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HAPFAM2 hurt like the devil because she


Happy Families Part 2. (Mf,1st,Teen,Cons,Anal,Mast)

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age
of consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Part 2
The Twins.

When Jenny went to school on Monday morning she was practically
mobbed by her twin cousins Sally and Sarah who wanted a blow by blow
recounting of her weekend. As it was going to be very graphic Jenny
insisted they went home with her at the end of the days classes, she
knew her mother would still be at work and they'd be undisturbed.
What passed between the girls I don't know, I do know that come
Friday Debbie, their mother and my sister, dropped their bags off on
her way to work saying they'd come home with Meg when classes were
over for the week. Meg and I had agreed to have the twins stay for a
week because Deb was going on a training course and would have had to
take them with her, thus having them miss a weeks schooling. As it
was getting towards the end of term they couldn't really afford to
miss so much.

As Meg was a teacher in the school they attended we were
ideally placed to have them, that there was to be extra curricular
activities going on had a lot to do with the twins agreeing to stay
in school. Before she left Deb gave me a hug and very un-sisterly
kiss saying "Thanks for this brother mine. I really do appreciate it,
so do the girls. They were full of what Jenny told them, I'm sorry
you didn't try it on with me when we were teenagers. Why didn't you?"
"Deb darling, we boys were too busy protecting you from some of the
animals we went to school with. Besides, you were our sisters for
gods sake, we never thought of you in that way."

Deb grinned then kissed me on the cheek "We girls knew that
David darling, and we always appreciated it. We always knew our dates
didn't dare get too fresh, not with you four Avengers to deal with,
the trouble was we sometimes wanted a bit of fun, but had a job
finding it." With a final giggle Deb kissed me goodbye and left me to
take the girls bags up to their room to await their return from
school with Meg.

I was sitting in my office working on a very confidential
project for my boss, when the girls came bounding in and threw
themselves at me, covering me with warm wet kisses. "Thanks for
having us this week Uncle Dave" said Sally "We're really looking
forward to being able to snuggle up close to you. Jenny told us so
much about her weekend. Will we be able to have as much fun too?"
After kissing both of them I said softly "Well Sally, I think you've
had some fun already, haven't you?" Sally blushed and looked down at
her feet as she nodded "Yes Uncle Dave, and I hated every second of
it, it was awful. I got bruised and scratched, and it really hurt. I
guess mom was right when she told us to wait for a while." She looked
up at me and I saw a tear forming in her eye.

I smiled and kissed it away then she continued "The thing is
Uncle Dave, we didn't know she'd planned to have you show us what
it's all about. I suppose we should have listened, and waited." "Hey"
cried Sarah, "I did wait, it was you that wanted to be first. I tried
to tell you to wait." "Girls, don't start fighting please. I can't do
much about Sally, except show her how she should be made love to.
We'll go a little further with Sarah if that's what she wants. Just
remember this girls, you only get to do as much as YOU want. I'll
never try to force you to do anything. If you want to stop, say so.
If you have any questions at all, ask either aunt Meg or me,
understand?" "Yes Uncle Dave" they replied in unison. They left me to
my work and went down to help Meg get dinner ready, and soon called
me down to eat.

At dinner the twins were like a cat on a hot tin roof, they
couldn't keep still, they were so keen to get down to some making out
with me. Meg was enjoying herself watching me watching the girls, as
they talked about what had gone on at school. When at last dinner was
over Meg suggested I take Sally into the Den while Sarah helped her
with clearing the kitchen up and doing the dishes. Sarah looked
slightly miffed, but didn't argue, knowing her turn would come, so
gave her sister a smile and turned back to the table and began
clearing it with Meg. In the Den Sally sat beside me and snuggled up
close for a minute or two then she looked up at me and said
breathlessly, "Will you kiss me please Uncle Dave, Jenny said you're
pretty good at it" I grinned at her, "Well, you've had some
experience, so I guess you should know how good I am." I then lowered
my lips to hers and kissed her as warmly and passionately as I could,
without turning it into a hot french one.

As I kissed Sally I gently caressed her cheek and temple, then
allowed my fingertips to drift down her neck and then all the way
back again when I slowly broke off the kiss, and looked down into her
sparkling eyes. "Well?" I asked with a smile, "Oh... WOW... Jenny was
right, can we do that again please Uncle Dave I wasn't concentration
the first time", I nodded and this time I took her face between my
hands and caressed both sides of her face and neck at the same time,
but allowing one hand to drift down and gently brush over her chest
and through the valley between her firm upstanding breasts. The
thought of me touching her breasts made Sally gasp with anticipation,
she then groaned through my lips when I passed her breasts by and
returned my hand to her cheek once more. When we broke the kiss this
time Sally laid her head on my chest and gave a sigh as she wriggled
her firm young body against mine.

After a couple of minutes I lifted her gently and twisted round
so I was leaning in the corner of the sofa, I then laid her back
against my chest and slipped my hands round her shoulders to rest on
her lap, holding her hands gently in mine. "How's this?" I asked,
"Hmmm... comfy Uncle Dave" she replied. I moved my hands up her
abdomen and gently cupped her breasts, "And this?" I asked again as
she gasped loudly "Ohhh.. that feels wonderful, but it might feel
better if I had no clothes on" she said breathlessly, so I began to
undo the buttons of her blouse while she put her arms behind her and
undid her bra. As I pulled her blouse off her shoulders Sally slipped
her bra off and soon lay naked to the waist against my chest where
she grabbed my hands and placed them over her naked breasts. "Oh...
god that's so much better Uncle Dave, I never did this before for a
boy, it's just that Jenny said it felt so good to have your hands on
her titties, especially when you played with her nipples. Will you do
that for me please?"

