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Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Honeymoon Bladder- (Hmoon.txt)- It isn't ethical to reveal patient-
doctor confidences, but neither is fucking your patients. Dr. Dru is an
ethical guy, but there was really only one way to cure this young bride's
complaint. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it. M/F all holes.

Honeymoon Bladder

"It hurts when she urinates and there's been some blood," nurse
Downey told Dr. Dru. "She's a newlywed."
The doctor's concerned look turned into a smile at that last bit of
information. Nurse Downey had likely diagnosed the problem herself. Bladder
inflammations were quite common for women that had just endured
several days of nearly non-stop sex. It would get better when the
frequency of intercourse dwindled down to normal.
Of course the naive didn't know that. It was the doctor's job to
give the young wife a course in sex education II: the next day. Dr. Dru
grimaced the smile off his face and put on a serious look to face his
"Hello, Mrs. Snyder," he said to a blank look and added, "Susan."
"Oh, I'm not used to that yet," Susan Snyder said to him, "You
would suppose I'd be eager not to be Susan Cripplehorsedick any more, but
I guess it takes time to sink in."
"And I bet not too many people have called you by your new name in
the last couple of days," he said slyly.
Susan blushed, knowing she had not been out of bed very much, let
alone out of their hotel room in that time.
Now that they'd established a rapport, Dr. Dru got down to business.
It was a simple problem, but one he liked to approach delicately.
"It says here that you've been experiencing painful urination," he
read from the folder in his hands, "Has this been going on long?"
Susan blushed again because they were talking about such personal
details and shook her head.
"Did it start a day or two after your wedding?" Dr. Dru asked.
"How did you know?" Susan was amazed. "We left on our honeymoon
Wednesday night and Thursday night I noticed a burning. Then Friday
morning it hurt again and this time it was up inside me too."
At least she was getting over her shyness. Dr. Dru decided that his
mystical knowledge was helping Susan to open up and didn't explain the
diagnosis right away. He'd be better able to help her if she was honest
with him.
"And you had intercourse more than two or three times each of those
first two days?" he asked.
"Well, we're newlyweds," Susan stalled. "We were excited about being
"I'd guess you were a virgin the first time," the doctor said.
"Oh yes, I saved myself," Susan said proudly.
"How about your husband?" Dr. Dru asked.
"Well, Steve admitted he'd had lots of girls before, hundreds, but
that it was all over now and I was the only one for him," she said a
little shyly.
Dr. Dru was getting the feel for Susan's modesty. He also thought
he had a handle on this 'Steve'. If he could keep everything in clinical
terms, he shouldn't have trouble with Susan balking. She only seemed to
react when his questions made her have carnal thoughts. If he could keep
her thinking about the mechanics and not the acts themselves, he should
be able to learn more.
As for Steve, his bride was clearly confused about his admission of
experience and Dr. Dru was frankly skeptical. His boast sounded like a
boy that had never really had sex before. The doctor suspected he had
been a virgin as well on their wedding night.
Further exploration wasn't necessary to explain the irritation that
could be caused by incessant intercourse, but Dr. Dru didn't want to jump
to any conclusions. Better to be safe than sorry, he told himself.
"Now this may seem a little personal, but I need to know a little
more before I can help you," he said, "Just remember I'm a doctor and you
can tell me anything and it stays in this room."
Susan nodded and he could see her pull her shoulders in to
prepare for his tough questions. To make his questions seem more
important, Dr. Dru spread her folder on the desk and poised a pen over a
blank page.
"Was your first experience satisfactory?" he asked.
Susan stared blankly. She didn't know how to answer. The doctor
prompted her.
"Did your husband penetrate your hymen successfully on the first
try?" he asked
She nodded and then stared blankly again. Dr. Dru made a mark on the
"Did you have an orgasm?" he asked
The doctor got nothing but a blank stare. It took all his self-
control not to scold this little airhead. If she was going to balk at
every other question, he would change his tactics.
"We're obviously having a problem with terminology here," he said,
"I think the best way for me to find out what I need to know to help you
is to have you tell me what happened."
"What happened? You mean when it hurt to pee?" Susan asked.
"No, the cause came before that. I know it seems hard to tell a
stranger these things, but I'm a doctor and I've tried the other ways to
get this information from you," he explained carefully. "Since you don't
understand the medical terms and I don't know what words you use instead,
I need you to start at the beginning and tell me everything that happened
between your husband and you from the first time you had intercourse."
Susan was wide-eyed and pale. She heard his words, but she didn't
know how to respond. It was clear he was frustrated with her and she felt
compelled to do as she was told, but she still didn't know how to begin.
"Let me start you out," Dr. Dru told her, "Steve carried you into
the room and lay you on the bed. Now go on. Did he remove your clothing
or did he push it out of the way and penetrate you immediately? Was there
a lot of foreplay- kissing and fondling- or did he go right to it? Tell
me about the first time and then go on from there until this morning
before you came to see me."
"I had changed in the church, so Steve had to take off my slacks
before we could do it," Susan said. "He was very eager, so he didn't do
anything more. We joked about being two bottomless people as we were
trying to do it.
"To answer the part about popping me, Steve did it good all at once
with a real big push," Susan said, relaxing a little as she became more
objective about her describing her wedding night. "It hurt like fire for
a little bit, but he said that was the best way and it did stop hurting
in a minute or two. I was sore from it being my first time anyway, so it
wasn't a big thing. I did give it to my husband, after all."
Dr. Dru nodded his head and made phantom marks on the paper as she
talked. She was growing more confident and confiding and he didn't want
to break the spell.
"We did it twice more that night and then we did it when..." Susan
rattled on and he held up his hand to stop her.
