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Keywords: M/F, oral, anal, family Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Honest, I Didn't Know it was Loaded

Honest, I didn't know it was loaded
OK. I admit I was wrong for fucking Lana. I can even say I had
reservations earlier about her age. But I was on a roll, and I don't think
it was wrong to fuck ANY of the others. And when you're three for
four, sometimes those numbers can obscure your thinking a little bit.
And it wasn't like I went after her. I just failed to refuse her that
one time and then it didn't seem to matter any more.
But let's start at the beginning. You purists out there would find
fault with me for fucking Harriet in the first place. But she was
separated- at least she was separated by the end of the first week after I
fucked her the first time. So the decision was made before I came on
the scene. (Actually it was on her tits, but we'll get to that) And she was
divorced- not final, but had the decree- in six months. So I didn't break
up anything.
I came to consider it offering solace to her in a time of great
disappointment. Even now I'm sure she feels more favorably towards
me than her ex. Then it was like finding a calm in the storm. And she
was looking.
I mentioned that he hadn't finally moved out yet when she
brought me home, but I didn't have any idea until she made me wait in
the bushes until she checked where he was. I really had some second
thoughts when she made me scamper in and up the stairs, shushing me
the whole way. But she had this fine set of knockers that had almost
managed to escape her top and I was hooked.
It turns out he was in the basement and she was confident he
wouldn't come upstairs until very late in the evening or early in the
morning. She told me that after showing me that the closet (can you
beat that!) had a window and a fire ladder, just in case. I could have
tried to sneak out then, but the risk would have been the same as later
and I wouldn't get any pussy.
She settled the deal when she released her melons and grabbed
my dick as I watched them sway. The next thing I know, I'm sprawled
on her bed with my pants around my ankles and she is trying to lick the
head of my cock as it pops out of the sweaty valley between her
mammoth mounds.
I knew I was going to get something hot by the way she was
taking charge and not wanting me to be anything but a dick for her to
work on. She teased me with her butt, backing up on me and rubbing
my hardon against her pussy and ass to keep me hungry and then
slipped on a negligee.
"I can make sure he doesn't come up until 3 am," she said as she
slipped out the bedroom door.
She was back in about six minutes and the frown snapped into a
giggle when she closed the door behind her. She had gone down naked
and sexy as if to interest him in some hot humping, but she knew that
would only keep him glued to his computer until he was confident she
had finally fallen asleep. Now the coast was clear, and if we happened
to make some noise, he would only think she had started without him-
which in fact she had.
Six minutes was enough to lose my erection, so she knelt down
and sucked me with an eager mouth that had me wanting to fuck rhinos
in less than a minute. Then she turned around as before, but this time
made my cock slide into her juicing jelly hole. She put her hands on her
knees and slammed that butt down on me for a while, her hot twat just
driving me nuts.
"Now I'm going to ride my cowboy," she announced and let me
slide up on the bed for her to mount.
She pushed me up onto a pile of pillows until I was nearly
sitting and then got astride. It was a perfect placement for me to toy
with her tits as she rode me and I knew she appreciated both the
stimulation and the support as I kept those heavy fun-bags from flying
painfully as she bounced vigorously on my prick. I appreciated the
weight and relative firmness of her breasts in my hands as the hot grip
of her twat rode up and down on me.
Her husband might as well been in Timbuktu for all the mind
we paid him as her hips became more frantic. Any problem he might
have presented was long forgotten as she gasped and flopped on me in
her growing fervor. I did my part to jam into her with all the leverage I
could muster as she drove her cunt onto my prong and we joined in a
chorus of groans and grunts that belied her husband's proximity.
Her moans as she came were louder yet as her pounding hips
switched gears to a deliberate plunge, pelvic tilt, wiggle and rise. She
ground out her orgasm with these studied moves, vibrated on my dick
with a final spasm and then started to play with me with her cunt. She
was actually milking me- starting low with a contraction and pulling up
as if she was sucking me off before relaxing and falling back to grip me
That was nice, but her afterglow was ill-timed to the need her
frantic pounding had put in my cock. I wanted more, faster, harder and
right then. I needed more and I was going to get it.
I like to think I was firm, not rough, as I pushed her off me. In
any case, she seemed to enjoy my assertiveness. She waited where I
had thrown her for me to pull up her hips and waited as I slammed my
need into her from behind. When I started to fuck her, she came alive
again, tilting her ass up at me to accept my thrusts and then squeezing
down as I pulled back to drive into her again.
Certainly that was nice, but only incidental to the grip I had on
her hipbones as I yanked her back to meet my advancing belly. Now it
was my turn to ride roughshod and the only thing missing was the
spurs. I squeezed my thighs to make me rise upwards into her twat as I
kept my back arched while my butt pounded forward, spearing my
cock in her squishy cunt. It was good riding form and an even better
fuck as I was tempted to try to drown out the moist slapping sound of
my belly meeting her ass with a few 'yahooo's.
The Yahoos came soon enough as I thrust harder and faster and
then jerked, thrust, spasm, thrust, jerk cuuuummmm! At the last I
pushed deep into her sloppy twat and bulldozed her down onto the bed.
I landed on her with a satisfying squish as my dick popped out of her
cunt and nestled in the crack of her butt.
"That was some ride, cowboy," she gasped from beneath me,
"Now could you get off!"
The fuck over, the presence of her husband two floors away
suddenly became important again. I tried to hide the shift of my
concern, but I was looking for an exit line and the exit while we lay
there. Obviously, I did a bad job hiding that.
"He wouldn't come up even if he knew you were here," she said
with disgust in her voice, "That's one of the reasons he's leaving."
She told me the rest of the story of the end of their marriage and
then assured me I could leave by the door. She also told me how much
she enjoyed the sex and tried to pin me down about fucking her again. I
wanted to fuck her, but I shied away from the being pinned down part.
After all, if her husband was leaving, I could call up and we could talk.
I don't know if she saw the subtle disbelief in that because her
husband really was leaving. I didn't know her real concern was her
daughters, either. She didn't want them intercepting phone calls from
strange men- it made her look like a slut. We finally settled on her
calling me and I got out of Dodge.
She called the next week and we got together for some really
loud sex. After that it became regular once or twice a week. Regular,
not routine as we ran through the long list of places, positions, kinks
and role playing. She was hungry after her 10-year repression with her
husband and I got to enjoy her bursting loose.
I also ran into daughters after a while. Betty was 22 and lived
two suburbs over. Sue was 19 and lived half in- half away from home.
Karen was 17 and finishing high school and Lana was almost 14. We
lived with the illusion that they didn't know about us, though Betty and
Sue suspecting was a pretty good bet. We avoided the young two by
fucking during the day while they were at school.
This blissful ignorance went on for five months of unrestrained
debauchery, public sex, exhibitionism. bondage, spanking, leather and
good old-fashioned no holes barred fucking. Then Harriet got serious
one day and told me Betty had talked to her. The girls liked what they
had seen of me, but they wanted to meet 'the sex machine'. If I was
going to be a regular, Betty reasoned, I should meet the family.
Those are words that panic a man. I was in it for the sex. The
only relations I wanted with Harriet were sexual ones. 'Meet the family'
sounds like being included, which is woman's code for roped in. The
only good thing about her revelation was that Harriet seemed as
genuinely against the idea as I was.
As if any of that mattered. Betty had inherited her mother's
directness. Where she got the underhandedness is anybody's guess. She
called within a week of Harriet's announcement, saying she had
stumbled across my number. We just had to talk, she said with the most
charming way of making a threat I had ever heard.
Looking back, the clues were like crumbs bigger than a
breadbox. I certainly should have suspected something was up when
Betty was adamant that this talk was to be between just her and me with
Harriet having nothing to do with it. She didn't make it clear I wasn't to
mention it to her mother, but I guess she knew I wouldn't.
I certainly didn't have time before our rondezvue in two hours.
Her place was a modest apartment in a block of 12 with three other
buildings surrounding the parking lot. She met me at the door looking
like a housewife, though I knew she was a working woman that should
have been at the office at this time in the afternoon.
She directed me to a couch and brought out some coffee for us.
Then she started in on me.
"I think it's strange mother hasn't been more open about you,"
she started, "It's not exactly like she's hiding something, but she doesn't
mention anything about you."
It was as good a way to open the inquisition as any. It sure
reinforced my guarded position with Betty.
"I think she's a little sensitive about seeing someone so soon
after your father left," I offered.
She snorted at the mention of her father.
"She has little enough to worry about on that account," Betty
said, "She rips dad every chance she gets. We know all about her
feelings on that and the exact status of every step of the divorce. She
should be finally free in a month, but you probably already know that.
And we don't blame her. Daddy had something going on the last five or
six years that he didn't tell any of us. He just got so strange. And he
was no gem to begin with."
That was the most I had heard about the errant husband since I
had been fucking Harriet and I still wasn't interested. I was just trying
to get this daughter off my back.
"But she might still think it makes her look bad even so," I tried
"Or she was hoping to sneak you by us," Betty said, her voice
going hard, "Don't get me wrong, I know you must feel like you've
been drug into the middle of this and you're not the one I'm disgusted
"You must be a close family to be upset by this," I said, trying
to choose my words.
She laughed. It was a nasty sound and then she said,
"Sometimes a little too close, but let's get back to you. I'll tell you what
I've guessed and you can correct me on the things I get wrong. You're a
pretty normal guy. You drink, but not to excess and you find my
mother to be a vivacious and pretty assertive woman. I can imagine
your sex with mother, but I won't embarrass you with that. But you are
good in the sack or mother wouldn't have kept you around. You're also
open-minded. How did I do?"
"I guess I fit in those broad general categories with about 20
million other guys," I said, "I'm also footloose and fancy free, a slob at
home and have most of the other features of a man in the wild."
"And you're a fiery little sucker, too," she said, laughing, "Is
there any way we can get by this adversarial phase and try to become
friends? I really just want to get to know you better."
"Well, this whole set-up came up a little quick for me and I feel
like I've been summoned before the judge," I said. "I guess I'm having
trouble relaxing."
I don't know that was the key phrase. Perhaps I could have said
anything, but it certainly stirred her into action. She softened
immediately and smiled. It was the first time I noticed how pretty she
was. Her eyes were lighter than her mother's- almost green and she had
the same busty form in a younger, tighter package.
"Then maybe you should lean back and see if this helps," she
said as she walked behind the couch to rub my shoulders.
It didn't loosen me up any at first, but her touch was knowing
and pretty soon I forgot to resist it. It started to feel pretty good and I
told her so. She made a throaty purr after the compliment and her hands
went over my shoulders to stroke down my chest.
"You just put yourself in my hands and I'll try to make you feel
even better," she said.
She lingered on my chest only long enough to whisper that
insinuation in my ear and her hands slid farther down. As she got below
my belt, I felt the firm roundness of her breasts surround my neck-
naked breasts. I started at that, turning to see what had been going on
behind me.
Undressing had been going on. She was completely naked
leaning over the couch, her hands still groping for my crotch. Her
heavy-lidded gaze was even more attractive than before and the pure
sexuality of the picture made my cock stir in my pants immediately.
Like a motion-sensor, her hands followed that stirring and were
grabbing my dick in my pants.
"You'll relax better without these stuffy clothes," she told me,
ignoring the shock on my face.
I already intimated what happened next. I was more busy
processing the missed clues and seeing hidden reasons in a flash than I
was struggling with moral decisions. Of course Harriet was trying to
keep me from her kids- they fucked her boyfriends. Of course Betty
was secretive, she didn't have a father to blackmail her mother with
anymore. Of course I was going to fuck Betty, she was making it easy
and safe. All I had to do was furnish the rod and the pushing.
I let her open my pants and helped her push them out of the
way. I unbuttoned my shirt as she did the rest. Then I was naked on the
couch and she was standing over me. We remained frozen for a long
minute, just looking. I didn't want to ask anything- too wimpy, and
since she had started it, I felt that she should make the first move.
"My you have self-control," she said finally, "You don't look
nervous, but you didn't grab me either."
"I thought this was your party and I was waiting for you," I told
She liked that answer. She nodded in approval, smiling and then
offered me her hand to get me off the couch. She didn't step back, so
when I stood we were pressed together and she put her mouth on mine.
The kiss made my dick struggle to rise between us, prodding her in the
effort. She acknowledged it with a slight motion of her belly, but she
was playing as cool as me.
"I can get to you better if you're on the bed," she said and led
the way upstairs in the townhouse.
I was prepared for a closet full of costumes or a dungeon array
of whips and chains, but it was just a bedroom. She pulled me over to
the bed and pushed me down.
"We'll see if we can relax you a little here," she said and
climbed over my back.
Her butt was on my butt as she rocked forward to rub my back.
The massage was good. Her mound rubbing just above my buttocks
was good. Her ass moving around and around on me was good. It was
good enough to give me a hardon.
