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Happy Families Part 4. (MF,Mf,MFf,1st,Teen,Oral,Mast,Cons)

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.

Check out my archive at:-
This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age
of consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

By davidb234
Part 4
A couple of weeks went by when I managed to put in a good few
hours working without being disturbed by sex crazed teenage girls, or
their mothers wanting to have them come to stay for a few days. It
was getting close to the summer vacation and Meg and I had arranged
to go to our cabin in the hills for a nice long rest. I thought I'd
earned it, to be honest, but it seemed my wife and my sisters thought
otherwise. But before they hit me with that bombshell I was asked to
deal with one of Meg's nieces Susan. Sue's mother Julie was worried
that her daughter had suddenly stopped going out on dates, and didn't
want to talk about her reasons. Seeing as Sue was one of my
favourites among Meg's nieces, she was so bright and really into
working with computers, (Yeah OK so she was a bit of a geekess) I
helped her all I could on those few times she had come and stayed
with us. This time was going to be a bit different it seemed. Meg
told me what was worrying Julie and asked me to see if I could find
out what the problem was.

The afternoon Sue came home with Meg I was still working in my
office, and as soon as she'd taken off her coat Sue came and knocked
on the door. I called come in, and she came up to me and gave me her
usual hug and also a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks for letting me stay
Uncle Dave, can I stay and watch you working please?" "Of course you
can Sue darling, you know the score, don't you?" she grinned and
nodded, "I stay quiet unless I have a question I want the answer to,
something I don't understand, right?" "Good girl, spot on." I then
returned to what I was doing with Sue sitting close by my side
watching every key stroke I made. Only once did she touch my arm
lightly, our sign she wanted to interrupt me. She was puzzled by
something I'd done a moment or two before so I backtracked and
explained what I'd done, and what effects it would have later. "OK,
thanks Uncle Dave" she said and sat down quietly once more. An hour
later I was finished for the day and allowed Sue to sit on my lap and
start my save and backup procedure. While it was running I leaned
back with her on my lap still, slipped my arms round her and cuddled
hr as she snuggled up close to me, laying her head on my chest and
giving a sigh of contentment.

"How are things at school Susan?" I asked, "Doing very much
work on computers yet?" that did it, she had always wanted to work
with computers and spent more time in the IT lab than almost anyone,
the problem was she was so far ahead of the rest she felt she was
being held back. "I shouldn't worry my love" I said "That should give
you more time to spend with boys, instead of having to spend so much
time doing homework. I bet you've got them climbing all over each
other to go out with you." I felt her shake her head, "Not me Uncle
Dave, I keep away from them these days, it's easier that way." I lay
my cheek on the top of her head stroked her cheek with one hand and
down her back with the other, "Why is it easier darling?" I asked,
"Easier than what?" Sue sat up, looked me in the eye and said
seriously "Promise you won't tell Mom!" I took her hands in mine,
kissed her fingers and said "You know I don't tell anyone our
secrets, but if I must, I promise, OK?" she smiled wanly, and said
"I'm sorry Uncle Dave, I shouldn't have said that. You're the only
one that never splits on us, all my cousins tell me the same, but
this is really secret you see, and I don't want mom getting upset and
doing something stupid."

Susan took a deep breath and held tight to my hands as she said
"I stopped going out with boys when three of them from our school
started to rape me. It happened at a party mom told me not to go to.
It was only me screaming and some of my friends coming into the
bedroom that stopped it. I didn't want them to report it to the
police, so they kept it a secret for me. Two of the boys have moved
away now, the other one has problems getting dates from most of the
girls in school because word got around about him." She then fell
against my chest again and started to cry softly while I hugged and
caressed her in an effort to comfort her. After a while Meg came in
and told us dinner was almost ready, I said OK and we would be down
in a couple of minutes. When Meg had gone, I picked Susan up in my
arms and carried her to the bathroom where I stood her in front of
the basin and told her to wash her face and hands. She did so and
looked much better as she stood there and waited for me to do the

We walked down stairs together and by the time we were sat
eating dinner Susan had become a bright schoolgirl once more. Later
that evening I went to Sue's bedroom and sat beside her, "Well Susan
darling, how do you feel now you've had you cry?" "Much better thanks
Uncle Dave, thanks to you." I smiled down at her as I tucked her in
tight, I then bent over her and placed my lips softly on hers in a
tender loving kiss. "Goodnight Susan" I whispered, "Goodnight Uncle
Dave, and thanks." When I was laying beside Meg she snuggled up close
to me and said "Well!", "Well, what?" I asked. "Well what's Sue's
problem, I assume she told you while she was sitting on your lap."
"Yes Meg darling, but I promised I wouldn't tell anyone. It's not too
bad though, and she hasn't been hurt. It's just a matter of changing
her point of view about certain things. What she does need is someone
she can trust to look after her on a date." Meg lay there quietly for
a couple of minutes as she gently stroked my stiffening cock. "How
about I have a word with Julia in the morning, she might have an
ideal partner for Sue."

