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HELLWEEK1 extreme and she was quickly lapsing



Originally this story was posted with another story site. It's title
was Hell Week. I never completed the story due to time constraints. The
title was maintained but additions and minor corrections were made to
incorporate the story's character by line into the on-going saga of my
fictional older woman, younger male discourse. To alleviate concerns of
plagiarism I am also known as Cman and Readraven and have posted several
stories under these names. This story contains both Parts 1 and 2.

Hell Week Part 1

She was coming back from a trip to visit her sister. It hadn't turned
out like she thought it would, there had been nothing but a series of
arguments. She was supposed to have been there all week, but on the
beginning of the second day she left, and without too much notice because
of the strong quarrels which seemed unending. On the way home she took a
wrong turn someplace and ended up down some strange road. She was, she
realized after a couple hours, completely and utterly lost. Just where the
hell was Henry County anyway? About all she knew for sure was that she was
on County Road one ten. Then something else happened that made things even
more worse than what she thought they could be, the power steering died,
and so did the engine. She almost lost control of the car, and barely kept
the car from plowing into the ditch at the side of the road. Her car was
on an angle with the drivers side almost facing down. Opening the car door
it swung full open pulled that way by gravity. She got out and struggled
to close it. Then remembered to release the hood. After she got out of
the car a second time, she struggled to close the door again, her high
heels digging into the ground. She barely got it closed, and struggled to
raise the hood of the car because of the angle the car had stopped in.
Opening the passengers side door was even more difficult, and she had to
use a rock to hold it open, just so she could sit down! Then she surveyed
the problem and realized that as it was, she would never get the car out
without a tow! She looked around, after she got out of the car, and
realized that if there was civilization it was a long way away. The fields
didn't even look like they had been plowed. There were no telephone, or
electric wires, and she couldn't see any in the distance. She looked down
the road to her rear. It was as empty as the fields, and looking forward
was even more dismal. No cars, no traffic, and when she went to use her
cell phone she found that it too wasn't working out here! In disgust she
threw the cell phone back into the car, wondering why she had bothered to
buy the thing if it didn't work when she needed it! She wasn't dressed for
hiking either. She had clothes that were, but that would mean she'd have
to change into them. She sat down on the passengers side of the car, with
the car door open, and was actually contemplating changing her clothes.

Then suddenly directly in front of her a faded blue van appeared from
what she had thought was an empty wooded area opposite to where her had
dived toward the ditch before it stopped. The van turned wildly towards
her and came to a stop, dust kicking up and flowing back over the van and
further down the empty road. The madman driver whistled, and for the first
time she realized that her tight skirt had climbed to about half up her
thighs! He was unshaven, and looked like he hadn't had a shave in a while,
it also looked like he hadn't seen a barber in a while as well, because his
long black hair hung down to his shoulders, and it looked dirty. She stood
up, pushing the skirt hem back down, as she realized she was looking at a
muscular young man in his middle to late twenties, who was also probably a
Mexican American by his looks. Another young man, who looked equally
strong, and also looked like he was of the same heritage as the first came
around the front of the beat up paneled faded blue van and stood for a
moment before he advanced to where she was now standing. "Problems?", he
had asked as he came around the front of the van smoking a cigarette.
"Problems! I'll say! I-I'm not sure where I'm at, my car died for god
knows what reason, and the blasted cell phone doesn't work out here." "The
cell phone won't work for another twenty miles, baby."

Sara didn't like being called 'baby' by a young man who was obviously
quite younger than she was. She felt her face glow with an angry blush.
"I-I could use some help. Look, my name is Mrs. Sara Bergman.... and I
.." she had deliberately emphasized her married title to let these two know
she was a married woman. "Where you come from?" asked the Whistler rudely
cutting her off. "I was going towards Swanton," she said caution setting
in as she began to realize she was all alone, outside of her car, and there
wasn't any help for miles. "Headed the wrong direction," said Whistler.
"I told you I was lost....I-I could really use some help. Look I'd be
willing to pay you," she replied as she turned and reached in the car to
get her purse. "Said your name was Mrs. Bergman, right?" asked the
muscular one taking a puff on his cigarette as he mocked her by emphasizing
her married title. "That's right," she responded immediately. "Well Mrs.
Bergman, you got a nice lookin' ass." "Nice lookin' legs too," said the
Whistler. "Please..I" "How old are you anyway, baby?" asked the Whistler.

