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HB2 stretch her legs (and give her


Keywords: tg/f, ir, anal, oral, exhAuthor: Brett LynnTitle: Healthy
Behavior 2: A Normal Relationship


The former Khalil Stanford stretched out her impossibly long, athletic
legs, primed to start another day. She brushed the long hair out her eyes
as she made it to her feet in her large bedroom, making a point to avoid
the large amounts of sunlight streamed in from the skylight above her.
Slowly, and on unsteady feet, she made her way to the bathroom, where she
pulled down her basketball shorts, ambled her way to the toilet, aimed her
morning wood at the toilet and let it fly. As she was standing there
relieving herself, her mind was slowly waking up, remembering the tasks at
hand that day.

“Hmm…I Gotta meet up with my girl, spend some quality time with her.
Then I gotta meet up with that bitch from Wired to finish my interview.
Well, mind as well get going,” she thought to herself. After finishing and
flushing the toilet, she moved over to her sink and took a good look at
herself in the mirror. Her bloodshot eyes took a good glance at her long,
straight, tousled hair, messing from a night’s worth of tossing and turning
in bed. They moved down to her artificial breasts floating perfectly in
space on her chest, covered by a plain white t-shirt with her nipples
peaking out from the slight chill in the room. As she checked out the rest
of her body in the mirror, her member reawakened from its attempted
slumber, pushed on by the lust of the image in the mirror.

“I take it that you are going away, huh?,” Miss K said, talking to her
dick. She gave the hardening penis a few slow strokes, flicking her thumb
over the ridge in the tip. She then took a deep breath, pulled her shorts
back up to cover herself and made her way downstairs to the kitchen for

As she made her way into the kitchen, she noted the presence of her maid
Deb working away washing the dishes in there. Her red hair was placed up
in a bun, and she was wearing an all-white French maid’s uniform, making
her form almost blend in with the predominantly white kitchen fixtures.
The uniform was cut to be very revealing, showing off her alabaster skin on
her legs and her fairly large cleavage bursting out of it. When Deb
briefly turned her head in Miss K’s general direction, Miss K called her

“Serve me.”

“But madam, your food is on the table.”

Miss K took a glance to the table on her left, noting the food that was
placed there, and turned her gaze back at her hired help. “No, dear.
SERVE me.”

With that command, Deb’s sapphire eyes blazed with the realization of
what the command entailed. She immediately turned away from the sink and
stepped over to where Miss K was standing. After stopping directly in
front of her, she lowered herself to her knees, taking care to reveal as
much cleavage as possible on her descent. She noted the huge tent in the
shorts pointing to Miss K’s right hip, and took a brief swallow. She knew
was it was she was to do, so she pulled the short down to her boss’ feet,
grabbed the massive member and took the tip into her mouth.

“Yes, you fucking worthless slut. You know how you’re to be used. Suck
the fucking dick.”

Deb grabbed onto the shaft, then nuzzled against Miss K’s root, getting
ready to lick the dick from root to tip. Miss K pulled her shirt over her
head, then untangled her hair out of it before tossing it carelessly away
from her. She took both of her tits in her hands and started rubbing and
pressing them against her palms. As she did this, she pulled her breasts apart enough so she could see her maid licking her massive dick like an ice
cream cone. She pulled on her sensitive nips as her maid looked up
wantonly just before taking her swollen tip in her mouth. Miss K let one
of her hands wander her smooth body from her breast as her maid caressed
her tip with her tongue, holding onto the shaft with both hands.

Miss K let her hand wander all over her man-made curves while her maid
worked her dick, feeling her smooth skin, her rock-hard abs, her big soft
ass. She brought her hand to the bun that held her maid’s hair up and let
it loose, allowing a curtain of red to drape down Deb’s back. She then
gently but firmly pulled her maid’s mouth off of her and moved her maid’s
head all around her dick, making sure that Deb’s mouth was pressed to it,
covering it with spit. When she saw her huge ebony tool had enough of a
sheen to contrast with her maid’s dull ivory skin, she took her other hand
off her breast and onto Deb’s head. Miss K then, at the same time, pushed
her maid’s head away from her and tilted it up towards her face. The look
in Deb’s face was pure submissive, with lust mixed with the fear and
submission emanating from behind her eyes.

