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HAPFAM6 thick wad tissue Very gently


HAPPY FAMILIES6 (MF,MFf,Mf,Ff,1st,Teen,Oral,Shower,Cons)

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
Check out my archive at:-
This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!
By davidb234
Part 6
Back for More, 1

I guess it was only to be expected that Kelly at least would
not be satisfied with just making out with me on the sofa. More
especially as she seemed about to ask me to pop her cherry the night
she suddenly started her period in the shower. It was at the start of
the schools summer break that Sandi called me to see if it was
alright for Kelly to come and stay for a couple of days. I said I'd
clear it with Meg when she got back from doing her marketing, and
call back when I knew what we might be doing. As it happened Kelly
met Meg at the mall, and asked the same question, somewhat shyly. Meg
had said OK, and fixed it for her to come over at the weekend, when I
wouldn't be doing any important work. Friday afternoon and Sandi
arrives with Kelly and her sister Frankie both of whom had lots to
tell me about how they were getting on with their current boyfriends.
"We have great fun Uncle Dave" said Kelly, "We talk about computers a
lot, and sometimes I even understand what he's talking about." She
giggled as she sat on my lap, wriggling her bottom on my semi hard
cock. "The thing is," she said "I wouldn't mind if he took things a
little bit further, but I don't know how to let him know, without him
thinking that I'm a slut or something." I hugged her close to me and
said softly "Kelly darling, there's no real reason to rush this sort
of thing you know. You have lots of time to learn how to handle
someone you like a lot, especially with regards to sex" I paused for
a moment, to see if she was going to start arguing, she didn't. "Look
Kelly darling, have you spoken to your mother about this, I think
she's the best one to advise you, you know."

Just then Sandi came into my office and sat beside us. Kelly sat up
on my lap, turned to face her mother and said "Mom, what would you
say if I said I wanted to start having sex with Jerry?" Sandi looked
at Kelly, then at me, then said "I'd tell you to make sure you knew
what you were doing, and to make sure you were always safe. You're
already on the pill, so all you need to do is make sure you don't
pick up an infection. Why darling, are you thinking of starting
soon?" Kelly shook her head "Not really Mom, I just wanted to show
Uncle Dave I knew what I was doing, that's all." Sandi smiled, then
gave a soft chuckle, then said "Oh, I see. Uncle Dave resisting your
request for assistance is he darling? Well, keep at it my love, I'm
sure you'll wear him down soon enough. Just don't wear him out,
that's all I ask. I might want his assistance myself." With a laugh
Sandi got up, kissed me on the cheek and whispered "Don't resist too
much darling, she just might do something silly" she then left Kelly
and me sitting together. Kelly got up, turned to face me, then
straddled my thighs, sitting down on my lap and wriggling her pussy
around my swelling cock. With a grin she kissed me warmly on the lips
and said softly "If you really don't want to do it for me Uncle Dave,
I don't mind. I can wait until you think it's time, it's just that
I'm getting all hot and bothered so often recently, I thought I was
ready now." With that she lay her head on my shoulder and cuddled up
close to me whispering softly "I love you Uncle Dave, you're my
bestest uncle in all the world."

Suddenly smiling to myself I whispered into Kelly's ear "Kelly
darling, if I ask you a question will you promise to tell me the
truth, no matter what you may think it will do?" slowly Kelly sat up,
looked me in the eye and said softly, "Why?" she asked simply.
"Because" I replied "In the end the truth is usually the best way to
get something. Well, will you?" Kelly nodded almost without thinking
about it, "Right then" I said "Do you want me to pop your cherry
because you want to have sex with Jerry, or because you want to come
to bed with me, and have me do it for your?" Kelly blushed prettily,
looked down at her knees then said "How did you know Uncle Dave?" I
took her hands in mine, lifted them to my lips and kissed them
tenderly. "Kelly darling, if you really thought so much about Jerry
I'm sure you could have got him to do this thing for you just by
offering him the chance. Now, why do you want me to be your first
lover?" Kelly looked up at me, smiled sweetly and said "Uncle Dave,
you're a real beast making me say this" I grinned and raised my
eyebrows. Kelly gave me a friendly punch on the chest with her tiny
fist then said "Uncle Dave I want you to be my first because of what
Jenny and the twins told me. Sally is so pissed because she did it
with a boy she knew, that hurt her. She told me not to let anyone get
to me before you, if I wanted the very best experience in my life.
Please Uncle Dave I'm sorry I lied, but if you won't do it for me
now, I'm going to have to wait until you change your mind because no
one else is going to get me first." I pulled her close to me and gave
her a hug, then said "What about Jerry? Won't he wonder why you're
not a virgin?" Kelly giggled "To be honest Uncle Dave, I don't think
he even thinks about sex, it's certainly been hard to get him to put
his hands on my titties, even when we're parked somewhere quiet. I'd
much rather come and sit with you and have you make out with me, than
be with him. The thing is while I can say he's my boyfriend, no one
else bothers me, and that's the way I like it just for now."

I gave Kelly a pat on the bottom, then said softly "OK darling,
why don't we go and have a word with Aunt Meg, and what about your
sister, how is she getting on?" Kelly looked at me, smiled and said
"Oh, I'm sure she wants to tell you herself Uncle Dave, shall I go
and send her in while I have a talk with Aunt Meg?" I nodded and she
leaned over to give me a sweet loving kiss on the lips before
slipping off my lap and skipping out of the room. A couple of minutes
later Frankie came in, closed the door behind her and almost ran
across the room to straddle my lap and sit down on my still half hard
cock, wriggling her bottom just like her sister had. "Ohhh.. this is
nice Uncle Dave, I wish I could do it every day." And she lifted her
lips to mine and kissed me long hard and passionately before laying
her head on my chest and giving a huge deep sigh of contentment.
"What's that for Frankie darling, you sound as if you have the cares
of the world on your young shoulders." She giggled softly "No not
really Uncle Dave, I just don't know what to do about my boyfriend,
you see, he wants to go to bed with me, but I don't think he really
knows how to treat a girl properly, not like you do. I'd hate to say
yes, and then get hurt because he's too rough. The first time hurts
enough with someone gentle, it must be awful with someone that
isn't." "Now who told you that" I asked, "Oh, only Jenny Sally and
Sarah, but they did say it was wonderful with you, and Sally told me
how she got hurt her first time, and how she wishes she hadn't been
so impatient." Frankie sat up, looked me in the eye and said firmly
"Do you think I'm still too young to be having sex Uncle Dave?"

