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HAPFAM5 sucked dry Meg satisfied herself with


Happy Families Part 5. (MF,Mf,MFF,MFFf,Ff,Oral,Teen,Cons,)

This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he
claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site,
but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the
authors express permission.

Check out my archive at:-

This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age
of consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is
illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this
file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

By davidb234
Part 5
A Sisters Needs

After Sue left with Julie, Meg and I went and sat together on
the sofa, had a drink and cuddled up close until it was time for
lunch. Even after that we did nothing for the rest of the day,
revelling in it being just the two of us for a change. When we went
to bed we made really soft warm passionate love for hours, only
stopping because we both had to get up in the morning and get to
work. The rest of the week was going nicely until Meg brought Jenny
home with her on Thursday, ostensibly to go over some school work.
After dinner Meg took Jenny into my office to sort out their problem
while I did the dishes. I then went into the Den, taking a couple of
cold beers with me, aiming to relax properly. Fine in theory, but it
failed in practice. Meg and Jenny soon came in and sat themselves
each side of me, pressing up close enough for me to get the idea
something was in the wind.

"David darling" started Meg, and I knew I was in for it.
"David, Jenny tells me there's a problem with Jane, and she came to
ask me if I could help sort it out." "Oh!, that's all right then, I
thought you were going to ask me to something about it. I'm glad you
can do it, despite the fact I love my sister, and would help out if I
could." Stupid idiot, when would I learn to keep my big mouth shut!
"Oh thanks Uncle Dave" said Jenny as she shimmied up on to my lap,
"Aunt Meg said you'd want to help Mom, you see I've tried but she
won't let me. You were my last hope." "Last hope of what?" I asked
suddenly apprehensive. "Why taking away her horniness of course, what
did you think I meant?" I sat there dumbstruck for a minute or two.
"To be honest Jenny, I have no idea what I thought you meant" I said
softly "What makes you think I'll do this, anyway?" snuggled up
close to me, then kissed me lovingly on the lips as she mashed her
firm young breasts against my chest, "Well darling Uncle Dave, Aunt
Meg told me you'd be delighted to help out with Mom. Look, I know you
love her, I also know she's very hard up for sex since Dads been
gone. I don't think she's actually had more than a couple of dates,
and I know she didn't get any sex on them because I heard her
vibrator running each night. In fact I hear it running almost every
night, I'm beginning to think she's buying batteries wholesale, she
uses so many."

I heaved a sigh, looked round at Meg who just smiled and winked
at me, then said "OK, I guess I could help out this once. How do you
suggest we set it up?" Why did I ask? I might have known they'd have
already discussed the whole thing and worked out the smallest detail,
and I was right. "Well David darling, it's your birthday on Sunday,
how about I ask June to come and sleep over for the weekend to help
get everything ready, that'll give us from Friday evening after
dinner, to Sunday lunch to fit something in." I agreed, and Meg got
up and went to the phone and called June. I only heard half the
conversation but I got the message that she was happy to come and
help and would be here straight from work on Friday with some changes
of clothes for her and Jenny. While Meg was speaking to June Jenny
was still sitting on my lap, wriggling her firm buns against my
stiffening cock and whispering things into my ear that would see her
arrested if she spoke then aloud in public. I sat there wondering at
Jenny's inventive mind, and gently stroking her thighs with my
fingertips and caressing her firm rounded breasts with my other hand.
I saw that Meg was watching us out of the corner of her eye as she
spoke to Jane, from the smile on her face. When Meg had finished she
came and sat beside Jenny and I and said "Get your things Jenny
darling, I'll run you home. I'd love to have you stay. But we don't
have any clothes suitable for you to wear to school in the morning."

As Jenny slipped off my lap looking very disappointed, I got
up and said "I'll take her darling, you go and relax for a while, I
won't be too long." Jenny suddenly brightened up and slipped her arm
through mine as we walked out to my car. All the way over to her home
Jenny was cuddling up close. Unfortunately for her it only took a few
minutes, in fact she could have walked it in twenty, but I never felt
it safe for young girls to out after dark, especially my own nieces.
I had to park with Jenny outside her house, and saw June looking
through the curtains at us as we kissed and cuddled in the front
seat. "Come on Jenny" I said firmly, "You'll have all the neighbours
talking about you if they see us like this." "Spoilsport" she said
with a pout, then gave me a final kiss on the cheek and got out of
the car and ran up the driveway waving to me as she went through the
door. I drove back home to find Meg in bed, where I joined her after
locking the house up.