Next morning I went into my office again straight after
breakfast and fired up my PC meaning to start some work, I was
interrupted by Sue coming in and asking if she could speak to me. I
got up and closed the door, then sat down in my big old swivel chair
and held out my arms invitingly. Quick as a flash Sue was sitting on
my lap and snuggling herself down in my arms, her head resting on my
chest and her knees up inside the arms of the chair. "Well now Susan
darling, what do you want to speak to me about?" I asked gently as I
tenderly stroked her cheek with my fingertips. "Er.. well it's just
something Jenny said to me the other day. I was talking about my boy
problem and she told me to come and speak to you. She said if you did
everything for me that you did for her, I'd soon find I didn't have a
problem." "I see" I replied, "And what did she say I did for her that
made such a difference?" Sue twisted her head to look at me, and I
could see she was blushing prettily, "She said she went to bed with
you and you bust her cherry for her but in such a good way it almost
didn't hurt at all and she enjoyed making love to you straight after
and it was really great.."

I stopped her rush of words with a tender kiss on the lips.
When she stopped panting I pulled back and smiled at her, "Susan
darling, would you like me to do the same for you. I will if you
like, you just have to really want to do it. Why don't you go and
talk about it to Aunt Meg, and tell her what your little problem is."
Sue sat up, "Didn't you tell her last night Uncle Dave?" she asked
seemingly surprised. "Of course not Susan darling, I promised I
wouldn't tell anyone didn't I?" Sue kissed me sweetly, "I'm sorry
Uncle Dave, I should have remembered you never split on us to anyone.
OK I'll go and have some girl talk with Aunt Meg. See you later."
With a final kiss on the cheek she was gone, leaving me to get
started with my work. I'd been working for a couple of hours when Sue
came barging in and flopped in the chair beside me watching intently
everything I did. This went on for half an hour with Sue staying
completely silent, until Meg poked her head into the room and said
"David, I've got to got and see Julia, I shan't be long darling. Oh,
and please be sure to do what Sue wants, won't you. It's the best way
out you know."

I sat still, looking at my monitor for a few minutes, then I
turned to Sue and said "Well Susan, you did have a talk with Aunt
Meg, didn't you" Sue nodded and smiled sweetly, "Yes Uncle Dave, and
she explained some things to me and said you'd show me what to do so
a guy won't want to force me into something I don't want to do. Oh,
and she said you'd pop my cherry for me so I can do things if I want
to." I gave a tiny shake of my head, closed down my PC and stood up,
taking Sue by the hand then leading her over to the small sofa
standing against the wall. There I sat down, pulling her on to my lap
and hugging her close to me. "Susan darling, just so long as this is
what you want, I'll show you how to handle a heavy necking session,
and what petting is all about. Then, if you want to we can take
things a step further and I'll do what you want. How does that
sound?" Sue grinned, then nodded her head vigorously, "Sounds just
great Uncle Dave, what do I do first?"

I told her to sit beside me and lean back on my chest. I
slipped me arms round her shoulders and began to gently caress her
abdomen and sides. Slowly I worked my way up her body until I was
passing my fingertips over her blouse covered breasts with
featherlight strokes making her gasp every time she felt my touch. As
I started to undo the buttons of her blouse I kissed her tenderly on
the cheek and whispered "Is that nice Susan darling?" "Ohhh, yes
Uncle Dave" she gasped as I opened her blouse and cupped her bra
covered breasts in my hands. Very gently I squeezed and fondled her
titties, all the time kissing her on the cheek, until she turned her
head and sought out my lips with her own. The instant our lips
touched I pinched her nipples between finger and thumb, making her
gasp, and sucking almost all the air from my lungs, then pushing it
back as she gave a huge sigh as I shoved the cups of her bra over her
breasts to rest on her chest and opening them to my unhindered touch.