"Of course I will Sally darling, but just this once, after this
we do things at my speed, otherwise you'll have nothing left to do
after tomorrow morning, and that would leave Sarah having all the fun
for the rest of the week, wouldn't it?" Sally nodded, and I kissed
her on the cheek as I traced a line up her breasts and round her
aureoles, then took her nipples between finger and thumb and began to
gently roll them to and fro. "Oh... that's great Uncle Dave, do it
harder please, harder...... oh yes, that's it, that's it, that's
wonderful Uncle Dave, oh...... Aggghhhh... I'm
cuuummmiiinnnggg......" and she began thrashing about in my arms as
her orgasm hit her like a bolt from the blue. As I held Sally close
to me the door burst open and Meg followed Sarah into the room,
smiling at me as Sarah said "What's happening Uncle Dave, I heard
Sally screaming?" "Oh... did I ever Sis" gasped Sally as she opened
her eyes, "I just had the bestest orgasm ever, and Uncle Dave only
held my titties, he never touched my pussy at all."

"Oh, WOW, can I have a go please Uncle Dave, it sounds really
cool." Sally got up and slipped her blouse back on while Sarah came
and sat on my lap, cuddling up close to me while she waited for her
sister to move off the sofa. "While you're waiting darling, why don't
you take off you bra, but leave you shirt on" I whispered in Sarah's
ear, "It'll make it better if I don't have to fight my way through
it." Sarah grinned and stood up, the next thing I knew she was
throwing her bra over the back of the sofa and sitting on my lap
again. I shook my head on disbelief, and Sarah giggled saying "It's a
woman thing Uncle Dave, don't worry about it, just be happy we can
get undressed quickly when we want to." I smiled then patted the seat
beside me, and quick as a flash she was sitting where she had seen
her sister, a few minutes before.

As Sarah lay back against my chest I lowered my lips to her
ear and whispered "Sarah darling, try not to think too much, just
enjoy what's happening, and tell me if anything bothers you, all
right?" "Yes Uncle Dave, I have to say this feels very nice and
comfortable, being cuddled up close to you like this, no wonder Jenny
liked it so much." With that she gave a huge sigh and wriggled about
as she got comfortable. Very slowly I moved my hands round her body
to where I could stroke her abdomen from her skirt waistband up to
her wonderful firm rounded breasts, which I cupped in my hands each
time they came up to that level. When I reached her waistband I
tugged a little bit of her shirt out, and after a few passages up and
down her body I was able to place my hand on her naked tummy, smiling
as she gave a gasp of pleasure as I did it for the first time.

"You OK Sarah darling?" I asked softly "Oh, god yes Uncle Dave,
this feels just great, your hands are so gentle.." I whispered my
thanks for that as I stroked her breasts with a featherlight touch,
then teased her nipples by running the base of my fingers over their
tips a couple of times. This made her gasp out loud over and over
again, only stopping when I covered both her breasts with my hands
and gently squeezed them like a couple of grapefruit. "Oh,
Geez......" gasped Sarah, Don't stop, please Uncle Dave, don't stop
doing that it feels so wonderful......". I kissed her tenderly on the
lips as she turned her head to face me, at the same time I moved my
hands so I could take her nipple between finger and thumb and rolled
then as I had with her sister. It had the same effect, and after a
couple of minutes of this treatment Sarah was gasping as we kissed
then she gave a loud scream and began to thrash about just like Sally
had a few minutes earlier. "Aggghhhh...... I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg, I'm
cuuummmiiinnnggg....." she cried as she thrashed from side to side
and thrust her hips up and down as she lay on the sofa held tight in
my arms.

Once more the door burst open and Meg and Sally came rushing
in, Meg saying "look, I told you it was just your sister doing the
same as you did. There was nothing to worry about, was there?" Sally
sat on the arm of the sofa looking at her sister laying in my arms,
"Did I really sound like that aunt Meg?" Meg chuckled and said "Yes
darling, just like that. I guess you both really enjoyed your first
real orgasm, if it was your first?" "The first without me touch...."
Sally stopped, suddenly realising what she was about to say. "Without
you touching what darling?" asked Meg as she put her arm round
Sally's shoulder. Sally blushed bright red, then followed Meg's lead
and sat on the sofa where Sarah had just made space by sitting on my
lap and cuddling up close to me. "Come on Sally darling, for someone
that's just had her uncle make her climax by fondling her breasts,
you're being a bit silly aren't you?" "I guess so aunt Meg, it's just
that I'm not used to talking about thing like that to adults. It
seems so strange" replied Sally as she sat there still naked from the
waist up, as was her sister. "Would it make you feel better if we
were all dressed the same?" asked Meg, and both girls nodded

A minute later Meg and I were stripped off the same as the
girls, who stared for a moment or two at Meg's breasts, which seemed
to be as firm as their own. "Right then Sally, what were you saying
about touching something to have an orgasm?" said Meg with a grin.
"Oh, well you know Aunt Meg, touching my pussy" said Sally as she
blushed prettily. "Don't be embarrassed Sally darling, there's
nothing wrong with admitting you masturbate, it's something everyone
does, but most people won't admit to doing. It's better than taking
risks with someone you can't trust, isn't it?" the girls both grinned
sheepishly, then looked shocked as Meg said "Have you been doing it
for each other for very long?" "How did you know that Aunt Meg?"
asked Sarah, as she turned bright red, "Because I have three sisters
my dear, and we also got very horny at times. We often helped each
other out. I must admit it was really great sometimes, even better
than with a boy, at least some boys. I stopped when I met Uncle Dave,
and you both know now why that was, don't you?"

