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HOLIDAY stretch lot this point


This is the second of a series of stories as it introduces the four
main protagonists, the first story was told from the viewpoint of David;
this story is told from the viewpoint of his sister, July. Sarah tells
the third story with the fourth told by her brother, Charles.

Our Reunion - David Revised 04/07/01

Our Holiday - July Revised 08/07/02

How It All Began - Sarah To follow

Easter Surprise - Charles To follow

All these stories feature consensual acts between siblings, and
under age adolescents; if such fiction is liable to offend you, or such
works are illegal in your area kindly cease and desist reading now. You
have been warned.

The author gives consent for the reproduction of this work in
printed and electronic media including, but not limited to, archives,
USENet newsgroups, email lists, websites, eGroups, Yahoo Clubs and
CDRoms, provided that this, and the preceding, paragraph are also
reproduced, that no charge is made for access and that the ownership of
copyright by Azrael ( is not omitted.

OUR HOLIDAY - teen, solo, ff, mf, voy, inc

(c) 2000-2002 Azrael -

My twin brother, David, has already explained now he and I became
separated at an early age and how we were reunited. I suspect that he
was expecting me to continue the story of that particular holiday in
this account, I will later but first I would like to describe how I met

Just like David I was sent to a boarding school and sent on school
trips or to a variety of relatives over the various school holidays. One
of the advantages of getting involved with the school gymnastics team
and the School Orchestra was that I got the chance to travel abroad a

I first met Sarah during my first gymnastics lesson at school, she
was sitting to one side and looking really lonely. I must have felt some
form of empathy with her, I had just come to the school and had no
friends and clearly this girl had no friends either.

"Hello," I said, "Is any one sitting here?"

"Erm, no."

So I sat next to this girl and introduced myself, during the lesson
we continued to chat and I found out that her name was Sarah and that
she was the youngest of the year. Apparently all the other girls thought
that she was too young to join their clique. As I was also a bit of an
outcast, being a late joiner in the school year, I was ignored as well.
So it wasn't that surprising that we made friends there and then.

Over the next few years we made more friends but it always seemed to
be "us", Sarah and I, against "them" so we stuck together. When we had
the chance in our third year we both asked to be in the same house and
ended up sharing a room with each other.

Most of the other girls in the gymnastic class seemed more
interested in gossiping about the latest boy band or film heart throb,
so when the coach asked us to try out of for the school gymnastics team
we leapt at the chance. The only problem was that we usually wore
t-shirts and shorts for gymnastics but for the trials we were expected
to wear proper leotards.

From what I had seen on the telly, I thought that a leotard was just
a swimming costume, but when I saw the leotard that my Mum had bought
for me I was horrified. Unfortunately I was going through an awkward
phase at that time, puberty was doing weird things to my body. I was
growing in places that I didn't even know that I had, but what was worse
was the hair growing between my legs.

I knew that this would happen, I had seen the other girls in the
showers after PE lessons, but it was growing all over the place and I
couldn't wear the leotard for the trials. Or rather I couldn't wear the
leotard without my newly grown pubic hair curling outside of the crotch.
Sarah didn't have the same problem, although she had started filling out
like the other girls she didn't have any pubic hair to mess up her

Sarah found me the night before the trials lying on my bed crying my
heart out.

"What's the problem Jules?"

"I can't go to the trials tomorrow."

"Why not?

"There's no way I can wear my leotard, so I can't do the trials."

"What's the matter? Why can't you wear the leotard?"

"It's too embarrassing."

"Why? You must look great in it! I wish I had your figure."

"It's not that."

"So what IS the problem?"

"I'm too hairy down there! Why can't I be like you?"

"Oh, that's easy to fix. Do you want me to help?"

"What do you mean 'fix'?"

"I shave myself there, have done for the last year and a half."

Sarah collected her toilet bag and a small pair of scissors, and
then she dragged me to the bathroom. Once we were there she got me to
take of my skirt and knickers and then sit on the toilet. Sarah knelt
before me and gently pushed my knees further apart; as she sat in front
of me I started to feel peculiar, this was the first time that another
person was that close to me like that. For several months I had been
experiencing strange feelings in my chest and between my legs, now I was
feeling the same.

Carefully Sarah snipped away at my pubes with her scissors, and then
she looked up at me.

"How should I do this? Just a trim, or all off?" she asked.

"It's only going to get in the way, please get rid of it all."

Sarah ran some water into the sink, mixing hot and cold until she
was happy and then soaked a face cloth in the warm water for a while.

"This will help soften the hairs," she said as she laid the cloth
over my crotch, then she took a small can from her toilet bag, shook it
vigorously for a few seconds and then uncapped it. She pointed the top
of the can into her palm and then pressed a button on top, there was a
'swoosh' noise and white foam appeared.

"This might be cold, and could sting a little."

Sarah removed the cloth and then slowly spread the foam over my
crotch and between my legs, each time her hand ran over my slit the
feelings I was experiencing magnified a little. Then Sarah reached into
her bag and pulled out a small razor.

"Please stop wriggling about so much, I don't want to accidentally
hurt you."

"OK, I'll try to be good."

Carefully Sarah ran the razor over my pubic hair, rinsing it after
each stroke in the basin of warm water, working her way down between my
legs. Those strange feelings built with each stroke, it was as if I
wanted to go to the toilet but I didn't need to. Eventually Sarah
finished shaving me, and I was quivering all over with each touch. She
swished the cloth around in the water again, wrung it out and then laid
it over my crotch.

The heat of the cloth slowly soaked into my slit I could feel myself
becoming wet as the feelings grew stronger and focused below the cloth.
Sarah pulled a small bottle from her bag and pour a small amount of a
thick, white liquid into her hand and then reached for the cloth.

"This will help soothe any raw skin from the razor. Sorry, it's a
bit cold."

Sarah's hand slid over my crotch and I gasped as the cold of the
lotion contrasted with the heat coming from between my legs. Her hand
moved over me, gently massaging the lotion into my skin, then her
fingers slipped over my slit. Whatever feelings I had been experiencing
until then collapsed away in comparison to the reaction I got as Sarah's
fingers stroked up and down along my slit.

"Oh! God! Don't stop!"

Sarah moved her other hand up between my legs as her other hand
continued to stroke my slit, the thumb of her new hand start to strum
across the top of my slit. Three months earlier I had noticed a little
bump at the top of my slit that seemed incredibly sensitive when I
whipped myself after going to the toilet. Sarah's thumb was right on
that bump.

