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HOTFOX2 video tapes Upon examination (copying losing


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Hot Foxes- Prosecution of shame
No one had ever seen anyone in as sorry a shape as Vivian, not
the cops, not the doctors, not the nurses. They examined her thoroughly
and kept everything- semen, fecal samples, urine specimans for evidence.
They were all so concerned with her condition that they waited until she
was cleaned up and safe in a hospital bed before they acted on her
No one was ever identified, but it was suspected that someone
in the police or on the hospital staff had warned Harris. By the time the
police arrived, no one fitting the description was found in the house. He
had escaped with most of his personal possessions, but the Hot Fox
den was intact.
Along with the alcohol, drugs and paraphernalia, the police
found some 27 video tapes. Upon examination, (copying, losing and
other general mishandling of the evidence) the tapes revealed somewhat
over 86 hours of tape. There were 18 high-quality tapes of
approximately 35 hours featuring Vivian and some older women in
bizarre sex acts with one unidentifiable male and one or two others in
a few of the scenes. There was somewhere over 50 hours on 9 tapes of
low-quality film of the club in action, both at initiations and club orgies.
There were also the tapes left in ten recorders of their views of
Vivian's humiliation. Spanker hadn't had time to edit them onto a tape.
Panic was widespread in the little town. Some had never
suspected they were filmed, but they knew who they were. That kicked
off perhaps the largest black market in police evidence that has ever
occured. Much money was offered and the irony was that every woman
that paid to ransom her pride only caused the creation of another copy
of her indiscretions.
In the end, there were hundreds of tapes in the community
without once threateneing the police's supply. Though there were rumors
that at least one of the tapes disappeared- featuring a prominent
policeman's wife and the wife of a very rich son of a town father. What
remained, even after the fantastic prices women had paid to remove
them, was evidence that cost many marriages and more than a few
schoolteachers their jobs.
The tapes of the children were a different matter. It made no
difference some were 18 because it was evident that there wasn't much
the authorities could do about it. Certainly there was delinquency by
reason of unrulyness and many on alcohol and drug counts, but
delinquency was delinquency and there was no way to see any of it as
reason to try them as adults.
Which is what got the 18-year-olds off. What were they going
to do? Send every kid in town- excuse me, every high school kid in
town but 13- to the detention hall? There wasn't room for them in the
hall and the jail combined. The only facility big enough was the school,
so what was the point? They'd be watching them real close. That's was
about the best they could do.
And it was that as much as Spanker's grand plan that kept the
twist he had founded the club on moot. Of course, without the tapes it
might just have worked. If there weren't documented accounts of the
activites, the anal bent of the club may have been a defense.
Your honor, the prosecution has entered no evidence that my
client participated in anything untoward. The child says she was raped,
but where is the evidence? She is, in fact, intact. Then the story changes-
oh yeah, it was anal sex. How much more of this obviously fabricated
account does my client have to endure?
That might have held up if it came to that. Loyal members would
have sworn nothing of the sort went on. Until it all came out being
singled out could have been tramatic. But it was much easier to take
when everyone was unmasked at once.
It wasn't even embarrassing for the kids. Their parents suffered
more. After all they had fucked or fucked in front of most everybody
they knew. It wasn't like a deep secret to anyone but old folks.
And the couple of weeping girls that came in to confess really
didn't change anything either. They might have corraborated the
evidence on the tape, if they had Spanker, but he had vanished as if he
never existed. There was no record of any Harris that couldn't be
ruled out anywhere. And the fingerprints came back with no match.
It was as if Spanker Harris was made out of fog and had simply blown
His insidious ways became legend, however. The stylish chair,
built for watching virgins being deflowered became lodged in the
common consciousness like a fetish. His snake-like power to coerce
innocents to stand in a group of boys and display herself in the most
lewd ways. His use of his penis as a wand to lead the girls into the
clutches of that chair. They became folklore.
And the initiations and the orgies themselves became the secret
fantsies of untold numbers of men- and women in the community. But the
kids were changed very little- excepting Vivian.
She left town quickly when it became apparent that not much
was going to change after her revelation. She had to escape the looks
from everyone as they saw her and knew. They saw her tied and being
fucked in the ass. They saw piss on her face and shit in her hair. And
just as bad, they saw her prancing willingly for Spanker, basking in his
punishment, begging for his abuse and fucking him in every way there
The bottom line was school became party time more than ever
as the old generation reeled with the implications of their discovery. And
since it was out in the open, old Hot Fox members could admit the kind
of things they wanted and liked. They no longer had to worry about
someone unraveling the secret and got outrageous even in school.