"But Aunt Meg, isn't it only lesbians that like having sex with
other women?" asked Sarah, "Of course not darling, let's face it,
when two women are sharing one man, they both have to be prepared to
help each other out sometimes. Most men don't last long enough to
satisfy two women properly in one night. That's why you two are going
to have to take turns with Uncle Dave if you're going to get the best
out of this week. If you get too greedy all of us will end up going
without for longer than is necessary. Do you understand what I'm
saying?" "Yes Aunt Meg" they said together, then Sarah sat up and
said "Are you going to be joining in with us then?" Meg and I
laughed, "Of course I am, you didn't think I was going to lock myself
away all week did you. It might get crowded in our bed sometimes, but
if you two take turns you can sleep with Uncle Dave and I and we can
all have some real fun. How does that sound?" "Really" "Do you mean
that" the girls said at the same time, "Yes girls, I do mean it, but
you have to get sorted out between you what order you're going in,
and I want no arguments, or jealousy, understood?" "Yes Aunt Meg"
they said together, this was getting to be amusing, them saying the
same thing at the same time, it turned out that they did it all the
time at home and Debbie was used to it, Meg and I soon got used to it

A little later we all went to bed. Meg went with the girls to
their room and made sure they had everything they needed. She then
said "Would you like Uncle Dave to come and kiss you both goodnight?"
"Oh, yes please aunt Meg. We would love to try that. We haven't been
kissed goodnight since Daddy stopped when we were eight" replied
Sally with a grin. By the time Meg told me what she'd offered the
girls I was in bed, naked. I put a robe on and went to the girls
bedroom to find them sitting up in bed, both of them naked above the
bedclothes, which was all I could see. As I sat on Sarah's bed I said
"All right Sarah darling, let's have you laying down, it's time to go
to sleep." She grinned and did as I said, making sure I got a good
look at her naked breasts as she pulled the covers up to her chin.
With a tender smile I lowered my face and gently placed my lips on
hers. Sarah immediately lifted her head to press our lips together a
little firmer, then dropped back to the pillow with a beautiful smile
on her lips. "Goodnight Sarah darling" I said softly. "Goodnight
Uncle Dave, I love you" she replied. She then turned on to her side
and curled up into a tight ball as a tiny trembling shiver ran
through her young body.

When I sat on Sally's bed she was already laying down with the
bedclothes pulled up to her chin. I bent over her and kissed her as
tenderly as I had Sarah. Sally lifted her head and kissed me as
firmly as Sarah had a moment earlier. "Goodnight Sally darling" I
whispered softly. "Goodnight Uncle Dave, I love you, best of all my
uncles." She then turned over as Sarah had and closed her eyes, her
sweet smile seemingly locked in position on her lips. When I got back
to bed with Meg she asked me how it went. "A complete success Meg
darling" I said, "I wouldn't have thought two girls that age would
enjoy something so simple. Where did you get that idea from?" Meg
kissed me tenderly "Well, I just happened to be talking to Deb about
the girls, and she mentioned that Cliff stopped doing it when they
were about eight years old. I know how much I used to like my Daddy
doing it when I was a little girl, I just wanted to see if the twins
would enjoy is just as much." Meg lifted her head and looked at me,
"Will you do it another night darling, if they want it I mean?" I
gave a chuckle and replied "After what happened in there darling, I'd
be silly to say no." Meg then demanded to know exactly what went on,
and laughed at the girls actions. "Well David darling, we can be
quite sure they're not shy about showing you their bodies, can't we."

After breakfast next morning we all took a ride to the mall.
This was to give Meg a chance to buy the twins some sexy underwear,
the same as Jenny had done. It also gave them a chance to meet some
of their friends they hadn't seen since the previous day at school.
They also met up with Jenny and spent some time swapping stories
about their first nights with us. I heard Jenny tell Sarah not to
worry because I was 'simply the greatest'. Soon after we met up with
my sister Sandi and her two girls Frankie and Kelly. As the girls
drifted off on their own Meg went into her favourite lingerie store,
leaving me to sit with Sandi and have a cup of coffee. "Well Sis" I
said softly "You really dropped me in it this time, didn't you?"
Sandi laughed, then leaned over and kissed me softly on the cheek,
"Don't be so silly David, of course I didn't. at least it wasn't just
me, it was all us girls. And you have to admit we were right. Look at
how Jenny enjoyed herself. Jane's over the moon at how mature Jenny
suddenly seems to be." I grimaced at her "That's all very well Sandi,
but what happens if one of the girls let's something slip
accidentally, it's me that ends up in deep shit." Sandi took my hand
in hers, looked at me and said in a very serious voice "It won't
happen David darling. Believe me, any one of our girls that come to
you will be doing so in full knowledge of what is going to happen.
She will also know what will happen if she talks out of turn. Believe
me darling, none of them will want anything to happen to you. Just
trust your sisters, we'll never let anything happen to you, and
that's a promise."

"What's a promise?" asked Meg as she sat beside me and looked
at Sandi intently. "That we'll never let anything happen to David
because of what he's doing for the girls." Meg slipped an arm through
mine and squeezed it tight. "Of course we won't David darling. You
have too much to teach them for us to take chances with your welfare.
I'm quite sure the girls will all say the same when they've begun to
receive your treatment. The more you teach, the more will look out
for you." It suddenly occurred to me I was in more trouble than I had
originally thought. I looked around me to make sure no-one could hear
what I was saying then whispered "Just how many times am I expected
to do this?" Sandi looked at Meg and they both grinned, "You tell him
Meg" said Sandi softly. Meg nodded and said softly "Well darling,
we've estimated there are about fifteen in all." "WHAT!" I cried,
then whispered "What do you mean fifteen, I thought..." "Oh, not all
at once darling, some are only twelve or thirteen just now, and we
don't think they should come to you before they're fourteen at least.
Some won't even be ready then, they'll have to wait 'til their
mothers think they're old enough. That might mean them waiting for
their sixteenth birthday. It all depends."