As Sarah rubbed her thumb across my little bump all the feelings I
had been experiencing bunched together and exploded from my slit up
through my tummy and chest. I collapsed back, panting and gasping for
breath. Slowly the world came back into focus and I could see Sarah
kneeling in front of me with a massive grin.

"So, how'd you like your first shave then?"

"Uh! How soon will I need another shave?"

"Oh, weeks yet."


"But I can help you get off again as soon as you want."

"What did you do to me?"

"Kill two birds with one stone."


"OK, I shaved you as you asked, AND gave you an orgasm."

"That's an orgasm?"

"Hello? Earth calling Jules. Yeah, that was an orgasm."

"Wow! And you'll help me get more?"

"Yeah, sure. But you can do it to yourself when you get the hang of

Sarah then explained that she had been shaving herself for the last
year or so because she hadn't liked her hair when it had started to
grow. And she also explained how much fun she'd being getting out of it
for the last six months.

"Come on, we'd better get back to our room before a teacher finds us
out and about after 'lights out'."

Sarah helped me back into my knickers and skirt and led me back to
our room where we changed into our nighties and settled down to sleep.
The following day we went to the trials for the gymnastics team, I now
felt really comfortable in my leotard and both of us got into the junior
team. Later I realised that the most of the older girls had been wearing
lycra cycling shorts under their leotards, and that those girls had full
"bushes" of pubic hair. Some of the older girls did wear only leotards,
and they either only had a thin strip of short hair or were completely
shaven. Seeing the older girls like that made me feel that little bit
more grown up.

Over the next year or so Sarah regaled my with stories of what she
and her brother had got up to during their holidays. Unfortunately each
story reminded my of how I hadn't seen David since we were 9, five years
earlier. That summer Sarah invited me to join her family for the
holidays, and I was looking forward to meeting her brother, as he was
the same age as my brother.

As we all know plans are only there to be broken, there was some
sort of school trip organised by Charles' school so I didn't get to meet
him. That holiday Sarah took a photo of me, and then suggested that I
sent a copy to David. When we got back to school after the summer
holidays I sent the photo to David and waited for his reply, it came
about a later and he thanked me for the photo.

That winter Sarah and I got to go on a skiing trip with the school,
Sarah and I got a room together in one of the chalets. We arrived late
the first night, and after a light supper, we all went to bed. At some
point in the night Sarah must been cold as I woke up to find her curled
up in bed with me. Her head was resting on my shoulder, her arm was
lying across my tummy and her left leg was hooked over my legs.

I lay there for a while, and stroked her hair, I have always loved
her hair. It's so long and straight, and I love how black it is. Sarah
mumbled something and her leg tightened over me as she began to rub
herself against me. Her arm across my tummy moved up and her hand
started to rub my breast as her head dipped downwards and kissed my
other breast through my nightie. It felt so good.

Sarah mumbled again and I thought I heard her something like "Please
momma, do me too." Her hand on my breast moved again, feeling over to my
arm; she then tugged at my hand dragging it towards her and onto her
breast. A strange thought came to me; her breast felt so much like mine,
firm but soft and with a hardening nipple, but I was only used to
feeling my hand on my own flesh. Is this what if feels like for a boy when he's with a girl?

I continued caressing Sarah's breast, in time to her sucklings on my
own flesh. After a while she started to moan as she rubbed her crotch
against me faster. Then with a startled cry she stopped. I looked down
at her to see that she was awake and staring at me, blushing.

"Oh! My god!" she gasped.

"No, it's alright Sarah. You were nearly there weren't you?"

"Yes ..." she moaned.

I bent down and lifted her head and looked into her eyes.

"You do want to come, don't you?" I asked her.

"Oh yes!"

I rolled her over onto her back and then gently tugged at her
nightie, as she lifted her hips I pulled it up past her bottom. Shyly
she put her hand over her pussy because she wasn't wearing any panties.
Then I pulled her nightie higher and she sat up a little to allow me to
remove it completely, this time her other arm came across to hide her

"Come on, we've seen each other in the showers after PE haven't we?"

"I know but this feels so different to then."

I removed my own nightie and sat next to her in my bra and panties,
when she removed her hands I took off my underwear and lay beside her.

"Can I help you? I feel I owe it to you after you showed me how to
masturbate after shaving me that time. Please?"

Sarah moved my hand onto a breast, she moved her own hand up to her
other breast and slowly caressed herself moving my hand in time with
hers. When I began moving my hand myself she released me and smiled
across at me and relaxed. I could feel her nipple hardening in my palm
as I held her breast, I leant over and kissed it as she had been kissing
mine in her sleep. Sarah moaned and lay a hand on my head to gently
guiding me, I was amazed how she tasted and felt. Her skin was soft and
smooth, around her nipples the skin was slightly puffy but soon it
crinkled up as her nipple hardened more.

By now Sarah had a hand between her legs gently rubbing her pussy lips, I could just make out little squelchy noises as she dipped a
finger inside occasionally. I moved my free hand over Sarah's hand
intertwining our fingers, she was so wet that one of my fingers slipped
between her lips beside her own finger.

"Mmmm, that's nice," she smiled at me and slowly pulled her hand
free of mine, and rolled onto her side facing me. She reached over and
gently ran her finger over my hip, leaning forward she softly kissed me
as she traced her way between my thighs and along my slit. It felt
wonderful. As her finger ran over my clitoris I gasped with the
sensations exploding from it, Sarah took advantage of the situation and
slipped her tongue into my now open mouth. Within seconds I was probing
my tongue back into her mouth.

We lay facing each other for what seemed like ages, in a loving
embrace, our hands gently working between the other's legs. Slowly Sarah
pushed me onto my back and rolled over to lie against me. I could feel
the heat radiating from her breasts and from her wet pussy. She pulled
her hand free and then gently tugged on my own arm. I allowed her to
pull it aside and then she finished rolling over on top of me,
intertwining her legs with mine. She moved in closer and kissed me
again, and when she began moving her hips I could our wetness mingling
as our pussies squashed up against each other's.

Slowly Sarah's movements got faster and stronger until we were both
pushing against the other, panting and kissing deeply. Then Sarah
shuddered and moaned my name out loud as her hips jerked spasmodically.
The intensity of Sarah's orgasm astounded me, until I felt it well
within me and I came with an equally earth shattering orgasm. We drifted
off to sleep in our embrace. We masturbated on our own, and together,
several more times during the holiday.