"Truth?" I asked. She nodded "Truth please darling." "Well, yes
Frankie my love, I do think you should wait to have sex with a boy.
At least you're too young to have regular intercourse. Just making
out, and giving a boy a hand job, or having him do the same for you
shouldn't be a problem, so long as you can resist going any further.
That's the tricky bit. And the most difficult. It doesn't take long
to get your panties off, and his trousers open, and suddenly you're
at the point of no return. That's when most girls get raped, or get
pregnant. They either say STOP, and the boy doesn't, or she says YES
and she isn't protected. I know it's unfair darling, but it's always
down to girls to make sure they are protected, because they can't
always rely on even the best boyfriend to take responsibility for his
actions. Even if it means always carrying a couple of condoms on a
date, you have to look after yourself at all times." I paused for
breath, and to give her a chance to say something. All I saw was a
rueful smile cross her face, then she said "Bother, I almost hate you
Uncle Dave" "But why darling, you asked for the truth, you can't hate
me for doing what you asked, can you?" Frankie shook her head "Not
for that, for saying exactly what mom said, I guess I have to wait
'til I'm a year older, don't I?" "What for darling?" I asked. "For
you to.." she stopped, frowned and said slowly, "We are talking about
the same thing, aren't we Uncle Dave?" "I don't know darling, what
were you talking about?" Frankie shook her head, "I thought we were
talking about having you be my first lover, and popping my cherry for
me" she said, sounding slightly confused. "Oh, I'm sorry darling, I
thought we were talking about having sex with your boyfriend. That's
what I said you should wait a while for, nothing more." She sat up,
suddenly looking very interested, "Then will you, pop my cherry?" "I
don't see why not darling, so long as your mother doesn't object."
The next thing I knew I was being severely kissed and then left alone
as the door slammed behind my niece.

It looked as if it might be another busy weekend. I suddenly
realised just what I might be letting myself in for. After the twins
I'd sworn not to have two girls at a time, yet here I was promising
Kelly and Frankie I'd help them out this weekend. I was wondering if
I could put one of them off for a week when Meg came in, sat on my
lap and said "Looking forward to a busy weekend David darling?" I
nodded "Looks like I really shot myself in the foot there didn't I
darling?" she kissed me softly, "Oh, don't worry my love. Frankie has
a prior engagement this weekend. Sandi reminded her about it, and
she's pretty miffed to be missing out on some real fun. I said she
could come round on Monday afternoon, and stay the night. Will that
be OK for you darling?" "Phew, I'll say so Meg darling, I was just
thinking how I could put Frankie off without hurting her feelings,
thanks for sorting that one out for me my love." "Oh, that quite all
right my love, it was my pleasure. I don't suppose you would do
something similar for me, would you?" I gave her a hug, "Of course my
dearest, you know I'd do anything for you" I said expansively, then
felt a cold shiver trickle down my spine as I realised how open I'd
just left myself. Meg kissed me warmly, "Oh, thank you darling, it's
something quite simple. Just make love to your sister before she goes
home, she really is very desperate for a little loving, and you're
the safest person we know, beside being the one she loves the best."
I pulled Meg closer to me, kissed her tenderly on the lips and said
softly "Meg darling, don't you think this is beginning to get a
little out of hand. At this rate I'm going to spend all my time
having sex with all my female relations over the age of fourteen.
Aren't you the tiniest bit concerned what it might do to our

Meg looked at me, smiled and said "Darling, do you love me?"
"Of course I do, you know that" I replied. "And do you love all or
any of those women you have helped out sexually in the same way?" I
shook my head, "No, I do love them as part of my family, but not
quite the same as I love you. Why, does it make a difference?" Meg
hugged me tight, "Of course it does silly. The difference is that you
don't want to run off and marry any of your sisters, my sisters, or
your nieces. No matter how many of then you have sex with, you always
come back to my bed. The day you don't, is when I'll begin to worry,
and think about asking you to stop. Now, will you help Sandi out, or
do I have to take you upstairs and tie you down?" I grinned at the
thought then shook my head "No darling, there isn't really time,
maybe when Sandi collects the girls, they can all have a go." This
made her laugh, knowing my reluctance to get into BDSM, and she
kissed me before slipping off my lap and opening the door to let
Sandi come and sit beside me. As soon as we were alone Sandi sat on
my lap, put her arms round me and pressed her soft warm lips to mine
in a hot sensuous kiss. "Make love to me please David darling" she
gasped into my ear as she lay her head on my shoulder, "It's been so
long for me my love, I've almost forgotten what's it like to be
filled up with a mans hard throbbing cock." I gently pushed her off
my lap and made her stand in front of me. I slipped my hands up her
skirt and slowly pulled down her skimpy panties, noting how wet they
were as I pulled them off her feet.