For some reason she got really mad at that comment and she exploded.
Maybe it was because she was called 'baby' again and maybe it was because
of their radiated insolence, but whatever the reason she lost it in a
sudden angry outburt. "You two have given me nothing but mouth! I don't
even know you're names and now you're asking me how old I am!" "Shit, baby,
I"m Rick, and that's Benny, now how old are ya?" said muscle bound.

So Whistler's name was Benny. "I-I'm forty se-seven." "Shit, baby, you
don't look it. I'd ah thought you were ten maybe fifteen years younger
than that!" This came from Rick. "Thank you .... I think." "See that
wasn't so hard was it?" This came from Benny. "No. Look I really need
your help, could I get a ride or something? I'd gladly pay you a
reasonable amount." "We can talk about money later, baby, how about we talk
about some fucking first." "Oh my god! No!" she screamed, and turned to
jump away.

Rick's powerful hand came out almost casually and held her upper left
arm. His firm grip was surprising in that it was very firm, and yet
impossible for the older married woman to get away from. He kicked her car
door shut with his right hand and pushed her up against the passengers side
door of her car, effortlessly lifting her struggling arm over her head to
pin it to the roof and edge of the car. Sara swung as hard as she could
with her free right hand and arm at him and he caught her fist in mid swing
and stopped her punch! The strength of the younger man with the off white
skin tone was overwhelming. He pushed her right arm and wrist back to the
top of the car's roof, while she struggled, and screamed. "Please!
Somebody help me! Please! Rape! Rape! Somebody help me!" she screamed
at the top of her sizeable lungs. Her loud screams for help echoed and
re-echoed through the woods. Sara could feel the buttons on her blouse
straining to maximum as the strong young punk held her almost effortlessly
against her car.

Only silence returned for all her screams. She breathed heavily ready
for another onslaught of screaming when Rick said, "Look, baby, you can
scream your fucking head off for all I care, but do you see anybody? I
don't. So what's it gonnah be the easy way, or the really hard way?" "You
bastards! I-I'm old enough to be your mother for god's sake!" "You ain't
our mother," said Benny, "so why don't you just ease up a bit, it's gonnah
happen even if you aren't willing, baby." "Forget it assholes! I-I'll
fight you every step of the way!"

Rick sighed, and looked over at Benny as he continued to stand to one
side pinning her to the car. Sara could feel the hot metal through her
skirt, and blouse. She tried twisting uselessly, as Rick looked over at
Benny and said, "Better get the stuff out, Benny." "Yeah, I was just
thinking that myself," he commented.

In shock Sara watched the taller of the two rapist turn and go back to
the van. He opened the van door, and she couldn't see what he was doing,
but he was taking something out of the van. Stuff, Rick had said. Had
they done this before? It sounded like it to the woman who was helplessly
being pinned against the car, and which also kept her from using her legs,
and shoes as defenses because he was holding her so tight to the frame of
the car. "Look," she said after a few moments trying to reason with him,
"I-I'm old, I'm fat, you-you don't want me. You want somebody younger,
slimmer." "You see anybody like that around here?" asked Rick grinning as
he leered down at her.

Sara swallowed momentarily looking down at what he was ogling at and saw
that the top button of her blouse had pulled out of the button hole and
some amount of cleavage between her big boobs had been exposed. Holding
her wrists with just his left hand he used his other hand first to outline
the exposed cleavage of her breasts by sliding an index finger along the
rounded edge of her exposed boob. Then he grinned and covered her entire
left breast with his right hand and gave her breast a squeeze. Sara
shifted uncomfortably and tried a different tactic.

