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HELPDAD hurt you when spanked you

Help Please Daddy (Mf,MF,Inc,Mast,Oral,1st,Spank)

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
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Help Please Daddy.
A story by

Brrrrr, Brrrrr. I was awoken by my phone ringing by my ear, and
sat up slowly wondering who could be calling me so late on a Friday
night. The only way to find out of course was to pick it up, I did,
and found my eldest daughter in a panic. "Can I come and see you
right now please Daddy, it's really important" she said, "Of course
you can darling" I replied, "what's the problem?" "I'll tell you when
I get there, in about half an hour, Daddy, I can't say anything over
the phone, bye!"

I got up, made some tea and sat in the kitchen to wait for June
to arrive. I was on my second cup when there was a knock on the door
and I opened it to find June standing there with Pat her eldest
daughter hanging tightly on to her arm. I brought them into the
kitchen and sat them down opposite me and said softly "Right June
darling, what couldnít you tell me over the phone thatís so
important?" that was the moment I knew there was something wrong with
Pat. Now, Pat is my favourite granddaughter. I know we're not
to have favourites by I did. She was fifteen, was very bright, and
had all the boys at school drooling over her. I knew this because
some of my cronies told me they felt the same as their own grandsons.
You see we're a very small community and every one knew everyone else
in town. Anyway, it seems Pats in trouble, June continued, "She went
out on a double date, and the other girl didnít turn up. It seems the
two guys decided to make use of Pat as she was alone with them." June
started to cry, as well as Pat, and I told them to come and sit on
the sofa in the living room with me.

As we sat down I slipped my arm round Pat and she instantly
snuggled up close to me, putting her arms round me and holding me
tight. June by this time was at the sniffling stage and I hugged her
close to me as she laid her head on my shoulder. "What do you want me
to do June darling?" I asked gently. "Can Pat stay with you for a few
days please Daddy, she really wants to be on her own so she can start
to talk about what happened" I turned to look at Pats head and laid
my cheek on it as I said "Is this what you want Pat darling, to come
and stay with your old grandpa?" she nodded briefly, then lifted her
head, looked into my eyes and said very softly "Yes please Gramps, if
it's OK with you." As usual I melted as soon as I looked into her
eyes, that was the one thing I could never resist, and Pat knew it.
I'll give her her due though, she almost never abused this little bit
of power she had over me, not for a year or so anyway. "Pat darling,
of course you can stay if you want to, you know I'll do anything I
can to help out, have you brought any Pyjamas?" "Oh damn. I'm sorry
Daddy, I forgot in my rush to get here." I grinned at June "Never
darling, I reckon I can find one of grandmas old flannelette nighties
that will do for a couple of days." Pat sat up and said with the
first grin I'd seen tonight, "Oh, Gramps, thatís really gross, I
couldnít sleep in one of them, I'd suffocate, donít you have any old
T-shirts I could use?"

After giving June a good laugh trying on my wife's old night
dress she agreed Pat should wear one of my T-shirts so long as she
kept her panties on as it only covered down to the swell of her
buttocks, and even less if she bent at the waist. June kissed me
goodnight and said she would call me during the morning, and I locked
up after her and made my way back to bed again, stopping off at Pats
room, knocking on the door and waiting 'til she told me to come in. I
went and sat on the edge of her bed, pulled the covers up to her neck
and bent down to give her a goodnight kiss on the forehead. She
outsmarted me by pulling my head down so my lips landed full square
on hers, and she gave me a warm passionate kiss then said "Gramps,
did you mean you'd do anything to help me?" I looked into the limpid
pools of her eyes and smiling said "Of course I did darling, you know
all you have to do is ask me." I gave her another, softer kiss on the
lips, covered her arms once more and wished her a tender goodnight as
I put out the light. It was almost two when I got back into bed and I
turned out my light and tried to get my head down and go to sleep. It
wasnít easy, as I was still wondering exactly what had happened to
Pat, and worrying what I could do to help her.

Next morning I let Pat sleep in, finally seeing her walk to the
bathroom at about midday when I was passing the stairs on my way to
the kitchen. She came down a few minutes later wearing her grandmas
oold bathrobe, and sat at the kitchen table beside me as I tucked
a sandwich. "What do you want to eat Pat darling?" I asked
"Breakfast, or lunch?" she smiled wanly at me and said "Oh, I suppose
breakfast would be easiest Gramps." I got up, ruffled her hair as I
passed her chair and said "Right baby, cereals and toast, it is. Do
you want juice, milk, tea or coffee with it?" "Can I have coffee
please, I know I donít get it at home, but I do like it so long as
it's not too strong." I poured her a cup from the pot on the stove
and watched her sipping it as I placed boxes of cereals on the table
to give her a choice. While Pat was getting on with her breakfast I
went and sat in the living room to read my paper, only stopping when
she came and sat beside me, placed a hand on my arms and said "Can we
talk please Gramps?" I put my paper down, held up an arm and she came
and snuggled up close to me as I said "Right Pat my love, why donít
you tell your old grandpa what your problem is and I'll see if I can
do something about it?"

Pat shimmied up on to my lap and laid her head on my shoulder
then said very softly "I guess I got scared Gramps, Joey and I were
making out, and I let him put his hands on my titties, because I like
the way it makes me feel. We started to kiss and he put his hand up
my shirt and tried to pull my bra off so he could touch my bare
titties. I stopped him and said to wait 'til Dave went home. He gave
a funny laugh and said "Oh, shit Pat, let Dave have a feel while he's
here, otherwise he might get jealous and help himself." Pat gave a
shiver as she recalled what she'd been through, "Thatís when Joey
held me by the arms and told Dave to come and get a feel of my
breasts. Dave did it, and grinned all the time he had his hands in my
clothes. Then Joey used his knees to force my legs apart and told
Dave to pull my panties off so they could both get a beaver shot. I
screamed so loud as I kicked out, they got scared and Dave sat on me
in the back seat of the car while Joey drove me home, where they let
me out telling me to keep quiet about what had happened." She stopped
for a couple of minutes then looked up into my eyes and blushed as
she said "You know Gramps I actually wanted Joey to put his hands in
my panties and touch my cunny. I just didnít want him to hold me
while his friend tried to do it. Does that make me a slut, and is
that why Joey and Dave did that to me?" I hugged her close and kissed
her on the top of her head, "No darling, wanting someone you like
touch you like that doesnít make you a slut, otherwise ninety-nine
out of every hundred women would be sluts. As for the reason they did
what they did. I guess theyíve just not been taught how to treat a
girl, and deserve to be taught a severe lesson before they actually
resort to raping a girl that says no to them."

