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HSKEEPR movie and joined Carol your


Sexually Explicit Material - Not Intended for Minors

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with comments and/or suggestions.]

Title The House Keeper

Part 1

by the Drifter

Jack Campbell sat in first class on the plane
heading to LA. He had to spend most of a week there to
smooze this well paying customer set. A lot was riding
on the presentations and entertaining for this
customer. Jack was pretty comfortable about it
actually. The LA crew was excellent, the company had a
product that was outstanding. They just had to show
them the product in it's best light, take them around
to dinner at the best places like Chasens, Jimmy's, and
a few others, and to Disneyland and Magic Mountain,
then take the orders and put them on a plane home.
Should be an uneventful week.

He was actually glad to get away from home for a
little while. His beautiful 26 year old bride of 4
years had just had their first baby 6 weeks before, and
he was climbing the walls for sex, First the reason
had been it was just before the baby came and Carol was
afraid it would hurt the baby the way they usually got
so wild when they had sex. Then she was sore after
little Jack had arrived, then she had been ashamed
of her body until she got it back into the firm 36d,
23, 35 shape it had been when they got married. When
she was fresh out of Law School.

Jack was glad to be away. Sleeping with Carol but
not enjoying the sex they both loved drove him crazy.
She looked great to him. She had assured him she would
be ready for him when he got back.

The customer presentations went great as expected,
the entertainment was handled very well by his staff.
All he had to do was show up and close the deal, which
he did on the third afternoon, Tuesday, three days
earlier than expected. The customer was happy and he
was happy when he told them goodby at the airport. The
30 year old wonder boy had pulled another big deal
through for the company. That meant his bonus would be

He asked Chuck, the local office chief to
accompany him to dinner that night. As they sat there
after a very nice dinner Jack handed him a bonus check
for $10,000. One tenth of what Jack's was. Chuck was
very appreciative. His loyalty assured again.

As he was thanking Jack an argument between the
couple at the table next to them broke out. They were
arguing and the words cheating and unfaithful and worse
kept flying. She finally told him, "Just go, I don't
want to ever see you again. You will never understand
me or be able to keep up with me."

The guy got up and left embarrassed. The lovely
brunette sat there and fumed as Jack noticed what a
knockout she was. Body and face like a dream. He
turned back to Chuck and they said goodnight. The
bill had already been taken care of. Chuck walked out
and Jack stood to go also when he noticed the waiter
talking angrily at the lovely black haired woman. Jack
was easily tempted so he walked over and as he
approached he heard the woman say, "I'm sorry, I have
no money with me. I will be happy to go get it and
return." The waiter was saying, "That would not do."

Jack stepped up and said, "Henry what is the

The waiter turned and his demeanor changed as he
saw a regular customer who spent a great deal of money
entertaining customers at the restaurant. "Sorry to
disturb you Mr Campbell, nothing for you to be bothered

Jack looked at the beautiful lady, dressed nicely
in a very short skirt showing a great deal of her
delightful long legs and a low cut blouse that
displayed a marvelous cleavage. Jack smiled and she
returned it. Then she spoke in a low sexy voice. Not
affected, just naturally sexy. "My ex fiance left
without paying the bill and I have no money to pay but
I told him..."

Jack turned to the waiter and said, "Put it on my
tab. I am sure the lady is good for it." The waiter
was effusive in his groveling and left with what he
wanted. She stood up and Jack loved what he saw. It
was a nicely finished package, especially the black
panties he caught a flash of as she uncrossed her
legs.. She held out her hand, "Linda Thomas, Mr
Campbell. If you will let me know where to send the
money I will get it to you promptly I promise."

Jack smiled at her and said, "But how are you
going to get home Linda? And call me Jack please."

She realized she did have that problem too. She
looked perplexed and Jack said, "If you would allow me
I would be happy to drive you home."

She perked up and replied, "And I could repay you.
Thank you Jack, I think you have rescued me like a real
knight." She noticed the subtle way he had scanned her
lush figure and she liked that. He was a good looking
guy, she thought. He did have a wedding ring on his
finger but that had never bothered Linda.

In his rental car they chatted and Jack couldn't
keep his eyes off of her great legs. She smiled as she
realized where he was looking. When she knew he wasn't
looking she pulled her skirt another couple of inches
higher. Jack certainly noticed the difference.