The spring term at school dragged by as usual until Sarah invited me
back to her parents' villa for the Easter holidays. Rummaging through
her wardrobe one evening she declared that she needed new clothes for
the holiday, and then asked if I wanted to go shopping with her. I
didn't think I needed anything but I went with her anyway, window
shopping is great fun! We looked around the shops for most of that
Saturday afternoon.

The last shop we were going to look around was a sports shop with a
wonderful array of swimming costumes. I had a look through them and
decided that I should get a new one, my old one was getting a tired. I
picked out a couple that I liked and tried them on in the changing
rooms, having decided which I preferred I walked over to the till to
pay. Sarah appeared at my side and looked down at my choice.

"Nice for school I suppose. How about getting something special for
our holiday?" she asked.

Sarah took me to a fashion shop to see the swimming costumes there,
some were really daring. There was an amazing silvery one that was
little than a "V" of material in the front and just a thong and a couple
of ties across the back. Then I saw the rack of bikinis, and just knew
that I would have to get one of them. Sarah helped me pick out a green
one that she said really brought out the colour of my eyes and would
look great with my hair. It was a lot more daring than I could away with
at school, but this was for a holiday.

After our holiday I decided to send David some more photos, this
time I sent him three of me posing in my new bikini. Perhaps I might
spur him onto to send me a photo of him, as I hadn't seen him for nearly
five years.

That Saturday, while the other girls from the house and I were
opening our post, I read a letter from David. He said how much he missed
me and how much he'd liked my holiday photo, so he had sent me a photo
of him getting a prize at a swimming competition. He looked gorgeous, I
could barely believe that this hunk was my brother. He had great muscle
definition and his tight speedos bulged, looking at the photo I felt a
now familiar tingle between my legs.

"Is that your boyfriend?" asked a friend, peering over my shoulder,
"He's lovely."

"No, it's my brother. He's just won some swimming thing."

"Ooh, where've you been hiding him? Can I meet him?"

"Sorry Hilary, you know that my parents are divorced and that I live
with my mum?"

"Yes ... ?"

"Well, David lives with our Dad and I haven't seen him since."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Sarah came over and rescued me before I started to cry, she knew
that I got all weepy whenever I talked about my parents' splitting up.
She took me back to our room and asked what the matter was.

"David sent me a photo and Hilary saw it, she asked if he was my
boyfriend. Then when I said that he was my brother she asked if she
could meet him. I had to tell her about the divorce."

I started to cry so Sarah craddled me in her lap stroking my hair
until I felt better. Eventually I stopped crying and looked up at Sarah.

"You're a great friend Sarah."

"S'OK, us girls have to look for each other. Can I see David's

I gave Sarah the letter and she glanced through it and then looked
at the photo. Her eyes widened and a beautiful smile spread across her

"You're really lucky, he looks great. Do you want to see some of

"Sure, if that's OK with you?"

Sarah stood and walked over to her bed and opened her bedside
cabinet, she squatted down and pulled out a small book with a clasp on
it. Walking back to my bed she pulled a locket out of her blouse and
took out a tiny key, she sat next to me and unlocked the clasp.

"These are my special memories, please be careful with them."

I promised to take care and Sarah handed me the book, it was a diary
going back nearly eight years. Every so often there would be an insert
like a bus ticket or a pressed flower, as I flipped my way through I
found a photo of a woman and two small children. They were on a beach
with other people, it reminded me of her parents' place in france. The
insert was another beach scene but everyone was naked, I looked up at
Sarah with a questioning look.

"My parents are naturists, they used to take us to a beach near the


I turned more pages and found several photos of Sarah and a boy who
looked vaguely familiar, the last photo showed Sarah and the boy standing and holding hands. They were on the other beach, so both were
naked. I was stunned for a moment as I looked at the photo, and then at
Sarah; she had a big grin, and nodded back to the photos.

In biology classes we had briefly covered the human reproductive
system, so I had seen pictures of a man's penis before but those were
just line drawings. This was a photo of a real boy, someone I had nearly
met and I was looking at his penis. It hung from a nest of tightly
curling hairs over his scrotum, for a moment I thought of the bulge in
David's speedos and wondered what he might look like naked. As I reached
for David's photo to compared him to Sarah's brother I felt the tingle
between my legs as my slit became moist and I moaned softly.

"Yeah, Charles does that to me sometimes."

I glanced over to Sarah, blushing a little, and saw that she had her
hand in her lap gently massaging herself.

"Oh, God! You play with yourself thinking about your brother?" I

"Umm, yeah, sometimes," Sarah replied.

"That's so ... er ... weird AND naughty!"

"Yeah, that's why it feels SO good! And now you've got a photo of
your brother you do the same. If you want to ..."

I looked back at the photos of David and of Charles, suddenly I
realised why he looked familiar.

"Hey, Sarah. Look it's your brother," I said pointing to a figure in
the background of David's picture.

"Don't be daft, you're just teasing me."

"No, I'm not. Look for yourself. There at the back."

Sarah took the photo and peered closely at it and then looked up.

"My God! You're right. They must be in the same school, perhaps they
know each other. That would be cool."


"I could get Charles to invite David on holiday with us this

"Would you? Really?"

"Yes, that way you two could get together again. And I get to meet
your hunk of a brother."

"Hands off he's mine!"

Sarah stared at me for a moment with a peculiar expression for a
moment and then grinned again.

"Sorry, just kidding. But remember Charles is mine too."

The next week Sarah showed my a letter from her brother, apparantly
he had had the same idea. Their parents were fine with having both of us
staying with them, so it was arranged. The only down side was that we
had to go with the school gymnastics team in the first week of the
school holidays, but we found out that it was to a competition in Paris.
We arranged with the school to get us put onto an internal flight to
Nice, the airline would look after us until Sarah's parents could
collect us.

There was a large crowd in the arrivals hall of the airport when we
got there, but in the distance I could just make out Sarah's Dad. We
made our way over through the crowd. And then I saw him standing in just
a pair of shorts and shoes.

"David!" I yelled as I dropped my bags and ran to him. We hugged for
what seemed for hours, his bare back was hot to my touch and I could
feel his hot hands on my own back. As we hugged I pressed myself up
against him and kissed him all over his face and neck, David was kissing
back and holding me tightly to him. Eventually we peeled apart as we
remembered that the others were there, then David gently pushed me away
from him and turned me around to look me over.