"Turn round Sandi darling" I said softly, and as she did as I
told her I lifted my hips and slid my pants and shorts down to the
floor. Slowly I lifted the hem of her skirt up to her waist and
tucked it in to hold it out of the way. Very gently I pulled her back
towards me and leaned forward so I could touch my lips to the swell
of her firm rounded buttocks as I slid my fingertips up and down the
inside of her firm smooth thighs. I had to admit that for a woman
that had two children she was in damn fine shape. By now I had a
raging hard on so I pulled her further back and slowly lowered her to
sit on my lap again, pressing my cock forward to lay between her
thighs and spring up to split her pussy lips with it's pulsating
hardness. Slowly Sandi began to move her hips back and forth as I
moved my hands to the buttons of her blouse which I quickly undid
before pulling it from the waistband of her skirt. I quickly removed
her bra and covered her firm conical breasts with my hands, eliciting
a loud gasp of pleasure from her lips as she leaned into my grasp and
rubbed her nipples against my palms. Sandi suddenly stopped moving,
lifted herself off my lap slowly until she felt the head of my cock
slip between her hot swollen and very wet pussy lips. She then
lowered herself on to it's rigid length, gasping with pleasure as she
bottomed out with me pressing against the mouth of her cervix. That's
when she began to move in earnest. Up and down she pounded herself on
my hard maleness, ramming her body down on to my thighs and screaming
as she felt the tip of my cock slipping further into her body than
one had even gone before. Suddenly she froze then threw back her head
and screamed out "Agghhh... I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.... I'MMMM
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and she then started to thrash about on my lap as
she attempted to get more and more stimulation in her pussy from my
hard throbbing manhood buried deep inside her. In the end she stopped
crying out and collapsed in my encircling arms just as Meg and the
girls came rushing into the room to see who was being murdered.

Frankie ran up to where Sandi and I were sitting, knelt on the
floor in front of us and said "Mom, are you OK?" Sandi took a
shuddering breath, opened her eyes and gasped "Oh, yes Frankie
darling, I'm fine, just a little tired for the moment that's all."
Frankie grinned at her mother then said "Mom, do you think it's
really fair that you can enjoy this sort of thing, yet still refuse
me the chance. If Kelly gets to try it, why can't I?" I looked at
Meg, gave a sideways nod of my head and she took Kelly and Frankie by
the hand and said softly "Come on girls, let's leave your mom and
Uncle Dave to get dressed, and we can talk about it in a little more
comfort." They did as they were told, and, with Sandi still sitting
on my hard cock, I helped her dress, grinning as she tried to pull
her panties up while still sitting impaled on me. As she stood up I
slipped a wadded up handkerchief between her legs to stem any flow of
her orgasmic juices, then dressed myself before accompanying Sandi to
the bathroom to get cleaned up properly. It was almost funny the pair
of us standing naked from the waist down in the bathroom as we washed
ourselves, and I was a little surprised that Sandi wasn't showing any
embarrassment as she had in the not too distant past. Deciding her
panties were too wet to wear she left them off and when we were dried
off she stood close to me, put her arms round me and kissed me more
passionately than a sister normally would. "David darling, thanks for
doing that for me, you don't know how hard it's been for me recently,
especially after I brought the girls home and they told me how good
you were to them. I guess Frankie was right, it would be unfair for
me to deny her what Kelly and I might be enjoying. If you don't think
she's still too young, would you take care of her next week when she
comes to stay please my darling brother?"

I nodded, then said "Well, OK Sis, but how often will you and
the girls be back for repeat performances I wonder?" Sandi smiled at
me, took my cheeks between her soft warm hands and said "Just as
often as Meg thinks you can manage David my love. I know she and I
think it better for them to come and have you make love to them until
they're in some sort of a stable relationship that isn't based on
hard sex, than risk then getting hurt too often, don't you?" I
chuckled as we started down the stairs, "I suppose I'd better start
looking for some really good vitamin pills to help keep up my
strength. It looks as if I'm going to have the harem I joked about
before all this started. Did you know there's likely to be FIFTEEN
girls, plus all mine and Meg's sisters and sister in laws. I'll be
lucky to get one day a month off at this rate." Sandi stopped dead at
the bottom of the stairs, "Oh, jeez David, I didn't realise there
were so many. I'm sorry darling, if I'd known I'd have been a bit
more discrete in spreading the word." I kissed her sweetly then said
"Oh, don't worry Sis, I can always say NO. Besides, with a little
luck Megs sister Julia will find partners for some of the girls. Like
she had done for Susan. Michael seems to be working out quite well
for her, from what I hear." Shortly after that Sandi went home,
taking Frankie with her on the promise she could come back on Monday
afternoon and stay over night. After dinner the three of us went and
sat in the living room, all cuddled up close, me with my arms round
Kelly and Meg, my hands resting on a breast each side, playing with
their nipples. It wasn't long before Kelly decided to take some sort
of initiative, and she slowly moved her hand across my thigh to rest
on my slowly swelling penis. This made it grow faster of course and
soon she was able to grip it between her fingers and move them up and
down the shaft. Meg saw all this and soon joined in by running my
zipper down and opening up the top of my pants. This allowed the pair
of them to get closer to my erection and Meg used her greater
expertise by freeing my cock through the front of my shorts.

It took only a couple of minutes for them to get a rhythm going
between them and I soon had a drop of pre-cum appear on the tip of my
cock. And that's when I heard Kelly say "Can I please Aunt Meg?" "Of
course Kelly darling, just be careful you don't get more than you can
manage though, won't you." Kelly giggled and replied "Oh, I'm sure I
can manage now Aunt Meg, if not, can you help me out please?" as
Kelly dipped her head and engulfed my cock Meg replied "Of course I
will darling, the pleasure will be all mine" I chuckled "No it won't
Meg darling, most of it will be mine, no matter who gets the rest."
Minutes later I was groaning as I shot a stream of cum to the back of
Kelly's throat, making her pull back and allow Meg to take over,
while she swallowed what she could and allowed the rest to dribble
from the corners of her sweet mouth. As Meg sat up. Giving my cock a
final slurping suck Kelly said "Gosh Aunt Meg, there was such a lot I
couldn't take it all, what happened to Uncle Dave?" Meg looked up at
me, saw I was smiling and said "Well Kelly darling, I don't think he
had an orgasm when he made love to your mom earlier, that's why he
had so much for us. Well, at least he should last a good while when
we go to bed, which is good news for you and I." We were soon there
too. We showered, one by one, and I was soon laying between the pair
of them caressing each other in an effort to get some arousal going.
All of a sudden, quite out of the blue Kelly sat up and said "Aunt
Meg, what's it like having a woman make love to you?" Meg smiled,
"Well darling, I think it's really great, why, do you want to try?"
Kelly nodded silently, suddenly blushing as she realised what she had
said. Meg climbed over me, and told me to move to the edge of the bed
and keep out of the way for a while. She then lay beside Kelly and
took her in her arms, pressed her lips to Kelly's and kissed her