Once at her apartment she showed him where to park
and said, "Come in Jack and I will get you your money."
He followed her up the steps and loved the way her cute
round ass moved as she took the steps. He knew he was
half hard already. It had been a long time since he had
enjoyed sex with his wife. Unlocking the door, she led
him in. The door closed behind them and she left to
came back quickly handing him the money. He said,
"Linda, I would appreciate it if you would allow me the
pleasure of paying for you dinner. From the argument I
overheard, I believe you have had enough grief

She dropped the money on the coffee table and
said, "Thank you Jack. That bastard, it is clear that
we are totally incompatible. I just didn't know it
until this week end. He doesn't appreciate what he
could have had. Fuck 'em and leave 'em when it gets
interesting seemed to be his motto. How about you Jack
is that your motto?"

He smiled at her, beautiful even when angry and he
said, "No Linda, I am happily married, a new son and a
great wife. Or at least I will be happy as soon as
every thing heals again."

She laughed and her ample breasts jiggled nicely.
It was clear she wore no bra. Then she said, "Would you
like some coffee Jack? Take your coat off honey and
relax while I fix it."

She headed to the kitchen and he dropped his coat
and tie and followed her. He stood at the door and
looked at her body hungrily as she moved here and there
setting everything up. She turned and caught his
watching her and she smiled, "Oh poor baby, how long
has it been since you and your wife.....?"

"Eight weeks, two days, four hours and seven

She laughed delightfully at his almost joke. It
was too damn close to the truth to be funny to him.
Then she said, "How can you stand it?. A week and I'm
crazy. In fact I'm not sure what I'm going to do now
that wonder boy is gone. He was good in the sack. But
he just couldn't seem to deal with all of me."

Jack smiled and wanted to offer her a short term
solution. At least until he had to catch his plane.
That was scheduled three days away. He had thought
about going back sooner but Carol had promised him by
Saturday she would be ready for their favorite sport,
it was Tuesday night. Jack stuttered as he said,
"Linda, I think we better change the subject."

She smiled and knew what she was going to do. She
liked this man. Usually that meant one thing. She sat
the coffee down and moved the few steps between them.
She slowly slid her arms around his neck as her body
pressed into his and she covered his lips with her
own. It was like a live wire. It had been so long.
Jack's hands explored her body slowly as they continued
the heated kiss. Somehow her top came off and she was
nude from the waist up. Jack drank in the sight and
said, "God you are beautiful every where." and his
hands covered her perfect breasts and Linda gasped with
pleasure as he teased her swollen nipples. She
unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor
leaving her in thigh high black hose and the briefest,
sheerest black thong panties he had ever seen. His
cock stood out hard and obvious as Linda grasped it
through his trousers and led him to the bedroom.

After undressing him teasingly, kissing everything
she uncovered, she settled into position and blew him
first saying, "It has been so long hon you wont last a
minute and I need it too." and he didn't last a
minute. Being a gentleman he returned the favor and
licked her tangy, musky, delicious labia and clit until
she came and came and finally pushed him away. She
kissed him and said, "Damn can I keep you. No one but
an old girl friend has ever eaten me that good." As
she kissed and loved on him, she straddled his renewed
cock and eased down on it slowly as it stretched her so
well. She smiled and said, "What was that bastard's
name I was dating? I think you made me forget."

Jack had missed the taste and feel of a woman. As
he fucked up to meet her deep strokes on his cock he
groaned, "So fucking good Linda. God I love pussy."

She chuckled and kissed him rubbing her big tits over his chest. "And I adore cock sweet sweet Jack."

* * *

For the next three days they had fun together and
spent most of that time in bed. The first day they had
tried everything, vaginal, oral, anal, between her
glorious tits. Then they did it all again after
calling for pizza. On the second day they did it all
again and talked too. She had explained to Jack that
the real reason she had broken up with her fiance
was he found her in bed fucking her boss at a party
they had gone to. She made it clear to Jack that she
would never be happy with just one man. Jack was
thrilled at the idea of having a woman he could swing
with. Carol, his wife had not completely rejected the
idea when he had talked about "friends" who did that
but she had seemed hesitant. Especially since they had
been trying to get her pregnant.