The instant Sue felt my fingers on her naked skin she began to
utter soft moans of pleasure, culminating in a soft cry of ecstasy as
I rubbed the palms of my hands round and round on her hard erect
nipples as I pressed her breasts firmly on to her chest at the same
time. As I fondled Sue's breasts I felt her scrabbling about between
our bodies, she pushed against my hands and sat upright, then she
threw off her blouse and her bra which she'd undone as she lay
against me. Before Sue could lay back against me again I pulled a
cushion out and lay it on my lap. Then turned as I guided her head to
lay on it, with her legs resting on the arm. "That's better" I said
with a smile, "I can see what I'm doing now, instead of doing
everything by feel" Sue looked up at me and gasped "I don't care
Uncle Dave, just do it before I scream." Slowly I lowered my head and
placed my lips on her right nipple sucking gently as I slip my hand
down her abdomen to her skirt.

Sue reacted so much to my suckling at her firm young conical
breast that she missed me pulling her skirt up above her waist,
uncovering her thighs and her bulging cotton panties. I couldn't see
just how swollen her pussy lips were, my eyes were inches from her
chest, but the instant my fingers touched the crotch of her panties I
knew. It was as if Sue had wet her pants, they were so moist. I knew
she hadn't of course because of the slickness of the moisture soaking
her cotton underwear. My touch did get a reaction though, it made her
cry out "Oh, god Uncle Dave, do that again, touch me again please it
feels soooo good." All this time I was sucking on her turgid nipples,
and when I tried to find the waistband of her panties she raised her
hips and pushed her skirt and panties down together, stripping
herself naked apart from her white ankle socks.

As Sue kicked her skirt to one side she looked up at me and
said "Well Uncle Dave, how do I look?" I lifted my head, looked up
and down her naked body twice then turned to her and said "Susan
darling, you look good enough to eat. And I think that's what I'll do
right now." With that I lifted the cushion she was resting her head
on, slipped off the sofa and on to the floor then lay her back down
again. I shuffled down to her knees and gently pulled her legs apart,
then without giving her a chance to question what I was going to do I
covered the top of her sopping wet gash with my mouth. As soon as I
touched her hot swollen pussy lips I sucked hard as I extended my
tongue and sought her clit. I knew the instant I found it, not only
by feeling it with the tip of my flicking tongue, but more by the
scream Sue gave as she experienced her first masculine touch of her
love button.

"Aggghhhh..... Ohhhh..." she cried as she felt my tongue run up
and down between her lower lips, flicking her clit each time it
reached high enough. I sucked on her clit, flicking it with my tongue
and at the same time I slipped a finger between her ass cheeks
getting the tip well and truly wet with her slick juices. Then I
touched it to her tiny puckered rosehole, and with a single firm
thrust I pressed it in past her virgin sphincter down to the second
knuckle. "Aggghhhh... I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG she screamed as she
clamped her thighs together and bent her knees up to her chest. This
left her pussy and her butt open to yet another assault from my lips,
and I also moved my finger in and out of her anus an inch or so each
way, making her very first orgasm go rolling on and on making her
body convulse so much she rolled off the sofa and on to the floor,
dragging herself off my invading digit and questing tongue. I quickly
lifted Susan up and made sure she was OK, then lay her out on the
sofa to recover while I covered her with her discarded skirt and

After a few minutes Sue opened her eyes and looked glassily at
me, "What happened Uncle Dave, I felt an orgasm starting, then it
just seemed to go on for ever. I didn't want it to stop, just to keep
rolling up and down my body over and over again." She stopped talking
and looked up at me, then after a few seconds said "Is it always like
this Uncle Dave, having an orgasm with a guy, I mean?" I looked down
at her and said softly "Not always darling, I suppose it depends on
who the guy is, how much you like him, and just what you allow him to
do for you." Sue sat up slowly, and I helped her to put her skirt and
blouse on again, then when I'd sat on my sofa she came and straddled
my lap and slipped her arms round my neck. As she leaned forward to
kiss me I saw a gleam in her eye, and a smile crinkling up the
corners of them. "Jenny was right Uncle Dave, you are pretty
terrific, how about you show me just how good you are and make me a
woman just like you did her?" I smiled at her as she sat back on my
thighs, stroked her cheeks tenderly with my fingertips and almost
whispered "Are you sure you're ready for it my dear. It will hurt,
you know, even Jenny cried a little when she did it, and you know
she's a strong young lady."