“On your feet. Bend over the sink now,” Miss K coolly commanded. She
watched, slowly stroking her slick dick, as her maid smoothly got off her
knees, then bent such that her head rested on her arms on the counter, and
her big, round ass stuck up in the air. As she walked over to her maid,
hard dick in hand, she looked and licked her lips and the fat ass in front
of her. “Damn, I’m glad I found such a White woman with a big ass,” Miss K
thought to herself. “Not to mention that she’s a submissive little slut
sex toy who does a good impression of a maid too.”

In one smooth motion, Miss K uncovered the pure, soft, ivory cheeks of
her maid ass. She placed her cock along her maid’s ass crack, then bent
over her to free Deb’s breasts from her uniform. Pleased to see her maid’s
pink nipples dangling in the air, she stood up straight and stroked her
dick, rubbing her tip along the crack of Deb’s ass. She brushed her hair
back from her face with her free hand, then started talking to no one in

“Hmmm…what to do, what to do. Should I stick my big chocolate dick in
your asshole and fill your angel food ass with some cream filling?
Or…should I stick my dick up your tight pussy and knock you up. Yeah, I’ma
knock you up.”

Miss K lined up her huge dick with her maid’s pussy, then grabbed one of
her maid’s hips to keep her still as she forced her huge dick inside,
eliciting a long, drawn-out moan from her maid. She knew that she couldn’t
knock her maid up since she kept her on the pill. However, the fantasy was
powerful enough to be a massive turn-on. Firmly planted in her maid’s
pussy, she left her hand wander over her breasts and her pebble-hard
nipples as she slowly started thrusting inside of her little sex toy. She
lifted a nipple to her mouth and flicked it with the tip of her tongue just
as she was getting into a rhythm with her fucking. Obviously to the cries
and wails of her maid, Miss K softly cooed as she sucked her nipple into
her mouth, letting the velvet sugar walls of her maid caress her dick as
she insistently pumped in and out. Letting her breast drop from her lips,
she licked her lips as she held on to her maid’s wide hips and enjoyed the
visual of the big white pillowy ass swallowing her huge dick. Turned on by
the color contrast, she started pumping harder, concentrating on the
sensations on her dick and vaguely feeling her maid shaking as she kept
fucking away.

As she heard in the deep recesses of her mind her maid crying out in
orgasm, Miss K relished the clinching and milking that her maid’s pussy was
doing on her dick. She took the initiative in fucking her employ harder,
driving their bodies closer to the counter as she used her maid for her
pleasure. She tried to concentrate on cumming inside her maid so she could
move on with her day, but felt herself somewhat distracted. Miss K could
not fully get off in her maid’s pussy today, no matter how great it felt to
have her dick worked on by her skilled pussy. Somewhat disappointed, she
pulled out of her maid, who was now flushed a light pink with her arousal.

Deb turned her sweat-soaked face towards her boss and asked, “is
everything OK madam? I thought you wanted to cum in me.”

“I will, soon enough,” replied Miss K. “But first, I want a show before
you bring me off with your mouth. Lay on the floor and play with

Miss K stepped to the side and laid back against the kitchen counter,
steadily stroking herself while watching her maid slide down to the floor,
spreading her legs and getting ready to touch herself. Her naturally large
breasts sagged slightly to the sides or her chest and appeared shaped out
of a porcelain doll. The maid cooed as she parted her creamy lips to
reveal her coral pink center, looking up for the approval of her
masturbating boss, who herself was partially lost in the ecstasy of her
tower of power.

