
normal!" with a heave I sat Jenny on my lap and cuddled her close to
me as she started to cry softly. "Stop crying Jenny darling" I said
softly, "You're not a lesbian just because Aunt Meg touched you, and
helped you cum. It's just another way of you having something nice
happen to you, let's face it if you and Aunt Meg made love, you'd
never get pregnant would you?" "No, but..." Jenny started, "No buts
Jenny darling, tell me, until you saw it was Aunt Meg, did it feel
any different to when I did it?" Jenny sat and thought for a moment
then said "I suppose not Uncle Dave, it felt just the same."

I kissed her tenderly on the cheek, "Well, don't you think
that's because Aunt Meg was doing just the same as I did before?"
Jenny nodded then gave a sheepish grin, "I'm sorry Aunt Meg, I guess
I was being silly, and shouting before I'd really thought about what
had happened. I won't do it again, I promise." With that Jenny lay
her head on my shoulder and snuggled up close to me, pressing her
naked breast on to my shirt clad chest. After a few minutes cuddling
Meg said "How about we go and have a shower together, then go for a
trip to the mall, I think Jenny could do with some new sexy
underwear." "Oh, yes please" said Jenny as she jumped off my lap and
stood up so quickly she set her wonderful breasts bouncing, and my
cock following their motion. Suddenly Jenny stopped jumping and stood
with her head down and looking very dejected as Meg and I stood up
with her.

"What's the matter Jenny darling?" I asked, "I've just
remembered I don't have enough money on me to buy clothes," she then
lifted her head and smiled weakly "Still, it doesn't matter, we can
still go for a trip to the mall, I don't have to spend any money do
I?" I slipped my arm round her waist, pulled her close to me and said
"Of course not darling, we can just go for a walk together and enjoy
each others company." Meg was about to say something but refrained as
she saw me shake my head, then she took Jenny's hand and said softly
"Let's go and have a bit of fun in the shower first, watching you
have two orgasms has got me very horny, and I want Uncle Dave to do
something about it. Will you help him?" Jenny nodded "What do I have
to do?" she replied "Well, I think you'll soon get the idea of what's
happening, if not Uncle Dave can tell you when it's time. If you just
feel like doing something you want to do, just do it, and don't ask.
Just remember you don't have to do anything you don't want to." By
now we were standing in the bathroom and Meg was getting undressed as
I turned on the shower and regulated the temperature, before taking
off my own clothes.

Jenny sat on the toilet seat watching us undress, and I saw her
blush when she was Meg naked, especially when she saw Meg had shaved
her pussy completely bare. When she saw Jenny looking at her in
amazement Meg said "Well Jenny, do you like it?" "Like what Aunt
Meg?" Jenny asked "My bare pussy of course. Don't be embarrassed
darling, it's just the way I like it, and so does Uncle Dave, don't
you darling?" "I certainly do Meg darling" I replied as I smiled at
Jenny, "Are you going to join us Jenny, or just watch from the
sidelines?" "Weeeelll..." "Jenny darling, you stay there" said Meg with
a grin "Uncle Dave only wants you to join us so he can get a look at
you completely naked, and maybe even get his hands on your naked body
when he's done with me." Of course, like all women, as soon as Jenny
was told not to do something, she immediately decided to do it, and
by the time I was getting a decent lather on a washcloth and had Meg
in my arms as I washed her back Jenny was stripped off and standing
beside us watching what we were doing. As I washed Meg's back and
sides she had her arms round my neck and was kissing me passionately
and grinding her hips against mine so my erection was between her
legs and rubbing against her wet swollen pussy lips, almost making me
cum as she did it.

When I finished with her back I gently pushed her away from me
and dropped to my knees in front of her and began to wash her bottom
and the back of her legs. As I did so I was sucking and licking at
her pussy as she held my head tight and pressed it on to her hot sex.
With some difficulty I turned Meg round so I could wash the fronts of
her legs, and also her pussy, making sure Meg was facing Jenny so she
could see every move I made. This was especially true when I stood up
behind Meg and soaped up the washcloth again, this time washing her
front from her abdomen up to her shoulders, making sure I covered
every inch of her wonderful firm full rounded breasts, concentrating
on stimulating her nipples so they stood out like cropped bolts from
her dark pink aureoles. When I was done washing Meg I turned her to
face the water jet and rinsed her off before telling her "Hold the
rail darling, I want to take you from the rear".