"Back up there," he instructed, "You have to tell me everything.
People 'do it' different ways and I have to know exactly how it happened
to know what is happening inside you. Now, after the first time, did you
stay on the bed or did you get up and do something else? Tell me step by
"Well, Steve told me how much he loved me and that he could never
leave me now that he'd taken my cherry and we kissed for a while," Susan
started slowly again. "Then he wanted to wash off and we took off the rest
of our clothes and took a shower.
"We took a shower together and his thing got hard again right
away," Susan giggled at the memory. "He wanted to try and put it in me
right there, but we couldn't figure out how to do that, so we got back
on the bed and we did it again."
It was getting easier for her to tell him about the intimate
details of their honeymoon. Dr. Dru probed for more detail.
"When you say, 'did it', do you mean you lay down and he put it
right in?" the doctor asked, "Was there any foreplay or did he just get
on top of you? And how did he 'do' it? In and out all the way fast or
slow or mostly in and not so much out or what? This is very important for
my diagnosis."
This time Susan looked at him like a light had gone on in her head.
He was concerned with her 'down there' and most of the honeymoon had
been about things going on 'down there'. It made sense to her now.
"Well, we did foreplay a lot in the shower while we were trying to
do it under the water," she said, "When we got out, we just spread a
towel on the bed and he got on me and put it in. He goes real fast and
then stops and then goes real fast again until the stuff comes out."
"Good," Dr. Dru congratulated her, "That's what I need to know. Now
tell me about the rest of the time up until today."
Susan giggled nervously. She was coming up to the parts she thought
were very naughty.
"Well, doctor, we decided not to wash after that time. Steve said
that we might wash his seed away and we want to start a family right
away," she said, staring down. "We foreplayed a lot then with Steve
touching me all over and me playing with his thing so it would get hard
again. He played with my thing with his finger until it was so very wet
and then he got on me and did it, I mean, put it in and went fast and
stopped and went fast and stopped a lot of times until the stuff shot out
"We were pretty tired from the excitement of the wedding and all
and he went right to sleep after that time," Susan said. "Then in the
morning he had a boner and he rolled right on me before I was really
awake or anything and did it again the same way only he didn't take long
at all to squirt his juice in me."
Dr. Dru was getting bored with her tale. He was even more certain
than before that Steve had been as virgin as Susan on their first night
together. The only variation in their routine sex seemed to be how long
Steve could hold out before cumming.
He had made such a big deal of her telling him everything that he
couldn't very well stop her now, but he wasn't interested in her bland
coupling any more. His mind wandered to how he could suddenly come up
with the diagnosis he knew was the cause before he had seen her.
As he listened for the point to jump in, Susan inadvertently gave
him another idea.
"Then he touched something down there that made me jump," Susan
said, describing one of their between coitus gropings, "I think it
surprised me more than hurt me, but Steve quit right away so I wouldn't
be damaged forever."
The little fool didn't even know what her clit was. And her husband
was even more dense. From what he could gather, Steve's idea of foreplay
was squeezing her breasts a couple of times and then putting a finger in
her vagina and ramming it in and out like he did his cock while he
fucked her with no imagination at all.
"Hmmmmm," Dr, Dru hummed in his devastatingly doctor way, "I don't
like the sound of that. Forgive my interruption, but I think you may have
a problem that you don't know about yet. If I'm right, they we're lucky
we caught it while you were in here for something else."
He had her hypnotized like a bird by a snake. She was frightened
and relieved at the same time. It sounded horrible, but the doctor was
right here to make it better.
Anything to stop her boring recounting of boring sex, Dr. Dru thought. He wasn't really doing anything wrong to give her an internal.
She had a complaint about her genital-urinary tract. He could be wrong in
his assumption that her doofus husband had accidentally touched her
clitoris. A good look was better than a guess.
Susan seemed comfortable and happy in the paper gown climbing into
the stirrups. He imagined this was much more familiar than telling her
doctor about having sex. She put her feet in the stirrups and pulled her
butt to the edge of the table without instruction from him.
Dr. Dru snapped the rubber glove over his hand and applied a
generous dollop of K-Y to his fingers. Then he stepped between her opened
thighs and was horrified by what he saw. Her vagina looked like raw
hamburger. If he had been called on to testify, his expert opinion would
have been that her injuries were consistent with rape.
There was the swelling, bruising and abrasion that shouted this
woman had been abused. Dr. Dru liked Steve even less than before. Beside
being an idiot, he was a brutal thug.
Whether it was disgust or compassion that toppled the tipi is a
debate that might never be resolved. The two together made something snap
in Dr. Dru. Even dippy little airheads like Susan deserved better than
this. And the poor girl didn't know better.
He tried to keep his composure and fall back on bedside manner. He
proceeded with the examination he had planned as his emotions raged.
"Is this the feeling you had?" he asked as he retracted the
clitoral hood with one finger and probed her clitoris with the other.
"Oh Gosh! Yes, that's what he did that made me jump," Susan gasped
and jumped like she had described.
"And is it surprise or does this hurt?" he asked as his finger
gently stroked the pearl.
"Oh no, it feels funny all through my stomach, but it doesn't hurt,"
Susan reported.
Dr. Dru strummed both fingers down the sides of her clit as he
framed his next words. He could see her vagina prepare itself as he
struggled to find the right thing to say.
"Oh doctor, what you're doing is making me feel flushed," Susan
reported, "Is that normal?"
That did it. It would be a service to humanity to give this silly
goose a basic knowledge of her own body. It was against all the rules of
conduct, but this girl was the exception to those rules. He had suspected
that Steve hadn't given her an orgasm with his selfish performances, but
this poor girl didn't even recognize arousal when she was being aroused.
