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HOUSE hurt take his whole thing


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

The old House
A tale of Terror and Whore

Jacki was nervous. That was strange for her. She had been sneaking
in the old house for months now and it had always been a thrill before.
Perhaps it was having Caitlin along tonight. She didn't see how
that could be, because she was really looking forward to shocking the
girl from St. Elsie's school. She thought it would be great fun to
show the innocent girl how people did it. She had been excited all day
thinking about doing it in front of her.
But now her ears were alert for every sound as if some sixth
sense was warning her of danger. She eased the old window down, wincing
at every creak although there were hundreds of yards between the
abandoned dwelling and the next living soul.
"Shhhhh!" she cautioned when Caitlin began to speak.
"It sure is dirty, that's all I wanted to say," Caitlin whispered.
"Wait until you see our room," Jacki whispered back.
They had pilfered, gathered, borrowed and stole all sorts of odds
and ends to decorate what must have been the dining room when the
house was occupied. It was an internal room and they had decided that
a stray beam of their flashlights was less likely to attract unwelcome
attention in that room.
The lone window was covered by a hunk of vinyl carelessly left in
the bed of someone's pick-up truck. There were crates to serve as low
tables and they had ravaged every discarded couch and chair of its
cushions to make places to sit- and to fuck.
It had become the misfits clubhouse. Jacki made sure the window
was covered and turned on the new electric lantern she had bought with
her baby-sitting money. It was much better than trying to aim
flashlights around the room. On the lowest setting, it gave just enough
glow so you could see what you were doing without being too bright from
the outside. Jacki felt certain Caitlin would be able to see everything
by its illumination.
"Well, this is better," Caitlin granted.
"We add on every time we find something we think we can use,"
Jacki said, "But you can't leave anything valuable because anybody can
get in just like we did."
"Aren't you afraid someone will catch you?" Caitlin asked.
Jacki smiled. It was that fear of hell that kept Caitlin a good
girl. The risk was part of the fun. At the same time, they were careful
to keep from being discovered. Normally, Jacki would have said the risk
was small, but she had that feeling chilling her.
"We've been coming here for months and nobody's caught on," she
said instead. "I don't think anybody watches this place."
Then a footfall brought back her terror and Caitlin joined her in
shrinking back against the wall.
"You two look like you've seen a ghost," Bobby said as he
sauntered into the room.
He had four beers left from a six-pack, so Jacki knew he wasn't
sensing the same thing she was. Not that he could admit it if he was.
Bobby was trying to be the fearless renegade. Fearless renegades weren't
afraid of nagging feelings.
"You startled us," Jacki said, "We just got here and we weren't
ready for you."
"You want me to go out and drink a couple more beers?" Bobby
"No way. Gimme," Jacki said as she reached out to pull the
remaining cans out of his hand. "You probably couldn't get it up if you
drank two more beers."
"You want to bet me?" Bobby asked slyly, "If I can drink two more
and still get a hard-on, you can suck me off."
Jacki was pleased to see that Caitlin was already uneasy with the
rough talk. If she started to suck Bobby's dick, Caitlin would probably
wet her pants.
"And if you can't get it up? What do I get?" Jackie asked.
"You get the chance to suck my dick until I can get it up," Bobby
Jacki changed her assessment of Caitlin's unrest. She looked more
like she was trying to squeeze her legs together to get herself off now.
Maybe she wasn't as much of an angel as Jackie thought.
"I was thinking more that you would eat me until I came- twice.
Once because you can't fuck me and once because I won the bet," Jacki
Bobby didn't appreciate her proposal. He didn't appreciate her
bringing it up. She had promised it would be a secret. She hadn't said
he did, but it was too close.
Jacki knew he'd never put his mouth 'down there' in front of
Caitlin. She was just teasing him. She also knew no one suspected him
of being a cuntlapper. It was his own guilty knowledge that was pissing him off.
"First, let's see if you can get it up after two beers," Jacki
chided Bobby.
