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HI6 tv show girlfriend Taping


Do not read this if you are under 18! Ah forget it, you're gonna learn about
this stuff somewhere! If not now then later! Just don't be offended!

Warning: The following contain explicit sexual content of a homosexual and heterosexual nature between teenagers under 18. If the
above mentioned stuff offends you, then please leave!

Story - Home Improv/3rd Rock 1
Tommy gets involved

First thing in the morning, Jon snuck out of the house, and went down to the
place where 3rd Rock From The Sun was being taped. He arrived at the studio
just as it opened up, and he met Zachary Ty Bryan there. JTT volunteered to
sneak into Joesph Gordon-Levitt's dressing room, and "present the invitation!"

Jon entered Joesph's dressing room and waited in the closet. While he awaited
the arrival of Joe, he contemplated how best to present the invitation. He
was possessed by blind lust to get Joesph involved in he and Zack's group,
that nothing seemed too crazy. His 16 year old dick had already stiffened
as he imagined the possibilitys. He jumped back a bit when he heard the door
open. Joesph entered the dressing room wearing a long raincoat wet with
the rain outside. Jon looked through the crack in the door at what was going
on, and gasped when he saw what Joe was doing. Joesph closed and locked the
dressing room door, then proceded to strip off his wet clothes. Jon opened
the door a bit more to see better, and in doing so, tripped over his shoelaces
and fell out at Joesph's feet. He regained his composure enough to look up
and see Joe's underpants were around his ankles and he had a startled
expression on his face.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence which was broke when Joesph said,
"You're Jonathan Taylor Thomas, right?" Jonathan gave an embarrased smile
and nodded his head. Joe realized, although too late, that he was naked,
and quickly pulled up his underpants and blushed a deep red.
Jon slowly got to his feet, and saw that Joe's underpants were transparent
due to them being wet, and they didn't hide anything.
Joe saw that Jon was looking, and ran and grabbed a towel and wrapped it
around his waist. When Joe returned, Jon was calmly sitting on the chair, and
waiting. Joe's expression changed from surprise and embarrasment to a
look of acceptance. "Ok," Joesph began, "What were you doing in my closet?
Matter a fact, what are you doing in my dressing room anyways?" Jon was
about to come right out and say it, but he suddenly felt embarrased. He
nervously scratched his head, and after a few seconds he managed to get it
all out. Joe listened and his reaction, instead of disgust or embarassment,
was more of humour. A smile fell upon Joesph's face, and he laughed, "I
remember watching you back before I was even on TV! I was always jealous about
how all the girls liked you, and now you are telling me that you are gay!"

Jon explained that he wasn't gay, but he
considered himself bisexual if anything, then finished by asking if Joe
was interested. Joesph smiled again and replied, "I'm flattered that you and
Zack find me attractive. Most girls don't....I think it might be the hair.
Maybe i'll cut it. Jon replied alarmingly that long hair made him more
attractive to them. After hearing that, Joesph playfully fluffed his hair,
and said questioningly, "Ok, but i've never thought of doing it with another
guy..." Jonathan smiled and told him that niether did he until Zack convinced
him to try it. "Just take off your underpants, and i'll suck you and you can
see if you like it." Joe did as he was told, and sat down on the ground,
his 14 year old dick already getting hard in anticipation. "Just lie back,
and experience!" Jon said and licked his lips. Joesph lay back causing his
cock to stand straight up. Jon wasted no time, and plunged quickly onto
Joesph's dick. sucking it up and down, Jon could hear Joe gasp as the
pleasure built inside him. Jon teased the head and slit of Joe's cock for
a few seconds causing him to yelp involuntarily as the feelings rushed
through his young body. All at once, Jonathan sat up and looked into Joe's
eyes. He could see beads of sweat running down his forehead, and he was
breathing heavily. Jon could also see that Joe's nipples were hard, so he
knew that he had stopped just as he reached Joesph's plateau. Joe's cock
head was deep read and pulsing with each heartbeat. Without looking up, Joe
gasped, "Why did you stop?" Jon knew the real reason, but he lied, "I wasn't
sure if you wanted me to continue." Jon could see in Joe's eyes that he
was begging for more, so without waiting for an answer, Jon dove onto
Joesph's shaft and sucked it up and down. Joe was writhing in the throes
of ecstacy as his cock head pulsated under the pleasurable torture of
Jonathan's tongue.
Jon kept this up for a few minutes, waiting until Joesph
was at the peak, and then slowing down. He gave Joe's swollen cock head
one final suck before Joe threw back his head, scattering his hair all over
the floor, and screamed as cum gushed out of his body and into JTT's mouth.
14 year old Joesph lay on the floor moaning in pleasure as Jon leaned
forward and kissed him on the lips, letting him taste his own salty juices.
After a few minutes, Joesph had come down a bit from his orgasm, and had the
energy to get dressed in dry clothes, and leave the studio. Zachary stood by
the front door drenched in the downpour and Jon thought he looked even more
desireable. Zack could tell by Joe's matted locks that he had accepted the
offer, and Joe promised to come over to Jon's house after taping and
Joesph then made his way back into the studio and ran into
August, his tv show girlfriend. "Taping is in a few minutes Joe...Better get
to the stage!" An idea sprung into Joesph's mind, and he held back his
grin as he asked, "Hey...August, can I talk to you in private for a minute.
August shrugged and said, "Sure!" Joe led the way down the hall to his
dressing room. When August was inside, Joe quietly turned around and
locked the door...
To be continued....
Remember: Sexual contact of any kind has dangers to it. Be careful!


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