"Please Gramps, donít report them, I couldnít bear to go to the
police and tell them what happened. I wasnít actually raped, just
really scared, isn't there any other way to sort it out?" I sat
there, gently stroking her back and her thighs as I thought, I then
said "OK darling, I'll make sure they donít do anything like this
again, and without calling the police. Will you leave me to do it my
way please darling?" Pat nodded as she cuddled me and we sat like
that for a couple of hours until the phone rang. Reluctantly Pat
slipped off my lap and allowed me to answer the call, which was John,
one of my grandsons wanting to come and talk to me about his football
game the following morning. This made Pat grimace, her pet hate was
football. "I'll go to my room and leave you two alone when John
comes" she said with a grin. I shook my head "No need darling, you
stay here and watch TV, I'll take John into my office and talk to
him, I'm sure he'll only be here for a little while, he's probably
a lot of training still to do."

When John arrived he saw Pat and said brightly "Hi Patsy, how's
tricks?" Pat smiled at him, after all she only hated the game, not
her cousins that played it. When we were alone I briefly told John
what had happened to Pat, and saw him scowl as he got more and more
angry. "The little shits" he said forcefully when I was done, "They
need a fucking good stomping, and I know just the ones to give it to
them. You wait 'til I tell Jack, he'll go apeshit when he finds it
was Pat it happened to, she's his favourite cousin." "John, I'd hate
to see any need for their parents to pay out for hospital treatment.
You know, I used to baby sit their mothers with Grandma when I was
your age, and I'd hate for them to be worried too much. Understand?"
John grinned at me, fully understanding what I meant, "Yes OK Gramps,
I understand, and I'll make sure Jack does too. I guess we owe you
too many favours not to do it your way." "Come off it John, you know
that anything I did for you lot was because you were my grandsons,
and needed my help, and no other reason." "Yeah, and we still owe you
big time, apart from that five grand you shelled out to keep us out
of prison. Do our parents know about it yet?" I laughed and shook my
head, "Forget it John, I told you that was being deducted from what I
leave you in my will, you donít have to pay me back. It isn't as if I
actually need your money, I've enough for what I need these days."
John left a few minutes later, going over to Pat and placing a
friendly kiss on top of her head as he said "Bye brains, want to
come and watch the game tomorrow?" "Oh yuck, donít make me sick, I'd
sooner dance nude on the beach than sit on the bleachers watching you
lot" Pat replied. "Oh, great, can I sell tickets cuz, we could make a
fortune in the summer" responded John with a wide grin that reflected
Pats smile as she shook her head in disgust.

After John left I returned to the sofa and sat beside Pat once
more with her laying down with her head on my lap as I tenderly
stroked and caressed her hair and cheek as she relaxed and finally
went to sleep. I picked up my paper once more and sat there reading
until I felt Pat stir against my thighs. She turned on to her back
and looked up inside the paper and smiled at me "Did I go to sleep
again Gramps?" she asked softly, I looked down at her and smiled as I
nodded. "Yes darling, you did, but it doesnít matter, we weren't due
to go anywhere, and you're here to relax and try to forget anything
happened, remember" she smiled up at me and I looked down at her
beautiful face before I folded my paper again and set it aside. I
leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the forehead, then said "Want
to come and help get dinner ready?" she nodded and rolled off the
sofa, stood up in front of me and held her hand out to me, "Come on
old man, let me help you stand up." I grinned and allowed her to tug
at my hand as I held hers, then suddenly shot upright and landed with
my body pressed against hers. "Gotcha" she said as she threw her arms
round me and hugged me tight, her firm breasts and hard nipples
pressing into my chest through my thin shirt, "And I'm not going to
let you go, ever."

Very gently I passed my arms round her back and hugged her to
me, "I'm afraid you'll have to Pat my love, otherwise we have no
dinner and both starve, how do you like them apples?" "I donít
Gramps, but I like this" she said as she snuggled her face against my
chest as we stood there. I slipped my hand down to below her waist
and gave her a light pat on the bottom, "Come in darling, we have to
start cooking, or we get no dinner" I said and a few seconds later we
were walking to the kitchen arms round each other, and her head
laying on my chest. Being Meatballs out of the freezer, and spaghetti
from a packet all we had to do was make a meaty sauce and cook the
whole thing for a few minutes and we were ready to eat. I served a
half bottle of red wine from which I poured Pat a glass, much to her
delight, and we ploughed our way through the meal as messily as we
always did with this particular one. We shared doing the dishes,
something June would have smiled at, as I knew Pat always complained
when it was her turn at home. I guess it was always different in
someone else's home, and doing chores was an adventure to be
savoured. When the kitchen was cleaned up we went into the living
room again and turned on the TV. This time I lay full length on the
sofa when Pat sat on the floor in front of me. After a few minutes of
this Pat got up and sat on the edge of the seat by my chest, bent
down and kissed me warmly on the cheek, "Can I join you please
Gramps, that looks a great way to watch TV."

I moved back a little and as soon as there was room Pat lay in
front of me, grabbing my arm and bringing it in front of her and
holding it tight so she didnít slip off on to the floor. As we lay
there Pat started to wriggle her butt about against my groin as if
she was trying to make more space for herself. Thatís when I called a
halt to it and asked her to move so I could go to the bathroom. As I
stood up I made a strategic turn away from her to hide the bulge that
had suddenly appeared in my pants. I kept it hidden all the way to
the bathroom where I sprayed it with a blast of cold water in an
effort to make it go down. This was the last thing I wanted, to have
got Pat recovering from her ordeal last night, at least in part, only
to find me laying behind her with a massive erection pressing into
her firm rounded butt. When I was back to a presentable state I
returned to the living room to find Pat laid out on the sofa fast
asleep. I turned off the tv and the lights, scooped her up in my arms
and carried her up to her bed, where I lay her down, pulled off her
shoes and socks and chastely covered her over. I placed a tender kiss
on her forehead and said a soft "goodnight baby" knowing she couldnít
hear me, then backed out of the room, dousing the light and closing
the door behind me.

I went down to the kitchen and made myself a cup of hot
chocolate as a night-cap, taking it up to bed to drink as I read
another chapter of the book I had on the go. After a while I heard
Pat moving about and then heard her go to the bathroom, returning
after a few minutes to her bed. By this time I was beginning to doze
off and was unable to concentrate on reading so I put my book down
and switched off the light before laying down and trying to get to
sleep. I was just about succeeding when my bedroom door opened and I
heard Pat walk across the room and whisper "Gramps, are you awake?"
"Hnhn.." I grunted "What's the matter Pat darling, can't you sleep?"
I said sleepily. "No Gramps, and I have to talk to you, can I get in
with you please?" I shifted over in my bed and held the corner of the
comforter up, then found I had a soft warm body pressed up against
me, almost before I could drop the covers and tuck them round Pat's
back. I slipped one arm beneath Pat's head so she could rest on it,
then allowed the other to fall against her back as she snuggled up to
my chest, pressing herself as close to me as she could. "OK Pat,
what's so important it couldnít wait until the morning?" I asked in a
whisper, Pat lifted herself up on to one elbow and looked down at me
in the dark, "Well, you know I said I really wanted Joey to touch my
cunny?" she said slowly, I nodded, then said "I remember darling, but
didnít you say you got scared or something?" I saw her in the faint
light from the moon as she shook her head. "I wasnít scared until
they began to rip my panties off Gramps. When I wanted Joey to touch
me, I just wasnít sure how to do it, and I didnít know what it was
supposed to feel like."