"Jesus Christ!" I gasped "What are you doing to me, for gods
sake?" Sandi smiled "David darling, we're giving you the
responsibility for turning our daughters from silly girls into
responsible women. It may not work every time, but at least we will
know they'll all have the chance to make the initial transition in a
safe and comfortable and loving environment. If we can't keep them
safe afterwards it won't be for lack of trying. Believe me darling,
we did think long and hard about this. It's about the only thing
we've all agreed on since we were at school and wanted to get out as
quickly as possible." By now we'd finished our coffee and I said I
wanted to go somewhere a little more private. We ended up sitting in
our car. "This is all very well Sandi, but what about our brothers.
What will they say when they find out what I've been doing?" I was
suddenly very worried about this, knowing just how they were likely
to receive the news of what had been happening. "So, who's going to
tell them, you? I certainly won't. Neither will any of the others,
and I don't think it's going to be a topic of conversation between
the girls and their fathers, do you?"

I was still not completely convinced, but accepted what Sandi
said. I was still shocked to have found out it was going to be going
on for at least four years, depending on how quickly some of my
nieces matured. Meg saw I was still concerned, and in her typical
manner tried to find a way out. "Look Sandi, why don't we just say
that it's something we want to happen for as many of your girls as we
can. You just never know what might happen. After all David might not
have the stamina to do it for all that long, after what happened last
night the twins might wear him out this next week." "Not a chance
woman" I said, rising to the bait. "They won't wear me out this week,
worrying about the consequences might though." To be honest I did
feel a little better in my own mind about what I was being asked (?)
to do, although I wasn't going to forget about it, I wasn't going to
worry so much. That's why, after dinner I sat in the Den with the
twins while Meg stacked the dishwasher. Telling them both to lay
their heads on my lap with their legs over the arms of the sofa I
bent down and gave them both a warm passionate kiss on the lips and
said softly "Now close your eyes girls, and think about what might

After looking at me and smiling they both did as I asked, and
both of them gasped with pleasure as they felt me undo the buttons
down the front of their shirts. Once I had their shirts open I
discovered they had both left off their bras, and were now naked to
the waist. This allowed me to get right on with what I was going to
do anyway, and that was to get them aroused by caressing their
breasts. It felt great. For me that is. I knew they felt the same
because as soon as I touched their bodies they were sighing with
pleasure. When I covered their breasts one by one they gave loud
gasps, and pushed up their chests to press more firmly against my
palms. Slowly and gently I stroked my fingertips in circles around
and up their firm smooth comical breasts, pausing at their aureoles
to stroke my fingertips all round them. I then took hold of one
nipple of each of them and began to gently twirl them between my
finger and thumb, making them both scream with ecstasy as they both
climaxed once more.

As I allowed them to calm down a little I moved my hands down
to the hems of their skirts and lifted them to rest on their lower
abdomens. I then fiddled about finding the waistband of their panties
before slipping my hands inside both pairs and resting them on their
hot wet and very swollen pussy's. "Agggghhhhh... " moaned Sally as
she felt her pussy being touched my a male hand once more.
"Ohhhhhhh......" gasped Sarah as she felt it for the first time. "You
girls feeling alright?" I asked softly. "Oh... just great Uncle Dave"
gasped Sally. "Hmmm...... wonderful Uncle Dave" sighed Sarah. "OK,
just relax then" I said softly, and began to move my hands up and
down the length of their down covered pussy's, pressing my middle
finger between them and rubbing the base against their swollen clits.
Sarah was too stunned to move for a while, Sally on the other hand
had felt this before and began to hump her hips against the pressure
of my finger as it slid between her sopping wet and very swollen
lower lips. Sarah soon got the idea, and quickly followed on doing
what her sister was doing at the other end of the sofa. It wasn't
long before the springs were protesting at the bouncing going on at
both ends, luckily it soon ended. Both girls climaxed, Sally first,
in a screaming orgasm that hit her like an express train. Sally was
quickly followed by Sarah, who gave a loud scream of ecstasy, then
passed out from sensory overload.

Meg came bursting in seconds after Sarah screamed, then stood
in front of me smiling down at the sight before her. "I thought you
were murdering them darling, the amount of noise they made. What
happened?" before I could answer Sally opened her eyes and said
hoarsely "Sorry Aunt Meg, I just had an orgasm. Was I very noisy?"
Meg knelt down beside Sally, kissed her tenderly on the lips and said
"Well, yes darling, you were. But I don't think it was just you.
Sarah might have had something to do with it too." Sally turned her
head to look at Sarah then sat up quickly. "What's wrong with her
Uncle Dave?" she said as she saw Sarah collapsed beside her. "Don't
worry Sally darling, Sarah just fainted. She's not used to this sort
of thing, you know." Sally looked at me and smiled, "Neither am I
Uncle Dave. I've never had an orgasm like that." Sally then bent down
and kissed her sister, just as Sarah opened her eyes with a start.
"What happened Sis?" she gasped when she realised Sally was looking
down at her. "It's OK Sis, you just went to sleep for a couple of
minutes. I guess that was a pretty cosmic orgasm." Sarah closed her
eyes and smiled as she remembered what she'd just experienced, "It
sure was Sis. What happened to make it that good. It never happened
like that when you did it for me?"

