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HOLD panties down While she removed them


"Hold That Thought" {Pendragon} (MF caution)
IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
read electronically transmitted erotic material, please go do
something else.

This material is Copyright, 2000, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
and keeping ONE electronic copy for your personal reading so long
as this notice is included. Reposting requires previous

All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly

# # # #

Hold That Thought
by Uther Pendragon
She felt the fever grip her. Mike was licking her nipples as he
stroked her clit. She pushed her hips off the couch, pressing
herself into his hand. At the last moment, he covered her mouth
with his, muffling her moans of release. She shuddered once
more, then she collapsed. Just breathing was an effort. She
settled down to rest in his arms until her strength returned.

"Mommy!!" Chantal's scream of terror nearly deafened her from
the monitor on the end-table. She struggled to get up. Where
were her clothes?

"Hold that thought," said Mike. Dressing as he went, he strode
toward the stairs. It must be another nightmare, compounded of
Halloween candy and Halloween stories. But Chantal would want
her mother, not her mother's friend. She started to pull on her

"Chantal," Mike called, "it's Mike. I'm going to come inside and
turn on your light." A pause. "Now what's the problem?"

"I saw the Ghouly Man." This was the latest monster the kids
scared each other with.

"Well, the Ghouly man is *hungry*. You'd be just a small bite
for him. On the other hand, I'm going to be downstairs, and I'm
*much* bigger than you. So you don't have to worry about the
Ghouly man tonight. If he comes to your house, he'll eat me --
not you. Not so?"

When she got to he room, Chantal was holding Mike's hand and
smiling bravely. She hugged Chantal to her breast until her
daughter wiggled out of her arms to lie back. "Everything all
right now?"

"Yes," Chantal said. "He's a nice man, isn't he?"

"Very nice," she answered, conscious that the monitor carried her
words downstairs.

When Mike rested *his* head against her breast, however, he
unbuttoned her blouse. He petted her as before until the heat
returned. When her hips undulated beyond her control, he
tugged her panties down. While she removed them, he dropped his
trousers and sheathed himself in latex.

"Chantal can't imagine *how* nice you are," she said.

"Hold that thought." He pressed slowly into her.

She couldn't hold herself still as her tunnel was spread and
filled. For one moment he kissed her, filling her at both ends.
Then he clutched one breast in each hand and stroked in and out.

The fever gripped her, spiraling upward from her groin to her
head. Her nipples were two burning coals of need; she pulled a
sofa pillow across her face to catch the moans. He drove into
her, and she rose to meet every thrust. She moaned and clutched
around him, filled with the fire. He growled and pistoned into

Then he erupted within her just as the fire burned through her
and out of her. She collapsed a moment after he did. They lay
there, gasping for breath, unable to move a muscle. Even when
the Ghouly man shambled up to the couch, their resistance was
Hold That Thought
Uther Pendragon
For another story where the violence is much more real,
Caution. That story is labeled rape, and I mean it.

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