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HORNYH movie and made strip completely


Horny Heather by B.P.

Up until I was eleven I thought of my mother as a typical mother,
prettier than most but not a beauty queen. At 5' 2" 100 lbs. she looked
more like my older sister
She and dad seemed to be happy and have good friends. Suddenly our
world was turned upside down. When a drunk ran a stop light and killed

mom and I were real upset and mom asked me to sleep with her. For the
first few months we were so consumed with our grief and tying to put our
lives back together we were in a daze. Every night we fell asleep in each
others arms but I never saw her nude, sometimes only in her underwear. At
night she sleep with underwear on under her nighty.

To be honest I didn't give it any thought, that was the way I was used
to seeing mom. That all changed when my hormones started to kick in and my
body started to change. Almost over night I became aware of my body and
that of all around me.

I began talking with my close friends and several times on sleep over at
their houses I noticed that their moms never seemed to wear anything under
their nighties and sometimes got peeks at their boobs and saw hair on their
crotches. It set me wondering why my mom kept herself covered. When she
was dressed to go out, she dressed sexy and often showed the top of her
boobs and a lot of her legs.

As close as mom and I had grown since dad's death I couldn't figure out
why mom was so secretive about her body. Several times I had started to
ask her why she hid her body from me but chickened out at the last minute.

mom went out with friends a couple times only to come early, apologizing
to me for going out. One night I said we need to talk. I told her I know
enough about adults to know that they need to have fun and that I didn't
think dad would have wanted her to sit around and mope for the rest of her
life. She hugged me and I whispered that it was ok for her to go out and
have fun.

mom started going out fairly regularly mostly with friends that she and
dad had gone out with. Sometimes she had a baby sitter come in and
sometimes I would spend the night with a friend. I began to notice that
often when she came home she would smell different. I would see her slip
into the bathroom and shower before coming to bed.

On those nights she acted strange when I would hug her, as if it hurt her. One night she was moving stiffly as she came in. Thinking I was
asleep she slipped off her clothes before stepping into her bathroom. Her
body looked perfect in the dim light coming from the bathroom, then just as
she turned to close the bathroom door I thought I saw a flash of light off
something shinny at the end of her boobs and I didn't see any hair on her
crotch. Since we are both blonds I just thought it was the lighting. She
took a long time in the bathroom and by the time she came out I was asleep.
In the morning she seemed to be back to the way she was before dad died.
She blushed when I asked her if she had fun but quickly said yes. She then
asked if she had wakened me when she came in.

I told her that I was sound asleep and didn't her come to bed. She
seemed to readily accept that and hurried into her bathroom to get ready to
go to work. I went to my bathroom to get ready for school. Taking off my
nightly I noticed a little blood on my upper thighs and on my nightly. My
first period. Excited I ran to tell mom.

I caught her completely by surprise as I burst into her room. She had
just stepped out of her bathroom and was facing me nude. She was so
surprised by me she forgot she was nude. I was babbling about having my
first period then I stopped dead in my tracks about six feet from her. Her
nipples had a ring in each one, her boobs and lower belly were covered with
blotches and marks.

Seeing me stare at her body she froze her mouth dropping open. For what
seemed like hours we just stood there looking at each others nude body. My
crotch still covered with blood from my period. Finally mom croaked "Are
you all right?"

I nodded yes then faintly I asked "Did your date do that to you" mom blushed right down to her toes, her head down. I exploded into a lecture
about date rape and abuse, surprising both of us. mom stood there calmly
slowly lifting her head to look at me. When I finally shut up, she
whispered "I asked him to, I asked him to do it just like your father did

Now I was the one with my mouth hanging open. mom went into an
explanation of some of things she and dad did for their sexual enjoyment.
She promised to explain it better after dinner.