I chuckled softly as Pat lay in my arms, "Oh, I shouldnít worry
about that my love" I said, "You can always ask your mother, I'm
sure she'll tell you all about that sort of thing if you ask her
nicely" I heard her gasp of surprised that I should suggest such a
thing, then she said "I couldnít ask mom something like THAT! Gramps,
I'd be too embarrassed." "Oh, I see" I said "Well, what about some of
your friends at school, couldnít they help you out?" I replied. "God,
no, thatís like telling them I'm still a virgin, and I'd be the last
one in the class. I couldnít live with that Gramps, no one would ever
talk to me again." By now I was beginning to run out of acceptable
ideas, but thought I'd try one more, "Well, how about you ask one of
your older cousins to help you out. I'm sure John or Jack would be
only too willing, you know John at least likes you quite a lot." I
heard her giggle at that suggestion, "Oh, Gramps, John wouldn't dream
helping me, he's all tied up with Melissa Johnson, and Jacks dating
her sister, so that puts them out. No Gramps, I guess there's only
one person left that might love me enough to help me out with this."
"Oh yes, and who might that be?" I asked, suddenly feeling a cold
shiver run down my spine as a truly awful thought ran through my

Pat shifted herself so she lay full on my chest, lowered her
lips to mine in a soft kiss, then said "Donít be silly Gramps, it's
you." She kissed me again this time a lot more passionately, then
dropped her bombshell. "To be honest Gramps, it was Mom's idea that I
get you to help me out like this. She told me you were good at this
sort of thing. I didnít understand at first, but then, when I asked
her a certain question she told me all about how you taught her, and
also that you were her first lover, and that it made her life so much
easier once you had done it for her." I took a deep breath, and for a
little while was unable to say anything. First of all I was really
mad at June for disclosing our long kept secret. Second I was almost
as mad that she'd assumed I'd do the same for my granddaughter as I
had for my daughter twenty years before. I was still thinking of what
punishment June deserved when Pat's voice brought me back to the
present. "Gramps, Gramps, what's wrong" she asked in a panicky voice.
I shook my head and said "Nothing baby, I was just thinking about
something, now what were you saying that I didnít hear?" she kissed
me again and said softly "Well Gramps, will you show me how to make
out properly with a boy, please Gramps, you donít know what it's like
being the only girls in class that hasnít had her pussy felt on a

I chuckled softly then said "Are you quite sure you are the
last darling, and not just the last to admit it. I think you might be
surprised at how many of your friends donít tell the whole truth
about what happens of their dates, you know what most boys are like,
they do tend to exaggerate, donít they?" Pat sounded slightly
disappointed as she said "Well, I suppose your right, my friend Jane
said her boyfriend lied when he bragged he'd taken her cherry at a
party. But will you do it for me please Gramps, even if I'm not the
last one in the class?" I'll say this much for Pat, she was very
single minded, nothing I'd said had put her off her original request.
What she told me about her mother and I made me believe that June had
told her, because only June and my wife knew about it. After a
moments thought I gave a sigh of resignation and said softly "OK Pat
darling, but it has to be my way, and you have to agree to certain
rules, all right?" Pat was ecstatic, and when she could actually
speak coherently I sat up, switched on the light and looked down at
her as she lay across my lap looking up at me.

"Right, the first thing my darling, is that you donít say NO to
anything I may do, or tell you to do, OK?" she looked at me, suddenly
showing a tiny amount of fear, "But what if I donítÖ" she started to
say, "What if you donít like what I'm doing" I finished for her. She
nodded silently, and I gently caressed her cheek, "In that case my
love, you use a special word that is so silly I'll know you want me
to stop, you see darling, many women cry out the word NO when they
really mean No donít stop, thatís why I taught your mother a certain
word that she would use if she got scared." Suddenly Pat broke into a
smile "Was it Elephant, Gramps?" she said I grinned and nodded my
head, "How did you know that young lady?" I asked. "Well when mom
used to tickle me she always told me to say Elephant if I wanted her
to stop. It always seemed a funny word to use, but it always worked."
"Well" I said softly "That shows how well it works, doesnít it,
because I never made love to your mother after she got married, she
loved your father too much." Pat went silent for a moment at the
memory of her father who had died a year or so ago after a short
illness. I broke her train of thought by bending down and kissing her
warmly on the lips and saying "Are you ready to start darling?" she
looked up at me, smiled sweetly and nodded her head "Yes please
Gramps, and Elephant is my word too."

Quickly Pat shuffled round so she was laying with her head on
the pillows, and I slipped down so I was resting on one elbow and
able to look down at her with one hand free. Tenderly I began to
place kisses on her face and lips, touching hers with the tip of my
tongue as I tried to get her to open hers and do the same. It was
obvious she'd had some experience of French kissing because she
responded immediately, and with some gusto. As we kissed Pat gave a
number of gasps as she felt me touch her breasts, firstly through the
T-shirt she was wearing, then directly on her naked flesh as I slowly
slid my hand underneath her only garment. As Pat tried to pull the T-
shirt over her head I whispered "Donít rush darling, let me do it in
a few minutes, just lay back and enjoy yourself for as long as you
can." As she was by now displaying her wonderful firm young breasts I
decided to make full used of the opportunity by placing my lips on
one and covering the other one with my hand and very gently squeezing
it as I sucked on her other nipple. "OhhhhÖ jeez Gramps, donít stop,
that feels soooo good.." with a silent chuckle I switched breasts and
repeated the treatment, making her cry out with pleasure once more.
After a short while I returned my lips to hers and lay down beside
her while I tenderly stroked and caressed her breasts with my

Very tenderly I scraped my fingernails round the base of her
breasts, then moved them up over the firm swelling of each one,
forming a spiral from base to nipple, finishing up by taking each one
between finger and thumb and gently pinching and rolling them to and
fro until Pat was crying out for me to stop. I placed my lips to her
ear and whispered "Is that an Elephant calling?" She shook her head
and gasped "No, donít stop Gramps, please donít stop.." I kissed her
tenderly on the lips that moved my lips down to her breast once more
where I kissed a spiral round each base following the line of my
fingernails, ending up nibbling her nipples between my teeth. As I
played with her breasts with my lips I began scraping my fingernails
down the centre of her abdomen from the base of her breastbone down
and round her navel then across the top of her naked mons to the top
of her thigh. Leaning further down I moved my hand to her knee and
began to slide it up the inside of her thigh, having some difficulty
keeping in contact with her soft smooth skin as she quickly moved her
legs apart to allow me access to her sex.