"Well Sis" said Sally "I guess it takes a guy like Uncle Dave
to make things that good. Damn, I wish I'd waited, now you get the
best cherry popping in the world. I just got all the pain." Sarah
took her sister in her arms and cuddled her close as Sally cried
softly for a minute or two. I then took Sally in my arms, shifted her
on to my now vacant lap and began to rock her to and fro like a baby
needing comforting. While I was cuddling Sally Sarah got up and I saw
her go out with Meg. She came back a little later, by which time
Sally had recovered and was sitting up kissing me passionately as I
lay on the back of the sofa trying to relax. "Come on Sis, let's go
and get a shower, I feel all sticky, and I'm sure you do too." Left
alone for a while I lay back and thought how I was going to get the
girls in a situation where I could propose initiating sex. I needn't
have bothered. Meg came in and sat beside me, slipped her arm round
me and gave me a warm kiss on the lips. "David darling" she said
softly "Sarah wants to know if you could go to her bed tonight and
pop her cherry for her." "But I thought..." "Yes darling, I know, we
both thought she would come to bed with us. What she wants is for
Sally to share it with her, seeing as Sally will be missing out on it
just now." "What about you?" I asked "Won't you be disappointed not
seeing it?" Meg smiled and kissed me tenderly "Don't be so silly
David, of course I'll see it, the bedroom door will be left open for

That how, at just after ten o'clock I opened the girls bedroom
door, put on their nightlight and after dropping my robe to the
floor, slipped into bed with Sarah, as naked as she was herself.
After spending a few minutes kissing and caressing her I whispered
"This is what you want, isn't it Sarah darling?" she looked at me in
the half light and I could see her wide smile. "Oh, yes Uncle Dave,
this is definitely what I want. I want you to be my first." She
paused for a moment, then said "Mom told me it might hurt a little,
but that the pain would go away very quickly. I hope it's like that
for me, I'm a real coward when it comes to being hurt." I placed a
tender loving kiss on her lips and said softly "Sarah darling, I'll
be as gentle as I possible can, now what say I get you ready?" With
that Sarah turned to face me and threw her arm across my side, pulled
her self close and wriggled her naked body against mine, saying "I'm
ready now Uncle Dave." Very gently I rubbed my hand down her back,
over her uppermost hip and then between her thighs. There I felt just
how hot and wet Sarah was. She certainly was ready, and I held her
tightly to me and rolled over on to my back, with her laying on me,
her body pressed close to mine. "Right Sarah, I want you to be on top
for this my love" I said gently. "But I don't know how to do it this
way Uncle Dave. Will you help me please?" I looked up at Sarah and
with a smile said very softly "Why don't you ask you sister to help
you darling, I think she might like that, don't you?" Sarah smiled at
me and nodded silently. Then she said aloud "Sis, help, I don't know
what to do."

In a flash Sally was out of bed and sitting beside Sarah softly
explaining what had to happen. "Help me please Sis, I can't see
anything" said Sarah softly. "OK Sis, I'll guide Uncle Dave's penis,
you just lower yourself when I say, OK?" Sarah nodded, Sally grasped
my hard throbbing cock in her soft warm hand and I heard her say
softly "Now Sis." Slowly Sarah allowed herself to sink down on to my
body, stopping when she felt my cockhead slip between her pussy lips
and touch her maidenhead. "Ohh.." she gasped. "That's it Sis" said
Sally, "You have to go down hard now, that breaks you cherry. You
know, what you can feel inside you." Sarah closed her eyes, put out
one hand to hold on to Sally and with a grimace forced herself down
hard. "Aggghhhh.." she cried as she felt my penis burst through her
hymen, destroying it for all time. "That smarts.." she moaned softly.
Then after a moment she opened her eyes, looked at her sister and
said "Oh, thanks Sally darling, you made it so much easier. I don't
think I'd have had the courage to do it on my own." Sally looked at
her sister and said softly "You better be able to do the rest on your
own Sis, I definitely can't help you there." Sally then kissed Sarah
and went back to lay on top of her bed to watch her sisters first

As Sarah watched Sally going back to her own bed she began to
work her hips back and forth. Finding she liked the feeling she then
started to move up and down. Suddenly Sarah gave a loud gasp of
pleasure and began bouncing hard up and down on my hard throbbing
penis, gasping and moaning with pleasure as she got closer and closer
to her first penetration orgasm. An orgasm that hit her like a
starburst, exploding inside her and radiating all over her firm young
body. Once more Sarah fainted. This time Sally saw it happening and
jumped up to help her sister as she collapsed forward on to my chest.
Meg also rushed into the bedroom to help, carrying with her a moist
washcloth and towel to clean Sarah and me up before our cum dried on
us. It was Sally that first realised I hadn't cum, and as Meg wiped
Sarah down Sally whispered "Why didn't you cum too Uncle Dave?"
"Because I wanted to save it for you darling. I thought you might
like a little loving tonight too." Sally smiled at me and I saw a
tear forming in her eye as she said "Really Uncle Dave. You saved it
just for me?" I nodded, leaned forward and kissed away her tears then
said "Wait 'til Aunt Meg's gone, then I'll come and make love to
you." Sally kissed me warmly and dived back into bed to await Meg's
departure from the room. This was only a couple of minutes later and
as soon as Meg was out of sight I went and lay beside Sally,
as she opened her covers for me.

