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HI3 sucked and down and


Don't read this if you are under 18! That's my only warning, so if you
continue, you're either 18 or older, or some horny kid, either way, I
tried! Don't be offended by my material.

Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content and homosexual and
heterosexual content between teenagers under 18. If the above mentioned
information offends you, then stop now.

story - Home Improvement 3

Zack gets his own ------------------

Zack sat down on the bed where Jon had sat, and removed his clothes. He
was eager with anticipation, and his cock was already rock hard. Jon
kneeled in front of Zack, and looked up at him, "Just do what I did to
you." Zack responded to Jon's unasked question. Jon's dick ached from a
few minutes ago, but he could already feel it getting hard again. He used
his renewing horniness to dive full throttle on Zack's cock.

He sucked it up and down, and ran his tongue over the slit, just like
Zack had done to him. Zack soon started breathing heavy and moaning just
like he had. Jon could feel his cock getting hard again and he couldn't
stand it any more, so while he sucked Zack's cock, he jerked off with his
free hand. Zack was moaning in ecstacy in seconds, and JTT knew that it
wouldn't be long before Zack had his orgasm. At the same time, Jon was
furiously pumping his still wet dick, and he was pretty close to his second
orgasm. He sucked furiously on Zack's dick, and after a few moments, Zack
yelled, "Oh God...I'm CUMMING!!!" and he spurted stream after stream of hot
cum into Jonathan's mouth while hollering as waves of pleasure washed over
Zack's body.

This set off Jon, and Zack's cum dripped out of his mouth as he moaned
in pleasure and shook with each wave of his second orgasm of the night, and
he spurted more of his juice all over the carpet below him, then collapsed
next to the puddle and moaned. Zack was lying back on the bed sweating
like crazy with his cock still dripping,while Jon was still recovering from
his own orgasm. Zack sat up slowly, and turned his head towards Jon, and
smiled when he saw the puddle on the carpet. "Twice in five minutes...You
have SOME stamina!" Jon smiled at the joke, and said breathlessly, "Great
evening so far! If i don't get some sleep though, I won't have the energy
to get up tommorow for the show taping!" Zack stood up and started getting
dressed again,

" This doesn't make us gay or anything, does it?" Jon asked " Of course
not!" Zack responded, "it's only logical that who better to know what makes
you feel good then another guy. I'd be willing to do it again sometime!"
Jon looked down at his sticky cock, and said, "Let me have a chance to
recover. After tonight, I don't think i'll be horny for a while!" Zack got
up and said, "You'd be surprised the stamina in a man's body!" then he left
the room, leaving Jon cleaning up the carpet and thinking, once more, about
Michelle. "I wonder what would happen if me and Michelle..." He stopped
that thought, and, once the carpet was clean, he put back on his underwear,
and went back to bed, still with the taste of Zachary's cum in his mouth.
he quickly fell asleep, and started dreaming about tommorow...

Coninued in Part 4....

Remember: You CAN catch STD's from oral sex, so always play it safe and
make sure you and your partner are clean before engaging in anything of
sexual nature.


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