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HOTFOX video assures not


Keywords: m/f mm/f m/ff humil,nc, and all sorts of kinky stuff- just about everything but animals Author: W R Jenkins
Title: Hot Foxes

Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Hot Foxes
"How's Mr. Curvy, Brad?" Vivian asked as she passed him in
the hall.
"What does she mean by that?" snapped Jill as Brad grinned
There was only one thing Vivian would be talking about, Jill
knew. Brad did have a penis that curved to the left as it got hard, but
she wanted to hear Brad explain how Vivian knew that. She certainly
hadn't told her.
"You know what she's talking about," Brad said because he
could see she knew in her eyes. "She busted in the locker room after
basketball practice last week and caught a bunch of us in the shower.
Now she's trying to embarrass anyone that won't fuck her."
It was a lie. Brad's dick didn't curve unless it was hard and Jill
couldn't imagine why Brad would have a hard-on in the shower with
boys. She knew he wasn't a faggot. She let it drop, but she wasn't
forgetting. Brad was husband material with a father that owned the
hardware store, but he wasn't the only fish in the sea.
Those thoughts were churning in Jill's mind when she ran into
Biff Grumbly in the hall.
"Hey, watch it," Biff said as he ignored the flying books and
grabbed Jill.
"You watch it, Biff," Jill said as she squirmed to get away, but
Biff held her tight and rubbed her breasts against his chest.
"Let me go, Biff," Jill protested, "don't you get enough from
"I don't think enough exists," Biff answered, "but I'll let you go if
you come to the Hot Fox meeting Friday."
"Just let me go or I'll scream," Jill told him and he reluctantly
loosened his grip.
"You don't know what you're missing," Biff told her as she
turned and walked off. "Mr. Curvy ain't got noting on me."
There it was again! Jill was furious but she couldn't make up her
mind what to do. She really didn't want to give up Brad, but she wanted
to teach him a lesson. Maybe she should pay more attention to Biff.
That would get back at Brad and Vivian at the same time. But all Biff
wanted was to get her to the Hot Fox club. No one would talk about
the club that knew anything and Jill was afraid to find out for herself.
There were all sorts of rumors, but they were always
secondhand. Somebody heard from someone that this and that went on.
The only direct evidence was evil laughs among boys rumored to be
Still, Brad was doing something with his hard dick that Vivian
and Biff had watched. If he was screwing around, she might as well. If
she lost him (or threw him away) she ought to have somebody to take
his place. If they were going to stay together, she'd be teaching him to
keep his dick at home or it could be replaced.
She didn't really decide to go to the Hot Fox club. She decided
to do something and Biff kept after her. Finally, she entertained the idea.
"What about Vivian?" Jill asked Biff. "What will she do if I go
with you?"
She had obviously touched a nerve. Biff clouded up like a
thunderstorm and grunted, "Vivian can take care of herself. You want to
go or are you chicken?"
From the emotion she had uncapped, Jill got the feeling that this
would be her last invitation and hurriedly made up her mind.
"Sure, tough guy," she said, "What time are you picking me up?"
"Be at Third and Elm at eight," Biff said. "I'll catch you there.
But if you don't show... Well, it'll be your last chance."
What a clumsy threat. What an effective threat. Jill tried to talk
herself out of the meeting for two days, but 'it'll be your last chance' kept
ringing in her ears. She didn't mind the thought of giving Biff a blow job,
but there was something in the mystery surrounding the Hot Fox club
that sent chills up her spine.
It might have been that chill as much as the thought of revenge
that pushed her feet to Third and Elm on Friday. She certainly couldn't
chicken out and give Vivian two things to laugh at her about. Her anxiety
grew as she stomped around the streetcorner, but Biff showed before
her fear could run her off.
"Hey foxy momma!" Biff called as he swung open the door of
his father's Buick. "I got two tickets to paradise."
Jill bit off a smart remark about Vivian needing one and instead
said, "Let's get out of here."
They didn't go far. Biff turned the corner and headed up an alley
halfway up the block on Elm. There was an open garage and Biff pulled
in, the door closing as they parked. Biff switched off the car's lights.
"You're never going to forget this night, Jill, " Biff said.
Jill wasn't sure what she had expected, but the lascivious red lighting, the early Hippie beanbag and mattress furnishings and the
carpet on walls and ceilings certainly wasn't it. She was prepared for a
boy's clubhouse atmosphere, but this was wartime bordello.
"Nice, huh," Biff said as he watched her look around the place.
"Well, I can see how the club got its reputation," Jill said.
"Don't believe that stuff," Biff dismissed, "No one that knows
anything ever talks about the club. Anything you heard was just gossip
by an outsider."
"You mean you don't want 'fast' girls and we're going to have
Coke and chips and play tiddlywinks and go home?" Jill asked.
Jill never got her answer. Biff saw Andy Hillis, the school bully,
and said hi. Then it was Frank Furter and Kevin Lacey. Jill looked
around and saw several boys she knew. Several boys and not one other
girl. Noticing that put Biff's socializing in a different light. Now she felt
every boy was sizing up the night's entertainment as he came up to Biff.
"Don't you have girls in the club?" Jill asked Biff.
"Oh sure," Biff said, "Full members and associate members of
both sexes. But I don't know what the girls are doing tonight."
That answer didn't make Jill any happier. While the 'full and
associate' member part gave her hope that she wasn't going to be gang-
raped, the fact Biff didn't seem to expect the girls still made her feel like
she was the entertainment.
"And what am I?" she asked.
"You're the guest of a member," Biff said. "We'll see if you join
Biff made it seem like she had a choice only because he was a
careless speaker. He didn't mean she'd get a chance to join. He was
wondering if Spanker Harris, whose house they were in and whose club
it was, would want to initiate Jill that night.
Since no one else had managed to bring new meat, Biff felt sure
Spanker would want Jill. That made him proud he could attract worthy
victims to the cruel game that was the Hot Fox club.
"You said something about coke before," Biff smiled at Jill,
"Should I set up a couple of lines?"
Jill knew what she had said and she knew what Biff meant.
'What the hell' she thought, 'I've tried it before' and said, "Sure, it's a
Some party. About eight guys milling around, pulling on beers
and watching every move Jill made. Biff reached behind the bar and
came up with the coke users kit on a tray. While Jill watched closely,
Biff sprinkled out cocaine and began to chop it up with a golden razor
Biff took a long time, seeming a perfectionist as he crushed the
coke to a fine powder. In reality he was waiting for Jill to glance away.
When one of the guys called out for Biff to roll some 'numbers' he had
his chance and flipped the double ended cocaine canister and dumped
its contents. By the time Jill looked back, he had mixed the
methaqualone with the coke and was pulling out some healthy lines, two
with ludes for her and two without for him.
"Up your nose," he said and handed her a gold-plated straw.
Jill did her lines and was disappointed. Maybe this was the good
stuff, but it didn't hit the back of her throat in little starbursts like the
Peruvian flake she had had. Instead, it felt like she had swallowed a
tablespoon of dry milk and it was coating the back of her throat.
"You got anything to drink besides beer?" Jill asked, hoping to
wash the taste out of her mouth.
"How 'bout a screwdriver? A Hot Fox needs a good
screwdriver," Biff leered at her.
Ha ha. She caught the not-so-clever play on words and nodded.
She was just glad she hadn't asked who she had to blow to get a drink.
Gummy or not, the coke was beginning to kick in and Jill could feel her
mind begin to race. Biff was behind the bar when she heard a sound
behind her. The coke made her spin too quickly and she was pissed
when she saw who it was.
"A little jumpy tonight?" laughed Vivian. "Is it the coke or too
much cock sniffin' your pussy?"
Jill hated Vivian. Jill hated Vivian for hundreds of reasons. Jill
hated her black flashing eyes, her raven hair, her incredible breasts that
jutted out like a shelf to a full 39 inches. She hated her power over
boys and that she could beat up any girl in school. She hated her pose
as queen of the school and the realization that she probably was.
She hated her filthy mouth and easy ways and as she looked at
her that night, she hated her wiry black bush, trimmed in the shape of a
heart and exposed for all to see beneath her black widow corset,
garters and stockings.
"My pussy doesn't smell," Jill shot back and turned to take her
drink from Biff.
Jill felt suddenly vulnerable. She hadn't expected Vivian to
appear like that. If she had thought of Vivian at all, it was being pissed
off Jill was with Biff, not dressed up like a whore in the bordello setting
and strutting like she owned the place.
She wondered if this was some horrible joke, but Biff wasn't
going over to Vivian and he wasn't laughing. In fact, Biff looked just as
perturbed by Vivian's presence as Jill was.
When's Spanker coming?" Biff asked Vivian and Jill was
spared her piercing stare.
"When Spanker feels like coming," snapped Vivian and Jill
knew this 'Spanker' was the cause of the tension she sensed between
the two.
Vivian then turned with a little too much switching of her hips
and stalked off on her 6-inch spike heels.
"Who's Spanker?" Jill asked Biff.
"He's the one that furnishes us with this place, the drugs and
liquor, as he never lets us forget," answered Biff, now rolling the joints
the others had asked for.
"Where's the numbers?" came a cry from Kevin.
"Your fingers broken or are you just too stupid to roll?" Biff
retorted, still the alpha male in the group.