When they parted Meg gently pressed Kelly on to her back and
began to place a line of kisses down her front, from her lips to her
navel, ignoring her breasts until she worked her way back up. This
time Meg placed her lips over one breast, and sucked hard on the
nipple. This brought a cry of pleasure from Kelly, that changed to a
scream as she felt Meg's hand cover her hot swollen and very moist
pussy. After a couple of minutes of this Meg moved down the bed,
placed her lips on Kelly's pussy and threw one knee over Kelly's
head, to end up kneeling over her face. I heard Kelly gasp as she was
confronted with Meg's dripping cunt, and then heard her cry out as
Meg began to suck on her clit and lick all along Kelly's cuntal gash.
I rolled over and whispered to Kelly, "Do the same for Meg as she's
doing for you darling", and Kelly put her arms round Meg's hips and
pulled her down to meet her upward moving face. Very soon the were in
classic 69 mode, and very close to orgasm, when I switched ends and
whispered something to Meg that made her sit up and get off Kelly.
Meg then lay back on the bed and said "Change places Kelly darling, I
think you're ready for Uncle Dave now, don't you?" Kelly blushed and
nodded "Oh, yes please, how do we do it?" Meg pulled Kelly back into
the position they had a moment ago, but with Kelly on top. When Kelly
was firmly attached to Meg's pussy Meg began to lick at Kelly's clit
as I knelt astride her head, my knees inside Kelly's. Meg reached up
and grasped my hard swollen cock, placed it at the entrance to
Kelly's vaginal passage and began to lick at her lips and clit as I
slowly pressed forward, my hands on Kelly's hips, holding her firm.
Very slowly I pressed the head of my hard throbbing penis past the
tight grip of Kelly's pussy, stopping only when I felt it touch her
hymen. I paused for a moment, unsure as to how to proceed when Kelly
lifted her head from between Meg's thighs, looked back at me and
groaned "DO it Uncle Dave, don't stop, fuck me NOW. Agghhh.... YES,
YES, that feels great, harder Uncle Dave do me harder pleeeaaase."

I held myself deep inside Kelly for a moment, then withdrew
until I felt the head of my bloodstained cock reach her tight lips,
then pressed home again, quicker and harder then the first one.
Instantly Kelly began to push back at my thrusting hips, all the time
sucking hard or licking at Meg's swollen pussy lips, as Meg did the
same to her. All this stimulation was too much for both of them both,
and soon they were both crying out in ecstasy as they reached a
crashing climax at the same time. As Kelly had her mouth covering
Meg's pussy, her head was trapped between her aunts thighs as they
clamped together. Meg was a little more fortunate, in that she
and began to jerk her hips up at Kelly's face as Kelly tried to ram
hers back at my thrusting cock. In the end Meg flopped down,
completely spent and I allowed Kelly to slowly sink down and lie on
top of her Aunt, while I sat back on my knees gasping for breath, my
cum and blood stained cock falling limply between my thighs. After a
moment or two I rolled off the bed and fetched a wash cloth and towel
from the bathroom and cleaned them both up where they lay. When I'd
done the same for myself I came back to the bed, turned Meg round and
slipped between them, pulling the comforter over us all and laying
with my arms round their shoulders as we all drifted off to sleep. I
awoke next morning alone, got up, showered and went down to the
kitchen where I found Meg and Kelly chatting away over their
breakfast. As soon as I sat down Kelly came and sat on my lap, put
her arms round my neck and kissed me passionately, "Thanks for that
Uncle Dave, it was wonderful. I'm not even sore like I expected, just
longing to feel you inside me again." Meg chuckled as kitchen
returned to her seat and as I started into me cereals I asked "What's
so funny Meg darling?" "Oh, nothing really darling, just thinking
about all these girls wanting return bookings. I don't know how
you're going to fit them all in, do you?" "Just what I said to Sandi
last night before she went home, what with fifteen girls, plus god
knows how many women desperate for sex, I'm hardly going to have time
for work, let alone a social life."

After breakfast Meg took Kelly of to the mall for a shopping
trip while I got down to some work in my office. It was about ten
when I heard the door bell, and when I answered it I found a
miserable looking Susan standing there. As we sat in the kitchen with
Sue sipping a glass of juice and me a coffee I could see something
was wrong and said "Well Susan my love, what brings you here, no
trouble with Michael I hope?" she looked up at me and grinned,
"That's just it Uncle Dave, I have. Well, actually not with Michael
but with me. I was going to let him make love to me this weekend, but
I started my period last night and it's all ruined. I just came round
to see you because I wanted to, no special reason except I love to be
with you." When she finished her drink I took her by the hand and we
went and sat in the office on the sofa. Once there she sat on my lap
and cuddled up to me, taking my hand and pressing it to her breast as
she snuggled up close. "This is a real bummer Uncle Dave, I guess I
should have been counting better, but I was so excited I forgot. And
I'm so horny I'm almost going mad." I gave a tiny laugh, and Susan
punched me on the chest, "It's not funny Uncle Dave, I thought you
would understand, but all you do is laugh at me." I kissed her
tenderly on the top of her head as she lay against my chest, "I'm not
laughing at you darling, just at you wasting good honest horniness
just because you didn't ask for help earlier." Susan sat up and
looked at me, "You mean there's something you can show me to get rid
of it?" I nodded, "Yes Susan darling, but you must promise to do just
as I say, no matter what you may think at the time. Do you trust me
enough to make that promise?" Susan kissed me softly on the lips then
said in a quiet voice "Uncle Dave, you know I'd trust you always
never to hurt me. If you tell me to do something I know I'm going to
enjoy it sooner or later. Yes darling Uncle Dave, I promise to do
everything you tell me, no matter what."