“Yeah, play with that pussy,” Miss K whispered under her breath. “Make
that fucking juicy pussy cum, slut…”

She watched as her maid noisily plunged two fingers between her juicy
lips while squeezing her nipple with her fingers. She saw her maid’s
cherry painted lips part with lust and her eyes get lost in the sensation.
As her maid’s fingers pumped faster inside of her pussy while her thumb was
tweaking her clit, Miss K herself was moving herself closer to orgasm,
flicking the ridge of her tip a few times with each stroke. As she saw her
maid’s eyes start to roll back and her breath quicken in prelude to an
orgasm, she squeezed her right breast hard, nearly boiling over in lust.
She jacked her dick roughly a few times, then got onto her knees next to
her maid and placed her huge tip on her maid’s lips. Her maid
instinctively reached for the massive member to pull on the shaft while she
began to suck on the tip.

“Stop,” Miss K commanded, her lust betraying the supposed coolness of
the command. “No hands…just throat…”

Her mouth opened in awe as she saw her hired help help herself to her
huge dick, stretching her mouth impossibly wide to accommodate the massive
girth of the dick before her. She felt her maid’s tongue caress the shaft
and her teeth just graze her sensitive skin as she felt her maid’s throat
begin to pump and milk her cock for her cum. When one sensation caught her
off guard, she immediately reached up and squeezed her tits, pulling on her
nipples trying to increase the feeling. She then ground her hips
seductively into her maid’s mouth as her hands caressed down her body and
around her ass. She moved her hips more erratically as she let her hands
caress her big ass, letting one hand slip into her crack and gently graze
against her asshole and the area just below her balls.. She gently kept
rubbing her hand back and forth along her crack, when she felt her cum boiling up her shaft. Miss K took both of her hands from her body and
placed it on the back on the maid’s head, pressing her head as far down her
shaft as possible.

“Oooh yeah…drain me you fucking sluuuuuutaaaaaaaahh, yes…mmm…take it you
fucking slut…take all my fucking cum…”

Miss K held onto her maid’s head as she gently undulated her body,
letting her cum empty into her maid’s stomach. When she finished, she
slowly pulled out her cum and spit-slick dick out of her maid’s mouth, then
nonchalantly got up off her knees, walked over to the table where breakfast
was laid out, sat down and ate, naked.


After a quick meal, she went upstairs and took a shower, tempted by the
sensation of the flowing water on her skin to masturbate, but tempered by
the dull soreness on her dick. After making sure that she was clean, she
went into her room and selected her outfit for that day…a pair of baggy
jeans and a plain white t-shirt. After getting her maid to iron them for
her, she quickly threw them on, sans foundation garments, along with a pair
of black boots.

She smoothed down her long hair right before placing a Baby blue fitted
Yankee baseball cap on his head. She reached down between her legs to make
sure her tool was properly positioned, grabbed her purse and headed on out
the door to swing by her girlfriend’s place for a bit to chill. As she
climbed into her Nissan Pathfinder, Miss K thought to herself how happy she
was to see her boo again. “I haven’t seen her in a minute,” she thought to
herself. “Oh well. It’ll make this visit twice as sweet.”

She fired up the SUV, then backed out of her driveway to begin the trip
over to her girlfriend’s place. Thankfully, she didn’t encounter a lot of
traffic on her drive, and the weather seemed perfect, with nary a cloud in
the sky. She enjoyed her high vantage point from her SUV. Not only did it
grant her the chance to stretch her legs (and give her room to jerk off if
the mood presented itself). It also seemed to showcase her feminine
attributes perfectly with the size of the window, showing her long hair,
her big breasts and enough of her stomach to serve as a tease. She was
reminded of that fact very well when she stopped at a light just before
reaching her girlfriend’s place.


She looked out her driver’s side mirror and saw some guy staring at her
attributes while blasting the latest mix tape in his stereo. She vaguely
heard the guy ask “yo, what’s your number?” In response, she decided to
give the guy a show. She brought her hands to the base of her shirt,
pressed them to her belly and pushed her hands up until her tits were
completely exposed. She then squeezed her nipples, brought one of them up
to her mouth and teased it with the tip of your tongue. She then turned to
the driver next to her, licked her juicy lips lasciviously, then mouthed “I
know you want me baby” as seductively as she could.