"Not me first," Bobby decreed, "You show me something to get me
hard and I'll show you if I can get it up."
That suited Jacki. She enjoyed the power she had to make men want
her. She liked to watch the bulge grow in their pants as she stripped
off her clothes. She knew who was really in charge. It was as if the
men were ordering her to make them her slaves.
"How about sucking on these? That make your dick hard?" Jacki
asked as she pulled up her shirt to expose her breasts.
"Go on," Bobby told her, "I want you naked before I take off a
The tent in the front of his pants had answered her question
anyway. Jacki could see even Caitlin was giggling at the effect she was
having on Bobby. Jacki hadn't planned on a long strip tease and it was
a short series of tugs until she had pulled off her jeans and underwear
and was naked.
She paraded around Bobby, doing twirls every two steps, and then
put her hand square on his cock through his pants.
"Now don't be shy, show us what's making this bulge," she said.
"What about her?" Bobby tossed his head in Caitlin's direction.
"She's just here to watch," Jacki said.
"Then I think she should show us something for the privilege,"
Bobby said.
Caitlin looked dazed in the corner. Jacki felt protective since
it was her fault the girl was there. She tried to get Bobby to back off.
"You want to look at her or fuck me? she tried to distract him.
"It's okay," Caitlin broke in, "He's right. I ought to do
something so I have a right to be here. But I want to see his thing
Jacki was impressed with Caitlin. She obviously knew how to
handle boys even without putting out. And Jackie had again mistaken
Caitlin's look for fear when it was really lust. The way she looked
made Jacki think she might cum just from flashing her tits at Bobby.
Bobby had a reason to scramble out of his pants now. He knew who
Caitlin was, at least as far as she was from a rich family and went to
the Catholic girl's school. Seeing rich Catholic girl tit was worth
a lot to him. He pulled down his underwear with his pants and stood up
to let his cock swing out in front of him.
It was a nice cock. Bobby certainly wasn't ashamed to show it to
the girls. When Caitlin leaned forward to get a better look, he stepped
toward her and let it bob right in front of her face.
"Now it's your turn," he interrupted her perusal.
Fear, passion or a combination made her hands tremble as she
opened the buttons on her white blouse. She didn't pull it out of the
waistband of her skirt, only reached inside and slipped her fingers
under the elastic of her bra. Then, much slower than Jacki expected,
she pulled the bra up to expose her breasts. She held the bra up with
her chest pushed out for a long time as Bobby stared at the nice mounds
and their cotton candy pink nipples.
Her cunt is running like a faucet, I bet, Jacki thought to
herself. Bobby had more evil thoughts in his mind.
"Why don't you leave it that way while we do it for you," Bobby
half asked and half demanded.
Caitlin's eyes were shining as she let the bra rest above her
breasts and dropped her hands. How can she keep her hands out of her
crotch, Jacki wondered. She must be cumming like train cars passing by.
Her attention was shaken off Caitlin when Bobby reached out to
grab her breast. He turned her to face him and grinned.
"Let's show her how to do it," Bobby invited.
Jackie wasn't sure that it was as much fun as she thought it was
going to be now that Caitlin was obviously less shocked than she had
thought she would be. She lay down with her legs open toward Caitlin
so she could have the best view. She felt a little better when she saw
the interest in Caitlin's face.
Bobby wasn't much on foreplay, but he did kiss her while his cock
blundered around looking for the door to her cunt. When he found her
slit, he rubbed his cock up and down it before trying to push his
cock into her. They could hear Caitlin making ooo sounds as his cock
rubbed over her pussy.
There was a hushed, 'oh my' as Bobby's cock found the spot and
pushed inside Jacki. Jacki envied Caitlin a little then. She knew how
it felt as Bobby filled her, but she wished she could see his cock
disappear inch by inch inside her.
She lifted her legs up high in the air to give Caitlin the best
view possible. She knew what that looked like because she had seen it
reflected in the window when she got fucked in a car. This was better
because she could keep her legs straight when she pulled them back and
not worry about then hitting the roof.