With that I gently pushed her off my lap then stood up beside
her, took her hand and led her to the bathroom where I started the
shower running slowly. "Right Susan darling, start to undress me,
slowly." She did, and by the time I was down to my shorts I had a
nice erection forming. I stopped her there and began to undress her,
removing her dress, then her bra, then her socks, leaving her in her
panties. As she stood there she looked slightly uncomfortable, until
I took her in my arms and kissed her softly, then spent a moment or
two kissing and caressing her breasts, getting her nipples nice and
hard and her breasts nicely flushed with arousal. I slipped my shorts
off and stood there for a moment as Susan took the opportunity to
hold me in her soft warm hands for a moment, I the said "While I get
in the shower darling, you take off you panties and remove you
tampon, then come and join me, OK?" she nodded then said "But Uncle
Dave, what are you.." I touched my finger to her lips, "Shh, I said
just do as I asked, didn't I?" Sue nodded "OK Uncle Dave, I guess I
did promise but this feel funny you know" I smiled, then drew the
shower curtain across so I couldn't see what she was doing. After a
minute she joined me, pressing her naked body close to mine and
saying "I do like doing this Uncle Dave, having you naked and close
to me, I mean. I hope Michael will feel just as good when I get to do
it with him." I kissed her tenderly and said "I'm sure he will
darling, especially if you wash him down like you're going to do me."
Sue took the hint and soaped up a washcloth and washed me all over,
paying particular attention to my cock and balls. When she was done,
and I was rinsed off I started to do the same for her, making sure I
got her aroused when I was washing her wonderful breasts. When I
knelt in front of her and tried to wash between her thighs she
resisted, "No Uncle Dave, not now please, I'm so dirty."

I looked up at her and said "Susan darling, if I asked you,
would you take my penis in your mouth, even knowing it had been
stained with blood this morning?" Susan grinned down at me and said
"Kelly?" I smiled and nodded, "Well" she continued "I guess I would,
I've just washed you, so I know your cle.... Oh damn, I'm being
stupid aren't I Uncle Dave?" I smiled up at her, "No darling, just
young, and still learning, that's all. Now, can I finish washing you
please my love?" Susan smiled again and opened her legs as wide as
she could allowing me to scrub away at her wonderful soft warm pussy
and get it clean enough for her to accept. I stood up and allowed Sue
to rinse off under the shower while I stepped out to the bathroom
cupboard to get a small blue and white tube. I placed this in the
soap dish took Susan in my arms and said "Right Susan darling, I want
you to turn round, hold on to the rail and bend down with your legs
apart, OK?" she suddenly looked scared, "You're not going to do my
bottom are you Uncle Dave. I don't think I'm ready for that yet." I
kissed her tenderly "Trust me please Susan darling" I said softly.
She grimaced, nodded and got into the position I told her. While she
was bent down I lubed up the head of my cock with the K-Y, then
spread some on my middle finger before pressing it between her pussy
lips and deep into her vaginal passage. "Ooooh, that's cold Uncle
Dave, what is it?" I placed a kiss on the base of her spine and said
softly "Just something to make what I'm going to do much better for
both of us. I'll tell you all about it when we're done, OK darling?"
Sue just nodded silently, then gave a loud scream of pleasure and
surprise as she felt my penis slide deep into her body in a single
stroke. "Oh, Uncle Dave what are you doing. You can't fuck me when
I'm like this it's too dirty, stop please Uncle Dave, I don't like
it, please Uncle Dave....." suddenly she stopped complaining,
squeezed my cock as it sat filling her cuntal passage, then cried out
"Ohhh, YES Uncle Dave, This is sooo good, it feels wonderful, fuck me
darling, please fuck me Uncle Dave, I want to feel your cum filling
my cunt, please fuck me Uncle Dave please fuck me hard..". I tried to
oblige, as best I could. I pounded at her pussy as hard as I could
without hurting her, holding her hips as I rammed my cock deep inside
her, and pressing on her bottom as I pulled back against her grasping
cuntal muscles until she suddenly cried out "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG
Uncle Dave, I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG... Agghhh..." and she started to
collapse to the floor, as I slipped my arms round her waist and
caught her, then lowered her gently and laid her down gently.

After washing my penis clean of the cum and menstrual blood
stains I placed the shower head close to her pussy and switched it to
'needle' as I washed her as clean as I could, opening her thighs to
ensure I got to all her innermost crevices. I then switched off the
shower, lifted Susan in my arms and stood her on the bathroom floor
where I dried her off as she stood still in an orgasmic stupor. As I
dried myself off Susan suddenly sat on the chair behind her and gave
a huge sigh, shuddered then threw herself at me, wrapping her arms
round my neck as she kissed me over and over again. When she finished
kissing me she looked into my eyes and said softly "You're wonderful
Uncle Dave. I don't think there's many uncles that would help girls
like us with this sort of problem. All I can hope is that Michael
won't find it dirty, and refuse to do it with me." I smiled "Susan
darling, just tell him he doesn't have to use a condom, assuming you
know he hasn't picked up an infection, although I think we would have
been told from the beginning if he had, don't you?" Susan smiled at
me, "Don't worry darling Uncle Dave, I know he's OK, I trust him, and
I really like him so very much. That's why I wanted to do this thing
with him when we go camping. Should I take some condoms anyway Uncle
Dave, just in case he doesn't want to do it without?" I nodded "Yes
darling, just don't make too much fuss if he seems reluctant, lots
of boys think a girl on her period is something to be avoided. Be
patient with him and you might just be surprised, OK?" Susan kissed
me again, got dressed, inserting a fresh tampon from Meg's stock, and
doing it while I was in the room and facing her. As Sue replaced her
panties she looked at me, smiled shyly and said "That felt pretty
strange Uncle Dave, but I wasn't embarrassed, maybe that would have
been silly, seeing what you just did for me." As we left the bathroom
I handed her the part used tube of K-Y saying "Don't run out darling,
it's very handy to keep with you at times like this." "What about you
and Aunt Meg, won't you want it?" she asked, I grinned "Don't worry
darling, we have plenty, I assure you."