"Yes it is very normal and frankly I am surprised that you didn't
feel it with your husband," Dr. Dru said.
Susan was very silent and Dr. Dru thought he had offended her. But
it was the truth and it was his job to be blunt sometimes. He stopped
stroking her clitoral hood and proceeded to lubricate her labia to
insert his finger to examine her. She whined.
"Is something the matter?" he asked.
"It just hurts a little," Susan said in a small voice.
Well, no wonder, thought Dr. Dru. Your poor vulva has been pounded
to a pulp.
"Well, let's see what we can do for that," he said brightly to
encourage her.
He washed the K-Y away with a wet towel and applied a lidocaine
topical to her labia instead. Then he opened her as well as he could with
his free hand and pressed a lubricated finger inside her. He slid his
other hand to her belly so he could feel the upper planes of the vault.
If there was damage, he would need to insert a speculum to see it.
There was nothing his gloved finger could detect. His concentration was
jarred as Susan groaned while his finger probed her.
"Does that hurt?" he asked.
Susan flushed, blushed and turned several shades of red before she
could answer.
"No doctor," she said in a squeaky voice, adding after a long pause,
"It makes me feel funny inside."
He had aroused her and now he was stimulating her and she didn't
know what was happening, although she evidently felt it was wrong. Not
sure how to proceed, Dr. Dru inserted a second finger to probe her. She
made a mewing sound.
"Have you ever felt this funny feeling before?" he asked as his
fingers moved inside her.
"No," Susan asserted strongly, and then added timidly, "But it is
a little bit like Steven when he first puts his- umm- penis inside me."
"And then the feeling goes away?" Dr. Dru asked.
"Well, it gets lost in the wonder of sex," Susan said.
That was enough of this foolishness. He didn't know where she got
this crap, but it was time for her to know the facts. His burst of emotion
allowed him to ignore the fact he had two fingers in the woman's vagina when he began to lecture her.
"You have no idea about the wonder of sex," he snapped, "Your
husband is an idiot and I don't think you've had a moment's pleasure from
him. Sex is supposed to start out like this and get better, not go away."
Susan began to cry at his outburst. This time it didn't stop the
doctor's tirade.
"I don't care how hard this is to hear, but your husband has been
abusing you," he pressed on, "I've never seen a vulva so damaged as
yours. It is not supposed to be that way."
"I'm not crying because of you," Susan wailed, "I'm crying because
I was afraid something was wrong and now I knoooooooow!"
He had confirmed her ugly suspicion that she had married unwisely.
Dr. Dru was chastened after his uncontrolled outburst and started again
at a much more soothing level.
"I'm sorry I lost my temper. Very unprofessional of me," Dr. Dru
apologized to Susan, "But sometimes it's hard to walk the line between
intervention and interfering. I guess I fell off the tightrope."
In the exchange, the fact that his fingers were still in her vagina and she was gently humping them got lost. Somewhere in there, his
thumb had come down to rest on her clitoris and now he looked down to
see his fingers were stimulating her all on their own.
"Is sex supposed to feel like this?" Susan asked through her
Dr. Dru had been making up his mind and then changing it all along.
Now his patient, whose suffering he was sworn to alleviate, was for all
intents and purposes begging him to educate her in her own bodily
It was bullshit to make it sound noble, but it was just as much
bullshit to say it was wrong. The poor thing would be better off and if
he let some code of ethics stand in his way she was sure to be abused
even more.
"It's supposed to feel even better," he said, the decision made.
His fingers responded to her hips as gently as she moved them and
he stroked her clitoris with his thumb. Susan's heels pulled down hard
on the stirrups as she moved her hips with more animation.
"Oh geeze.. This is... Oh geeze," Susan stammered as her hips and
his fingers conspired to bring her an excitement she had never know
"Something's happening!" she gasped as her body started to tremble.
"Just relax, it's natural," he said in a soothing tone as she had
her first orgasm on him invading fingers.
"My god! What happened to me?" she asked when she could breathe
evenly enough to talk again.
"That is an orgasm," Dr. Dru explained, "Ideally, you should have
one each time you make love. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but the idea is
that each of you has an orgasm before you are done."
"I should have Steve put his fingers in me like that when we have
sex?" Susan asked.
That's only one way," Dr. Dru laughed.
He had crossed the line. He was in a giddy state of sin and it no
longer mattered that he was violating his ethics. It gave him a freedom
that relieved him of the tension he had been feeling.
"How else?" Susan was eager to know.
"He can do the same thing with his tongue or anything else he can
rub properly against your vulva," Dr. Dru told the unbelieving woman,
"Or he can make you climax during intercourse."
"Oh, I don't think so," Susan said, "I can hardly think when he's
doing it to me."
"That's because he's doing it wrong," he said firmly.
"How else can he do it? Doesn't he have to go in and out so he can
put the baby juice inside me?" She asked.
"He can be gentle," Dr. Dru said, "It doesn't have to hurt."
"Could you show me?" Susan asked innocently.
Dr. Dru knew genuine from put on. She had been maneuvering him to
this point, who knows how long. She had planned it and now she was hoping
her innocent face would fool him.
Well, he was ready to fool her. He wanted to fuck her. The relief
of finally falling into disrepute had changed his feelings and his libido
had been released. She damn well needed a good fuck and he was damn well
going to give it to her.
"Yes, you hot little bitch," he changed his tone, "I'll show you
how it's done right. And then I'll show you a lot more."
Susan had only a moment to question her decision to seduce the doctor. She was quite the neophyte and that dirty little idea had popped
in her head as revenge on the man that had sworn it was supposed to feel
the way it did. The doctor had seemed so kind and gentle, but now she was
afraid she had made another mistake.