I disappointed her however because I moved my fingertips over
her lower abdomen and down the outside of her other leg until I
reached that knee, them moved upwards on the inside of her thigh, all
the time kissing, sucking and flicking with my tongue, her hard erect
and throbbing nipples as she lay gasping with more pleasure than she
had ever experienced in her young life. This time I paused with my
hand laying on her lower abdomen, lifted my lips to hers and kissed
her passionately as I slowly moved my hand down her body, over her
mons and allowed it to finally rest covering the whole of her pussy
from mons to freneum. "Mmmmmmmm.." she cried into my mouth as it lay
clamped tightly to hers. She then broke the kiss as she threw back
her head and screamed out in ecstasy as I pressed my middle finger
between her virgin pussy lips and an inch deep into her vaginal
passage. Still pressing firmly on my finger I drew my hand up her
pussy until it rested on her hooded clit where I began to gently move
my finger in a circular motion as I bent my head to suck on one of
her nipples. This double assault was more than enough for Pat and she
suddenly screamed out "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGGÖ.." and began to buck
and thrash about beneath me as her first climax exploded all over her
tender young body. I lifted my head from her breast and looked down
at her as she lay there, her unseeing eyes wide open, and her mouth
gaping as she gasped for breath while still trembling with the
aftermath of her orgasm.

After a few minutes Pat closed her eyes, took a deep breath
then gave a huge sigh as one last tremor rippled through her body. A
moment later she opened her eyes, looked up at me and said softly
"God, Gramps, if I knew it was that good I'd have let Joey and Dave
do what they wanted, it was simple awesome, can we do it again
please?" I smiled at her and whispered "Roll over on to your tummy
darling," she did as I asked, I then threw back the covers, placed my
left hand in the middle of her back to hold her down and gave her
three sharp spanks on her bare bottom. Almost immediately she cried
out "Elephant, Gramps, Elephant." I rolled her over on to her back
once more and saw she was crying, she looked at me and said tearfully
"I donít like that part Gramps, why did you do it, it hurt me." I
wiped her tears away with my fingertip and said "I'll do the same
again if you ever tell me you want someone to force you into any
sexual act. Those boys were trying to rape you, and that is not an
acceptable form of lovemaking. If you tell me now it's what you want,
I'll take you home, because I refuse to make it seem a proper thing
to do." I could see she was upset, but I switched off the light and
slid down on the bed and pulled the covers up to my chin as I
snuggled down as if to go to sleep. Pat came and cuddled up to me,
still crying as I took her in my arms and pulled her naked body close
to mine.

After a few minutes sobbing into my chest Pat shuffled up my
body until she could touch her lips to my cheek. She kissed me
tenderly then whispered in my ear "Elephant Gramps, Elephant." "What
am I doing you donít like" I asked softly, "You're hurting me by not
loving me" she said, "I'd prefer to have you spank me for being so
stupid, at least I'd know you loved me enough to want to punish me
for saying I wanted to be raped. I know it was a really stupid thing
to say Gramps, and I'm sorry I said it now I've had time to think
about it properly. Will you please spank me just like you used to
spank mom when she was naughty." I smiled inwardly then said "Oh, she
told you about that did she?" I felt Pat nod, "Yes Gramps, she also
told me about afterwards, as well. I hope we can do it some time, it
sounds like it could be fun." I chuckled, "It seems to me that your
mother and you have been having some very interesting conversations.
Has she let you into any more of our secrets?" Pat snuggled up close
tome, rubbing her still rigid nipples against my chest, "Well, she
did tell me that she loves you more than anyone else in the world.
She always did, because you made her feel so very special when she
was my age, and needed help. I know she really misses you now Gramps,
and I know she sometimes cries at night when she thinks I'm asleep."

With some difficulty I drove this thought from my mind,
determined to come back to it later, meantime I sat up, switched on
the light and swung round so my legs hung over the edge of the bed.
"Right young lady, come and lay across my lap so I can give you the
spanking you deserve." With a slightly apprehensive smile Pat lay her
naked body across my lap and I said gently "This is one time an
Elephant won't come to your rescue, if you donít want me to start now
is the time to say so, understand darling?" "Yes Gramps" she said
into the mattress as I twisted slightly so her legs hung over my
thigh instead of laying on the bed. Tenderly I placed my left hand in
the middle of her back, lay my right hand on her firm smooth buttocks
for a moment then lifted it to shoulder level and brought it down
with a loud 'SPLAT', making her jump and cry out in surprise. Once
more I raised my hand and brought it down, this time Pat remained
silent, although she did jump slightly. Six more times I spanked her,
the last couple bringing no reaction from her except a soft moan into
the bed. After the last blow I rested my hand on the top of her
thighs before gently stroking it up the swell of her bottom, and all
over her glowing flesh. Thatís when I felt the moisture on my palm,
and I looked down and saw her swollen pussy lips glistening with the
coating of her pussy juices I'd spread over her buttocks.

Gently I placed my hand on her wet swollen pussy and pressed my
middle finger once more between her lips, this time from the opposite
direction. As I heard Pat gasp with pleasure I moved my hand further
between her thighs until my finger tip was resting on her clit as it
sat raised up out of it's protective hood. I then began to twiddle it
with my moist finger as I stroked my other hand up and down her
spine, pressing her body on to the bed. This was a fortunate move
because almost immediately Pat gave a scream of ecstasy as she bucked
her hips up and down against my thighs as she tried to get more
friction from my probing finger pressing against her clitoris.
"AggghhhhÖ I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGGÖ" she cried again as she thrashed
about on my lap, almost falling off was it not for my arm across her
naked back and between her clamping thighs that held so tightly to my
wrist. When Pat finally began to relax I moved her off my lap and
further on to the bed, then went to the bathroom to get a washcloth
and towel with which I cleaned up her effusions that were coating the
inside of her thighs as well as most of my right leg.

Once she was clean and dried I lay beside Pat, gently stroking
my hands all over her naked body, avoiding her still swollen pussy
lips for the moment, but concentrating on her breasts and nipples.
Eventually she opened her eyes, looked at me in wonderment and said
softly "Gramps, if I come and do something naughty every Saturday,
will you spank me like that, or is it against the rules to, like the
reason I got spanked for?" I smiled down at her "There's nothing
wrong with enjoying being spanked my love, just so long as you donít
get hurt. Did I hurt you when I spanked you darling?" she thought for
a moment then said "Well, the first one made me jump, and it did
sting a bit, but the more you did it, the nicer it felt, sort of
warming my bottom and making my pussy feel all tingly and wet, I
guess it didnít really hurt, just smart." I bent over and kissed her,
then said "Just remember that my darling, no matter what I do, I'll
never do anything to hurt you, not even if I spank you for being
naughty. Do you believe me?" Pat nodded, "Yes Gramps, mom told me
that yesterday before she went home."