I had been looking forward to seeing him for so long I couldn't
decide what to wear, so Sarah had picked out some of her clothes for me.
I had on a green halter top and a skimpy pair of hotpants, as I was a
bit taller than Sarah I ended up showing a lot of skin. I realised from
David's reaction that she had made a good choice.

We were driven back to the villa by Sarah's Dad, David sat in the
back between Sarah and I spent most of the journey with my arm over his
shoulder running my fingers over his warm, bare skin. My other hand lay
in my lap and I surreptiously rubbed myself as I watched the growing
bulge in his shorts. The boys unpacked the Jeep and took our stuff to
the room that Sarah and I had shared the other times I had stayed there.
After a light supper Sarah and Charles said that we must have loads to
talk about, they left us to have a talk of their own. David and I walked
hand in hand to his room and we talked and talked for hours, and I fell
asleep with my head in his lap.

When I woke up, I was alone but I could what sounded like a shower
running. I had a look around at David's stuff and spotted the bikini
photos in the top drawer of a bedside unit, to my surprise ther was also
a box of condoms in the drawer. I wandered around the room for a bit and
then went to the bathroom door, I was going to knock to let David know
that I was up. Then I remembered Sarah's picture of her naked brother,
perhaps if I was quiet I could a sneak a glimpse of David.

I tried the door and it opened without a sound, I peeked in and saw
David standing under the shower head with his hand rubbing up and down
the length of his erect penis. Mesmerised I slipped into the bathroom,
the door shut behind me, so I looked around for somewhere to hide. I saw
that there was some sort of cupboard facing the shower so I tip toed
over to and carefully opened it. I slipped inside the cupboard and
closed the door with, what sounded like, a loud click. I froze for a
moment, and peered out through the louvred slatting in the door.

David was looking about the bathroom with a startled expression, but
he relaxed after a moment and then continued running his hand over his
erect penis in fast strokes. After a while he groaned and sagged as
something whitish spurted out of the end of his penis. He stood there
for a while before quickly washing and then he stepped out of the shower
to towel himself dry. I watched him wrap the towel around himself and
walk back into his room.

I was stunned by what I had seen, he had been masturbating and I was
so turned on, I unzipped the hotpants I was wearing and slid them down
over my bum and onto the floor. My hand slippled into my panties and I
ran my fingers along my slit, I was amazed at how wet I was already. My
little bump ached for attention so I ran my hand down between my legs
and quickly rubbed my palm hard against it. As I did so my forefinger
slipped in between my lips, and I melted into a orgasm thinking of David
in the shower.

After a few moments rest I pulled up my shorts, slipped out of the
cupboard and sneaked back into David's room once I had checked it was
emtpy. I sat on his bed and was thinking about what I had just done when
he walked back in still wearing the towel around his waist.

"Hi! Sleepy head. The bathroom's free if you want a shower to clean
up," he said.

"Thanks David, that sounds lovely. See you in a bit."

I walked into the bathroom and looked around, David's clothes were
scattered across the floor. "Typical!" I thought. I started the shower
running, and sat on the side of the bath and began to get undressed
after I had untied my top at the back I thought about David's clothes. I
wasn't sure that I wanted he sneaking in to get them while I was in the
shower; at least not yet.

"David? Haven't you learnt to tidy up?" I called out.


"Your clothes are just lying here in the middle of the floor."

"Oops, sorry. Can I come in?"

"OK, just be quick then."

David walked in and looked around, his gaze seemed to linger on me a
bit and then returned to his clothes on the floor, I looked down quickly
while he wasn't looking. My god! he could see the sides of my tits, no
wonder he looked for so long. I could feel my pussy clench and dampen.

"Sorry about the mess, I'm not really used to having girls around
that much."

"I know, it's the same with me and boys."

David grabbed the pile of clothes from the floor and carried them
over the laundry basket by the linen cupboard. As he stuffed his clothes
into the laundry basket he looked up at the cupboard door and saw it was
ajar. Oh no! I hadn't shut it! Then I saw the open slats in the door at
about head height and David staring at them. I ducked my head down so he
wouldn't see me blushing, hoping he wouldn't realise that I had spied on

"Umm, see you later then sis."

"OK, bro."

Once David had left and closed the door I finished undressing and
showered quickly, when I finished I remembered that there wasn't a clean
towel, so I called out.

"David? Could you get me a towel? I forget to take one in with me."

"Isn't there a clean one in the cupboard?"

"No, I checked earlier."


"Umm, yes. Er, just after I got out of the shower."

After a pause while I heard David rummaging about in drawers and he
knocked on the door.

"Hold on a moment," I said, I'm not decent."

"All right."

"It's OK now. You can come in."

He opened the bathroom door a little and held the towel through the
gap, wiggling it a bit. When I didn't take it he opened the door a bit
more and peered around the corner. I was standing in the bath with the
shower curtain draped around my and with one shoulder and arm exposed,
the other arm was holding the curtain. He walked into the bathroom and
handed me towel.

"Thanks, bro. I love having you around to help me out. It makes me
feel special inside. Come here a moment."

David stepped up to the bath and I kissed him on the cheek.

"You can go now," I said with big smile.

I finished of drying myself and wrapped the damp towel around myself
covering as much as I could. Looking round I knew that I would have to
go and get some fresh clothes and started to walk to the door to the
girls' room. Then I thought that as we hadn't heard from Charles or
Sarah that they might still be asleep. Knowing what Sarah could be like
early in the morning I decided it would be best to wait. So I walked
back into the boys' room to be greeted by David offering me a t-shirt
and pair shorts of his. I hugged him for his thoughtfulness.

"Eugh! You're all damp. I'll have to change my shirt," he exclaimed

He turned away and pulled off his now damp t-shirt and got another
one to wear. As he turned away I turned my back to him and started to
change into the clothes he was lending me but accidentally dropped the
towel. I muttered an "oops" under my breath and dropped down to pick it
up and wrap it back around myself. As I recovered the towel I looked
back to David and saw him looking at me, and his shorts bulging again.

"Naughty boy! You shouldn't peek at your sister like that."

"Umm, sorry. I'll leave," he mumbled as an apology.

"Don't be silly, I'm just teasing you!"

"OK, turn around for a moment, And NO peeking," I told David.

I carefully dressed but kept an eye on David by sneaking peeks in
the wall mirror.

"Right, let's see about getting my stuff sorted out. Come on David."