"You really stitched me up there didn't you" I said trying to
sound annoyed. Meg knew I wasn't, but still said "I'm sorry David, I
thought you'd rather enjoy getting your sister in bed with you, I
know I will. In fact I'm looking forward to having a threesome over
the weekend, aren't you?" I grinned, I guess I could fool Meg, even
if I tried, "Yes, but my concern is how we keep Jenny from joining
in" I replied gently. Meg snuggled up to me, then rolled on top of my
supine body, kissed me tenderly and looked down into my eyes. "David
darling, there's no way you'll be able to do that. Jenny's got it all
planned to sneak in when she hears things are getting interesting.
You didn't think she would stay over and not get into bed with you,
did you my love?" Now, it's often said in fun that the lightest thing
in the world is a penis, because even a thought can raise it. That
still won't tell me what made mine rise so quickly just then. I know
Meg grinned as she felt it stiffening between her thighs as she lay
atop me. I just groaned inwardly, knowing she wouldn't miss the
opportunity to make full use of it.

Half an hour later as we lay in each others arms I kissed Meg
tenderly on the lips and said softly "I love you Meg darling. I love
you more than I can ever say, you do know that don't you." Meg opened
her eyes, looked at me and whispered "David darling, if I didn't know
that, do you think I'd allow you to take so many nubile young girls
to your bed. I didn't tell you, did I that when I first agreed to
allow you to help our nieces, Debbie and my sister Molly both asked
how I could be sure you wouldn't ditch me. I just told then I loved
you, and I trusted you. That made them laugh then. Last week Deb told
me she understood what I meant when the twins came home and told her
all that had happened. I think she's now a bit jealous of me having
such a loving and trustworthy husband, even if he is her brother."
"Damn" I said "And there was me working out how I could set up a
harem somewhere with the twins and a couple more of the girls. Oh
well, I'll just have to make do with what you bring me, won't I?"

Friday I was working at home all day and had almost finished
what had to be done when the door bell rang. I knew it had to be June
as Meg had her key and Jenny would be coming home with her. As she
came in June allowed me to close the door then threw her arms round
my neck and kissed me in a very un-sisterly manner. "David darling,
happy birthday for tomorrow" she said as she pressed her body tight
to mine, "It's so good to see you, I wanted to have a chat before Meg
and Jenny got home, can we go somewhere quiet please?" I put my arms
round my sisters waist and led her to my office where I sat her
beside me on the small sofa. "OK Sis, what's your problem, and what
can I do to help?" June laid her head on my shoulder and put her arms
round my chest as I slipped my arm round her back and pulled her
closer to me. "I'm worried about Jenny actually David" she said, "She
doesn't seem to be going out with boys like I thought she would after
you'd helped her out. All she does is do her school work and have one
or two of her cousins round. When that happens they lock themselves
into her room and I don't see or hear from them for hours. Now you
have to agree that that's not normal for a teenage girl, especially
one as well educated as Jenny is."

"Let me get this straight, you're worried because your teenage
daughter isn't going out at night. She stays in with friends rather
than go and get screwed by one or more of the local studs. She won't
go out and risk getting raped, knocked up, or infected with any one
of a number of nasty diseases by uncaring walking hormone banks
called boyfriends." I paused for a moment, then said quietly "Sister
mine, I think it might be you that had the problem. There must be
hundreds of mothers in this town that would change places with you,
if it meant they could worry less about the safety of their
children." June sighed deeply, "I guess you're right David" she said
"But I do worry about her you know, especially about the sort of sex
she's getting involved in." I sat up, gently pushing June upright as
well. "What sex is she getting involved with?" I asked June shook her
head "That's just it, I don't know." She said tearfully. "June, are
you quite sure that Jenny is having sex with someone, anyone, or are
you just worrying because you don't have any details?" I asked with a
smile. "That's the thing, I don't know who she's going with, or what
she's doing. That's the worrying part of it."