"Doesn't it hurt to take his whole thing up there like that?"
Caitlin interrupted.
"Take off your pants and I'll show you how it feels after I'm done
with Jacki," Bobby offered.
That made Caitlin shrink back, but her shrinking didn't disturb
Jacki. She wasn't in the mood for twenty questions and she hadn't
promised Caitlin a guided tour. Jacki was glad to have her just watch
and keep her mouth shut.
She was busy at the moment. With her legs in the air, Bobby went
much deeper inside her and it was giving her strange new feelings- good
feelings- and she wanted to concentrate on them.
Jacki had already turned off her sensors of fear. The prickles she
had felt while breaking in the deserted house were long forgotten in the
excitement of Bobby's dick thrusting into her in long, slow strokes.
Caitlin was mesmerized by what she was watching. None of them had any
"Freeze! Right there- Nobody moves!"
The voice frightened them so badly that moving would have been
impossible. Jacki had a sinking feeling when she saw the policeman's
blue uniform, but it was nothing like the terror she saw on Caitlin's
face when she glanced over at her. This was probably the first thing she
had been caught doing wrong in her life.
Worse, she was still sitting with her breasts exposed and the man was leering at her over the blue steel of his revolver.
His partner swung around the wall at that point and the first cop
turned to him and grinned.
"I say we get the boy up first," he said.
"Okay, buddy, hands behind your back," the second cop said as his
partner trained the gun on Bobby.
Bobby lay down on Jacki and put his hands behind him. The cop
snapped on the cuffs and then hauled Bobby up by the elbows.
"You sit down over there," he ordered as he pushed Bobby toward
the cushions Caitlin sat on.
"Can I put my legs down?" Jacki asked.
She had a creepy feeling and she wanted to know where the
situation stood.
"You look good like that. Keep them up there," the first cop said.
That was what she was afraid of. He had been staring too eagerly
at her cunt from the time Bobby had been dragged away from blocking his
view. About that time Caitlin made a desperate bid to pull down her bra
and the other cop grabbed her hands.
"Larsen, give me your cuffs," he asked the first cop.
As quickly as that, Bobby and Caitlin were sitting against the
wall with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Caitlin was crying
loudly. Jacki wasn't about to give them the pleasure. Instead, she got
aggressive with them.
"This is where you tell us how we can get out of trouble, isn't
it," she accused them.
That made cop two laugh and the one called Larsen grin evilly.
"We're not going to tell you shit," he said. "We're not even here.
We're patrolling on the other side of town."
That drove the bravado out of Jacki. She began to fear for her
life. It was obvious they intended to rape her and Caitlin. She wondered
if they would stop short of killing all three of them.
"Please... please let us go," Caitlin whined, "I can't let daddy
find out that I sneaked out."
"Well, little Miss Appletits, that's going to be the least of your
worries," said cop two as he reached down and twisted one of her exposed
"No, please, you have to," Caitlin blubbered.
Larsen rescued her momentarily with his impatience. He had been
staring up Jacki's cunt long enough. He distracted his partner by
dropping his belt and then pulling down his pants.
"Honey, I can't let a woman as ready as you go to waste," he said
as he lowered himself over Jacki.
At least he was a little bit right. Jacki was still receptive to
his cock from fucking Bobby. It didn't really hurt or anything when she
felt his cock stab into her.
"God, I told you she was hot," Larsen announced to no one in
particular, "Look at how she can take it."
He didn't go as far as Bobby, even with her legs up. He was on a
mission, however. He fucked her hard and deep in a single-minded
pursuit of his own pleasure. It wasn't that bad as long as she had to
let him do it.
Caitlin was in a panic. She was gibbering nonsense. She was smart
enough to know they intended to do the same things to her. She couldn't
even imagine having to do it, let alone with these men.