All day I couldn't get it out of my mind. I kept thinking that I should
be upset about what I had seen, instead I was curious and anxious to hear
more. When mom came home from work, I helped her get dinner neither one
mentioning anything about that morning. We talked about her job and my

Finished in the kitchen mom looked at me and said I've seen you staring
at me all evening trying to figure out what is going on. Come into the
bedroom and we can talk

Following behind her I saw her unbutton her blouse then her skirt
carefully draping them over a chair. Turning to face me she unhooked her
stiff bra and let it slide off. Two pieces of gauze fell out of the cups.
Mom didn't seem to notice her eyes fixed on me. She rubbed her boobs especially where the bra straps had been. Her boobs had hardly any sag to
them. The brown areola calling attention to two very large nipples
pointing at me, proudly showing off their gold rings.

I felt myself drawn closer, reaching out I tentatively touched a ring.
It felt warm, almost soft. The nipple stiffened and mom's breathing became
more rapid. My gaze fixed on her nipples I asked "Did it hurt to get them?
Do you like them?"

Mom's voice was soft as she said yes they hurt some when I first got
them but now they're fine and yes I like them. They were your father's
idea. The twinkle in her eyes told me she telling me the truth.

By now my fingers were gently touching her boobs especially the marks on
them wondering why. At the base of both boobs was a reddish mark circling
both of them. As my fingers traced the marks, mom quivered slightly but no
move to pull back.

She said they don't hurt now. I jerked my hands away then I felt
foolish. mom took my hands and we sat on the bed. We talked for hours as
she told me how dad had introduced her into mild bondage and tit torture
and that now she needed that type of stimulation for good sexual
satisfaction. She apologized for hiding it from me but told me she had
planed to tell me about it when I was old enough to understand and
hopefully not think of her as some kind of freak or a nut case.

I hugged mom and told her that I still loved her and that I didn't think
she was a freak or a nut case. My crotch was so wet even with my pad on it
felt like I had pissed. I kissed mom then told her I needed to check my
pad as it felt wet.

I got up and started towards my bathroom when mom reached out saying you
can use my bathroom. She got up following me into her bathroom. I
undressed to my panties then I hesitated, I was a little embarrassed to
have mom see my mess.

mom sensing my embarrassment reminded me that she had been having them
for many years and that it was no big deal. She opened the shower door and
said step in here and wash yourself off. Stepping in I was surprised to
see a long hose attached to the shower head. mom reached up and turned a
knob next to the shower head then turned on the water. No water came out
of the shower head instead it came out of the long thin nozzle on the end
of the hose. mom felt the water and adjusted the temperature then she
knelt in front of me.

Smiling up at me she said I love this go ahead and use it to wash
yourself. Nervously I took the nozzle and moved it closer to my crotch,
the spray starting to hit me. The warm streams of water did feel good.
Spreading my legs I moved the nozzle close to my pussy delighting in the
wonderful sensations as the water tickled and tingled.

mom with her face near my pussy, hoarsely said go ahead you can ease it
inside if you want I do it a lot. A naughty tingle ran thru me as I slid
the spraying tip into my opening, Mom's hot gaze watching every move. Damn
it felt great as I pushed it deeper then it stopped. By now all the blood
had been washed away but this was too good to stop. Gently I put a little
more pressure on the nozzle and felt it pushing against something inside.
Not satisfied with how deep it was in me, I pushed harder. Suddenly I felt
something give way then the nozzle slide much deeper. There was a little
pink ness in the water but that quickly went away but the only thing I
cared about was the fantastic feeling the water jets were creating in my
pussy. mom spoke up saying. Your father used to tease me telling me that
I liked using that too much. My voice sounded a little shaky as I said I
can see why this is great. I slid it in and out thrilling at the

Without thinking I said. Is this what you were doing in her so long
last night when you came home? Our eyes met as I realized what I said.
Mom faintly said I thought you were asleep.

I was until you turned on the bathroom light. You were in there so long
I fell asleep and didn't hear you come to bed.

mom stood up and hugged me, her nude body pressed against mine. I still
had the nozzle stuffed in my pussy. I felt one of mom's hands slide down
my back and then find my hand on the nozzle. Her hand over mine she began
moving it in and out. A shock wave hit me making my legs turn to rubber.
If mom hadn't been holding me, I would have fallen.

mom let go and the nozzle slid out as mom turned the water off. We
stood there hugging each other for a while when mom said we have so much to
talk about. We stepped out of the shower and mom grabbed a towel and dried
me off. Her tenderness surprised me, they way her hands touched me it was
if she was my servant or worshiping me.