"Right, now how about you do as I say and lay back, so I can
show you something you might just get to enjoy." Pat did as I asked
and I slid down the bed, pushing the covers down as I went, until I
was level with her thighs. Very gently I pressed on the inside of her
knees and when she had them spread wide I looked up at her, smiled
and lowered my head between them. Despite my work with the washcloth
and towel Pat's pussy was sopping wet and glistening with her
orgasmic juices and I was almost overcome by the wonderful musky
aroma emanating from between her thighs as I got closer to the
source. The instant I touched my lips to her pussy Pat was moaning
with pleasure, and when I pressed my tongue on to her clit she cried
out so loud I thought she would wake my neighbors. As I sucked on her
clit and flicked it with my tongue I wiped my middle finger in her
juices as they flowed from her pussy and almost unnoticed pressed the
tip of it to her tight puckered rosehole. I continued to suck and
lick at her clit and between her pussy lips until I felt her thighs
tense and heard her begin to cry out as another crashing orgasm began
to explode at the centre of her arousal, my hard working mouth. It
was at that instant that I took her over the edge by pressing my
moistened finger through her sphincter and deep into her virgin anus,
once more she screamed out "AggghhhhÖ I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG GRAMPS
I'MMMM.. CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and then sank into silence as she
fainted from sensory overload.

I got up on my knees, climbed off the bed and went for a fresh
washcloth and towel, coming back and tenderly washing her pussy and
thighs then did the same for my wet sticky face. By the time I
returned from the bathroom once more Pat was beginning to recover,
laying there her eyes open, staring at the ceiling. As I lay beside
her she turned her head, then the rest of her body as she rolled into
my waiting arms and began sobbing into my chest once again. I pulled
the covers over the two of us and tenderly caressed her back and
bottom, the only places my hands would reach, until her crying
stopped and she lay breathing deeply against me while she recovered
her composure. Gently rolling her on to her back I placed a kiss on
her soft warm lips and said softly "Why the tears darling, I didnít
cause you any pain did I?" Her hand came up and touched my cheek as
she said in a subdued voice "Of course not Gramps, it's just that I
never felt anything like that in my life, but I suddenly felt so sad
that I hadn't done anything to make you feel so good. You're doing it
all for me." I smiled and touched a finger to her moist lips, feeling
the tip of her tongue as she poked it out at my touch, "Donít be
silly darling, I told you I would show you how to go on with boys.
Just let's finish showing you all you need to know, then we can think
about what you can do for your boyfriend, OK?" Pat opened her eyes
wide, "You mean we haven't finished yet, there's still more for me to
learn?" "Of course they is baby" I said with a smile, "Unless you
want to remain the last virgin in your class."

Pat jumped up on to her knees and looked hard at me "Oh, god,
can we, I mean will you do it for me Gramps, bust my cherry for me I
mean. Can we do it now?" I smiled at her and said "Well, we can if
you're actually ready for me. I mean, you have to be aroused, your
pussy has to be really moist.." she took my hand and pulled it
between her thighs, pressing it to her sopping wet, and very swollen
pussy lips, "How does that feel Gramps, wet enough for you?" I
grinned and nodded, "Yes darling, but I have to be aroused as well,
the harder I am, the easier it is for me to enter your young body."
Pat looked down at my erect penis for perhaps the first time, then
gasped "God, it's huge, will it fit inside me Gramps?" I took her
face between my palms, kissed her tenderly and said "Of course it
will darling, and it shouldnít cause any problems at all. You know it
might hurt a little at first, donít you?" she nodded, "Yes, mom told
me, and we learned about hymens and things in health classes at
school, the trouble is they told us how it works, but not when we
should do it, that seemed a bit silly to me."

I nodded in agreement as I sat back against the headboard of
the bed, opened my arms to Pat and said "Come on then darling, let's
make you a woman shall we." She smiled at me and said softly "Yes
please Gramps, I do so want you to be my first lover, but how do we
do it?" I told her to kneel astride my thighs and hold my penis in
her hand, touching the tip of it to her pussy lips where her vaginal
passage was. She gave a loud gasp as she took hold on my cock, it
being the first time she'd touched it. When I felt my cockhead
slipping between her lips I held her shoulders and said "Look at me
darling" she looked up and I said softly "All you have to do now, my
love is to sit on my lap." Pat grinned shyly and began to lower
herself, gasping as she felt me entering her body. Suddenly she
stopped as she felt my penis pressing against her hymen and gave a
gasp as she felt it begin to give. "Thatís what you have to get past
my love" I said softly, "Would you like me to help you?" she shook
her head and grimaced as she looked at me, "No Gramps, I can do it,
honest I ca-AANNNÖ.." and she gave a loud cry as she dropped down
hard and forced my hard cock to destroy her maidenhead, once and for

As she sat there, I saw tears forming in her eyes and I pulled
her forward so I could kiss them away as I hugged her to my chest,
stroking her back as I comforted her, "All done now Pat darling, it's
all fun and games from now on" I said gaily, and she sat up, kissed
me passionately on the lips and said "Can I fuck you now Gramps, I
want to do all the work, mom told me how to do it, and said it's the
best way to get rid of the pain" I smiled at her, thinking I must
have a word with my daughter, "Yes my love, if thatís what you want
to do, then you do it" and I lay back and allowed her to begin
rocking her hips back and forth on my hard throbbing penis lodged
deep inside her virgin body. Her initial pain was soon forgotten, and
she began to get even more aroused as she worked her clit against the
base of my cock, and even more so when I put out my hands and cupped
them over her firm young breasts, and began to flick her hard
throbbing nipple with my thumb. Pat lifted her hands and held on to
my outstretched arms for support as she moved faster and further on
my deeply penetrating penis, until she suddenly stopped moving,
rammed herself down hard and screamed out for the fourth or fifth
time "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGGÖ". Once more she collapsed, this time
forwards on to my chest, and into my supporting arms as I let her
down slowly to a position of rest.

It only took Pat a couple of minutes to recover this time, and
she was soon putting her mouth to good use kissing me over and over
again as she lay on me full length, her spasming pussy still wrapped
round my semi tumescent cock that pulsed inside her. "You didnít
have an orgasm that time either did you Gramps" she said accusingly.
I shook my head and smiled "No darling, you didnít give me a chance,
you came so quickly, did it feel as good as it sounded?" She just
grinned and nodded, then lay her head on my chest again, and returned
to making her pussy play with my cock lodged between her lower lips.
After a few minutes she pushed herself up on her hands, looked down
at me and said "Gramps, will you please make love to me, and show me
what it feels like to have a lover cum inside me. I want to feel you
having an orgasm, please Gramps, do it for me now." "OK darling, hold
tight" I said and wrapped my arms round her, rolled over so I lay on
top of her and positioned myself between her wide open thighs. The
instant I looked down at her laying beneath me I felt my penis begin
to swell, so did Pat, because her eyes popped open wide and she
gasped, as she felt herself being filled up once more. As she wrapped
her ankles around my hips she lifted her arms and lay them above her
head saying "Hold my hands please Gramps, hold me down so I donít get
away, please Gramps darling, pretend for me, pretend you're holding
me so I can't escape." I looked down into her appealing face and
placed a tender kiss on her open lips, then laid my hands and arms on
hers, effectively pinning her to the bed.