Giving me a hot passionate kiss Meg turned round and took hold
of the chrome rail I'd fitted on the wall of the shower, she then
shuffled back slightly so she was bending over with her back parallel
with the floor, and then she spread her feet a couple of foot apart.
With a smile at Jenny I stepped up to Meg's bottom and cupped her
pussy in my palm then rubbed my hand up and down for a moment until I
could feel she was nice and moist. Grasping my hard throbbing penis
in my hand I placed the tip to Meg's slit and leaned forward,
pressing my cock balls deep inside her in a single stroke. I knew Meg
liked this, and she let me know she did too my her loud gasp of
pleasure as she felt me slide deep into her body "Oh... David that's
wonderful. It's so good to feel you inside me darling, now fuck me
please my love. Fill me with your wonderful hot creamy cum. Make me
cum with your great big hard cock as you pump it in and out of my hot
wet pussy darling, fuck me my love fuck me hard make me cum darling,
make me cum..." all the time Meg was pleading with me to fuck her I was
ramming my cock into her hot wet cunt, making her tits bounce about
as the hung from her chest, rivulets of water running down them and
falling off her nipples in large droplets.

As I pounded my hips at Meg's Jenny stepped up close to me and
put her arm round my chest, pressing her breasts into my naked side,
she then whispered "What can I do to help Uncle Dave?" "Play.. Unh..
with.. Unh.. Meg's.. Unh.. titties.. Unh.. " I said between gasps as
I pounded my cock in and out of Meg's body. Jenny did as I said and
soon had her hands on Meg's titties, and her own pressed into Meg's
naked back as Jenny kissed her on the back of the neck and down her
shoulders. This was more than enough for Meg, it was the first time
she'd felt another woman's hands on her naked body as we made love.
She'd had some girl-girl sex some years ago, but not since we got
married. However long ago it was, this time it brought Meg to her
climax quicker than ever, and she was soon crying out in ecstasy as
her orgasm hit her harder than she'd experienced for many years. With
a cry of "Aggghhhh... I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg......" Meg arched her back,
thrust herself back at my hips and clamped her cuntal muscles tight
on my thrusting cock, trapping it inside her until she finally
collapsed slowly to the floor, held back by my grasping hands round
her waist, and Jenny's round her chest.

As Meg knelt in a tight ball on the shower floor I dropped to
my knees and gently rolled her over to lay on her back, still gasping
for breath after her huge orgasm. Shuffling round to kneel between
her open thighs I began to slowly rub my hand up and down the length
of my still erect penis. When Jenny realised what I was intending she
knelt beside me, kissed me on the cheek and said "Can I do that
please Uncle Dave?" I turned and smiled at her, "Yes darling, but
only if you lick it off Meg's skin afterwards" Jenny blushed slightly
then she smiled and said "Deal" as she took me in her soft warm hand
and began to jerk me off as I held her naked body close to mine and
caressed the one breast I could reach. It didn't take long for me to
cum. Apart from the fact I was almost there when Meg collapsed,
having Jenny masturbate me was more stimulating than anything I'd
felt for a very long time. "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg" I gasped, and
Jenny released my cock in surprise at the way it jerked hard when the
first blast of semen pulsed through and out to land on Meg's shaven
pussy. I took hold of my cock in time to aim it at Meg's body and
managed to land a trail of gobs of cum from her cunt to her titties.

As I sat back on my heels I turned to Jenny and gasped "Thank
you Jenny darling, that was the best orgasm I've had for a long time.
I guess it's having you hands on me that made it so good." Jenny
grinned at me and said softly "I suppose I've got to keep my side of
the deal now, haven't I?" I took her in my arms, kissed her warmly
and said "Jenny darling, like we keep on saying, you don't have to do
anything you don't want to. If you don't want to lick Meg clean, it
doesn't matter, I'll just turn the shower back on and do it that
way." Taking a deep breath Jenny bent over Meg's body and said "Well,
at least I know your cum doesn't taste bad, Uncle Dave, there's just
so much of it, I don't know where to start" I put my head close to
hers and whispered "Do Meg a favour and start with what's on her
pussy. You'll get a taste of her as well as drive her crazy, you
might even get her to cum once more if you find her clit and suck and
lick it. Give it a try, if you don't like it, stop, OK?" Jenny gave a
single nod then placed her lips on Meg's pussy, right on top of the
cum stain that was slowly running between her pussy lips. As Jenny
began to suck on Meg's cunt Meg gave a cry of pleasure and opened her
legs even more to allow Jenny access to her sex, while I cupped my
hand over Jenny's pussy and began to rub it up and down it's length,
making sure my finger rubbed on her clit as she worked on Meg's. In a
matter of minutes Jenny was moaning with pleasure as she approached
her climax, and Meg was writhing and jerking her hips as she also
came again, the two of them crying out together as they both
experienced a wonderful girl-girl orgasm once more.