Finished mom led me back to her bed where we talked more about periods
and how to deal with them. She even asked me if I wanted to try her
tampons. I had never seen mom act like this before. She had always taken
care of me and loved me but this was somehow totally different.

Mom, what's going on why are you acting like this? mom looked at her
lap as she spoke softly telling me that my father had trained her to be his
slave, his sex slave. She went on to tell me that she had gotten so used
to living like that she didn't know how not to do it.

Peeking at me she said I thought if I was good to you might want me as
your slave, your sex slave. You can do ANY THING to me and I will do
anything you ask.

Stunned I looked at her seeing her in a totally different light. I said
but you are my mother and I love you. How can you be my slave? mom looked
nervous, she didn't seem to know what to do with her hands as she shyly
looked at me. Tears were starting to form in her eyes and her voice
quivered as she said I'm sorry I made the mistake of thinking that you
would take over for your father.

But mom I'm your daughter I'm not even a boy, I don't have a cock, how
can I take over for dad. mom lifted her head saying. The other wives of
our friends often have sex while the men watch us, I can teach you what
they do to me and a lot of the things the guys do don't require a cock.

Are you sure you want me to do this? mom looked at me her eyes and body
begging me to say yes as she said Only if you want to, I can't force you,
but I would love it if you said yes.

I asked Will you tell me about the things you and dad did and show me
all of your other toys. Mom's eyes lit up and she grabbed me hugging and
kissing me telling me how good she would be for me. She went on to tell me
that some of her friends would help me if I wanted.

As we talked, I could see how excited mom was that I would let her be my
sex slave. In her excitement she gave up all of her modesty. In doing so
I noticed she had a ring in the top of her pussy and that her pussy lips
hung way down when she stood up.

At one point mom was sitting facing me with her legs spread. I looked
straight at her crotch and said I guess dad did that too. mom blushed and
looked down saying yes he told me it was so I would never forget him. It
does a good job, every time I feel it jiggle I think of when he put it in
and how it tickles my clit. Then another time, I had said something to him
about not having the balls to do something. He said he would fix that and
he had a doctor put steel balls in my pussy lips. As she said that she
spread her legs and pulled her pussy lips out and showed me.

I leaned closer to her and touched her. It felt strange there was
something hard about the size of a jelly bean inside of her lips.

Your dad put those in about six years ago, every time I move I feel
them. Her voice got soft as she said he made me go around without panties so that they would always be pulling and stretching on me. Sometimes he
would even hang weights in my clit ring and/or nipple rings. He loved to
put the weights on strings so they would sway when I walked. Sometimes if
I walked fast, they would bump into my skirt making it move.

Just then the phone rang, mom answered it then after talking for a few
minutes she said thanks but I think I'll pass on it this time Heather and I
need to spend some time together to get to know each other better. She was
smiling and looking straight at me as she said that. Saying I'll call you
Monday, she winked at me and hung up.

mom asked me what I was going to be doing in school tomorrow, if I had
any tests. I ran into my room and checked my assignment book and took it
into show mom. All I had was regular stuff.

mom glanced at it and said How would you like to play hooky and for the
next three days you can play with me and we can get to know each other

I squealed and hugged mom saying, do you mean it that would be
fantastic. Does this mean that I get to use all of daddy's toys on you? Do
I get to do things to you that make you walk funny and your boobs sore?
Will you show me everything?

mom kissed me and said from now on I'm your sex slave you can do
anything you want except make me bleed. Come I'll show you all of the
stuff if you see something that interests you we can try it out. Chapter 2
Toys Are Us

mom went to her closet and pushed all the clothes towards one end then
she opened a door that I didn't know was there. Cuddling up to mom I
looked in and my chin hit the floor. There was shelves and drawers full of

mom said I'll hand the stuff out to you and you can spread it out on the
floor. It took us over a half hour to empty the closet of all kinds of
harnesses, dildos, strange clothes and other devices I wasn't sure of.