Very slowly and deliberately I began to move my hard throbbing
penis in and out of Pat's hot wet and very swollen pussy, making my
strokes longer and deeper, until I heard her gasp and felt the head
of my cock press against the mouth of her cervix as I bottomed out
inside her. From then on I reduced the length of my stroked as I
didnít want to frighten her. To no avail, when I didnít do it again
she gasped out "Deeper Gramps, make me feel you touch me inside
darling, I want to feel you all the way in me, I want to feel you
fill me right up, I want to feel your hot creamy cum right inside my
body darling, please fill me up like you did Mom, make me burn as
your hot cum hits my cunt Gramps, fuck me darling, fuck me like you
used to fuck Mom.." This was enough for me, I'd brought Pat to a
number of crashing orgasms, almost cumming myself each time, but now
I couldnít wait any longer as I felt my cock begin to swell and
pulsate I cried out "I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG" and with a final hard
thrust rammed my cock deep inside her firm young body, pressed my
pubic bone to her pussy lips and felt my body jerk each time I shot a
massive wad of hot sticky semen deep into her body and squarely at
the mouth of her womb.

Had I been in the least bit fertile there's little doubt Pat
would have been pregnant an instant later. As it is I'd had a
vasectomy twenty years earlier when we found out my wife had to come
off the pill for medical reasons. Whatever, I just lay there, my
weight taken on elbows and knees and spurted a seeming never-ending
stream of semen into my granddaughter. That thought alone gave my
ejaculation a further boost, until I lay there completely drained of
fluids and totally spent physically. I managed to roll over so I
didnít collapse on top of Pat, and found her laying on top of me as I
lay on my back gasping for air, eyes closed and mouth open. Totally
unaware of what to expect Pat decided to go to the bathroom, as she
needed to pee. When she stood up she suddenly gave a loud scream of
embarrassment as she found a flood of our mixed orgasmic fluids gush
out of her relaxed pussy. Bending down and grabbing her discarded T-
shirt and pressing it between her thighs she waddled out to the
bathroom and sat on the toilet. She was still there when I followed
her a few minutes later, only she was quietly sobbing her heart out.
I knelt in front of her and put my arms round her, hugging her close
to me, "What's the matter baby" I asked softly, "I'm so embarrassed,
Gramps, I didnít mean to wet myself like that, I didnít even know I
needed to go that badly."

I started to laugh, then she sat upright and said "GRAMPS, it's
NOT funny." It is darling" I said, "You didnít wet yourself my love,
it was all my cum running out of you, it seems there wasnít enough
room inside for all of it, and gravity took charge when you stood up
and it just flowed out of you like upending a bottle of soda." Pat
looked at me for a moment, the began to laugh, suddenly blushing
bright red as she said "Oh, Gramps, you won't tell mom about this
will you, she'll think I was really silly, and make fun of me if you
do" I lifted her off the toilet and led her across to the shower
where I turned the water on and stood the pair of us under it and
began to wash her with a soapy washcloth. When I pressed my hand
between her thighs Pat opened them wide so quickly she almost fell
over. I managed to catch her and she giggled as she moved about on my
scrubbing hand. When I washed her breasts she threw her head back and
pushed out her chest so she got maximum pressure on her body, and
therefore maximum pleasure. When I turned her round and did her back
she leaned her hands against the wall and stuck her bottom out,
spreading her legs wide so I could get between her ass cheeks. As I
rubbed the washcloth against her anus I whispered "Do you like that
baby?" she lifted her head and turned to look at me "Yes Gramps, it
makes me tingle all over when you touch me there. When you pressed
you finger in my bottom I almost came." She stopped for a minute,
thinking, then said "What's it like to have a guys penis in you
bottom Gramps?" "I donít know darling, I've never had one there, but
I'm told it feels nice by those women that have asked me to make love
to them like that."

Pat stood up when I'd finished washing her and took a fresh
washcloth, soaped it up and began to scrub me down starting at my
chest. She did me down to my waist then turned me round and did my
back from my shoulders down to my feet. She then returned to the
front and began at my feet and worked up. When she got to my groin
she soaped her hands and gently cupped my balls, playing with them
rather than washing them, all the time keeping her eyes firmly fixed
on my semi hard cock as it bounced in front of her eyes. Eventually
she couldnít resist any longer, she soaped her hands again and one by
one wrapped them around my firm shaft, gasping as she felt it first
of all twitch, then quickly begin to swell and get more and more
rigid, until it was finally hard and throbbing in her tiny hands.
"Oh, jeez Gramps, does it always get hard so quick?" she asked
softly. "No darling, only when I have a beautiful teenage girl
holding on to it like grim death" I replied with a grin. She looked
up at me and without saying a word opened her mouth and pushed out
her tongue as far as it would go. Tentatively she leaned forward
until the tip of her tongue touched the head of my cock. After wiping
it round the head a couple of times Pat leaned forward a little more
and allowed the head to slip between her lips and into her mouth,
closing her lips around the shaft as soon as the head was inside. She
then began to slide her hands up and down the shaft as she sucked
like a Hoover on my cockhead lodged between her palate and her

I just stood there enjoying the wonderful feeling of having my
cock sucked for a couple of minutes, then I placed her hands on her
cheeks and pressed her head back, before lifting her to her feet and
into my arms once more. "What's the matter Gramps, wasnít I doing it
right?" she asked suddenly looking very disappointed. I grinned "Oh,
no darling, you were doing it very right indeed, in fact you seemed
as if you'd had years of practice you were so good. It's just that I
have nothing left to do justice to your wonderful efforts. We'll have
to leave it for another time. Right now I think we need to get to
bed, you know it's about three o'clock, donít you?" We dried each
other off and the I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to my
bed, where we lay down in each others arms and drifted off into a
dream filled sleep.

Next morning I woke up to the wonderful feeling of having my
penis lodged in a warm wet haven, opened me eyes to find Pat sitting
on my morning hard on, bouncing up and down and obviously very close
to a self induced orgasm. I immediately closed my eyes and forced
myself not to move, feigning sleep for as long as I could. It was
worth it, the sound then the sight of my granddaughter as she brought
herself to a climax on my hard cock was wonderful. The sight of her
blushing as she suddenly realised I was awake and aware of what she
was doing was even more priceless. "I'm sorry Gramps" she gasped, "I
just saw you had an erection and felt the need to have an orgasm, you
donít mind do you?" I pulled her down on to my chest, hugged her
tight and said "Of course I donít darling, but I think you should
tell your mother about this one, I think she'll be very surprised to
hear what you managed. Now, how about we have some breakfast?" we got
up, showered, dressed and went down to the kitchen where we laid the
table between us and had just sat down to our cereals and toast when
the phone rang. It was June "Good morning Daddy, how's my poor baby
doing?" "Why donít you ask her yourself darling, come on over we'll
be finished breakfast by the time you get here and she can tell you
how she feels" I replied, "Right now she doesnít feel like coming to
the phone." "Oh, OK Daddy, I'll be right over" and she put the phone
down, presumably to get in her car and rush across town to see what
was wrong with Pat.

