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HAPFAM8 cum into Megs womb filling her


HAPPY FAMILIES8 (MF,FM,fM,Mf,Mff,ff,1st,Inc,Oral,Anal,Cons)

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
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to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
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By davidb234

Molly's girls
For some unknown reason I had two weeks free of teenage nieces
wanting my services. This meant I was able to spend more time making
love to Meg both at night in bed and during the weekends in various
other places. Meg soon reminded me of her arrangement with Molly
though when I suggested we go up to the cabin again for a weekend
break. "What a good idea darling, we can take Mary and Ellen with us,
Molly too if she wants to come. What do you think?" I gave a deep
sigh of resignation, which made Meg smile "Oh, come on David darling,
you know you enjoy making love to teenage girls, this time you won't
be taking their virginity's just teaching them how to handle boys
when they get amorous. Doesn't that sound like a fun thing to do this
weekend?" I grinned at her "I suppose so Meg darling, I was just
wondering how much attention you and Molly will be wanting. You do
remember I'm only human, don't you?" Despite my reluctance I still
ended up picking Molly and the girls up as we left for the cabin on
Friday evening. As before it took about two hours for me to drive
there, and it was still light when I parked the motor beside the
cabin. An hour later and Meg and Molly had a meal ready while the
girls had unpacked theirs and their mothers things in their bedrooms,
and I'd done the same for Meg and I. During the meal I noticed the
girls were putting their heads together over and over again, and
looked to be having a very quiet argument some of the time. I was
wondering if Molly had told them what was going to be happening over
the days and nights we were all at the cabin. I'd always made it a
rule that any of my nieces I made love to knew what was going to
happen, and also consented to everything that happened. It suddenly
looked as if this wasn't the case, and I determined to do something
about it. After dinner I went to sit in the living room, having been
told my presence wasn't need in the kitchen while the dishes were
being done. As I sat down Ellen followed me, bringing a cold bottle
of beer with her. As I opened it she sat beside me and snuggled up
close to me. At least Ellen wasn't having a problem being close to
me. I decided to take this opportunity to see if I was right or not.
"Ellen my love" I said, "Did your mom tell you why she wanted to
bring you and Mary to the cabin this weekend?" She nodded shyly, "Yes
Uncle Dave" she replied softly. "And do you and Mary have a problem
with what she told you?" I continued. Ellen shook her head "No Uncle
Dave, but there's something I think you ought to know", and I saw she
was suddenly blushing, and almost reluctant to tell me something that
was important to her. I slipped my arm round her shoulder and felt
that she was trembling slightly, so I hugged her close to me and said
softly "Come on darling, I'm not going to be mad at you if it's
something you didn't tell your Mom. I'll understand if you don't want
anything to happen. To be honest I'd prefer it if we did nothing, if
you're in the least bit unsure about anything. Understand?" Ellen sat
up, and turned to face me, looking me in the eye as she said "Oh,
it's not that Uncle Dave, it's just that.." she paused for a moment
then said "Well, the thing is, mom thinks Mary and I have been having
sex with boys at our old school.." suddenly I felt a big cold lump in
my gut as I realised what was coming. Sure enough it did. "But we
haven't Uncle Dave, honestly, neither of us ever went past second
base, you know, having a boy feel our naked breasts." I took a deep
breath, let it out slowly and said in a quiet voice "What you're
telling me Ellen darling, is that you and Mary are still virgins, is
that correct?" She nodded her head, and almost looked to be ashamed
of the fact. I patted my knees, inviting her to come and sit on my
lap. When she was settled I slipped my arm round her waist, hugged
her close to me as she laid her head on my chest and said "Don't
worry about it darling, if you really want us to go ahead, we can.
Just be sure it's what you really want, and not just what your mom
says you should do, all right?" "You really don't mind Uncle Dave?"
Ellen asked softly, "Of course not darling, if you want me to be your
first lover I'd me honoured and very pleased to do it for you." Ellen
sat up, looked at me smiling and said "Mary too?" I nodded "Yes
darling, Mary too. Just so long as she tells me herself it's what she
really wants." Ellen jumped off my lap and said "Don't go away Uncle
Dave" then dashed out of the room, coming back a couple of minutes
later with her younger sister in tow. As they stood side by side in
front of me Ellen gave Mary a nudge, then Mary said in a clear voice
"Uncle Dave, I'd really love to have you be my first lover, same as
Ellen. Will you do that for me please?" I took her hands in mine,
kissed her palms and said "I'd be honoured and delighted my dear, but
I really do think you should tell your mother that you're both still
virgins, don't you?" Both girls seemed reluctant to do this, then I
had a sudden idea that would let Molly know the true state of things,
and give me a lot of pleasure too. "I tell you what girls" I said,
"Why don't you leave it to me, and I'll let your mother know in my
own special way tonight after you've gone to bed." The glanced at
each other and then nodded "Thanks Uncle Dave" said Mary, but can't
we be there when you tell her?" I shook my head "No my love, I don't
think your mother would like that, as I'm sure she'll tell you some
time soon. Just believe me when I say she won't be too mad at you by
the time I've finished putting her in the picture. OK?" The girls
nodded their agreement, I then suggested they go to bed as they would
probably be having an early start in the morning. "Uncle Dave" began
Ellen hesitantly, "Would you do something for us please?" I frowned,
then said "What do you want me to do, nothing strange, I hope?" they
both smiled as they shook their heads, "Err, would you please put us
to bed, you know help us undress, then tuck us in like we were little
girls again. Our Daddy used to do that, but we miss him so, it would
be nice to remember what it was like when he did it." I hesitated,
then said "Don't you think you're both a little too old for this
darling, I mean to say it's not normal for girls your age to let an
uncle undress them, do you really want me to see you without any
clothes, as well as taking them off you?" the looks on their faces
told me everything. They quite simply glowed with anticipation as
they nodded their heads vigorously and said "Oh, yes please Uncle
Dave, we want that more than anything."