Twenty minutes later I had them both washed dried and sitting
on our bed as I passed them underwear to put on. Neither of then had
spoken a word since their last orgasm, and Jenny seemed to be in a
trance, so much so I ended up slipping a dress over her head after
putting her bra and panties on for her. Meg was the first to recover
and as Jenny still sat there on the edge of the bed I said "Well Meg
darling, did you enjoy that, and do you think Jenny enjoyed it too?"
Putting her arms round my neck Meg gave me a hot passionate kiss,
"David darling, that was the most wonderful lovemaking I've
experienced for years. I don't know if it was just because Jenny was
there or what, but I had the two most intense orgasms I've ever had,
and I want to have more like that, and soon." "Me too please" said a
little voice in my ear, Jenny was on her feet and standing close to
us, tears running down her cheeks, "Oh Jenny darling, what's the
matter?" I asked as I took her in my arms and tried to kiss away the
tears, "Nothing Uncle Dave, I'm just feeling so wonderfully happy
right now, I couldn't help crying" she looked at Meg then me and,
taking a deep breath said "Will you make love to me tonight please
Uncle Dave, I don't want to be a virgin any longer, I want to be able
to feel a mans penis, your penis, deep inside me just like Aunt Meg
had. I want to feel your semen spurting deep into my body just like I
saw it spurt all over Aunt Meg's body. Will you do that for me
please, will you do it now?" that's when I saw shock on Jenny's face
as Meg said a firm "NO".

"But... I thought..." started Jenny and tears started to run down
her cheeks once more, "Oh Jenny, stop crying darling" said Meg softly
"I didn't mean Uncle Dave wouldn't make love to you, I just meant he
wouldn't do it right NOW. We have to go to the mall and get you some
nice new and very sexy underwear darling, if you're going to lose
your virginity, we have to have you wearing the proper clothes, don't
we?" Jenny smiled wanly at Meg then said "But I told you, I don't
have enough money......" Meg smiled at Jenny and kissed her tenderly on
the lips "Jenny darling, you don't need money, it's going to be a
present from me to you. If you really want to, call it an early
birthday or Christmas present, it doesn't matter because I'm buying,
now how about we get going and get some serious shopping started?"
And we did, or at least they did. I was sent to get a cup of coffee
(or three) while they went and shopped, joining me an hour later with
arms full of bags which they dumped on the chair next to me before
Meg went and ordered us some food seeing as it was lunch time. "Well
Jenny darling, what have you bought?" I asked, Jenny shook her head
and gave me a shy smile "Sorry Uncle Dave, I'm not allowed to say,
you'll have to wait until the right time before you find out, so
please don't ask me again, there's a darling." When Meg returned
with our plates of Burgers and fries and we were well into our meal
she said "David, considering what we were doing this morning, don't
you think it's time Jenny stopped calling us Aunt and Uncle?" I
nodded "Yes, I'll go along with that, all I'll say is she'll have to
be careful when her mothers around, Jane might not like it."

Jenny wriggled on her seat then sat up a little straighter, as
if wanting to show she was suddenly grown up. After lunch we carried
on walking round the mall, and Meg had a great time taking Jenny into
stores and browsing round what they had to offer, even buying things
they liked. Things came to a head, and our shopping trip stopped
short when I saw them arguing inside one store, then watched as Jenny
stormed out and came and sat beside me looking very petulant. "What's
the matter Jenny, Meg not buying something you like?" "NO!" she
shouted "She's buying me too many things I like, that's the problem.
I don't have the money to buy these things, and I can't pay her
back." I slipped my arm round her shoulder, placed a tender kiss on
her cheek and said softly "Jenny darling, you don't have to pay Meg
back. The things she's buying for you are gifts, not loans. Look
darling, you have to realise that we don't have children to spoil
with the very good money we both earn. Having you here is a good
excuse for Meg to do the things she'd do for a daughter if we had
one. At least some of the things we've done, we would do for a

This made her giggle, "I should hope so unc... Dave, I don't
think it would be the done thing for you to do what we did this
morning, if you had a daughter." "Well then, why don't you let Meg
have a good time spending money on you today, it's not going to hurt
you, and Meg will have a nice time. What do you say?" Jenny looked up
at me, lifted her head and kissed me tenderly on the cheek then said
"OK, David darling, I'll be a good girl and let my Aunt spoil me, but
I won't let her do it again, understood?" "Understood Jenny darling"
I said as she got up and ran into the store, where I saw her throw
her arms round Meg's neck and kiss her sweetly. Twenty minutes later
they came out loaded with parcels which I ended up carrying to the
car while the two of them walked arm in arm in front of me chatting
together like sisters. I'd just finished packing the bags and
packages on the trunk when I heard someone call my name. It turned
out to be my sister Debbie, and she was with her twins Sally and
Sarah, both of who were turning into a pair of real beauties, just
like their mother.

