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HOME hurt seemed prefer


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
They was Home...
Security systems just don't work when the owner is forced to
disarm them.
Oh sure, there's a panic code to give the company a secret
signal, but when there's a razor at your 14-year-old's throat you have to
play straight. That's how Shelia felt when the men grabbed her and
hustled her inside the house. Little Debbie would be the first casualty
of any silent alarm, they assured her and she couldn't take the chance.
Obviously, she would be the first casualty of no alarm, she
realized as the taller of the two leered at her when she had punched in
the code.
"You know what to do," he said and then laughed as she shook
her head, "come on momma, out of them clothes or we do your
daughter right now." She wasn't sure what doing Debbie would be, but she knew she
had to prevent it. She started fumbling with buttons, undressing
clumsily as her hands shook with fear. When she had stripped to bra
and panties, she looked hopefully at the man and he shook his head.
She took off the bra and looked again. He just laughed.
"Come on, show us what you've got," he jeered, "I promise you
there won't be any secrets left by the time we're through."
She was a little surprised that he didn't show more interest
when she stood naked before him. Instead he pulled her into the living
room and tied her to the Barcalounger. Then he told his companion to
watch the two and left the room. Bad news. He returned in a few
minutes with Amy.
"What a fine little group we have here," he said as he dragged
the 17-year-old into the room by her hair. "I think we're going to have a
little party."
It took Amy a moment to recover from the rough handling and
the sight of her nude mother tied to the chair, but when she did, she
exploded in an unwise and vitriolic stream.
"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded, "You can't
come in here and treat us like this! How stupid can you be? You won't
get away with it and when my dad finds you, he won't call the cops!
You better get out now or your only hope will be that he fucks up and
kills you quick!"
The tall one didn't even consider her words. But he was
fascinated by the fire.
"You sit there or we'll hurt your mommy," he snapped at
Debbie and then motioned for his cohort to hold Amy.
"Your daddy must be guarding something sweet then," he
grinned at Amy as he lifted her shirt. "My, my look what's under here."
He pushed Amy's bra out of the way as well and then opened
her jeans and pulled them to her knees. Out of the corner of his eye he
saw Debbie sliding carefully along the couch. He jumped up and
turned to Shelia, backhanding her across the face.
"Now look what you've done to your mommy," he said to
Debbie and the little girl slid back to her place, tears coming to her eyes.
The jeans were proving to be an effective hobble as Amy
twisted in her captor's arms and stumbled as she tripped on the
constraining pants.
"We do the hellcat first, or should we continue with mom?" he
asked his confederate.
"Whichever. But let's get this one tied up, she getting to be
quite a handfull," the other man said.
They tied Amy's ankles and her elbows behind, her wrists in
front and tossed her on the couch next to her sister. The second man
said he didn't trust Debbie either and they tied her as well.
The tall one stroked his chin as he considered the women.
"Let's see, let's see," he pondered, "I know the fiery little bitch
has you as hot as she has me, but mom was so nice to us. And I think
she'd be a little hurt if we seemed to prefer her daughter to her."
"Don't feel that way," he said to Shelia, "We know you've got it
all over the young one. She might be firmer and tighter, but I know
she's all talk when it comes to getting down to business. You're a
mature woman and I bet you know a lot of ways to make it real nice
for a guy that she's never even thought of."
"Go ahead and do it to me, just leave the girls alone," Shelia
begged, "I'll do what you want if you don't touch the girls."
"We'll do what we want and then touch the girls," the second
man countered, "what'cha going to do about it?"
"Wouldn't it be nicer if you didn't have to force me?" Shelia
asked, slipping into a seductive tone, "I could do some of those things
your partner was talking about if I felt my girls were safe."
"Ooooo, got my dick hard talking about that!" the first one
broke in, "but what's to say we won't have you and then do the girls
"You'd have to let them go," Shelia offered.
"Sure and go right to the cops," snorted burglar number two.
"They couldn't while you were holding me," Shelia replied.
"They'd know what you would do. But they could wait outside while
you did whatever you have to do and you could leave me tied up- not
real tight. That way I could get out after a while and signal them it was
okay. You'd have your fun and get a big head start while I was getting
out of the ropes."