It took Dr. Dru three seconds to open his fly and have his cock
pointing to its destination. Another second and he was pressing the head
of his cock into her vagina.
"Wait, doctor, maybe we shouldn't," Susan said in a panic, "I think
your thing will hurt me too much. It's a lot bigger than Steve's."
Dr. Dru wasn't waiting. She was well lubed and open for him and
he pushed forward into her. He didn't jab, but he didn't dally either.
He slid into the accepting warmth as quickly as he could feel the way
open for his cock.
"Then you'll learn a good lesson about the difference between a man that knows what he's doing and your husband," he said as he settled to the
root in her cunt.
Now he could reflect briefly on the other piece of the puzzle. Her
husband likely was trying to compensate for his small size by being
over-zealous. Lord knew that Dr. Dru did not consider himself particularly
hung. If his average penis was 'a lot bigger' than her husband's, then
Steve must be hung like a hamster.
"Oh my, It is big, but it doesn't hurt," Susan told him happily.
"It should feel just right whatever size it is," Dr. Dru told her,
"Your vagina can expand and contract to make a tight fit for anything
from an inch to twenty-two. You just have to have a chance to get ready."
"Well, I think I'm ready," she said, bracing against the table.
"I meant in the insertion process," Dr. Dru explained, "During the
actual intercourse, a gentleman takes his cues from the lady to give her
what she needs."
To demonstrate, he pulled back about halfway and slid slowly into
her. Her hips followed his thrust. He thrust again and they locked into
each other's rhythm.
"Sex is for two," he panted as he fucked her, "It should be a
co-operative effort."
"Oh please, doctor, my chests are on fire," Susan gasped.
"That's because you're being aroused properly," the doctor told her
as he reached up to fondle the soft mounds.
"It's a miracle! You're an angel!" she cried out as they banged
together faster and faster as she approached another orgasm.
Dr. Dru only carefully followed her lead as she became more
agitated. He would take her over the top and worry about his own pleasure
afterwards. He didn't have to worry. Her hips arched up in welcome as she
spasmed into heaven and he followed her quickly as he thrust quickly
into the quavering grip of her orgasmic cunt.
"I feel like that's the first time I've ever had sex!" Susan
exulted when she had recovered. "It didn't hurt at all. It felt
"That's the way it should be," he said abruptly.
The doctor was suffering from guilt now. The lusty proclamations he
had made to her in the heat of his passion lay cold inside him now that
he had slaked the fires of his lust. He had screwed a patient. It had
been good for both of them, but now he was questioning his judgment that
it was as necessary as it had seemed when his cock was pressing hard
against his fly.
Certainly there was no reason to go on now. He had done enough
damage for one day. The thoughts of introducing her to oral sex, to anal
sex, to masturbation seemed wild and foreign now. And there was the little
matter of his sperm swimming upstream in her belly as he contemplated
what he had done.
She had said that she was unprotected and trying to become pregnant.
And he had carelessly filled her with potential bastards in the heat of
his lust. He had clearly been out of his mind.
"What's the matter?" Susan asked, sensing the change of mood.
"It's not you, well, it's not your fault," he said, "Doctors are
not supposed to have these relations with their patients. I broke a
big rule with you."
"How would I have ever found out how it was supposed to feel without
you?" Susan asked.
"Books, literature, even video tapes," he struggled to find an
answer for the question that he had been stuck on himself a few moments
"I wouldn't have believed them," she said, "The only reason I know
now is because I felt it. It was the only way to show me."
"But everything I believe in says it's wrong," he despaired.
"You're not going to show me the rest?" she pouted, "You promised
there was so much more. I want you to show me the rest."
"I can't. It's wrong. I've done enough. I can't do any more," he
He made too much of his remorse. Susan was no genius, but she picked
up on his outlaw status. She had experienced some of the best moments of
her life and she wasn't about to let him back out of showing her more.
"You have to. You'd be in trouble if I said what you did and I
will unless you show me everything else you were going to," Susan said.
"I have other patients waiting. I don't have time to show you
everything," he said out of the blue.
It had nothing to do with the thoughts going through his mind at
the time. It was a stray thought that found its way out of his mouth
before he realized it had formed. For that very reason it was the only
kind of excuse that could strike a chord with Susan.
She was ready for him to protest for his principles and his
morals, but the totally extraneous thought of others waiting was a
realization that made sense to her. It would be rude to delay their
appointments. Not that she was letting him off the hook.
"Then where can I stay until you're done?" she asked.
"Can't you make an appointment and come back another time?" he
tried to wiggle through the crack that had opened in her defense.
"No, I want to do this while everything's fresh in my mind," she
said, not without a threatening edge.
"Then I'll take you into my office," Dr. Dru conceded.
"Can I use the phone?" she asked.
"Who do you want to call?" he wondered.
"I have to tell Steve that I have to stay for some extra tests and
that you can't give them to me until later," she smiled at him.
She was only remarkably ignorant, not dumb, Dr. Dru thought to
himself. She was certainly clever enough to trap one man and fool another.
Thus delayed, his fate weighed heavily on Dr. Dru's mind the rest
of the afternoon. He certainly would have to do something. But he
couldn't convince himself that there was a way to talk Susan out of her
He tried to recapture the pity and righteous indignation that had
gotten him into his troubles in the first place, but they deserted him
in the face of her blackmail. Certainly there was no need to physically
demonstrate any more. He could educate her without contact, but he feared
that she would accept no less than the carnal completion of all the acts
of sex.
