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HIVE cheerleader she got carried into


Joining the Hive

This is a piece of pregnant fantasy litterature, and if you're not into
this stuff, you will find this material a bit strange and unsettling. If
you're under 18 you can still read this, for even if you find some of the
weird sex in here I can't stop you anyway. This is my first one, by the
way, it is even older than unseen, so it is lacking a little of Grav_Id's
special stuff. Read this on your own responsibillity, and enjoy. Let me
know if you did.


Joining the Hive

The party had been so lame, Elvira thought while walking down the
footpath through the forest. Because most of her friends had brought a
boyfriend, and since there had only been elleven people there, she had been
the only one without a date. Naturally, she had felt a little misplaced,
and she left when the others started to exchange kisses. Suddenly, she got
thrown out of her chain of bad thoughts when the air around her lighted up
with a eerie green light, and started to pull her off her feet. With a
frightened cry, she was catapulted up into the darkness.

Now Elvira was really scared. She woke slowly by the feeling of being
carried, and when she opened her eyes, she would have screamed of terror if
she could. A huge crossing between man and machine carried her in its arms
as if she was a bunch of old clothes, and trailing the cyborg where tree
small, grey humanoid creatures with impossibly large, black eyes. The
great hall she was being taken through, was filled with huge, round mounds
of pulsating flesh connected to large cables, and large tables filled with
weird robotic arms and appendages. The little grey creatures made the
machine place her still paralysed body down on a sinister loking table, and
with a whirr of electronics four mechanical arms reached down and pinned
all of her limbs. Then the greys and the cyborg looked at her one last
time, as if they where admiring the symphony of the full, ripe breast,
nipples pointing at right up where the air should be, her broad hips, flat,
hard stomach and her long, blond hair that framed Elvira`s delicate face,
for the last time.

Then she realized something weird - she had experienced a few nightmares
about being aubducted by aliens, but then she had been strappled to the
table whith her arms and feet pointing the same direction. This time it
was different. Her limbs was now pinned in an angle out from her body, and
her knees was also bent 90 degrees, suddenly her pose occured familiar to
her - this was almost exactly the same way the women at the birth clinic
laid under childbirth, only she was still wearing her clothes. At the same
time, the light was dimmed down to a pleasant, warming radiation, and she
could feel the temperature rising comfortably, as the table sort of swelled
under her head, forming a soft pillow and letting her see the whole table.
Soon she almost felt comfortable, as if something was draining her fear out
of her body. Then her spine started to tingle - first a little, the more,
as the table seemed to humm with a low, assuring noise. She could feel her
nipples harden, and the tingling sensation gliding througout her whole
body, concentrating between her loins. had her arms not been held thight,
she would have started relieving her sudden itch between her legs -
aubducted or not.

Beacuse of her pillow, she could now see what was happening. A fifth
arm extended itself from under the table, turned, and moved towards her.
Strangely, Elvira did not feel anything but sheer anticipation, she even
smiled as the device positioned itself right in front of her zipper. Then
she gasped of surprise as it slowly went right through the jeans, like it
made all the small threads that made up the material just move apart,
leaving the machine lots of room to move around. She distantly concluded
that the same thing had happend with her underwear, since the arm suddenly
made contact with her pubic mound, and slowly pushed inward, entering her
body. The feeling of being slowly penetrated by something hard, but oddly
warm and humming with potent energy, sent waves of unknown pleasure through
her stomach, flowing upward and filling her now firm breasts, her nipples
now almost straining to hold on. Further and further, she could not
believe how much space she actually had to offer, it did not stop until she
was sure that if it had advanced just a millimeter more, it would have
entered her uterus. And yet she wanted it to carry on, all her reason and
logic had been swept away bit by bit as the machine pushed inward, the more
of it she had inside, the more intense was the sensation of energy flowing
through her, overloading all her senses with pure joy.

As if it had read her mind, the device responded to her demands.
Suddenly, a wave of energy flowed out of it an into her whomb making all
what she previously had experienced before seem like a poor shadow,
flooding her insides with pure pleasure, filling more than she ever had
thought was possible, and more. All her muscles contracted, making her
back arch half a metre into the air as a tsunami of excstacy pumped through
her veins, increasing the preassure in her stomach until she thought she
could explode of joy any time. She cried and howled with pleasure like she
had never done as the experience just went on and on, propelling her mind
into a state where all thoughts where a forgotten chapter, all her senses
united in one, orgasmic feeling of an immense explosion expanding forever
inside her whomb.