We could hardly walk across the room with all of this exciting stuff
laid out. I was kneeling looking at a leather harness as mom came over
saying that's all of what is in there.

I looked up at her and my eyes locked onto her pussy. It was wet!
Looking up her body, I saw what looked like rubber clothes in her hands.

Getting up I took one of the items she was holding and held it up to see
what it was. It was a pair of rubber shorts that looked like they would be
small on me. As I looked at them, I noticed a pouch in the crotch. mom whispered that's for my balls. Your dad loved to put those on me and make
me drink a lot then go out in public and not let me go to a bathroom. When
he was in a really wicked mood he would make me wear this. She held up a
strange looking pair of rubber shorts with tubes coming out of the crotch
and connected to the cups of a rubber bra.

What are the tubes for? I no sooner asked that when it hit me. When
you pissed it went up the tubes into the bra. This I had to see, I asked
mom to put it on.

mom said but I haven't got to the bathroom since I got home from work. I
grinned and said I know start putting it on and I'll be right back. I
hurried to the kitchen and came back with a large glass of ice tea.

mom already had the shorts on and was smoothing them in place. Except
for the pouch in the crotch they fit like her skin. I handed her the ice
tea saying I knew you would be thirsty from all of the talking. Drink that
while I put your bra on.

mom blushed but drank the tea quickly then handed the glass back to me.
With a twinkle in her eyes she said I'm still a little thirsty. I ran to
refill her glass. This glass she sipped as we looked at more stuff.

mom seemed to have forgotten what she was wearing and was causally move
about. Suddenly mom called out Heather. I turned to see her kneeling next
to me, piss was filling the tubes and soon reached her bra. mom gulped the
last of her tea as the cups of her bra swelled with piss.

mom quivered, then took a deep breath and went back to what she had been
doing, as if this was perfectly normal. mom stood up and said I almost
forgot the water toys. Come in the bathroom and I'll show you them.

I followed mom checking out her kinky outfit. I couldn't believe this
was happening to me, what a blast. mom opened a closet that I had always
thought was just a linen closet and saw all kinds of strange tubing and

mom explained that this stuff was for giving enemas, douches and other
water games. While we were looking at this mom again called my name. As I
looked at her, she squatted slightly and pushed her tummy. I saw more piss surge up the tubes swelling her bra even more, the pouch at her crotch was
sticking out like a fist.

Damn what a sight I had never dreamed of anything half this wild. I
touched her bra feeling the hot piss as I asked mom how much more it would

mom giggled as she said I don't know usually by now dad would have
hooked up the relief tube and had me drain off the excess. I gave her a
puzzled look and she told me to look where the tubes came out of the shorts
and I would find a short tube that was clamped shut. Handing me a tube,
she told me how to connect it.

That done I stood up holding the free end of the tube. mom reached into
the closet and took out a strange harness and handed it to me asking me to
put it on her head. I noticed a strap with a hold in it right over her
mouth. mom said. You can attach a gag to the strap or just stick the tube
thru the hole. Any time you feel like there is too much pee in my bra you
can open the clamp and let it out. If you want to use a gag that's ok but
I can't talk with it in my mouth. I have been trained to swallow what
comes out of the tube.

I looked at her with mild surprise as I said you mean you will drink
your own pee. mom nodded yes then whispered yours too. Often when your
father and I had sex he would have me suck his cock clean then he would
have me drink his pee. Sometimes when we were over at friends houses he
would have me suck the other women's pussies clean after they had sex.
Other times he would have me drink their pee.

Fascinated I found my hand reaching down and opening the clamp. pee surged up the clear tube right into mom's mouth. Her lips closed around
the tube and I watched her swallow until I re clamped the tube.

Mom's eyes had a new sparkle to them. She said I'm your toy have fun.
How about we go and look at some of the other stuff, you might find
something you would like to try on your self.