Half an hour later, Susan had insisted on giving me a nice long
and very sexy cuddle before she left, I opened the front door to let
her out when Meg and Kelly stepped up to it. Susan delayed her
departure to say hello to Meg, then asked if she could speak to Kelly
in private, looking at me for permission to tell her the latest thing
she learned from me. I took Meg into the kitchen where I made her a
fresh coffee and sat down to tell her what had gone on in her
absence. A few minutes later and Susan and Kelly joined us, Susan
kissed me goodbye again and dashed away to her lovers tryst while
Kelly sat on my lap and said "Wow, that sounded really cool Uncle
Dave, will you do it for me next time I start my period please. You
know, I didn't know every girl gets horny when she's on her period, I
thought it was just me." Meg laughed with Kelly, then said "Kelly my
dear, I think we should get you a nice boy to go out with, like Susan
is with Michael, don't you?" Kelly pouted, then said "Does that mean
I won't be able to come and have some fun with Uncle Dave?" Meg
smiled at her, "No darling, but you can't always expect him to be
available when you want, can you darling, there are a lot of others
that need his help, just like you did yesterday. You mustn't get
greedy, it won't be fair on the others, will it?" Kelly shook her
head, "Oh, I guess not Aunt Meg. It's just that Uncle Dave's so kind
and gentle. He always thinks about us girls first. That's why all my
cousins I've spoken to don't want to stop making love to him. We all
love him so much."

After lunch, we all sat in the living room watching TV. I was
sandwiched between Meg and Kelly, my arms round their shoulders and
my hands resting gently on one of their breasts, my favourite
position. "Aunt Meg" began Kelly, "Was there something special about
the way Uncle Dave made love to mom yesterday?" she asked. "Why do
you ask that Kelly darling?" replied Meg, lifting her head to look at
her niece. Kelly sat up, "Well, mom seemed to be having such a great
orgasm, I just thought the way Uncle Dave was making love to her had
something to do with it, that's all." Meg smiled at Kelly, then said
softly "Well darling, I think it could have been more that your mom
hadn't had any sex for quite some time that made her so noisy. Mind
you, I like Uncle Dave to make love to me that way, so it might have
had something to do with it." Kelly shifted about where she sat for a
few seconds then peered round my chest at Meg and said "Aunt Meg,
would it be OK if I asked Uncle Dave to make love to me like he did
for mom yesterday please. It looked so good for her, I'd like to try
it myself please." "You know Kelly my dear, I think that would be a
lovely idea, would you mind if I stayed and watched. I've never
actually seen anyone have an orgasm that way?" Kelly smiled, "Well
Aunt Meg, after this morning it would be silly of me to be bashful
about having sex with you there, wouldn't it?" she said. She then
climbed on to my lap, kissed me tenderly and said "Would you do that
for me darling Uncle Dave, it looked so good for Mom, I wonder if it
would be as good for me." I glanced at Meg, who sat there grinning at
me, then said to Kelly, "OK, but you have to be dressed just like
your mom was, no panties and your titties bare, OK?" in a flash Kelly
was on her feet stripping off her blouse and bra, then bending down
to push her panties to the floor and step out of them. While she was
doing this Meg was tugging at my pants and shorts, pulling then down
to my knees, then pushing me back on the sofa giving Kelly somewhere
to sit. Because of all the sexual activity I'd been indulging in
since I woke I was a little slow in producing an erection. Kelly
looked down at my still flaccid penis, somewhat disappointedly until
Meg whispered to her "Stand in front of Uncle Dave and slowly lift
your skirt hem darling, that should wake him up." Kelly smiled and
did as Meg said, slowly, inch by inch raising her skirt until it was
finally up to the waistband, and showing me her wonderful down
covered mons and moist, swollen pussy lips. She then surprised me by
slowly turning her back to me and bending over, her legs straight and
her feet apart. This displayed her pussy even better, and more
erotically, especially when she slipped a finger along the split of
her labia and played with herself for a few seconds. By the time
Kelly was once more standing before me she could smile down at the
fruits of her labours, a hard erect prick, throbbing and dancing
before her eyes, all ready for her to pleasure herself on as her
mother had done a few hours before.

Wasting no time Kelly stepped up to me, turned round and slowly
sat down on my lap, gasping as she felt her aunts hand holding my
cock down between my thighs until she was sitting comfortably. When
Meg released my prick it sprang up against Kelly's pussy lips making
her gasp in surprise. Meg then lifted my prick it so it slipped
between Kelly's lower lips and pressed against her clit as it lay
hidden beneath it's protective hood. This made Kelly gasp again, this
time with pleasure and she immediately began to rock her hips back
and forth, sliding my cock along her gash, rubbing against her clit
and across the opening of her vaginal passage. While Meg and Kelly
were playing with my cock I was putting my arms round Kelly's body
and cupping her breasts in my hands, pressing her titties flat
against her chest and tweaking her nipples with my fingers and
thumbs. This made Kelly move her chest at the same time as she was
moving her hips, and she suddenly found she was rocking her body just
like her mother the day before, almost pivoting at the waist. Almost
instinctively Kelly lifted her body a few moments before she was
about to climax, and allow my hard throbbing penis to slide into her
cuntal passage then ram herself down hard on it an instant before she
and flopping back on my chest as she fell into a dead faint into my
encircling arms. As we lay there, Kelly's pussy was spasming as it
still gripped my prick, and her chest heaved as she slowly came out
of her faint. She opened her eyes and looked around her as if looking
to see where she was. She then caught Meg's eye and saw the smile on
her aunts face, and gasped "What! Did I do something funny Aunt Meg?"
Meg shook her head "No darling, just fainted, I guess it was pretty
good then, just like your mothers?" I started to play with Kelly's
wonderful naked breasts once more and she soon began to move her hips
again as she tried to sit up to do it more effectively. I released my
hold on her nipples and she sat up, pressed down on my still rigid
prick and began to hump away at it as fast as she could, bringing
herself of once more to a crashing orgasm, this time falling forwards
and resting her weight on her hands that held tight to my knees.
Kelly sat there, completely spent, her head hanging between her arms,
her bathroom heaving as she gasped for breath, while her vaginal
muscled twitched and spasmed against my invading prick.