"Look-look," she stammered licking her lips nervously, "how about you go
your way, and I go mine, I-I won't say a word to anybody about this." "Face
it baby, you're going to be fucked." "Not willingly!" she screamed. "You
about ready back there Benny." "All set, bring her over." "You son of a
bitch, bastard!" she screamed as he pulled her wrists and arms down
quickly, then pinned them behind her back, and pushed her forward. "God
damn you!" she screamed, as she put her feet down, digging her heels into
the gravel road as he pushed her forward. She went upright, and then
almost over as Rick cursed, "Bitch! Benny she's really puttin up a fight
get your ass over here!"

Benny came around the van's door grinning. "Too much to handle Rick,"
he asked. "Quit fucking your grinning and help me!" shouted Rick.

Benny grinning came forward and lifted her feet off the ground. Sara
kicked, uselessly as she was carried like a sack of potatoes over to the
other side of the van. The ground here was level, sloping down gently to
the ditch, then back up and into the woods. They carried her easily across
the ditch to a blanket which was under a tree. They dropped her on the
blanket, the force of the fall suddenly causing her to become dazed. She
struggled, screaming "No!" at the top of her lungs when she felt hands grab
her wrists a second time and pin them to the ground over her head. She
stopped screaming long enough to see a large horse shoe put down over her
wrists and then pounded into the ground with a heavy hammer. As the
horseshoe sunk into the hard earth she felt her wrists pinned tighter and
tighter. She screamed thinking they wouldn't care how tight the horseshoe
like metal pinned her. Benny had been working the horseshoe like metal
deeper and he stopped, grinning and said, "That ought to hold her, eh
Rick?" "Yeah."

Rick knelt down with his back to the woods facing the rode, and on her
right side. He ripped open her tight stretched blouse, while she screamed
more 'No's' at the top of her lungs along with 'Stop!' and 'Rape!" and
'Somebody help me!'.

In the meantime she felt Benny lifting her easily off the blanket and
unbuttoning, then unzipping her skirt. She kicked uselessly, while he
pulled her skirt down and off her body. Rick used a knife to cut her bra
open saying, "Shit! Look at them titties!"

Benny stopped, halfway down her thighs, his hands still holding her
panties and panty hose, looking at her boobs as they lay exposed before the
two men, and she sobbed. "Not fucking bad, shit I'm gonnah enjoy this!"

Rick moved around to her feet as Benny pulled her panty hose, panties,
and medium high heel pumps all off at once. She lay naked and helpless
before the two rapist, as she said, "Please, don't, pl-please!"

Rick ignored her pleas as he pinned her ankles with the same kind of
metal as what was used on her wrists, while she twisted, and turned,
helplessly caught in the two rapist evil web.

Rick grinned down at her as he unbuttoned his shirt. "Almost squish,
squish time, baby!"

Sara stopped sobbing and looked at the muscular exposed body of the
younger rapist. He had muscles almost everywhere, and no flab. Then he
exposed a huge erection. Sara gasped. God, he had to be all of ten or
eleven inches long and four thick! "No," she moaned, looking at the
erection, as he dropped to his knees between her legs and said, "Yes, baby,
all for you." "No get away, get away from me! Leave me alone, please, god

He grinned at her and lay his monster penis head against her own exposed
genitals, while he reached over her belly and squeezed her left breast,
bringing the big thirty eight triple 'D' cup to it's full height, her
nipple now hard standing out like a dark red cherry on top of white cream.
Her breasts had no tan lines. Sara had always been aware of her large
boobs and the attraction that men naturally gave her when their eyes went
from her face to her chest.

She had thought that like all the stories she had heard about rape that
he would thrust into her without giving her a chance to get lubricated.
She was wrong there. He deliberately slid his monster prick up and down
her vaginal slit until she became gooey, and the natural juices of
lubrication set in. Meanwhile he fondled her big breasts, fingering the
nipple, and making them harder, and more erect. She had stopped screaming
and started moaning more from fright then in pleasure.... but there was a
perceptible change in her loins. She was getting more wet as he continued
to play with her exposed body. Her breathing changed, and she grunted as
she felt him ease a full inch inside her. He stopped, and held himself
there, saying, "My, my, we got a little wet eh? You sure are tight, hubby
got a small prick?" "Ple-please, do-don't!" she exclaimed as he grinned and
pushed another inch inside her. Sara lay there suddenly with the knowledge
that there wasn't any way she could stop him from going through with the
rape. He had all ready penetrated her. Worse she was beginning to respond
to the slow, but forceful rape. "At this rate, bitch, in a few minutes
you'll be begging me to fuck you!" "Go to hell!" she screamed.