After the usual hugs and kisses, the three girls stepped to one
side and began chattering like a troop of monkeys while we adults
caught up with what we were doing. Seeing as we lived in the same
town, it was surprising that we hadn't visited for a couple of
months, ever since Debs husband walked out on them, taking off with a
girl from the factory he worked in. It turned out he'd been having an
affair with the girl and getting regular sex when they both worked on
the night shift. Deb wasn't too bothered as she had the better income
of the two of them and was managing quite nicely, especially as Cliff
paid off the mortgage on the house as part of the divorce settlement.
"Meg darling," said Deb "I was wondering if you could have the twins
for a week, I have to go on a training trip, and I don't really want
to have to take them out of school while I'm away?" "Of course Deb,
you know we'll be only too glad to have them, I could do with a bit
of help with the housework, you know, cooking cleaning, doing the
laundry, and so on." The twins heard this and, knowing Meg was joking
Sally cried out "Oh, no Mom, you can't sell us into slavery again,
look how we came home last time, all haggard and gaunt, dying from
hunger because we had been starved of food.." "Too late girls" said
Deb with a laugh, "I've been paid, and you have to go, just remember
to be good girls and do as you're told, or I won't have you back, no
matter how much Uncle Dave pays me." When we had all finished
laughing we separated, Jenny saying to the twins, "I'll see you in
school on Monday, and tell you all about it." I kissed Debbie
goodbye, as did Meg and we made our way home so Meg and Jenny could
start making dinner.

Considering what was planned for later, dinner was very quiet,
and when we were done eating I asked Jenny "Are you still OK about
this evening Jenny darling?" she looked up at me and smiled "Oh, yes
Dave, I'm really looking forward to it. I was just thinking about
what I'm going to do about getting a boyfriend when I go back home,
and how far I should allow things to go. I'm still not sure about
what boys want from girls, and what they're likely to do if they
don't get it." "David darling" said Meg, "Why don't you go and talk
to Jenny in the Den, "while I do the dishes. I'll come and join you
in a while" so I took Jenny by the hand and led her into the Den
where I sat her on my lap as I sat on the sofa. "OK darling, what's
bothering you" I said as I cuddled her up close to me, placing a hand
on her fabric covered breast as she lay her head on my chest. "Well,
most of the guys I know seem to want to get into a girls pants, then
go and tell all his friends he got to third or fourth base, when he
didn't. Why do they do that Uncle Dave?" I chuckled, "Well Jenny
darling, it's called being one of the boys. It's always been the
same, teenage boys have to be seen to be getting their share of sex,
even if they don't actually have any experience at all. It's just
being able to say they did 'it', even if they didn't actually get as
far as they brag about. I used to reckon on taking at least one base
off anything most of my friends said. But I still did the same as
they did." "Why" asked Jenny still confused, "It was the way things
were darling, mind you I stopped when I suddenly realised I couldn't
get dates with the girls I wanted to go out with, only the girls that
would go out with anyone, and were usually prepared to 'put out' for
a trip to the movies. It took me almost a year of no dates before I
found a girl that would go to the movies with me, and then go and
park for a make out session. All I had to do was keep my mouth shut
about what we did, and the next time we went out we had oral sex.
After that it was only a matter of time before we actually made

Jenny looked up at me, "Does Meg know about what happened?" she
asked with a cheeky grin. I smiled and nodded, "Yes darling, she was
there at the time" I replied, "WOW, did you have three way sex even
then?" asked Jenny in an astonished voice, "No Jenny darling, we
didn't" I said, "Oh, she just watched did she?" responded Jenny with
a grin, I smiled and shook my head slowly. At last she got it, "OH,
how stupid of me, it was Meg you made love to." I nodded "Yes
darling, and it was the best time I ever had, Meg enjoyed it too,
that's why we got together later and made it a long term commitment.
We did have others we went out with in between, but neither of us
could get serious about anyone else, no matter how good the sex was,
and some of it was really hot, for both of us." I paused for a moment
then continued "The thing to remember Jenny is that it takes more
than good sex to make a relationship work. It certainly helps if you
both enjoy making love, but you have to be good friends as well as
good lovers to have things last." "I still don't know how to find the
right one though" she said, "The right one what" said Meg as she sat
beside us. "The right sort of boyfriend" said Jenny almost sadly,
"They're all such... jerks. All they want to do is talk about how far
they got." "Well" said Meg "It seems simple to me, don't go out with
them. Find others that don't talk about girls like that." Jenny
smiled, "But Meg, they're the ones none of the girls go out with.
They're either computer geeks or science swots. All they do is talk
about what they do in school, or how big and fast their computers
are, that doesn't seem like much fun to me." Meg laughed lightly
"Jenny darling, have you ever tried to talk to one of these serious
minded boys?" "Er... no, I guess not." Jenny replied, "SO..." said Meg
softly, and with a sweet smile, "SO... I shouldn't say no to something
I haven't tried. I suppose that's one thing I've learned being here,
isn't it?" "How about we go and allow you to try something new
upstairs" said Meg with a smile, and Jenny was on her feet in a
flash, pulling me to mine and hugging me as I stood beside her. "That
sounds like a great idea Meg" said Jenny, as she took my hand in hers
and pulled me towards the door. When we were finally in the bedroom
Jenny just stood there, suddenly unsure as to what to do next. That's
when Meg took charge and, whispering something in Jenny's ear, made
her smile and dash out of the room. "Why don't you get into bed David
darling, Jenny and I will be back in a minute, and it would be best
if you were covered up with something substantial." Giving me a smile
and a wink Meg followed Jenny and I stripped of and got into bed,
making sure I was well covered by the comforter.