With the stereo in the car next to her turned off, the mystery guy then
asked, “so can I have your number?” With that, Miss K quickly pulled down
her shirt, gave the guy the finger and pulled off in a hurry as the light
conveniently turned green. She made it to quickly to her girlfriend’s
building, pulled over in front, stepped out the SUV and made it to her

“Coming, hun!”

“OK, dear.”

Miss K paced in front of the door waiting for her girlfriend to come
down. She was looking down at her boots when she heard the door open.

“Hey, honey! How was your trip over?”

Miss K looked at her girlfriend in awe as she greeted her. With her
since before all the crazy surgery, the ex-stripper looked as awesome as
she always had since their fateful meeting 9 months ago. Her tall, brown
frame was filled with thick, luscious, creamy flesh, bulging with curves on
her hips and thighs and topped off by her large, all-natural breasts. Her
pretty face and sexy smile was framed with long, brown hair hanging down to
her waist, and she was dressed as one would expect someone to be like
around their own home, wearing nothing but a faded red Chicago Bulls shirt and some track pants.

“Wake up!”

“Oh, yeah, sorry, Maggie…um…you know how I get around you. You know how
hot you get me.”

Maggie made two steps forward, swaying her hips subtlely as she walked,
before leaning her arm against the doorjam.

“Yeah, K. I like that,” Maggie replied. She then reaches her free hand
up to one of Miss K’s nipples and tugged on one through the shirt.
“Especially now, since your little change there. I love those tits of
yours. Who knew you were gonna take me seriously when I joked about you
having tits,” she finished playfully.

“Well, I wanted these bad boys before I met ya, hun,” Miss K shot back,
playfully cupping her silicon-enhanced boobs in her hands. “And besides,
your tits are better. They’re real.” She stepped past her girlfriend and
called back to her, “C’mon. Let’s get up to your apartment already before
we end up ravaging each other in the doorway.”

“OK, hun! Just follow me!”

Miss K followed her significant other up the two flights of stairs to
the third floor walk- up. The railroad flat was quiet and immaculate, save
for the copy of Maxim flipped open to some curvy swimsuit model, and
Musiq’s “Speechless” lightly playing on the CD player. She walked into the
living room, turning to sit down on the couch when she saw Maggie walk in.

“So…” Maggie called out to her once-boyfriend before taking a seat
beside her on the couch. “What have you been up to?”

“Oh, nothing much. Just enjoying my obscene amounts of money, and my
almost obscene…body!” Miss K emphasized this comment by palming and
squeezing her silicon enhanced body. “After all, I did pay good money for
this, and not everyone is blessed with tits like yours,” she finished with
a wink.

“Hey, they aren’t all that special,” Maggie replied, sticking her chest
out for emphasis. “But I’ll tell you what. Let me get you something to
drink, and I’ll give you a surprise for your adoration.”

“Aw, thanks babe. Get me a Bacardi and Sprite ok?”

Miss K put her hands behind her head, and stretched her legs out onto
the table in front of her. She felt her nipples perk up under her shirt,
and her dick start to harden into a lump under her ass. She knew from ever
since they started going out, back when she was a he, that the little
surprises that Maggie had in store were guaranteed to turn her on. She
closed her eyes and shivered in anticipation when she heard Maggie return.

“Hey there! I take it that you’re ready for my little surprise, right?”


“Stop trying to hide it! I know your nipples are hard.”

Miss K suddenly looked down at her breasts and saw that her nipples were
like pebbles under her shirt. “Yeah…guess you’re right.”

Maggie slowly sashayed to the CD player on the other side of the room,
bent over just to tease her lover with her delicious ass and changed the
CD. “You know, I haven’t danced for you in a while, and I know how hot it
gets you.” She stood back up and turned around to face Miss K. “I know I
always feel it,” she continued with a subtle roll of the hip. “So are you
ready honey?”

Miss K gently nodded her head in the affirmative just as the song
“Oochie Wally” began to play on the CD player.