Even Killer Hillis didn't mess with Biff, unsure he wouldn't lose
his bully status if Biff stood up to him. Biff threw a couple of joints to the
guys and rolled a half dozen more before he lit one and passed it to Jill.
"Spanker does get the best weed," Biff said as he settled down
into a bean bag and pulled Jill down on his lap.
The dope had that heavy herb taste of the best and it hit her
throat like hashish. Trying not to cough out the smoke like an amateur,
Jill took another healthy pull at her drink. Yech! It still had a bitter taste
like it was made with bad orange juice, but Jill needed the fluid to
soothe her throat.
Vivian saw her drain half her drink and smiled. The bitter taste
was more ludes and Jill was on her way to happy valley.
Vivian hated Jill too. Not for as many good reasons as Jill had,
but just as deeply. Jill was just too willful. She was cowed, but would be
the one to lead the revolution if Vivian should slip.
Not that there was any chance of that. Vivian had too many
allies and too many boys willing to drink her piss for a smile. And Vivian
had Spanker.
At least that was the way the willful little bitch had the situation
sized up.
Spanker knew he had all of them.
At 23, it would have been a sad situation if it was any other way.
He knew all the moves and held all the cards. As far as Vivian went, she
was just the lever. A might pleasurable lever, but if Jill was on top,
Spanker would drop Vivian for Jill in a heartbeat.
Certainly Vivian was eager to do anything for Spanker, the
kinkier the better, but she was also a pain in the ass. She tried to
dominate him like she did Biff and her childish ploys were beginning to
irritate him.
Yes, if Jill or anyone became better bait, Vivian was in for a
rude shock. And the details of that shock kept forming and expanding in
Spanker's mind every time Vivian pulled one of her stunts. But for now
she kept the boys in line and that kept the girls coming in and that was
all Spanker wanted.
He looked at his watch. The 'ludes should be kicking in by now
he figured. That meant he had another high school girl to sacrifice. He
pushed himself up out of his chair and smiled. What a life. It don't get
any better than this.
Jill was on her second 'lude-laced screwdriver and the drugs
WERE kicking in. At first she thought it was the marijuana making her
drowsy- too drowsy, but in a short time she didn't care. There was
something she was worrying about, but she couldn't think what it
could be.
Biff's lap got warmer and she settled father into it. That brought
her up against an appreciative Biff, who automatically began to feel her
up. That was all right. It felt pretty good anyway and she knew that
wasn't what she was worrying about.
Jill was jerked to another reality as Biff suddenly straightened
and she was nearly thrown off his lap. She saw a tall figure in a red and
gold robe and noticed everyone else was looking at him too.
Well, he was cute in an older, blond man sort of way. He might
be that Spanker guy. Hope he didn't spank her. That made Jill giggle
and Spanker walked over.
"Nice to see you. I don't believe I caught your name," Spanker
said to Jill.
"Jill Jumpup, " said Jill.
"Welcome, Jill, " oozed Spanker. "I see you're with Mr.
Grumbly here. I hope he told you about our guest policies."
The crowd giggled. They had seen Spanker put other luded out
girls through the same mind wringer, but they never stopped marveling
at how Spanker always found the right buttons to push. Jill was already
nervous. That guest policy stuff sounded an awful lot like what it was
she was worried about. She still couldn't remember what it was but she
knew it made her feel scared and she didn't like it.
But the guy was just smiling at her and she didn't know why
she was scared.
"I dint cassh your name eithr," Jill slurred and the man smiled
"I'm Spanker Harris, general factotum for the Hot Foxes, where
you are a guest," Spanker said.
He wanted something. That was it- she was dinner. That was
what she was worrying about. They all wanted a piece of her.
Jill tried to spring out of Biff's lap in a great show of
uncoordination. Even thought Biff only held her lightly, it was enough to
foil her escape attempt.
"You want to eat me?" Jill asked this tall person groggily.
"Nice of you to offer," Spanker said when the laughs had died
down, "but I thought it would be nicer to do something everyone can
He was calling her nice. Jill smiled. She was dinner- ha.
Something was playing tricks on her mind. But he wanted something. She
couldn't think whether she knew what it was or not.
"As a new guest, the rules say you have to entertain us,"
Spanker told her, slowly and distinctly.
Rules, huh. Well something had been worrying her. Now she'd
have to deal with it. She was too fucked up to go home.
"Rulz huh?" she slurred.
"Yep," said Spanker. "Now do you do magic? a ventriloquist
act? Juggle? Acrobatics?"
He was very funny. He made all those faces as he marked off
those things, shaking his head. And she shook hers along with him
because she understood that was what he wanted.
"How about dancing?" Spanker asked, holding out his arms in
a mock waltz.
He was nodding his head now and Jill nodded back. She had to
get up now and suddenly she was on her feet. The people in the room
were so far away and the blonde man was so close. And he wasn't
wearing any underwear. It was a nice penis that was exposed by the
gap in his gown.
"No, no you have to dance over there," Spanker said and pulled
her to the middle of the room.
Jill swayed there, still trying to get her bearings when Spanker
scolded, "No, no, dance, Watch Vivian and dance with her."
She didn't like Vivian. But Vivian was going to show her
something. Spanker said so.
Vivan was swaying with her arms over her head and Jill did the
same. Then Vivian was taking baby steps and making her hips roll like
a cement truck. Then Vivian bent over and wiggled her butt. Jill could
follow that. But no one could see her yawning cleft like they could see
"Come on, get comfortable," Spanker called and Jill knew what
he meant.
This was hot. Dancing like those ladies down by the bus station.
There was something she was worrying about, but she decided to stop
letting it worry her. She had enough to do following Vivian.
Ha-ha. I've got a blouse. Not anymore. And if I can get these
jeans off, they can see my crack too.
It was like clockwork. Spanker had 'em dancing out of their
clothes in under five minutes and just because he wanted them to.
Three inches isn't that much, thought Jill through the fog. I don't
like Vivian. Off came her bra and her twin 36-inchers swung into view.
And my cunt hair is downy fluff brown, Jill thought as she shed her
panties- do you have these colors right?
She was dancing now. She didn't need Vivian. She didn't like
Vivian. No need to worry about that. She would just go on and not like
Jill was executing a bump and grind, a tittie shake and an ass
wiggle over and over again, but to her drug-soaked mind it was art. And
her competence wasn't the point. It was her willingness. She tired
quickly and lurched over to Spanker.
"Did I do good?" she asked stumbling against him.
"Look." he said, tipping her head down.
The penis wasn't hanging anymore. It was halfway up, standing
out from his body and pointing at her. It was still a nice penis and she
liked looking at it.
"I that the dick I'm supposed to suck?" she asked, vaguely
remembering she was going to give a blow job to someone.
"It certainly is," said Spanker, "and I've changed my mind. I'll
let you make a spectacle of me. I was wrong to say no to you earlier."
That would teach him. Turn down her blow job? He didn't know
what he was missing. She smirked at him and was sinking to her knees
when he grabbed her by the shoulders and said, "I think you're worthy
of the Queen's chair."
She looked at Vivian, who was trying to hide her jealousy
behind a mocking smile. With what she thought was a flip of her head,
Jill let Spanker lead her to the satin-covered contraption.
It looked like a number five with another chair at the top of the
five. Spanker swung into that chair and pulled Jill into the five. Aha!
thought Jill. Her knees fit in the belly of the five and her belly lay on its
top. There she was in perfect position to blow Spanker totally
supported and totally relaxed.
It was a nice penis. It had a soft and velvety head and it got
harder the moment she took it in her mouth. She vaguely heard cheering
but she must have been dreaming that.
She was enthralled with how deep she could dive down while
supported on the chair. Queen's chair-hee-hee. It had to be the chair.
Every other time she had tried to take a cock this deep, she gagged.
Tonight she had it all and that was like a dream too. Someone was
moving her legs. She wanted to look, but Spanker said, "Safety belts
so you don't fall off."
How nice. That explained why they strapped her arms down.
Spanker was moving now and Jill was sucking, expecting the rude blast
of his semen any moment. But Spanker was a man. He fucked and she
sucked and he didn't come.
It was the time foe the piece d' resistance. Jill was strapped in
the chair and Spanker motioned for Biff to take his place.
"I think this really was for you," he said.
He yielded his place. Biff jerked his pant to his knees and
replaced Spanker in the chair.
This was a different penis. Jill had looked. It wasn't the same
one. She wondered where it came from as she took it in her mouth and
went on sucking.
"Now maybe you'd like to be a joiner!" Spanker thundered and
Jill jumped.
There wasn't much jump and Jill puzzled why she couldn't move,
the safety belts- Well, she hadn't fallen off the chair, But somebody was
doing something back there. There were no activities planned for that
"Hey I'm blowing you, stop it," Jill blurted out.
But as she sucked the dick, she felt it continue to press at her
rear. Nope. No. No. That was why she blew guys. She wanted to stay
a virgin. Vivian was a slut, not Jill.
"Cut it out," she yelled. "Shut up and like it," Spanker shouted back.
It was bad. It was nasty. It was so far away and she couldn't
move. It HURT!! Oh ow ow ow. But it wasn't in her cunt. She was now
a technical. At least no one could prove it. But she didn't like it.