It took June twenty minutes to get here, by which time Pat and
I had cleared up the kitchen and were sitting together on the sofa in
the living room. Thatís where June found us, coming in through the
kitchen door as she did, and walking in on us as Pat was sitting on
my lap kissing me passionately as part of our current conversation.
"Well, I can see there isn't much wrong with you young lady" said
June as she stood in front of us. Pat lay her head on my shoulder and
sighed deeply "No Mom, not now there isn't" she said with a smile.
She then sat up, looked at June and said "I wish you'd have brought
me to see Gramps a long time ago though Mom, I've had a really
awesome weekend, and I can't wait to tell you all about it." I kissed
Pat tenderly and gently pushed her off my lap and on to the sofa
beside. I then said "Why donít you start while I go and make you mom
a cup of coffee." Pat kissed me on the lips in a manner that seemed
to surprise her mother then said "OK Gramps, but donít be too long
will you, I want you to tell mom that everything I tell her is true."
I grinned and said "OK baby, I'll hurry" and stood up, giving my
daughter a loving kiss as I told her to sit down while I made her a

I returned ten minutes later with two coffees and one OJ,
placed the try on a side table and sat opposite mother and daughter.
Pat took her drink without a moments pause in her graphic description
of our nights activities. June found that laying back with her eyes
closed was the best way of taking it all in, and didnít say a word
until Pat stopped talking and sat back to finish her glass of juice.
When she was certain Pat was done June opened her eyes, looked at me
and said "Well Daddy, is it all true?" I looked at her, shrugged my
shoulder and said "Well, I didnít hear it all darling, but what I did
hear was essentially correct. What Pat didnít tell you was what
happened just before each time she passed out." June turned to Pat
who was suddenly blushing, "You never said anything about passing
out, why not?" "Sorry Mom, I just felt so embarrassed about it. It
seems a pretty soft thing to happen, I thought I was a bit stronger
than that." June laughed "Oh Pat darling, you donít have to be
embarrassed about having an orgasm so strong you pass out my love. I
know loads of women that donít have an orgasm, let alone ones that
strong." June then held her daughters hand and said quietly "What
about when Gramps came inside you, what did that feel like?" "Mom,
you just wouldnít believe how good it felt. I thought he wasnít going
to stop shooting his cum into me. You should have seen it when I
stood up IÖÖ oh damn".

June sat back as Pat swore, then scowled at me as I began to
laugh. "Oh well" she continued "I might as well tell you. When I
stood up to got to pee, all Gramps cum gushed out of me and down my
legs. I was so embarrassed because I thought I'd peed myself, 'til
Gramps told me what had actually happened. Mom, there was GALLONS of
it, running down my legs, all over the floor. It soaked the T-shirt I
went to bed in, and I still had more flooding out when I sat on the
toilet." I sat there studiously drinking my coffee trying hard not to
meet my daughters gaze until she said "Daddy, what happened really?"
I just grinned as Pat said "Mom, I'm telling the truth, honest.
Gramps never came all the time he kept making me have orgasm after
orgasm, even when he was inside me when he actually bust my cherry,
he didnít cum, he said I was too quick for him. It wasnít until I
made him hold me down that he finally did. Was he like that with you
Mom?" June blushed bright red at the thought of discussing her sexual
exploits with her father, forgetting she'd already disclosed most of
them before leaving Pat with me on Friday. "Well" I said, "Answer the

"Daddy!" said June "It's not the sort of thing we should be
talking about, not here anyway." I raised my eyebrows, "And why not"
I asked, "It seems you've already told Pat most of what we used to
do, and passed on some very closely guarded secrets when you prepared
her for this weekend. Was it just coincidence Pat had a bad date, or
was that all a story too?" Pat shook her head "No Gramps, it really
did happen, but on Thursday night, not Friday. mom and I talked for a
long time, then she told me about how you and Grandma showed her
about making love. Thatís when I asked if you'd do it for me. I guess
I shouldnít have told you what secrets mom told me. Should I?" I
shook my head, "No darling, you shouldnít. But mainly because it now
means your mother is in line for a spanking for breaking a promise
never to tell anyone about our lovemaking." I turned to June and said
"Well, where do you want it, here and now, or up in the bedroom after
you sit naked for half an hour, like you used to?"

June looked aghast at what I was saying "Daddy" she gasped "You
can't do that, not with Pat in the house!" "Why not" I asked, "She
knows I used to spank you, and what happened afterwards. She even
asked me to spank her when she said something that upset me. Why
should it be any different for you, you're still a naughty girl, and
deserve to be punished." June turned to her daughter, "You didnít
tell me Gramps spanked you, what did you do to deserve it?" Pat
looked down at her knees, "I said I wished Joey and Dave had really
raped me, after I found out how good it was to have an orgasm. I know
it was stupid of me, and I had to ask Gramps to spank me so I could
get him to carry on showing me all about making love." She looked
into her mothers eyes, "You were right Mom, it felt so good to have
my bottom all tingly, and my pussy was so wet and I almost had an
orgasm without Gramps rubbing my pussy. I wish I could be spanked
again but this time have Gramps push his penis inside of me and make
love to me properly." That's when I knew my daughter was completely
lost, when I saw her rubbing her thighs together, and caught her
heady aroma as her pussy started to leak.

I stood up, pulled an upright chair from it's place by the
wall and sat on it in front of the sofa. "June, come and get into
position, and hurry!" I said sharply, "Daddy" she almost wailed,
"Come along, donít be a silly girl, or I'll make it double time, last
chance young lady!" Pat sat on the sofa astounded at the by play
between her mother and me, and gasped as June got up slowly and
shuffled over to stand beside my thigh, then bend over so she lay
across my lap. I placed my left arm across June's back to hold her
in position, then slowly and deliberately lifted her skirt, pushing
it over her back and displaying her skimpy high cut silk panties. As
I placed my hand on her bottom I felt her flinch, then give a tiny
sigh as she began to remember what was going to happen. After rubbing
my hands all over her buttocks I hooked my fingers into the waistband
of her panties and slowly pulled them down over her bottom. When her
panties were laying about level with her knees I stopped and had a
quick glance at them. The tiny crotch was sopping wet and almost
transparent, and when I placed my hand at the top of her thighs I
could feel the slick coating of her juices that was leaking out all
over her legs. Slowly I lifted my hand to shoulder level then brought
it down with a loud 'SPLAT!' that made June jump and gasp out. I
could see Pat from the corner of my eye, and saw that she too jumped
as she saw her mother receiving what she herself had endured the
night before. Once more I brought my hand down, this time June hardly
moved, a sharp intake of breath was all I heard. Eight more times I
spanked June, each one noisy rather than painful, and each one
getting her more and more aroused. When I was done I stroked my hand
over her glowing bottom, and especially just below the swell of her
buttocks, at the top of her thighs where she was now coated with a
sheen of glistening pussy juice.