After an eternity of cunt-numbing thrusting, Larsen jerked and
filled Jacki with his cum. They weren't really rapists, just very
twisted perverts that saw rape as a game with society's low-lifes and
a perk of the profession. They used their power to have sex, not sex to
gain power, so they enjoyed their work.
"Jeeze, that was good," he said as he got up and pulled up his
Jacki was defiant. She kept her mouth shut, but Larsen's tiny
dick hadn't broken her spirit. It was unpleasant, but she had been
through unpleasant things before.
Caitlin was hyper-ventilating and becoming a trembling hulk.
Shivers shook her body hard enough to make her little tits swing from
the vibration. It was a danger for which nothing in her life had
prepared her.
"My daddy will kill me for going out alone," she chattered
between rattling teeth.
"Then don't tell daddy," cop two said as he stroked her wavering
Fear had already drawn her nipples tight and cop two rolled each
in turn between his fingers as Caitlin sobbed in ragged breaths.
"Come on, stop playing with her," Larsen scolded, "Let's see what
that one's got."
He reached under her skirt for Caitlin's panties and she burst
into screams of- no, no, no. Perhaps fortunately for the soundness of
her mind, the screaming pushed her over into a faint as Larsen pulled
her underwear down her legs.
She was in a dream world of half consciousness when he flipped up
her skirt and lifted her legs to pull them apart.
"Now that's downy baby fur," he said as he looked at her naked
"Nooooo," Caitlin protested weakly from the fuzzy edge of
"I won't, baby, but that's only because I can't. My partner will
have to do the honors," Larsen taunted the semi-conscious girl.
Larsen's partner stopped supporting Caitlin's shoulders and she
flopped back onto her cuffed arms as Larsen continued to hold her legs
in the air.
Meanwhile, Jacki had been calculating the odds. She had a clear
path to the door. She could get to the window and be out of the old house in about three seconds. She was sure she could beat the cops to
the outside.
But what would she do then? Sneaking home naked except for the
shirt that still hung from her shoulders didn't bother her. But what
about her friends? Who could she go to for help since the cops were
already there? There was also the chance they would shoot her to stop
her from escaping.
In the end it was loyalty to her friends that made her stay put.
But she didn't have to suffer this in silence.
"Leave her alone! Can't you see she's scared to death?" Jacki
yelled out.
"Then maybe she shouldn't be hanging out with low-lifes like you,"
Larsen snapped, "Because this is what happens to delinquents."
Jacki didn't see the punch. She had just reacted and dived at
Larsen. She may have surprised him, but not enough that he didn't swing
as she came at him. He caught her flush and drove her back onto the
cushions spread on the floor.
Cop two had changed places with Larsen and now he was holding up
Caitlin's legs as he moved between them. The commotion had roused the
terrified girl and she begged him to stop.
"I've never... " she started, mistaking the effect that statement
would have, and then added, "Daddy will kill you too, you know."
She sounded too out of it for it to be a threat. Instead, cop two
heard the 'I never' part and hurried his pants down to his knees.
"Get it," Larsen urged, "You were always the lucky one, Howie.
A virgin. Damn, if you don't get all the breaks."
If he had been slow to respond before, Howie was enervated by
the idea of popping a cherry. Caitlin did look a little young and
innocent as he towered over her, but getting himself a virgin overrode
any pity he might have had for the helpless girl.
"Noooooo!!!" Caitlin screamed as he pushed his cock against her
untried cunt.
Her feet, in maryjanes and anklets, kicked on either side of
Howie like the schoolgirl she was. But that was all the resistance she
could muster as Howlie gripped her thighs and pushed his cock against
her tiny slit.
Her feet kicked once strongly as he forced his cock inside her.
She was shivering again as Howie lunged farther into her.
"AAAAAAAKKKK!!" She screamed as his cock pushed past her hymen
and tore deeper into the innocent girl.
Then she was sobbing uncontrollably as her crying and Howie's
lunges both conspired to make her body shake like a leaf in the wind.
It took Howie almost a dozen thrusts to push his cock all the way
inside Caitlin's tight sheath. The girl was in some trance of shock as
he pulled back to fuck her.