Two minutes later I went into the kitchen to speak to Meg and Molly
while the girls went up to their bedroom to wait for me. "I'm just
going to put the girls to bed" I said as I walked up to the kitchen
table where they were sitting. After a short pause Molly said "What
did you say David?" "I said, I'm going to put the girls to bed. They
want me to do what their Daddy did when they were younger. I also
think they want to tease me while I take their clothes off and tuck
them in. I'll tell them I can't do it if you object Molly dear" I
replied. Molly grinned as she shook her head "Oh, no David darling, I
think it's a great idea, maybe it'll make them a bit more relaxed
about what they're going to be doing tomorrow. You go ahead darling,
with my blessing. Just make sure you tell me everything that happens
won't you." I smiled as I said "What's this Molly, vicarious sexual
gratification, I thought you liked it more physical?" and closed the
door behind me before she could make a response. When I got up to the
girls bedroom I knocked on the door and went in when Mary opened it
for me, noting that she locked it behind us so we weren't disturbed.
"OK girls, how do you want me to do this?" I asked as I sat on
Ellen's bed with then sitting each side of me. "Well" said Mary
"Daddy used to undress Elli first, then me, then he put our nighties
on. After we got into bed he used to tuck us in and kiss us
goodnight. Will you do the same please?" I nodded, and struggled to
will my suddenly erect penis to go back to sleep for a few minutes at
least. Not a chance of course, so I made the best of it and tried to
keep my legs closed to hide it as much as possible. Holding my hand
out to Ellen I said softly "Come on Elli darling, time for me to get
you ready for bed" Ellen gave me a look of such intensity I thought
she was going to burst into tears of gratitude, but she just said
"Yes Daddy" and came to stand close to my knees, trying to press them
apart with her hands so she could get closer. Resignedly I allowed my
thighs to relax, hoping the bulge in my pants wasn't going to put
Ellen off. It didn't, in fact she grinned when she saw it, and placed
her hand on it as she shuffled forwards to get between my thighs. Sue
she pressed up against me I lifted my hands to her shirt and began to
undo the buttons, pulling the hen out of the waistband of her skirt
before pushing it off her shoulders and down her arms. She was then
stood there in a sheer lace edged bra that covered her wonderfully
firm conical breasts, but still allowed me to see every contour of
her aureoles and nipples. These seemed to be a single conical entity
her nipples were so wide at the base and pointed at the tip. Suddenly
I couldn't wait to get my lips on them, but realised it wouldn't be
fair to spoil her fantasy tonight, I'd have to wait until tomorrow.
Very gently I slipped my hands behind her waist and slowly moved them
up her back, keeping in contact with her skin every inch of the way.
As soon as I reached her bra I undid it with a single flick of my
fingers. This brought a gasp of surprise from Ellen, and from Mary
sitting beside me still. I grinned at Elli and said in a stage
whisper "Experience Elli my love, just experience." This brought a
giggle from Mary, and a grin from Elli as she shrugged her shoulders
and allowed the garment to fall in front of her and land across my
upper thighs.