"Sounds like you've played this game before," said the tall one.
"I'm ready to do anything to keep my girls safe," Shelia added,
"I had to think of something and that's the first thing that came to
"Then you're a smart lady," the tall one said, "let me think this
over a little and we'll see." The two had a brief talk and the first one came back.
"You girls don't try anything brave," he addressed Amy, "We
will make your mother suffer for it. And don't get any ideas about
picking us off as we leave the house. We're just smart enough to have
one scout for trouble while the other holds the razor to your mother's
Then he picked up Amy and the other guy picked up Debbie
and they took them out of the room. As they returned, Shelia suddenly
realized what she had agreed to do. The reality of having these men
use her filled her thoughts now that she had accomplished the saving of
her children.
"I don't like turnin' her loose," the second man said, "what have
we got on her now?"
"Other than the fact either one of us can drop her like a
poleaxed heifer? But I see your point. I don't want you punching her
with my crank in her mouth either," the first man agreed, "What say we
leave a little noose on her to keep her docile?"
Shelia didn't know what to do. She waited zombie-like as they
looped a noose over her neck and released her from the ropes. When
she didn't get up the first man chided her.
"Now come on, where's that fancy stuff you promised? If
you're just going to lie there, we're going to have to have you signal the
girls back inside," he threatened.
"Well, if you think you're safe now, why doesn't one of you get
your dick out," Shelia said with false bravery.
The second one fished out his dick and presented it to her. She
strained a little against the noose as she bent forward to take it in her
mouth. But rather than loosen the rope, the second man stepped closer
and pushed his cock too far down her throat.
"Hey- what am I going to do while you fuck her face?" the first
one asked, "She's sitting on the other action end."
They compromised on tying her ankles and wrists and tossing
her on the sofa.
"Up like a pooch and show us your doggy moves," the first one
Shelia did as she was told. Now that she knew for sure that she
was to be raped, she had converted to the survival mode. She was
going to do as she was told and hope her girls could get far enough
away before they were through with her.
Number two shoved her forward to number one, who caught
her shoulders as she tipped off balance on her knees. She felt number
two climb over her legs and then she was stabbed with a cock. Once he
was settled, the first man lowered her head until his dick was in her
"Come on, show me some fancy sucking," he chided as he
rubbed the cock on her face.
It wasn't supposed to be a good experience, she reminded
herself. She was trying to stay alive. She opened her mouth and took
him inside. As she sucked, she knew it was not to be a pleasant thing.
He had far too much control for her to defend herself against his
thrusting too deep. As he came alive and swelled in her mouth, she
could only feel her helplessness against the will of these men.
The one brutally used her vagina and the other teased her with
her helplessness as he thrust his entire organ back into her throat and
then took it away, threatening a repeat until the threats became reality.
Then she felt the dog behind her come. His sticky, warm pollution
flowing unprotected inside her. She was dirty and abased.
She reddened with the shame as the man pulled away from her
and chortled, "She's a nice 'un, come get yourself some."
The first man flipped her on her side as he moved away and
then took up a position between her legs. Lifting her bound ankles, he
pushed his dick into her as she lay on her back on her tied hands. Then
the shame of her rape became the pain as the rough entry revealed the
friction burns from the first man. The burns became small things as the
first man rammed his length in her.
He was no more brutal than the first man, he was just better at
it. He paced his thrusts to milk her anticipation and catch her
unprepared as often as he could. He was brutalizing her with his prick,
using it as a psychological bludgeon rather than a sex organ. As if he
had seen this before, the second man waited as his partner rammed her
and then dropped his dick in her mouth as the first man began to bang
her in earnest.
His stamina was horrible, battering and battering her with
unbelievably hard and rapid strokes. She sucked his partner with
urgency to take her mind off the rape that seemed to have no end. It
went on so long that she didn't realize for a moment that it had ended.
He had fucked her so hard and so long that she still seemed to feel it
after he was through.