Benny came over and knelt down, fingering a naked breast and said, "Rick
can get them turned on, bet you he can get you to eventually!" "Asshole,
get your fucking hands off of me!" she screamed. "Such language!" said
Rick, sliding another inch deeper," my my testy aren't we baby!"

Sara lay there and continued to struggle, moving her hips from side to
side on the blanket. It had the reverse effect of what she wanted. She
got turned on more. "Why don't you go ahead and fuck her, and get her
ready for me, Rick?" "Think I will," said Rick as he thrust totally inside
her, and god did it hurt at first! "Aieeehhh! Stop! Stop, you-you're
killing me!" she screamed. "Not killing, baby, fucking!" he shouted back
as he pulled back and slammed deep back inside her now lubricated pussy.

Then he lay full across her helpless body, bringing her big breasts together, and evilly laughing as he thrust deeply in and out of her. He
crushed her breasts between his hands, now not caring whether she was
turned on or not, and licked her neck while he pounded in and out of the
Sara's sore, and abused pussy. She sobbed as he continued to rape her,
pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting deep inside her so that
her love canal was exposed to his full sliding length. In and out, in and
out, rapidly, all the time he squeezed and manhandled her breasts until she
felt they were on fire, while he incessantly licked her neck, and sucked on
her nipples while he pounded in and out of her. "Goddamn For an older bitch you got one helluvah tight fuckin cunt bitch!" he said and then, "God
here comes the mother load!" and he came.

She felt his thick rod explode inside her and even felt the huge amount
of semen he discharged. Judging from the way his big prick wiggled inside
her a cold part of her mind analyzed that he had ejaculated at least four
times while climaxing.

Rick pulled out of her bruised pussy still shooting his jism over her
body. He rocked back, and said, "Your turn buddy, show her some big

Sara turned and looked in horror at Benny's prick. God he was bigger!
The young man was all of eleven or twelve inches, maybe a foot long! A
freak, she thought horribly, a real big freak! Worse he was four inches
thick! God he'd kill her with that weapon. It wasn't a penis, it was a
damn woman killer!

The young Mexican American looking young man positioned himself quickly
between her legs as his penis disappeared from sight. "Plea-please no,
please," she sobbed.

She cried out as she felt the head of that monstrous prick come into
contact with her. She didn't want to be torn apart, and she felt sure she
must be if she didn't at least try and open her legs a little more, just a
little more to give him better access. It was better than tearing. "Oh
god!" she screamed as she felt his oversized hugeness penetrate her "Please
no! Please you'll kill me with that ....thing! Stop! Please stop!"

But he didn't stop, instead he laughed almost insanely and thrust deep
into her as she felt her muscles stretch almost to the breaking point, and
Sara felt her lungs rip out a sound, but no sound came. It hurt that much!
He pushed on his first penetrating thrust almost fully inside her and then
lay across her belly, fingering her nipples, and licking her breasts and
her neck. He didn't thrust in and out viciously like Rick had done,
instead he lay there playing with her breasts, and kissing her neck while
she sobbed and begged him to get off and out of her. But he did neither.
"You'll get used to it, cunt, give it a minute," he said as he continued to
lay there occasionally shoving in more of his massive length making her
feel with every little bit of penetration like she would certainly come
apart, and rip her insides out. But gradually, as Sara lay there beneath
him, she did become more accustomed to his overwhelming size, and in fact
was starting to react to it! He rotated his ass above her and into her as
she groaned at first in pain, and then in .... oh god ... she was getting
stimulated. She tried not to, but she was still getting turned on as the
massive rod of dick flesh slid back and forth slowly and at the same time
threatened to tear her apart. Part of her reaction was based in fear, the
other in over-stimulated glands, even if it was rape. He began sliding
with ever increasing force into her, jolting her until she was gasping like
a fish out of water. Then he covered her mouth in kissing, and she felt
herself begin to return his kisses. Gasping she realized she was close to
a climax herself, as suddenly as he was cumming so was she. She tried to
hide it, but she knew she hadn't done a very good job of it. She did cum!