"All right Sis, I see what your problem is. You think Jenny is
going and finding sex whenever she can get out of the house, right?"
June nodded silently. "What if I told you that after the weekend she
stayed here and I made love to her, she told me she was going to give
up boys and just come and see me and Meg whenever she wants to make
love. You see Sis, Jenny had already tried making out heavily with a
couple of boys from school, the problem is that they hurt her, and
tore her clothes. You know all this, what you may not know is that I
spoiled everything for those boys and Jenny is looking for someone a
bit more gentle and considerate to give her affection to. I should
have a chat to her, you might find it interesting." Half an hour
later Meg got home with Jenny and joined June and I in the Den where
we were having a cup of coffee. Meg leaned over and kissed me
lovingly, then Jenny came and dropped herself on to my lap and kissed
me passionately, ignoring the fact her mother was sitting beside me.

When Jenny finally broke off her kiss I sat her between June
and me, saying "I think your mother has a question or two Jenny
darling, why don't you sit and have a chat with her." I was about to
get up when June said "Will you stay please David, what I have to say
isn't private, and I think Jenny will answer me better if she knows
you're beside her." Jenny turned to face June and said "What's the
matter Mom, have I done something I shouldn't, if so I can't think
what it could be." June shook her head "No darling, you haven't done
anything wrong, it's just.." as she stopped June looked appealingly
at me, I smiled and nodded at her, "The thing is Jenny darling, your
mother is worried because now you aren't a virgin any longer you're
not out every night getting your brains screwed out by some pox
ridden brain dead arsehole from your school. Instead you sit at home
doing school work or chatting to your friends or your female cousins.
How's that for being a caring mother."

Jenny looked at me, then at her mother, then back to me again
and laughed, "You're kidding me right, Uncle Dave?" she said. I just
looked at her and said nothing. Jenny turned to June and said "Come
on Mom, tell me Uncle Dave's kidding." June blushed and looked down
into her lap. Jenny turned to me again and said "This is so fucking
unfair. Just because I do as mom asked and came here so you could
teach me about sex and making love, she now expects me to be the town
slut and go and get screwed night after night. Then, when I don't she
thinks there's something wrong with me. I can't do anything right it
seems." Jenny started to get to her feet, I stopped her and pulled
her down on to my lap and put my arms round her waist and held her
tight, "Sit still and listen please Jenny my love" I said softly and
she stopped struggling and relaxed slightly, leaning back against my
chest and holding my hands as they lay in her lap. "Look Jenny
darling" said June "I'm sorry if I misjudged you, but I've been so
worried lately that you don't go out with boys at all these days. I
was afraid that sending you to Uncle Dave had done something to you
that I didn't know about, and that you hated the thought of boys and
sex and everything."

Jenny sat up, squeezed my hands and wriggled her bottom against
my semi erect cock, "Oh, mom that's so silly" she said with a grin,
"I don't hate sex and boys and everything. I guess I'm just a lot
more picky than I used to be. It's actually your fault you know. If
you hadn't sent me to Uncle Dave, I'd never have learned the
difference between plain old fucking and real good love making.
That's why I don't go out, I can't find a boy that wants to make love
to me." She smiled at June, then lay back against my chest again
before saying "I think I'll have to go and have a word with Aunt
Julia to see if she has any ideas." June turned pale for a moment
then asked "What's Aunt Julia got to do with anything Jenny darling?"
Jenny twisted round on my lap and laid her head on me shoulder as she
out her arms round my waist, "Oh, come on Mom, when Sue told me she
was going out with cousin Michael the two of us got him in a corner
and grilled him. We promised we wouldn't tell anyone else outside the
family, and he confirmed that Aunt Julia had taught him the
difference between fucking a girl and making love to her. Sue tells
me he's almost as good as Uncle Dave, almost but not quite, he hasn't
had time to polish up his skills yet."

"Oh SHIT" said June forcefully I turned Jenny round, laid a
finger on her lips and said very gently "Jennifer my dear, if I ever
hear that this little family secret is made public, not only will I
never speak to you again, I'll make sure all your aunts and uncles do
the same, understand?" as I had not called her anything but Jenny for
as long as she could remember Jenny knew I was serious, and her tears
showed she was frightened I might just do what I said. As she sat
there silently sobbing I lifted her chin and tenderly kissed away her
tears then said "Jenny my love, you have to realise that your mother,
and all your aunts got our family arrangement set up so you and your
cousins could learn about sex and making love without all the pain
and suffering many of your friends tell you about, understand?" Jenny
nodded and through her sniffles said "Yes Uncle Dave, I understand."

