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HISTORY story Class {Pendragon} (MF exhib oral


"History Class" {Pendragon} (MF exhib oral humor)
History Class
by Uther Pendragon

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All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
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by Uther Pendragon
Erin met Jerry in history class. They sat way up in the back of
the lecture hall and found each other much more interesting than
the lecture. The notes Jerry passed her quickly progressed from
mere puns to innuendoes.

Fridays, the lecturer showed slides in the darkened hall. The
first Friday, this so reminded Jerry of the movie theaters back
home that he slid his arm around her shoulders. "I should have
brought popcorn," he whispered in her ear. Then, while she tried
to stifle her giggles, he kissed that ear.

They started to meet for lunch on days when their schedules
didn't conflict. Soon they were having real dates, but their
after-date petting somehow didn't feel as exciting as their
semi-public gropes on Friday afternoon. In the dim hall, each
tried tried to keep absolute silence while teasing the other into
speaking. When Jerry stroked the outside of her panties, Erin
writhed; but she writhed silently.

On the first day of warm weather, she took her panties off in the
ladies' room before class. Jerry's gasp when he reached that
point was almost audible. Having come prepared, she had a
handkerchief clenched between her teeth before her climax hit
her; she made less sound than Jerry had.

The next Friday, Erin reciprocated. She unzipped Jerry in the
dark. She had brought another handkerchief, but the absence of
the only other student who ever sat that high on Fridays
increased her daring. When Jerry had slumped as far down in his
seat as his knees would allow, she bent over and kissed the top
of his manhood. This time, Jerry couldn't restrain himself. He
groaned when he came. The lecturer, taking the groan for pain,
turned on the lights. The entire class saw the two lovers.

Barely escaping expulsion, they flunked the class immediately.

This didn't change the grade that Jerry would have received; he
had been paying no attention to the lectures. Erin, however, had
been keeping her grades up by reading the book.

So Erin went down in history as the first student who went down
in history because she went down in history.

The End
History Class
Uther Pendragon

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