"Uncle Dave, I'm so ready, will you just get on top of me and
make slow gentle love to me please?" Sally said softly. I kissed her
and rolled on top of her, opening her thighs with my knees and
resting my weight on knees and elbows as I pressed my groin to hers.
We were made for each other. As Sally opened her legs wide and lifted
her knees up to her chest my hard throbbing penis rested between her
swollen and sopping wet pussy lips. I gave a gentle thrust forward
and slipped inside her balls deep. "Aggghhhh... Ohhhh..." she cried
as she felt me enter her for the first time. "Ohhh... that's sooo
good Uncle Dave" she cried. "Don't move darling Uncle Dave, stay
there for ever please. I want to feel you inside me always, I want
you to fuck me hard and fast Uncle Dave, ram your wonderful cock deep
into me over and over again please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me......."
Over and over again she called out for me to fuck her hard, I just
continued to work my hard pulsating cock in and out of her hot young
pussy gently and lovingly. All the time I was kissing her on the
breasts and nipples as I held on to her shoulders to keep her in
position for maximum penetration. Having just popped her sisters
cherry without having an orgasm it wasn't long before I approached my
climax, and I told Sally I was near over and over again. I'm glad I
did, because just as I groaned "I'mmmm cuuummmiiinnnggg" Sally
clamped her legs around my back and cried out in ecstasy as her
climax burst on her as she felt my hard spurts of semen hit her
cervix over and over again. With each pulse of my hard throbbing cock
Sally cried out "YES... YES... YES..." and bucked her hips against my
pelvis so hard she lifted me in the air a couple of times.

Sally made so much noise it made Sarah open her eyes and sit up
to watch the last throes of her sisters massive orgasm. Meg also
watched from the open bedroom door, and I heard her gasp of
astonishment at the force of Sally's orgasm. When Sally had got her
breath back I sat up with her in my arms. Sarah came and sat on my
other side and Meg sat at the bottom of the bed looking at our three
spent forms. "Well, I'm wondering if you've all got the energy to get
cleaned up. I don't really want to go to bed with Uncle Dave in this
state." The girls looked down where Meg was looking and saw I was
covered with mine and Sally's mixed cum, and Sally was even worse.
"Come on Sally" I said, "Let's you and me go and have a shower." As
we walked hand in hand to the bathroom I heard Meg say "Yes go on
darling." I then felt Sarah put her arms round me from the back and
say "I'm coming as well Uncle Dave, I don't want to miss this."

It was great! Both the twins got under the shower with me as
soon as they could follow me. I picked up a washcloth, soaped it up
and began to wash Sarah's front, while her sister washed her back.
When Sarah was done she changed places with Sally and we washed her
down with me getting the pleasure of doing her front. The girls then
descended on me and I soon had them playing with my cock and balls,
until Meg called for them to stop. "How did you know what we were
doing Aunt Meg?" asked a smiling Sally. Meg grinned, "Because it's
what I'd be doing if I was in there with Uncle Dave of course" she
replied. Very soon we were all dried and I'd had fun powdering the
girls all over, then Meg said "David darling, do you think there's
room in our bed for all four of us?" "Oh, I think so Meg darling,
just so long as two young ladies don't move about too much when
they're asleep." "Oh, no Uncle Dave, we sleep like logs. We never
move, do we Sis" said Sarah. "Never" replied Sally with a grin. Five
minutes later we were all in bed together, with me being sandwiched
between the girls and Meg electing to be on the outside and lay next
to Sally. The girls spent a long time kissing me and Meg goodnight,
but eventually we all drifted off to sleep and our own special

During the rest of the weekend the twins and I had a lot of
great sex. Meg introduced them to better ways of helping each other
out in times of desperation, and really enjoyed her self when the
both went down on her at once and brought her to two screaming
orgasms. On Monday when they went to school they told Jenny all about
what happened during the midday break. They also told Frankie and
Kelly, their cousins, some of what had happened, in an effort to make
then look forward to their turn. On Wednesday it was Sally's turn to
be sleeping with Meg and I. As she lay beside me she raised herself
on one elbow and said "Aunt Meg, have you ever had Uncle Dave make
love to you in your bottom?" Meg and I were both stunned for a
moment, then Meg said softly, "Where on earth did you get that sort
of idea from Sally darling?" I saw Sally blush bright red, "Oh, well
it came up when I was talking about things with some of the girls at
school" she replied. "One of them said it was really great, but
another said it hurt like the devil, because she got a guy as big as
a donkey."

"Well Sally" said Meg, "To answer your question, yes, Uncle
Dave and I have tried anal sex. And I guess I'm lucky he isn't as big
as a donkey because I really enjoyed it." "Oh" said Sally in a quiet
voice "Er... I don't suppose......" Meg laughed lightly. "You don't
suppose you could try it with Uncle Dave. Is that it Sally darling?"
"Yes" replied Sally in a hushed voice. "David?" Meg said questioning
me. "Well, I suppose it'll be better than her trying it elsewhere and
getting hurt badly" I said. Sally kissed me on the cheek, "Oh, thanks
Uncle Dave, when can we try it please?" I looked at Meg and she
smiled and said "Why not right now darling?" "Oh, great!" said Sally
as she sat up beside me. While Meg went to get all I would require I
made a mound of firm pillows in the centre of the bed and told Sally
to lay face down over them. When she was in position I lifted her
nightie so her bottom was uncovered and began to gently caress her
bottom and inner thighs. This wasn't to get her aroused, it was for
my benefit, and it worked. By the time Meg came back from the
bathroom I had a nice firm erection. Meg passed me the tube of K-Y
and I lubed up a couple of fingers on my right hand.