God when he pulled out of her it felt as if she were taking a shit! It
felt good, and it felt different. He backed away from her, got dressed and
walked over to where Rick was having a beer.

Sara continued to lay there; she had little choice being pinned to the
ground as she was, and thought of how incredible this scene must look like.
Here she was a married, housewife, and professional, and she had been
raped. She had been viciously attacked, her clothes forcibly removed from
her, pinned to the ground and then raped by the two thug punk attackers.
Now, after they had raped her they were having a beer as if nothing had
happened! She lay there half sobbing, nude, and unable to even cover
herself, as the two continued to talk, and as they talked she could pick up
only a word here and a word there. Sara was fairly certain they were not
talking about her. Then Benny got up and walked across the road, and got
her purse where she had dropped it earlier. He brought it back to where he
and Rick were sitting, while she lay there completely exposed, juices from
the recent rape oozing out of her vagina. Fortunately she was under a
tree, because the hot rays of the early afternoon sun were beating down on
the ground. The two acted as if she weren't even there as she continued to
wonder what was going to become of her. Would they kill her?

Then Rick got up, as she watched him go over to her car. He took the
keys out of the ignition, and walked back to the rear of the car. He
opened the trunk. Then he started looking through her stuff. She knew her
suitcases were back there.

Rick finished his business and walked back to the van, getting some rope
out of the back of the beat up faded van, and then turning in her
direction. Sara half sobbed as she still lay there nude; completely exposed
and vulnerable. As she sobbed she felt her own breasts jiggle. She was
afraid now. Afraid of being killed as well as being raped! He advanced to
where she was laying and then knelt down and unfastened her wrists from the
binding metal which was driven in the ground. While he was doing that
Benny had wordlessly come over and unfastened her ankles. Were they going
to kill her now?

She was roughly rolled over on her stomach. She was too weak, and tired
to resist as her arms were forcefully put behind her back and tied at the
wrists, and just above the elbows. Her legs were tied between her knees
and her crotch, and also at her ankles. Rick humiliated her a little more
by shoving her panties in her mouth and holding them in place with her
panty hose. Then she was rolled to her back. The two temporarily left her
laying there bound and gagged as she watched them pick up, as if they were
going to move on.

Rick was talking with Benny, then decided to go over to her car. He got
in, and hit the ignition switch. It click twice, then roared to life. He
revved the engine heavily, and left it running as he came back and talked
some more with Benny.

Sara couldn't believe it! Now the damn thing worked!!

Then Rick turned to her, and with Benny they lifted her and carried her
still bound and gagged but quite nude and almost threw her in the trunk of
her own car. Rick smiled wickedly at her and slammed the trunk, as she was
thrust into the total darkness of the interior of the trunk.

From inside the trunk she felt her car rock back and forth until finally
it freed itself of the entrapment of the ditch. Then after a short pause
the car was moving. Someone was driving. Sara suspected it was Rick, but
she didn't know for sure. The trip to where ever they were going from
where ever they had been lasted almost a half hour, and at a fair rate of
speed judging by the way the car swayed as it went down the road. Then
there was a turn to the right, and another turn to the left, then to the
right again. Then finally a turn to the left, and the road became bumpy as
the car jumped through obvious rough spots, or chuck holes, or something in
the road. The car continued moving at both a high rate of speed, and a
total disregard for the bumpy chuck holes in the road. One of the more
severe jolts sent her flying in the trunk which resulted in her banging her
head against the frame of the car, disorienting her and finally causing the
raped woman to lose consciousness.

