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HI8 cum your mouth You didnt


Don't continue if you are under 18 years of age, or you are easily
offended by sexually graphic material

Warning: The following contains explicit sexual content of a homosexual and
heterosexual nature. If the above offends you, then do NOT continue.

Home Improv/3rd Rock 3

Jon and Zack play with Joey
After taping, Joey quickly rushed over to Jonathan Taylor Thomas's house, with
anticipation at was might happen. As he arrived, Jon opened the door, and
ushered him in.

"My parents won't be home for a while, so we have plenty of time..."

Joey cut him off by reaching forward and kissing Jon full on the lips,
breathing in passion. When they broke, Jon's face broke into an embarrassed
grin, and Joey's breathing started getting heavy.

"I thought about what you did to me the entire time during the taping. I
had a hard-on the entire time, and I'm so glad I made through without
it being noticed...I need release! I love you Jon!"

Jon nodded in acknoledgement, and whispered, "I love you too Joe, now come
upstairs...Zack and I have a surprise for you..."

He didn't have to tell Joey twice, and he quickly ran upstairs with Jonathan
behind, trying to keep up. When Joey reached Jon's room, he saw Zack sitting
on Jon's bed wearing only a pair of jeans. Zack's 17 year old chest was
moving in and out as he breathed, and it started moving faster when he
saw Joey walk in. Jon closed the door behind him, and told Joey to sit down
next to Zack. Upon doing so, Zack wrestled him onto his stomach, and used a
pair of steel handcuffs to cuff Joey's hands behind his back. Joey cried
out in pain,

"Hey! I never agreed to this!"

Jon sat next to Joey, and pulled him up.

"Don't worry...You'll like it!"

To comfort him further, Jon leaned forward and passionatly kissed young Joseph on the lips while running his fingers through Joeys long hair. Zack
got up and helped Jon pull off Joey jeans, and then his underwear causing
Joey's penis to stand up stiffly. Drops of precum were already leaking out
of Joey's hard cock, and Jon used his fingers to rub it all over the head of
Joey's cock, teasing him furthur. Joey lay back and thrusted his hips
forward, urging Jon to continue the treatment of his horny cock. Jon smiled
and jokingly said, "My, you ARE horny tonight, aren't you!" Joey responded by
moaning. Jon leaned forward so his face was above Joey's, and he pushed a
stray strand of hair away from Joey face. "This is where the fun begins!"
he said, and moved back until his face was above Joey's stiff dick. While
Zack sat back and watched, Jon started the torture of Joey's youthful form.
First, by licking Joey testicles with long teasing strokes, causing them to
shrink up close to Joey's body, then he moved on to use his tongue to tickle
the sensative underside of Joey's cock head, letting his tongue go up enough
to occasional tease the slit at the top. Joey's breathing had sped up
considerably, and his penis was producing enough pre-cum to keep his sensetive
cock head lubricated enough to make the pleasurable torture even more intense.

All at once Jon stopped, and sat up. Jon
stared at Joey cock, which was pulsing with each heartbeat. "It's your turn,"
he said to Zack. At this point, Joey didn't care who lick his cock, as long
as someone DID! He was so worked up, that he almost came as soon as Zack
resumed the teasing of Joey's cock head. Zack lovingly licked around the
ridge where the head met the shaft, causing Joey to yelp as the bolts of
pre-orgasmic pleasure ran through him. Joey's long black hair was matted to
his head with sweat, and his breathing had turned into a series of moaning.
Zack saw Joey's back arch, and he knew that he was about to cum. At this
point, he stopped, and simply blew air around the slick head of Joey's 14
year old cock. This form of stimulation was not enough to let Joey cum, but
was enough to keep him thrusting into air, desperatly seeking release.
Jon sat back and watched as his friend sexually tortured Joey.

Joey's penis was now dripping with pre-cum, and by the way Joe was
acting, Jon surmised that it was time for the climax of the excerise. Jon
pushed Zack out of the way, and moved onto the bed so his face was directly
above Joey's. "Please let me cum." said Joey meekly. Joey purple cock head
was throbbing with the flow of blood, and Jon decided the torture was over for
young Joseph. "Do you want me to let you cum?" asked Jon rhetorically. Joey's
breathing was so heavy, that he had trouble speaking, so he just slowly
nodded his head. Jon then reached over, and unlocked the handcuffs.
No sooner did he do this, then Joey's hands swung
in front of him, and he furiously masturbated to achieve his release. Joey's
moans soon turned into wheezes and the breath was forced out of his tired
body. His face was red with exersion, and his long hair was darkened with
moisture, and was matted to his face. He stopped stroking his dick, and
stared into Jon's eyes with unbelieveable passion. "Jon...I need you to
suck me...I want to cum in your mouth!" You didn't have to tell the young boy twice, and he dove onto Joey's throbbing cock, and sucked him from the
bottom of his shaft to the slit at the top of his dick. Before long, Joey
was slamming his pelvis against Jon's face, and chanting, "Almost...There..."
Suddenly, Joey's back arched and he groaned loudly through clenched teeth as
his long awaited orgasm ripped through his young body. Jets of Joey juice
squirted out of his pulsating cock as he thrusted his cock hard into Jon's
warm mouth as each wave of his orgasm hit him. All the cum that had built
up was squirting in almost solid streams as he moaned not stop for a whole
minute. When Jon felt Joey's body stop shaking, he pulled his mouth off
Joey's cock, and stared longingly into his Joe's eyes. Joey's eyes were
closed as he slowly relaxed. When they finally opened, Joey saw Jon on top
of him, and pulled him down onto his lips, kissing him with sheer passion.
Joey could feel his cum dripping from Jon's mouth into his, but he didn't mind
. Joey slowly sat up, and saw Zack sitting across the room with his cock out.
Joey got to his feet, and looked at Zack, "Let me..." He said, and slowly
walked over to where Zack was sitting....
To be continued....
Remember: Any type of sexual contact is potentially dangerous, be careful!

Also, I apologize to Jonathan Taylor Weiss, Zachary Ty Bryan, or
Joesph Gordon Levitt for depicting them as teenage sex machines, or in any
way homosexual, but hey...A guy can dream, can't he?


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