"Makes me think of something," Larsen said as Howie fucked the
no-longer virgin girl.
He grabbed Jackie by the hair and dragged her to her knees. Her
mouth was still tender from the punch and that pain was added to the
disgust she felt as Larsen stabbed his cock toward her face.
"You guys aren't done by a long shot," Larsen informed her, "Now
suck my dick so I can fuck one of you again."
Only the thought that they might not kill them kept Jacki from
biting Larsen's cock off. At that point she didn't much care about
herself, but she was feeling very guilty about getting Caitlin involved
in this nightmare. She opened her mouth and let Larsen put his cock in
it. She had to be prompted to do more.
"I said suck it," Larsen snapped as he tugged her hair.
It was silly to get beat up for what he would get anyway. She
sucked him the way she knew he would like. The faster she got him hard,
the shorter she would have to suck his nasty cock, she reasoned.
Howie began to cum into Caitlin about the same time as Jacki gave
in and started to suck Larsen's cock. I was almost a non-event compared
to his ripping away Caitlin's virginity. He was the only one making a
big thing of it with his grunting.
Caitlin only wanted to crawl away when the policeman pulled out
of her. Her mind was hardly in the here and now. Too many horrible
images were colliding in her brain. She didn't think she would ever
stop crying.
Larsen's wasn't the only cock getting hard in the room. As soon
as he felt he could leave Jacki to suck on her own, he looked around
the room. Bobby was hard from watching Jacki get laid and Caitlin lose
her virginity. Larsen saw a way to have fun with him.
"Look who's got a hard-on," he called to Howie. "Push that bitch
over there and make her suck him off. I want to see that."
Howie proved to be as efficient at hair-pulling as Larsen. He
dragged Caitlin over to Bobby and yanked her hair to make her mouth open
in pain. Then he rammed her down on the boy's pole until she was
choking. He pulled her up and down by the hair as she screamed.
"Don't fight him or he'll let you choke to death," Bobby
suggested, "You have to do it. Close down and move your tongue back and
forth. It will make it easier on you."
It was good advice. Bobby was offering it out of pity for the poor
girl rather than personal gain, even though it did make her mouth feel
great sliding up and down his hard-on. Caitlin obeyed more by reflex
than because it made sense in her predicament.
"Look at her suck cock like a pro," Larsen taunted her.
He dragged Jacki closer so he could watch as Bobby's cock emerged
and then disappeared into Caitlin's mouth.
"You need to get serious there," Larsen said as Caitlin was only
taking two or three inches of Bobby's cock into her mouth as she
bobbed up and down.
"It feels great, I think she's doing s great job," Bobby protested
to protect Caitlin.
Larsen wasn't hearing that. He had his own agenda in the further
humiliation of the recently innocent little girl. He reached over and
rubbed his finger over Caitlin's asshole.
"Let me help you put some spark in that," he said as he pressed
the finger into her rectum.
It was just another thing that screamed at Caitlin outside the
protective fog that clouded her senses. She was dimly aware of the
strange warm rod that was hard, yet soft invading her mouth. The finger
trespassing in her ass seemed an irritation that was miles away.
Somewhere in her mind she knew she was sucking a boy's cock and
that the horrible man was pushing his finger in her ass, but her mind
didn't dare evaluate her situation. She was doing what she had to and
trying not to think abut it.
Larsen was forcing Caitlin to let Bobby's cock test the back of
her throat. It was having the desired effect on Bobby. He didn't want
to participate in their evil scheme, but Caitlin's mouth was making
anything else impossible. He had to get off.
"Honey, suck hard and go real fast," Bobby urged, "You don't have
to take so much now."
Caitlin listened and Larsen let up. He wanted to see Bobby cum in
the girl's mouth.
"I'm sorry," Bobby gasped, "But I've got to shoot."