Showers sometimes became co-ed and there was more moaning
and groaning on the stage than at a staging of Titus Andronicus. Even
Miss Correct Jill got talked into giving an extra biology lesson to Brad
after class one day when he showed her he had done his homework in
the shape of a throbbing and ready cock.
The fallout came in the form of new couples sprouted from the
final Hot Fox orgy. Biff was with Wendy now. Jill and Brad were back
together, even though Jill had already caught Brad balls-deep in Gwen
South's ass in the back of his car. And several more had paired off.
It took two years for the bomb to fall. Pirate tapes had gone
here and there and back again through many clumsy incarnations. One
twisted genius had carefully been collecting and with a brilliant vision had
edited the mish-mosh into a coherent XXX film. It's release lit the fuse.
Soon it seemed everyone on Earth had seen the film or owned
the video. The town's dirty little joke was now property of the world.
The three hour epic length made "Hot Foxes, the Movie" a marvel by
itself. That it held the audience breathless with only unrelieved graphic
sex made it a landmark of cinematic craft. And the notoriety made nearly
every face in town instantly recognizable.
That collapsed what had been left standing when the original
scandal hit. Credited as "dog woman" for her manner and howls as
Spanker spanked her with the razor strop, Mrs. Jumpup was considered
a minor character compared to the elaborate scene of Miss Mooney,
the disgraced government teacher.
Mooney had shown her bizarre lust in a series of scenes where
Spanker had first pierced her nipples as her breasts hung down over
him as she bent over him to take his cock in her throat. He had pierced
her labia looking into the mirror which hid a camera while she sat on him
with his cock fully buried in her ass.
Her crowning emotional scene was of her hanging from
wide-spread wrists with her ankles parted by a bar. Rings in the featured
piercings were fastened by string to various points and Miss Mooney
gave a heart-tugging performance as she first began to shake her toso
from side to side to make the nipple rings pull her tits into painful
configurations. Through the pain she glorified Spanker and begged him
to let her continue so she'd be worthy for him to rip her apart with his
Before she was done, she had added a thrusting of her hips to
pull at the labia rings. The dance of her twisting torso and thrusting
pelvis was disturbing on a sexual level, but it was also a symphony of
motion that was abstractly quite engaging. Arty even.
And the look of joy/pain on Miss Mooney's face when the man stepped forward and entered her anally with one obviously unlubricated
thrust grabbed the rest. The sex was over the top and there was always
a gasp from the audience when the one labia ring pulled out in an arc of
blood and a scream of pure delight.
Nevertheless, "dog woman"'s role was enough to make Mr.
Jumpup walk out. He had been waiting until Brad and Jill were settled
in the first place and the movie was a clear sign the time had come.
Brad and Jill were just settled enough to have a place for Jill's
mother to move in. She actually made it nice for the working newlyweds
by managing the home and taking that pressure off them. Exactly how
nice she made the home was something Jill was yet to discover.
The other major effect of the movie was a wash. Kevin Lacey
left town. Vivian came back. Lacey was already famous as the guy
with the huge dick and he became an instant erotic-film star. Vivan was
just famous and the movie left her no place left to hide.
Vivian returned and found the only job she could hold- barmaid
(nudge- nudge) at the Pony Tail Bar and Grille by the bus station. For a
time she was a hit as a topless dancer, but it was a fad. men just wanted
to see the tits from the movie in the flesh. After the curiosity, Vivian had
to count on the sideline as a prostitute to make ends meet (no pun).
"You redheads are as hot as a FIRECRACKER!" Brad was
telling Rita, now Rita Best, as he held her hips just far enough off the bed
so he could reach her snatch with his thrusts.
"Dammit Brad, get another line, you've said that to me 178
times," complained the gasping rehead.
"How about, damn, this is the best ass in town?" Brad asked.
"Go ahead," Rita said like granting a concession, "I didn't think
you had me lay out like this to play cards."
Brad pulled out of her cunt and lowered her ass so his cock
pointed to the puckered ring. Rita grunted to help and Brad pushed
open the sphincter with little difficulty. He pressed slowly in until his
hips met her ass and then he lowered her to the bed as his cock
followed her down.