The next thing I knew was Meg's reason for telling me to get
into bed. The bedroom door opened and Jenny walked in, wearing some
of her new underwear. And what underwear it was, she had on a pair of
panties that hardly fitted the description, just a tiny patch of
sheer fabric that covered her pussy lips, held in place by fine
strands of cord that passed over her flaring hips. Her bra was
smaller than most bikinis you see on a California beach, and again
displayed more than it covered. Her nipples were well and truly
aroused, and stuck out hard as iron and looking just like pencil
erasers left on a well used stub. When Jenny turned round it was
certain she was making no attempt to cover her buttocks, because the
thong holding her panties up dived into the crack of her butt and
wouldn't have been able to cover anything at all. Jenny proved it to
me by bending at the waist as she spread her feet, showing me that
her pussy lips weren't covered by her panties, just accentuated by
the thong laying each side of them. "WOW" was all I could get out,
and Jenny took it as a compliment, smiled at me and bounced out of
the room, leaving me to massage my erection as I waited in
anticipation for what was to come next. I'm glad Jenny didn't tell me
earlier what she had bought, it made the surprise more worth while.
Certainly when she came in again it was, this time Jenny was wearing
a sheer flesh coloured teddy with embroidered patterns just covering,
but not hiding, her nipples, with this she had on a pair of silk
French knickers, edged with the finest white lace, and cut so high on
the hip there was almost no waistband, what there was, was a dark
patch on the crotch of the fabric where Jenny was obviously getting
very excited at what she was doing. After giving me another twirl
Jenny once more bounced out of the bedroom and this time Meg came and
got into bed beside me just as Jenny came in and closed the door
behind her.

This time she was wearing a silk nightie that hung on her like
a dream. Her nipples were so erect and her breasts so swollen and
flushed the material hung down her front like a curtain, with her
nipples holding it out from her body allowing it to sway from side to
side as she walked slowly across the room to stand beside the bed.
Giving me a smile Jenny spun round on the spot, throwing the hem of
her nightie out, showing me she had nothing on underneath it. When
she stood still again she said softly "I couldn't wear the matching
panties David, they got too wet to be comfortable as soon as I put
them on." With that Jenny climbed on the bed and, on her hands and
knees worked her way across Meg's legs and stopped when she was
between Meg and I. As she sat back on her heels Jenny opened her
knees and I could see what she meant. Her pussy lips were more
swollen than I'd ever seen any woman's, and I saw a tiny spot of wet
already forming on the cover she was kneeling on, it seemed Jenny was
ready for what was to come, at least she was bodily, mentally was
another thing. "How do you want to do this Jenny darling?" I asked
softly, "On top please, Meg says it's best that way first time,
because I'll be in control and can stop when I like. Do you mind
David darling?" I smiled lovingly, "No my love, all I want is for it
to be something you'll always remember as a wonderful time. Why don't
you uncover me first, then do what you want?" in a flash Jenny had
the covers off me and I slid down the bed to lay on my back, my
erection standing up like a flagpole waving in a gale. I don't know
just what Meg had told Jenny to do but it was good advice.

As soon as I was uncovered Jenny bent down and engulfed my cock
with her soft wet warm mouth, sucking it for a few seconds until Meg
whispered "Jenny", and she released me, smiled at Meg then swung one
leg over my hips and held herself hovering above my penis before
slowly lowering herself until she felt the tip of my cock touch her
pussy lips. That's when she leaned forward and took my prick in her
hand, moved it about on her sopping wet pussy lips before allowing it
to slip between them and enter her body for the first time. Jenny was
so well lubricated she hardly felt me enter her until the tip of my
cock touch her hymen. This made her take a gasp of breath and pause
in her downwards movement. "Are you all right Jenny?" I asked
tenderly, "Oh yes David, I'm very all right, this feels wonderful,
having you just inside me, knocking at the door to my womanhood. I
guess I'd better let you in" and with a sharp intake of breath and a
tiny cry of pain she rammed herself down on my penis and sat her
bottom on my thighs as tears began to form in her tight closed eyes.

Meg got up to kneel beside Jenny, put her arms round her and
said "Hold on darling, it soon goes away" and tenderly wiped the
tears from Jenny's cheeks. Jenny opened her eyes and smiled at Meg,
"I'm not crying because of the pain Meg darling, I didn't feel much,
I was enjoying having David filling me up like I never felt before.
Why didn't you tell me it felt this good Meg, I'd have done it on
Friday night as soon as I got here. Now I've wasted a whole day of
having my pussy filled with David's wonderful penis." Meg kissed her,
"Never mind Jenny darling, we have plenty of time to get you properly
filled up, all you have to do is make David cum, then have an orgasm
of your own. Do you need my help?" Jenny smiled "Not just yet thanks
Meg. I'd like to try it on my own first." And Jenny started to move
her hips to and fro, working herself against the hard throbbing flesh
that was buried deep inside her. Up and down, to and fro she worked
herself as Meg lay her head on my chest and I watched as Jenny's
breasts moved in time with her jerking hips.