Larsen made it worse on Caitlin as he shoved her forward as he
saw Bobby twitch. She gagged and choked as her face was forced down on
Bobby as his cum was spurting out. It was so good for Bobby, he couldn't
stop the jetting spurts. He didn't want to drown her, but his cock was
deep in the warmth of her mouth and he couldn't help cumming and cumming
some more.
Caitlin was cried out. She pulled away from Bobby's cock and
gasped to get air into her deprived lungs. She tried to roll on her
side, but Larsen held her hips in the air with the finger that was
deep in her ass.
"Stay right there," Larsen ordered Caitlin, "You're going to learn
about everything today."
Howie was holding Jacki back. She could feel his cock swell with
blood against her back as Larsen moved up behind Caitlin.
"You filthy pervert!" Jacki shouted at Larsen when she saw what
he intended to do to her new friend.
The tight grip of Caitlin's anus on his finger had Larsen hard as
steel and dying to put his cock up the tight little asshole. There was
no longer any fight in Caitlin as Larsen pressed his cock against the
tight bud.
Of course she screamed. It was a reaction to the ripping as Larsen
forced open the sphincter. But after that it was too horrible to be
true. Her breath came out in grunts as he forced the air our of her
with his thrusts into her asshole. It really didn't matter. It couldn't
be happening.
Jacki was more disturbed than Caitlin. She thought it would be
cool to let the innocent girl watch Bobby and her have sex. That was
mind-boggling to Caitlin. She had wanted to show off her own wild
streak and give the sheltered girl a taste of the other side of life.
She felt responsible for these unthinkable acts of depravity
being forced on the poor girl. She had decided to ignore the risk to
herself from the beginning, but there was little she could do in
Howie's bear hug.
Worse, she could feel his cock getting hard against the naked skin
of her back. She knew in the pit of her stomach that the nightmare was
not over.
Caitlin tried to crawl into the cushions and hide when Larsen
was finished with her. It was a purely animal reaction to the pain being
over. The world had become too unreal for any but the most basic of
her reactions to be active.
Larsen was feeling pretty good about himself.
"You going to play with that bitch or are you going to get some?"
he asked Howie.
Howie had been enjoying the surprising fullness of the teenager's
breasts. Even more than Larsen, he was looking for the pleasure in the
sex they forced out of unfortunates. He wanted to play a little longer
before he made Jacki satisfy him.
"I'm having fun with these titties," Howie said. "I'm in no
"Well, you better be," Larsen said.
He was done and wanted to wrap up the loose ends. Howie had to
deal with Larsen's quick trigger in more ways than one. Grudgingly, he
moved his hands from Jacki's tits to her elbows and pushed her forward
until she was positioned on her face and knees.
"Butt fuck the bitch!" Larsen urged, "Slam that low-life butt!"
"I don't want to fuck her in the ass," Howie protested. "I saw
her suck you and I want some of that. She looked like she knew what
she was doing."
Jacki could smell the tension between the two cops. She just
didn't see any way to exploit it. At least she could make Larsen
jealous. She knew she hated him more.
"Let me up and I'll show you what I know," Jacki volunteered into
the cushions.
"I know you will because your friends are counting on you," Howie
said in a bare faced threat.
He let her up, but stayed alert as she pushed herself up onto her
knees. In other circumstances, she would have gladly given him a blow
job to get off some charge. Jackie tried to keep that idea in her mind
and smiled at Howie.
"If you want the full treatment, why don't you sit down over there
and get comfortable," Jacki said, pointing to the cushions along the
Howie understood she knew the score. He had watched her make the
decision that led to her trying to jump Larsen. She wouldn't fuck up
while her friends were still prisoners. He was guessing she would be
as good as she could to try and make him like her.
He was right about Jackie's thinking except for giving him the
best blow-job she could. He was getting the standard suck some old guy's
cock blow-job. She wasn't sure his heart could stand anything better
than that.
He sprawled out against the wall with his legs spread and Jackie
crawled between his knees. She put both of her hands on the floor
together up by his butt and swooped down on his erect pole.