He wondered if somehow it wasn't all a ruse for her to purloin an
afternoon of pleasure while avoiding a spouse that could offer her no
That was the thought nearest the mark. Susan had been honest in her
innocence, but she had not voiced her suspicions that her husband had
no skills in his marital duties. She knew she had no pleasure from it,
but didn't know whether it was possible. When the doctor opened that
beaming door, she knew it existed and she wanted more.
Her silence for his attention must have been a fair trade or he
wouldn't have made it, she thought. And when she knew what was possible,
she would make her other decisions.
Dr. Dru was alert when he entered his office. He was unsure what
he might find waiting for him. His mind had painted many pictures of her
posed naked in lewd invitation, but she was sitting quietly in the chair
in the corner, waiting.
"Have you had time to think this over and decide not to do it? he
asked hopefully.
"No, doctor, I have to know how it's supposed to be and I think
you'll be a good teacher," she said.
The softness of heart that had escaped him before began to seep
back into his feelings. She did deserve better than she had gotten and
it no longer ethically mattered after what he had already done. He tried
to think about it in another way. The office was closed. She wasn't a
patient now. It was only some old-fashioned adultery and he could think
of no man he would prefer to cuckold than Steve.
Continuing in that vein, he thought of Susan as a woman and not a
patient and thought that it was not a repulsive chore to demonstrate
sexual acts with her. She was well-built in a sexual way and even
easy to look at, if a bit plain.
"There's a room with a cot in the back. I think we'll be more
comfortable there," he told her and held the door for her.
He could at least get in the mood, he thought. For a novice, she
had been quite responsive and he was certain she would do whatever he
told her was expected. He might as well look on the bright side.
Dr. Dru was not thinking like a doctor when he plotted his plan of
attack. He was thinking in terms of favor and obligation. If she was an
eager student now, how much more willing would she be after he had
given her the first great pleasure?
"You can hang your clothes in this locker," he told Susan as they
reached the small room in the rear.
He laid her naked on the cot and knelt at the bottom. He picked up
her feet and held them as if they were again in the stirrups.
"Now I'll show you what else Steve can use to make you climax," he
told her.
Her crotch was not a place Susan thought a man's head should be.
She wasn't sure why. It was even more dirty when his tongue touched her
private part. But then she didn't care about any of it. He was giving her
a feeling so good that she would brave anything for it.
His tongue slid and slithered over her, exploring the crevices
timidly at first. It was a feeling so good it gave her chills. Then he
hit that wonderful spot again, saying a long hello and then returning to
his explorations. This time his tongue was a bold serpent brashly
thrusting its head inside her. Her hips rocked to facilitate the invader.
His tongue thrust inside her. His lip pressed the heavenly button
as his face met her crotch and his tongue burrowed inside her. They
pressed together harder and with more fervor. Her hands went to her
breasts to stop them from bursting and then she felt her passion rise
like a tide, sweeping up and pulling her under its pleasurable waters.
"Oh god! This is better than before," she gasped with her last
breath before the vortex of lust pulled her in and shook her like a rag.
She was easy to arouse and so grateful for the orgasm. Better yet,
she was eager to have her part in her own pleasure. That made it less of
a duty and more of a pleasure for the doctor.
His chance for some evening of the scales was coming next. He had
pleased her most soundly, judging by her reactions. Now he would extract
his toll when she returned the attention. She was in a poor position to
refuse him anything.
"There is also the time when you should use your mouth to arouse
your husband," Dr. Dru told Susan.
Her look was blank. It wasn't defiant or even disgusted. He may as
well been addressing her in Estonian. She had no idea what he meant.
"Don't worry. I'll show you," he told her, "This is just the other
half of what I did for you."
There was little support from the low rail of the cot as he leaned
against it. He grabbed the rail with both hands and spread his legs wide
for Susan to crawl between them.
"You can use your hands to lift it and even help stroke a little,
but your mouth should be the featured performer," he told Susan as she
crouched with her face six inches from his cock.
"Performer? What do I do? Sing to it?" she asked without snide
He laughed. It was unbelievable that she could be this innocent.
She must have been locked in a barn since puberty.
"Did I sing to yours?" he asked, "No, lick it with your tongue.
Suck it into your mouth and play with it like you might a piece of hard
candy. Just don't bite it."
"But it'll get too big to fit in my mouth," she said.
"Then we'll do the next thing, but first you have to get it big,"
he said patiently.
His even temper was aided by the sight of her crouched with her
mouth inches from his cock. It was easy to be patient when he was on the
brink of a blow-job. He was trying to let her have all the glory, but he
could feel the blood flooding into his organ just thinking about giving
Susan her maiden mouthful of cock.
The mouthful had to wait for Susan's examination of his penis. She
took full advantage of her opportunity to look him over bottom, top and
sides. Her exploration was not without its stimulating points, but Dr.
Dru was primed for the sight of his cock going into her mouth.
When she finally made the first tentative reach for it with her
tongue, he was past ready. His cock was no longer hanging limp. She had
played with it enough that it was beginning to stand away from his groin
when her tongue came out to flick at its head.
His cock flopped around like a bobble-head doll and her tongue
chased it through every wobble. She was very arousing in a novice sort of
"Go ahead, suck it in. Get the feel of that first," he instructed,
impatient to get to the good parts.
It felt just like a mouth sucking on his penis. It was just as good
as ever, but Dr. Dru was disappointed that there was no special thrill
because his was the first dick in her mouth. She was probably lying
The idea about the hard candy was a good one, he found, because
Susan was a woman that never let a piece of hard candy rest in one place
while it was in her mouth. Her tongue was constantly pressing his cock
against all the surfaces inside her mouth as it moved him back and forth
and up and down. It was making his cock rise like a rocket- a little
pause as it builds thrust and then a slow move gaining speed at a
exponential rate from the slow start.