I took David's hand and we walked down the corridor to my room, when
we got to the door I stopped and listened. It sounded like they were
still asleep so I reckoned I could just slip inside and get some stuff
from my case. I cracked the door open a little and started to slip
inside when I stopped short. Sarah and Charles were in bed. Together.
Naked. I must have made some noise as David came to look over my

We backed off embarrassed, then David made some comment about us
having shared baths together when we were little, so what was different?

"Oh, be serious David! We were just little kids then, 4 or 5 at the
most. Mum would have a fit if she saw us like that now."

"Yes, I suppose you're right," he replied.

We went back to the boys room and waited to see what happened next.
About an hour later their Mum knocked on our door and walked in.

"Ah! You two are up already; I had to wake my two. Breakfast is will
be ready in about 15 minutes. Do you want coffee or chocolate?"

"Chocolate please Mrs. Jackson," I answered.

"Please call me Helen, Mrs. Jackson sounds so formal. We are on
holiday," she replied. "And what about you David?"

"Er, coffee please Mrs. - umm - Helen."

We went with Mrs. Jackson to the kitchen to help with breakfast. As
we walked past the other bed room I looked in through the open door and
saw both Sarah and Charles walking about completely nude, I grabbed
David hand.

"Don't worry about those two, we're pretty free and easy in this
villa. Sometimes we forget we have guests," Mrs. Jackson said. "The
nudist beaches are some of the best in area and we've been using them
since the kids were three."

After breakfast Sarah suggested that we went to the beach to
sunbathe and swim, I looked at David and slipped my hand into under the
table. Mrs. Jackson must have seen the worried look that passed between

"Don't tease them Sarah," she said, "I've already told them about
the other beaches. Take them to the regular beach for now."

"Mother! I MEANT the regular beach, silly!" replied Sarah.

"I've packed some food for you in any case, so you won't need to be
back until the late afternoon. Your father and I are going into town and
will back at about 4. Have fun."

I went with Sarah and we changed into our swimming costumes, Sarah
wore a bikini and I chose my more daring one piece costume and then we
both put on a wrap around skirt. We joined the boys who had put on their
speedos and shorts, and then collect the packed lunch that Mrs. Jackson
had prepared. We paired off and walked down to the beach, when I saw
Sarah and Charles holding hands I let David take mine.

Once one the beach Sarah offered to do David's back with the sun
cream, as the other three of us were quite tanned already. I shot Sarah
a look to remind her that he was my brother and she had promised to not
try to get her claws in him. She smile back and winked. Then David stood
and slipped of his shorts and she whistled.

"Wow! July, he looks really handsome in those trunks."

After David had settled onto his front Sarah began to rub on the sun
cream and I lay back to enjoy the sun for a while. I could hear them
talking quietly for a while and tried to ignore them, until I saw Sarah
slip a hand between his legs.

"OK, my turn," I said, "I'll do his chest."

I glared at Sarah, but she just smiled, then winked and leaned over
to whisper into my ear.

"It's OK, I know he's your brother - I have my hands full with
Charles, enjoy him."

Puzzled by Sarah's comment I knelt by my brother's right hand side
and gently rubbed the sun cream over his chest enjoying the feel of his
firm muscles. I glanced over to Sarah and she was rubbing sun cream into
Charles' chest too, as I watched she kept dipping her fingertips under
the waistband of his trunks. She leant down and kissed him on the lips
as his hand that was stroking her leg began to work closer to her
crotch. She shuffled her legs apart and looked over at me as Charles
hand ran over the front of her bikini bottoms. She smiled and nodded
towards David and mouthed "go on, you too."

I don't know why I did it, perhaps I wanted to show Sarah I could
out do her, but every so often I let a hand slip lower until it nudged
against the top of his trunks. I do know that those lovely feelings I
got when I masturbated started to grow and knot up inside my tummy but I
was having to stretch a lot at this point so I decided to try something

"I can't reach properly like this," I whispered, "stay where you are
for a moment."

I stood up and knelt over David's stomach with a leg on either side,
and then wriggled to get comfortable and continued rubbing in the sun
cream. As I worked my way down his chest I would slip a little further
back, until I felt something nudging my bottom. I froze for a moment, it
had to be his erect penis. I looked over at Sarah and Charles and could
hardly believe it, she had her hand inside his trunk rubbing back and
forth as she masturbate her brother. Then Charles grabbed her hand and
whispered something to her, she nodded and they scrambled to their feet
and ran up towards the villa.

Now that we were alone and feeling emboldened by what I had seen I
decided to try something daring. I adjusted my position as I moved
further back and I could feel David's erect penis between my legs,
rubbing along the length of my pussy. It felt amazing, my clitoris was
throbbing and I knew that I was getting wet inside. When I began to
massage David's lower chest I couldn't resist it, so I started to grind
against him at the same time. my breathing became irregular and came in
shallow gasps and pants. Then David began to thrust up against me in
time with my movements, and he was starting to pant and moan too.

"Oh, yes!" I groaned. "Come for me David, come."

That must have had an effect on David as he reached up and gripped
my bottom, kneading as we thrust against each other and then his fingers
slipped under my costume. Suddenly David went stiff and pushed upwards.
I could feel him throbbing under me as he came, I froze for a moment
staring into his eyes and shuddered into my own climax. I collapsed
forward onto him, and he slowly pulled his fingers out from under her
swimming costume and held me as I mumbled into his shoulder.

"Oh my God! David! I love you! But you're my brother. This isn't
right. But it feels so good. I want more. I want you."

Eventually I picked myself up and pecked David on the lips.

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up."

I dragged David down to the sea, and waved him in after me. Once we
were treading water facing each other I looked at David.

"Take your trunks off, no one can see you here."

He slipped off his trunks and swooshed them about in the water for a
bit, but when it looked as if he was about to pull them back on I
grabbed them off him.

"See, fine now, nice and clean. In fact a great ... TROPHY!"

I then started to swim as fast as I could back to the beach,
standing in the shallows I waved them at him as a taunt and backed up to
the towels. But David stayed in the deeper water kneeling.

"Come on, July. Give them back. I can't come out of the sea like

"Why not? No one's watching."

"Please, this isn't funny any more."

I laughed, and ran back to the towels, and sat down hugging my knees
and laughing. I looked around and saw that no one was in the immediate
area so I held up my trophy and waved them at David again. Eventually
David screwed up his courage and stepped out of the water and walked up
the beach towards me. As he did his penis wobbled from side to side and
slowly stiffened, when he got back to the towels it was pointing
straight at me. Watching it I remembered something Sarah had once said,
and realised that cock seemed a much better word for a thick, hard, long
erect penis.