"Now I need a front massage," she told me and lifted up.
I rolled over and she didn't move. Her cunt was poised over me
and she settled down on my cock as I settled down on my back. My, it
was nice. She was the merest bit wet from grinding on my butt and that
made for a hesitating journey as her walls begrudgingly gave way for
my prick to slide all the way inside her. We're talking tight and clingy.
Her pubic bone was prominent and sharp and she made it dig into me
as her cunt sucked me in to the root. She tried to grind me off at the
base for a while and then moved a little off me.
"I would like that front massage," she said, holding herself still
and suspended in the unspoken threat.
Well, that was torture. I had to reach up and mold those lucious
mounds as she pulled off and dropped back onto me in time with my
stroking. I hoped she knew I was going to want to squeeze those tits
right off of her to get the kind of action that should translate into down
at the pussy end.
But she wasn't going to let me off that easy. Being on top was
only an appetizer for what she wanted. She slid back and motioned to
"Now you come up here and work on me," she whispered
I fell on her and pushed my prick back into her. She wrapped
her legs around me and helped me push into her hungry happy hole.
She was hot and wet now as I plowed into her furrow. Her bronco grip
on my waist limited the action of her ass to up and back, but I
appreciated the way she used that up to aggressively seek my thrust.
She was as greedily throwing her cunt up for me to drill as I was
ramming my cock down to drill her.
I wanted tits. The round globes were dancing tantalizingly
below me as we fucked and I wanted some. I bent to bury my face in
the bobbing mounds and she groaned.
"Oh go ahead, play with them if you must," she rasped, "hurt
them if you have to."
I tried not to let up on my fucking, but I made sure I was
playing rough with her tits. She was as good as begging for me to catch
a nipple between my teeth and close down. When I did, her twat
responded. She found all sorts of movements her hips could make as I
bit her nips and pulled them up from her breasts.
"Oh jesus! Make then ache for you!" she encouraged as she
thrashed beneath me.
I soothed them with my tongue for my own benefit and then
covered one with each hand and pushed myself up on them. I used
them as handles to pull her to me as I drove into her with authority
"OH my GOD! FUCK ME!" she screamed as I pounded into
her spasming cunt.
She was frantic as she was cumming. rolling and tossing as I
pulled her tits and thrust into her juicing twat. When she slowed, I stuck
her deep and let her grind on my cock as she began to catch her breath.
I had let go my grip on her tits, but I was still flicking her nipples with
my thumbs as she quivered against me.
"You want to ride me like a dog, I see it in your eyes," she said,
a gleam in hers.
She pulled away from me and got to her knees. She pulled her
knees apart and up until her backside yawned at me in invitation.
"No, " she said without looking back, "You can stop looking. I
don't take it up the ass on the first date."
All that meant to me was that she did on the second date. I was
near enough to popping that all I wanted to do was hide Mr. Happy
inside something warm and rub him around until he spit. Her cunt was
warm enough. I sank in and sank in some more. That sharp pubic bone
wasn't a factor any more and it felt like I was into her deeper than ever
That was pretty exciting, but not in the way that makes you pop
your nuts. In fact, it was pretty settling and I felt like I could pump her
for quite some time. I was also getting into that dog thing as her butt
hung back behind her heels and bounced as I rammed my dick into it.
For her part, my renewed zeal was welcome. She lowered her
face to the bed to push her ass up for even easier access and just
grunted as I poked her with my meat. I was pushing down on her ass
with both hands as I tried to lift her with my thrusts by the time I was
back to the level of near explosion. Then I knew what we would both
"Get it up! Get up on your hands, you hot bitch!" I growled at
her as I leaned over her ass.
She complied and I slid my hands under her to grab her hanging
tits. I trapped her nipples between my fingers as I cupped her swinging
mounds and then pulled her back to me by them as if they were
"Come get it, bitch," I groaned as my dick tried to find some
way to split her to get even deeper inside.
She wiggled enticingly and I hammered short and hard into her
squirming cunt. As I neared my climax, my hands tightened on her
breasts and that made her shake her tail with even more vigor.
"Oh YEAH! Have some!" I grunted as my balls braced to fire
the first shot.
I was truly dog-fucking her then, hunching like a terrier as I
slammed into her ass.
"Ohhhhh! Fuck your bad dog!" she encouraged as her buttocks
flapped with the impact of my thrusts.
I beat her to it. I let out a yelp as my balls shot the first spurt
and slammed into her with a little extra fire. As I jerked with the
spasms my balls were delivering, I felt her cunt catch the mood and
follow me over the edge into the big fall of cum.
She called me better names than I called her as we spit out
epithets with our cum and tried to get the most by protesting the
loudest. Then we collapsed in a gasping pile on the sheets and lay
there, wasted.
"I bet you're even better when you play a long, drawn out
game," She sighed when she had finally caught her breath.
"I don't know if better is possible," I countered, "Maybe longer
and with more anticipation."
"I was thinking of mom and you," she corrected, "imagining
how that effects her, what runs through her mind- or at least pops into it
briefly in the midst of her excitement when you fuck her."
"I hope you know it would be a tragic thing for mom to think
she made a mistake," Betty went on, "It wasn't easy with my father. She
always felt there was something wrong with her to make him the way
he became. And there was a man or two in the waning years, but they
all treated her like a ... treated her badly."
"I know you're nice to her- out of bed, too. She smiles when she
talks about you," She said, "I think that's going to help to make her a
whole person again." "I've seen you operate," I reminded her, "This is a nice trip
down memory lane, but a little out of place when you're laying naked in
bed. Particularly when it's the bed of the daughter of the woman you're
discussing. Why don't you just cut to the point."
"I thought I was getting there as fast as I should," she replied,
"You do need to know background to see where I'm coming from. And
the point is that I approve of you, mother shouldn't find out about us,
and Sue is going to want to be next."
"That's some point," I said." And I suppose you're done with me
now forever?"
She laughed. She sat up in her naked glory and smiled at me
when she said, "Well, it isn't all bullshit. In fact, everything I said is
true. We just want to cut ourselves in on some of the action."
"There are only so many hours in a day," I protested, "What do
I tell your mother when I can't see her because I'm fucking one of her
"You exaggerate," Betty said firmly, "What do you see mother?
Two or three times a week tops? And then there's day time and night
time. That's 14 slots, and two or three filled. That leaves at least eight
real good times and a few more emergency times if you'd like to have a
double-header some day."
She was executive material all right. She had it broke down and
laid out before she made her proposition and then she had answers for
objections. It was very business-like. It was also smoke and mirrors,
but then so were my protests. I really just wanted to know I wasn't
going to get caught. She had been a great fuck and I figured her sister
would be, too. Women who want you like that usually will do what it
takes to be a great fuck.
For sure, Betty had exhibited the kind of enthusiasm and
latitude while fucking that made me sure she was up for as many kinky
games as her mother. I wondered if that ran in the family and what I
would find when I visited Sue armed with the knowledge of what we
were planning to do.
"It seems you've got it laid out pretty well. So, what's next on
my carnal knowledge schedule?" I asked.
"We've had months to lay it out," she reminded me, "the
problem has been in getting to you around mother's wall. And we've
edited and honed the fantasies, but we didn't even pencil in a schedule.
This isn't a command performance."
That was sort of bullshit. She really couldn't turn me in without
turning herself in, but I still had to respect the threat of alienating her
mother. Of course, I didn't have to fuck her mother either. And it was
sort of bullshit on my end too, since I was not opposed to fucking her
or Sue, only pissing off her mother.
"Okay, we've both been doing it, so I'm not directing this at you,
but can we save the games for something more directly sexual?" I
asked, "I liked fucking you. I don't mind fucking your sister. I don't
want to piss off your mother. Now what's the next move?"
"I'd say getting to a game more directly sexual, but I guess we
can do that after," she said, "Straight up, Susie is waiting for a report on
today. I can give her your number and you two can take it from there."
"And your mother?" I asked.
"She can make her own arrangements with you- okay, okay, all
we have to do is keep pestering her and she'll think she still has you to
herself. We have no reason to upset your apple cart. Like I said, we
think you're good for the old broad," Betty answered.
She turned toward me and her hair fell across her chest as she
drew her knee up in a seductive pose.
"Now, about that game," she said.
"What does the naughty little girl want to play?" I asked
mocking her.
She ignored my tone and said, "Naked Laundromat- ever play?"
"Do we ride in the dryer?" I asked.
"No. You can't even play it in a real laundromat except at 4
am," she said, "We'll pretend. My utility room is off the kitchen- that's
the laundromat. There's that serving window between the kitchen and
breakfast thingy- that's the window. You walk by and see the naughty
girl and we'll take it from there."
I wondered where this one came from. Something that had
happened to her- someone she knew? Something she was
fearing/wishing for that never happened? She had it laid out to each
detail. I had to wait until she said it was okay and then I came
I pulled on my pants on the way and looked through the
'window'. She had dressed, too, and was waiting for me to see her to
take her clothes off again.
"No one will see me," she said to herself as she pulled off the
top and slipped out of the shorts and threw them in the washer.
Naked, she started the washer and then sat on a utility stool
facing away.
"Boom", I said, knowing they like the sound effects and
signifying I had entered the laundromat, "Now what have we here-you
must be a dirty girl."
"Go away!" she cried, jumping up and covering herself with her
hands. "Leave me alone."
"Honey- I just came to clean up in this public laundromat," I
menaced, "And I find a dirty girl."
"I'm not dirty- go away," she protested.
"Then why did every stitch of your clothes need a washing?" I
asked, adding, "You must be a dirty girl and I think you need a
"I don't need anything from you," she whined, "I didn't think
anyone would see."
I reached toward the kitchen phone and said, "I could call some
people and they could help me clean you up."
"No, please, what do you want?" she whined some more.
"I just want to clean up," I said and walked over in front of her.
She was pressed back against the washer and I stood inches
from her and dropped my pants. I picked them up, folded them nicely
and laid them on the washer.
"I don't think any one will see, next," I told her.
"Now, since no one will see, let's have a look," I said and pulled
her arm from across her breasts.
"What are you doing?" she protested as she struggled to pull her
arm away as I ogled her tits.
"Exposing you-nothing you wouldn't do yourself," I said and
reached for her breast.
Her hand came up to stop me and I used the opportunity to push
my dick against her crotch. My cock came alive in the crease between
her thighs.
"You feel like you've already been through the cycle," I said,
referring to the wetness I felt as my hard cock pushed between her
thighs and rubbed her pussy lips.
"I..I..I can't help it!" she groaned. "I'll do what you want- just
don't hurt me."
"Then let go," I shot back and she stopped struggling.
I kept rubbing my cock on her pussy even after her thighs
relaxed. Without her interference, my hands went to her tits and stroked
the hard nubs of her nipples as my cock rubbed on her clit.
"See, it doesn't have to be bad," I said hoarsely, as this rubbing
was making me want to dip and push my dick inside the wetness I was
"Please, just hurry!" she gasped, "I just want to get clean and go
"Then we better start the agitation," I suggested and dipped to
get my cock inside.
She was still a major participant in this game and she had
another idea. She pulled away from me by pulling herself up on the
washer. And there her dripping pussy was- just a centimeter above the
raging head of my cock. Then I thought of the utility stool.
There was almost enough room for my thigh between the
washer and dryer as she was perched on the corner of the washer. The
first step of the fold-out on the stool was near perfect and I mounted it
and her at the same time.
The relative freedom of my right leg compared to my left,
wedged between the appliances, made my thrusts tend sideways, but
there was no complaint from her. I pushed into her easily, suddenly
struck by how smoothly we had gotten back to the old boom-boom-
"Splash, splash, splash," I said as I put a hand on each tit and
shook them in counterpoint to each other.
That drew a giggle from her. The washer jolted into the rinse
cycle and bounced her towards me. She took that with a gasp.
"It won't be long now," she told me parenthetically, "get ready,
because I want to cum in the spin cycle."
That was so appropriate. I had an unbalanced thrust and she had
an unbalanced load. Together we were going to stir her up something
wicked. I started to push into her a little harder to get her started and
waited for that portentous clunk from the washer.
She was tuned to the purr and soft click of the machine's
control. She threw her arms around my neck and her legs over my hips
in anticipation as the switch shifted the washer into the cycle.
"Unnhun hunhunhunhunhun." she warbled as the washer came
alive beneath her butt and I fucked harder into her wriggling cunt.
I tried to catch up with the machine, but I couldn't. Betty
seemed to appreciate the attempt as she slid her ass back and forth on
the washer, her body aflutter with its vibration.
"OH God! make it as fast and hard as you can!" she urged,
evidently well on her way to her machine-aided orgasm.
I hoped I was right, because the machine had put thoughts in my
head of cumming while deep inside her gyrating twat with my balls
pressed against the vibrating machine. I wanted to fuck her to a
cataclysmic climax and ride it out with the washer inducing torrents of
cum while her twat squeezed me.