"Oh jeez, now I know why mom liked it so much" Kelly gasped
between deep breaths "I wonder how many of the others know about this
way?" Meg chuckled at this, I groaned inwardly at the thought of
having some or all of the girls coming back to a teach in on
alternative ways of getting off. Meg, ever practical was wadding up
Kelly's panties and waiting for her to stand up so she could wipe her
off before sending her up to the bathroom for a quick shower. As I
followed on and joined her Kelly didn't make a fuss, and we spent a
pleasant few minutes together under the spray before Meg called up
the stairs that Sandi was here to collect Kelly. This did disappoint
Kelly, and she asked over and over again if she could stay another
night. "No darling" said Sandi firmly, "Uncle Dave needs a rest from
what I hear, and I think you have done quite enough for your first
time, don't you, young lady?" Kelly grinned and said "I guess you're
right Mom, especially as I now know why you had Uncle Dave make love
to you that special way last night. It's really wonderful isn't it."
Sandi and Kelly were still discussing it when the were walking down
the path to Sandi's car. Meg and I turned and went back into the
house and sat together on the sofa revelling in each others company
for a change. After an early dinner we had an early night, not
because we were tired, but because we both wanted to make an early
start at a night of unbridled sex. During the next forty-eight hours
Meg and I made love a dozen times, both of us taking full advantage
of each others sole company, in the house and especially in bed.
Monday afternoon brought an end to our solitude with the arrival of
Sandi bringing Frankie for her promised stay.

Monday afternoon came and Sandi arrived with Frankie, as promised.
Sandi took advantage of me by insisting on a quick make out session,
becoming almost petulant when I refused to fuck her on the office
floor, saying I wanted to be in good condition for popping her daughters cherry
that evening. This got her to leave me alone for the time being, but she did
promise me that I wouldn't get away with it next time she called, "Meg's
promised to help me, so don't think I'm letting you off, all right?" I gave a
sigh of resignation as I kissed her goodnight at the front door. Sandi called
her goodbyes to Frankie and got a muffled reply, before making her way to her
car and driving home. I returned to the living room to find Meg and Frankie
sitting beside each other chatting away and I noticed that Frankie was looking a
bit flushed. I soon found out that this was because she was getting a detailed
explanation of what happened when her sister Kelly stayed over at the weekend.
"Oh, that sounds so wonderful Aunt Meg, will I be able to do the same please. I
know Kelly enjoyed all of what happened, and so did John last night when they
went out on a date." Here Frankie giggled and when Meg asked what was so funny
she said "Oh, nothing much Aunt Meg, just that Kelly told me she almost had to
rape John to make him agree to fuck her, and then she didn't really enjoy it too
much. She said that was because she was comparing him with Uncle Dave." It
seemed that when Sandi and Kelly had got home on Saturday, Meg's sister Julia
had phoned to say she had fixed up for Kelly to of out with her cousin John.
John was another of the family boys Julia had been teaching, as she had already
done with Michael. Meg smiled at Frankie and said "That's the one thing you
should never do, not if you ever want to enjoy making love to anyone." Frankie
frowned, "How do you mean Aunt Meg?" "Look" replied Meg, "Do you like chinese
food?" Frankie nodded. "And do you like barbecued Steak or Chicken?" Again
Frankie nodded, "OK, then which of them tastes the best?" asked Meg. Frankie sat
and thought for a moment then said "I suppose it has to be the one that I'm
eating at the time" she replied. "And so?" said Meg with a smile, and Frankie
suddenly grinned, "Oh, I get it, the boy I'm with is the best, and I shouldn't
compare him with anyone else while I'm with him. But is it OK for me to compare
note afterwards?" she said with a grin. "Of course it is darling" replied Meg
"Otherwise how will you know who to go back to for a repeat performance." This
made Frankie giggle, and a couple of minutes later they both went into the
kitchen and made a start at getting dinner ready.

After dinner I offered to help do the dishes, only to be told to keep out of the
kitchen and get some rest. This made Frankie giggle once more as I pouted like a
child and slouched out to go to my office. Some time later Frankie brought me a
cup of coffee and sat with me while I drank it, then took the cup away, "Aunt
Meg said to tell you it was time to get started Uncle Dave" she said with a shy
smile. I returned her smile with one of my own and stood up as soon as she got
off my lap, saying "OK Frankie darling, I'll see you upstairs." By the time I
had showered and got into bed Frankie and Meg were doing the same, and soon
joined me, both of them seemingly fully clothed. Looking somewhat confused I sat
up and said "OK, what's going on here, has someone changed their mind or
something?" Frankie climbed on the bed and crawled on hands and knees up to
kneel beside me, leaned over and placed a soft tender kiss on my lips, "No Uncle
Dave, but I've talked it over with Aunt Meg, and she says it's OK if we try to
do it the same way you did it for mom and Kelly, you know, with me sitting
facing away from you on the sofa." A few minutes later we were down in the Den
with me sitting there, my robe open and Frankie standing in font of me slowly
lifting the front of her skirt. As soon as her down covered mons came into view
my cock sprang to attention and Frankie grinned as she said "God, you were right
Aunt Meg, it does grow quickly sometimes." With that Frankie turned to face away
from me, lifted the back of her skirt and opened her thighs as she backed
towards my knees. As soon as she felt the backs of her legs touching my knees
she opened her legs wider and slowly lowered herself to sit on my lap, as close
to my abdomen as she could. As happened when Kelly did this at the weekend Meg
gently held my erection down so Frankie didn't sit on it, then allowed it to
spring back and slap gently against Freddie swollen wet pussy lips. This made
her gasp and then giggle as she looked down between her legs. "So, that's what
it looks like to have a penis" she said, and Meg and I began to laugh with her.
This caused me a problem, and Frankie soon realised what it was. I began to
slowly soften, and her cry of disappointment brought Meg round to see what the
problem was.