"That's deep and good," Brad sighed as he lay buried to the
hilt in her ass.
"Then see if you can make it good for me," Rita kibitzed.
When he wasn't being a selfish bastard he could make her cum by fucking her ass. But neither happened very often. But every time Rita
quiestioned why she kept coming back, the answer always was-
because he's Brad.
He took, if not his, then some time that day and Rita nearly got
there. She counted the time spent on the plateau as some sort of victory
She didn't see Jill as she snuck out of the side door.
Brad would only have some lie. If she walked in on him like she
had with Gwen, he would try to talk his way out of it. But he was Brad-
like every woman in town said. Jill had her own way of dealing with his
constant infidelities.
Brad was puffing and panting when Rita left. If he was going to
fuck his mother-in-law, he'd better start fucking her longer before his
girlfriends came over. It had been tough to get off with Rita, even in her
tight redhead ass.
Biff knew the look on Jill's face. She had caught Brad with a
woman again. Biff knew the thought in Jill's mind. She was going down
the street and suck off every friend and neighbor until she cooled down.
He sighed. If only they could get along like Wendy and him. She
was an absolute gem and he was glader for that last orgy than anything
else in his life. She even understood about Jill. She urged him to let her
'get it out' when he confessed the first time. She said she understood
completely that he didn't have the heart to refuse her.
She sympathized with Jill. She wasn't one of Brad's girlfriends
but several of her friends were. She knew his appetites and felt sorry
for Jill having to put up with it. At the same time, she knew from all
sides that 'because he's Brad' it wasn't going to change. It seemed the
least she could do was let Biff ease Jill's pain. It seemed to help Jill and
it certainly didn't hurt her sex life with Biff. He was quite a man.
"That's a nice hedge," Jill told Biff and he knew she was
snapping her eyes around looking for cover.
"I'd say it was high enough for what you're planning," Biff said.
Not that it made any difference. There weren't many in town
that hadn't seen Jill on her knees servicing somebody, including
themselves. But you didn't want to corrupt the kids.
Jill took his matter-of-fact fore-knowledge in stride and knelt
down to open his overalls. She liked the three buttons because it got her
to Biff's cock faster. He was a little slow responding, but Biff was
mapping out his afternoon's work as she took him into her mouth and
worried his cock with her tongue.
He wasn't being difficult, he just wanted to think that out before
she got him hard and he wouldn't be able to think of anything. She was
still the Mistress of the throat muscles and once she could get a man into the back of her mouth, he was a goner.
Even the thought of it made Biff's cock jump and there he went
off on the rollercoaster.
Jill felt him finally get hard and jammed her face into his overalls.
She was still the suck of death at least. men could not resist her and
they couldn't get enough. She didn't go right for making him cum. She
liked sucking Biff's cock and she liked making it particularly good for
him. She played with his need and his balls and even his ass as she drew
out his anticipation.
Biff was shaking like a dog's hind leg when she relented and
dove down to bury his cock in her throat. She only pulled back an inch
or two as she slapped her face into his pants and her already swallowing
throat muscles coaxed long volleys of his cum from his balls in less than
20 strokes.
She fastened her lips around the root of his cock and sucked hard as he came, letting the stroking of her throat encourage him to
fill her until his balls hurt. Then she licked him clean and put his cock
back in his pants.
It was pretty much the same thing every time, but it was still
good. Then, Biff knew, she was off to see Alan Branyan.
The past could be a lousy thing to be trapped in, Biff knew. He
was glad he had escaped his own. When Vivian had first returned, she
had tried every ploy and bait to get Biff back. Just one little fuck on the
side. She would be his extra bit. Any way he wanted- just fuck her once.
In truth, he was repulsed, not tempted. And Wendy had been
his savior in that case as well. When Vivian became too strident for
Biff to stand, Wendy offered the solution.
It was a Saturday, a day that loomed large in their history and
Biff bought Vivian a double bourbon. Then he told her he was ready to
show her how he liked it. Vivian's conquering smile forever reminded
that he made the right choice.
The smile faded as she saw Wendy waiting on the bed in her
room. They let Vivian watch as Biff fucked Wendy in front of her. And
true to his word, they did it Biff's favorite way.