I made it happen and my fantasy was only marred by the
violence of her cataclysmic orgasm. I couldn't keep my balls on the
machine because her thrashing hips were tossing me around too much.
But I did shoot the torrents of cum into her spasming box as she
squeezed me with every part of her body in her wild quivering through
her cum.
I could have jammed her a little more, but when the machine
shut off with a thunk, so did she. She did remain in place with my cock
firmly planted, but it was all over but the kissing.
"You do have a mind for games," she said as we unhorsed and
she slid off the washer.
She went about putting the load (she was doing her washing for
real) in the dryer and I went about dressing. She came in and watched
me finish and then said, "You can call me anytime, too. I'll give Sue
your number and you two can arrange, but you don't have to forget
about me."
"How could I forget you?" I asked, "but now you know what
your mother was thinking."
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"Now you're sharing. Your mom, Sue, you've got others in the
loop and you have to wait your turn," I explained.
"I think it'll work out fine," she said with an evil grin.
The call from Sue came about 30 seconds after I got home. She
was all aglow to tell me what she knew about my sessions with Betty
and to get me in the sack with her- right then, if it had been possible.
But I had other plans. I put her off two days, smiling to myself with her
frustration as I blunted her rush to passion.
After all, her mother was due in half an hour and I hadn't even
laid out the instruments. Harriet came to my place when we were going
to be evil. Her basement was finished and it didn't set the tone like the
bare cement floor and cinderblock walls of mine. We had dragged the
telephone line spool down the stairs together and she had supervised
placing the eyebolts through the exposed rafters, even modeling a few
times to make sure the spacing was tailored to her body.
And I was keeping it just for her. It was our secret, unlike the
other secrets my head now held. I had taken my turn as victim, but
neither of us really liked it as well as when I teased and then fulfilled
her as the big, strong torture master. And the master had work to do
before his victim made her appearance.
I decided tonight was the night to make Harriet truly mine. I
was going to leave my mark on her. It was a calculated move to tighten
our relationship against any chance she would discover the course I had
embarked on with her daughters. I laid out the toys.
"Do you trust me?" I asked her as I led her naked into the cellar.
"Of course, I don't do this with just anyone," Harriet said.
"I'm not asking in just the general way," I said, trying to sound
extra serious, "I just want to know that you believe I wouldn't do
anything to really hurt you, no matter how I was trying to make it seem
down there."
It was an amusing picture to see the look of real seriousness on
the naked huge-busted woman standing next to me. But she was
searching my face for the signs of mirth, so I had to stay stone-faced
while I noticed it.
"I trust you- I just feel like you're making fun of me somehow,"
she said, finally.
"I really didn't want to warn you, but I didn't want you to think
I'd gone nuts," I said and pushed her (gently) down the stairs.
I didn't want to start her on the pillory. She was still trim enough
that hanging her up didn't bother her, but I didn't want her cranky for the
coup de grace. That left the chair. As soon as she got to the basement
floor I picked her up with one arm under her tits and the other hand
gripping her crotch from the rear. I couldn't carry her miles, but I could
take her and plop her in the heavy wooden chair.
I cuffed her wrists and ankles to the arms and legs of the chair
and then I got the hood. It was a versatile hood with snap on-snap off
pieces to cover every opening and I put it on her with every piece
snapped in place. Then I pushed her back and fastened the collar
around her neck.
That was enough to hold her secure, but I wanted to add a
couple of cosmetic touches. Touches as in the thin straps that went
from the back of the chair, once around a tit and to the back of the chair
next to her neck. Lift and separate- wasn't that an old commercial?
I warmed her up with my fingers as she squirmed more or less
silently in her seat. When she dewed and flowered, I slipped the small
vibrator into her. She was breathing uneven as I ripped the leather from
the mask's mouth hole and I hadn't switched the thing on. I snapped a
finger at each nipple to sting them into even greater erection and then
climbed on the chair.
I rubbed my dick in the slot in the mask and she obediently
opened her mouth. As I pushed my dick into her mouth, I found another
use for the eyebolts in the rafters. They were perfect for balance as I
fucked into her captive face.
It was a perfect warm-up. I could give her a pretty bad time by
simply pushing too much cock into her mouth and I got a great blowjob
out of it. I wasn't going to push her too far into panic, but I fully
intended to shove my cock far enough down her throat to make her flail
around in her bonds. I wanted to see her leather 'bra' jerk her breasts
into motion with her struggles as I buried my rod in her throat.
"Confess witch," I urged her, knowing that all she could do was
I knew she was uncomfortable, even struggling, but I knew it
was making her very excited as the adrenaline flooded into her system.
She didn't like much pain, but she had a large tolerance for discomfort.
Pinching, pressing, limiting circulation, awkward positions, they all
touched some deep fantasy of misuse and made her very, very hot.
I knew that near strangulation by my cock would certainly
trigger the excitement. Particularly when I teased her with momentary
bursts of air as I pulled my cock out in my fucking her face. She would
be jelly when I unfastened her.
I hated to loose her tits, but the blowjob had left me pretty
frantic to bury my dick in her and to do one I had to do the other. I
pulled the eye cover off the mask as released her from the chair and
then pushed her to the pillory. I had the spool on its side, blocked in
place, of course, and I put her across it with her ass dick high. I
fastened her hands and feet again so she bent around the inner curve of
the spool.
I slid two fingers into her twat and worked them in and out as I
interrogated her.
"Have you cursed you neighbor's cow, witch?" I started.
"No, no, I'm a God-fearing woman!" she cried.
I stuck my thumb in her ass and asked," Have you called down
the pox on the village, witch?"
"Gosh! Oh no! I'm innocent!" she reacted to my thumb and then
"But you heal the sick?" I accused and kept working my fingers
in and out of her.
She panted for a while on my fingers and then gasped, "I use no
magic to heal."
Then I got nasty.
"Confess smiting your neighbors daughter with fits!" I ordered
and pulled my fingers out of her completely.
"Please don't torture me!" she begged as I deserted her, "I've
done nothing wrong."
"Then you deny having un-Godly thoughts about men's private
parts?" I asked.
"I pray for them to go away. I pray and pray," she showed her
vulnerable spot.
I stepped in front of her and waved my dick in her face.
"And what does this make you think of?" I asked with a
"I can't take this torture! Please don't tempt me!" she begged and
then dropped her head and answered, "I want you to put it in me. I need
you to pleasure me with it."
I stepped back behind her and pressed my finger to her clit, and
asked in a friendly tone, "Then you admit that you are evil?"
"I try to be good! I can't help it!" she protested.
I took my finger away and scoffed, "Admit you are evil. You
must say it."
"I am carnal!" she admitted, "I desire the pleasures of the flesh!"
Certainly enough to condemn her to a good whipping and being
exposed in the stocks, but I was going for real deadly offenses.
"And you have had unlawful carnal knowledge with the devil?!"
I accused, jamming the two fingers back into her.
"Oh no! I was chaste until your fingers entered me!" she
protested. "No man had been with me."
"The devil is not a man," I reminded her and pushed my fingers
deep inside her to ask, "didn't his member feel like this when he took
She could only gasp, oh my, in answer as I fucked her
ferociously with my fingers. When I added a thumb on her clit, her ass
went in motion and her breath began catching in her throat.
"Answer me, witch!" I thundered, "Is this the way the devil took
"No, no, no, I am just an innocent woman un-justly accused, "
she gasped.
"Then you admit the congress." I said cooly, trapping her in a
witch-hunter's logic, "Tell me what way the devil did take you. Was it
at a sabbat for all to see your shame?"
Laura was pretty near cumming and I knew she would
compromise her part if she thought it would keep my fingers busy in
her pussy. I had to dangle her on the edge while I broke her and not let
her climax until I had played out my fantasy.
"Oh please, I never meant to sin!" she begged, but it sounded
like a break.
"Tell me of your congress with the Prince of Lies!" I insisted
and hesitated plunging my fingers back in her in a clear threat.
"Oh Please! No more torture! I will tell you everything!" she
wailed and then relaxed a little as I let my fingers continue, "I had no
part in it."
My fingers paused and she hurriedly added, "I awoke with the
demon already perched on me pushing his terrible pronged
member...into me. I had no wish for it, but the demon was strong and
forced me to submit."
"And he completed the act?" I asked like a gossip seeking a
juicy tid-bit.
"His issue was like ice and fairly froze me inside. But I was
never willing!" she whimpered.
I abruptly pulled my fingers out of her and pronounced
menacingly, "Witch!"
"Oh god! you can't leave me like this! You have to finish it!"
she howled.
"I will carry out your sentence," I told her evenly, "Confessed
witch, we find you guilty of heresy by having sexual congress with the
enemy of God. And we sentence you to burn."
I can't tell you how hard my dick was when I got the iron and
heated it with the torch. I put the red-hot branding iron in front of her
face and let her smell the heat.
"We will put the sign of the Savior on your entrance to block it
from the evil one," I told her and then stepped out of sight.
I had been afraid she would freak at this point, hence my talk
with her. I would have liked to press the hot iron to her cheeks, but then
I would have wanted the scars to magically disappear. I had a better
idea, but it was clear she had no idea.
"Oh god NO! Don't mark me forever! Spare me!" she begged
and I wasn't sure which voice was doing the begging.
But onward- strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. I took the
other iron out of the dry ice and pressed it to her right buttock. She
shrieked and I was glad we were in a basement. I pressed it against the
ice for a few seconds and then put the mark on her left cheek.
She howled again. I think she realized that I had not branded
her, but the iron was still painfully cold and had left a powdery white
trace of freezer burn where it had touched. In spite of the wimpy
compromise, I had a hardon I could split wood with from the scene and
I threw down the iron and pushed my cock into her with a flourish.
"Oh jeez! Just kill me!" she groaned as I filled her and started
humping against her ample ass.
I traced both cross shapes as I pumped my cock into her and
gloated, "See how no Godly man is deterred by the signs of God?"
I don't think she was noticing anything but her impending
orgasm. My cock was doing a better job than my fingers had been and I
wasn't trying to make her teeter on the edge any more. She was gasping
and moving her ass as much as she could strapped 'round the pillory as
I kept sticking her deep and relenting only a little.
"Oh yes! fuck me!" she yelled as I pushed her over the brink.
"Fuck me to fucking death!"
I kept jamming her to let her have a good one, but I wasn't
done. I had a bound babe butt-up and begging and I wasn't about to
pass it up. When her thrashing subsided, I pulled my dick out of her
and squeezed her stinging cheeks.
"A Godly man can even do un-Godly things undeterred by the
marks that bar your former lover," I said and moved my cock to her
"Oh god!" she grunted as I shoved my cock inside the sphincter.
"The Lord will have nothing to do with this unnatural congress,"
I told her as I worked my cock deeper in her butt. "I am only showing
you these marks do not prevent it."
I slapped the marks again and jolted my dick a little deeper still.
Looking for a grip, my hands fell on the sides of the spool as my belly
pushed up against her butt to drive my tool to its deepest in her bowels.
"Now repent your sins as I quarter you!" I exulted as I pulled
back to ram my cock into her ass again.
I gave her a working over like she only wanted on her most
depraved nights. I pulled my dick nearly out and then rammed it home
again. I pushed hard against her and bounced. I fucked her short and
deep. I fucked her short and shallow. And then I fucked her however I
felt like as I got hungry to make my cock shoot its rocks up her hiney
While I was doing that she was wailing like I had committed
her to the flames. I came wonderfully without any help from her and
then lay against her. I was going to keep my cock in that very-warm-
place as long as I could, just for spite. I hoped she'd shit in her
underwear until morning.
When I let her up, she surprised me by not looking around. She
walked to the stairs and waited for me to remove the mask and then
went up, staring straight ahead the entire time. I knew she had
something to say, but I also knew she wasn't ready to say it yet.
When we were safe upstairs, she finally said, "Should I look in
the mirror now or would you rather I just imagined a while longer?"
"How bad do you think you're scarred?" I asked.
She laughed.
"I don't know what you did, but I didn't smell burnt flesh. I was
kinda excited by the idea and wondered how much it would really hurt,
but I knew you didn't use that iron I saw," she confided.
"Well, you do have marks," I told her looking at them, "I think
you should see what your 'new look' butt looks like."
I don't think she thought I was serious. When she saw the little
puckers she was fascinated by them.
"Do you like them?" she asked.
"For play and then they should go away." I quipped. "I just
think anything like that identifies you too much with some narrow
"I think they're stunning," she said, "will you fill them in with a
magic marker?"
No problem there. If she wanted to live in the fantasy a little
more, I could get used to those marks on her butt. They were sexy. I
just didn't want to have to look at them every time I bent her over from
now until forever.