Sue looked at me intently, then said "If I don't do it now
Uncle Dave, I might not be able to do it at all. I know you'll be as
gentle as possible, Jenny and Aunt Meg told me that. I don't know if
a boy would ever be like that. And anyway I don't think I'd trust a
boy from school to be careful enough for me. So you see darling Uncle
Dave, it has to you, and it has to be now." What could I do? What I
did. I stood up after lifting Susan from my lap and on to her own two
feet. I then scooped her up in my arms and carried her up to the
bedroom she was using and laid her down on the bed. As she lay there
looking up at me I smiled lustfully and quickly removed what little
clothing she had on, then opened the bedclothes and rolled her into
bed. I then sat on the edge of the bed and began to undress myself.
When I stood up to remove my pants I saw Sue watching me intently and
turned round to face her, smiling as I saw a rosy flush creep over
her cheeks as she watched a male undress in front of her for the
first time.

As soon as my hard erect throbbing penis appeared in front of
her eyes she gasped "Oh my god, it's soooo big." I lay next to her,
pulled the covers over me and snuggled down beside her, pulling her
close to me so our two naked bodies touched in as many places as
possible. As I felt her nipples press into my chest, and her soft
smooth belly touch my firm hairy one she gave a gasp of pleasure and
I also felt a shiver of anticipation ripple through her from head to
toe. "Don't worry Susan darling, I'm not actually very large, just
the largest you might have seen. Don't be frightened, baby, it won't
be as bad as you think, I promise you." With that Sue put her arm
round me and pulled herself closer to me and passing her uppermost
leg over my thigh and wriggled herself down until she felt her pussy
touching the head of my pulsating cock. As she lay there wriggling
her hips round and round, rubbing herself against my cockhead, I
tensed all the right muscle groups and she gave a quiet scream of
"Ohhh, Ohhhhhhh.. Ohhh YES, Ohhh YES.." as the tip of my cock slipped
along her hot swollen and very wet slit. "How did that happen Uncle
Dave?" she asked breathlessly. I smiled enigmatically and said softly
"A guy type secret Sue, just like some girl ones you'll soon know
about, believe me it can be quite nice when you know about them and
surprise your lover." Sue wriggled her hips again then said "Can we
hurry please Uncle Dave, I'm getting so horny."

I slipped my upper hand down between our bodies and pressed it
between her thighs. It came away soaked in her juices, and I felt the
thighs were running with moisture. "OK baby" I said "I guess you're
as ready as you'll ever be, do you want to be on top, or be
underneath me?" Sue smiled sexily, " Uncle Dave, I want you to be on
top. I want you to make me a woman please, if I tried I'd get chicken
at the last moment, and it would never happen, so, will you do it for
me please?" I gently pressed her over on to her back and rolled over
between her wide open thighs. As soon as I was there Sue lifted her
knees and wrapped her ankles behind by back, crossing them so I
couldn't escape. I was about to pass me hand between us to guide my
penis to it's target when I felt her wriggle her hips about and
grinned when I felt the head of my cock pass between her pussy lips.
"Oh, god, that feels great Uncle Dave, can you press it in a bit
further please?" I nodded silently and gently moved my hips forward
slightly, gasping as I felt my swollen cock head slip between her
lips and stop when it hit her maidenhead. "Whoooooo... " she gasped
"That's nice, what's stopping you moving?" I looked at her beautiful
face and saw she was gritting her teeth, I smiled at her, gave a huge
thrust of my hips and as I burst through her hymen grunted "Nothing
now" Sue gave a muted cry as she tried not to succumb to the pain of
her defloration. As I lay there giving her a chance to recover from
the initial shock I saw a tear forming in her eyes and leaned forward
to kiss it away. "I'm sorry Susan darling, but I had to do that,
nothing else would have worked." She opened her eyes, smiled up at me
and said softly "I'm fine darling, it almost didn't hurt at all, just
smarted a bit. I'll be OK in a minute."