That meant Biff began and ended in Wendy's mouth with
penetration in between. For all the hype, well-deserved as it was, Jill
could learn a few things about sucking cock from Wendy. In the best
position of anyone to compare, Biff prefered Wendy's gentle
playfullness and teasing elongation to Jill's hard efficiency.
Vivian quit harrassing Biff, but as a reminder, both of the old days and the last encounter, Biff regularly bought her a double bourbon
on Saturdays.
Her rebuffed effort to reclaim Biff aside, Vivian had little time
for freebies. There was a steady, if not constant, demand to fuck the
queen of "Hot Foxes- the Move" which allowed her to hold her appeal
even as her huge tits sagged and her ass spread with age.
But there were few requests for Vivian to don leather. Perhaps
that was because it was her favorite uniform when she was wielding the
rubber dick. Sensing that homophobia would turn masses away from
the movie, the editor had left out her use of the fake dick on men,
including the protracted anal rape of Brad, but there were scenes of
her viciously using it on other women.
The few requests that came for leather were for her to reprise
her own humiliation either by the club or with Spanker. She resisted
them until she was used and tired enough that it made no difference.
Her only regulars were Andy Hillis and Brad and Brad was only
regular in the broadest sense. Actually, that went for Hillis too. But
Andy's irregularity was only in his tastes. He liked to hurt Vivian.
At one point, Hillis was in such a favorable mood that he
thought he would do Vivian the ultimate favor of marrying her. He would
take her away from her down-trodden life to a pampered existence of
beatings and rough sex every night.
Hillis was rich enough that the mysterious disappearance of his
first wife, Noreen, hadn't caused any problems, so he was in a sense
a catch, but when Vivian brought up Noreen, Hillis flew into a rage. She
declined, as she would have no matter what Andy's situation and he
beat her severely while he raped her for refusing.
But he still came by every week or two to hurt her and pay her
generously for the privilege.
Brad came in when he'd had a fight with one of his women. He'd
always start by reminding her of the day he fucked her in the ass three
times. He was a bore, but he paid and all he ever wanted to do was
bad-mouth her tits while he rubbed his cock between them and came on
her face.
He thought that was quite clever and got off on what he
perceived as Vivian's humiliation. She played it for him, and secretly
thought of it as easy money compared to what most of her clients
wanted from her.
Jill continued to suffer. Brad became so transparent and so
predictable that she was able to make dates in advance to work off the
frustration of his infidelities. And she too fell into the web of his cheating.
She came to the point where she bored a hole into her mother's
room, where Brad fucked his girlfriends. She would watch as Gwen
jacked him off with her feet as Brad ate her pussy. She would touch
herself as he rolled her over and rammed it up her ass. She would time
her grunts to Gwen's as he reamed her and she knew Brad well enough
that she could cum on her fingers just as he stiffened and pumped his
load into the kneeling girl's colon.
Then she would trot her sopping pussy over to someone's house
and let him jump her and fuck her as soon as he could get his dick out
of his pants and into her cunt. After she came, she would allow most
anything and prissy little Jill became one of the biggest whores in three
states for her acceptance of pretty much any kink men wanted to try.
She never saw Wendy Grumbly, but she watched Brad's
fascination with Rita's red twat. She saw that Ann Fred, now Ann
Furter, provided Brad with her own version of around the world.
Ann blew Brad and then rolled back for him to fuck her cunt.
As he pinned her to her mother's sheets, Ann kept raising her legs, little
by little until her knees were beside her ears. Then Brad would pull his
cock out of her wet cunt and push it up her ass for a while.
The obvious attraction of this fuck that they repeated without
variation was when Brad was nearly cumming and slapped Ann on the
ass. She would execute a backwards somersault and come up to suck
Brad's shit-stained cock while he fucked her in the face.
Sherri South, now Gwen's sister in law, was the only one Brad
allowed any latitiude. She liked it rough, both giving and taking and they
had a few scenarios to express her speciality.
Brad seemed to thrive on choking her to the edge of
consciousness as he fucked her cunt. Sherri evidently came in buckets
at that, but she seemed to personally prefer twisting Brad into positions
of pain as she pinched his nipples and rammed two fingers up his ass.
He would repay her by jabbing his cock painfully into her throat and
fucking her tear-stained face as she abused his nipples and rectum.