"They will make me feel so dirty under my clothes all the way
home and then, putting the girls to bed..." she trailed off into fantasy of
having this forbidden knowledge and I finally understood.
"I'm glad I didn't freak you out," I said.
"It was that talk on the stairs, " she admitted, "I knew what that
meant when you had that hot iron in my face. I didn't get actually
scared and tried to get into the emotions as if you were really going to
brand me. Either way it really got me going."
"I knew you could do that. And I was hoping it would be
something that would really get to you," I said.
"I don't think you hated it,": she shot back, "you seemed pretty
into anally abusing me."
"That was after," I reminded her, "I had you buns up and
helpless... what was I supposed to do?"
"Enjoy yourself," she granted, "But that was as rough as I've
ever got it and I'll remember that for a while."
"Me too." I smiled.
All I had to do the next day was wonder what was going to
happen with Sue.
I was pretty well rested when Sue called the next day. She had
wanted to finalize plans then and I found out why. She had obviously
been scrambling to find a place for us to meet. I was to go to Betty's
right then. We would play our games and then leave before Betty could
get home. I didn't think this sounded like she had gotten Betty's
permission, but I wasn't the one making the offer.
Sue met me at the door wearing only a bathrobe and shooed me
in the apartment quickly. That just re-inforced my feeling that we were
sneaking a fuck at Betty's place.
"Betty told me about naked laundromat," Sue said, "It sounded
so hot. I wish I could think up things like she can."
It was a pretty blatant first statement. Sue had obviously been
thinking sex since she got naked. She had just got past the small talk in
her mind and I was coming in in the middle of the conversation.
"Nice to meet you, too," I said to make the point, "Why don't
you show me your pussy?"
I couldn't tell right off if she had caught the sarcasm. She
opened the robe as I asked and spread her knees to give me a good
"Aren't you going to show me yours now?" she pouted, and I
knew we were both playing, "You guys never play fair. I always go
first and then you guys never show me yours."
I pushed my pants and underwear to my knees and shook my
dick at her.
"There," I said, "The other guys' are just like it- only smaller."
She laughed. It was a genuine bell-like peal. I had played her
game with her and broke her up. She smiled at me with her eyes wide
and shrugged the robe the rest of the way off.
She was a dark women. Harriet and Betty were fair-skinned and
blonde. Sue was raven-haired and had a milky, even ruddy complexion.
Her pussy fur was starkly black against the white-washed rose tint of
her thighs. Her solid breasts hung with their heads up, dark, plum
colored nipples capping their full pear shapes. She was small for her
family. I guessed that 17-year-old Karen had tits a bit bigger than hers.
But in the valley of huge melons mere largeness goes unappreciated, I
thought and adjusted my scale down to normal.
The whole examination took about a second as I paused before
I pulled off my clothes as fast as I could. We stood naked admiring
each other for a moment and then I waved my hand. I don't know what
I meant by it, but she took it as a request for her to do her 'live nude
girl' table dance. It was a routine suited for calf-high high-heeled boots.
Hands in her hair, elbows out, to pull up her breasts, she
snapped her knee to the side to show off her crotch. She ground her
hips at me and then snapped to the other leg angled and the first leg
straight. When I had that taste, she spun slowly to rotate her ass at me.
That was another difference in Sue. Harriet and Betty have
those asses that sweep out and then sweep out, heart-shaped until they
sweep back in the curve to their asscracks. Sue's butt narrowed, giving
the effect of straight, boxy lines that ended in a pair of widely parted
cupcakes. It gave her butt the two loaves of bread look.
But she wanted me on the couch. She directed me with
sweeping gestures and I sat down. Then her table dance became a lap
dance as she settled into my lap. She didn't sit down on my dick. She
sat over it and let the head ride in her buttcrack.
"You know the rules," she told me, but shouldn't have known
them herself, "I can touch you, but you can't touch me."
I wondered if she lied about her age to work or if they didn't
give a damn. She was clearly a professional. She made expert patterns
on my chest with her hard nipples and all the time her ass was
squeezing and moving to jerk me off between her cheeks.
"Don't you want to talk about how you came to be a dancer
first?" I asked, half in jest.
"No, I want you to be a bad boy and break the rules," she
gasped "Fill me, drill me, squeeze me, bite me."
I had to squeeze her hips first to move her back far enough for
my prick to rise to the occasion. Then I squeezed those loaf-like butt
cheeks to push her down until I was seated securely. Biting came next
as I finally corralled those teasing nipples and took out some frustration
on them.
Not surprisingly, the biting made her hips work even harder to
stir my cock in her twat. Then I grabbed her to me and just jammed her
down on my cock.
"Don't get me in this much trouble," she protested, "Let me look
like I'm still in control."
I think she was just afraid I was going to cum too soon. It was
hot, but it wasn't likely to get me off until I could get more than half my
cock into her sweet little hole. When I lay back, I got most my wish. I
could spread my thighs and my moving back gave her more room to
move on me.
She was inspired. Her self-serving hips were so involving that I
almost didn't notice that we were only using one room of the apartment.
It was only that her bush stroking circles on my belly while my cock
snapped back and forth in her cunt made me want to push her over and
fuck her. It was then I realized I was getting laid for the first time on
that couch.
And getting laid was the right term. In the position she had me, I
was certainly the passive partner. Even if she had been still, there would
have been precious little I could have done with her weight in my lap.
As it was, I was at the mercy of her own quest for auto-orgasm. If that
sounds like complaining, it isn't.
I was having a great time. I got to play with her tits. I got to
play with her butt. I got to watch her face contort, grimace and glow as
she worked herself off on me. I just wasn't going to join her this time.
Bless her heart, she wasn't going fast or hard enough to make me cum.
As she moved on and on, I was beginning to think the same was
true for her. But then she threw her head back and started deliberately
jerking her butt back on me. I lifted and separated her butt cheeks as
she impaled herself on my cock and she finally let loose.
God! That girl could whip it- whip it good. Her orgasm was a
long series of coiling and snapping open as her unleashed spine threw
her head and butt back together until they threatened to touch behind
her. As keeper of the cheeks, I did flinch a couple of times in fear her
head would bang my knuckles.
When the fury had subsided, she stilled and then worked her
pussy on me a couple of times with a look of wonder on her face.
"You'd be a tough customer in a club," she said.
"Oh I'm sure business is a lot different from pleasure," I said,
trying to diplomatically tell her that dancers usually aren't trying to cum
"Then tell me what I can do to pleasure you," she asked.
"I haven't been suffering here," I told her, "but why don't we try
the more intimate approach- like you kiss me and then we go at it
Her confused look became a broad grin when she processed that
and realized what I wanted was something mutual. I don't know if the
sex servant thing was her normal mode for first fucks of if she was
showing me preference or contempt. I would have guessed one of the
first two since she had been so hot to meet me. But if she was going to
meet me, I guessed I should show her how I did things.
She was tall enough she had to bend quite a bit to kiss me, but
that gave me room to take her tits in my hands and fondle them. By
golly, they were as firm as they looked. That did nothing to relieve the
swelling in my prick, but it did make it easier to tolerate.
Sooner or later I knew I was going to have to pick her up and
put her somewhere to fuck her, but I wasn't in a hurry to get to that
lifting. I pulled her up and tested if her tits were as firm to the bite as
they were to the squeeze. They were, they just shook more when I bit
I was running out of stalling tactics. I was holding as much of
her in my arms as I was going to be, so I threw myself forward and
lunged to my feet. Remarkably, I hit the landing. I didn't tip or
anything. Suddenly, I was standing up holding a woman on my cock.
She instantly wrapped her legs to help support herself and I turned
around and looked for a place to put her.
I had to walk around the couch with her on my dick. It was a
pleasing feeling, but a lot of weight in an awkward position. I finally
got to the back of the couch and plopped her butt down. She was a little
high to get in all the way, but she showed me how to make the
adjustment by letting her lean forward where she could rotate her hips
down to gobble me inside.
Now that was more like it. She got to show off her expertise
with a bunch of fancy hip rotatin' and I got to plow up into that sweet
little tight pussy. She kept one leg wrapped around me and she kept
switching legs as she adjusted on the back of the couch while I fucked
her. The kissing stuff worked pretty good in that position as long as I
kept a hand on the back of her head to keep our faces together. And she
was hot for it all.
I think we struck a nice balance of her freedom and my control
in that position and I was ready to fuck her to a fare-thee-well. I was
ready, but it just didn't seem to be working. I can't say anything was
missing. I was liking it fine, but I just didn't seem to be getting
anywhere. Now I'm sure 20 or 30 minutes of it would have done fine,
but I was getting a little tired of having to balance her and probably
would have died in 15.
"Can you bark like a dog?" I asked her as I pulled away from
"I can do the position and the sound effects," she replied, "You
want both?"
"Start with the position and go with the rest as the spirit moves
you," I wheezed.
It was easy for the youngster to roll over the back of the couch
and land in position. She was wriggling her ass like a bitch in heat as I
walked around to her and knelt behind her to stick my dick in. Now she
had the freedom to take it and like it and I had the control to give it to
her however I wanted.
I wanted deep and deliberate. Somehow the clean minimalist
form of lunging into her and slowly pulling back was both pleasing and
appropriate. The added kick of her little yips when I stuck her was also
I knew I was in the zone now. I had stopped by to say 'hi' a few
times in recent years, but this was the first time in a long time I had
gotten right in the middle. I think it was that pausing after she had
worked herself to the frantic orgasm on my lap that had set it up. I was
going to be able to fuck her for an hour more if I wanted to. I was in
the zone. I could make her cum three more times if I wanted to. I might
be able to stop for a sandwich and go right back to drilling her, I was in
the zone.
And the best thing about the zone, as opposed to chemical
enhancers, is my dick was feeling every inch of her hot hole, enjoying
every twitch of her ass and pretending it was going to work up a cum.
The downside was that the climax my cock was promising wasn't going
to happen until we worked my cock raw and then tortured the cum out
of it.
It was a good day to finally return to the zone. I had tired of the
clean, minimalist stuff and was leaning back over my heels sticking it to
Sue close and quick when the door opened.
"What the fuck?" Betty exclaimed as she walked in and saw us
humping on her couch.
"No, who the fuck." I countered, "It's your sister, the next in the
fine line of family pussy."
"My sister the homeless sleep-around with no place to fuck of
her own," Betty corrected.
"Jesus Christ, sis," Sue piped up in a slightly pained voice, "We
were just going to borrow it for a quick one, but he's been fucking me
two hours straight!"
I hadn't been watching the time, but it was possible. When my
balls got miffed by near misses, they could go on a strike that would
outlast my partner and me.
Betty's look was more interest than disbelief as she watched me
fuck her sister for a moment. Then she said, "Maybe you just need
some help."
"I'll share if you don't hog him," Sue said and then adjusted her
offer, "Hell, go ahead, hog him- my pussy could use the rest."
"You just keep at it for a minute," Betty replied, "I'm not
dressed for this."
That sounded like a cute throw-away line, but I should have
know better than that with the woman that liked 'Naked Laundromat". I
kept shoving my deep-thrust dick into Sue while we waited and Betty
returned shortly. Then I knew what Betty was dressing for- okay,
maybe I feared what Betty was dressed for.
Betty slunk down the stairs high-breasted and proud, naked
except for an ominous belt slung low on her crotch. And from the
harness swung and even more ominous dick. There was something in
her manner that said she knew how to use it. Her gait suggested that
she was familiar with having such a tool before her. I was just afraid to
think who she intended to use it on.
As it turned out, she was open to suggestion.
"You want me to encourage you through desire or need?" Betty
"What are you talking about?" I asked.
"If you let me in there to fuck my sister, I think you'll desire to
fuck me. If I just get behind you and fuck you with this dick, you'll
need to fuck her," she said.
I jumped away from Sue and Sue frowned at her sister, "You're
not going to hurt me like the last time."
"I'll just follow our friend's lead, real nice and calm," Betty
promised as she knelt and slid the dildo into Sue.
It seemed the hurting part began with taking the dildo as Sue
grimaced when Betty pushed against her. I got behind Betty then and
started fishing for her hole.
"It won't work in my cunt," Betty said as I tried to enter her,
"the angle is wrong. You don't mind fucking me in the ass, do you?"
Well, it was the second date- sort of. I pushed- and pushed and
then she giggled and opened herself and I slid in. It wasn't easy, but it
was smooth. She waited until I bumped her butt and then we both
began to fuck her sister. I found the middle part of the rubber dick after
a minute. Then I had two little fucks on the ends of my big fuck. When
I jammed my dick to her and stopped, she still pulled away to ram the
rest of her dick in. When I pulled away, she still came back on me as
she pulled the longer rubber dick out of Sue.
I was listening to Sue for my cues and fucked Betty stronger
and faster as Sue began to cry out for more. Betty's tits were the perfect
distraction as we both fucked Sue and I held and squeezed and molded
them as I tried to fuck Betty into Sue into orgasm.