And the horror was that they were going to do it again! The
second man hadn't taken his cock from her mouth. He was still pushing
it against her tongue as she sucked him. It wouldn't be long until he
was ready again and she knew that meant his buddy would be wanting
his as well.
She didn't have to wonder long. The man she had been sucking
had a serviceable, if not stiff erection when the first man walked over
and plopped his dick on her face.
"You don't have to hog it, she can do us both," he told his
She was convinced this was a script they had played out before.
They were talking to each other only to inform her of what was
expected. It was a terrible thing. They were infecting her dreams now.
A fantasy of serving two men was polluted forever by their forcing her
into the reality and spiking the dream with evil memories.
But at least she knew the moves from her fantasies. She only
had to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. They could drag their
cocks around and slip into her mouth to their content. And they used
her to their satisfaction.
Suddenly the realization that they both were able to violate her
at the same time flashed into her mind. And she knew they wouldn't be
satisfied with orally sodomizing her as one of their options. She took a
deep mental breath and tried to prepare for the ordeal ahead.
In the amusing, except to the victim, way of these things, she
was absolutely right and completely wrong at the same time. But the
men had lied to her and she had accepted these lies in her imagining.
Her rape was all the more humiliating and wasted when the second
man left the room and returned dragging her daughters.
"They hit us and gagged us," complained Amy.
"And now we're going to give you a show," said the first man,
standing with his hands on his hips, thrusting his erect member at the
girls, "We're going to demonstrate baby making."
"Oh god, mom, help us," Amy's anger cracked and she began
to cry.
"She's done a lot already," the first man laughed, "she's so hot
we wanted more, but if you like, we'll demonstrate on your mother."
Amy made a show of her hesitation, but didn't wait long
enough to be convincing before she nodded her head sadly. The man
smiled at her guilt and went over to Shelia.
"She likes it, she really does, and she's glad to do it for you," he
said to Amy, "Don't worry about us doing it to her some more. It's
better that you not get your share."
He shoved his cock into Shelia with a vicious thrust and started
fucking her. It was more painful each time one of them took her and
she cried out as he began. But she knew her daughter was in pain
"It's all right, honey. He's right, it's better me than you," Shelia
tried to comfort Amy, but despite her attempt to stay bright, her voice
broke with sudden pain and sent the opposite message she had wished.
"NO- Do me instead!" Amy suddenly cried out. "Leave her
alone, can't you see you're hurting her?"
"Do you think she can take it, mom?" the first man asked
Shelia as he rammed his cock into her. "You think she's ever had one
this big?"
"No, don't, just keep fucking me, I'll do whatever you want,"
Shelia begged between gasps as he rubbed her even more raw.
The lines changed a little from performance to performance,
but the two operated from the same script every time. The first man
rammed deep into Shelia and let her squirm on the fully-inserted prick
as the second one waggled his cock at Amy.
"I'll let you help a little," the second man grinned at Amy, "I'll
let you save mom at least one turn."
With that, he pushed his dick against her mouth and she opened
to accept it. He fucked her mouth until she started sucking on her
own. Then he let her please him as he watched her awkward attempts
to move on him in her bondage. But he wasn't supposed to drag this
out too long.
He pulled away from Amy and lifted her by the hips into a
knee-cheek position. When he had shoved his organ into her from the
rear, he could grab her by the wrists and use them to pull her up to his
thrusts. Shelia wailed dejectedly as she saw her daughter abused and
struggled on the first man's deep driven cock.
That served him well. She was keeping his need alive and
bringing it just short of a boil. The delay would only make him more
suitable for his role yet to come.
"How's she riding?" the first man asked his partner.
"I ain't the first," he replied, "But I bet you could make her
wiggle real good, knowing you."
"Wanna switch then?" he asked, already knowing the answer.
He had pulled his cock from Shelia by the time his partner said,
"Sure, but you got to make her wiggle good."
Shelia was distracted from the second man raping her yet again
by her compulsive attention to the first taking her daughter. Amy and
Shelia shared that attention as Amy could not ignore the size of the
organ that was being pushed into her rectum.
"Oh please mister, I can't do it that way," Amy squealed as she
tried to slither away from the anal intrusion.