As the music rose up in the stereo, Maggie started gyrating her hips to
the music piping out of the stereo behind her, her hands caressing her
curvy, feminine torso. As her hips bumped and ground against the air, she
teasingly lifted her shirt over her tits, teasing the tips of her nipples
with her fingertips. She yanked her shirt over her head, baring her
breasts, then got on her hands and knees to snake her way to the reclining
Miss K, letting her tits gently dangled below her. She then quickly stood
up and worked her hips for Miss K’s eyes, tantalizing her with her hot but
covered crotch. She turned away from her lover to shake her voluptuous ass
for her, letting the deliciously round and huge globes jiggle under her
pants, letting those come a small way down.

Maggie stood back up, then slowly pranced away from Miss K to the beat
of the music, letting her hips roll her pants down a bit more just to
reveal her ass crack. She then turned around and roughly grabbed at her
pussy underneath her pants, shuddering uncontrollably at the sensation.
She held on to herself while letting her free hand rub and explore all over
her delicious curves. Then, she used her free hand to pull her pants off
her hips and let her bumping and grinding work them the rest of the way off
while she played with her toy.

Stepping out of her pants, Maggie walked over to her lover and straddled
her, bracing her arms next to Miss K’s shoulders and dangling her breasts in her face.

“I know you wanna suck these tits, huh?”


Maggie then moved her breasts close enough to Miss K’s face so that her
nipple just barely brushed Miss K’s lips and along her face.

“I know you wanna suck these big fat titties right?”


“And be smothered by them, huh?”

“Mmm...let me suck…”

“Ssh! Nuh-uh-uh! You know that I’m gonna have to work something for
you first.”

Maggie sat back on Miss K’s lap, firmly placing her now-glistening pussy over Miss K’s crotch and putting her hands on Miss K’s waist. She ground
her sensitive lips over the rough denim a few times slowly, feeling the
large ridge underneath her.

“I see someone got hot from the show so far.”


She ground her hips harder into her lover sitting on the couch, then
continued her dirty talk. “So do you want me to get you hotter? Get those
nipples poking out of your shirt?”

Miss K answered excitedly with a whisper, “Yeah, get me hot! Work those
hips! Ooh…work that fucking pussy!”

By the time she was able to finish her sentence, Maggie was already
working on obliging her commands. She felt the heat and wetness of her
girlfriend’s pussy through her jeans as it worked her magic on her hard
dick. She felt her nipples get harder and harder as her girlfriend
continued grinding on her dick and groped her way across her tight stomach.
As Maggie kept her rhythm with the now silent music, she felt her touch
grow less coherent, her body begin to shake. Sweat began to form on
Maggie’s brow as she felt a wave of pleasure building up inside of her.

“Yeah, baby! Work those hips,” Miss K moaned out to her girlfriend.
“You’re getting off on this, huh?”


“I see you’re about to get off, huh?”


“Then cum for me, baby. Cum.”

Miss K looked up in her girlfriend’s face and saw the desire etched on
it, with her face glowing with sweat, her mouth hanging slightly open in
blind lust, her eyes big and spacey. She sat back as she felt the grinding
on her lap become more insistent, then less rhythmic as she felt her
girlfriend cum on top of her, her hips bucking, her tits heaving, her mouth
moaning her desire. Miss K could only watch, her body boiling in desire,
as she saw her girlfriend ride out her orgasm.

When Maggie finished her cum, Miss K reached down to where their
crotches touched and started to unbutton her jeans.

“You know, I could use a little sex like that hun,” Miss K commented as
she was trying to unzip her jeans.



“No, honey. I don’t feel like doing that right now,” Maggie replied
after slapping Miss K’s hand away. “But since you’ve been nice so far and
haven’t tried to touch me, I’ll reward the restraint of your, um,

Maggie slid off Miss K’s hips to kneel on the couch to her right. She
then reached up with both hands and began to pinch and rub Miss K’s

“Do you like that hun?”


Maggie continued to rub and pinch and pull at Miss K’s nipples, making
them more sensitive with each touch. She was satisfied with her efforts
where she noticed that her lover was beginning to coo unconsciously. Then,
she decided to go in for the kill, brushing aside her long hair and gently
biting and tonguing a nipple through Miss K’s t- shirt. Miss K responded
by heaving her chest at Maggie, letting her lap more at her covered teat.