Slipping my hand between her thighs I lubed up three fingers
then slowly began to press them in between her swollen and sopping
wet pussy lips, making June cry out with the joy she was
experiencing, of feeling someone's fingers other than her own,
passing into her vaginal passage and bringing her pleasure. "Stand
up" I said when I removed my fingers to a cry of "NooooÖ" June stood
up quickly and stood in front of me, head hanging and arms by her
side. I stepped to one side and pressed her shoulders telling her to
place her hands on the chair in front of her. June completely ignored
the fact that she was being watched by her teenage daughter, so lost
in the excitement of the actual act of sex she was now so deeply
involved in. Placing her arms on the seat of the chair June laid her
forehead on her arms and opened her feet a foot or so dipping her
back so her wonderfully rounded bottom was sticking out proudly. I
stepped behind June, pushed my pants down to my knees and placed the
head of my hard throbbing erection to her pouting pussy lips, pausing
momentarily as I rubbed it up and down their length, before allowing
it to enter her vaginal passage and pressing my hips forwards in a
single movement, stopping only when my pubic hair was mixing with

"Oh god Daddy fuck me please darling, fuck me hard Daddy, I
need it so bad, fill me with your wonderful hot creamy cum, make it
run down my legs as it overflows out of me, fuck me darling, please
fuck me, hurry Daddy in getting close, I'm going to cum Daddy, please
hurry Aggghhhh, I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGGÖ" and her head was thrown
back so far she stood up so I had to put my arms round her chest to
make sure she didnít throw herself off my cock, or fall to the floor
and hurt herself. All the time I held her my daughter was crying out
over and over again that she was till cumming, until at last she
simply collapsed to the floor, her legs unable to support her, and my
grasp on her being insufficient to hold her upright. As she slipped
off my cock I held on to her as well as I could as I slowly eased her
down into a gasping heap at my feet. Pat came over and knelt beside
her mother, making sure she was still breathing. She then looked up
at me, then at my throbbing penis that still stood out in front of
me, then back to my eyes where she said "Now Gramps, can I do it now
please?" I just nodded, wondering what she would actually do. I
gasped as she just took my penis in her hand, opened her mouth and
leaned forward to take all she could into her mouth, completely
ignoring the fact it was slick with her mothers orgasmic juices, or
perhaps BECAUSE it was coated in them. I was so aroused already from
the spanking I gave my daughter, the orgasm I brought her too so
quickly, and now the suction and friction my cock was being subjected
to, that I was soon gasping out loud to Pat, "Pat darling, I'm going
to be there any second, get ready, I'm getting close, I'm almost
there.. I'MMMM CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG.." and I began to shoot wad after wad
of hot creamy semen at the back of her throat, causing her to gag
initially, before I felt her sucking and swallowing in turn as she
took all of what I was spurting into her mouth.

It was inevitable that Pat wasnít going to be able to take all
of my ejaculate on her first time, and she eventually pulled back
coughing slightly as she struggled for breath, having the final
couple of blasts landing on her cheeks and chin. That's how June saw
her when she opened her eyes, kneeling in front of me, holding my
shrinking penis in her hand with cum dripping off her face and from
between her lips. When Pat realised June was awake she turned and
bent down to kiss her in a very undaughterly manner, pressing her cum
coated tongue between her mothers lips, then allowing June to lick
her face clean as they shared what little there was of my semen
remaining I sight. Smiling as she did it, Pat lay her mother on her
back and pulled her panties up for her. She then turned to me and
pulled my pants up and ran the zipper to the top, leaving me to do
the clasp and tighten my belt. I bent over and offered my daughter my
hand, helping her to her feet, then walked with her the couple of
paces to the sofa where I sat beside her with Pat on my lap snuggling
up close to me. "Thanks for letting me do that Gramps. I needed to
see if I liked it. You see some of my friends told me it's really
gross having to do it for their boyfriends, but it's the only way
they seem to stop themselves getting forced into sex. Are all boys
like that Mom?"

June took her daughters hand, squeezed it gently and said "No
darling, there's a lot of them that are, but what you have to do is
find one that isn't. Now darling, would you go and make us all a pot
of tea, I want to have a word with Gramps." Pat jumped up and said
with a giggle "Yes Mom, just donít try jumping his bones, he needs a
long time to recover." When we were alone June shimmied up on to my
lap, put her arms round me and kissed me more passionately than she
had for a very long time. "I love you Daddy" she said softly, "And I
want to thank you for what you just did for me. I've been so lonely
since Jake died. Thatís the first time I've had sex since just before
he was taken ill." She laid her head on my shoulder for a moment then
whispered "Can I come over occasionally and get the same treatment
please Daddy. And will you do the same for Pat if she keeps away from
boys at school?" I hugged her close then said softly "I've got a
better idea darling, why donít the two of you move in with me.
There's plenty of space, you can have your own rooms, and a spare
room to do whatever you like as regards hobbies or pastimes, there's
the pool and garden for Pat and her friends to play in, and we can be
company for each other, as well as lovers as often as you like. Until
you both wear me out that is."

Just then Pat walked in with the tea tray. June waited until
she had placed it on the side table then repeated my idea to her. Pat
screamed and threw herself at me, almost knocking her mother from my
lap as she tried to get close to tell me what she thought about it.
When order was restored June sat beside me and said in a studied and
serious voice "Do you really mean it Daddy, it's not just because of
what happened just now, is it?" I patted her hand, "No darling, I've
been meaning to find the right moment to ask you for ages, it just
never seemed to crop up. I get a bit lonely at times, especially when
I get to thinking about your mother. Having you here will keep me
busy so I donít get morbid. I really would love to have the two of
you move in and fill the house with love the way it used to be."

A week later they were moving in, ably assisted by John and
Jack and a couple of their strong fit friends. John took me to one
side and told me that Joey and Dave would be apologising to Pat in a
few days time, as soon as they got rid of a few aches and pains that
were need to convince them she wasnít a candidate for date rape. I
thanked him, and asked if he would keep an eye out for her while he
could, telling him that she meant a lot to me, being my only
granddaughter. "No need to worry about that now Gramps" he said, "The
words going round that I'm going to be very annoyed at anyone that
lays a wrong hand on her in future." I thanked him and he just smiled
at me, then went back to moving furniture. This was the beginning of
a period in my life I never thought could ever happen. Even though
Pat and I only made love a few more times she remained a very special
part of me, June is still living with me, and even though I'm getting
older we still make long slow gentle love, all I'm able to manage,
but as much as June needs as she gets older too. This morning Pat
came to me and asked if she could bring her boyfriend home to dinner
as he had something he wanted to ask me. The look on her face told me
all I wanted to know, and when I asked her if he was kind and gentle
with her she blushed and said "Almost as good, kind and gentle as you
were that first time Gramps, almost but not quite, and I love him
almost as much as I love you."

I guess he will do then. Much better than her first try at
making out with a boy.


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