"I bet you'd rather I stick it in your mom, or maybe your little
sister," he grunted as he fought to hold her in place, "You really are a
shitty little kid, aren't you."
"No, no, no! Please! You're hurting me real bad!" Amy
squealed, but she stilled at the accusation from her rapist.
He forced her sphincter without remorse and rammed in his
cock without the mercy she begged for. It was a dry, tight hole, but his
excitement came from the howls of despair and wailing that his
unnatural rape of the teenager induced rather than the pleasure of the
sex. All three females were begging him to stop, Amy's mother and
sister even louder than Amy herself. But that was natural since Amy's
sobbing and crying out in pain interrupted her ability to pray for mercy
from her assailant.
Her ass was tender when he drove against it, spearing her deep
with his outsized prick. The soft flesh compressing as he reformed her
to his belly made him think of sweet things and warm baths. The way
her asshole fought him only amused him as he fucked ravenously.
"Don't hurt my baby!" Shelia begged as he bent over the girls'
back to batter her even harder.
"What have you got to give me?" the first one asked.
"What do you want? You can have anything!" Shelia shrieked.
The first one smiled. He pulled his cock out of Amy and stood
over Shelia.
"How about a nice blowjob?" he said, lowering the shit-stained
dick to her mouth. Shelia didn't even pause. She arched up for him and
sucked his cock into her mouth. Behind him, Amy gasped.
Both girls turned from the sight of their mother sucking the
cock that had been raping Amy. Then the second one chuckled.
"Getting a little crowded here," the second man said.
"Then why don't you finish what I started after you started her
first," his partner urged.
Shelia sensed that stopping was a bad idea. Betrayed again by
the hope that these two would play fair, she continued to suck her
daughter's excrement from the prick of her assailant. She could only
watch with sad puppy eyes as the other one took his place and planted
his dick in her daughter's rear to the accompaniment of her howls.
She had a chance to see that the second man was interested in
his own pleasure and not as brutal as the first before the first's brutality
took her attention from the scene. He fucked her mouth in earnest,
using it like a cunt. Her only sight was the man's balls as they slapped
down across her nose when his cock rammed down her throat.
That left only Amy and Debbi to bear witness to the second
man's rape of the 17-year-old. Amy didn't like it- that was the only
reference that Debbi could make. The rest was too bizarre to settle on
the little girl's mind. She had even forgotten her first blush of
embarrassment at her nakedness. No thought that these things they
were doing to her mom and sister could happen to her entered her
Shelia was making up for that. She was worrying about the
sweet 14-year-old's trauma when these evil men finally turned to her
enough for everyone in the room. It had even overridden the horror of
watching Amy being buggered with the huge tool that was presently
trying to bore a hole beneath her breastbone.
But a dead mother wouldn't help either girl, Shelia rationalized
as she bore the choking penis the best she could.
Amy rationalized nothing. She fought and struggled the best
she could and launched a blue stream of profanity and violent
suggestions in addition. But the second man's grip on her waist was too
strong for her and the jarring collisions of his belly on her ass were
tossing her more than her own poor struggles could manage. And he
was deep and hurting her. She had to curse or scream as that cock kept
forcing the narrow opening to accept him because she didn't want to
give them the satisfaction of her tears.
Her concern for her mother was lost in her own more
immediate concerns. Her concern for her sister was non-existent. Given
time not being fucked in the ass, she might have considered the
possibility with eagerness born of a personal prurient interest. But
kneeling while her bottom was bored was exactly the opposite of
prurient interest.
Then she felt a disgusting stain spread in her bowels as the man
fucking her ass came. It was disgusting- she could think of no other way
to describe it. It was wrong. It was dirty. It was strange in almost
unsettling way. Her invective paused for a moment as she shuddered
while the creepy feelings worked up her spine and down into the pit of
her stomach.
"I think you finally won her over," said the first man, prompting
Amy to begin her cursing afresh.
"You know she only quiets down when there's a dick up her
ass," said the second man, "Maybe you could get her quiet again."
Shelia felt the first man's cock throb in her throat. He was going
to jam that thing in his daughter's rear again. Then the fear struck her
that it would be Debbie's turn. She struggled as best she could, shaking
her head no.