"I think you better put these on before anybody complains," she said
with a grin.

"Well, you started it."

"I'm sorry. Does it always get big like that?"

"What? Oh, umm, sometimes. If I'm with a pretty girl."

"So, you must think that I'm pretty?"

"Er, yes. Very pretty."

"Thanks bro."

I sat up, and hugged and kissed David quickly on the cheek.

"Have you seen Sarah or Charles?"

"No, but you've been distracting me a lot. Perhaps they've gone back
to the villa. Should we check?" I asked.

We collected together our stuff and walked back to the villa. As we
walked I reached over with a free hand and held David's free hand, and
smiled at him.

"It's great having you around. I've missed you so much."

"Yeah, me too. Thanks for writing and the photos."

"You liked the photos then?"

"Yeah! I liked the later ones the best. You looked great in that

"I've got it with me, perhaps I'll wear it the next time we go to
the beach or go swimming."

"Did you like my photo then?"

"Oh yes! But those trunks are so sexy. Why didn't you wear them for
the photo?"

"School rules. I can't wear these ones for swimming events."

"That's a pity! But then all my friends at school were SO jealous
when they saw the photo anyway! My big strong brother winning a medal.
They wanted to know if you were my boyfriend, but when I said that you
were my brother they all asked to meet you."

"Sheesh, you haven't set me up with Sarah have you?"

"Don't you like her then?" I teased him.

"No, it's not that. I wanted to see you so much. We've got seven
years to catch up on."

"Isn't she pretty then?"

"Yes, she is, but not as much as you. Besides she doesn't really
seem that interested in me."

"Yeah, right! She seemed pretty interested as she rubbed that sun
cream into your back earlier," I teased him again.

At this point we had arrived back at the villa, David tried the door
and it was unlocked, so he opened it.

"After you, my lady."

"Thank you sir."

We looked around but couldn't find them in the main part of the

"Perhaps they're changing." I said.

"Good idea, I could do with a quick shower to rinse the salt and
sand out."

"So could I. Mind if I join you?"

"Just like when we were six?"

We walked to the boys' room and dumped our stuff and then went into
the bathroom. In the middle of the floor there was a pile of clothes
that looked like Charles' and Sarah's. We tidied them up into the
laundry basket and then David started to strip of his trunks. I gasped
and David glanced up to see me staring at his crotch and blushing. He
mumbled "sorry" and turned towards the shower. Then he pulled his trunks
down and I watched his tight bum flex as he walked to the shower and got
in after starting it.

I slipped in after him and stood with my back to him

"Do you want me to do you back for you?" he asked.


I swept my hair out of the way and over my front, and bent over a
little, my bottom brushing against him. Then I felt David's strong hands
massaging shower gel into my back, he was good. And I could hardly hold
back a moan as he lathered my bottom.

"OK, turn round so I can do you back now," I whispered.

Taking my time I returned the favour and carefully soaped his back,
as my mind kept slipping back to watching him masturbating in the shower
earlier that morning.

"Stay there for a moment, I'm going to do my front now," I told him.
"OK, you turn around now."

When I finished I looked back over my shoulder towards David.

"I'll get out now so that you can do your front."

I stepped out of the shower keeping my back to David and closed the
curtain behind me and began to dry off with a towel until David pulled
the shower open a little.

"Can I have a towel please?" he asked.

"Sure, hold on. I'll just get one from the linen cupboard."

Then it hit me, I had just let on about the linen cupboard, he must
realise that I had been spying on him this morning. In a daze I got a
spare towel and turned back towards the shower. David had just stepping
out and was facing me, I dropped the towel in shock and he just stood
there looking at me.

"Oh! July! You're beautiful!"

I blushed even more, held the towel out towards him and mumbled,
"You're not so bad yourself David."

David took the towel, turned away, and quickly dried himself off,
and then he wrapped the towel about himself sarong-style and sat on the
edge of the bath. I had also wrapped my towel around myself and was
drying my hair with another towel.

"Come on, let's find the others," he suggested.

"Well, they didn't seem to be in the rest of the house, so I suppose
they could be in the other bedroom."

David walked over to the other door and listened, there were sounds
of movement and moans from the other side. I tried the door and it swung
open. I looked at David for a moment and then peeped inside, and then
stepped into the room. David followed me in carefully and stopped just
behind me.

Sarah and Charles were on the bed. Together. Naked. Having sex.

Charles was lying on his back with Sarah kneeling over him, her
hands were on his shoulders as she raised and lowered herself on his
cock, and Charles' hands were mauling her breasts. Both had their eyes
closed and both were grunting and moaning. We both stood there, shocked,
for some time, then we edged back out of the room and closed the door

"Oh! My God!" I muttered. "Even better than watching you in the..."
I stopped and put my hand to my mouth thinking "Oh shit! Know he knows."
I looked at him.

"Watching me were?"

"Er, in the shower, umm. I'm sorry!"

The embarrassment was so great that I started to cry, but David
hugged me and wiped away my tears.

"Look, it's not important, nothing to worry about. Come on, let's go
into our room and talk about this."

He bent down and kissed me on the cheek, and said that he loved me.
Taking my hand he led me into our room and sat me on a bed.

"I'm sorry I spied on you, it's just that I hadn't seen anything
like it before."

"Look, it's only natural to be curious."

"But not watching your brother in the shower!"

"You were watching me in the shower? When we were doing each other's

"No, it was this morning. I woke up and you were gone. I needed to
go to the toilet so I went to the bathroom. I could hear the shower
running inside, I really don't know why but I tried the door, and as it
wasn't locked I looked in. I'm really sorry but I couldn't help but see
what you were doing."

"What was I doing?"

"Well, you were facing the door, leaning back against the wall,
wanking. I just had to stay and watch, I don't really know why. You
looked so happy, I wanted to help you but that is so wrong. Isn't it?"

I look up at David, expectantly, and he kissed me on the lips.

"It can't be wrong. You were just curious, weren't you? It's not as
if we're doing what Charles and Sarah are doing? Is it?"

I thought about it for a moment, and about how I had been teasing
him on the beach. Then I made up my mind.

"Aren't you angry that I watched you wanking? Would you be happier
if we were even?"