I lay there, resting my weight on my knees and elbows and
bending down now and then to place a tender loving kiss on Sue's soft
warm lips as I waited for her to recover from losing her cherry.
Suddenly I stopped kissing her and lifted my head, then looked down
at her and smiled. "I think you're ready" I said softly. She grinned
up at me and nodded "I think so darling, what do I do next?"
"Whatever feels good" I replied as I began to slowly thrust my hard
throbbing penis further into her hot wet and tight vaginal passage.
"Oh jeez..." gasped Sue, "I never felt so FULL before. I'm glad
you're not really BIG Uncle Dave, I don't think I could have
managed." I smiled at her, concentrating too much to want to chatter.
Slowly I increased the speed and force of my thrusts, until I was
thrusting as deep into her soft young body as I could get, listening
to her occasional gasp as I touched the mouth of her cervix, and
feeling her cuntal muscles grip my penis as she thought I was going
to pull right out of her. All in all it didn't take too long to bring
her to a state where she was gasping out that she was getting close
to coming, I switched off my own thoughts and concentrated on
bringing Sue to climax by kissing her on the lips and ears as I
thrust into her young virginal body working my hips from side to side
as I thrust in and out. Suddenly Sue was clamping her legs tight,
hugging her arms round my neck and humping her hips at mine as she

Very slowly I wound down, allowing Sue to come down from her
climactic high and lay back gasping for breath as she stared up at me
with a strange look in her eyes. After a few minutes she frowned then
said "I didn't feel you cum Uncle Dave, is that because I was cumming
too?" I shook my head "No darling, it's because I didn't actually
cum. I wanted to make sure you had a good orgasm yourself first. I
can always cum later, it won't take long you know." "NOW" she said
firmly, "CUM IN ME NOW" I smiled at her and said very softly "Yes
madam" and grinned as I began to move in and out of her once more.
This time Sue helped, she found my rhythm and squeezed as I pulled
out, and thrust her hips up as I thrust into her soft warm and very
receptive body. She also made a point of kissing me on every part of
me she could get her lips on. From my ears down to my nipples. It was
while she was nibbling my nipples that I gave a loud groan " I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG NOWWWW..." and began to shoot a stream of hot sticky
cum deep into Susans soft warm body. "Oh god Uncle Dave, I can feel
it filling me up, it's so hot, it's wonderful darling, sooo good."

Eventually I lay drooping, taking my full weight on my elbows,
until I managed to roll over and lay gasping beside Susan. She rolled
over and lay her upper body on my chest, looked down at me and said
"Well, that made a real mess, I don't dare move in case I flood the
bed." I took a deep breath and sat up, "You stay there a minute
darling, I'll go and get a towel for you" I then rolled out of bed
and staggered to the bathroom. While I was there I took the
opportunity to wash my cum and blood stained penis, before staggering
back and wiping Sue as clean as I could. When I was done I said "How
about we have a shower together, we can help wash each others backs."
"WOW, that sounds like fun" Sue replied. As she sat up she gave a
shriek as she started to leak once more. I went and stood over her,
scooped her up in my arms and carried her to the bathroom where I
deposited her in the shower and turned the water on. Once I had the
right temperature I stepped under the jet and pulled Sue in beside
me, holding her naked body up close to mine as we rubbed against each
other. "Mmmm.. this is great Uncle Dave, I bet you do it with all the
girls." I grinned "That Susan my dear is a secret, you know I don't
split on you kids, even something like this. If you want to know, ask
the girls to tell you."

Once we were dried off we went and got some clothes on so we
could get some lunch, after we had eaten we went and sat in the Den,
Sue sitting on my lap as I relaxed against the back of the sofa.
"Uncle Dave" said Sue as she snuggled up close to me, "Yes darling,
what can I do for you?" I asked. "Well, what we just did was very
nice, but what about if I can't, sort of..... Err, do it. If you know
what I mean?" I caressed her back and side, "You mean when you're on
your period, is that what you mean?" Sue blushed prettily and nodded
silently. I resisted laughing, just saying "Well you won't be able to
do what we just did, I guess you'd better learn how to help out you
man some other way. To be honest darling, I think we need Aunt Meg
for this. She'll show you much better than I can, I promise you." We
sat there together for a while then Sue sat up and said "Would you
like a drink Uncle Dave, I could go and make some tea if you like?" I
gave her a friendly pat on the thigh and said "What a good idea Sue
darling, why don't we both go and do it together, I'll see if I can
find some cookies at the same time."