It was an obvious correspondence to a double-play combination
except it ran the opposite direction. I was the first butt-fucker to the
second fucker and then we all made a shortstop in Sue. I guess I wasn't
the only one having a ball, but we were only going to get one, because I
was the only one that was going to toss my jizm.
And that came only after we had fucked Sue to a screaming
orgasm and then pounded her as I bent Betty and abused her ass to my
own screeching end.
I had been right. My poor dick was raw and tortured when I
popped it out of Betty's ass. And no one wanted to kiss it and make it
better. Sue was a wreck. I guess she had been fucked for over two
hours straight and she looked every minute of it. No dice there. And
Betty said she wasn't about to give aid and comfort to anything that had
just ripped her raw.
It was a nice thing to have so much respect from these two, but
it didn't feel as good as having my dick kissed. We sat recovering for a
moment when the phone rang.
"Oh, hi," Betty said, "Yeah she is here, you want to talk?.... Oh
really?.... No, I didn't see any strangers when I came in.....Um hum....
here she is."
Betty had a shit-eating grin as she handed the phone to Sue,
mouthing, 'mom'.
"Yes," Sue said, "....How do I know where they get these
ideas?.... Well, you can see why I don't tell them more.....Okay....yes I
remember... Okay,... Okay... Bye."
They roared with laughter when the phone was safely on the
"That was mom," said Sue, "She called my place and one of my
roommates said I had come over here to meet some guy. I think she still
thinks I fucked someone here, but she knows she won't get anything out
of me now."
"Is she still trying to get rid of that love seat?" Betty asked.
"That's what I'm supposed to pick up this week," Sue answered,
"I said I'd take it and she's after me to get it out of there."
I had to conceal my smile then. The love seat and the love
swing were incompatible. There was only one good place to hang the
toy and no place to move the love seat. Harriet wanted the love seat
gone so we could play unobstructed. The free-hanging harness was an
excellent sex aid and we knew it would work fine once she had room to
move more than six inches while suspended in it.
I couldn't offer to help, obviously. But it was a interesting spot
to be in. And Betty was ready to make it even more interesting, rubber
dick swinging in front of her and all. I didn't know if she and her sister
were additive or competitive in these scenes, but I figured either way I
was in for something different.
"So, you've met my sister," Betty said, as if Sue wasn't sitting
next to her and she hadn't walked in on us in flagrante delicto. "She's a
professional dancer and a semi-professional whore."
"I'm no more a whore than you are!" Sue blurted out, paused
and then added, "Well, I'm no more a whore than anyone but you."
Then I found out that dancers only had to be 18. She should
know the routine she pulled on me, it was her job. It was pretty good
money that she didn't waste. She lived with two other girls to save rent
and was building a nest egg for the future. But that meant having men
over was a problem. She used Betty's place, obviously, but only from
time to time. Other guys she was...creative with.
She also had the occasional date with a customer. She picked
guys that she had scoped out for a while and didn't refuse when they
offered a little extra charge slap and tickle. It was a pretty common
sideline and Sue didn't feel holier than thou.
It was also tax-free and easy to disguise with the size of her
savings out of her taxed earnings. Betty respected the sense of that.
Betty just had more will to power than Sue.
"I don't think he can get hard again after the working over I gave
him," Betty said to Sue.
"Is that some kind of challenge, dear sister?" Sue asked.
"Merely an open question, dear competitive one," Betty said,
checking me to see if I was siding with either of them.
I certainly had no idea whether I could get hard again, but I
would listen to proposals on that subject with an open mind. But there
was still something bothering me.
"How can I expect to feel manly while you're sporting that big
ever-ready thing?" I asked Betty, "Or do you have a particular purpose
in mind?"
"I'm certainly not thinking of butt-fucking you with it, it that's
worrying you," Betty said, "In fact, I'm not sure we can use it
"Don't you like bouncing on the end of it?" Sue asked, "Or is it
just a one-way street?"
"And you expect him to fuck you in the ass while you do me?"
Betty asked.
"I was thinking more like you'd be blowing him," Sue proposed.
"I would be getting the queen treatment in my own house, so I
guess I could let you satisfy yourselves by using me," Betty answered
and unstrapped the belt.
They took all the cushions off the couch except the one I was
sitting on and spread them on the floor in front of me. Betty knelt on
them, supporting herself with her arms across my legs, her tits between
my thighs and her head hovering over my prick. Sue slid up behind her
with the dildo at the ready.
I knew Sue couldn't have got that big thing into Betty that
easily, so I was sure she was rubbing it up and down Betty's slit to get
her wet enough to slip it in. Betty was doing much the same thing to
my dick as she sucked the limp worm into her mouth. I figured I would
be doing my part best to just relax and see what Betty could make pop
It was sort of me off and on for a while as Sue got the rubber
dick greased in Betty's cunt juice and started pushing it in. Sue
obviously enjoyed giving almost as much as receiving as she rubbed her
cunt against the base of the dildo between every advance she made.
Betty enjoyed the slow incursion by increasing her efforts on my dick.
When her merciless suction had raised me stiff once more, she
balanced her sister's thrusts by sucking in as much of my cock as she
had dildo driven in her pussy. It let me feel the joys of slow descent the
same as she felt the joy of being opened uncommonly wide and deep
by the monster rubber dick. And then she had me to the short hairs with
my knob down her throat as Sue shoved her belly up on her sister's butt.
When Sue began to fuck Betty, I knew what Betty had felt like
as she transferred my thrusts to Sue before. Betty stayed true to the
fucking Sue was giving her, bobbing up and down on my dick in time
with her sister's thrusts. I don't know if Sue looked at it that way, but it
also gave her a good guide how to fuck Betty. She could look to
fucking Betty as a way to make her sister give me a great blowjob.
That might be a little self-serving, but Sue was doing a good job
whatever her perspective. And Betty was sucking me with an easy
grace born of the distraction of having her sister ream her hot, straight
and normal. She was just mindlessly reacting to the dildo jamming up
her cunt, stroke for stroke.
It was a real face-fuck. Subtly different from a blowjob because
Betty wasn't working at sucking me off. No pulling me to heights and
cooling me off. No working for that goal of a liquid lunch. She was just
giving me her mouth. She was fucking me with her mouth like some
spare cunt that was warmer, wetter and tighter than the real one. And it
was a slow, building fuck that was going to let me use her mouth
leisurely until I had all the mouth-fucking I could stand.
I didn't have to worry about my natural need to fuck back when
she got me to the point. By the time she got me aching to cum, her
sister was banging her up the hill to climax as well. I don't know if she
could distinguish my hips rocking my belly into her face from her sister
slamming on her butt, driving the huge tool into her. I knew she was
being filled up on both ends, but there was no struggle in her. Betty was
even more of a quivering mass than I was as she was fucked in both
ends, hard, deep and well.
And if she wasn't going to mind, I was going to abuse her to the
best of my ability. Some silly concern for the well-being of the woman
blowing me had always restrained my using her mouth like I was really
fucking her cunt. Right now it seemed that Betty was begging for me to
face-fuck her as good as I could. She didn't flinch as I rammed things in
her throat. I didn't even see her clenched eyelids flicker as I flattened
her nose jamming my cock in. I would mention how fast I was fucking
her face, but Sue had set a rhythm that I had to rush to keep up with.
And then I didn't have to- couldn't- push any more. I let the first
spurt wrack me and then Betty's gullet did the rest as she fucked me off
to a great shuddering orgasm. I think she sucked harder after I came,
but maybe I was just noticing it then. I stayed put as Sue screwed her
sister for another couple of minutes.
My dick only came out in the air when Sue let Betty up. Well,
more like let Betty slump off to one side in a generally seated position.
It didn't seem like Betty's eyes were quite focused as she looked
steamily up at her sister, who was standing over her with the rubber
dick still swinging out in front of her.
"Welcome to the family," Sue smiled at me.
"I guess I can't complain about the hospitality, but if you like
me, why are you trying to fuck me to death?" I asked.
"Oh he's just worried about having enough pop in his pea
shooter to kink out the old lady," Betty put in.
I was glad to hear Betty speak. I was only hoping that she
would retain control of her bowels and bladder after we had fucked her
into oblivion, but I had obviously underestimated her capacity. I did
note that she didn't try to stand or sit squarely on the floor.
"So, you girls do this kind of stuff often?" I asked.
"What stuff?" Sue asked.
"Well, you said Betty hurt you with that thing the last time and
it looked like you were trying to repay the favor just now," I said.
"She deserves to be taught a lesson every now and then," Betty
"And my sister likes the power trip of teaching it to me," Sue
answered, "She also likes pain better than I do and I think she forgets
herself when I let her play her Master games."
A solution was forming. If these two liked the scenes so well,
perhaps we could lessen my load a little by making my service to them
a double-header. I guess you can adapt to a lot of things if you just get
in there and try.
Harriet wanted to fuck me on a friend's balcony downtown the
next time we met. She was plant and house-sitting and thought the fifth-
floor balcony would be a real nice place to get naked and screw each
other's brains out.
It was less brash than the blow-job she had given me at the
sidewalk cafe earlier in our relationship, but it still carried its danger of
discovery. The people next door could flat-out watch if they wanted
and balconies above could also have a view. There were people on the
street that might catch a glimpse while we were parading around and
you never know where the telescopes might be.
But that just made it more exciting. And, of course, we didn't
live there.
Fucking somewhere else was probably the only reason that my
troubles with Karen didn't start then. She made it clear at the next
opportunity that she was a little miffed I was avoiding her. I didn't
know what she was talking about. She just smiled and told me not to
try that stuff with her.
I could see it coming, but I played dumb to avoid her as long as
I could. She was one of the family just like Betty and Sue. I knew what
she wanted. But she lived with her mother and that was a little close for
comfort. Then there was the thing about her still being in high school
and technically jail bait.
But Karen was holding a lot of cards and she knew how to play
them. The very fact that it was dangerous to talk to her gave her the
threat that made me listen. She dispelled any thoughts I had of her
being too young and inexperienced directly. She grabbed my wrist and
pushed my hand under her pantyless skirt, vowing that she wouldn't let
go until I put a finger inside her.
I hadn't expected her to be a virgin. I tried to explain that her
innocence wasn't my problem and she explained that my other
objections were my problem. She wasn't going to tell her mom- unless
she had to, but it was up to me to find a way to fuck her. She would co-
operate, within reason, with whatever time and place I felt safe with,
but I better get to it, she warned.
I felt really alone on this one. I didn't know how Betty would
react to me fucking her younger sister, so I couldn't ask to use her
place. I didn't want Karen seen at my place and fucking her at Harriet's
was just asking for trouble. Even if we didn't get caught actually
fucking, I didn't have an answer if Harriet asked why I was at her house
when she wasn't home.
And I wasn't getting time to think. Karen was full of a teenager's
impatience and wanted instant action. But that also meant she was full
of a teenager's flexibility and that gave me the inspiration I needed.
Where do teens fuck? I asked myself. Aha!
Knowing Harriet's schedule made it easier to pick the day and I
picked Karen up a block from school for anonymity. No big deal if she
was seen. No one was close enough to identify the guy in the red pick-
up she got into.
Now I was excited. The time for nerves and sweat was past. I
had made the leap, I might as well enjoy myself. Karen was just as
excited as I was. This was the big adventure for her. I didn't know just
where to go, but Karen knew the spots. I told her we had to find
something pretty secluded since we were going to be more in the open
than most of her dates.
I took the truck for comfort, but that abandoned some privacy
you get in a car. We'd be pretty visible in the bed and it was the middle
of the afternoon. No problem, Karen said, we'll go to Highbanks.
Highbanks was a park about five miles out of town and usually
only crowded on weekends. Even the ranger stayed in his cabin during
the week. There was one other car in the parking lot when we got there
and we took one of the side roads to a rear picnic area. All in all it was
a good compromise. You couldn't drive in the woods at Highbanks and
the parking areas were pretty open, but if we had gone to Indian River
where we could park in the woods, there was a much better chance of a
fisherman strolling by.
As long as we were the only truck in the lot, the area itself was
secluded and we'd have it to ourselves. I pulled the cover off the corner
and showed Karen the mattress I had thrown in the back.
"You old guys have it down, don't you." Karen said as she saw
my preparations.
"Us 'old guys' hurt when we lie on hard stuff," I responded, "It's
one of the things we have to think about."
I boosted her up into the bed and scrambled in after her. I
thought about closing the cover again, but if I was going to fuck this
teen I wanted to see what I was screwing. I was taking the risk. I
wanted the reward. Karen was no help at all. After her bold approach, I
thought she would be all over me, but she just went giggly.