“Mmmm…yeah baby! You’re making me so hot! I might have to…oooo…touch
myself if you do more,” Miss K cooed out in pleasure.

“Like this?” Maggie responded. She then dove onto the other nipple,
nibbling, licking and pulling at it with abandon. Miss K then clumisly
reached her hand under Maggie, unzipped her jeans and pulled out her huge
dick, letting the massive member pulse in her hands before she slowly
started to stroke it.

“Oooh! That looks so hot! You know how wet I am right now?” Maggie
pulled her knees from under herself, then spread her legs, and her pussy lips, to show how wet and glistening she was. She watched as her
girlfriend stroked her huge dick in response to her lip show and whispered
in her ear, “my pussy is getting you hot, huh?”

“Yeah baby,” Miss K answered as she concentrated on exciting herself
with her hand. “Oh God you look so hot!”

Maggie sat back up at her knees and looked in pure lust as her
girlfriend stroked herself. She saw the sweat on her brow, her heaving
breasts with her long, rock-hard nipples, her pulsing belly, her hand
working her dick like a musical instrument. She watched her girlfriend’s
mouth open as she breathed harder, moaning occasionally when her fingers
hit the right spots. Suddenly, she saw her girlfriend stop her



“I have an idea. Why don’t I bend over and let you suck me off, feeding
my dick into your throat from above?”


“Come on, do it hun. Plus, it’ll be easier for me to play with my tits,
and it will give you an opportunity to check out my ass. What do ya

“Well…ok honey.”

Miss K gave her thanks before standing up off the couch, taking care to
keep her pants around her hips. Then she turned facing the couch and bent
over with her arms resting on the back, letting her derriere stick up in
the air.

“Come on, hun. Pull off my jeans.”

Maggie got up behind her girlfriend and pulled off her jeans. The sight
she saw as she eased her lover’s jeans off was incredible. She saw a big
round behind, perfectly shaped and smooth to the touch. She couldn’t help
but groped at it lustily with her hands, separating the cheeks and
revealing Miss K’s tiny bud of an asshole.

“Wow! I knew you have a decent one there, but this has to be among the
best I’ve ever seen!”

“I oughta be. I paid good money for it!” Miss K said in response. She
pawed at one of her breasts with a hand that she took off the couch,
pulling on her nipples. “Go ahead. Slide under me and suck me.”

“OK. Can I get a lick of your sweet ass?”

“Yeah, yeah, and it’s clean too. JUST DO IT AND SUCK MY FUCKING DICK!”

Maggie sat back on her heels, smiling and barely repressing a chuckle.
She took the tip of her tongue, pressed it just below Miss K’s balls and
licked her entire crack from end to end, slowing down just enough to make
her lover jump when she passed her asshole. She then chuckled out loud at
Miss K’s reaction, then sat down on the floor and slid under her.

Maggie treated her tip the same way she treated her nipples a few
minutes earlier, sucking it whole and pulling on it with her lips while
flicking her tongue around the pisshole. She sucked her tip with abandon,
virtually flooding it with her saliva. Miss K could barely keep her legs
with the treatment she was getting, grabbing onto the couch to keep her
balance and pulling on her now-exposed nipple to heighten the sensation.

Maggie sucked hard on the tip, swallowing it into her mouth, letting the
tip rub against the back of her mouth. She pursed her lips as best she
could across the thick shaft, having it work her mouth as much as her mouth
was working it. When she felt her lover flex her hips down and force her
tip into her throat, she let her take over the blow job, letting her mouth
get fucked slowly while she milked the shaft with her lips, throat and

“Oh yeah!” Miss K moaned out while her dick was getting sucked and her
hand was mauling her exposed breast. “Suck that fucking cock! Milk all
that cum out!”