Spanker had breached her anus with no more lubrication than
spit and attitude. He rammed against the upturned cheeks as a multitude
of thoughts stumbled through Jill's head. But Spanker wasn't concerned
with them He had a virgin asshole to excavate.
Oh yes, it was tight- and captive. And just deep enough- as he
found his limit against the taut globes of her ass. Oh yes- he pulled back
and jammed her. Oh yes- he pulled back and jammed her again.
Oh yes oh yes oh yes ohyesohyesohyesohyesohesyohyesss YES!
Spanker blew his load and paused a minute as he shuddered
with his cock still caught in the death-grip of her asshole. His cock
pulled out with an evil plop and a line of grinning boys formed.
It had been too weird for Jill. Nothing she was thinking made
sense and that meant it must be a dream. A cock couldn't be in her
mouth and up her ass at the same time. And no one she knew would
want to stick it where she took a shit- not even Biff.
It hurt an awful lot for a dream, but it didn't make sense enough
to be real. Oooo-there it was again. She ought to wake up.
It was Andy, who had forced his way to the front of the line and
now was forcing her back door. Andy was a huge-framed boy, but his
dick was very average-sized. He made up for that disappointment by
ramming what he had into her tight ass viciously. He bullied her ass and
was done and another took his place.
This dream went on and on, Jill sighed. And now she could see
a parade of boys at her butt and their cocks sliding in and out of her
rear. She could almost get into it if it wouldn't keep jarring her with the
Jill had the view because Spanker had moved his chair and put
the mirror in from of her face. The mirror was double-angled so Jill
could look down and see the boys at her butt from a high angle. It
amused Spanker to watch his victims stare stupidly at their own anal
gang-rape. Then Vivian knelt beside him. Life was good.
Another enema. Another boy stepped up and pushed his dick
into her butt. She was helping! She didn't feel it, but there, in the mirror,
her butt was sawing back and forth as the boy butt-fucked her. Yep-
it was a dream, but a boring one. How long was the same scene going
to go on and on, over and over again?..
She saw Biff in the sea of faces staring to the side. It was Vivian
She didn't like Vivian and that was all right. It didn't look like Biff liked
her either. But the blonde guy was smiling. Why not? Vivian was
crouched at his feet licking his dick- there was another hot spurt.
One by one the boys stepped up and pushed their dick up her
ass. It was getting pretty sloppy in there and the cum was dripping down
her crack to drop onto the satin-covered chair. It was a pretty hot
scene as Jill watched and felt and wondered and forgot and watched
some more.
Boy seven hunched, shot and pulled away and Jill saw a scene
of wonder. It was Kevin Lacey, but the thing in front of him was unreal.
It was like a penis, only larger. This WAS a dream. Penises didn't get
that big. Only in a dream could he be putting that thing into her. Wow!
it felt that big and it didn't stop. It would be coming out her mouth any
minute- she'd had this dream before.
While Jill tried to deal with her dream, Kevin was pushing his
pride into her loosened and sloppy asshole. Nature hadn't give Kevin
much but it had overcompensated in his pants. Some day it was going
to be a plus, but high school girls were scared of him.
Erect, as it was as he pushed it into Jill's yawning asshole,
Kevin's dick measured 11 and 3/4 inches from tip to base and 7 and
1/2 inches around. Vivian said Kevin was too much of a loser, but the
truth was even she was afraid of the big destroyer.
The Hot Fox club was a godsend for Kevin. He had to wait
until last, but he was getting some and the other boys couldn't stretch a girl big enough that he wasn't still blazing new territory. He considered
himself the arbiter of a girl, since he was the only one that could truly
test her depth and capacity.
Jill was doing all right. He had passed halfway and she wasn't
even squirming.. Her toes were spread and her mouth gaped open like
a carp, but she hadn't even moaned yet. More, more. Kevin felt the
turn of her colon and didn't push it. It wasn't like trying to pop open a
cervix. If he moved right, he sometimes could straighten out the bend.
When is it coming out? Jill wondered. She felt it bump her
diaphragm and it was looking for a hole. In the mirror she saw that there
was a whole cock left and then it found the hole and started to slip from
There, sighed Kevin. He was past the bend and into uncharted
territories. His belly came up on Jill's ass and she had taken it all. A
spattering of applause accompanied the feat and Kevin paused for a
mock bow. Then he grabbed Jill's hips and heaved it to her. He
couldn't risk passing the bend, but that gave him a good four inches of
thrust and he was going to take advantage of being tight up against a
girl. Buttcheeks slapped his balls, a rare sensation for Kevin and he
fucked Jill for all she was worth.
Oh, a dismemberment dream, Jill thought as she felt Kevin's
cock rip her apart. Even Vivian was horrified. She didn't like Vivian.
But it was nice Vivian was impressed.
When Kevin came, Jill thought she was bleeding internally. Then
she thought she was gutted as he pulled his massive log from her ass.
She was cold way up inside as she felt like the winter wind was blowing
up her asshole.
She moved around a lot then. At least her point of view kept
changing. She didn't feel like she was moving. People were doing things
to her but she hardly noticed. Then it was dark and Biff was shaking her.
"Jill, Jill, wake up. You really hit the vodka. You all right?" Biff
was asking her as his face swam into some kind of focus.
They were in the Buick down the street from her house. It didn't
taste like she'd blown Biff, bit her clothes felt funny. She tried to
remember, but there were too many things swirling in her head. Coke.
Dope. Dry milk. Evisceration dreams. A tall, blonde man. Vivian. She
hated Vivian.
"Did I have fun?" she asked Biff hopefully.
"Sure looked like it, but I bet you're sick tomorrow," Biff told
Funny. Biff wasn't that bad. It was Vivian.
"Did I blow you?" Jill asked.
"No, you got too busy," Biff said.
"Want me to blow you now?" Jill asked, collapsing toward his
"Hey, that's okay," Biff mumbled as he lifted her into a slouching
position again, "You'd probably throw up. You can blow me some
other time."
"Remind me," Jill said and her eyes rolled back in her head.
"Yeah," Biff snorted.
Biff wished she was in shape to deliver on that blow job. There
was nothing bad between them. Jill just didn't like Vivian. And Biff
wasn't all that happy with her himself. The way she acted around
Better not to think about it. But Jill, Jill was okay. Vivian was a
hotter chick, kinkier and all, but Brad and Jill weren't Campus Christians.
Jill knew what she was doing with that coke and she was pretty greedy
with the weed. And that blow job thing was right out of her own mind
and she meant it for him.
"Shit!" Biff sighed. He was top dog at school with Vivian, but
it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. She dropped him every chance for
the old guy. Sure he got some- and hot! But it might be nice to settle
for someone like Jill and get it without the aggravation.
He didn't have time for this. He still had to get Jill up and in the
house. Brad knew about the back porch and the stairs to Jill's room, but
Biff had never been invited over. He had to wake Jill up and get her in
some kind of order. Shit, it was only midnight and her parents were
probably still up.
"Was it okay?" Jill asked as he roused her.
"What?" Biff asked.
"Did you like the blow job?" Jill asked.
"You didn't blow me," Biff told her.
"Okay, I will," Jill said and tried to get to his crotch again.
"Yes, yes, yes, it was a great blow job," Biff told her in
"Maybe I can blow you again some time," Jill said, reaching into
her purse for a kleenex by reflex.
"Now it's time to go home," Biff said.
"I had a lovely evening- I think," said Jill a puzzled look coming
over her face.
"Yes," agreed Biff, "You'll have to blow me again sometime."
Jill giggled.
With support, Jill was able to walk, but as they approached her
house, she twisted in Biff's arms.
"What' wrong with you, Brad? Why are you going to the front?
You're not Brad!" Jill cried out.
"Shhh-figure it out in the morning when it's quieter," Biff said and
started Jill towards the back of the house.
He got her to her room with only two more offers of a blow job
and when he hit the back steps, he was gone.
Jill awoke in a world of puzzlement- and fog. Someone said
she'd be sick. She'd been drinking, but she must have puked because
her stomach wasn't upset. Then there was something about being locked
in a trunk and sitting on an ostrich's head. Thank the great horned
swizzle stick it was Saturday. Jill rolled over and went back to sleep.
Meanwhile, the phone line to Brad's house was burning up.
"Biff said she tried to blow him four times. - - Oh, I don't know,
somewhere. Biff wasn't bragging about where he took her. - - Well, I'm
upset and I thought you should know - - I thought we could meet
somewhere and talk about it. - - No. It's not some Hot Fox thing. How
can you say that? - - Well, it's my boyfriend and your girlfriend and I
thought you should know. I'm terribly hurt. - - We could meet at the
park and you could help me sort it out. - - Okay, in an hour."
Vivian hung up the phone with a broad grin on her face.
"Oh, I'm just so upset!" she mimicked. "Big, strong Brad will
have to rush right over and comfort me."
She was truly less happy than she seemed, but she figured Brad
could fix that. After all Jill was his bitch of a girlfriend so he owed her.
Jill had started the evening the perfect slack-faced lump, but then she'd
offered Spanker that blow job. She could see that impressed him and
she hated Jill for it. Then Jill didn't seem to mind as she was butt-fucked
even though she was watching even when Kevin- Vivian shuddered-
jammed that thing all the way in.