That was okay. I certainly could get this done on my own. I had
just been spoiled by the rest of her family and their active, even
leadership, roles in sex. I started with kissing and stroking non-sexual
areas as we lay in each other's arms on the mattress. I think I had gained
the upper hand as I started on her. It seemed like she was a little unsure
in the face of my certainty. I guess I was a change from the tentative
gropings of her schoolmates.
That became more evident when I started on erogenous zones. I
went for the gusto. Not a lot of fumbling over her clothes. When I
wanted to touch her breasts, I only touched them over her clothes while
I was in the process of getting the clothes out of the way. I had decided
that we should stay as dressed as wouldn't interfere, so I just opened
her blouse and pushed it back and unhooked her bra and pushed it up.
Her cunt was even easier. She had worn a skirt and knee socks,
so it was just a matter of getting those pale yellow panties out of the
way. I was making her groan with my nipple sucking when there was a
sharp intake of breath as I pulled the underpants away. I had everything
at my disposal and I was still fully dressed.
That was on her. She could have been working on my pants as I
kissed, licked and fondled her, but she had just been overwhelmed by
my direct approach. When her cunt was drenching my finger in juice, I
decided I had to do that, too. I pushed my pants to my knees and then
pushed her head toward my crotch.
"Umm... you want me to suck it?" Karen asked.
It didn't sound like she didn't want to, she just sounded unsure.
"Yes ma'am! Show me your stuff," I encouraged her.
She was actually okay. She had the basics down fine, but then
again how hard is that? She lacked the verve and zest of practice, but at
least I didn't keep banging into her teeth as she bobbed her head up and
down on my cock.
I was just pulling her up to climb over her and put it in when I
heard the truck engine. It was coming close. I popped my head up and
saw that the ranger had chosen today to take a tour of the park.
"Can I help you?" I asked loudly as he drove near.
"What 'cha doing there?" he asked, a broad grin on his face.
It was the time to show the cojones. Most people can be
browbeaten if you pick the right angle of attack and for this kid I
figured the frontal approach would be best.
"Look, we try to put a little spark back in the relationship and
we don't need interference. We're here alone. We tried to make it
private. Now do you mind?" I spouted off at him.
He made nice-nice while turning around, but it didn't wipe the
grin from his face. He didn't know I was grinning just as wide inside,
knowing he wasn't picturing my partner as a 17-year-old. For her part,
the 17-year-old was dying. After he left I saw that the confrontation had
not only ignited a fire in Karen, it had given her an almost awed respect
for me.
"That was awesome," she said, "I thought we were caught for
"Well, it's not like we were carving our names on the benches,"
I said, "If you weren't underage, we wouldn't even be doing anything
wrong. It was just like I told him."
"It certainly got me going," she said, urgently pulling at my
prong, "I want you to fuck me right now and I want you to fuck me and
fuck me!"
She was teenager tight and slut hot as I slid my cock in her. And
I could tell this wasn't the kind of tight that was going to go away when
I got her warmed up. It was fully opened tight and swollen, wet pussy
comfortable. Her gasp indicated that she was having the same feeling as
I stuffed her box with dick.
"Oh god yeah, make me twitch," Karen begged as I ignored the
resistance and kept pushing deeper.
She wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't far off. I don't think her
lover(s) was a confident heterosexual. That was so much the better for
me. There was nothing better than this tight fit, however. I was going to
get to giving her a good going over, but her cunt was holding my whole
attention at the moment. A few exploratory thrusts were the same as
first sliding it in. At that moment I knew I wanted her on her knees so I
could punish that tight cunt with everything I had.
But that was for later. Right now I was busy stuffing my cock
in her twat where I was. Karen was helping by pumping her knees up
and down like she was riding a horse. Or maybe that was her way of
making room for me as I buried my bone.
The cover being over most of us limited my acrobatics, but that
wasn't too much of a concern when every time I jammed my dick in her
it felt like I was plugging a melon.
"Oh gee, holy god," she was gasping as I drove into her,
"Ohhhh Give it to me. Make me cuuummmmm!"
"You like that?" I asked as I rammed her with deep, deliberate
"Don't slow down!" she begged, "Fuck me faster! Make me do
it! Make me jelly!"
I was afraid faster was going to be as good for me as it was for
her. I didn't want it to be a slam-bang fuck, but she was begging so. I
started making her cunt let out that squishy-squishy noise as I fucked
her the way she wanted.
She even had a fresh feel as my belly rammed hers. There was
something crisp about her bush as it flattened when I slammed down on
her belly. And I was right. Even with her juices leaking down and
soaking my balls, her pussy was still clinging to my dick like a warm
surgical glove.
"Oh Jesus! Oh God! I'm doing it! I'm... I'm... I'm... oh, oh, oh,
oh, oooo hunh hunh hunh hunh!" she cried, screamed and grunted as
her feet began to fly and her ass began to flop.
Her cunt got tighter than a tight hand job as it spasmed through
her orgasm and I was having trouble dragging my prong out to stab it
into her again with any rhythm. Not that she cared at that point. She
wasn't jerking violently, but she was quivering like the jelly she
mentioned. And that made her firm young tits shiver in a most
wonderful way.
I had been wrong. It was probably too good for me to pop along
with her. I think I was distracted by the spectacle of her orgasm. In any
case, I was ready to get her on her knees now.
"Oh wow," she interrupted as I tried to get to my knees, "It's
never been like that before."
"Did you cum too?" she asked excitedly as I pulled out on
preparation for rolling her over.
"Honey, I didn't want to waste it," I said, "I've still got a treat
left for you."
She seemed to know what I had in mind as I started to turn her.
She rolled up on her knees with her chest pressed against the mattress
and arched her back. With her butt turned up as high as she could get it,
she looked back at me.
"I probably don't have to tell you, but please be gentle at first. I
don't think you ever really get used to it," she said.
That gave me a new respect for Karen. From the tightness of
her pussy, I thought she was pretty new to the sex game. Now I
realized she hadn't started her sex life by losing her virginity. I was also
impressed with her willingness to have me fuck her in the ass.
But that wasn't my plan and I decided I'd stick to my first
thought this time. I could fuck her ass later. As nice as that brown eye
looked winking up at me, I was still horny to shove my cock in that
tight little twat deep like I could only do from the rear.
"Don't worry about that," I told her, "I just want another taste of
that tight crack. We can save the other for another day."
But I liked the position. Opening her ass like that for me made
sliding back into her twat like cutting butter. And I was right about how
much tightness I was experiencing when I shoved up against her high-
held ass. There wasn't a particle of my cock that wasn't feeling the press
of her succulent pussy flesh clutching at me. But it was the pressure of
a warm, wet kiss, totally inviting and greatly stimulating.
Then I fucked her. As nice as it was deep in her snatch, it was
twice as nice to pull back and ram back into that tight caress. She was
making the squishy noises from the first thrust as her juicy cunt sucked
at me and then made plunger noises as I stuck my cock back in her.
And then there were her moans, rising to a keening wail as I started
taking her to my rhythm. I didn't need to pull her back to me, my hands
on her hips were just for comfort. She was rocking back to meet me
without my pulling and I was jamming my dick into her harder than I
could have accomplished if I was the one yanking her back on my
The squishy sounds were replaced by splats as we collided
carnally and pretty soon I was on my own. Karen became unreliable in
her rocking, losing the rhythm in her panting and moaning at the
approach of yet another orgasm. But this time I was ready for her. I
didn't care it if killed or cured. I jammed her hard enough I could feel
my thrusts lifting her and I kept speeding up until I was ramming her as
fast as my poor back would allow. It didn't kill her, even if her yelps as
I picked her up on my cock made it sound that way. But they were
yelps punctuating the huffing and puffing she was doing as I fucked her
through a second climax and endured the cock-squashing spasms one
more time.
Then I was on my way when Karen asked excitedly, "You're
not going to cum yet, are you?"
"I'm working on it," I panted between gasps.
"Don't, please," Karen begged, "You can't cum in me. You've
got to pull it out."
That was a cold shower.
"Oh Gaaawd!" I moaned and yanked my dick out of her.
I was going to scold her for not telling me that before, but she
spun around on the mattress as soon as I had my twitching cock free of
her cunt and took me in her mouth. I couldn't hold back, but she didn't
flinch either as I fucked into her face. She sucked hard as I jammed my
dick into her mouth and I was only a dozen strokes from finishing.
She coughed as my first spurt hit the back of her throat, but then
took over the sucking as I froze in my orgasm. Her mouth was a little
mechanical bobbing up and down on my dick, but her hand was frantic
as it gripped the base of my cock and jerked my jizm into her mouth.
When the spurting stopped I fucked her mouth some more and she
stayed in position to let me fuck her face until I had all I wanted.
I was no longer upset about pulling out, but she was all
apologies when my cock came out of her mouth.
"I was going to say something, but then I thought you were
going to put it in my ass and it wouldn't matter," she lamented, "I'd like
to be on the pill, but I don't want to ask mom for permission because
you know what she'd think."
"She'd think what is going on is going on," I said. "Don't you
talk to her about this stuff?"
"Then she'd start giving all my boy friends the evil eye," Karen
said. "And she'd watch me like a hawk."
That brought up a point I hadn't considered in the hot pursuit of
tight teeny twat.
"So where does your mother think you are right now?" I asked.
"I'm cool, I got a girlfriend covering for me and she's at the
library- with me," she said.
I should have known she would have it covered, but now I
could plan on more solid ground. I still had plenty of time to fuck her
again and get her to the library by six- a sensible time. That is, if she
was interested in a repeat performance.
"So, do I take you to the library or would you rather I eat your
pussy?" I asked.
"Duh?" she said and leaned back against the cab with her thighs
She ran her index finger around her twat and over her clit
lightly, teasing herself and me with this slow masturbation. That gave
me an excuse to get my hands on her tits. I knelt between her legs and
stroked the solid globes, pushing them up and together, letting them
drop. When I rubbed my thumbs over her nipples, she got serious with
her finger.
I bent forward to wet her nipples, lick her nipples, suck her
nipples and her finger began to plunge into her little pussy. I squeezed
her firm tits and sucked the hard nubs on the tips as I mused she was
preparing me a hot lunch.
When her hips started to jerk with the ministrations of her
finger, I pulled her away from the cab and tilted her legs into the sky.
Then I went down on her to the sound of a yip and a mewl as my
tongue went where her fingers had been.
"Oh god that's good!" she encouraged. "I like that, I like it, I
like it!"
It was like flipping a switch. My tongue pushed into her twat
and her hands grabbed my head and tangled in my hair. I wasn't
planning on tongue-fucking her then, but the urgency of her hands and
hips changed my plan. She humped my face as my tongue stabbed into
her. She was rubbing herself off on my nose as I tongued her.
Her legs shivered and her butt fairly vibrated as she came off. I
moved up to lick her clit with broad, strong strokes and stole a peek at
the way the shivers that shook her body made her tits tremble. The
stimulation made her jerk as my tongue touched her clit and the quavers
gathered into full-fledged thrashing. Her feet came down with a thump,
landing on either side of me and propelling her pelvis up into my face
She could only stand it that intense for a few brief seconds. She
jerked again, almost epileptically, and then went limp. I didn't let her
off the hook. I had some gentle teasing that I missed out on and
flickered my tongue back and forth, travelling up and down her
pussylips as she lay helpless in her sated condition.
She put up a token struggle as my tongue explored more
adventurously, but I wrapped my arms around her legs and gripped the
tops of her thighs, subduing her easily. When I let my tonguetip part her
dewy little lips and sweep up with strokes that ended by brushing over
her clit, she squirmed again, but this time it didn't seem that she was
trying to evade me.
I sucked her twat for another ten minutes until I finally let her
cum one more time and then I sat up.
"Now the library?" I asked.
"Are you trying to get rid of me?" she asked. "Don't you want
to do it again? I thought you'd want to fuck me in the ass this time."
That was a nice invitation. How could I turn it down?
"I thought we were saving that until another day. Personally I
don't think fucking you in the ass should be a second thought at the tail
of the day," I pontificated, "We should dedicate a whole session to your butt."
I let her digest that garbage and watched the thoughts, derisions and fears cross her face. I decided I shouldn't make her wait.
"Besides, I had something kinky in mind," I said.
That held her long enough to restore the bed cover and scramble
into the truck. I hadn't given her back her panties and she had just
pulled her blouse together as she had hopped out of the back and
scampered into the cab. I started the truck then, but as soon as we got
rolling I looked at her with shock on my face.
"Don't let them see you," I hissed and pulled her down across
the seat.
Surprise, surprise, surprise, her head landed almost exactly in
my lap. I let her adjust the small discrepancy in distance from her
mouth my dick while I told her it would be safer if she stayed right
there for a while. For a teenager, she caught on quick.
"This is what you had planned before isn't it?" she said, trying to
look up past my stomach.
I just smiled and pretended I was concentrating on my driving.