"What do you mean even?" I asked.

"What if I let you watch me doing myself? We'd be even then,
wouldn't we be?"

"I don't know. It seems a bit weird."

"Please, let me. I'd feel better about all this."

"Are you really sure?"

I looked David in the eye and nodded tugging my hands free of his so
that I could pull my towel free. David watched my breasts appear as the
towel fell away. I wriggled around a little and then lay back pulling
the towel away from my body completely.

Initially nervous I began by running my hands over my breasts,
playing with my nipples as they hardened. Leaning back fully I closed my
eyes and let my hands work their familiar magic on my sensitive spots.
As my breathing became heavier I let on hand move downwards slowly to
rub across my tummy just above my trimmed pubic hair. When it felt right
my fingers formed a "V" and rubbed lower and lower. I wet my other
fingers in my mouth for a moment and returned them to my nipples,
squeezing and twirling them between a finger and thumb. Then I wetted my
other index finger and returned it to my pussy and slowly ran it back
and forth along my slit.

I had become intimately familiar the interplay of sensations during
my many solitary explorations. Sometimes when Sarah and I had played
together the feeling had built up this fast and this intensely, but this
time felt so different. Was it because I was masturbating in front of a
boy for the first time, or was it because I was doing it in front of my
brother? Then I felt the bed shifting as David moved about. I opened my
eyes and looked at him. His cock had lifted a tent in his towel and his
hand was under the material.

"Oh, yes! Take it out David. Play with yourself for me. Please!"

As David pulled the towel open I moved my legs further apart and
began dipping my finger between the swollen lips of my pussy. Slowly our
movements fell in synch, my hand between my legs and my brother's hand
pumping up and down his shaft. I could feel myself getting closer.

"Oh, God! Yes! Yes! I'm coming David! I'm coming for you!"

I collapsed back on the bed panting and gasping, David sat up,
crawled over to me, and took me in his arms. Slowly I came back to my
senses and looked up at him smiling languidly.

"Oh, David! That was the best one yet. Thanks for being with me."

I snuggled down into his arms and laid my head against my brother's
chest, running my hand over his stomach, each stroke went lower until my
hand was grazing his pubic hair.

"Cool, your pubes are ginger like mine. But there is a BIG
difference between us, I don't have one of these," I said wrapping my
hand around his cock. Slowly I started to run my hand up and down.

"Am I doing this right? I haven't done this before."

"Doing it right? Oh, yes!"


I looked up to David, and smiled. He ran his hand down the side of
my face and lifted chin, looking me in the eye.

"I love you July Bridges,"

He bent down and kissed me, my tongue slipped in between his lips
and played with his tongue, slowly David pushed me onto her back,
kissing me. As I continue working on his cock David began to lay a trail
of kissed down my neck and throat towards my breasts. Then he kissed one
nipple sending an electric shock straight to my clitoris. He worked
gently on that nipple and then eventually transferred his attention to
the other.

I curled my free hand into his hair and gently guide him, arching my
back against him, pushing my nipples and breasts into his mouth.

"Please, David, I need to see you come. Please do it for me," I
begged gazing straight into his eyes imploringly. I let go of his lovely
cock and took hold of his right hand and gently pulled it down to it. I
pushed him onto his back and lay on my side next to him hooking a leg
over his to pull myself tightly against him.

David began to masturbate slowly, watching me lying next to him. I
ran my hand over his chest toying with his nipples. As his breathing got
heavier I began to grind my pussy up against his leg in time with his

"My God, July! You are so beautiful and sexy," he gasped.

"You're not so bad your self David. I love you too."

He leant over and we kissed, his tongue sliding into my mouth and
twirled around my own. Then he started to roll onto his side pushing me
onto my back, lying between my legs. He propped himself up and looked at
me with awe in his eyes. My hand slowly began to pull his cock lower,
then David shifted his hips a little and his cock slipped between my
thighs. I could feel the heat of it as I rubbed it along the length of
my slit.

"No, David. Please don't, not yet," I pleaded.

I pushed up against his shoulders and managed to sit up a little,
then I took the box of condoms out of the bedside cabinet.

"I'm not on the pill, so we'll have to use these," I said and then
with a sly smile, "Expecting some fun this holiday?"

"No, Dad got them for me. He didn't want me to get into trouble."

"I'll bet he was expecting this," I looked at him and giggled, "Lie
back. I have to make you decent if you're going to fuck me."

Oh God! Where was all this filthy language coming from? All I knew
was I loved my brother intensely, that I wanted him, I wanted him inside
me, to make me a woman. I opened the box and took out one of the
condoms, tore open the foil and then I carefully unfurled it over
David's cock.

"Now, where were we?" I asked, "Oh, yes!"

I laid back and reached for David, he rolled back between my legs
and I guided his cock to my pussy. He pushed forward slowly and I felt
the fat head slowly prise its way between my lips and nudge inwards. I
had never felt anything like it before, my fingers always felt good, but
never this thick and solid. He filled me up. Then David stopped pushing
deeper and looked at me, his eyes wide open, questioning.

"Yes, David, I am a virgin. I was saving my cherry for the man I
love. You."

"Oh, July. You are the best thing to happen to me, why did we have
to wait for so long? I love you."

"I love you too. Now stop talking and fuck me."

He smiled wonderfully, pulled back and pushed forward again, but
again he couldn't penetrate me all the way. He reared back until I felt
the head of his cock spreading my lips wide again and pushed back hard.
I lifted my hips to meet his thrust and his cock burst through in a
searing stab of pain. I grabbed his shoulders tightly as I moaned and
cried, but David held me close, kissing me, stroking me.

Eventually the pain lifted and all I could feel was my brother's
wonderful cock burrowed deeply inside me, I began to thrust up at him
slowly. David kissed me once more and together we began to work
together. I hooked my legs over his, working them higher and higher
until my ankles were around his waist.

"Oh, God! David! More! More! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Hard! Harder!"

I was clawing at his back as I humped up against him when the
biggest climax I had ever experienced welled up and flooded through my
body. As I lay there jerking under my brother I felt him stiffen and
yell out my name. He thrust forward hard and he came inside me, spurting
hard, his cock throbbing, swelling, pulsing.

After an eternity lying in each other's arms David carefully pulled
back out, holding onto the condom.

"Bravo! Great show!"

David and I looked at each other and then around the room, in shock.
Charles and Sarah were standing at the foot of the bed, naked. Sarah
smiled and walked around the bed to July and sat down, she bent down to
kiss me.