He was bolt upright and throbbing when Susan took her mouth off
and looked up at him.
"You said there's a next thing?" Susan asked.
"Suck," he croaked quickly, "Suck medium hard and I'll show you
how to move your head."
He pulled one hand off the cot rail and gathered up the hair at
the back of her head. Then he began to move her slowly up and down on
his cock. That got strenuous in a short time.
"Keep your head right here," he said as he released her hair with
her face a medium distance. "We'll do the same thing only I'll move this
He put both hands back on the end of the cot and started to gently
fuck her face. He worked up to a point that he thought she could
reasonably handle and enjoyed himself in her mouth for a while. Then it
was time for the exam.
"Now you do it yourself and begin to suck a little faster and a
little harder until you're going like crazy," he told her.
Susan had been so wrapped up in doing what she was told that she
never had time to question putting a cock in her mouth. At first it was a
game to contain the bobbing cock and then a relief to finally capture the
elusive cock in her mouth. The change from flopping limp thing to hard
and straight was interesting and then she was worrying about his cock
stabbing the back of her throat as he moved her head up and down the
shaft. She hadn't had the time to think about whether it was dirty or weird to suck cock.
Now she wanted to please the doctor and show him she could do this
up and down thing all on her own. It wasn't the hardest thing in the
world to do, just different. In fact, it was pretty interesting to get
to know this hunk of meat that men set so much store by in such detail.
From the sounds the doctor was making, he liked the parts where she
got to know his cock with her tongue as much as she enjoyed exploring.
She even enjoyed the feeling of his hardness sliding back and forth
across the roof of her mouth as she bobbed on his cock. She could tell
that was his favorite part.
"Okay, okay," Dr. Dru gasped, "I'll let you finish that later so
you know what to do not to choke when a man cums in your mouth, but I've
got something else for you right now."
He put his hands on either side of her face to slow her and made it
clear he wanted her to sit up. Susan come up to her elbows and looked up
at the flushed-faced doctor.
"Now I get to show you what men really want," the doctor grinned.
"Next to a blow-job, that is."
If this, who knows what she was, was going to blackmail him into
giving her a sexual work-out, Dr. Dru was going to do whatever he wanted
to her. And right then he wanted a little bit of revenge for the danger
she was putting him in.
Her pathetic sex life wasn't going to be automatically better
because he showed he how it was supposed to be. That depended more on the
doofus she married than on her knowledge. That said, he was going to give
her the full tour for his own benefit more than for hers.
Part of him twinged with guilt at what he could be starting, but
that small voice was shouted down by his feelings of resentment and his
own very real lust. He wanted to fuck her in the ass and he hoped she
didn't like it very much. He'd show her what sex could be like all right.
If she passed it on to Steve and he reamed her ass like he had fucked her
cunt, so be it.
She should have been more careful what she asked for.
"Now I want you to turn around and stick your butt in the air," he
told her, getting a charge from ordering her into that position.
Susan complied like a good girl. Her face was resting on her folded
hands in front of her and her butt was sticking up towards the doctor.
It was as untouched a little anus as Dr. Dru had ever seen. The professional assessment was quickly lost in his animal desire to change
its status forever.
"Sometimes you don't want to do the same old thing and this is a
way to put a little variety in your sex life," he lied to Susan. "You
have to concentrate very hard to find the excitement, but it's very good
for the man."
Susan was shocked when his finger pressed against her asshole. It
was creepy. There were all sorts of feelings going off like fireworks in
her brain and most of them weren't good. It did tickle a little bit, but
that was overcome by feelings that he wasn't supposed to be there and
that it was way too much too fast.
"Normal people don't play back there, do they?" Susan cringed.
"You wanted to know all about sex, didn't you?" Dr. Dru enjoyed her
resistance, "It's normal enough. I'm a doctor, remember. You wanted me to
show you everything and this is part of everything."
He anticipated her objections and her fears and cut off her
protests before they could begin.
"Yes, it will fit. Yes, it might hurt, but the quicker you get used
to it, the less it will," he said, "You can do yourself a favor by
relaxing and trying to enjoy it. Some women like is as much as regular
Well, he was a doctor and he had given her her first orgasm. Susan
tried to do what he suggested. She certainly wanted to help it hurt as
little as possible. She tried to like his finger probing around at her
anus. She wanted to make friends with it.
He could feel her react to his probing. She had excellent voluntary
control of her sphincter. That boded well for his cock when he was
fucking her ass. With a little practice she'd be milking cocks with her
asshole in no time.
The cold gel being spread on her anus brought back bad memories
of childhood. It always signaled an invasive procedure like an enema
that was uncomfortable and embarrassing. She tried to block those
thoughts and remain open for this new invasion.
He made it easy for her to forget her memories. His other hand went
between her legs and stroked her vulva. He started at the top and let her
clit bump between his fingers as he drew them over her slit and went back
to stroke again.
The stroking made his finger penetrating her ass feel like an
exciting addition to his pleasuring of her. It was easy for Susan to find
the good parts of having his finger fucking in and out of her asshole. It
felt so sexy coupled with his fingers rubbing her cunt.
It was easy to please them when they were hungry, Dr. Dru mused as
Susan moved her ass in time with his hands. She was starved for sexual
pleasure and even the simplest things pleased her. Her sphincter was
going to be reasonable, he could tell by the way it twitched as his finger
spread the lube up inside her.
No reason to stretch this baby, he thought, she'll open up just
"Now I'm going to put it in," he warned her. "You just brace
yourself and I'll take care of all the rest."