"This isn't so kinky," she said and stopped talking and started
My plan revolved around the far picnic site at Highbanks being
empty and the only way to see if we were going to be disappointed was
to drive over. Not that her hot little mouth on my dick was
disappointing. She already had my attention by the time I got the truck
to meander over to the entrance of the picnic site we had been fucking
It was a struggle for her to get much of my dick and I struggled
to help her. I lifted my butt off the seat to give her more cock to suck
and tried not to close my eyes as I mouthfucked the face in my lap. It
was great. Rolling down the road getting blown. If you don't do this
regularly, you ought to give it a try. But stay off the street.
That was my plan today. While she was getting the hang of
blowing a sitting man from the side, I could do the hard stuff. As soft,
wet, warm, and demanding as her mouth was, it took us both time to
adjust to the confines of the cab. While she was finding the things that
worked, I could drive well enough to keep it in one lane.
Grabbing my balls was cheating. I was way too hot way too
soon as she lifted my balls like she was drumming on a desk while she
sucked me. Luckily the truck didn't go over the side of the hill. It wasn't
because I was watching. I was far too involved in trying to help her add
that little extra depth to her descents on my tool.
Finally we were at the south grounds and- Praise God- we were
still alone. I was going to put the sucker in a circle around the parking
lot and let her go at it as we rolled lazily around and around. I think she
knew it- or at least knew the time was right. Her deep bobbing stopped
on one upsweep and she clamped down on my knob.
She could suck just that harder and bob much faster than trying
to deep-throat me in a bouncing truck. Her tongue was as knowing as
my own hand when she worked it up and back as she bobbed her tight
vacuum like the needle on a sewing machine. I was going to need
more, but not right now. The package was nearly complete when she
moved her hand up from my balls and wrapped the fingers around my
shaft, jerking them up and down in rhythm with her mouth.
Oh yes, sweet agony! To be ever-perched on the edge of
climax, refusing to pull the lever to open the trap door. I held out as
long as I could and then I moved. She caught on quickly, matching her
bobbing to my thrusts. As I fucked into her mouth, she slowly lowered
her head until my deepest thrust could barely be contained and then
stopped moving to let me fuck myself over the edge as I liked.
I cheated. I slammed on the brakes as I hit he top. But that not
only let me pay full attention to the ball-straining spasms, it also gave
me a pedal to use to lift myself beyond containment in her mouth to
invading her throat for a glorious, choking, strangling spurt of well-
earned cum. In penance I dropped back to the seat and let her go back
to work on just the glans as my spasms ran down.
I had to slow her enthusiasm pretty quick after my cock stopped
jumping. I let her suck me for a while as long as she took it easy. Then
I put it away and drove her to the library. On the way, we decided on a
code to use around her mother. We could at least set up calls that way
and then set up the time to get together again.
I saw her the next night, but this time it was mom's turn. Sue
had finally had some guys pick up the love seat and we had a love
swing to hang. We couldn't use it with Karen and Lana in the house,
but I could set the bolts so it would screw right up tomorrow morning.
It looked like octopus bondage hanging up, but that was its
charm. It was so versatile. There were stirrups high and low at all
points so you could sit or lay face up or face down and even a nice
trick you could do to trap a person on their belly with their legs
strapped forward. As in strapped forward and apart and totally
We tested that second the next morning. First I sat in the sling
and Harriet hung upside down over me with her mouth on my cock.
She couldn't make a move of that upside down blowjob without jolting
me in her exertions and it was a real connected feeling you usually
don't get.
Then I got her belly down in the sling and hooked her legs in
the slings hanging down from the front. She grabbed the high straps in
front of her in self-defense and I had her bent like a > sign with her butt
wide open.
My, my, my, pussy fuck extravaganza, I thought to myself as I
looked at the wet, wide target between her wide-spread thighs. Mmm,
mmm, good, I thought as I fit my cock to the pink target just below her
ample ass as I slid into her. I initially let her swing as I fucked her. The
motion of her swinging out and then swinging back with each thrust
was neat for a while, but it got distracting when I really wanted to slam
into her.
Fortunately there was room for me to grasp the straps above
where her hands held them and pull her back on my charging cock. It
wasn't the solid meeting you get when you're yanking her ass to you,
but it had a slightly offbeat collision that was almost like arriving twice.
It certainly was working on her. I was glad we didn't try to sneak a test
drive the night before if she was going to caterwaul like that.
I stuck her and she drew in her breath like a wounded person.
Yes, yes, yes, this was quite a purchase. I slowed my mad dash to
climax by letting go of the swing and letting her bounce on and off my
cock again. She liked that just as well, from the sound of her. And
when I added a little bongo beat on her butt as I bumped her, she went
over the top.
She lost the bongo beat on that. I grabbed the straps and started
jamming her to rip into the tightening cunt. Oh my, was that nice!
Feeling the little double collision while I was getting the double flutter
from her orgasmic spasms put my mind on the promised land. As I
slammed her, I realized I could stand to plunge and lift her a little
stronger, but that mental note got lost in the fucking to go
unremembered until two days later.
I was still trying to punch a hole in the top of her cunt as I
slammed up and tried to lift her in the swing, though. And she cared
enough to wriggle her ass as I pounded it. bringing me that much
closer. When I came, I walked her up. Thrust, bounce, step forward
until she was suspended by the swing, but positioned by my dick. She
hung off at an angle with her full weight pressing her back on my dick
in a position not found in nature.
We both decided it was good purchase. Harriet said I had never
been deeper inside her and we each had a whole passel of things we
wanted to try with the love seat.
That wasn't the only thing there were a whole passel of ideas
for. It seemed everyone in the whole damn horny family had a lot of
ideas. I guess I sound bitter for having such a plush situation, but hiding from Harriet was taking its toll. It wasn't like we didn't already have a fulfilling and busy sex life before her daughters started horning in.
It might be sacrilege, but it was getting to be a tiny bit too
much for me. I had to try to keep the flame hot with Harriet while I
was finding time for three of her kids. The hot flame part with Harriet
was easy. When I didn't have an idea, she did- in fact it was mostly her
ideas that we performed. That had gotten to be my normal sex life and
it was hot enough for two guys.
The kids were okay too. Betty could easily take the place of
her mother. There was so much about her that reminded me of Harriet-
particularly in her sexual tastes. Sue was okay. Her attitude and social
calendar left small enough demand on my physical resources. In fact I
began to suspect that Sue's interest was more in sharing her older
sister's toys than in me personally. Now there was Karen. They all fit.
Karen could be slipped in (pun intended) whenever there was a free
moment, but that's my point here.
Every free moment held pressure to go fuck one of them to get
them off the list for a while. And when that pressure is on every free
moment, it's pretty all-consuming. And they all want sexual athletics
when I get around to them.
Anyway, I just wanted to give you a taste of my highly stressed
state of mind when Lana came on to me. My mind was loaded and I
had no defenses for even the lamest of attacks.
"I know what you do with Karen," Lana said, sounding more
10 than 14.
I tried to give her the: un-huh, kid now go play, but she was
"All the boys in my grade say they do the fuck thing, but they
never want to do it with anybody you know," she said. "I know a lot of
old guys (meaning highschoolers) that would like to pop my cherry,
but I don't like them."
This was more information than I needed. I tried to tell her it
was good to wait until you're grown up, but she didn't want advice.
"I like you," she went on as if she hadn't heard me, "and Karen
was only 14 when she lost her cherry."
It was tough to shake her. I knew where she was going. Hell,
she was her mother's daughter. But I got away that time. It was real
hard to come up with an excuse since I was meeting Karen, but I got
It was date night for Karen and I. She was supposed to be out
with her girlfriends. That meant she wasn't expected until 10 o'clock
curfew and gave us time to go out of town for a fine dinner at Mickey
D's and have our hot date.
It had worked out because a friend of mine was on vacation.
He and the wife asked me to feed the cats and water the plants while
they were gone and that meant I had the keys to the perfect intimate
get-away for me and Karen. The neighbors would have to be pretty
nosy to see what I was doing that night. They had seen my car before
while I was on my legitimate missions, so I figured I wouldn't arouse
any special suspicions that night.
Karen was pretty impressed with their house and scampered
around looking in all the rooms while she was supposed to be helping
me water the plants. Of course she liked their bedroom the best.
"I'm ready now- find me," she called from one of the rooms on
the upper floor of the split level.
I found her sprawled naked on their brass double bed, making
porno magazine poses. I had figured as much. And I had three more
days to put right any mess we made, so I dropped my clothes in a pile
and joined her.
"Look what I found," she smirked and produced a remote
Oh my, my friends like to watch dirty movies in bed, I thought
as she pointed the remote toward the tv and turned it on. Holy
mackerel, Andy, I thought as I immediately saw these weren't
professional tapes. My friends liked more than watching tapes. They
liked to make them. The technique was pretty rudimentary but I
imagined it was the fact they had the tape rather than the art of it that
turned them on. It certainly was the first time I had seen his wife's cunt
up close like that.
Then Karen grinned evilly and pushed a button. The screen
changed and I was shocked to see two different naked people laying
on the bed. It was Karen and I. She showed me that she could move
the camera a little side to side and up and down with the remote and
zoom right in to fill the screen with her mouth and nose, or one tit, or
her cunt, or my dick. She pulled the focus back a tad and then her head
came in frame as she began to suck my dick.
I could just imagine my friends struggling to get this
technology right and then Karen comes in and has it down in five
minutes. Maybe the MTV generation somehow assimilates video
concepts from watching the music videos all day. All I knew was that
watching her mouth my dick turned her average blow job into
something very exciting. Or maybe it was her natural instinct to ham it
up for the camera that put something new and lively into the way she
gave head.
Either way, I had a hardon that filled the tv screen in minutes.
Then she panned a little and pulled back to include her ass in the shot.
When she had established the scene of her squatting next to me, head
still bobbing up and down on my dick, she closed in on a close-up of
her crotch from the rear.
With her butt filling the screen, she took her mouth off me and
said, "I don't want any foreplay. We know what we're here for. There's
some K-Y stashed under that pillow. Why don't you get it out and
grease my asshole for the camera."
Hoo-hah! Not only a nice, simple get me hard and stick it in,
but a nice, simple get me hard and stick it in on camera. I found the K-
Y and rubbed the glob on my finger in her buttcrack I watched myself
as my finger circled the shiny jelly around her sphincter and then
slipped inside her. The cute little pink pucker of her asshole parted
grudgingly as my finger filled it with the jelly.
The scene did nothing to lessen my erection. I was ready if she
was and I asked her if she wanted to grease my tool for the lens. She
just pulled the focus back and moved a little more sideways to the
"Just put it in now," she urged, "I've already got more
lubrication than I've had most times boys have shoved it in my
I was a star from waist to knees as I moved into the frame. She
put her chest down on the bed which opened her cheeks and made her
anus stare into the camera's eye. And then I put our stars together. She
was right. Her asshole was used to rude intrusions. She grunted a little
as I pushed my cockhead to the crinkled ring of muscle, but it stretched
greedily to take in my dick.
Because it was easy didn't mean it wasn't tight. Her asshole
may have been more rubbery and accepting than some, but like the
rubber band, it snapped tight along my cock as I pressed more of it into
her ass. I stroked her with the first two or three inches for a minute,
looking over my shoulder at the picture that made. Hitting the inside of
her asshole with my cockhead as I pulled back then pushing back in
was a delicious feeling as her anus shrunk to fit whatever part of my
dick was presently passing through it.
If I had waited for her to adjust to the dick in her ass, I would
have waited a long time. Like her cunt, this tightness was from
newness and it wasn't going to relax anytime soon. But I was too ready
to wait for her and too willing to take her until she tried to stop me.
I pressed into her and made slow, even progress until the
hollows of my thighs were cupping her upturned butt cheeks. I tried to
turn a little to show the camera my full insertion, but she protested the
sideways path that gave my cock into her bowels. Instead, she stopped
the camera and suggested a change.
We backed to the end of the bed with her butt squarely facing
the camera and I mounted her again. I went in from as high as I could
with my legs spread outside her pressed together thighs. I heard the
whirr of a motor and then she clicked the camera on again. It was the
'monster' shot of my dick splitting those fine little hams and her cunt
peeping out between her thighs like a hairy clam.
"Now just fuck me like you want to and we'll leave it right
there to catch all the action," she gasped at me and put her cheek back
down on the cool bedclothes.
Oh yes! Oh yes. Oh yes. I gave her the deep end of my prick
hard enough to make her rock on the bed as I bumped on her butt. It
was a marvelous feeling to be wholly sheathed in the warm tightness
of her bowels as those firm little cheeks massaged my belly. But then I
wanted more. A little more out and way back in. Farther out and right
back in. Pretty soon I was pulling back to the head and diving back
against that hot little butt in an ecstasy of bugger.