Brad owed her big time for Jill's sins. Dildo-fucking him before
was club stuff. This was personal. Mr. Curvy owed her a visit.
At his house, Brad also felt he owed Vivian something. Jill of all
people! He knew there was no love lost between the two, but how
stupid did she think he was? Biff told me she was clawing at his crotch.
I'm so destroyed. I want to 'talk' to you. It was lame.
Brad didn't like Vivian much either. Spreadeagle naked she
might be okay, bit you'd have to limit her mouth to cocksucking and no
talking. Still, he had something to give her for taking him to the Hot Fox
meeting. Turnabout would just be fair play.
Spanker was thinking about Vivian too. He was thinking she had
outlived her usefulness. After they got done with that last girl, Vivian
hadn't stayed to fuck him. She hadn't been very attentive to sucking his
dick while they watched the butt-fuck train, either. He saw the tension
between Vivian and, uh, Jill, but it didn't make a difference. Maybe he
was looking for an excuse.
In any case, Vivian wasn't making him happy, hadn't made him
happy and he was the guy in charge. He had thought up some pretty
good ways to show Vivian that and it should be fun to put them in
motion. He'd have to give them more thought.
Vivian was slipping into her predatory female costume to meet
Brad. The push-up bra was a must. Even youth couldn't provide enough
support for her 40-inch shelf. Underpants were only for decoration. The
pair she selected was crotchless, and she was well practiced in first
appearing to be wearing panties and then revealing he black-furred gash
opened like a hungry mouth. Over those she wore an autumn print. Its
neckline was too high, but its full skirt provided her with the choice of
taking it off or just hiking it up to give Brad access to her cunt.
While Vivian thought hot pussy would be just the treat to put
Brad on the shelf with her other trophies, Brad had other aims as he
stalked into the park. He knew Vivian would be waiting. It was all some
plan of hers. But he was going to make his plan take precedence.
"Hi, Vivian," Brad greeted her, "What were you doing last night?"
The question caught Vivian by surprise. She hadn't thought
about talking to Brad, only fucking him. And admitting she was watching
Jill get gang-raped probably wasn't the right answer.
"What?" she stalled.
"Why weren't you and Biff doing the nasty? What was Biff
doing with Jill?" Brad asked.
"I did Biff earlier and then decided to stay in," Vivian lied.
"You must have done him right if he turned down a Jumpup
blow job," Brad observed.
Jill had quite a reputation as a cocksucker, due largely to
Brad's enthusiastic endorsements and vivid descriptions. Jill did nothing
to enlarge or deny Brad's claims. That was a factor Vivian hadn't
thought about. It wasn't suppose to be this hard. The thought of Jill
going out on him should have made him unable to think, especially
when he was being offered pussy- Vivian's pussy no less.
"Best pussy in five states," Vivian said, more carrying on her
thoughts than answering Brad.
Not too obvious, thought Brad and he replied, "Sounds like
you're handing out samples."
Now that was an answer she could handle.
"I'm not passing it out, but I think a guy like you might be able to
talk himself into some," Vivian said.
"But only because the Biff man did you dirt," Brad guessed.
"What better revenge on my boyfriend and your girlfriend than
you and me?" Vivian asked.
As they'd been talking, Vivian had been leading Brad into the
wood. Now sufficiently sheltered from passers-by, Vivian inched her
skirt up her legs, keeping her thighs together to show maximum panty.
"What better cure for betrayal?" she asked.
"You mean we should do it now? Here?" Brad asked trying to
sound like a little kid.
"I'm dressed for it," Vivian said, spreading her thighs and
squatting a little so her twat peeped at him.
"Oh gosh," Brad said, still trying to sound nine, "I've dreamed
about this."
"Then savor it, because it might be your only time," Vivian said
as the real Vivian slipped out.
"Wow, I have to sit down," Brad said, maneuvering her to a
fallen tree.
It might have been the thought of revenge, but Brad suspected
it was Vivian flashing her cunt that gave him the hard-on. Her cunt was
put away again as she sat on the tree, but she had committed. Brad
wanted to unpack those tits first anyway. He had every boy's fascination
with mammoth mammaries and even at the club, she hadn't taken them
out. He set to work on her dress buttons as she protested.
"Hey, don't I get a kiss first?" she asked.
That was okay too. Brad sucked on her tongue as he kept busy
hands opening her dress. When he got the dress open, he went for the
bra catch and Vivian stopped him. Without breaking the kiss, she
brushed her straps off her shoulders. There they were, Brad's hands
told him, still cupped in the bra but free for exploration.
If nothing else, he had seen the mammary queen's huge
groceries and watched a dirty brown nipple perk into erection. But there
was more coming and Vivian wasn't going to get to say no.
"What about you?" Vivian asked.
Brad put her hand on the bulge in his pants and asked, "Do I
pass equipment check?"
Vivian just laughed a throaty laugh and set to work freeing his
dick from his pants. That was all they were going to need. She certainly
had no intention of being any more naked that she already was.
Vivian briefly considered showing Brad that Jill wasn't the only
one that could suck dick, but she didn't want him to get too cocky.
Instead, she leaned back and pulled up her skirt, exposing her cunt
"Here's my testing lab," she said.
"I think we'll fall off the log," said Brad.
Vivian looked at him quizzically.
"I mean the log you're sitting on," Brad said. "It isn't wide
enough for much activity."
"Then how about this?" Vivian asked as she rolled off the log
and knelt beside it with her skirt thrown over her back.
It was perfect. Brad had liked the picture of Vivian with her
breasts exposed and spreading her twat for him, but this was the
position her wanted her in.
"Oh my, what a great ass," Brad complimented as he fondled it.
He got his arms surrounding her as he dragged his prick through
the valley of her cunt. He sighed involuntarily as he sank into her twat
and Vivian grunted.
"That's a nice cock," Vivian said as Brad slid it to the hairs.
""Thank you," Brad said, pulling back on his way to his secret
agenda. "But it's not as big as yours."
"Huh?" Vivian reacted stupidly.
Brad put one hand in the middle of her back an pushed down as
he guided his erection up to its puckered brown target.
"Hey!" Vivian protested as Brad forced her back door, "Not
there! I was only offering you pussy."
"And I was expecting a good time at your club," Brad growled,
grabbing her with both hands and pushing her ass down tight on the
fallen tree.
Vivian could beat up all the girls and probably some of the boys,
but not Brad. For a girl that used physical intimidation, being held
helpless was more humiliating than being butt-fucked. But being
butt-fucked hurt more.
She wasn't an anal virgin like Jill had been, Spanker used her
there almost exclusively. But Jill had at least had the lubrication of spit.
Maybe she should have blown Brad.
"You like it like I liked it, I see," Brad growled as he pressed
deeper into her bowels.
"Jesus! That was club stuff. I wanted to talk to you about
personal stuff," she protested.
"It was my personal ass you stuck that rubber dick in," Brad
shouted. "You're right. This is personal."
Vivian's breath caught in her throat as Brad drove the last few
inches. Buried full length, Brad ground at her ass, trying to give Vivian a
butt-fuck to remember.
"Nice, huh," Brad said through gritted teeth. "I bet your ass is
softer that mine."
"Brad- hurry up!" Vivian said with the edge of pain in her voice.
Brad pounding at her ass was uncomfortable enough, but the
tree bark was scratching her skin from her tender nipples to her thighs.
She was going to get her ass fucked. There was nothing she could do
about that. She just wished Brad would hurry and get it over.
But Brad wanted her to whine. He needed some evidence she
was feeling the way he felt strapped to that chair being dildo-raped in
front of a crowd of girls. His hands slid up her back to get a straighter
angle into her ass and got the response he wanted.
"Ow! Jesus, Brad that hurts!" Vivian complained, not from the
new angle, but from her tits being crushed against the tree.
Her huge jugs weren't overly sensitive, but they couldn't stand
up to the scraping of tree bark. That went double for her nipples, which
were sensitive. As Brad sawed away at her asshole, her breasts were
being cut and scratched and she cried out appropriately.
"Ow- Brad quit it! Shit! Let me up! Come on, you're hurting
me." Vivian whined.
That was music to Brad's ears. Ass rape, it was so much better
from this side, Brad thought. He was really getting into her tight little
asshole now. The minute she started struggling, her ass grabbed him
like an iron band. That made everything perfect. She didn't like it, she
didn't want it, she was whining and her asshole as trying to fight him.
All that perfection made him want to come.
And he did. The first spurt made him truly hurt Vivian for the
first time. He jerked up and slammed down so violently that her
sphincter ripped. It was a small tear, bit Vivian would find blood on her
toilet paper for a week as a reminder.
Brad finished with violent jerks rather than thrusts, but it felt fine
to him. cum enema complete, he let Vivian up. She immediately brushed
off her breasts and adjusted her bra. She smoothed out her dress as she
scowled at Brad.
"I thought you'd be more concerned about Jill and Biff," she said
"Oh I am. Maybe we should fuck each other for revenge. Here,
suck my dick a little to get me ready," Brad snorted, offering her his
shit-stained dick.
"I'm serious. There's something going on between those two."
Vivian said.
"And your first thought is to get some?" Brad asked, "Well, you
got some. I even offered you some more. As far as Jill and I, I'll have to
talk to Jill."
"And you think she'll tell you?" Vivian sneered.