With the previous fashion show I'd watched, and Jenny having
impaled herself on my hard cock, and Meg kissing me softly and
stroking my chest and abdomen with her soft warm fingertips I didn't
last very long and was soon crying out, "Jenny darling, I'm going to
cum any second, I'm cumming darling, I'm cumming NOOOWWW......" and I
thrust my hips at her as I began to shoot a massive stream of thick
creamy cum deep into her body crying "YES... YES... YES..." each time a
spurt of semen passed through my pulsating prick and blasted against
the walls of her vaginal passage. This is all that was needed to take
Jenny over the top, as soon as she felt my cum hit her insides she
screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit her pussy and exploded
throughout her young virginal body. So hard did it hit her that she
gave a jerk of her hips, then a massive shudder of her whole body and
collapsed forward on to my chest and into my waiting arms, falling
into a dead faint as soon as she touched me.

With Meg's help I lay Jenny between us, then Meg went to the
bathroom and got a washcloth and towel for us both, then cleaned up
Jenny as I saw to myself. Seeing that Jenny was out for the count Meg
went down to the kitchen and made some tea, coming back just as Jenny
opened her eyes as she lay in my arms. "What happened Uncle Dave?"
she gasped, "Nothing really Jenny my love, you just decided to have a
little nap, so Meg went and made some tea for when you woke up." "But
I wasn't tired......" she wailed, "Aunt Meg, what did happen, all I can
remember is David telling me he was going to cum. What happened after
that?" By now Jenny was sat up, totally unconcerned about her
nakedness, holding a cup of tea and sipping it. "Well, David had an
orgasm, and came inside you. You gave a scream and fainted" "You mean
I passed out when David came inside me, didn't I have an orgasm. Oh,
yes... of course I did, I remember now, I felt this sort of warm
feeling explode inside my pussy and go all over me. When it reached
my face everything went blank. Was that when I fainted?" Meg nodded,
"I guess it was just too much for you darling, maybe you shouldn't do
it with David again, in case the same thing happens once more." Jenny
looked round at Meg and with a huge smile on her face said "Oh, I
think I'm prepared to take that chance Meg, who knows I might even
remember the next time I cum."

As we lay together a while later Meg said to Jenny "Well
darling, how does it feel not to be a virgin any longer?" Jenny
heaved a huge sigh, "Wonderful Meg darling, but I did think it might
have been a little messier. I stayed cleaner then I expected." When
Meg and I had done laughing I kissed Jenny and said "That's because
Meg spent quite a while cleaning you up darling, you were messy, and
so was I. Try to stay awake next time, and you might see just how
messy it can be." Jenny rolled over, placed her lips on mine and
kissed me sweetly then said "Don't be such a beast, keeping on
reminding me I slept through my first orgasm with a wonderful hard
throbbing penis inside me. Just make sure I stay awake next time we
do it. Will that be in the morning?" "Why not?" I replied as I ran my
hands up and down her naked back, from her shoulders to her wonderful
firm rounded bottom. "Keep that up and I'll want it now" she
whispered, she rolled off me and over to snuggle up close to Meg
laying on the other side. "Thanks for lending me your husband Meg
darling. If I can borrow him again in the morning I'll try not to go
to sleep halfway through. Maybe I'll actual feel what a proper orgasm
feels like."

I woke up next morning with the sun streaming in through the
window and heard the sounds of sex. When I turned over I saw Meg and
Jenny locked in a 69 with Meg on top. As I already had a hard on I
shuffled up behind her and slid my hard cock into her sopping wet
pussy hearing Jenny gasp "WOW, that looks awesome" then smiled as she
went back to licking Meg's pussy, and getting her tongue to my cock
as it drove in and out of Meg's cunt. It took just minutes for Meg to
cum, she had been so aroused the previous evening watching Jenny lose
her cherry, it carried on through the night and she finally got what
she wanted when I woke up. As Meg cried out in ecstasy Jenny sucked
harder on her clit as she squeezed on her Aunts titties. After her
orgasm I eased Meg to one side before allowing her to collapse on the
bed, so she didn't fall on top of Jenny, who was still laying there
half satisfied. When I'd released Meg I shuffled over to where Jenny
was laying and said "How about if I finish what Meg started darling?"
"Would you do that David, kiss me down there I mean. I know Meg liked
to do it, but I didn't think you would." "Let me show you Jenny
darling " I said and immediately buried my face between her thighs
and ate her out so she was screaming with pleasure in double quick
time. "Geez, that was great. I guess you do know how to make it good
for a girl" Jenny said breathlessly.