First Day Part II

....................she slowly returned to conscious awareness. It was
a very slow process. The worst of it was that she fell into sort of a
limbo state, somewhere between reality and dreams; the state where her
memory returned to a safer place and time. It was almost as if she were
reliving the past hours as she remembered the frustration that built in her
realizing that she was totally, helplessly lost. In her mind she reviewed
how she had come to be attacked by the two rapist who took turns with her
after they'd ripped her clothing off of her body. Sara remembered
realizing now that she'd been misdirected even in her dazed state. She'd
found the country store which had no telephone and the two boys there who
had given her a rough time. The two couldn't have been more than sixteen
or seventeen and they had nothing but whispered lewd comments about her.
At first she thought they were talking about the woman in the magazine they
were looking over, but then she had realized that they were looking at her
over the top of the magazine. The storekeeper, a middle aged man, didn't
stop the teens from looking at the magazine either, which should have been
off limits to the two teens. He was almost as bad as the two teens leering
at her bouncing breasts. She hadn't felt comfortable under the observation
that the older man and the two teens gave her and it was for that reason
that she left as soon as she could. She got the information of at least
where she was at, but she still didn't know where she was going. It turned
out that she was going to be raped and her destination would be taken care
of for her. She felt the dizzy, sickening feeling in her stomach as she
realized how totally she had been abused. As her awareness returned to
complete consciousness she became aware of her pain. Her wrists were
killing her. Her head wobbled as she tried focusing on her wrists which
were over her head. Her hands were red indicating she'd been in this
position for some time. She was handcuffed and a rope ran from the
handcuff to the darkness above her head. Sara looked down and realized she
was nude. She was not only totally naked she was restrained in the worst
possible way. She hung from her wrists but her legs were held behind her
back with another rope which ran around her belly and then down through her
pussy to her ankles. She tried putting her legs down and groaned as she
felt the rope tighten through her crotch making a painful wedgie out of the
rope; good god she couldn't lower her bent legs and from the feel of it her
heels were still in place! Her full body weight was on her knee's; she
couldn't even feel her knee's they were so numb from the long term
position. The floor and the walls were all made of cement. She felt the
coldness of the cement floor invading her body through her numb knees.
Sara realized she wasn't gagged. She screamed out her frustration, her
agony and her helplessness. Her screams echoed throughout the chamber.
There was a black hole the size of a door some distance in front of her but
no one responded to her screams for help. As she continued to hang there
realizing her screams were useless and no one was responding she looked
around. There were two lights in the room. The lights were uncovered
light bulbs jutting from the cement walls. There was a cot to her right,
and some kind of a bench to her left. Sara found there was some slack in
the rope which accounted for her leaning slightly forward on her knees.
She also found that by wrapping her wrists around the rope she could
actually lift herself off the floor and take the pressure off her knees.
The problem was to set herself back down gently; the first time she saw
stars as she let go and the pain raced up through her thighs her knees
coming into the unyielding cement surface. She felt like she had it down
pretty good, lowering herself to the floor when she realized her hair was
covering her face and there was nothing she could do about it. The fourth
time she performed this she was looking through her strands of hair and saw
a shape move from the doorway as she shouted out, "Oh thank god!
Plea-please I-I need your help! Please! Please help me!" She heard an
almost sadistic chuckle then a scraping sound as if wood were being pulled
over the floor. Her vision was slightly clouded because of her pain and
her bondage and partly because of her hair but she could see a chair was
placed in front of her. The sneakers and jean covered leg sat down in the
chair in front of her and then hands parted the hair away from her face as
she looked up into the face of the young man that had raped her! Rick sat
there and looked at her, and she shivered as he reached down and cupped one
of her dangling breasts. She spat at him, cursing him. The spit missed
him, but not the significance of her unyielding, unbroken spirit. He
squeezed her breast gradually applying more and more pressure until she
sobbed and started to plead with him to stop. Rick didn't stop; instead he
twisted his vice like grip on her breast and she screamed. "You know
bitch, you'd think an old broad like yourself would learn quicker," he said
to her not shouting it but maintaining his cruel twisting hold on her big
breast. He let go of the breast as she sobbed and then she felt her other
tit get viciously slapped by the young man as she cried out. Then he
slapped the opposite tit. "Plea-please stop! Please do-don't hurt me any
more!" she cried as he slapped her face hard whipping her body around on
the rope so that she was turned away from him. He grabbed her right breast and pulled her around on the points of her knees by her tit so that she
faced him and continuing to hold her tit her slapped her face again and
again. Then he stood up and his crotch was in her face. She turned her
head to avoid contact with his pant covered crotch. He lifted her body a
few inches off the floor and then dropped her! Sara screamed in agony.
She could feel her breasts bounce as he repeated this process over and over
and she continued to scream in pain as her body weight fell against her
tender knee's. "Wha-what do-do you wa-want from m-me?" she croaked as he
finished with the dropping routine. "Two things bitch. First you will
tell me you're a cock sucking married slut that loves to tease cock and
then second I'm going to let you prove it." "Go to hell, you fucking
bastard!" she screamed at him through her pain. "Maybe I will, but first
you're going to learn some manners bitch. A cunt like you has got to learn
how to curb that tongue and put it to better use." He sat down again in
front of her as he said this apparently without any malice, almost as a
matter of fact. Then he reached behind her and pushed her heels down.
Sara screamed in pain again, this time from the cruel rope that caught her
tender pussy lips in a wedgie. The rope chafed her sensitive clitoris and
not in a good way; it hurt so bad it brought instant tears to her eyes as
she sobbed, "You fil-filthy bas-bastard!" He quickly tired of this torture
because it was extreme and she was quickly lapsing into a daze from the
sheer amount of pain she was experiencing. He disappeared behind her as
she sobbed her body bouncing in the ropes. Then, she honestly thought he
had thrown hot water on her back, she screamed and went rigid in the ropes!
It felt like scalding water but it cooled rapidly to something sticky, then
hard. He did the same thing to her front with a sudden splashing of the
hot liquid wax. Sara screamed in agony. She screamed more as he took the
slack out of the rope holding her arms over her head and raised her about a
foot off the floor. He painted her sensitive crotch with the wax then too!
She screamed in both humiliation and pain as the hot wax delved into her
most private parts. The worst part came next and it wasn't something she
expected. He actually seemed to enjoy slowly peeling the dried wax from
her body. Sara screamed as the top layer of skin and hair was removed
painfully from her body. Her body glowed pink now, hurting, sore and
finally she couldn't take it any more and she begged him to let her suck
his cock. True to his sadistic nature he didn't let her do it right away;
instead he applied pressure to her now naked feet hurting her private parts
more and telling her, "C'mon old bitch, you can be more creative than that,
let's hear you really beg to suck me off, make it sound like you really
mean it, cause if you don't I can just think up a few more little things
for you." Sara knew he was sick. She knew too that if she didn't give in
she'd only suffer more pain. "Ple-please let me suck your cock, Rick,
plea-please! I-I'm an old slut that needs your young prick in my mouth,
ple-please Rick let me suck you, plea-please." "Lick it first, bitch, lick
it good," he said as he revealed himself for the first time in her face.
Sara hesitated then reached out with her tongue to lick the salty man smelling rod of flesh. He grabbed her hair twisting it in his hand and
yanked her head to one side and back as with his other hand he force fed
his now rigid cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes, as he yanked hard
and she yelled opening her eyes, "Keep your fucking eyes open bitch! I
like seeing how much you enjoy having some young meat in your mouth." Of
course she didn't like it and her eyes told that story to him. Sara half
suspected that was what he wanted; he wanted her to suck him but not to
like it. The thought was disgusting as she slobbered over his length
rotating her tongue around his thick rod of flesh while tears of pain and
humiliation came out of the corners of her eyes. Her jaws were spread wide
in her unusual position as he said, "C'mon cunt, what you waitin' on, I
said SUCK!" She slurped and she sucked as he sighed closing his eyes from
the obvious pleasure of feeling her mouth work his now very hard, very long
erection. Sara kept her eyes open for fear of some new torture as she
slurped and sucked trying desperately to move her head a little but unable
to do so in his grasp. That changed in a few seconds as he released his
hold on her hair and placed his hands on either side of her head. He held
her head in that position while she slurped and sucked as best she could
around the huge cock in her mouth which occasionally bloated the sides of
her cheeks as she felt him slide himself slowly back and forth in her wet