She only used her hands for balance. They helped her move her
sucking mouth up and down on his stalk as she gave him the handless
blow-job. She took him deep at first to give him the full sensation
of gliding far into the wetness of her mouth and being slowly removed.
He wouldn't care so much when her strokes got shorter because her
tongue would be pressing him to the roof of her mouth and he would only
know the need to fuck into that tight tunnel of hot, wet flesh.
Then she would suck hard to impede his thrusting and finally let
him slide back deep, to the back of her throat, and let the tongue
reflex of gagging stroke his cock as she pulled back to let him slide
deep again. When he came, she would be back with ballooning cheeks and
a tongue badgering his spurting cock in the void.
It almost went like that, but Howie interrupted at the sucking to
impede stage and pushed her down to lick his balls. He liked what she
did immensely, but when she got back to sucking him, she had to start
all over. That time the old man couldn't restrain himself when her
mouth as much as dared him to fuck it.
But that done, a more important decision was about to be made.
Jackie saw Larsen putting his belt back on in horror. They were done
with them. There was no telling what would come next.
"Take the cuffs off 'em," Larsen told Howie.
That was no sign at all. They'd take the cuffs off to shoot them,
too. Jacki waited for the first glimmer of an indication.
"Now you kids are trespassing. Probably breaking and entering and
a bunch of delinquency along with that," Larsen blustered loudly. "Be
sure to think of that when you remember what happened tonight. It would
be a shame to see you spend a couple of years at the juvenile farm on
top of what happened because you tried to accuse a couple of innocent
police officers of something that would be your word against theirs."
Jacki relaxed. They were trying to scare them. They had a point
in that no one would believe her story. They probably didn't have to
kill them.
"Look at us," Larsen continued, "We're not even here. We're still
across town on patrol. Only Harry Hard-on here and Linda Lickme and
Cherry Chippy..."
"O'Donnell," Caitlin interrupted.
"Isn't that cute, just like the mobster. Only you three having
your little orgy. I'd say Miss 'O'Donnell' here got drunk and made a bad
decision or poor Rodney here is looking at a rape charge," Larsen
continued to reconstruct reality. "Of course we don't care. We're not
here. Never were."
It was four months before Caitlin was allowed to return to school.
She seemed to have aged four years when Jacki finally saw her again.
Caitlin pushed aside the questions about being held in a dungeon and
whipped every day. She wanted to talk about the legend.
"It's the same house isn't it?" she asked in a whisper although
they were alone.
"Of course it is," Jacki said, "And now every person that saw
anything happen at that old place is adding to the tale."
"I didn't know that the farmer who owned the place killed himself
with a shotgun," Caitlin said.
"Who knows? You find a couple of cops with their heads nearly
severed and sometimes a memory gets modified a little bit," Jackie
said in a jaundiced tone. "They have to come up with some answer when
something that weird happens."
"I know, but direct from the headless horseman?" Caitlin said.
"Weird is as weird does," Jackie said with a shrug. "The cops say
there's no clues and people have to come up with a whacked out reason
for a whacked out circumstance."
"I guess it's neat in a way," Caitlin said.
"What?" Jacki asked.
"Losing my cherry in the Mad Farmer's house and not losing my
head," Caitlin joked.
"I thought you meant the way piano wire can teach people a lesson
about fucking with the wrong little girl," Jackie said.
"I did have to pay for it too," Caitlin sniffed. "It wasn't easy
putting up with round-the-clock guards watching me every moment."
"I didn't think the rape part was pleasant either," Jackie said.
"Don't remember much of it. But I did hurt the next day,"
Caitlin said, "Then the doctor gave me something and I didn't wake up for
two days."
"But it must be nice to know anybody that fucks with you gets
theirs," Jackie wondered.
"What did I have to do with it? Everybody knows the Mad Farmer
got those men while they were investigating strange lights at the
house," Caitlin said. "He's one mean mother from what I hear."
The girls broke into knowing laughter.


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