As Elli bent down to pick up her bra her gorgeous naked breasts came
within an inch of my face, and I was again tempted to press my lips
to her nipples, but again I resisted. It then occurred to me that
maybe Elli was offering her breasts to me to kiss, because she
dropped her bra behind her on the floor to join her shirt. I removed
Elli's skirt by undoing the button and zipper that held it together,
and sliding it down her hips and allowing it to fall in a dark pool
at her feet. Elli kicked it out of the way then stepped back a little
so I could see her standing there in just her skimpy panties. I could
also see that the crotch was almost dripping with moisture and for
the first time I could get the benefit of the aroma of her sexual
arousal as she opened her thighs slightly. For some reason I
hesitated to remove her panties, and Elli had to touch my leg with
her foot to bring me back to what I was doing. Almost reluctantly I
reached forward and slipped my crooked fingers in the waistband of
her sexy underwear and slowly, very slowly drew then over her hips,
down the length of her thighs and legs to her ankles so she could
remove her feet one at a time. This of course brought my face so
close to her pussy I was almost overcome with the heady scent of her
sex. It was made worse when Elli opened her thighs as she placed her
feet back on the floor after removing them from her wet panties.
Before I offered them to her I quickly pressed then to my face and
gave a deep sniff. This made Elli smile broadly, and again she just
dropped them behind her with the rest of her clothes. I then realised
just how well the girls had planned this little charade. As Elli
stepped back to make room for Mary she turned hr back to me and bent
over at the waist to pick up her clothes. This made a wonderful sight
as it displayed her pussy lips and her bottom to my gaze, making my
already erect cock jerk hard in my pants. Without another word Elli
stood up and went to stand a few feet away while Mary took her place
between my thighs.