"Right" I continued, "You also have to remember that if Aunt
Julia or I get caught, or reported to the authorities we would both
end up in court and I would certainly get sent to prison for a long
time. Aunt Julia may escape prison, but she would never be able to
live round here ever again. The same would go for all our families,
we would end up social outcasts." Jenny took a deep tremulous breath
then said "But why did you agree to do it if things are that bad
Uncle Dave, it seem silly to take that sort of risk?" before I could
answer Jenny slapped herself on the forehead and said "OK, so I'm
stupid, you did it because you love us and wanted us to have the best
start as we grew into women, and young men, instead of girls and
boys, right?" June grinned, "Yes darling, that, pure and simple, now
what are we going to do about the possible leak of sensitive
information?" Jenny turned and kissed me, then slipped off my lap and
bent to kiss her mother, "I'll go and have a serious word with Sue,
and ask her to speak to Michael. I don't think it's really necessary,
but I'll do it anyway."

As June, Meg and I sat down to the dinner table Jenny came and
joined us. "I had a good long chat with Sue, I think I scared her a
bit, but in the end she saw what the problem was, and promised to
stop Michael from talking about it. I guess we'll all have to keep
quiet about what we learn and from who, won't we Uncle Dave?" "Yes my
dear" I replied "Just remember, even your best friend doesn't have to
know everything about you." A little later, as we all sat on the sofa
in the Den, with me between June and Meg and Jenny snuggled up tight
to me on my lap she laid her head on my shoulder once more and said
"Mom, will it be OK if I ask Aunt Julia to fix me up with a date?"
June shook her head, "No darling, I don't think it would be a good
idea if you let on you knew what was going on. I'll have a word with
her, and see what she might be able to suggest, all right?" Jenny
paused until I gave her a nudge, "OK Mom, I guess if that's the best
deal in town, I'd better take it" she said with a wide grin then sat
up, turned her back to my chest and lay back, drawing my hands round
to rest on her chest just below her firm rounded breasts.

We lay like this for ages, all of us content to be close
together, until June said softly "Come on Jenny darling, it's time
for bed, we have a lot to do in the morning." Jenny wriggled as she
lay in my arms, "Oh, do I have to Mom?" she said, can't I stay here
for a bit longer, I'm so comfortable like this." "I'll bet you are"
June said with a smile, "No, bed now please." Jenny sat up, then slid
off my lap and stood in front of me, holding out her hand, "Come and
put me to bed please Uncle Dave, and will you tuck me in and kiss me
goodnight please?" I extricated myself from the arms of my wife and
my sister then stood up and took Jenny by the hand, as we walked out
of the room I heard June say "What's this 'put me to bed and kiss me
goodnight' bit Meg" as Meg began to chuckle I closed the door and
followed Jenny up stairs to her room. As I closed that door behind me
I went and sat on the edge of her bed and waited to see what she
intended. I wasn't disappointed, as soon as I was sat down Jenny came
over to me and kissed me warmly saying "I love you Uncle Dave, you're
the best uncle any girl could ever wish for. And all my cousins say
the same you know. Now you just sit there for a bit, then you can
tuck me in when I've got my nightie on."

With a sexy smile Jenny began to undo the buttons of her
blouse, then, after shrugging it off her shoulders she reached behind
her to undo the clasp of her bra and allowed that to fall off her
arms and bare her wonderful firm rounded breasts. As I gave a soft
whistle of appreciation Jenny smiled sweetly and with a flick of her
fingers undid her skirt and let it drop in a pool at her feet. As she
stood there in just her panties I could see a damp patch forming
between her thighs and put out my hand to her to draw her close to
me. As she stood by my knees I lowered one hand and placed the
fingers on her crotch then rubbed them against the damp fabric making
her squirm with pleasure at my touch. Sniffing deeply at my
fingertips I smiled and said "I think a certain young lady is very
much looking forward to interrupting some adult games tonight." Jenny
nodded and grinned "I sure am Uncle Dave, but right now I need a
little something from you please darling, I'm just so horny I don't
think I can wait that long."

With that Jenny sat beside me, slipped her panties off and
threw back the bedclothes before laying down with her legs wide open.
I dropped to my knees on the floor grasped her ankles and pulled her
towards me, passing her legs over my shoulders. When I felt her knees
bending and her legs hanging down my back I bent my head and placed
my open mouth directly on to Jenny's naked pussy. As I began to flick
my tongue at her hard throbbing clitoral bud Jenny gave a cry of
pleasure that I felt was bound to bring June running. I continued
sucking on Jenny's hot wet swollen pussy, alternately sucking her
clit and then poking my tongue deep between her pulsating pussy lips.
As I felt her getting closer to climax I brought up the index finger
of my right hand and wiped it in the copious amount of her juices
that were flowing from her cunt. I then placed the tip on her dark
pink crinkled rosehole and as I once more sucked on her swollen clit
pressed my finger two knuckles deep in a single movement.