Back in the bedroom I looked at one of the bras I had seen her wearing.
To my surprise the cups were lined with little pins all around where her
areola and nipples would be. I looked at some others and saw some were
just plain while others looked like they would hurt. My mind flashed back
to the times when mom would wince when I hugged her.

mom showed me some rubber bras with holes for the nipples, some leather
bras with cut- outs for then nipples and some with things to make the
nipples tender or down right hurt.

mom picked up each one touching it like it was something special, like
it was bringing back fond memories. Looking up she said I haven't had any
of this out since your father was killed, I didn't realize how much I miss

The tears in her eyes said a lot but I was still confused as to why she
wanted to be hurt and made to do things. Why did you want dad to hurt you
and make you do strange things? My friends parents don't do these things?

mom held my hand as she began to explain that when she was growing up
she was shy and not very popular with the other kids. She want on to say
that she wanted to be liked by the boys and soon learned that if she let
them do things to her they would take her out. As she got older, the boys wanted to do more things like have her suck their cocks and let them piss on her. At first she did like it and would protest. Gradually she learned
to like it and stopped protesting. The guys liked it better when she made
a fuss so they got rougher and rougher. She smiled as she said I learned
that I could get them to do what I wanted by how much of a fuss I made.

When I first met your father, he seemed to know right away. On our
first date he got me to suck his cock by pinching my nipples. The next
time he came to take me out he handed me two clothes pins and told me to
put them on my nipples until he told me to take them off. He took me to a
drive in movie and made me strip completely. When he told me he was going
to fuck me I protested telling him I was still a virgin and I was afraid of
getting pregnant. He produced a rubber and pinching my nipples made me
suck him off and them get him hard enough to fuck me. The whole time he
fucked me I fussed slightly but I loved it. Several nights later he picked
me up and I didn't fuss. He told me after that he liked it better when I
fussed and squirmed as if trying to get away.

After that I always made a fuss and he started bring pieces of rope to
tie me up. Oh god how I loved that. From then on I was his.

He really love to do things to my nipples and clit and sometimes would
tie me up and abuse my clit for hours making it so sore and sensitive that
I would cry from the pleasure and pain as he would roughly fuck me to a
mind-blowing climax. Some times he would invite his friends to play with
me and even let them fuck me. Every once in a while he would have several
friends over at once and gang bang me until I was covered with their come
and it was oozing out of every hole, then they often would give me a piss shower before they left.

I reached down between us and opened the clamp on her piss tube. mom stopped talking and drank until I re clamped the tube. Her lips were still
sucking on the tube even after the flow had stopped! Reaching up I pulled
the tube out of her face harness and put in my mouth as I opened the clamp.
I don't know what I was expecting but I took a mouth full then with my
tongue plugging the tube I tasted it. The wickedness of drinking piss thrilled me. I hugged mom to me forcing her pee into my mouth as I stared
into her eyes.

mom was as turned on as me and I felt her hands pressing at the sides of
her bra forcing more pee in my mouth. Her hands went to my ass cheeks as
she babbled how much she loved me and that she hoped I would MAKE her do
lots of wild things. Holding the tube in my mouth, I started towards the
bathroom. mom followed quickly not wanting to jerk the tube from my mouth.
Seeing the enema bag I unhooked her bra and told her to strip the
panties off. mom seeing me holding the enema bag began begging me not to
use that on her as it embarrassed her so to have to go while someone

Taking my cue I grabbed a spare piece of tubing and tied her hands then
I selected a big fat nozzle and greased it up. Pushing her in the shower I
made her bend over and the I stuffed the nozzle in her ass she fussed
loudly. Hanging the enema bag up I asked her how much dad had given her.

mom whimpered that she didn't know he never told her she just had to
take it. My first intention had been to only give her half but suddenly I
got the idea to give her the whole thing as I gave her a piss shower. mom fussed about having her hands tied and that the shower floor was cold but
she really started squirming when she saw me open the valve and let the
water shoot into her ass. Her protests went up a pitch when I stepped over
her and squatted. She was looking right into my pussy as my piss came
spraying out.

mom acted like she was trying to get away from the stream of piss but
always managed to get it right on her nipples then in her mouth. By now
mom was getting uncomfortable with all the water in her gut. I shut off
the flow asking her if she was going to be a good slave and do as her
master told her.

mom begged and pleaded for me not to give her anymore. I opened the
valve telling her I didn't believe her. Her pleas became louder and she
began telling me all the things she would do for me like suck my pussy and
even kiss my ass.