"Next time," he said from above her and hesitated in his obvious arousal
from what she was doing to him, "next time I see you you're going to ask me
real nice aren't you, you old cunt, if you can blow me, right?" Sara said,
"Yes," around his cock and it sounded more like "wes" so she nodded her
head up and down letting him know she would. He couldn't see her eyes now,
so she looked down and was shocked to see only about a third of his
erection was in her mouth! Fully two thirds of his length was uncovered by
her head and yet the young punks cock head was rubbing the back of her
mouth. God was he big! Sara felt him hold her head so that there was no
escape as he slid more of his length in her mouth and she gagged his cock
head rubbing her tonsils and moving down into her upper throat. He kept
pushing his length into her mouth and she choked and gagged. She felt her
throat muscles stretch, actually feeling the muscles in her neck moving to
accommodate the alien invasion of her mouth and throat as she tried sucking but was now more concerned about gagging. When he forced half his length
into her mouth and throat she began to scream in pain, as he sighed from
above her. She heard the gurgling sound her throat made as he forced his
length into her and held it there. Then he pulled back only to thrust
inwards again and again. "Oh man yeah! Yeah you old fucking slut, yeah!"
he said as he came and she felt his rod of flesh actually thicken in size!
She choked on the part of his spend that caught in her upper throat as he
pulled from her. A thin line of spit and cum mixed from his rod which was
now separated from her lips crossed the gap of space between them then
broke and fell against her chin. It oozed down her chin to dribble on her
breasts below. His salty metallic tasting sperm coated her mouth and she
felt like puking.