This tipped her over the edge and Jenny gave a loud scream of
ecstasy and began to thrash about on the bed, throwing her legs wide
and off my shoulders as I quickly sat back on me heels to avoid being
kicked in the head again. When Jenny had calmed down I lifted her
legs and moved her round so she was laying full length on the bed. I
then covered her over and tucked her in, still trembling as her
orgasm continued to ripple up and down her tender young body. I was
just bending over Jenny to kiss her goodnight when the door burst
open and June came into the room in a rush. "What are you doing to
her?" she demanded as she pulled me back from where Jenny lay. I
looked at June and smiled "I'm just kissing my niece goodnight" I
said softly. June looked down at Jenny as she lay there, a sweet
faraway smile on her lips, and placed a hand on her shoulder and gave
her a shake. "Are you OK Jenny darling?" June asked in a worried
voice. Jenny opened her eyes, looked up at her mother "Sorry Mom, did
you say something?" June looked down and said "Yes darling, I asked
if you were all right. I heard you scream and came to see what was

Jenny grinned at her Mom, "Oh, don't be silly Mom, Uncle Dave
was tucking me in and kissing me goodnight, why shouldn't I be all
right when he's here with me?" I left them alone and as I walked out
of the room I heard June ask "Did you just have a rather noisy orgasm
Jenny darling?" Jenny giggled "Yes Mom, Uncle Dave is the greatest
when it comes to kissing me goodnight, simply the greatest." As I
undressed I explained to Meg what was going on, and then went to the
bathroom for a quick shower before getting in to bed. I was just
rinsing off when June stepped in beside me and slipped her arms round
me and gave me a wet arm kiss. "I'm sorry David, I didn't know about
your special way of kissing these girls goodnight. I suppose it's no
wonder that Jenny isn't interested in boys when she can come round to
see you and be really satisfied and made to feel special." I turned
off the shower and guided June out so I could dry us both off. I then
took her by the hand and led her to our bed where Meg was laying
reading a book as she waited for us. As I got into bed I held back
the corner of the covers and said "Come on June darling, get in" she
held back saying "Oh, I can't, do that, what will Jenny think if she
finds out? I don't want to cause problems between you and Meg.." Meg
put her book down, looked at June and said "Don't be so silly June
darling, why do you think I asked you to come and sleep over. We both
want you to get into bed with us and have a really good night of
fun." I took Junes hand and pulled her into the bed beside me, then
threw the covers over her as I hugged her tight to my chest.

After a few minutes of laying beside me in silence June began
to relax, and when I heard her give a huge sigh of contentment I
rolled her on top of me, then let her down so she lay between Meg and
me. That's when June suddenly remembered she was still naked from the
shower, and as she tried to get up to find something to put on Meg
and I held her down gently and began to kiss her. I started at her
lips and worked my way all over her face an neck. Meg began at her
nipples and worked her way down over Junes breasts to kiss her all
over her upper abdomen. June just lay there gasping for breath as she
succumbed to our caresses. Each time she tried to protest I kissed
her lips and stopped her. Every time she tried to push Meg away from
her I held her hands and prevented it happening. June finally gave up
protesting and then I joined Meg as she worked her way down Junes
naked body, homing in on my sisters fur covered pussy.

Gently Meg and I lifted Junes knees apart and placed a line of
kisses down the inside of her thighs, culminating in me placing my
mouth on her swollen pussy lips and thrusting my tongue as deep as I
could between them. This brought a cry of pleasure from June and Meg
and I fought to keep her knees apart so I didn't have my head
crushed. As I continued to kiss and suck on June's pussy Meg moved up
her body and began to kiss and suck her naked breasts, pinching the
nipple she wasn't sucking, between finger and thumb and rolling it as
she nipped it's mate between her tiny teeth. On and on Meg and I
stimulated June until Meg finally tugged gently at my hair to tell me
to stop what I was doing and surface once more. As I switched round I
saw June laying between us gasping with pleasure as her body twitched
and spasmed. "Lay down David" whispered Meg, I did as she asked then
saw her help June to her knees and guide her to straddle my thighs.
June knelt there, looking down at me with so much lust in her eyes
I'm surprised she managed to keep still. Meg had grasped my hard
throbbing penis and was wiping the tip against June's sopping wet
pussy lips, getting it as well lubed up as she could before allowing
June to lower herself on to it.