On the third and last day they fucked less and
talked more. Linda seemed to have a lot of questions,
especially about Carol. As they lay resting Linda

"Jack honey, tell me about your wife. Does your
wife like anal sex?"

"Yes ... sometimes, she really loves it but
somehow it takes a lot to get her excited enough to
enjoy it. Usually on the weekends we get to that after
a lot of other sex. When we do she goes a little crazy
for it, just like you do Linda."

"I do love anal, hell I love it all Jack. I love
the way you fuck me everywhere. You can have me
anytime, Jack, anywhere. I mean that."

Then after a pause she asked, "Does her pussy taste like mine?"

"Hmm yours tastes wonderful hon, and so does my
wife's. She loves to be eaten and I try to do that
every time we have sex. I love to have my tongue
buried in both of you guys, to suck your clits,
fingerfuck your assholes while I eat you."

"What do you call her when you fuck her?"

"I call her cunt more than anything else. She
asked me to call her that. It excites her. I call her
lots of thing besides that but mostly cunt. I do love

"Do you know if your wife has ever made love with
another woman?"

"Yeah, she shared that with me before we were
married. She has had a couple of affairs with women
since then. I guess I am weird but I like that idea.
She knows I don't mind if she enjoys that even now."

"Damn Jack, you are some guy. You are a first
class lover and seem so open. I wonder how open you
really are sweetheart. What would you think if Carol
took a lover, a male lover?"

There was a pause as Jack thought about that
question. It was one of his favorite fantasies. He
smiled at Linda, leaned over and kissed her bare
nipple and then raised back up and said, "I have
thought about that. The idea is a real turn on to me.
I don't know how I would feel if it were real."

"Would you be willing to try it if she suggested
it? Or maybe a swap with another couple?"

Jack was hard again and he eased between her long
trim legs and guided his cock back into her lovely warm
cunt. As he stroked into her slowly, enjoying the feel
of her cunt as it squeezed and caressed his cock, he
said, "I think I would go for that if it happened. If
she took a lover I think I would like to be there or at
least hear all about it. The foursome sounds like fun,
with the right people. But I won't know until the
opportunity is in front of me."

More great sex took up the rest of the time until
they had to get ready to go to the airport. As flight
time drew nearer Jack said. "Why can't a man have two
wives? I love Carol and my son but I sure wish I had
you with me too. Would you ever consider moving to

Linda grew sad for a moment. She felt strong ties
with Jack. But she went down on him, sucking his cock
expertly again and effectively changing the subject..
He got on the plane sad to leave her and she felt much
the same. He said, "I will call you at your office
every morning. We have to work out something. Think
about living in Dallas." Again he suggested that. She
knew no one in LA really. She had come here to be with
her fiance but now...

* * *

That night when he got home Carol met him at the
door and she looked marvelous, maybe better than ever.
She had on a diaphanous black night gown. It enhanced
her generous charms nicely. Her full breasts with their
perfect nipples and areolas looked up at him. It
looked like her breasts were even bigger now. Jack
dropped his bags and pulled his wife into his arms and
after a long passionate kiss he asked, "Where is our

"At Mom's for the week end. I know I have a lot
to make up to you sweetheart." The tiger was back.
It seemed to Jack she was hotter and hornier than ever.
She wanted it all over and over and got it. They
barely stopped for a quick meal now and then. By
Monday morning he felt well caught up in every
department and he and Carol had big smiles on their
faces.. Carol had been his wild woman again and he
loved having her back. He hadn't even thought of
Linda. Well maybe a couple of times.

He was the hero at work, and when he showed Carol
the bonus check he was a hero at home too. After Carol
had shown her full appreciation to Jack that night
with her delicious back door she said that phrase that
scares the hell out of every man, "Honey can we talk?"

He cuddled her voluptuous body tightly into his
and said, "Sure my love, what's up?"

"My younger brother, Jimmy, would like to spend
the summer with us. I told him OK, I haven't really
spent any time with him in so long. He won't be any
trouble. Jimmy is growing up so fast, he will be 18
next year and off to college. This may be my last
chance to see much of him and you know how special he
is to me."

Jack thought about her handsome little brother.
He was a good kid, so he said, "No sweat hon, it
should be fun, but he has to sleep at the far end of
the house. I don't want him watching all the nasty
things I have in mind for you."

