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HI2 cum the head and this


Don't read this if you are under 18! That's my only warning, so if you
continue, you're either 18 or over, or you're some horny kid, either
way, I tried, so don't be offended by my material!

Warning: This series of stories contains explicit sexual content of a
homosexual and/or heterosexual between teenagers under 18. Don't continue
if the abovementioned information offends you.

Story - Home Improvement 2

Jon goes for a ride

Jon smiled nervously and said, "You're serious about this?" Zack knelt
on the ground, and quickly planted a kiss on Jon's lips. It caught Jon
off guard, and he backed up on the bed. "Come on, that wasn't so bad!"
Zach exclaimed. Jon was still nervous, but his inhibitions were lowered
by the fact that his cock was still hard, and he was tired. He slowly
moved forward and kissed Zack on the lips. Zack smiled when thier lips
seperated, "Ok, i'll do you first, then you can do me."

Zack felt his level of lust rising at the deed they were about to do, so without
hesitating, he pulled of Jon's underpants, and stared at his cock with
hunger in his mind. "Just go easy at first." Jon stammered nervously,
"Oh just lie back, and get ready for the best cum of your life." Brad
retorted. Jon lay back on the bed with his dick standing straight up,
and Zack sunk his mouth on top of it. He could still taste the dried
cum on the head, and this drove him on. He bobbed his head up and
down on the whole length of Jon's cock, stopping at the top ever so
often to slide his wet tongue across the head and slit at the top. Zack
looked up to see Jon lying back on the bed breathing heavily.
Jon lifted his head up and said in a husky voice,
"No...Keep going, it feels great!"

Zack took his cue from this, and mouth-fucked Jon's cock faster. Each time
Zack ran his tongue over the slit at the top of Jon's cock, he heard Jon
moan with pleasure. About 30 seconds had past, when Jon gasped and reached forward,
and pushed Zack's head towards his crotch, "Keep going..I'm almost
there...." Jon moaned loudly. Zack slowed down his pace, keeping
Jonathan on his plateau for a few more seconds, licking up drops of
pre-cum as they leaked out of the swollen purple head of Jon's cock, and then
he started, at a lightning pace, to suck Jon's cock as fast as he could.
"Don't Stop!! Ahhhh! I'm...I'm..." Zack continued the treatment of Jon's cock
until, with a loud holler, JTT's orgasm hit, and he thrusted into Zack's
mouth as blast after blast of his hot cum hit the back of Zack throat,
and wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over JTT's 16 year old body.

Zack swallowed as much as he could, but it kept leaking out of his mouth
because there was so much. Jon continued moaning and shooting his cum for a few more seconds,
then Zack pulled his head away as Jon's cock began to soften, and he walked over to a box of
tissue and wiped his mouth. When he looked back, Jon was still breathing heavily, and his crotch
was a sticky mess of Zack's saliva and his own cum. Jon slowly stood up and
walked over to where Zack was standing, and he took a tissue and tried
to clean himself up a bit. Zack was the first to speak, "How do you
feel?" Zack asked. Trying to catch his breath, Jon manged to get out,
"G-g-great. Just great." Zack smiled while looking at the sweaty face of
his "brother". Jon noticed his gaze and inquired, "What? What's wrong?"
Zack laughed and said, "I was just thinking, next time you do an
interview for one of those teen magazines, when they ask you if you love
anyone yet, tell them <Yes actually, his name is Zack!> With that, Jon
threw a pillow at Zach. Zack caught it, and said, "It's my turn now...I
hope you have enough energy left!" JTT just smiled and motioned for Zack
to come over to his bed. "After what you did for me, I owe you." Zack
smiled and walked over....

Continued in Part 3....

Warning: Before you engage in any sexual activities, always be sure your
partner is safe, because you can even get STD's through oral sex.


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