"So, how was he? Was it worth the wait?" She asked.

"Oh! He was wonderful. Thanks for everything Sarah," I replied,
glancing over to me with a weak smile, finally realising what she had
been planning for me and David.

"David, I'm sure the girls want to talk. Do you want to help to me
move my stuff into Sarah's room and mine? " Charles asked.

When David started to look for something to wear Sarah told him not
to bother, so he helped Charles collect his stuff together and they
walked out to the other room.

I looked at Sarah and saw her massive grin, and the glow she
sometimes had after the times she and I had masturbated together. I must
look like that now I supposed.

"Will your parents think it's odd if you and Charles are sharing?"

"No, we've often had guests so Charles and I have shared since we
were at least five I think, she replied. "Also the nudism thing means
that none are embarrassed about being naked together."

"Can I asked you a personal question Sarah?"

"You mean, about me and Charles making love together?"

"Well ... er ... yes. How long have you ..."

"About a year and half or so."

"How much did you see just then?"

"Don't worry July, it wasn't much. But what we saw was beautiful.
You two are so lucky to have each other, David must love you so much."

We sat together on the bed for a little while, then Sarah looked at

"Hmm, I think you need a shower young lady and I'll change your
sheets while you're in the bathroom."

I got up a little wobbly and walked back into the bathroom and saw
David bent over the sink washing his face. I walked up behind him and
hugged him tight.

"Oh David! I love you! Thank you so much for that it was wonderful."

"You're thanking me? I should thank you."

He turned around in my arms and kissed me tenderly, and then gently
patted my bottom.

"I think I heard Sarah ordering you a shower, off you go."

I spent the next fifteen minutes luxuriating under the power shower,
feeling the new aches slowly drift away. Eventually Sarah popped her
head around the door and told me that her parents ought to be back in
about half an hour or so. I walked back into the boys room. I thought
for a moment, the boys room? No, it was mine and David's and room. In
fact they had bought my stuff in from the "girls" room and Sarah had
unpacked it.

David was leaning back on his bed in a pair of shorts, I smiled at
him and casually let the towel drop. He looked up and smiled.

"Hello Beautiful!"

"Hello Handsome!"

I wandered over to the wardrobe and picked out a light top and skirt
and dressed, I decided to leave off underwear, it seemed to hot for
that, and it just felt right at that time. A little later Charles' and
Sarah's parents did return and Sarah and I made supper, while they
washed and changed.

Mrs. Jackson came back wearing a bikini and sarong skirt like
Sarah's and Mr. Jackson, Steven, was just wearing a pair of shorts. We
all sat around the big kitchen table, and enjoyed a light salad with
cold meats, cheese and fresh fruit. Steven had opened a couple of
bottles of wine and allowed us to have some. I had had wine before, but
never more than one small glassful at any one time, the wine wonderfully

After supper, David and Charles did the dishes and the rest of us
went into the main lounge and sat chatting and sipping the wine.
Eventually Helen and Steven stood up and said that they were going to
bed, we were welcome to stay up longer if we wanted to. Charles and
Sarah stood up to kiss their parents good night. Helen hugged them both
and then kissed them on the lips, Steven hugged Sarah, his hands cupped
her bottom and gently squeezed and they kissed.

David and I looked at each other, was there more going on than we'd
realised? Helen looked over to us and smiled. David stood and Helen
walked over to him and kissed him good night as well, her hands slipping
down inside his short to cup his bum as they kissed. I looked at Steven
and smiled, he walked over and held out his hand. I took it and he
helped me out of my seat. He held me in his arms and gently kissed me,
running his hands up and down my sides and finally caressing my bottom.

Then Steven and Helen held hands and walked out to their room. David
and I looked glanced at each other again, then Sarah giggled.

"Sorry about that, I suppose we should have warned you that Mum and
Dad are affectionate."

"Look guys, it's still early so how about a swim in the pool before
we got to bed?" asked Charles.

"Won't we disturb your parents?" replied David.

"Oh no! It's more likely that they'll disturb us, you should hear
them some nights. Mum's really loud when she comes."

Charles looked over to his sister and laughed, "Well she's not the
only one sis, you really take after her like that!"

"Ooh! You beast!"

Sarah pounced on Charles and they started to wrestle on the sofa,
slowly the wrestling became affectionate until they were just holding
each other and kissing. David walked over and sat next to me and cuddled
me. Finally Charles and Sarah broke apart and giggled at us.

"So, who's for a late dip then?" Sarah asked, standing up and slowly
unwinding her sarong. Charles stood and pulled down his shorts and stood
in the middle of the room naked. David watched Sarah for a moment and
then looked to me.

"Sis, are you OK with this?"

I nodded and watched as he stood and mirrored Charles' actions, as
Sarah finished removing her skirt and bikini. With the three of them now
standing in the centre of the room naked, I really felt over dressed, so
I stood and removed my top and skirt.

"Wow!" exclaimed Charles, "You're a really lucky guy David."

"Hey! What about me?" asked Sarah.

"Oh babes! I am sorry. You're gorgeous too."

David walked over to me, took my hand and looked into my eyes, "He's
right, I really do feel so lucky to have such a beautiful sister." Then
he hugged me tightly and kissed my nose. When we unwound from each other
we could hear playful splashing coming from the pool outside. We walked
out arms around each others' waists and saw the other two in the pool
mucking about. David dove into the pool and I quickly followed. After
some time one of the windows opened and Helen leaned out and called to

"Come on kids, let us old folks get some sleep. It's an early start
tomorrow if we're going to our favourite beach."

When I looked over I was surprised to see her naked at the window,
but not as surprised as when Steven stepped up behind her and began to
kiss her neck and run his hands over her sides and breasts. As I watched
one hand slipped lower until it was beneath the window ledge and
caressing her front. She arched her back thrusting her breasts up and
out and her moan carried easily on the still night's air.

Behind me there was a gasp, and I turned to see what was wrong.
David was looking back and forth between the window and Sarah and
Charles. Sarah was lying back on the edge of the pool with Charles
between her spread legs licking and kissing her pussy with a finger
slowly pistoning into her pussy.

"OK Kids, that's enough. Time for bed!" called out Steven.

I looked at Charles and he laughed and waded out of the pool
offering me his hand.

"Well sis, it looks tomorrow is going to be interesting!"

He was right, in fact the remainder of the holiday was great and
another story.


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