The doctor's erection hadn't lost a whit while he was playing with
her unnaturally willing asshole. If anything, he had been more aroused by
the prospect of plugging her rubbery hole. Now his cock throbbed as he
looked down at the tiny pink target in the middle of her backside. This
was going to make up for a lot of what she had put him through today.
It was impossible to keep the memories of a nozzle being pushed
into her childish ass away when Dr. Dru pushed his cock against her
asshole. She tried to think of other things and keep her ass loose, but
his cock was too big to slip inside her easily. It was very like her
memory of struggling to avoid the embarrassing penetration as he forced
her open and pushed his way inside.
He had her now. It hadn't been a struggle for him, just a
continuous pressure to open the gate. Now he was in her ass and he was
going to get some payback for being blackmailed.
"That was easy," he told her, "Do you like this too?"
He really didn't want her to answer in the affirmative.
"I'm too full," she complained, "It isn't sexy like the last time."
"That's because you're letting too many other thoughts get in the
way," he told her, "Concentrate on being fucked in the ass and try to
like it."
It was half-assed advice he offered only because he felt he had to
say something. He didn't care if she liked it. Her asshole was snug
without being suffocating and he was already enjoying himself just
looking down and seeing his cock splitting her ass open. He was really
going to like fucking her asshole.
For Susan, it made him psychic- or at least an authority. Somehow
he knew the thoughts haunting her and knew just what to say. As much as
the advice itself, her confidence in him made her try harder to open the
way for him to stuff her with his cock.
Stuff her he did. He would have warned against a penetration like
he used- turn in the colon and all- but he wasn't a doctor at the moment.
It was after hours and he was fucking a woman in the ass. He had good
reason only to care about himself.
She was hot inside. Damn near a hundred degrees, he knew. His cock
was soaking up that warmth as he thought about something else to tell
Susan before he started to ream her good.
"It sexy yet?" was the only thing he could come up with.
"I feel like I've got to go to the bathroom real bad!" Susan whined.
"Go ahead and try," he replied, "I don't think you can get anything
out around the plug I've got up your ass."
Odd, uncomfortable, and perverse, yes, but the thing that was not a
part of having his cock all the way up her ass was pain. Susan grabbed
on to that to help her through all the other feelings. It wasn't very
nice, but it didn't hurt.
Then her opinions and thoughts didn't mean anything any more. The
doctor pulled his cock out of her ass and pushed it back in. She could
feel currents in her bowels from his motion. Her whole rear was screaming
500 things at once to her brain and all she could do was moan and let
them scream as the doctor fucked her ass.
She quickly found out that her body was exaggerating the emergency
in her ass. If the dire warnings were true, then she wouldn't be getting
used to his hard member plunging in and out of her ass. It was a weird
feeling, but not without merit. She was willing to go as far as not so
bad in her assessment of her ass-fuck.
It was way behind regular sex with Dr. Dru, lagging a bit behind
the thing she had done with her mouth. It was still ahead of any kind
of sex with Steve, however.
Even in this rude attack on a improper orifice, the doctor was
more mindful of her feelings than her husband had been so far. It felt
like the doctor was being rough, but that had more to do with the size
of his cock relative to the size of her ass than any brutal intention
or lack of attention by the doctor.
Dr. Dru hadn't begun to think brutal yet. It still pleased him to
feel his cock fill the small space in her ass. He wasn't going for
friction- yet.
Perhaps this young lady had already gotten what she deserved. She
didn't seem to be enjoying having her ass fucked, he observed. She was
taking it okay, but he had seen the abuse she had taken from her husband.
He didn't want to be in the same category.
On one hand, she deserved for him to bang her any way he wanted for
her threats. But Dr. Dru was better at fantasizing about what he'd do to
punish her than in delivering the punishment. When it came right down to
having his cock deep in her ass, he didn't want to be the one to hurt her.
Instead, he verbalized the threat while he refrained from
delivering on it.
"You like your ass full of cock?" he abandoned his bedside manner
to letch at her, "You like that full up the butt feeling?"
"It's weird," Susan admitted into the covers on the cot, "But it
feels a lot better now that I'm used to it."
"How'd you like to get used to it pounding you like a pile driver?"
he asked, getting off on the thought of ramming into her butt hard
enough to spank her with his belly.
"However you do it I'll take," she said submissively, "I don't
know what it's supposed to be like and you'll have to show me."
Her innocence was disarming. She wouldn't even understand that she
was being punished. Right then Dr. Dru knew he wouldn't enjoy taking it
out on her. He'd feel guilty every time he felt the hot splat of his
belly driving his cock into her.
He could still enjoy himself without being an animal. He'd get
to ream out her ass longer that way, he reasoned. He teased her by
fucking her with half his cock and then sliding in to the hilt without
warning. He pulled his cock clear of her ass and then re-entered the
gaping hole after a teasing pause.
Susan could appreciate the sense of fun even if his actual
penetrations weren't exactly flipping her switch. Interesting was as far
as she could go in describing the way his cock felt playing in her ass.
But it did open her eyes to the fact that sex didn't have to be a deadly
serious business.
Unfortunately for Dr. Dru the fun was getting frustrating. He liked
fucking her tight ass, but that final extra something was evading him. He
came close when he pushed all the way into her asshole and rummaged around
deep inside her, but never quite close enough.
He would have to pound her butt to get off and he had decided he
couldn't bring himself to do that to the poor girl. That left him with
one bright idea that would answer all his needs.
"Roll over," he told her hoarsely as he pulled his cock out of her
asshole. "Show me your hands."
He was looking for fingernails. She kept them cut fairly close. He
ringed his cock with a thumb and forefinger and scraped down the shaft.