She laughed and looked forward to nasties with
Jack. "The other thing my sweet husband is I would
like to go back to work. Truth is I am bored to death
around here. I know we can get a good Nanny for little
Jack. What do you think? Would you mind terribly?"
And she wrapped her hand around his reawakening cock.

Jack's thoughts went to Linda, Linda could move
in and be the Nanny and his mistress. They would have
to be careful but having both of those sexy ladies
under one roof really appealed to Jack and his cock
grew in Carol's hand. Then he said,

"OK if that's what you want my love, in fact I
may have a lead on someone as a Nanny. One of the guys at the office said his sister was moving to Dallas and
needed a place to stay and a job. Let me check on it
for you."

Carol was elated at how easy it had been. She was
worried Jack would object to both ideas. She rolled on
top of Jack and showed her appreciation in her favorite
way once again.

Jack had been talking to Linda each morning ever
since he had returned from LA and they were missed
each other a lot. Linda had been as hot on the phone
as she was in life. She had insisted he give her a
detailed description of his love making with Carol.
Jack was surprised at how much he enjoyed telling Linda
about how Carol had sucked his cock and all the rest.
She in turn had given him details of her meetings with
her boss and a couple of new men too.

After they talked about the Nanny job she caught
the first possible plane. Of course Jack met her plane
and took her directly to a nice motel near his part of
town. He had told Carol he was working late with a
customer so he was free to jump in bed with Linda as
soon as they got to the motel. The sex had been as
good as he remembered. He was glad he didn't have to
make a choice of who was the better bed partner, Carol
or Linda. They were both great.

The interview had been set up. Jack briefed Linda
on all of Carol's worries for their son so obviously
Linda was perfect for the job. She did love children,
she had told Jack she could never have children and
would love to help take care of his. Jack was as eager
for his own reasons.

Linda knocked on the door for her appointment with
Carol and an hour later Linda retrieved her things
from the motel and moved in. Her room was in the west
wing next door to Jimmy's, Carol's little brother,
who had moved in just a couple of days earlier.

That night when Jack came home from work Carol met
him and told him all about how she had hired this
unbelievable nanny, the one he had given her the lead
on.. She was perfect, skilled, poised, educated and
beautiful. Carol said, "I can't believe she wants to
do this but she does. I am thrilled with her and I
think you will be too. Then she called Linda and
introduced Jack to their new nanny.

Jack was ecstatic, his wife and his mistress
under the same roof. Of course they played it straight
with the introductions. Linda even called him Mr
Campbell until Carol said, "Linda darling, I want us to
be a big family. Please call us Jack and Carol." Jack
felt like a Sultan.

When the opportunity presented itself he loved to
fondled them both, of course when he fondled Carol he
was open about it for Linda to see. And Linda smiled at
him telling him she liked that. When he fondled Linda
he had to be careful Carol did not see. He had
forgotten about Jimmy and had his hand up under Linda's
dress, caressing her pussy through her wet panties when
he heard the kid coming down the hall. They recovered
in time but he cautioned himself.

Jimmy of course was delighted to see Linda arrive.
Now, he thought, he had two great looking women to
ogle and fantasize over as he masturbated. The kid was
a busy young voyeur and had already happily watched as
Jack fucked his big sister several times. He had cum so hard on the side of the house as he looked in the
window watching his sexy big sister suck Jack's cock
until he came in her mouth. When Jack came so did he.
He wanted to be where Jack was badly.

Then the first night Linda moved in he had a front
row seat as she retired to her room late to unpack. To
Jimmy's delight she stripped and unpacked everything
completely nude. He jacked off as he starred at her
hot body. When he did he groaned and shot off on that
wall too. Then he realized that Linda was looking out
the window in his direction. Had she heard him? Could
she see him? He silently headed back to the patio

It was a good thing for everyone that he did
because shortly thereafter Jack slipped into Linda's
room. Carol was sound asleep after Jack had made love
to her. Now it was Linda's turn. Had Jimmy stayed to
watch he would have gotten quite an education.

Just before Jack left, Linda kissed him and said,
"This is almost perfect my love but there is something
we need to discuss I know Carol is as demanding of
your sexual talents as I am and I don't think you can
keep up with both of us. Would you be upset if I found
some other playmates? I will always be available to
you but you know me, I do love variety."