That's how Meg caught us, sitting at the kitchen table,
drinking tea and dunking cookies. When Meg joined us she looked at
Sue and said simply "Well?" Sue looked at her and with a huge smile
replied "Oh, yes Aunt Meg, very well. It was wonderful, every single
second, even the painful bit was wonderful. But Uncle Dave said we
need your help for the next bit." Meg grinned, then said softly "I
told you it would be all right, didn't I darling?" Sue nodded, and
Meg asked "What's this about a next bit, what else do you want to
know?" Sue took a deep breath, "What do I do if I'm on my periods. I
couldn't make love, most guys would run a mile. What else can I do
Aunt Meg?" "Let's all go upstairs and I'll show you, then you can
have a try yourself if you wish" replied Meg with a grin. A few
minutes later I was laying flat out with Meg on one side and Sue on
the other. When Sue had assisted Meg in removing my pants Meg began
to show Sue how to get me aroused. As it took just a single touch
from Sue's soft warm hands for me to be instantly erect I was soon
in the right condition for Meg to continue. Telling Sue to hold my
throbbing cock at the base she opened her mouth and engulfed me in a
single stroke. "Oh my god" gasped Sue as she felt Meg's lips touch
the side of her hand. When Meg had lifted her head and was facing Sue
once more she smiled and said "You don't have to do that darling,
just part of it. You'll find a guy will respond to that treatment
quicker than almost any other. Would you like me to teach you?"

Sue nodded vigorously, "Yes please Aunt Meg, I guess this is
what's called a blow job, isn't it?" Meg nodded "Yes dear, and this
is how you do it." Meg then took Sue through every trick she knew
before sitting back on her heels and saying "OK Sue darling, how
about you give it a try?" Sue nodded then Meg continued "Just
remember how to tell Uncle Dave is about to cum, then if you don't
want to taste him, you have to lift your head very quickly, OK?" "Yes
Aunt Meg, I'll remember." The next thing I knew Sue was holding my
penis in her hand and running her tongue up and down the sensitive
underside, and round and round the swollen purple head, smiling as
she felt it pulsating against her lips. Suddenly I felt my cockhead
surrounded by a soft warm wet glove that seemed to be moving against
the extreme tip. I was also aware of a gentle suction being applied
to my cock, and then felt it get stronger and stronger until it
seemed as if I was being sucked inside out as, without warning my
balls felt as if they were exploding and all my stored cum was being
drained out of them. That's when I heard a cry of surprise, it was my
own, and opened my eyes to see Sue with her mouth clamped on my cock
and a stream of my creamy cum dribbling from the corners of her mouth
as her head bobbed up and down on my rigid shaft. I also saw her
grasping hand, holding on to my shaft half way up, was stopping her
head from going lower as her soft warm lips hit it each time her head
came down.

As I lay there gasping for breath Sue lifted her head and
smiled with pride as she looked at Meg as if to say 'look what I've
done for the first time'. Meg grinned back and said softly "Will you
clean up Sue darling, or can I help you?" Sue grinned then swallowed
before replying, "Why don't we both do it Aunt Meg, I love the taste
of Uncle Dave's cum, don't you?" Meg just nodded then lowered her
head to my groin and began to lick at the drops of semen that had
leaked from Sue's mouth. Sue meanwhile sucked and licked at my
shrinking cock she still held in her soft warm hand. When I could
eventually sit up again it was to see Meg and Sue sitting on the bed
chatting to each other. I heard Sue ask Meg "When can I have another
go at sucking Uncle Dave off, I think it's really neat to be able to
do that for a guy." "I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a while Sue
darling, most guys can't do much after an orgasm like you just gave
him, why don't we all have some fun in bed tonight?" "Oh, WOW that
sounds great Aunt Meg, what shall we be doing?" Sue replied as she
bounced about like a little girl at Christmas. "Wait and see darling"
Meg replied as she stood up, threw me my pants and made her way down
to the kitchen to start dinner.

As we sat together at table, having finished dinner, Meg saw
Sue was sitting there looking puzzled. "What's the problem Sue
darling, you look worried about something?" said Meg as she began to
clear the table. "Oh, I'm not worried exactly" Sue replied, "I love
all this stuff you've showed me, it's really great fun, but I still
don't know how I'm going to find a boy that's going to be as nice as
Uncle Dave has been. How will I tell the difference Aunt Meg?" Meg
took Sue's hand in hers and said "Susan my dear, look out for a tall
dark hunk asking if you like visiting your Uncle Dave, he'll be just
what you're looking for, believe me, just what you're looking for,
OK?" Sue nodded but looked slightly sceptical even when Meg smiled at
her and said "Trust me darling." As we lay in bed that night with me
laying between the two of them Sue rolled over to lay on my chest,
kissed me warmly on the lips and said softly "I want to thank you
Uncle Dave, for doing this for me, it's been really wonderful. Can I
try making love to you please, just to see if I can remember what to
do?" she gave me a sexy smile as she spoke, and I just said "Susan my
love, it's been my pleasure, believe me."