Fully in the sprit of the game I told her she would anyhow and that she
would have to come up with something better. mom told me I could do things
I had never dreamed of like fist fucking her or stuffing my foot in her
pussy. She even told me I could pinch her clit and clamp her pussy lips.
By the time the bag was empty I could see her tummy bulging and her pleas
were genuine. I hoped I could remember half of the things she said I could
do to her and that she would do to me.

I closed the valve to the bag and helped mom to her feet. Pulling her
into my arms I grabbed her by her ass cheeks pressing my body against hers.
Mom moaned and kissed me as the thrill of the naughtiness of the situation
raced thru me. My fingers brushed the enema tube reminding me of its
presence. Grabbing hold of the tube, I began moving it in and out making
mom squirm and moan.

I asked if she could hold it if I pulled the nozzle out. mom kissed me
as she nodded yes. Tasting her piss-covered lips, I fucked her ass with
the nozzle in ever lengthening strokes until it popped out. mom was
kissing me with a wild passion, her rock hard nipples burning into my
budding boobs. Almost reluctantly we broke our embrace and mom slowly made
her way to the toilet.

Tremors shook mom's body as she let go. mom looked up at me blushing
intensely her eyes sparkling with lust neither one of us speaking. After
she finished, I guided her back to the shower and we washed each other
paying particular attention to our crotches. I fingered mom's pussy as she
explored my pussy opening dipping a finger in me.

I have no idea how we got to the bed but we spent the next several hours
in every position imaginable until finally I wound up with my hand stuffed
into mom's pussy up to my wrist. mom was moaning and making animal noises
deep in her throat as my hand fucked her to a series of intense orgasms.
Mom's pussy felt so warm and wet as it spasmed around my hand I could
almost feel what she was feeling.

mom was so drained from her climaxes she was limp as I eased my hand out
of her. mom then cuddled up to me placing her mouth over one of my budding
boobs. She began sucking on my nipples like a baby after milk. The next
thing I knew the sun was streaming in the window and mom still had her face
on my chest her eyes watching me.

Her tongue was gently tracing the outline of my areola sending strange
but wonderful sensations thru me. My hands were stroking mom's hair as I
said does this mean I'm gay. mom lifted her head and chuckled. No it just
means that you like sex games and you have normal responses to sexual
situations. I'm sure you will enjoy a good man just as I have and hope to

mom gave my nipple a nip with her teeth then leapt off the bed and ran
into the bathroom with me hot on here heels. mom was giggling and I told
her I would get her for that.

mom turned to face me her face alight with delight as she said what are
you doing to do to me, torture my titties? Grinning I told her I was going
to try every nipple device she had in her collection of toys.

With a mischievous chuckle she gave my nipple a tweak as she said Oh
goody! Laughing and giggling we tumbled into the shower stall, mom sliding
to the floor looking up at me expectantly. I stepped over her and relaxed
my bladder. I aimed my hot stream splashing off her nipples then up her
neck to her face and in her open mouth then down to blast her clit. mom clearly was enjoying every second of what could be a very degrading

I began to think of situations that could truly degrade or humiliate
her, not that I wanted to harm mom but I was becoming clear to me that this
is what mom craved and I was getting turned on by. Suddenly I was brought
back to real time as I felt mom pulling my tampon out.

She grabbed the nozzle that I had been introduced to and began nudging
it into my pussy opening. I turned on the water and mom eased the nozzle
into me. It felt great as she fucked me with a combination of the nozzle
and the water spray.

Mom's teasing of my clit as she pumped the nozzle soon had me quaking
with a climax. Just as I was calming down, mom gave my clit a pinch making
me yelp. I didn't have to be a mind reader to see that mom wanted to play.
I told her she was in for it know, I would pay her back.

We washed each other poking and teasing everywhere as we giggled like
two kids in a tickling contest. As we were drying off mom, kept hinting at
asking me what I was going to do to her. I honestly didn't know yet but I
pretended that I had it all worked out. This drove mom nuts.


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