"Well, I'll know now, won't I? It's fun to ask questions when
you know the answers," Brad replied.
"Damn it, Brad. I thought we could have some fun," Vivian
"I had fun. Your butt was real tight," Brad said, "and I feel good
about myself."
"I might as well stick with Biff, " Vivian retorted. "at least he
listens to me."
"So you were the one to tell him to go after Jill," Brad said.
That was closer to the truth than Vivian cared to answer. And
there was nothing else to say. Brad didn't really want to fuck her and
that took away her best lure. It had been a totally disgusting afternoon.
"Oh shut up and go away," Vivian snapped, walking away from
"I had a great time. Maybe we could do this again some time,"
Brad teased and Vivian flipped him the bird over her shoulder.
"Does Kevin have a dick like a horse?" Jill asked Brad.
"Lacey? Yeah, the biggest in school. How do you know that?
You figure it out when you thought it was jammed up your ass clear to
your tonsils?," Brad demanded.
"No. When you asked me, I saw a couple pictures in my mind.
Dicks going in my yawning butthole like pencils into a garbage can and
Kevin with this unbelievably big dick. I thought I dreamed it," Jill said.
"You dream about guy's dicks a lot? Brad asked.
"Usually Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise," Jill admitted, "but usually
not about anyone I know."
"It didn't strike you as weird that you had one last night? Brad
"It wasn't something I wanted to think about. Being butt-fucked
by Killer Hillis and Kevin and guys like that? It wasn't a pleasant
thought. And I felt weird when I woke up anyway," Jill said.
"How about Spanker?" Brad asked.
"Who?" Jill asked right back.
"The blonde guy you were doing the Hoover on before he got
up and reamed you like a tap drill," Brad growled.
"Let me think," Jill said, closing her eyes, "Talked real cute, saw
his dick peeking out of a red and gold robe, Ummmm-" Jill paused at
the blow job.
"And you wanted him to fuck you until you bled," Brad finished
for her.
"That's not it. He just made me feel nice and creepy and scared
and happy all in a row," Jill said. "From the way my mood was swinging,
I must have been real drunk."
"You must have been, or you wouldn't be telling me now," Brad
said. "I mean- excuse me honey, but I think I just butt-fucked half the
school, but I'm not sure- Okay?"
"I'm just being honest and hope you understand," Jill responded.
"Maybe I did get a little mad and act rash, but going out and getting
raped wasn't what I planned."
And attacking her over it wasn't wise, she quickly taught Brad
as she counter-attacked.
"And you still haven't told me the story of Mr. Curvy. Why does
half the school know intimate anatomical details about your erection?" Jill came back.
"That's it, isn't it? That's your excuse for everything. People are
teasing me, so you can fuck all the boys in school. Well, I can tell you
Lacey never put his dick up my ass to the hairs and fucked me like you
beat a cheap tin drum!" Brad shouted.
It wasn't the right tack. First, Jill knew that the louder Brad was,
the more he was hiding. Second, taking all of Kevin's huge cock was
an accomplishment she was secretly proud of.
But she also knew Brad was in defensive mode right now and
she wouldn't be able to get anything more out of him. At least she had
changed the tone from his accusations to hers. Later they would make
up, she planned, then she would pry the truth out of him.
At the moment, she had to deal with the new evidence that the
anal gang-rape was a fact and not a dream. It certainly explained why
her rear hurt like it did.
For his part, Brad felt lucky to escape with his secret intact. He
felt like he should tell her, eventually, when the time was right, in a
while, later, eventually, but he also felt like the right time might just
never be right to make the ego-shattering admission.
It had been a busy day. Brad went to his room and lay down.
He had just decided to sleep when the phone rang. It was Wendy
Highland, one of the Hot Foxes.
"I know you're embarrassed and all," Wendy said right away,
"But I think I can cheer you up. How would you like to get back at
Vivian for what she did to you." "I can handle that myself," Brad told her, smiling at the memory
of Vivian squealing as he fucked her ass.
"Hey, okay, no big deal," Wendy said a little icily. "I just wanted
to invite you to a revenge party. You don't have to come."
"A what?" Brad asked.
"A party where Vivian gets hers. You know most of us don't like
her any more than you do," Wendy said. "And now Spanker feels the
same way. She doesn't have any idea, but we're all going to treat her
like she did you- worse even. We'll be allowed to do anything to her we
An attractive picture scanned through Brad's brain, but he was
suspicious of anything having to do with the Hot Foxes. He didn't want
to be fooled again. It was a tempting thought and that made him even
more suspicious.
He was non-committal even when Wendy told him that she was
personally turned on by him and would like to have some time with him
during the orgy.
His suspicions only grew deeper when he got calls from Ann
Fred, Rita Golinka, Sherri Bower and Gwen South all saying the same
thing. It was way too much of a coincidence that all of them had fallen
in love with him while Vivian dildo-raped him. It was a dreamy idea, but
Brad doubted it was true.
Finally the stream of calls stopped and Brad drifted off to sleep
thinking about Vivan pulling a train of every student and teacher from
their school. It lasted until he was unconscious. Then his deeper wishes
came forward and he had 'that' dream again.
It picked up in different places every time but it always unfolded
the same way. Jill wasn't home, but her mother suggested he wait. Then
she appeared in a variety of sexy garb. Sometimes negligees, sometimes
just unbuttoned clothes, but always available and alluring.
And then they were doing it. Jill might refuse him intercourse, but
her mother wasn't a virgin. Jill's mother was accommodating in his dream.
At that moment, Jill's mother was being accommodating in real
life just across town. She had fallen into Spanker's clutches- in the main
house, far from the Hot Fox den. She was in his mirror-covered
bedroom acting out a more kinky fantasy than Brad could imagine.
For Brad, she was sitting astride him and telling him that he was
the best fuck ever as she rode on his cock.
For Spanker, she was squirming on the fuscia satin sheets with
her knees pulled up by her ears and her leather-gloved fingers digging
inside her sex as she begged the blonde man to fuck her. She was
wearing a leather harness of straps that framed her breasts, her cunt, her
ass and high-heeled boots on her drawn up legs. Her ass still glowed red from squatting on the bed and thrusting it back while she leaned on the
headboard and Spanker paddled it with a razor strop.
While Brad fondled her dream breasts and enjoyed his dream
fuck, Spanker was gazing at his lust-captured prey with a look of a
It was the same devouring stare Jill's mother had fixed on in the
mirror at the head of the bed as he stood behind her and wielded the
strop against her proffered buttocks. As much as the hot kiss of the
leather it was that icy stare that cut into the dark secrets of her lust.
Now that was lost in the overhead view from the ceiling mirror
as she writhed in invitation. But the deliberate way he stroked his cock
as she fingered herself gave her the same feeling of being his food. And
what a tasty display she was if she said so herself.
From above she was a tight package of leather and flesh with
her twiddling fingers setting off the bright crimson of her ass making a
double crescent facing Spanker. When he pulled her hand away, her
cunt was a gaping pinkness open wide in invitation. She watched as his
cock disappeared inside her, getting the double treat of the sight and
the feel of his meat spreading her open.
From above he was the predator looming over her tight-rolled
body, attacking in urgent thrusts. From below, he was the wedge driving
into the gap of her being, threatening to split her apart.
Then Spanker pulled her knees to his sides and thrust up into
her. He continued to unwrap her by pushing her legs behind him until she
was arched over his thrusting groin. She looked up into her own wide
eyes and saw her breasts swinging to the rhythm of his thrusts as they
danced over her arched ribcage. His cock was ripping her moans of
encouragement from her as he used her like his living love doll.
Then he threw her face down on the bed. She lost all contact
with her image in the mirrors until he lifted her to elbows and knees and
rammed once again inside her cunt. It was the mirror to the side that
gave her the view of him slamming energetically into her ass and the
rosy cheeks surging with the impacts.
But it was the mirror to the front that her head snapped to to see
his look of demonic glee as she felt his thumb invade her anus. His hand
curled over her butt as he fucked her with his thumb in her ass as he
fucked her cunt with his cock.
The pain and humiliation were her keys and she lost all contact
with the mirror images when she dissolved into orgasm. His cock
showed her spasming body no mercy as he stabbed into her through
the climax. Only as her cunt began to ache with his continued assault
did he pull back and knock her again on her back on the bed.
She forsook the mirrors to look into his gleaming eyes as he
walked on his knees over her body and pumped his penis toward her
face. She didn't blink in time as the first spurt reached out to her and the
salty seed burned her eyes as she scrunched them shut and felt the
subsequent dollops of his cum splatter across her cheeks and lips.
He smeared the semen over her face and then forced his fingers
into her mouth for her to lick the cum off them.
He had answered her questions about his moral standing. He
had none. And she had been drawn by his fatal charm into the web of
his debauchery. Her child was indeed in danger, but now there was
nothing she could do to save her. Her daughter's lost innocence was as
sure as her own fall from grace.
Brad's tame fantasy still left him with guilt over his tame
transgression with his girl's mother. While there was no comparison
between his dream and butt-fucking half the school, Brad still felt he had
to be more pure to accuse Jill.
However, it didn't stop him from stalking Jill later. He felt foolish
about his suspicion until he saw Biff's father's Buick pull up to pick her
up. There was no kiss, nothing to indicate Biff was giving her anything
but a ride, but Brad knew what would be coming next.