"Well, your mom wants me to fuck somebody," the first man
said as Shelia rattled his cock against her teeth in her struggles.
He took his cock out of her mouth and let it hang like a gibbet
over her, casting gallows shadows on her face. Shelia freaked. She
kept begging and crying out, no, no, no, but neither of the men could
figure out what she was protesting. Not that it made a fuck of a lot of
difference. The first man already knew what he was going to do.
It was someone else's turn to be sure, but neither of the men had
even considered Debbi. They were in for terror, not confusion.
Besides, Shelia had promised all sorts of things she hadn't come
through on- yet.
The first man picked up her legs like they had every time she
had been raped and Shelia braced herself for more pain from her
overused twat. But that was not his target. Little Amy had gotten both
dicks up her ass. It wasn't fair for mommy to escape that little treat.
God! He was huge! Shelia was torn between pain and sadness
as he forced his cock into her asshole. She knew how unpleasant it was
going to be to take all that big dick, but she couldn't help thinking how
much more of a trial it must have been for Amy. She wondered how
her daughter could bear it. It seemed he had already shoved his cock
up to her diaphragm, because she was having a hard time catching her
breath as he drove his prick into her ass.
Of course it wasn't helping that he was bending her double by
pulling up her legs as he drilled into her. And he was just getting
started. She knew he would fuck her like a jackhammer once he had
opened the way. She dreaded the thought of him pounding down on
her bent body with all his weight.
She had expanded the ten or so seconds that he took him to jam
his cock in her ass into a mental hour and then the dread pounding
never came. Instead he shocked her with a humiliating demand.
"Now get me off," he ordered when he had brought his belly up
tight on her raised butt, "You ain't foolin' anybody that you don't like it.
Now get you some and make me come."
She knew nobody thought want to had anything to do with it,
but she still felt cheapened by his framing his demand for submission in
that way. That was over and above the self-inflicted torture that she
was going to have to struggle to endure. And struggle was a key word.
Even as a young woman she would have been hard-pressed to move
enough in her present position to satisfy a man. Twenty years and two
children later it was only the threat of death that made her butt begin to
move as she let her panic drive her to jerk and wriggle on the cock
deep in her ass.
That amused him mightily. He had scared her so much that she
was really sweating to fuck herself on his cock. He was enjoying the
sight of her squirming and fighting to lift her big butt. The mixture of
concern, fear and exasperation on her face was gratifying for him. He
loved to watch her debase herself at his command.
But he wasn't relying on her poor ability to fuck him. After he
had drunk in enough of her pathetic efforts, he jerked forward. She
gasped as he rammed his cock into her and then moaned as he yanked
it back and rammed into her again.
It was everything she imagined only with real pain. It was as if
he had opened up her bottom and was tinkering with the works inside.
Except that the pain was delivered more like a punch in the stomach,
she was having many of the same feelings as she had when she was
drilled by the dentist. This man had no excuse for the kind of drilling
he was subjecting her to, but she had the same kind of sensation of
being forced to hold herself open and accept the painful intrusion as
she did in the dentist's chair.
She could only imagine what Amy had used to fix her thoughts
on to get her through her ordeal with his huge cock.
"Now she's gone all quiet on me," the man fucking her ass said
to his partner.
"Maybe she forgot she's supposed to pretend she doesn't like
it," he answered, dressed and tying Amy and Debbi together.
She was just trying to catch the breath he was driving out of her
with every stroke. And she was so emotionally drained that she didn't
want to expend the energy to scream. It lasted only a little while longer
and she felt the flood of his cum up her ass.
"Well, well, mommy, you're quite the hot babe," he said as he
pulled the monster out of her, "I don't see how we can leave you to this
She thought they were going to kill her, but that would have
been too short and sweet.
"Give our love to daddy when he gets home," the second man
said as his partner threw Shelia over his shoulder.
They released her about a mile down the road, leaving her to
fight out of her hobbles and the ropes around her wrists. And then she
had the treat of trying to get home nude and leaking semen from every
They hired a guard the next day.


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