As Mary was wearing a T-shirt it was quickly removed to display a bra
just as sheer as her sisters, and just a pretty with it's lace
edging. As I went to put my arms round Mary's back she shook her head
and pointed between her firm rounded breasts. It was a front opening
bra, and as I undid it and moved my hands to her sides to take it off
her shoulders she pushed her chest out and made brief contact between
my fingers and her nipples. Unlike her sister Mary had flat aureoles
and high parallel nipples that were so suffused with blood that they
seemed to be as large as pencil erasers, and simply crying out to be
kissed. I was getting good at resisting, but had to admit it was
getting harder. Mary stepped back a little and I undid her skirt and
pushed it to the floor where she stepped out of it, kicking it to one
side as had her sister, I guessed I was going to get another bottom
display in a few minutes. Once more I removed, very slowly, a pair of
wet panties, and again to pressed them to my face and breathed in
deeply before handing them to Mary to put with the rest of her
clothes. And, yes, she did bend over and show me her pussy and
bottom, and again my cock gave a jerk in my pants. Elli then came to
stand in front of me and handed me a small T-shirt nightie before
standing back and putting her arms up above her head. This of course
stretched her naked body out in all it's glory and I found I had to
stand in order to slip it over Elli's hands and down her naked body.
As Elli allowed the nightie to settle it was obvious it was far too
small for her, in fact it only just reached past the swell of her
hips, stopping a good couple of inched above her naked down covered
and very swollen pussy lips. "Thank you Daddy" said Elli softly, then
went and say on the edge of the bed as she waited for me to finish
with her sister. Mary came and stood in front of me, her arms in the
air after handing me her nightie. Again it was too small and failed
to cover much below the sensual swell of her hips. This time Mary
reached up and placed her lips tenderly on mine in a soft sweet kiss
before also saying "Thank you Daddy" and going to sit on the edge of
her bed to wait her turn to be put to bed. Sue I turned to Elli she
swung her legs one by one on to the bed, giving me a good long look
at her wide open lower lips, then lay down on her back, her thighs
slightly apart, looking up at me as sultry as any siren of ancient
myth. I pulled the bedclothes up her body to her chin, tucked them
under the edge of the mattress then bent down and placed a soft
tender kiss on her lips whispering "Goodnight Elli darling, sleep
well, won't you" she looked at me, her eyes brimming with tears and
whispered "Yes Daddy, I love you darling", then closed her eyes tight
as she turned on her side and tucked her self up into a tight ball. I
stepped over to where Mary was waiting, and she did the same thing,
displaying her naked pussy, showing me how moist it was, then laying
with her legs open as I covered her up and tucked her in tight.
"Goodnight Mary my love" I said softly after giving her a tender
sweet kiss. "Goodnight Daddy" she said "I love you loads and loads",
then she too curled up into a tight ball and closed her eyes to drift
off into a deep dream filled sleep.

I still hadn't got rid of my erection by the time I returned to the
kitchen, and Meg and Molly noticed it as I walked in and sat down.
"WOW, what happened up there?" gasped Molly, and demanded a full
explanation of what I'd done. To be honest Molly seemed almost
disappointed that I hadn't actually fucked both of the girls there
and then, seeing as they so dearly wanted it to happen. I then
explained to her that I was only prepared to do something like that
in a controlled manner, to make sure no one got hurt, or frightened.
I then suggested to Meg that Molly sleep with us tonight, something
they both agreed with. As we got up to our bedroom I pulled a hard
backed chair from against the wall, sat on it and said "Molly, would
you come here for a moment please darling?" As she stood in front of
me I held her hands tenderly and said "Molly darling, you know what
happens to girls that don't tell the truth, don't you?" she frowned
and shook her head "I don't know what you mean David darling, who
didn't tell who what truth?" "Well, you told me Elli and Mary weren't
virgins, didn't you?" she nodded "Yes, why?" I grinned and said
"Well, that wasn't actually true, they told me tonight they'd never
been with anyone, apart from allowing the odd boy to get their hands
inside the girls bra's. Now, seeing as you told me a lie, you're
going to have to be punished, and that means a good spanking." With
that I pulled her round to my side and pressed her down over my
thighs, all before she realised what was happening. By the time she
began to react it was too late, I had her held tight, her skirt up
over her back and her panties being pulled roughly down over her
wonderful smooth rounded bottom. "No!!" she cried "You can't do this.
Don't spank me David, I haven't done anything wrong, I didn't know
they weren't virgins honest, I don't want this, stop it, stop it
Owww.." her cry came as I landed a firm noisy blow on her naked
bottom cheek, feeling her jerk hard as it landed. Again I brought my
hand down on her naked flesh, and again she yelled out and jerked her
hips as she felt my hand warm her bottom. By now Meg was very
interested in what was happening, and she came and knelt beside her
sister and whispered something in her ear as I landed three more firm
blows. This time though Molly didn't yell, she just gave a grunt, as
my hands landed on her bottom, she didn't even jump, just gave a
twitch each time she felt my touch her. After ten spanking slaps I
allowed my hand to rest on her deeply suffused nether cheeks, then
slowly moved it round and round from the base of her spine down to
the top of her thighs. Here I felt what I half expected, a moist
patch where her swollen pussy lips oozed juices as she became more
and more aroused. Very gently I pressed my thumb in between her
lower lips, lubing it up well before replacing it with two fingers.
This made Molly gasp with pleasure as she felt my fingers press deep
into her vaginal passage. This turned to a shriek as she felt my
moistened thumb pressing against her tight puckered anus, and she
wriggled her bottom about as she tied to prevent me pushing in past
her tight sphincter and knuckle deep into her rear passage. Meg held
Molly's head as I used fingers and thumb to finger fuck her pussy and
ass at the same time, and I wasn't long before Molly was silent, and
suddenly thrusting back at each stroke I made until she suddenly gave
a scream of "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and gave herself over to her
climax as I pressed finger and thumb as deep into her as I could and
held them tight against her bottom until she finally came down from
her orgasmic high and collapsed across my lap.