He hurried to Elm street in time to see the car pull into Spanker's
garage. His curiosity overcame his suspicion. He had many invitations.
He decided this would settle the matter for good, one way or another.
He took the chance and went to the back door.
He was shocked at the number of his fellow students that were
milling around the bizarre clubroom. He knew some of them were Hot
Foxes, but there were others he would have never suspected. His
eyes met Jill's and they both quickly looked away. They both had their
guilty reasons not to acknowledge each other. But he didn't see Vivian.
He didn't believe what the girls had told him, but he could only
hope. Wendy sought him out of the crowd and was welcoming him
when Spanker came in the room and clapped his hands.
"Okay Hot Foxers, first, congratulations on your restraint,"
Spanker said to the group, who were milling about finding seats. "Vivian
is being her usual bitch self upstairs. She doesn't have a clue. You'll find
that will make the secrecy worth it shortly."
Behind him Hillis and Grumbly were moving in three large
"We sometimes watch movies to make us hotter for the orgies,"
Wendy leaned over to whisper in Brad's ear.
"Now here's the plan," Spanker announced, "We'll let Vivian
go on thinking she's the queen a little longer. But be ready. She's not
going to like the feature we have tonight. I'm not going to interfere, I
think that'll freak her out more, but when she gets bitchy I want you to
grab her and strap her down. Then let your imaginations run wild. I
want to see it all."
Yeah! There was a roar of cheers in response to Spanker's
speech. Obviously there wasn't a lot of pro-Vivian sentiment. After all,
even Biff had been helping set up the ambush. Brad began to believe it
was all true.
Vivian descended to her 'subjects' dressed in her hardest corset
of leather. She was in an extremely queenly mood, ways of taking out
Brad's earlier rape on the members of the club dancing in her head. She
was irritated to see Jill sitting next to Biff, but she quickly focused on Jill
as the recipient of her anger. What better way to cheer herself up?
She didn't notice Brad. Wendy had them hidden in a corner and
Vivian's gaze hadn't traveled that far. Vivian was lost in her fantasies
about punishing Jill. She'd never worn the strap-on to abuse a woman,
but tonight could be the night.
"I'm glad to see the turn-out," Vivian announced.
She turned and nodded to Spanker and he saluted with a
twisted grin on his face as she said, "Spanker has something special
for us all tonight. A video he assures me is not staged. This is a real girl getting the well and truly done all over her. And you know it's got to be
hot if Spanker got it for us."
Everyone was shifting in their seats. Vivian was the only one in
the room that misjudged the object of their excitement. Feeling quite
powerful, she turned and clicked on the tape. A huge butt with a cock
going up its ass filled the three screens.
Spanker made his only move then. He covered the eye of the
video machine with tape. Now the remote was a useless lump of plastic
in Vivian's hand. She hadn't noticed as she turned to the crowd.
"So let's get it on!" Vivian urged.
Her plan was to go straight to Jill and begin to bedevil her from
the start. She wasn't suspicious of people getting up and she didn't
notice they were surrounding her. Things had fallen apart for Vivian even
as she was speaking, but she didn't know it yet.
Then she heard the laugh. Out of the corner of her eye she
noticed the girl on the screen was prancing in circles on her hands and
knees. There was something familiar about that. The girl was wearing a
tail obviously ending in a butt plug and a man was following her and
switching her broad behind.
She remembered doing that herself and then the horror dawned
on her. That was her on the screens. She howled in anger. She
remembered more of that day and frantically tried to turn off the tape.
The remote wouldn't work. And then she was grabbed.
"Spanker?!" she appealed fruitlessly. "Make them stop!"
He spread his hands and shrugged his shoulders. She was on her
own. She fought, but strong hands held her arms and many, many others
were helping them pull her to the chair. She could see every hard-fought
victory in her life swirling down as if it was being flushed down a toilet.
No one knew better than Vivian the helplessness of victims
strapped in the chair. She had watched them all flounder and struggle
to no avail against the inescapable confinement.
When she was helpless, there was a pause. They all looked at
each other and didn't move.
"Who's first?" Biff said, "Come on, let's get this orgy started!"
By assent, proclamation and pushing him forward, the group
elected Biff. He looked over Vivian's exposed rear of a moment and
then stepped up to put his cock to her asshole.
"Not there! Not dry!" Vivian flinched.
"Why not?" came Brad's voice. "A little sore?"
"Yes, Brad," she took the opportunity to snipe, "You hear that
Jill? Brad fucked me in the ass this afternooOOOOOHHHHHH!"
Her snide revelation was cut off by Biff ramming into her ass
over her protests. It was like the cork popping on the champagne of
the orgy. Couples gravitated together in a loose semblance of a line to
take their turn with Vivian and set to work on each other as they waited.
Vivian's worst night may well have been the best night for the
other female Foxes. A few, deferring to the numbers anxious to give
Vivian her due, were forsaking the first round to have sex with a partner,
but the majority of the boys were saving it for Vivian and pleasuring a
girl with tongue and fingers while they waited.
All the toys in the toychest were being distributed and many of
the girls became bizarre men with breasts and large penises swinging at
their crotches. The very dildo with which Vivian had buggered Brad and
was planning to use on Jill was now swinging in a harness from Jill's hips.
"Here, let's be kind," Jill had prompted Jeremy to say as he
lubed Vivian's ass.
Then he stepped back and Jill poised the huge rubber dick at
Vivian's back door. She screamed like she was dying when the dildo
smashed the gate of her rear entrance. Shock, pain, confusion and
dismay all fought for control of Vivian's fevered brain as the painful but
endurable thrust of Jeremy's normal-sized penis was instead the
oversized head of her favorite rubber dick. Jill only made it worse.
"Now both of us have fucked you in the ass in the same day,"
she taunted Vivian. "And now you see which one you've got to fear
Jill made her beg before she stopped sawing the dildo in and
out of her ass. She made Vivian beg and admit she was a slut and a
worthless piece of shit and nothing but a cock holster and made her
repeat the words exactly before she gave way.
Jeremy decided to fuck her cunt. It would be some time until
Vivan's ass could recover to squeeze down on a flesh and blood cock
And now the rest became inventive. Josh Householder saw the
nipple clamps as a ticket to Vivan's throat. He slid into Spanker's
chair with the chain between the clamps in his hand. A few cautionary
tugs and the threat he would pull her nipples right off and he pushed his
cock into Vivian's face.
Even her self-destructive streak didn't reach into the depths of
torture they could extract and even her need to control didn't replace the
fear she had. She opened her mouth and let Josh fuck down to her
tonsils with as little struggle as her gagging would allow.
Only five or six had trooped through Vivian's cunt or ass before
the crowd got restless. Sure there were thirty or so naked bodies for
everyone's pleasure, but Vivian was the guest of 'on her'. They clamored
for a better way to get in on the fun. The chair was the ultimate icon of
surrender, but it was pretty much a one at a time thing. It would take
hours for everyone to get through the line once. And they were
teenagers with so much more than once to give.
On screen, Vivian was holding a bar and had her legs far out
to her sides, perpendicular to her body as she lowered herself on
Spanker's cock. Then the screen jumped and Vivian was again being
fucked in the ass, only this time with her wrists tied together and pulled
up to the head of the bed and her thighs and calfs strapped together to
hold her legs bent and largely useless. She was quickly put into that
bondage again.
One boy tried to roll her on her back so he could maul her tits,
but the outcry had him put her up on her bound knees and slide
beneath her to fuck her cunt while a second knelt behind her to ram his
cock up the queen bitch's ass.
That made Vivian threaten them all loudly as she was stuffed
fore and aft by her enthusiastic peers. Rita's reaction to that was fury.
She had the riding crop in her hand and used it on Vivian's ass.
It had the reverse effect to shutting Vivian's mouth. Vivian
screamed all the louder and it pleased Rita to beat her more. It was a
popular scene, but finally Sherri had to pull Rita away from Vivian
before she whipped her ass into hamburger.
But the beating at least shut Vivian up for the moment. The
raven-haired girl was sobbing in pain and lost prestige as the boys came in her and moved away from her for others to take their place.
Brad was among the missing from this first go-round as Wendy
had pulled him off to a mattressed corner and was at the moment laying
on her side as Brad lifted her top leg and pounded his cock into her
near virgin-tight cunt.
Wendy had given him the most excruciatingly teasing blow job
to bring him to the point of mad rut and they were in their third position.
He had moved from on top to beneath Wendy to pulling her legs open
like a wishbone and jamming his cock deep between her legs.
Changing positions had delayed Brad as Wendy hoped to get
a second and even a third climax from their fucking. But this time Brad
was not going to yield. He liked the angle and depth he was finding and
he squeezed her thigh tight to himself and pounded his prick in her to
finish this time for sure.
Sherri had brought Rita to the corner to calm her from the lusty
beating of Vivian and they watched as Brad stuck the writhing Wendy
with his cock and delivered his load inside her. When he rolled off and
lay catching his breath, Sherri saw a plan. She whispered to Wendy and
the two conspired to push Rita into Brad's arms.
The kiss lasted seconds and it took only the same span of time
for Rita to slide down and being to work on resuscitating Brad's limp
prick. Wendy and Sherri left them to play and Brad lay back smiling
at the dream he feared, coming true better than he could have hoped.
