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HI4 cum into her passage She stood


I will keep this warning short and sweet: if you are under 18 years of
age, don't continue!

Warning: This story contain explicit sexual acts, and homosexual and
heterosexual behaviour with teenagers under 18. If the above mentioned
stuff bugs you, then please don't continue.
Home Improvement 4

Jon gets his wish

The door slammed shut as JTT made his way into the studio. He was still
tired from last night, and to top it off, he was caught in the rain on
the way to the studio. He slowly made his way to his dressing room. He
shut and locked the door, and removed his wet shirt and pants, and was
about to remove his underwear when he heard a gasp, and spun around to
see the actress who played "Michelle" standing by the door.

He was so tired, he hadn't noticed her when he first came in. She just stared at
him and exclaimed, "I'm sorry...Zachery said that you wanted to tell me
something, so I came here and waited." Before he could give an answer,
he saw that her gaze had gone downwards, and then he noticed that, in
this awkward situation, his cock had become erect, and he was standing
there in his underwear. She turned to leave, but Jon rushed forward and
put his hand on her shoulder. "The truth is...I kinda like you in real
life as well." She spun around, and Jon could see that she had a smile
on her face. She jumped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck,
"Thank God! I had the biggest crush on you since we first met. Hey Jon,
the taping is not for another hour...You wanna fool around?"

Jon couldn't believe the girl had said that. His mind wanted to say no, but
his racing 16 year old hormones said YES!!! So, with only a second of
thought, he pulled off his underpants, pulled off her tights, and said,
"Sure!" She quickly threw him down on the ground, and tore off her
panties. "Oh fuck me Jon!!" She yelled. He was about to tell her to be
quiet before someone heard, but she jumped on his dick pussy first, and
started fucking him like mad. JTT's cock was buried deep within her
mound of blond pussy hair. He looked up and said, "You're...You're not a
virgin!" She looked down and smiled. This being Jonathan's first actual
fuck, he was not capable of holding for much longer, and with her tight
pussy squeezing his hard dick, Jon quickly reached his plateau.

Suddenly, "Michelle" fell forward onto him and yelled, "Oh God Jon, I'm
cumming!!!!" Her pussy squeezed at his dick, and he knew he was going to
explode any second, he heard the door unlock and open, and saw someone
enter, but at this point he didn't care! He hollered a loud moan of
pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm hit his body, and he shot load
upon load of hot cum into her passage. She stood up, and stood beside
the guy. Jon was spent from his terrific fuck, but even he could
reconize that grin that stood over him. "Congratulations Jon...Your
first fuck! You're a man now!" Despite what they did last night, Jon felt very embarrased
and rushed over to put back on his underwear, and he got up and said
angrily, "Was this whole thing your idea?" Zack continued to grin as he
said, "Ya, she's MY girlfriend. I was the one who got her on the show,
and I knew you liked her so I told her, and she was more then obliged to
fuck you."

Jon wanted to be mad, but he knew he couldn't. He just started to get
dressed again, and said to both Zack and his girlfriend, "Well...I guess
you got me. But I gotta admit, Zack makes me cum alot better."
"Michelle" looked at Zack angrily, and stormed out, and Zack spun around
to sock JTT, but before he could, Jon lunged forward and pinned Zack to
the ground. Jon was about to say another smart remark, but the bell
rang, and everybody rushed to get to the studio. Zack stood and and
looked at his younger friend. "Tell you what...I won't tell Tim about
you and my girlfriend if...You invite me over after taping again." Jon
just smiled and said, "I didn't invite you over before...But if you
want, you can come over, and we can practice again!"
May be continued....

Remember: Sex amoung minors is dangerous due to the lack of protection
that they tend to use. If you are under 18 (You shouldn't be reading
this if you are!!!) then please consider protection. Safe Sex is Happy


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