Then I went the other way. As I was driven to fuck harder and
faster by the tight welcome of her ass, my strokes began to shorten. I
couldn't get that far out before it was time to plunge back. I was
moving an inch, inch and a half, to a fine splat, splaty splat chorus of
sounds as I spanked her with my fucking when I knew I was going to
fill her with my jizm.
"Should I do anything special when I cum?" I gasped urgently
as I pounded her.
"Just cum a lot!" she urged, her reply muffled by the covers
stuffed in her face.
When the first spasm hit, I buried myself in her ass and
jerked the rest of my squirting cum from my balls by rocking her ass as
I remained buried to the hairs in her rectum. Then I fucked her again
with the long, deep, pistoning thrusts I had started with to shake the
last shivers I could milk from her ass.
And that was fine. The tape showed my cum being pumped out
of her ass with those last movements, dripping with a lust-firing
display out of her asshole and down on the bearded clam.
We watched the tape as a reviver, but Karen still had to go
down on me to get me hard again, after flicking on the tape to show
her in action.
"Now I want you tell me before you cum." she warned as she
lifted her mouth off my cock and looked at me, "I want this to be like a
real fuck-film. I'm not being a bitch about not getting any action for
myself, so you can give up cumming in my mouth and let me jack you
off all over my face."
"Okay," I agreed, "But if you want to make it real hot, why
don't you let me cum a couple of times on your face and then suck on
the head while I finish. Then you can let cum dribble out of the corner
of your mouth as you turn your sperm-streaked face to the camera and
"Just tell me all right?" she said and went back to slobbering on
my knob.
This was a great blow job. At this point I didn't need subtlety. I
just needed someone who was dedicated and tireless to continually
suck up and down on me. Karen did that and played with my balls
while she did. Eventually, her finger slipped back and rubbed my
asshole as she sucked me. I thought she would play more to the
camera, but she just kept sucking up and down the whole time. Even as
she pressed her finger into my ass, her head maintained the rhythm of
her bobbing on my tool. Her finger searched as she sucked and it was
that exploration more than the constant in and out of her mouth that
started me towards the big peak.
But there is no such thing as a boring blow job and soon
enough I twitching on the bed as she kept on with her unalterable
bobbing up and down on my crank. I kept my word as gasped out that
I was cumming just before the sap started its journey up my rod and
she pulled her head off to take the first blast square in the face. I think I
got off three fine spurts before she came down on me again and sucked
furiously for more.
It was just the scene I had described as she let the white froth
dribble out of the corner of her mouth to smile for the camera just
before she shut it down.
"You have great ideas," she complimented me like I had
planned this video escapade.
I didn't take credit, but I didn't deny it either. I just turned the
subject back to her and told her how much I enjoyed her fresh little
asshole. I tried to pry out how many times she had taken it in the rear
passage, but she either was ignoring the question, or I was being too
subtle for a teenager. So I asked her about Lana instead.
"She has been pretty nosy lately, but I don't know how she
would know about you and me," Karen said, "I'm sure I didn't tell her
anything. I never tell her because I know she'd go straight to mom and
I dropped Karen off at her friend's house so she would be
coming from the right place when she went home. I studied on what
Lana had said and figured it was just a good guess on her part. Given
the way the family worked, she would be right more than wrong if she
accused every man that came around.
The little minx did catch an eyeful of her mother and I one
night. It was way too late for the girls to be up and Harriet decided she
wanted to be naughty. She was getting off on my hesitation and her
own fear of discovery by the children. Those limiting factors made her
take the precaution of not undressing either of us. She got out my dick
and started sucking me off and then got so hot that she wanted me to
fuck her tits.
It wasn't clear, but it had to be pretty obvious what was going
on with her mother's chest pressed to my crotch and me humping up
under her sweater. Harriet, with her mother's instinct, caught the
motion of the door and spun me away as she pulled down her sweater
in one motion and pounced on Lana. It was not only way too late to be
up, it was also way too far away for the girl to have any business down
in the basement.
Harriet brought those facts to her attention in the questioning
phase and then asked Lana why. Why was she down here? Why was
she watching things that were private? Lana couldn't or wouldn't
answer and Harriet dragged her right into the penalty phase.
I think Lana broke even on that. She got her eyeful and she had
the sexual 'pleasure' of having her narrow butt exposed to my eyes for
that moment before she got the downside as Harriet laid her hand
heavily on the upturned cheeks. Of course, she had to have been pretty
gratified by the peek and the exhibitionism to balance the flaming red
butt and the copious tears Harriet's no-nonsense spanking gave her.
The other thing was the ammunition Lana saw in the situation.
Now she considered herself my intimate. After all, she had shown it all
to me and now, she maintained, I had to show her mine. At the same
time, she realized, she had been made to look juvenile by being
spanked like a child, so she kept that pressure at the teasing level.
What concerned me more was her telling me I could butt-fuck
her like I did Karen if I wanted. She was getting information
somewhere, there were other little facts she knew that couldn't be co-
incidence. And Lana kept turning up the pressure. Finally it got too
I was waiting for Harriet and Lana came in and plopped herself
on my lap. I didn't like that to start with and then she started groping in
my pants for my dick.
"Is it all hard and ready for me?" she asked petulantly.
"You'll find out what's hard when your mother gets home," I
warned her, pulling her hands away from my crotch.
"Number one, you tell and I'll tell what you do with Karen.
Number two, mom called and said to tell you she'll be late- maybe an
hour late," she said snippily.
A lot of things went through my mind right then, her threat, the
time alone, but the winner was my displeasure at this attitude. I
certainly didn't need to be disrespected by a 14-year-old.
"Then you won't have to wait," I snapped at her and I saw real
fear in her eyes at the sudden flare of my temper.
She tried to jump off me, but I caught her arm and pulled her
back onto my lap, face down this time. She yowled, threatened, and
then promised as I threw up her skirt and yanked down her underwear.
She was already pleading when my hand landed the first time and that
burning splat only made her pleas rise in volume and sincerity.
I had hit her about six times when the trouble started. Her hot
little butt began to feel good under my hand. I noticed the firm way her
ass resisted the force of my hand and I could feel my cock stir as I
noticed the arousing situation I had gotten myself into.
I tried to keep the spanking businesslike, but I couldn't make
my hand fall with the same force while my dick was getting hard. Lana
noticed it too.
"You could just make me suck your dick for punishment," she
gasped out between sobs. "I won't tell."
I couldn't continue the charade. I reached down and picked her
up by the shoulders and stood her in front of me. And that was just as
bad a move. I was going to deliver a stern lecture to set her right, but
my eyes couldn't help dropping to the immature slit just beginning to get
a growth of downy angel hair. And Lana zoned right in on where my
gaze fell.
Between her sobs I saw her mouth curl into a momentary smile.
I had just dealt her another card- face down. I still had to keep her on
track, even if I knew I had lost the force of my argument.
"Don't forget I can tell on you just as easily as you can tell on
me," I told her. "And your mother will instantly believe me. I might be
having trouble making you sorry for this attitude you're giving me, but
I'm not having trouble deciding that you're trouble."
"But you want me," she whined, "I can see it. I won't tell, I
promise. You won't get in any trouble because nobody will find out."
"I don't want you, that's just reflex," I vainly tried to alibi, "You
shouldn't be thinking about these things, especially with someone as
old as me."
She fingered her little slit in front of me and said, "But I want
YOU to have my cherry. And I won't have it much longer."
She would have it the rest of the night, I decided, but I didn't
tell Harriet about the incident. Somewhere, deep down, I must have
been keeping my options open. The problem was it wasn't deep enough
down to escape Lana's notice. She decoyed me to the house about a
week later and let me know that.
"If you really didn't want me, you would have tattled," she said
as she trapped me in the basement. "I'm supposed to be home alone
until 9 (2 hours) and you might as well give in. You will sooner or
later, I can tell."
She was playing from a much better position of power this
time. It wasn't attitude this time. It was honest assessment with a hint of
persuasion. I wavered. She turned and pulled up her skirt to reveal she
wasn't wearing panties.
"You can spank me again if you'd like to and then I'll suck your
thing to get it wet before you take my cherry," she proposed.
I knew she was right. I knew it was wrong, but I wasn't saying
no. I made one last ditch effort to chase this Lolita off.
"I don't want to take your cherry," I told her, "If I were to fuck
you, I'd fuck you up your tiny little butthole. That would make you cry
more than a spanking and that's the only way I would do it to you."
"Isn't it pink and pretty?" she asked as she bent forward to show
me the asshole in question.
I knew then I had made a major mistake. She was going to let
me take her any way I wanted. She wasn't scared off and I had placed
too much temptation in my own path. I looked at the tiny starfish of her
anus and I knew I would be sliding my dick in and out of it sooner or
later that night.
"Then you go get some vaseline and an old towel for the
blood," I told her and she beamed at me.
The smile reminded me of who I was dealing with. She was a
child, There were hormones driving her, but she didn't know where. She
was looking to me for guidance and I was trying to scare her off with
threats about undreamed of dangers. She didn't know what she was in
for and wasn't scared at all.
But then, what had she said? Karen was only 14 when she lost
her cherry? It wasn't an excuse, but it did make 14 somehow sound
older. Okay, I was a rotten bastard, but I had tried to say no to her- I
really had.
After all that dark night of the soul stuff, Lana went right ahead
and made a fool of me. She came back in only a bathrobe with a towel
and no vaseline. I was about to send her back for it when she turned
around and pulled up the robe.
Her asshole glistened with the lube. She was greased and
"Now maybe you'll finally let me see that precious dick of
yours," she mocked.
I gave in. Wimpy, I know, but my dick really had nothing
against getting inside her. It wasn't like I was trying to run off some old
drunk lady. It was only my sense and sensibilities and they were in a
dead heat with her blackmail and promises of secrecy.
I didn't help, but this time I didn't stop her as she opened my
pants and found her prize inside. I think that was what she was after all
long. I think she was throwing in all the rest so she could go to her
knees in front of me and get that dick in her mouth.
She stared up at me in total joy with most of my shaft
protruding from her lips. She was most basic about it, but there was no
mistaking the glee with which she finally got to demonstrate her
womanly wiles with that blowjob.
"You can still take my cherry if you want to," she said.
Ahhh, temptation, it wouldn't make much difference which
orifice I took. But I looked at that greased asshole and decided that if it
didn't make a difference, I would keep my word.
I don't think her ass was virgin. It was too easy to get into it. Maybe it was a family trait, but more likely she had things up it before. I did my dirty little deed balanced on self-gratification and self-loathing and when I finally came in her ass, she giggled.
"That was really nice, but the next time I want to make you come with my mouth," she announced.
"Next time?!" I snapped, "What do you mean next time."
"You didn't think you could do me once and then I'd stop, did
you?" she asked, "I've got more on you now than ever. Yes, next
I guess I wasn't thinking ahead. It was so obvious I wondered
how I could miss it. Now I had the whole family to fuck. And that one
little indiscretion cost me big time.
Oh, it didn't happen for a while, but Lana liked to live on the
edge. The littlest, the princess, she thought she could do no wrong and
from the evidence in the rest of her life she was right. I think she just
liked to see me sweat. Always cutting it thin, trying to seduce me
closer and closer to her mother or when her mother would get home, it
was a collision course with disaster.
Her games might have been more childish than her sisters, but
they were no less depraved. I had taken her in every way she could
think of and finally did get her cherry. But then, of course, we got
caught. Not by Karen, who already knew, but by Harriet.
There was screaming. There were attempts at physical
violence. There was a gathering of all present and then there was the
Lana could do me nothing but harm with her allegiance to me,
but Karen, who had run downstairs when she heard the commotion,
gave her mother some perspective. I might be a rotten guy like all
rotten guys, but that was a point in my favor. It wasn't that I was out to
run through the family with my dick out. It was their family that saw a
man as a dick to get their share of.
I saw Karen was on a roll and stopped my confessing and
begging for forgiveness and let her handle it. Harriet seemed more
angry with her daughters than with me when Karen told her I had been
fucking everyone. She got lost in the family dynamic about then and
she and Karen went back and forth on why they all were that way.
I got about as light a sentence as Satan. I was cast out of
Heaven. Harriet wasn't going to report me, but she wasn't going to fuck
me either. And that went triple for her daughters.
I think Betty might have played a few more games with me, but
I was done with the risk and the subterfuge. I figured Harriet's new
man would be taking up much of her daughter's time soon anyway.
And I was just happy enough to get away without jail time.
But this is a moral tale, and I cannot tell you that I escaped
unscathed. Beside the loss of Heaven, I have to forever contemplate
that moment I stared into the tiny, pink starfish of Lana's anus and
decided that I would be plugging it sooner or later.
See how I really am? I was given the test and that is how I
filled in the blanks. Now I have to live with that knowledge of myself.
(And memories.)


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