"I've not finished yet darling" I said as I knelt between her
thighs and lifted her knees so I could get closer to her cum oozing
pussy. As I lowered my hips to hers she opened her eyes wide and
gasped "Are you going to......" "Yes Jenny darling, I am. Why don't you
guide me into your pussy?" in a flash she had a grip of my cock and
was aiming it at her sopping wet vaginal opening. As she felt me
penetrate her she cried out "Oh YES... YES... YES... FILL ME UP FILL ME
began to pump my cock in and out of her grasping cuntal passage
making her grunt each time my hips hit hers, and slowly driving her
up the bed each time we made contact. Very soon Jenny's head was
pressed against a pillow that stopped her hitting the headboard, and
I was humping hard at her as she cried out for me to fuck her harder
and faster, until it all ended with me yelling "I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG...... NOOOWWW" and her screaming again "YES, YES, YES,
I'M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG...... ." This time Jenny didn't pass out, she just
lay there, her eyes open looking at me as she trembled and twitched
under my body as I pressed her down into the mattress, until I saw
she was gasping for breath and rolled off her to lay gasping at her
side. When I opened my eyes it was to see Meg looking down at us both
and saying "Well David darling, she didn't pass out this time. But I
don't know how much she'll remember even so." I turned my head and
looked at Jenny, who was still laying there gazing up at the ceiling,
breathing deeply, and seemingly in a trance. I got up on one elbow,
lowered my lips to hers and said softly "Jenny darling, can you hear
me?" "Yes David darling, and tell Meg I remember every last second of
what happened, and I'll never forget it as long as I live. It was the
most awesome thing I ever experienced, even better that yesterday."
Somehow we all managed to get to the breakfast table and have
something to eat.

Shortly after that I was sitting in the Den with a cup of
coffee when Jenny came in and sat on my lap, wriggling her firm
rounded bottom on my thighs as she gave me a soft warm kiss. "Uncle
Dave, I think I've done something I shouldn't have" she said quietly,
"What's that darling?" I asked, "Well, I told the twins what we were
going to be doing this weekend. I know I promised to keep it a secret
but I let it slip out." "Uhuh, and what did they say?" "Er... well,
they said they'd love to do the same when they come and stay next
week. You see Uncle Dave, Sally isn't actually a virgin, she lost her
cherry on a bad date a couple of months ago. Now Sarah is scared in
case it hurts as bad as Sally said it did her. I said I'd tell them
what it was like for me, and I know they'll be so jealous when I tell
them it didn't hurt but felt really great, and that we did it more
than once and it never hurt me at all......." "Jenny darling, I think you
should go and tell Aunt Meg what you just told me, don't you?" Jenny
smiled shyly then said "Actually Uncle Dave, I told Aunt Meg this
morning before you woke up. She told me to come and tell you what I
did so you knew what was going to happen." I sat back and looked at
Jenny's beautiful face, slightly flushed as it was, then said "Jenny
darling, would you go and ask your Aunt to come and speak to me

Jenny smiled and jumped off my lap and bounced out of the room,
returning a couple of minutes later with a tray of coffee, and
preceded by Meg. When we were all sat down I asked Meg what was going
on, "I don't like the idea of having a stream of girls coming here to
have me pop their cherries Meg darling, it's not on, and I don't
think it's fair on their parents either. I'd be betraying their
trust, and I won't do that to my brothers and sisters. In afraid one
of you will have to tell the twins there's been a change of plan."
Meg gave me a kiss then said "All right darling, I understand, Jenny,
will you sit on Uncle Dave's lap and give him a cuddle for a couple
of minutes I have something to do." Meg got up and left the room as
Jenny sat on my lap, giving her bottom another wiggle and snuggling
up close to me. A few minutes later we heard Meg calling Jenny, and
she ran out to see what it was, then came straight back and brought
the phone extension over to me saying "It's for you Uncle Dave." I
took the phone and said "Who is it?" "It's me, you selfish bastard"
said my sister Debbie, "I want to know what's so special about Jane's
daughter that you'd help her out when she has a problem, but you
won't help the twins. If you rat on this David, I'll never speak to
you again, even if you are my favourite brother."