As Elvira came to, she found herself lying in the same room, but the
table had changed into a more bed like, extremely comfortable couch, and
she was no longer held in place by the four arms. the fifth had remained,
although it had expanded and attached itself to her vagina so that it now
looked and felt more like a ten centimetres thick part of herself that
united her to a machine out of her field of view. The sensation of energy
flowing through her was still there, however now she could notice another
feeling, a slight tingling just below her navel, that slowly got stronger.
Her breast also felt different somehow, and she could feel them pressing
against her bra, like it suddenly had become too small. Because her arms
where now free, she slid her left hand inside her T-shirt and placed it on
her left breast, and got a surprise. It had most definetly gotten bigger,
grown from the size of a tennis ball to that of a grapefruit, and it felt
like it had too much juice in it, like a small waterballoon that was ready
to burst. And, yes, she could feel that her iron hard nipple was a little
wet at the end, like it was - leaking? Then she suddenly felt something
that made her move her right hand down and place it on top of her belt
buckle, that had slowly started to dig into her navel. Or was her belly
button coming out? She loosened her belt a little. Then a little more.
Then again, as she soon could feel her stomach pounding at her belt, in
rythm with her heartbeat. Then she suddenly realized, that it wasn't. It
was pulsating with its own rytm, like a separate creature, living a life of
its own. As the now grapefruit sized bulgle forced her to open her top
jeans button, she at last managed to figure out what was going on - "I'm
getting pregnant", she said to herself in a low, almost childish voice.
"The aliens impregnated me, and now I'm growiiii...!" Was all she could
utter, before the feeling of her tummy pushing down her zipper with a low
"Tick...tick...tick" sound as it moved one step at a time, momenterly
occupied all her attention. She could hear herself growing! The mere
thought of that wonderful impossibillity made her tremble with joy, as she
could see more and more flesh push her wide open jeans downwards, growing
into the size of a football with supernatural speed. She looked six months
pregnant, her oval tummy was strutting out of her jeans and the weeks was
still passing by like minutes. Her now watermelon sized breasts had lifted
her bra of her body, and she could see two increasing, wet spots where her
nipples made contact with her T-shirt. When her child was born, it would
not starve, she thought with glee, all thoughts of escape, even her life up
to present time drowned in a flood of love, a kind of love only a mother can experience. And a mother she would soon be, she thought, as she
stroked and caressed her swelling belly - in fact, a mother of two! The
thought of all that life growing inside her, and the steadily increase in
pressure under her navel, like she was connected to a hose that filled her
with water, leaved her gasping for air as each gentle kick inside her sendt
waves of joyous electricity through her veins. Like before, it was like
the machine that now worked as a living extension of her felt what she did,
and wanted more. Elvira could not help herself arching her back in an
ecstatic appreciation of the shockwaves of pleasure and sheer joy of just
growing and growing as she became nine moths pregnant in ten seconds flat.
Her now bottlecap sized belly button resided upon a tummy the size of an
overpressurized beachball, and she could hear her T-shirt was starting to
tear apart, no longer able to keep up with her breasts.

Then it all happened too fast. She could see herself swelling, felt her
jeans being pushed down her legs by her belly, felt the pressure building
inside her like in a pressure tank. Her breasts had completely ripped
apart her T-shirt, and her bra finally gave away, letting her watermellon
sized spheres expand even faster. They were dribbling, and still growing.
Her pants came apart with a loud straining noise as she growed even faster,
she looked like she was carrying another pregnant woman.

She felt her growing slow, as two cables attached themselves to her
squirting, beachballsized breasts and started to milk her like she was
cattle. As her milk flowed through the cables, she felt another orgasm
coming, intesifying as her gigantic whomb opened up to give birth to her
firstborn. She screamed and wildly caressed her taunt bellyskin as the
pain of childbirth mixed with her orgasm to a joy she had never known.
This time, the orgasm did not stop, and she did not discover that she
started to swell again, even as she gave birth. Her breast strained from
the added pressure even when the pumped out milk like fire hoses. The last
of her clothing gave up her gigantic figure and fell down on the floor,
ripped to pieced by wild growt. The last conscious thought she had was
wonder at the feeling of her mind slowing, like she got drunk. Then pure
bliss, as she became cattle, indistinguishable from the other enourmous
spheres of flesh around her pulsating from the pressure of growing and
childbirth without end.

While breeding, it observed a young, frightened teenager being brought
in, strapped to a table and impregnated. It gave her a silent welcome, as
she watched her breasts rapidly strain her tight dress, watched as she
stunned cradled her impossibly swelling belly. A shriek of the joy of
birth joined with the hive's pulsating rytm, greeting yet another
cheerleader as she got carried into the breeding hall, terrified. She
would soon be with them.


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