Killer Hillis came up with the idea of pissing on Vivian on his
own. He had drunk too much beer and his buzzed mind clicked on that
humiliation as he fell to his knees in front of Vivian thinking he might like
to force his cock down her throat.
His cock wasn't going to rise and when he saw Vivan wearily
open her mouth to avoid Hillis' wrath, it clicked. Vivian squawked, but
she was again penetrated in the cunt and ass and could do little but
turn her head as Hillis played the yellow stream over her face and
soaked her hair.
It wasn't a hit with the boy beneath Vivian, but it was Hillis and
he didn't dare protest too much.
"Roll her sideways," came a suggestion when it became clear
anyone under Vivian was going to suffer the drip of Hillis' piss from her
That opened not only her mouth, cunt and ass to penetration,
it also brought forth jealous, angry girls that wanted to punish Vivian's
breasts just for being. Vivian's pleas for them to stop only invited another
cock into her throat as she began to be abused past the limits of being
able to feel the pain.
As Vivian passed into the nightmare-like realm of shock, Biff
was having a better dream as Jill finally was giving him the blow job she
had wanted to give him the night before. He couldn't believe he hadn't
made time for this.
Jill's mouth was not deep, but her throat was trained and as she
sucked in his cock, he could feel the muscles at the back of the warm,
wet cavity playing with the head of his dick. And she wasn't really
sucking-yet. She wasn't even closed down on him tight, instead holding
him snug with her tongue trapping his cock against her palate and letting
the active churn of her throat tease him with gentle stimulation.
Her fingers spread the feeling as they scampered like spiders
over his balls while she moved her head from side to side rather than up
and down. When she sucked, it was like someone had dropped a
transmission on his chest. She pulled off sucking hard and returned
gently as she forsook the fancy stuff for good old fashioned effect.
"Please, let me fuck you," Biff begged as she threatened to suck
the cum from his balls.
It was a defining moment for Jill. She felt a bond with Biff. They
were both in their own ways victims of Vivian. And she was very pissed
at Brad. And she was very horny. But it was the fall of a wall and she
She had to remain a virgin. But she knew there was another way.
And after what she had heard and seen in the last two days, it somehow
clicked that offering Biff her anal virginity was an answer to all her bad
feelings and revenge on everyone she felt vengeful towards.
"I'm a virgin, but I'll let you fuck my ass," Jill offered in her most
sultry voice, "Be gentle- you'll be the first there too."
Biff was not a genius, but he was able to grasp what she was
offering. And he may have been a bit of a fool, but he was not an
His face was twisted with the strain of holding back as Jill got
on her knees in front of him, but he restrained himself. Her offering her
asshole in such an open and vulnerable way touched him. He could
easily ram his cock up her ass and hold her down while he fucked her
any way he wanted, but she was trusting him.
He wanted to earn that trust. He pressed his finger against the
tight opening and found it was going to be impossible. Lube was only a
few feet away and he squeezed a generous glop on the tiny bud and
rubbed it in. His finger sank in and Jill gasped.
It was another defining moment for them both. Jill began to
doubt her decision and Biff had to again restrain his urge to plunge right
into what had to be the tightest ass in the world. She was giving him a
gift beyond compare, that was sure. He didn't ruin the moment by telling
her that he had watched Spanker take her virginity the night before and
that it wasn't exactly his first time fucking her in the ass. She was so
drugged that she probably didn't remember.
Biff worked the finger in the hole and added a generous coating
of the lube to his throbbing cock. No amount of lubrication was going
to ruin a hole that tight for him. And no amount of lubrication was going
to prevent him from ruining that tight hole either.
Jill's fear made her ass get tighter instead of looser as Biff
explored with his lubed finger. It spurred Biff on as he figured he better
get his prick inside her before penetration became impossible.
Jill was about to call it off when Biff's first press against the tight
ring of muscle drove the words from her mouth. There was no give, but
the awesome size of the thing he was trying to shove up her ass made
Jill cry out.
"Unhhhh-" she grunted as it felt like something three times the
size of her ass was being pressed against her anus. She begged. "Please,
Oh god, please go slow!"
There really was no other way to do it, Biff realized. His
temptation to ram it in her would have been foolish. He would have just
bounced off the forbidding hole. He kept up the pressure and pulled
her cheeks apart to spread the sphincter.
His thumbs crept into the crack as he held her ass open and
squeezed a little opening in the tightly-held ring. There was no definition
of the tightness of her hole as he finally pushed just the tip of the head
of his cock into the ring of muscle. But from that crack in her defense he
knew it was only a matter of pressure and time.
His help came from the most unlikely source- his victim.
"Just make it go in!" Jill urged. "Go ahead and push hard."
"Try and relax and it won't hurt you," Biff promised as he kept
the pressure firm, but didn't lunge into her.
It was the constant pressure more than her efforts, but Biff
slipped the head of his cock into her anus when she stopped clenching
it in fear. Then things moved more quickly. Jill's reaction was to push
down, and Biff slid more easily into her rectum.
Jill was distracted by her personal thoughts at this loss of virginity
and Biff slid deeper into her unguarded asshole. The last thing she
expected was the first distraction as Biff's cock actually felt interesting
as it filled her back door.
For Biff, the orifice was its own fascination based as much on its
prohibitive tightness as who was its owner. It would have been a good
fuck if the asshole was hanging from a doorknob. But Biff also
appreciated being chosen to tred the dark passage for the first time that
Jill could remember.
His appreciation carried Biff forward until his thighs pressed on
hers and Jill had been fully entered for the first time.
"Oh my," Jill gasped, "This is really kinda nice. I think I like it."
"God! I know I do," Biff enthused.
In truth, he had never taken the time before to notice how hot it
was inside a woman's ass and how it clung to his invading cock. He was
sure Jill was hotter inside and he was probably right that she was tighter
than any ass he had put his cock inside.
He pressed on her ass without pulling back to soak up the
Meanwhile, Rita had restored the dead with her aggressive
attack and she and Brad were bargaining what to do with it. Rita was
another of Spanker's technical virgins, as were all the full member Hot
Foxes. He could fuck her ass, but neither of them were eager for that.
Rita didn't want the depleted Brad rummaging in her rectum for
the time it would take him to get off and Brad really wanted to put it to
Vivian. They settled on Brad's promise that he would let Rita sit on his
face when he was done with Vivian.
The line had diminished quickly once they had opened Vivian to
multiple attacks and Brad moved over behind Kevin Lacey. In theory,
Lacey should have let him in front, but Brad told him he would take
whichever hole Kevin hadn't ruined.
When Lacey finally got to the sobbing, abused, piss-dripping girl he flipped her on her back. When Vivian saw Kevin, she was
re-energized. Suddenly her fight came back and she did her best to
buck her crotch up, down, over and around to avoid the huge
devastator Lacey carried between his legs.
Lacey took it like a game. Finally he chased her up as high as
she could lift her cunt and waited below. As she dropped down, he
pushed in and Vivian ended up helping Lacey deep inside herself.
She howled more as Kevin won the game and then howled
again as he claimed his prize by leaning over her and ramming most of
the way into her cunt.
Kevin didn't seem to be caught up in the punitive nature of the
rest. He was content to blaze his new trail up her cunt for the pure joy
of fucking alone. Vivan didn't seem to be experiencing it as joy.
Brad watched Vivian's face mostly, but he did notice Kevin's
ass as it stopped on every in-thrust and hesitated before he pulled back
to fuck Vivian some more. It didn't seem Lacey had given her all of it yet.
Vivian was a blubbering mass as Kevin pounded into her,
getting up some speed and obviously starting to enjoy himself. Then
Vivian cut loose a blood-curdling scream and spasmed in every muscle
as Brad saw Kevin's ass finally drop to the level of all the way in.
"Damn!" Lacey grunted, "Popped her cervix! I'm fucking womb
Vivian didn't stop her writhing as Lacey pumped short strokes,
keeping deep inside the novel territory. She finally gasped enough to
wail as Kevin hunched and shook in the way that said he was loading
Vivian with baby-cream.
When the grinning boy got off, Vivian was drenched in sweat
and looked like she had delivered a baby instead of the action moving
in the opposite direction. Then it was Brad's turn. Lacey's ravage of
Vivian's cunt had made it worth the wait. When he rolled her over, he
saw her asshole had clenched tight again. It would be a pleasure to fuck
it a second time today.
"It's so nice that you make it good for me again," Brad said as
he pushed his cock into Vivian's ass and then drove it home with another
Vivian only spat a stream of non-specific obscenities and Brad
set out to punish her again. He fucked her hard. He rammed into her ass
and then forgot revenge. He let the sight of his cock splitting her cheeks
drive him on and he fucked her for the joy alone. He poked her ass as
fast as he could to let the still-tight hole bring him the crowning joy.
As Brad worked toward splattering Vivian's bowels with cum,
Jill had turned to Spanker. He looked lonely sitting by himself at the side
of the action and she went over.
"I don't know if I like you or not, I get both feelings," Jill said
to him, "But I don't think it will stop me from sucking your cock if you'll
let me."
Spanker liked her attitude. She was making it seem like a good
idea to replace Vivian with her. He probably wouldn't have to tell her
of the video he had made with her mother earlier in the day. He smiled
at her and opened his robe.