Sue then slithered down the bed and opened up my pyjama
bottoms, releasing my semi hard penis, then took it in her warm wet
mouth and began to suck and lick it to a full erection. When she
reappeared from under the covers she had a satisfied grin on her face
as if to say 'hey, look what I did'. Before I could do anything Sue
was straddling my thighs and holding the shaft of my cock in her hand
then lowered herself down on it in a single movement. "Oh.. jeez that
feels good Uncle Dave. To suddenly feel full of your wonderful
maleness, all hard and throbbing as it sits inside me, I wish I'd
learned all this years ago, just think of all the fun I've missed.."
Sue then began to move her hips very slowly and deliberately back and
forth, rubbing her pussy lips against my course pubic hair, and
pressing her clit against my pubic bone each time she touched it. All
the time she was gasping out softly "Yes, Yes, Yes...." And each time
she thrust forwards she clenched her fingers as they lay wrapped in
the hair on my chest, as if seeking to hold on to me and stop me
escaping. After a few minutes rubbing against my groin Sue started to
lift her body up then drop down so the head of my hard penis rubbed
against the walls of her vaginal passage and pressed against the
mouth of her cervix, making her grunt as she felt me connect. Before
long Sue was lifting herself so high she almost pulled herself of my
pulsating cock, but just as I thought I was going to be freed she
would drop down again, clamping her vaginal muscles tight so she got
maximum contact between my cock and her cuntal passage.

I lifted my hands to cup her breasts and as soon as she felt
the contact she leaned forward and rested her weight on them,
pressing her nipples into my palms and squashing her titties into her
chest. All of a sudden Sue screamed and threw herself backwards as
she climaxed unexpectedly still working her pussy against my cock and
almost falling on her back. The only thing that stopped her falling
was Meg catching her by the shoulders and supporting her as she held
Sue in her arms. As Sue lay trembling in her arms Meg smiled at me
and began to lower Sue forward on to my chest before gently rolling
her off me and lay her down on the bed beside me. "Looks like she was
too quick for you darling" said Meg with a smile, "I wonder if I can
do the same?" with a sexy grin Meg straddled me as Sue had done and
immediately lowered herself on to my still rigid penis. "God, David,
watching you with these girls makes me so horny. I love it when you
make them reach orgasm. Just seeing how they suddenly realise that
sex is fun, and should be enjoyed by both partners, I'm so glad you
agreed to do this my love, and believe me so are all our sisters."

Meg paused in her bouncing on my cock, lay down on my chest and
whispered "Roll us over please darling, I want to feel you on top of
me this time" I did as she asked and was soon pumping my cock in and
out of her hot wet swollen pussy, her legs clamped over my back and
her arms round my neck as she matched me thrust for thrust camping
her cuntal muscles tight each time I pulled back, and opening them
welcomingly as I thrust into her once more. All of a sudden I felt a
movement beside me, and then grinned as a soft warm hand slid across
my back and Sue brought her head over to press her lips first on
Meg's lips then on mine. I lifted my body up a little and as soon as
there was a gap between Meg and my bodies Sue slipped and hand in and
began to caress Meg firm flushed breasts. One by one Sue pinched
Meg's nipples and rolled them between finger and thumb, then pressed
her head between us took the nearest one between her lips and sucked
hard, making Meg scream out in ecstasy the cry out " I'MMMM
NOWWWW..." then collapsed on the bed in a dead faint.

"What's happened Uncle Dave?" asked Sue suddenly scared.
"Nothing to worry about Sue darling, Aunt Meg's just fainted, she'll
wake up in a minute or two. I guess she enjoyed you helping out like
you did." Sue grinned shyly, "I just suddenly thought it might be fun
to try, I didn't know it would do this to Aunt Meg. She will be OK
won't she Uncle Dave?" I sat back on my heels, took Sue in my arms,
pressing her naked breasts firmly against mine and said softly "Yes
darling, I promise, she'll wake up in a short while." Sue came close
to me and put her arms round me, sitting there watching Meg as she
lay breathing deeply and occasionally twitching in various places.
Suddenly her eyes popped open and she looked round to where Sue and I
were sat looking at her, "What happened?" she said slowly. Sue bent
down and kissed Meg tenderly on the lips, "I'm afraid I joined in
with you and Uncle Dave, and when you came you passed out. I've been
worried in case I did something wrong." Meg smiled at her, pulled her
down to kiss her then said "Susan darling, you can come and join in
like that any time you're here, just don't let your father find out,
OK?" Sue just nodded then whispered "Aunt Meg, I don't think Uncle
Dave came that time, and I know he didn't cum when we made love, what
should I do about it?" Meg thought a second or two then pulled Sue
down and whispered something in her ear that made her grin.