Wanting Frankie to have all the fun she could Meg leaned over and whispered
"That's the problem with making a guy laugh when he has a hard on darling, he
loses his concentration and begins to go soft. What you need to do is get his
attention again" she then lowered her voice and gave Frankie some instructions
before sitting back down to watch what was going on. Frankie leaned forward
slightly and began to run her fingertips softly up and down the inside of my
thighs, just touching my balls as she got to the top, and pressing on the inside
of my knees as she reached them, trying to open my legs a little more. When
she'd done this a few times Frankie took my slowly stiffening cock and pressed
the shaft against her pussy lips and gave a few short gentle thrusts of her hips
as she rubbed herself against me, making herself gasp with pleasure as she felt
her clitty pressing against my glans each time she moved backwards. The pleasure
I felt from this treatment soon got me hard again and Frankie leaned back
against my chest and arched her back, allowing her unbuttoned blouse to fall
open baring her naked breasts. I took this as an invitation to place my hands
over her titties, and begin to fondle and caress them in the manner I knew she
enjoyed. As this involved me pinching her nipples firmly, and rolling them hard
between finger and thumb it wasn't long before Frankie was writhing with ecstasy
and suddenly coming to a loud crashing climax as she was stimulated by my
fingers on her titties and her pressing my hard throbbing cockshaft between her
hot swollen pussy lips. As Frankie lay back on my chest, her eyes closed, and
her breath coming in short gasps, Meg leaned her head on my shoulder and said
softly "WOW, I think I'm going to have to give that a try, and I'm sure Sandi
will want to know about it too." Her voice made Frankie open her eyes and as she
looked around her she said "What happened there Aunt Meg?" Meg kissed her on the
cheek and said softly "You had an orgasm in a way I haven't tried before Frankie
darling, and I don't think your mom has either, was it as good as it sounded?"
Frankie smiled shyly and nodded "I guess so, it was almost as good as the best
one I had the first time with Uncle Dave." After a few minutes rest, at least
for Frankie as Meg was constantly stroking and caressing my hard cock to keep it
that way, Frankie sat up, twisted round to face me and said "Can we do it for
real now please Uncle Dave?" I smiled and nodded, and Frankie turned back,
reached down to take my hard throbbing erection from Meg's hand, lifted her hips
a few inches and placed the tip of my cock to her hot sopping wet pussy lips and
slowly lowered herself until she felt my cockhead slip into her vaginal canal
with a soft 'plop'. "Oh, God, that feels good" she gasped as she held still for
a moment. I leaned forward to kiss her on the side of her neck and gently cup
her hot swollen and flushed breasts in my hands as I whispered "Fast is best
Frankie my love. Would you like me to help you?" Frankie took a deep breath and
gave a quick shake of her head before lifting up slightly and suddenly dropping
down hard. Frankie gave a short sharp cry of pain as we felt my cockhead tear
her hymen to shreds, but it was quickly followed by a long low moan of pleasure
as she felt my hard throbbing prick slide deeper and deeper into her virgin
body. For a moment or two Frankie sat there, my cock throbbing away deep inside
her and her leaning forwards, pressing her breasts into the palms of my hands as
I placed a line of soft tender kisses down her neck and along the top of her
shoulder. Each time my lips touched her soft smooth skin she gave a tiny tremor
and uttered a soft moan of pleasure. This continued for some time before her
hips began to move back and forth, slowly at first, then with more vigour and
firmness. Frankie was soon leaning forwards, gripping my knees, and humping away
at my hard throbbing erection grunting with the exertion each time she thrust
her hips back and forth. Suddenly, without warning she gave a loud scream of
CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and would have fallen forwards on to the floor had I not had
hold of her breasts and managed to catch her as her hands slipped off my knees.
Slowly, and with Meg's help I lifted Frankie up and laid her back against my
chest as I leaned back against the sofa cushions. While we allowed Frankie to
rest Meg went up to the bathroom and fetched a warm wet washcloth and towel as
well as a good thick wad of tissue. Very gently I lifted Frankie and allowed my
softening cock to slip out of her vagina, while Meg held the tissue ready to
catch the flood of blood stained cum that ran from between her no longer virgin
pussy lips.

Once Frankie was cleaned up, at least partially, I pulled her round to sit side-
saddle on my lap, and allowed her to snuggle up close and lay her cheek on my
chest as she sat there sighing contentedly over and over again. After a few
minutes I felt a gentle shudder ripple through Freddie tender young frame, and
then felt the cheeks of her wonderful ass clench as she tried to rub her thighs
together. "Are you OK Frankie darling?" I asked softly. Frankie lifted her head,
looked me in the eye and said "Oh, yes Uncle Dave, I'm just fine, I just never
knew I could experience so much pleasure in so short a time. I guess I know now
why Kelly and the others enjoy having you make love to them so much." She then
looked up at Meg who was sitting beside us with her head resting on my shoulder
and said softly "Is it always so good when you make love to Uncle Dave, Aunt
Meg?" Meg smiled at her and said "Frankie darling, I don't think anything will
ever be as good as the first time you make love to someone like Uncle Dave. Your
first time is so special to you, just don't try to compare your next time with
this one. You'll always be disappointed, instead of feeling good, if you do."
Before Frankie could reply I said "what we have to do now girls, is to get
cleaned up and get to bed. Frankie has school in the morning, and it's getting
very late." Frankie slipped off my lap and we all walked hand in hand up to the
bathroom where we showered together. As it was so crowded with three of us there
was a lot of touching and stroking as we tried to wash ourselves. We did get
done, and when we were dried off I scooped Frankie up into my arms and carried
her to our bed where I ended up laying between them, their heads on my shoulders
and my hands cupping their breasts as we snuggled up close to each other and
drifted off to sleep.

Continued in Part 7.... Sisters in law

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