Eventually Meg pressed on June's head and she slowly lowered
herself on to my erect manhood, and gave a loud cry of ecstasy as she
felt it force it's way into her hot tight vaginal passage. This was
what Jenny had been waiting for, June was so focused on working
herself up and down on my hard cock as Meg held her in her arms and
kissed and caressed her naked breasts that she didn't notice her
daughter come and lay on the bed beside me and start kissing me and
caressing my upper body. As she lay her now naked body on mine Jenny
was whispering "Fuck her Uncle Dave, please make mom cum hard, she
needs it so much darling, it's been so long since she made love, she
really needs you to do this, make her cum, fill her with your hot
sticky cum darling, let me see it flooding out of her when she lifts
her yearning pussy from your hard throbbing penis. Let me suck your
mixed cum off you cock. Let me taste you and Mom, I want to suck your
cum out of her pussy, and off your hard prick, fuck her fuck her fuck

On and on Jenny chanted her mantra, all the time interspersing
her words with kisses and tweaking my nipples with her fingertips. On
and on Meg kissed and caressed June's naked body, sucking her nipples
and fingering her clit as she held her tight and moved up and down
with her as she bounced on my hard throbbing erection. I couldn't
hold out any longer, the stimulation I was getting from June bouncing
on my cock and squeezing me with her tight cuntal muscles, as well as
having Jenny kissing and caressing me was enough to send me over the
edge and I gave a cry of ecstasy as I began to hump my hips up at
June's body and let loose a huge stream of hot creamy semen that
scalded it's way deep into her body and tipped her over the edge too.

As I cried out that I was cumming June screamed out the same
message, finally collapsing in a dead faint on to my chest as Meg
eased her down gently so she didn't hurt either of us. As promised
Jenny rolled her mother off me and lowered her head between her
thighs, then Meg and I heard the slurping of a woman having her cum
filled pussy being sucked dry. Meg satisfied herself with doing the
same to my now shrinking cock, as I lay there struggling to control
my breathing. "Jenny darling" said Meg softly "Could you leave a
little of that for me please" Jenny lifted her head and smiled, her
chin dripping with cum and her lips glistening with the same. "Of
course Aunt Meg, how do you want to get it?" a couple of minutes
later June was laid out with her legs apart, Meg was kneeling 69
fashion over her and I was having my cock sucked by Jenny as she
tried to get me hard enough to do justice to Meg. It didn't take
Jenny long to get me erect, she had a wonderfully talented tongue and
lips. I shuffled to kneel behind Meg and smiled as I felt Jenny take
me in her soft warm hand and guide me between the lips of my wife's
wet swollen and pulsating pussy.

With a single slow thrust I pressed my erect member deep into
my wife as she lay sucking on my sisters cum filled cunt. There was
no way I was going to cum, but this was an advantage for Meg as I
would be able to last long enough to bring her to her climax. This in
fact took less then five minutes of gentle thrusting and humping at
her pussy, as Meg was soon groaning into June's pussy and thrusting
her ass back at me as she clenched her pussy tight on my cock while
her orgasm exploded in her groin and rippled up and down her body
over and over again. With a final stuttering groan Meg collapsed on
top of June, pulling herself off my still rigid cock, and out of my
hands that were holding on to her waist. As I sat back on my heels,
shoulders sagging and head hanging, I felt a movement beside me and
then the touch of Jenny's naked breasts as she pressed her body close
to mine.

"OH, WOW Uncle Dave, that was some performance, I guess mom
enjoyed herself, I know I did. "Err.. do you think I could sleep here
with all of you tonight please?" I slipped an arm round her and said
softly "Jenny darling, the state your mother and Aunt Meg are in, I
don't think they'd notice if an alligator slept in our bed, of course
you can, just so long as you help me get them both laying the same
way so we can all lay side by side." Ten minutes later and I was
switching off the light and snuggling down between Meg and Jenny,
with June on Meg's other side. I went to sleep with the feel of
Jenny's hand clutching my half hard cock, and my hand holding one of
her firm young naked breasts. What a way to fall asleep.
End of Part 5.............
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