Sue got back up on her knees and shuffled down to where I was
still kneeling and said "Come on Uncle Dave, Aunt Meg wants a nice
warm sticky cum bath, and I have to give it to her." I knelt up,
shuffled so my knees where straddling Meg's closed legs and slipped
my arm round Sue as she came and knelt close by my side. As soon as I
took hold of her breast Sue began to stroke my hard throbbing and
rather slippery penis, sucking my closest nipple in her mouth and
nibbling on it gently with her small white sharp teeth. All the time
Sue and I aroused each other Meg lay watching us and smiling at me
each time our gazes met. Meg knew from my breathing I was getting
close and when she saw my abdominal muscles begin to tighten she said
softly "Cum on me David darling, faster Sue darling, Uncle Dave's
almost ready to cum. Make him shoot his semen all over my naked body,
cover my titties, flood my pussy, spray it all over me baby, make him
shoot it on my face fill my mouth with his seed Susan, faster baby
jerk him off Sue, make him cum... Ahhhh... YES, YES, YES, that's it
Sue more make him cum more darling, keep jerking, keep jerking cover
me in cum, cum, cum, cum... ."

With a loud gasp I flopped back on my heels, shoulders drooping
and my breath coming in short gasps as I struggled to make myself
regain some control on my senses. Sue sat there, my softening cum
dripping cock still held in her hand, staring at the streaks of semen
covering Meg's naked body from her nose to her naked pussy. It ran
down her breasts, it filled her belly button and streaked her
abdomen. Suddenly Sue released her hold on my penis and stretched out
one hand and placed it in a large puddle of cum laying on Meg's
belly. With a grin Sue began to move her hand round and round,
spreading my semen all over Meg's skin. Meg gasped as Sue tentatively
laid her hand on Meg's naked pussy, then gave a low moan of pleasure
as Sue pressed her finger between Meg lower lips and rubbed my cum in
on and around Meg cunt. Sue surprised us again when she removed her
hand from between Meg's legs, and immediately placed it in front of
her face and began to kick it clean of mine and Meg's combined
juices. Sue then returned to Meg's body and rapidly spread the rest
of my cum over her aunts body, licking her hands clean then offering
them to Meg, turn and turn about. When Meg's body was well and truly
coated with cum Sue lay down full length on Meg, rubbing her body so
she got coated too, then licked Meg's face clean of streaks of cum
before kissing Meg and pressing her cum coated tongue into Meg's
mouth to share it with her Aunt.

When I was finally recovered Sue rolled off Meg lay face up
beside her, and both of them looked up at me "WOW" gasped Sue, "I
agree darling, WOW" said Meg tiredly. "What about a shower girls" I
asked "If you think I'm laying between the pair of you all sticky
like that, you're sadly mistaken, I'd prefer the sofa." I went to the
bathroom, got under the shower and was soon joined by Meg, who put
her arms round me and said softly "I love you so much David darling,
and this is so erotic, making love to you and one of my nieces, let's
hope we can keep doing it for a long time yet." Just then Sue joined
us and, having heard what Meg said kissed me lovingly, "The same goes
for me Uncle Dave, I love you so much for what you've shown me. Can I
come back some times and do it all again please?" before I could
reply Meg said "Of course you can Sue darling, just make sure your
mother knows, and don't forget to tell her what we did this weekend."
With that Sue kissed and cuddled both of us then got down to the job
in hand and helped us wash each other free of dried semen. When we
were dried we went to bed, snuggled up close to each other and
drifted off to sleep. Next morning after breakfast Julie came and
picked up Sue, having a quiet chat with Meg just before she came to
me, kissed me warmly and whispered "Thank you David, I don't know
what I'd have done without your help. I must take her to my doctor in
the morning and get her on the pill. Better safe than sorry." I
agreed but did say "I don't think you'll have much to worry about
Julie darling, Sue's a very bright young lady, all she needs is a
nice gentle boyfriend for a while and she'll become one of the most
popular girls in the school, you just wait."

Sue then walked down the driveway to Julie's car I had to smile
as I heard Sue saying "Mom, it was great, I had hundreds of orgasms,
and Aunt Meg actually fainted when Uncle Dave made love to her......"
End part 4........................
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