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HI9 sucked even harder getting every last


Don't continue if you are under 18 and/or are easily offended.

Warning: The following contains explicit sexual content of a homosexual and
sometimes, Heterosexual nature between teenagers under 18. If the
above mentioned stuff offends you, then don't continue..

Home Improv/3rd Rock 4

Joey plays with Zack and Jon
Zack looked on in anticipation as Joey crawled over to where he
was sitting. Meanwhile, Jon's cock had grown to an almost painful erection
due to the excitement of Joey's orgasm, and he needed release, so he walked
over to where Zack was sitting, and argued who would get Joey.

Joey saw the fight, and jumped in to calm them down,

"Boys! I can do both of you at the same time!"

When he heard this Jon eagerly pulled out his hard cock, and
waited for Joey to begin. True to his word, Joey took Jon's dick in his
mouth and started sucking it with long slow strokes, while jacking off
Zack with the same long, slow motion. With the teasing of Joey's soft hands
and warm, wet mouth, he soon had Jon and Zack moaning in pleasure at the
sweet torture they were enduring. It soon became a contest to see who could
hold out longer between the two boys, and Joey made it harder by increasing
the tempo of his pleasuring, and using his thumb to rub Zack's cock head and
slit softly, while teasing Jon's with the tip of his tongue. It soon
became obviously who would win, as Jon began involuntary thrusting into
Joey's mouth.

"I can't....I'm gonna..." Jon started moaning.

Jon's resistance finally broke as his young body tensed and he shut his
eyes tightly and an involuntary yelp flew past his lips, and then he
shook as cum squirted fiercly out of the tip of his cock, and he kept
thrusting hard to prolong his pleasure throes, and Joey, not wanting to
disappoint, sucked even harder, getting every last drop of cum out of
his cock, and making JTT squirm with ecstasy.

Zack felt the triumph of beating his friend in this contest, but soon
the manual stimulation became too much for him, as his pre-cum lubricated
cock head flew effortlessly past Joey's clenched fist, he could feel his
orgasm building. Zack thrusted forward hard, as it hit him, and cum blasted
out of his cock and hit Joey and Jon, while some flew across the room and
landed on the carpet and wall. Stream after stream flew out, and he kept
thrusting until he had come down from his powerful cum. He felt tired, and
spent, but looking up and seeing Joey's handsome face and gorgeous long
black hair matted with his cum, made his cock wake up and begin to get
hard again. Jon looked down on his friend, with Zack's cum dripping off his
face and short blond hair, and he could feel the arousal begin again. They
would continue to do this everyday, each other's special friend. And they
all lived happily ever after....

THE END....Well, there might me more with a similar theme, but this is
it for the series.

Remember: Sexual contact of any kind carries risks to it..Be Careful!


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