In between there was a relatively tame assfuck where Brad
punctuated his outstrokes with slaps on Ann's ass and a wilder version
where Ann sat with Brad's cock in her ass and they traded finger fucks.
Ann would burrow her fingers, up to three on one occasion, in Brad's
ass as he saw how many fingers he could fit in her cunt while she rode his
But beyond Ann, they all had their way and the fucking only
changed with the face that Brad had in his mother-in-law's bed. Jill was
more diverse. She would do anything with her outside lovers. Since
starting her voyeurism, she had begun to welcome pairs and trios of
men to service her and they brought many ideas to the bedroom.
She was a little smug about that. Smug as you can be with a
broken heart. But at least her sex life wasn't predictable. She might do
Jill thought Brad had discovered that novel idea one day when
she was uncharacteristically home early. Mostly it was afternoon delight
for Brad and it was only 10:30 in the morning. But the giggles were
It took her time to identify and longer to believe who was in bed
with Brad. It was her fucking mother! And that wasn't an expletive at the
moment. The kinky old bitch was dressed in the harness that made her
a movie star and she was pulling on the chain attached to the nipple
clamps herself while Brad used the harness on her hips to roughly yank
her back on his cock.
Jill took in the look of joyful pain on her mother's face as she
watched Brad brutalize her rectum. She was frozen as Brad pulled his
cock from the gaping anus and replaced it with a buttplug ending in a
short horsehair tail, like the one she had seem Vivian sport so many
years ago.
But instead of making her mother prance for the whip, Brad
slapped her hands away and began to lash her breasts. Her mother was
cumming. She was the seed of pain slut extraorinaire.
Brad finished her mother by taking her like a dog and using the
tail to further abuse her ass with the buttplug. Jill's outrage freed her from
her stupor and she rushed to the room before Brad could finish and they
could hide the evidence.
Her mother's look of heavy-lidded, loose mouthed lust was far
from intelligient, but Jill saw that the situation was sinking in. Brad was
flawless in his denial, even with his cock covered in her mother's
spendings, but her mother was clearly affected. Jill even struck one
moment of silent fear into Brad.
"You've been fucking her since she moved in!" Jill wildly
accused. "You deserve that old slut, you fucker!"
Brad paused with a chill as her accusation hit the mark. He had
been fucking mom since she moved in. But Jill couldn't know that. He
knew she would have brought it up before now if she suspected. He
chalked it up as a lucky guess and kept trying to explain how they were
quite innocent. And if they weren't innocent then they didn't know what
they were doing. And if they did know what they were doing, they were
really, really, really sorry, really they were.
Jill's mom moving out was finally something that hurt Brad. He
still had most of the other women in town, but he saw it as a personal
defeat- and at the hands of his wife. Worse, everyone would know.
But that was part of Brad's fool's paradise. He was so lost in
his own flawed perception of Jill that he was the only one in the tri-state
area that didn't know she'd fuck anyone and, for the most part, already
had. As keeper if the double standard that would have devasted him.
Mom moved to the Pony Tail to manage the place- which Jill
found hilariously ironic given the costume she had discovered her in. It
was also ironic that in the competition between Vivian and Jill, Jill had
gotten the booby prize of Brad and Vivian ended up with Jill's mother.
It was not a pairing made in heaven as Jill's mother like to ride
Vivian hard and put her away wet in a figurative sense. Vivan was
'encouraged'- with a beer bottle if necessary- to accept all comers and
do whatever the boys wanted. She proved to be a hard old bitch and
Vivian had little room to argue since the old woman had done- and
could provide video proof- most of the kinkiest stuff Vivian tried to
When the word came back that Kevin Lacey had been killed
in a drug deal gone sour, no one missed him more than Vivian. She had
always held out hope that Kevin would return- at least for a visit, and
she would have the chance to ride his huge saddle horn again.
She privately believed it was her last hope for happiness, or at
least satisfaction as she became more stretched and looser as the years
passed. Kevin would be able to fill her and make her scream, she told
herself, but now her last chance was dead.
And Spanker? Saw him the other day. He's in town, using a
new name and keeping a low profile. God knows what nasty little club
he's got now or what twists he uses to keep it quiet.
Brad always dreamed of becoming Spanker, but that's no
competition. His ideas were always shallow and his ability to plan
suspect. If he had kept on good terms with Jill they might have been
able to make something of his dreams. But even then- compete with
Spanker? He's the master.


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