"Are you ready for this Sally darling?" I asked as I placed my
felt hand on the base of her spine. "Yes Uncle Dave" she replied
softly, then gasped out loud as I placed the tip of one finger to her
sphincter and pressed it in to the second knuckle. "Oh.. god, that
feels real strange Uncle Dave. It's not too big though is it." Meg
and I burst out laughing, "That's only one finger Sally darling" said
Meg breathlessly. "Uncle Dave has to be able to get at least two in
easily before he can try his penis, my love." Sally smiled shyly as
she blushed with embarrassment at her mistake. She then hid her face
in a pillow and wiggled her bottom at me. Taking this as a sign to
continue I withdrew my finger 'til it was almost out then placed a
second digit beside it and pressed the two of them in together. This
brought a groan as I stretched Sally's anus a little more. "You OK
Sally?" I asked, and she murmured something into the pillow, which I
took to mean yes. Slowly I moved my fingers in and out of Sally's
anal pucker, more to spread the K-Y than anything else. After a
couple of minutes I slowly withdrew from her and grasped my still
rigid cock rolled on a condom and coated it with the lubricant before
placing the tip on Sally's anal pucker.

"Ready for the proper thing now Sally darling?" I asked
tenderly. Sally lifted her head and gasped "Yes Uncle Dave, I'm
ready" and she lowered her head to rest it on her folded arms as they
lay on the bed. As I pressed forward I slipped my free hand beneath
Sally's waist and held her hips tight. I pressed a little harder and
heard Meg whisper "Relax Sally darling. Relax and press back at Uncle
Dave." Sally nodded and I felt her trying to move her ass towards me,
pressing hard on the head of my cock. Suddenly it slipped through her
tight ring of muscle, taking us both by surprise as I slid in by a
couple of inches before I heard her give a cry of "Stop!" I did, and
I bent down and whispered "You OK darling?" I felt Sally nod her head
then a moment later she said in a soft voice "Are you sure you're not
a donkey Uncle Dave. You seem very large for a man." "Not me darling"
I replied "It's you that's very tight. That makes me feel larger than
normal, just relax and enjoy what's happening darling, I certainly
will." With that I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her
grasping anal passage, pulling back 'til my cockhead was almost out,
then thrusting it back again in a single slow stroke.

"Oh my god" gasped Sally as she felt me sliding in and out of
her ass. "That feels so good Uncle Dave, but I'm glad you're not any
larger, I don't think I'd have enjoyed it one little bit." Now she
was used to me I leaned forward and cupped her breasts in my hands
and lifted her upper body off the bed. "Grab the headboard darling" I
gasped. Sally did so and suddenly found she was getting more friction
on her ass, and that meant more arousal. The same for me. I was soon
saying to her "I'm nearly ready to cum Sally darling, get ready my
love I'm going to cum any moment". I felt Sally grip with her rectal
muscles, that took me over the top and I cried out "I'mmmm
cuuummmiiinnnggg Nooowww.." and I began to jerk my hips against her
buttocks as I shot wad after wad of hot sticky semen from my latex
covered cock in my nieces grasping anus. No sooner did I begin to cum
than Sally felt the pulsing of my cock against her anal ring than she
gave a loud cry and began to shake as her first anal climax rippled
through her tight stretched body as it hung from the headboard of our
bed. In the end Sally was unable to hold on, and she collapsed on to
the bed, pulling herself from my grasping hands. This also pulled me
forward and I was soon laying on top of her, until Meg pulled me back
and to the side, separating our bodies and allowing us both to relax
after our exertions.

I got up after a few minutes and went to the bathroom to get
myself cleaned up and the condom disposed of. As I got back into bed
and lay down Meg had just revived Sally and was getting her to her
feet to take her to the bathroom too. I had to smile as I saw the way
Sally was walking, her bottom all screwed up tight, and taking tiny
steps. She was walking a little more normally when she returned a few
minutes later. Meg had eased her suffering with a soothing salve she
kept for just such time, something she used to use quite a lot a
couple of years ago. As Sally crawled into bed beside me again I said
"Well Sally darling, curiosity satisfied now?" Sally lifted her self
up and lay on my chest, looking into my eyes, and smiling. "Uncle
Dave, it was simply wonderful. It didn't hurt a bit. I had a
wonderful orgasm, and I know you did, because I felt it. I felt it
more than when you came in my pussy. I just wish I'd been able to
feel your cum shooting into me, but Aunt Meg told me why we couldn't
do it that way the first time." She looked down at my chest for a
moment then looked up again. "Can we do it again please Uncle Dave,
before I go home, and without a condom so I feel you cum inside me,
please Uncle Dave?"

What could I say but yes. Then of course Sally dropped her
little bombshell, "I can't wait to tell Sarah about this. I know
she'll want to try it too." She then lay down in the circle of my arm
and snuggled up close to me and promptly fell asleep. "Well" said
Meg, "It looks as if you'll have to do the same tomorrow night
darling. That's the trouble with twins, everything has to be done
twice." Meg was right of course, I did do it for Sarah on Thursday
night. The problem was that on Friday night I had Sally coming to me
for a condom free session, which I gave her of course. Saturday was
Sarah's turn for the same, and I was very glad that Debbie was
collecting them on Sunday afternoon. When I awoke on Sunday it was to
find myself alone in bed. I gave a deep sigh of relief and turned
over to enjoy a few more minutes sleep, only to have my silence
shattered with Sarah bursting into the bedroom and jumping on the bed
beside me. "Come on Uncle Dave. It's past eleven o'clock, you've
missed breakfast, and it's almost time for lunch."