Spanker was impressed with the Jumpup blow job. She was
better than her mother at taking him deep into her throat. And her tongue
never stopped, no matter how much of his cock was stuffed in her face.
Her throat muscles worked to milk him, whether by a controlled gag
reflex or on their own, Spanker didn't care. It was a special treat.
Vivian had given a good ordinary blow job, but pain was her
specialty. Obviously, Jill's specialty was cocksucking. She knew all the
tricks and could fit them all into one blow job. Spanker exploded into
her talented mouth and was gratified to see that even that did not
interrupt Jill from her obsessive sucking on his rod.
"Stand up and turn around," he told Jill when she finally lifted
her mouth from his prick.
She did what she was told without understanding and then
yipped and hopped in the air as Spanker's hand slapped her ass hard.
He caught her hand and then reached up to turn her head back over
her shoulder.
"See that?" he said as she looked on the hand-shaped red
splotch on her white ass, "That's my mark and you've earned it. You're
Spanker-approved girl A1."
Jill didn't understand the significance, but she was pleased
anyway. It was a kind of initiation thing that she wouldn't have to put up
with all the time, and it was a nice sounding title. She didn't know that
Vivian was the past girl A1 and that it was more than a rating.
For his part, Spanker was pleased with his choice. He had been
watching Jill and he had seen both her taking Lacey's huge cock all the
way up her ass and Biff obviously struggling to enter it the next day.
That bode well for the resilience of her anus and from her reaction to
his whack on her butt, she was going to be a ton of fun to introduce to
the ways of a leather bitch.
Wendy had been lurking at the edges and when she saw Jill
leave Biff to go to Spanker, she pounced. Biff was dreamy. She had
always wanted to take him from Vivian and show him how it could be
with a girl that really liked him.
Biff was still a little dizzy from fucking Jill's ass and couldn't have
put up a fight if he wanted to. But he was impressed with the way
Wendy ignored the shit covering to get her mouth on his cock.
Brad was looking for Rita to make good on his promise when
he was ambushed by Gwen and Sherri.
"Hide us quick, Killer is after us." Gwen said with mock panic.
"Yeah, we both escaped his impotent attempts to fuck us,"
Sherri added.
Brad tried to explain his promise to Rita, but Sherri said they'd
look for her before the two girls buried him in girl-flesh. Brad fucked
mouth, fingered cunt, swapped tongue and had his ass invaded with
fingers as the two girls gave him a thorough going over.
"Now you've got to fuck us both," Sherri demanded.
"Yeah, you got us hot, you got to fuck us," Gwen agreed.
"How about one now and one later?" Brad pleaded.
"No way. We know how you keep your promises," Gwen said
referring to the promise to Rita they wouldn't let him keep.
Brad knew when he was beat. But the girls had a plan that
would make it all possible. Sherri lay down on her belly and Gwen
climbed on top straddling her butt.
"In the ass, Brad, fuck us in the ass," said Sherri.
"Yeah, we're ass sluts, fuck us in the ass," tittered Gwen
It wasn't like fucking Vivian at all. Brad put his cock to Gwen's
asshole and it slid in like easing a chip into its socket. There was a little
pressure at first and then he popped deep inside her tight hole.
He took advantage of her accepting ass to jam into her
"Hey, fuck us both!" Sherri protested after fifteen seconds or so
of feeling Brad pound into Gwen.
Brad was puzzled by the logistics, put pulled back from Gwen
to try and give Sherri her wish. There was a butt in his way. Sherri
solved his dilemma by lifting Gwen up as her butt raised and offered her
ass to his attack.
She was tighter than Gwen, but only in that he had to press
firmly all the way until his cock was buried to the root in her rectum.
With her, his thrusts were deliberate jabs spaced by slow withdrawing.
Sherri became keeper of the fair fuck as she lowered herself to
the mattress to give Brad Gwen's ass to pound quickly and then lifted
to prompt him to persistently drill her own anus. It was sex beyond
understanding to Brad. Lord knows, he had enough for two at this stage,
but the switch between the two cushions and the difference in tight was
a kind of heavenly feeling that Brad couldn't fully take in.
But then it seemed he was just the dick anyway and he didn't
need to understand. Sherri seemed to be the one in control. He just had
to fuck whichever asshole was presented to him and be happy.
Jill was instantly jealous when she saw the scene. Okay, she had
let Biff fuck her in the ass and their last conversation hadn't been very
lovey-dovey, but she hadn't written Brad off yet either. She calmed past
the point of wanting to hit him and let the jealousy instead burn a need
between her legs.
Biff was rolling around with Wendy Highland. For some reason
her sphincter spasmed when she saw Kevin. Her gaze kept traveling
until she saw an unoccupied normal-sized cock and she made a beeline
for it.
Wendy wanted him. Wendy wanted him very much. And it was
more than words as she had pulled Biff on top of her and with breathless
passion told him she wanted him inside her now.
Wendy was the summit of blue-eyed blonde and her sprinkle of
freckles and cute upturned pug nose made her just the cutest thing in
Biff's eyes. It didn't hurt that she obviously thought the world of him too.
It hurt even less that she was not only eager, but tight and skilled as he
slid his cock into her and started to thrust.
"eeeEEEEUUUUWWWWW!!" a groan started and then was
joined as head after head popped up and eyes were directed to the
t.v.s They had missed Vivian licking the anonymous asshole as the shit
squeezed out in a log, but at the moment she was pushing her face into
the pile and- yuck!- eating it.
Vivian didn't have to look up to know which part was being
shown. As if there was any more humiliation she could suffer after she
had been the human fuck toy for the last hours and had been beaten
and abused and pissed on. Now she knew they would shit on her as
well, but it didn't make it worse. The worst had come as Spanker
abandoned her to the will of the mob.
Brad felt guilty right after he jammed his cock into Sherri for the
final time after redecorating her colon in shit-stain white. He had
promised Rita to suck her pussy and now he had abandoned her to
twice fuck some other girl in the ass. Gwen and Sherri laughed at his
attitude, but they were satisfied and chased him off on his search with
Some guy named Shawn or Sean or Shaun had Rita pressed to
the mattress as he lay with his legs under her shoulders and fucked into
her face like he was fucking a cunt. Her cunt was unoccupied and Brad
swooped in to give her the pussy-lapping he promised. On his way he
noticed a familiar brown-haired head bobbing over a boy next to Rita.
So now Jill was sucking off all the cock that had been jammed
up her ass the night before. He dove into Rita's red-bushed snatch with
increased vigor. Her legs fluttered around him as she was surprised by
the tongue's invasion.
Later her feet kicked like she was swimming as Shawn nearly
drowned her with his cum. Soon after, she coughed and inquired who
was between her legs. Brad looked up with his juiced-stained face and
told her he was redeeming his promise. Rita laughed like Gwen and
Sherri had before.
But Rita was all too ready to let him continue. She came quickly
and then held Brad's head in her crotch to get him to lick her into
another climax before letting him loose.
Brad looked up to see Jill's bemused grin looking back. She had
been careful to leave a drip of cum sitting at the corner of her mouth. He
searched her expression for evidence what was on her mind. He
gambled with humor.
"Wanna fuck?" Brad said, pointing to his face. "You be the guy."
Jill had had a chance to think as she watched Rita hug Brad's
face to her cunt. There was a lot right about Brad. And if she turned him
loose somebody would snap him up. She might never get him back. Did
she want to give up everything they had built up- all the compromises
they had reached over one spat?
She would have quite a time convincing anyone as motivated
and desirable as Brad to wait for her virginity. And she had come to the
conclusion that whatever had gone on with Brad was no more voluntary
than the scene with her the night before.
She rolled over to Brad and 'fucked' him, letting the cum on her
mouth mix with Rita's juices as they kissed.
"All forgiven?" Brad asked.
"Well....." Jill stalled, "Maybe in the morning. I might want to sin
a little more yet tonight."
And Brad had another debt to pay as well. Vivian was a pitiful
mess of raw, gaping holes. She lay in a pool of piss with shit smeared
on her face and in her hair. Brad had no pity. He was strapping on
the dildo she had used on him as he knee-walked over to her.
"Hi honey, miss me?" he teased the beaten woman.
"Fuck you!" Vivian groaned
"You got that backwards," Brad said through gritted teeth as
he jammed the rubber dick into her asshole. "Jeez, honey, you're quite
a woman. You make me want you so much my dick feels bigger than
Vivian only groaned as he pushed the dildo into her ass. It was
a weird feeling for Brad to fuck without feeling. He pounded Vivian and
pounded her until Jill finally came over and pulled him away.
"You made your point," Jill told her glassy-eyed boyfriend.
Most of them had. Spanker had left while Frank Furter was
taking a dump in Vivian's face. The rest had wound down and were
laying around recovering from the debauch. It had been a banner night
for the Hot Fox club.
As they dressed and slipped out one by one and two by two,
Biff waited. Jill left with Brad and soon it was only Biff and Wendy.
Last thing before he left, Biff went over and uncuffed Vivian's hands.
Vivan slowly rolled over and began to undo the straps that
held her legs in the unnatural bent position. She straightened out her legs
and rested. This was not the end of it. They had fucked with the wrong

Chapter two- Trouble right here in River City.


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