Jack smiled, he had figured this would come up.
He kissed her and said, "I don't mind hon, I expected
this, do you have someone in mind already?"

"Yeah, your cute brother-in-law has had big eyes
for me all day. Tonight he was looking in my window as
I undressed so I gave him quite a show. Don't worry,
he got his rocks off and left before you arrived or I
would have turned the lights out. I think it would be
fun to teach young Jimmy all about sex."

Jack laughed and replied, "I bet you do. I wish I
had met someone like you when I was eighteen. Lucky
boy. Go for it. Did you have anyone else in mind?"

"There is this gorgeous lady I would like to get
in my bed. I think she would be interested the way she
has acted."


"Yeah, unless I miss my guess she is as attracted
to me as I am to her. Do you mind if I fuck your sexy

The idea thrilled Jack. He just said, "I want
full reports on both of them."

"You shall have them and soon I hope. I love you
Jack but I need some others in my life too."

"I love you too kitten, enjoy your new
As Jack eased back in bed fresh from the shower,
he looked at his lovely nude wife beside him and
envisioned her with Linda. He smiled and wanted to
wake her but he was just too worn out. The mind was
willing but the flesh was simply fucked out. Linda was
right, he needed help.

* * *

Jack had to go to New York the next day for two
nights. On the plane he wondered how Linda would take
advantage of his time away. The trip was very
successful. His boss was with him and things could not
have gone better. On the flight back John Derrick, his
boss, congratulated him on his good work and then said,
"Did I hear you mention you had an eighteen year old brother-in-law staying with you for the summer?"

Jack nodded, "Yeah John, Jimmy is his name."

John said, "You know I'm divorced. my wife and
daughter live in Houston. Cindy is my 17 year old daughter, she will be a senior in high school next
year. Anyway she is coming to spend the summer with
me. I was wondering if maybe Jimmy could show her
around a little."

Jack had seen pictures of his cheer leader
daughter on his desk. She was a real honey. Jack
smiled and said, "I'm sure Jimmy would love to. I have
your home number, what say Jimmy calls Cindy this
weekend, will that give her enough time to get

After that Jack relaxed in his seat and looked out
the window, wondering how successful Linda had been in
the three days and two nights he had been gone.

* * *

It was just after lunch when Jack's taxi dropped
him off at home. Inside he dropped his bags and called
"Hi, I'm home."

Shortly Linda came bouncing into his arms and
greeted him with a huge wet kiss. Jack held her and
his hands roamed. He knew he wouldn't get this kind of
greeting if anyone else was at home. When the kiss
broke he said, "Where is everyone?"

"Jimmy is at the lake for the day, won't be back
until around 6. Carol is on a job interview, it may
be even later. This is her second interview with this
firm. Had one yesterday too."

He kissed her and said, "And Jack junior?"

"He is in my bedroom asleep. Would you like to
see him? And me?"

In her bed room Jack looked lovingly at his son.
He snoozed quietly. Then he turned and saw Linda on
her bed without a stitch on, waiting. His welcome was
wonderful. At least the first half of it. He
expected the second half to be as good when Carol got

As they cuddled later Jack was eager to ask the
question. He said "Well did you score once or twice
while I was gone?"

She grinned and held up two fingers. Jack's cock
started to grow in her hand and he said, "Give."

"The first night you were gone, I was in here.
Carol had the baby in the master suite with her. I
heard noises outside my window again and knew Jimmy was
there. I gave him one hell of a show including me
masturbating until I came loudly. And so did he. He
left shortly after that. I gave him about fifteen
minutes before I went to his room and knocked on the

When he let me in I had on nothing but a short
little robe that hid little. As I walked I knew my
pussy peeked out beneath it. I smiled at him as he
lay on his bed looking up at me from his Penthouse.
His eyes were big as saucers as he looked me over. I
figured I might as well be direct as teens are not into
subtlety. So I dropped my robe and stood there bare
ass for him as I said, "Honey, if you want to look at
me you don't have to peek in my window. Isn't this

He about choked. It didn't look like he could talk
so I walked up to his bed and said, "Jimmy, are you a
virgin? He just nodded as he stared at my tits and I
smiled, "Not for long Jimmy, get your clothes off.
Linda is going to teach you how to fuck."