Rick slowly withdrew his limp but still large cock andput himself away
and said, "That was a good blow job, bitch. Now see howI reward you and
cut you down." He got out a knife and she numbly watched him cut the rope
holding her erect too late realizing she would loose her balance on her
knee's. She fell forward her face hitting the chair in front of her with a
thud. "You stupid dumb slut," he said as she fell to the floor with a
smack and then blissful darkness followed from the smacking her head took
as it hit the hard concrete floor.

When Sara returned to awareness for the second time she found herself
overwhelmed with the sheer softness of her surroundings. She knew
immediately she wasn't in the cold, dank, torture room. She opened her
eyes and saw a lavish bed room. She could see the night sky through an
open window! Sara tried to move her arms and found that she was still
restrained this time with her wrists being held behind her back. She was
still completely nude, but around her neck was something that felt like a
collar. Because she couldn't see it and she couldn't feel it with her
hands she guessed it was a collar. She was laying in a bed that had a
mirror canopy. The room was a mixture of colors but was predominately
brown, with tan carpet and brown dressers. A door opened to a bath room
and Rick came into the bed room. She was laying, she saw in a double or
queen size bed. Rick was nude.

"Got something you want to say to me bitch, or do we visit the chamber
downstairs again?" "Please Rick," she said as she half sobbed, "please let
me suck your cock." "Sure will, bitch," he said grinning as he got up into
the bed and then pushed her body down so that her mouth was near his
crotch. "Put my dick in your mouth and keep it there. If it gets hard
during the night, you make it soft, got it bitch?" "Ye-yes Rick," she
responded thinking, oh god not all night long! He was partly erect as she
chased his length with her mouth finally getting the quickly hardening rod
of flesh between her lips. She immediately began to suck and bob her head
up and down, as she heard him sigh from above. He groaned and in a matter
of a few minutes climaxed in her mouth. She swallowed his spend as she
felt him cover both himself and her up. It was going to be a long night
she realized and an even longer week! This was her first day of rape she
realized miserably as she held his limpness between her lips. No one knew
where she was at and she wasn't sure anyone cared. She had difficulty
judging time but about an hour later the demented youth's monster prick got
hard again. Sara took care of it quickly as she realized that if she
didn't she would be forced into deep throating again and that was something
she wanted to avoid if at all possible. She cried, and some of her tears
rolled off her cheek mixing with the oozing as his sperm flowed from her
mouth as she continued to hold his length in her mouth. She hated to think
what the new day would bring.


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