On the floor, Maggie was somewhat oblivious to Miss K’s cries as she was
playing with her tits while letting the dick piston in and out of her
mouth. She was doing her best to try and swallow it all, desperate to lick
her lover’s balls, but it proved to be a daunting task. Struggling with
the mild asphyxiation that resulted with each plunge of her girlfriend’s
dick, she felt a bit woosy and a slight rush from the way the penis seemed
to dominate her mouth and throat into stretching as far as possible. She
let one hand drift to her shaven labia, stroking the smooth lips before
easing two fingers between them. Letting her lust feed on itself, she
suddenly throated Miss K’s cock completely and reached her tongue up to
tickle the top of her balls. She started rapidly pumping herself with her
two fingers, letting her thumb strum her clit. She started wildly moaning
around the throat that was pistoning in her throat, responding to her

“Oh yeah! I’m almost there! Make me cum! Make me fucking cum!” moaned
out Miss K, driven to the edge by the sensations her girlfriend’s mouth was
producing. She left go of the couch, letting her shoulders rest on the
couch cushions. While one hand was busy tugging on her nipple and
squeezing her tits hard enough to seem that her implant was going to pop,
her other hand worked to hold her lover’s head for the assault her hips and
dick were about to give it.

“Here it comes…take it for me…”

Miss K’s voice trailed off into screaming and moaning as her body began
to convulse, preparing to spill its seed into its owner’s object of love.
She pulled her nipple tightly to heighten the sensation and held onto her
lover’s head as her dick began coating her love’s throat. Her hips jerked
along with her dick as it came down the throat that milked it, drowning out
the moans of pleasure Maggie was making. Turned on by the orgasm, her
fingers were quickly chugging their way to another orgasm. As Miss K
started to come down, she noticed that Maggie was starting to jerk below
her as she jerked three fingers in and out of her and her thumb against her
clit. Stimulated by this surprising development, she poured out a few more
shots of cum, letting her orgasm wane as her lover’s was waxing. She let
the orgasm-addled Maggie milk the last of her jizm with her throat before
standing up straight and slowly pulling her softening dick out of Maggie’s
mouth, being careful to avoid having it scratched accidentally on her
teeth. She then sat down next to Maggie on the floor.

“Thanks a lot. I needed that after the show you gave me. You didn’t
have to do that, you know.”

“Don’t worry hun. I did that for you because I care.”

“Aw, thanks honey. Can I get a kiss?” Miss K then leaned over the
reclining Maggie to kiss her on the lips.

“No!” she replied. She then playfully wiggled away from Miss K’s
presence. Then she relented, turning back to her girlfriend, hugging her
close and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks,” Miss K said in response, flashing a goofy smile.

“Hey, you call yourself Miss K now right?”

“Umm, yeah.”

“I was thinking that was a bit goofy. How about I give you a name for
you to live as a woman. Since you’re name was Khalil before, how about,
um, Khalilah?”

“Nah, that’s too good for me,” Miss K replied. “I’m not good enough for
a name that implies the best of women. Hmmm…”

“I got another idea…”

“Hey wait!,” Miss K replied, a light bulb going off in her head. “How
about Kayla? It sounds kinda like ‘K-love’, it isn’t bland, it’s sexy and
it ain’t ghetto. What do you think?”

“You’re right Kayla hun!” She then gave the newly named Kayla another
hug, rubbing her nipples against her girlfriend’s. Kayla then pushed away
from her girlfriend, and reached to pull up her jeans. “Look, I’d love to
stay here and cuddle, but I got an interview to finish today with some
magazine. I’ll call you during the week, OK?”

“Alright,” Maggie replied as she stood up. “Stand up so I can give you
one of my patented goodbye hugs.”

“With pleasure my dear!”

When Kayla got to her feet, Maggie wrapped her arms around her, pressing
Kayla hard to her. She then bent her neck down to kiss on her girlfriend’s
neck while grinding her crotch on her lover’s, feeling her harden
instantly. When she backed away from Kayla, Maggie noticed that her
girlfriend’s nipples were perked up under her shirt. “OK, I’ll catch you

Kayla picked up her hat from the couch, then began to walk out the door,
blowing her a kiss as she went.


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