"Hold on Deb" said Meg, who was obviously still on the other
extension, "I think I might be at fault here, I didn't actually tell
David what was going to be happening. Let me have a word with him and
I'll get back to you if there's still a problem, OK ?" "Oh, well all
right Meg, and David, I'm sorry if I spoke out of turn, but this
means a lot to all of us, not just to me. Luv ya, bye." A minute
later and Meg was sitting on my lap kissing me and apologising for
something I didn't know she hadn't done. "The thing is David darling,
a couple of years ago Sandi, Jane, Deb, Sam and I were having a
coffee at Jane's house and we somehow got on the subject of
virginity, and how we lost ours. Before it got to my turn Sandi said
'I wish I knew my girls weren't going to have a bad time like some of
us did.' Then Deb said 'what we need girls is a nice kind hearted and
gentle guy that could help our girls out, and not shout about it from
the rooftops. Anyone got any ideas?' Anyway we got back to our
original subject, and when I told them how you were my first and how
gentle you were, Sam said 'I tell you what girls, I'd sooner have
your brother David help my girls out, than anyone else. At least he'd
be keeping it in the family.' And that's when Jane and Debbie got us
discussing how we could get you to do for all your nieces, what you
ended up doing for Jenny." I sat there totally speechless for some
time, then said very slowly, "Are you telling me that my sisters want
me to take their daughters virginity's one by one?" Meg just smiled
and nodded, Jenny said "I know the twins are looking forward to it
Uncle Dave, Aunt Deb told them it might happen if it happened with

Again I was bereft of speech for a while. I turned to Meg and
with a sarcastic tone I asked "I suppose you get to teach the boys,
and take their virginity's, do you?" Meg grinned and kissed me
tenderly, "No darling, my sister Julia gets the boys. She's twelve
years younger than I am, and as you know has just had her divorce
finalised. It seems she's also infertile, and her husband didn't like
it when they found out. She told me she's quite looking forward to
having her nephews coming round and having a bit of fun with their
new big girl babysitter." "You're really serious about this aren't
you Meg darling?" I asked in a quiet voice. Meg nodded, "Yes my love,
we all are" she replied, equally quietly. "Look darling, I see it all
the time at school, girls that come to class scared to death of some
of the boys, but too afraid to talk to me or other teachers about
what's happened. Others disappear for a few months, coming back
looking very tired, and a lot of pounds thinner. They're the ones
that suddenly drop their grades, never go to college, and have one
hell of a life having not graduated. Pregnancy does for most of them,
abortion does for the rest. It's not all girls of course, just those
without the proper family support. That's why I agreed that we should
help our brothers and sisters out by helping their daughters in this
special way. They all decided it wouldn't be fair to ask the girls
fathers to do it, it would be too close a relationship for most of
them. Besides we all know you could never get any of the girls
pregnant, all the fathers could of course." Meg paused for a minute
then hugged me a little tighter and kissed me again, "Look David my
love, if you really feel this is just too much for you to take on,
say so and I'll tell everyone all bets are off. I don't want you to
do anything you don't want to do darling, and all I can say is I'm so
sorry for not saying anything about it earlier."

I lay back and closed my eyes for a moment, then I felt Jenny
sit beside me and opened my eyes to look at her, "Please Uncle Dave,
please say you'll do it, you don't know how frightened some girls can
get the first time they think a boy is going to fuck them. I was
terrified, that's why I ended up hurting the one I was with. I know
most of my female cousins all want to try 'it', but most are really
scared. If they knew they could have a good time, I'm sure they'll
wait, and not take a chance, and I know Sally really wants to see
what a good fuck really feels like." Jenny ended on a wicked grin as
she squeezed the hand she was holding. "You think it really means
that much to them?" I asked Jenny, she nodded and said in a serious
voice "Yes Uncle Dave, it really does. It's so important to a girl to
have their first lover be good to them, and god knows you're the best
one around." "Flattery young lady... will get you... everywhere, even
into my bed when you visit. All right, I'm convinced, not happy but
convinced. BUT... all the ground rules from this weekend stand, they
ALL have to want this, and there's going to be no coercion at any
time. Agreed?" "Agreed David darling" said Meg, and ran over to the
phone and called Debbie again, this time telling her all bets were
back on.

Jenny kissed me passionately "Thanks so much Uncle Dave, I'll
always remember this weekend, and I know all the others will have a
good time as well. You do know we all love you don't you, you've
always been our favourite Uncle, and we always know if we're in
trouble we can come to you and you'll always help us out and not tell
tales, you always kept our secrets from our parents, even if we did
tell them ourselves later on. Doing this for us girls just makes you
even more special." Later that evening Jane came to collect Jenny and
I got her in the Den on my own where she thanked me for what I'd
done, "You see David, I was so scared the night Jenny came home with
her panties torn, I had to do something, and asked Meg for her
advice. You know, things aren't all that bad between me and Jenny, we
just pretended they were, so you'd help out. I love you David, and
I'm so grateful to you for this." As she hugged me I said softly
"That's all very well Jane darling, but someone has to pay for
setting me up like this. I think I'm going to have to put you over my
knee and give you a good bare bottom spanking, after I've given Meg
one. I might even do the same for Jenny, she might just enjoy it,
don't you think?" Jane smiled at me and said "Oh, I don't doubt that
for one moment David darling. She'd then know she was part of one big
happy family."
In part 2...... The Twins.
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