He took her finger and smeared what he had gathered onto it. Then he
pushed her towards the head of the cot and lay down himself.
Susan was confused, but attentive for his instructions. Her best
guess was that he was going to tell her to climb on top of the hard rod
that was sticking up in the air.
"Now I want you to finish what we were doing before," he told her,
"You'll have to try and ignore the taste if it's bad. I want you to
make me climax in your mouth so you know what happens and how to deal
with it."
That felt just right to Dr. Dru. She could suck his cock straight
from her own ass. That would teach her to pressure men like him into
fucking her. She'd understand this as humiliating and the best part was
that she wouldn't be sure if she was being silly or having a normal
reaction. It wasn't exactly aseptic, but then Dr. Dru wasn't being a
doctor at this point. He was simply porking some other guy's wife.
Susan had practice ignoring tastes. In her house she had to eat
terrible things to avoid a whipping and she had developed not tasting
from a young age. She thought about the roundness and the girth as she
took his cock into her mouth.
He cleared a space for her to put down her elbows by raising his
knees and swinging his thighs out of the way. She got back on her elbows
and knees and bowed to his penis. She reached up to steady it as her
head bobbed.
"Use your left hand," he said quickly before she could close her
right hand on his cock, "I put that stuff on your finger on purpose."
She changed hands and gripped his cock at the base to stand it up
straight for the attack of her mouth.
In had no resistance as she opened her mouth when she descended.
Out came against the pressure of her tongue pressing him to the roof of
her mouth. It was a very stimulating technique for the doctor. Her tongue
was a live thing as she pulled off sucking lightly and pressing hard.
It was an extended ecstasy that kept him moaning, but was doing
little to encourage the cum from his balls. Then she kept the tongue in
place as she forced her mouth down over his cock. It seemed like the
next thing to do and the doctor's reaction made her certain of it.
"God, you're a natural," he groaned as his hips reflexively rocked
in time with her mouth on his cock, "Move your hand up and down too."
That was a tough assignment in co-ordination for Susan. She tried,
but the best thing to come of her efforts was the acceleration of her
head moving on the doctor's cock. As she sucked faster, he was ready for
her to take him over the top.
"Now take that greased finger and stick it in my ass," he hissed,
"Get back at me. Fuck my ass with that finger. But stay up on the top
He couldn't imagine what something the size of his cock would feel
like. Her finger was just enough. She was setting his entire groin on
fire with that addition. Even his balls, trapped between her mouth and
finger, tingled with the attention on either side.
Like her adventure of trying to jack him off while she sucked, her
effort to co-ordinate her finger and her mouth also made her suck him
faster and harder. Her finger also got caught up in the escalation and
she rammed it faster into his ass as her mouth picked up speed.
Dr. Dru was being sucked wordless. Susan was tireless in her
assault and made up for her lack in style by her surplus of
determination. He still made his feelings known with the erratic lunges
of his hips as she brought him to the point of orgasm.
Now he was trying to hold back the flood as she stimulated him
almost beyond human limits. Her finger was steadily bumping his prostate
now and he wanted to store that energy to make his explosion, when it
came, be mammoth.
"Take it baby! swallow it all!" he yelped as all the muscles in his
legs bunched and he thrust up at her mouth to let loose the flood.
The hot jet of cum from his cock froze Susan with his cock daring
her throat and only her finger moved as he came for her. That was all he
needed. Her mouth working instinctively to reject the gagging spurts was
enough to keep the sperm coming as her finger pressed against the pump.
It was very, very good, but now it was over. Thoughts of taking
Susan again scurried off and hid with his shrinking desire. It had been
good, no doubt about that, but he was ready to return to his normal life.
"Do a lot of women do that or am I a freak?" Susan asked.
"Oral sex? Using your mouth? I think just about everyone does that,
even if some don't talk about it," he said.
"I mean everything we did," she said.
I'm done being Mr. Know-it-all, he thought and derailed her train
of thought at the freight head.
"Nothing makes you a freak. Some things more people do than others,
but if you like it and it makes you feel good it's not bad," he said,
"Bad is one person taking advantage of another or wanting to hurt someone."
"Is there lots more to do?" she asked.
"There's a lot of variations, but they're all things you do because
they make you feel sexy. We covered the main orifices and their feeding,"
he said, "The rest you make up yourself because it pleases you. Like
playing harem girl or stripper, whatever turns you on."
"Then should I get dressed?" she asked.
"No," he said with a sudden inspiration, "Stand up."
She looked the same now as before, but the feeling was different.
She wasn't organs and skin to be diagnosed. She was a sexy little woman
standing naked at his command.
"Bounce up and down," he told her, "Make your boobies flop around."
She went from flat foot to tip-toe, flat foot to tip-toe and her
tits went into paired orbits. She was a humorous sight. But she wasn't
getting the brunt of his treatment yet.
"Don't keep your legs together," he scolded, "Spread your feet way
apart and shake your hips while you bounce."
She wasn't very sexy doing it, but she was embarrassed. Then he let
her off the hook.
"See. That's bad. I made you do things you didn't want to do for
my amusement," he lectured. "I shouldn't take advantage of people like
that. And young women shouldn't threaten their doctors either."
"Well, I had to know. I had to find out," she sputtered, "You did
something that never happened before and I just couldn't let you get away
without showing me this stuff. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it."
"Then your punishment is to go home to Steve and let him have sex
with you again tonight," he said.
She was pensive when he reminded her of what she was returning to.
"Well, that is more than punishment enough," she said wryly.
"By the way, your complaint, too much banging on your bladder has
made it sore. It goes away once you're not having sex four times a day,"
he finally told her.


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