I pulled the covers over my head and murmured "Go away you
horrible child. I want to go back to sleep. Wake me when it's time
for your mother to take you away." Sarah giggled as she slid her hand
under the covers and searched for my penis. When she had her hand on
it she gave me a little squeeze and found it starting to swell. "Oh,
I see" she whispered "You're getting ready for me again are you Uncle
Dave. Shall I get undressed, or will you do it with my panties down
round my knees?" This of course brought me to full erection almost
immediately, and I decided to surrender, by sitting up. I wish I
hadn't done that just then, because Sarah was doing what she offered
to do. She was kneeling in front of me, her skirt over her back and
her panties pushed down her thighs almost to her knees. This allowed
her to spread her legs just enough for me to see, and have access to
her swollen, glistening pussy. What could I do, especially as she was
looking back at me and smiling at me. I scrambled to my knees,
shuffled up between her feet and placed the head of my cock at her
vaginal entrance. "Are you sure you want this Sarah darling?" I asked
softly. "Oh, yes Uncle Dave, I definitely want this. Oh boy, do I."
With a smile I grasped her hips and, as I thrust forwards I pulled
her back to meet me, entering her, and slamming my hips against her
soft rounded buttocks in a single stroke. "Oh, god, YES, YES, YES she
cried as I pumped hard against her buttocks, over and over again.
There was no way I was going to cum right now, but I decided she
would go home with an enduring memory of her final day of her stay.
She had that alright. In a matter of minutes of hard fast thrusting
in and out of her hot wet pussy Sarah was screaming out "I'mmmm
cuuummmiiinnnggg..." and she started to jerk and shake in my arms as
I grabbed her round the waist to stop her throwing herself off the

I'd just laid Sarah down on the bed to rest when Sally and Meg
came bursting in to find out what all the noise was about. "Damn it
twin" said Sally, "You cheated on me, you bitch. I'll get you for
this, you see if I don't." Luckily Sally was joking, I could see the
smile on her face as she spoke. She suddenly changed her mind when
Meg whispered to her that I still had a reasonable erection, and why
didn't she try her luck with it. Sally looked at me, smiled sweetly
and said softly "Can a girl get some fun here mister?" I grinned back
and said "Only if she's dressed the same as her sister was, can you
manage that?" looking down at Sarah Sally knelt on the bed, pushed
her panties down her thighs and bent over with her skirt over her
back. "How's that?" she asked as she looked back at me with a sexy
smile. "Just great" I replied. "How's this?" and I did the same for
Sally as I'd done for Sarah. I thrust my penis deep into her pussy as
I pulled her back against my pelvis. "Oh, sweet Jesus, that's
wonderful" Sally cried as she felt my pubic hair brushing against her
soft smooth buttocks. "Fuck me Uncle Dave, please fuck me. Do it as
hard as you did for Sarah, make me cum hard, make me cum long, just
make me cum Uncle Dave, like I never cum before." I did. And Sally
did too. I made her cum and she came like an express train, hard and
fast. So hard she fainted, and was out for a couple of minutes,
waking up laying beside her sister who had taken her in her arms and
was cuddling her as she woke up.

As Sally opened her eyes Sarah looked at her and said "Tired
Sis, it's not like you to sleep this late in the day. I'll have to
tell mom in case she thinks there's something wrong with you." Sally
looked up at Sarah and said "Don't do that for gods sake Sis. She'll
just get jealous and not let us come back here. And oh boy do I want
to come back here, don't you?" Sarah nodded, then looked up at where
Meg and I were watching their little by-play. "Can we come back soon
please Aunt Meg?" "Oh, I don't see why not darling. Just get your
mother to speak to me, and we'll see what we can do. Just remember
you have a few more cousins that need a chance like you just had, so
don't be too greedy with our time, will you?" by now the twins were
sitting up, Sally looked at Meg and said "Are you going to do this
for all our girl cousins?" Meg nodded. "Yes darling, those that want
it. They don't have to do it if they don't want to you know." Sally
smiled "Well, I know Frankie and Kelly do. They told me so at school
on Friday. Aunt Sandi said they have to wait their turn, but that it
won't be too long. I hope they have it as good as we did, because
it's been simply the very best week I've ever had in my life. I'm so
glad mom said we could stay here while she was away. The thing is
Aunt Meg, what do we do now, about boys I mean?"

Meg smiled at her, "Why don't you ask your mother my love. You
can't expect us to have all the answers to your problems. Just
remember you have some very good looking male cousins. And they'll
soon be learning the same things you have. All you have to do is be
very discrete, and always make sure you're safe. If in doubt, use a
condom, just like Uncle Dave has done. It's not wimpish, just
sensible." The girls stood up, pulled up their panties and smoothed
their skirts down their wonderful legs, then followed Meg down to the
kitchen to get some lunch ready. I had a shower, dressed and joined
them, just as Debbie was knocking on the kitchen door. As soon as she
was in the twins were all over her, kissing and cuddling her 'til she
had to shout for some room to sit down. Meg called for silence, then
said "Girls, please leave you stories until you get home please, I'd
hate for you to embarrass Uncle Dave too soon." Apart from telling
Deb they'd enjoyed themselves the girls said nothing all the time she
was sitting with us. Things were different of course when they got
home, and I got a call from Sandi the following evening
congratulating me on all I'd done, and wishing we had been able to do
the same things when we were teenagers.

"Don't forget about Frankie and Kelly darling," Sandi said
before she rang off. "They'll be coming next weekend. Will you want
them together, or separately?" "Sandi darling, there's no way I want
two at a time ever again. Those twins almost wiped me out. It's got
to be singles from now on, all right?" "Yes David, I understand, I'll
have a word with them and sort out who comes first, will one on
Friday and one on Saturday do you?"
End of part 2.
Continued in part 3, 'More Sisters'
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