After I had laid Molly on our bed I went and washed my hands, coming
back to find Meg laying beside her sister, cuddled up close as she
waited for me to join them. I slipped into bed, sandwiching Meg
between Molly and me, put my arm round her and pulled her gently to
lay on her back. In a flash I was laying on top of her, pressing at
the inside of her thighs with my knees and saying softly "I have a
massive load of semen looking for a home Meg darling, do you have any
idea where I might deposit it?" I almost heard her smile as she
opened her legs and bent her knees up high stretching down between
our bodies to grasp my hard throbbing erection and placing the tip of
my cock to her hot swollen pussy lips. I gave a jerk of my hips and I
was lodged half way in Meg's receptive pussy, and was suddenly all
the way in as she did the same, engulfing me with her vaginal passage
as she squeezed tight around my hard rigid shaft. As usual our
lovemaking was almost silent, just a few sighs and groans of pleasure
coming from each of us until Meg gave a loud cry as she crossed her
ankles and squeezed her legs round my hips and thrust hers up at me
repeatedly as her climax rippled up and down her body. This was the
moment I also cried out and began to pump a huge stream of hot sticky
cum into Meg's womb filling her up so much we both felt it beginning
to force past the tight seal of her pussy lips round the base of my
still hard cock. As we lay there, me still on top taking my weight on
knees and elbows we heard Molly gasp "Oh God, I need one like that.
Can I make a booking please Meg?" Meg's giggle broke the tenderness
of the moment and I had to roll of and lay between the girls as Meg
asked Molly to fetch a wash cloth and towel. When Molly saw the state
of Meg she gasped again and began to clean her sister up, then dry
her off. When she got back from the bathroom again Molly slipped into
bed beside me, put her arms round me and said softly "Thanks for that
spanking darling, I never knew just how nice a punishment could be.
We really must do it again sometime." After a few minutes Molly
rolled on to her side and said "David darling, were you serious about
the girls still being virgins, it wasn't just an excuse to spank me,
was it?" I shook my head slowly, "No Molly my love, it's quite true,
they told me themselves they never did anything, and they also said
they want to go through with the weekend anyway, in fact they're
looking forward to it."

The girls did enjoy their weekend, and so did Molly when she
eventually joined in. It was also the last time I had any of my
nieces come to me as virgins although some of them did come back and
convince Meg that they should sleep with me, or even sometimes, us.
I'm happy to say that none of the girls had cause to regret their
times with me, and Kelly even asked if I'd do the same thing for her
daughter when she was old enough. I thanked her for the compliment,
saying that I would be far too old by the time her baby was old
enough, and besides she had any number of male cousins that could
take my place in the grand scheme of things. I rather fancy that
Michael would be the one, his Aunt Julia having said he was the most
considerate of her pupils. Whatever happened in the future I could go
to sleep each night knowing I'd done my best for the women and girls
in my family, and helped them on the road to a long fulfilling and
responsible life of loving.

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