Hmmm, he was such an apt student Jack. Nice
equipment and by the time that night was over he was
good at using his tongue and his cock and I was a very
happy lady."

Jack loved her story and thought again, I can use
the help. Then he moved on top of Linda and just lay
with his half hard cock along her labia as he said
huskily, "And Carol?" Linda kissed him deeply,
hunching her wet pussy against his growing cock and

"She is unbelievable Jack. The morning after I
fucked Jimmy I sent him off for the day so I could work
on Carol. We were having coffee mid morning. Both
still in our robes. It was easy to tell Carol had
nothing on under hers and I was getting wet about what
was ahead. Or at least what I hoped was ahead. She
was holding the baby in her arms as we talked and I

"Carol honey, why didn't you nurse little Jack? If
you don't mind my asking."

"I don't mind Linda. Even in the short time you
have been here I feel like you are one of the family.
I tried. I nursed him for about a week but he wasn't
getting what he needed so the Pediatrician suggested I
put him on the bottle."

"Do you mind if I ask what it felt like? I love
to have my nipples played with and sucked. But to be
honest it makes me so hot and wet. I really get excited
over that. I always wondered if babies made their
mothers feel that way too? I hope you don't mind me
being so forward."

Linda paused in her story to her boss and lover
and said, "Jack put your cock inside me while I tell
you all about your wife and me. After he complied she
continued her tale
* * *

"When I said that to her about my nipples she
looked at me funny and I noticed her nipples were
growing. They showed clearly through the silk robe.
They were so nice and hard. I had trouble not touching
them but I didn't. At least not then. So then Carol

"Linda it did excite me. Every time I let little
Jack nurse I got so damned hot and excited it was hard
for me to sit still. In a way I was sorry to have to
stop nursing him regularly. But to tell you the truth,
even tho I have no milk I still let him suckle
occasionally. It works like a pacifier for the little
darling but it is a hell of a stimulant for me. I love

I had loosened my robe tie and knew my robe was
starting to gap open at the top revealing a lot of my
cleavage. The bottom had slid up high on my crossed
legs long ago. Carol had missed nothing of my little
show. Then she said, "Would you like to see him on

"I know my voice was husky when I answered her,
"Oh yes Carol, would you?"

She smiled and shifted the baby as she opened her
robe. Her breasts are so lovely Jack. She didn't just
pull one out for him, she bared them both. Her nipples
were clearly hard and swollen. She brought little
Jack's mouth to her nipple and when he caught it and
began to suck on it she gasped with the pleasure. Then
she recovered a little and the look she gave me assured
me I was going to be successful in getting Carol into
bed with me.

I licked my lips hungrily and pinched my own
nipple openly and said, "Move him to the other one."

She closed her eyes and shifted your son. This
time she groaned with obvious sexual pleasure as he
connected with her unused tit. I looked at the one he
had released and it was red and puffy and looked so
damn tempting. After a moment she surprised me when
she asked,

"Linda.... baby, would you like to feel him?
Would you like to see how it feels on your nipples?"

I couldn't believe it but I just sighed and
nodded. Carol slid her chair up in front of mine. She
spread one leg on each side of mine and I felt her open
the top of my robe. She smiled at me as she caught one
of my breasts in her hand, squeezing it lovingly as she
passed the baby to me and guided my nipple to his
waiting mouth. He found my nipple and I thought I
would die. I actually came. It wasn't a big one but
it was obvious. Carol raised one eyebrow in question
and I nodded and said, "Yes I did."

Then she said, "Move him to the other one and it
will be like new again. When I let him suck me I
switch him often,"

She cupped my other breast in her hand and gave it
a little love squeeze too as I shifted little Jack to
it. I gasped out loud this time and moaned, "Oh shit
Carol, he is such a little lover."

Carol laughed and nodded and added, "Did you know
baby boys get erections. It is so cute."

I smiled and said, "I would like to see that
sometime." Then I glanced down to the apex between
Carol's legs. Her robe was wide open and her sweet
looking bare pussy was staring up at me. I shifted
my knee slowly until it pressed against her curly
pussy, first lightly then firmer. Her eyes met mine.
They were full of lust Jack. She still held my breast in her hand. I smiled and said, "Shall we let little
Jack rest now?"

She took him in one arm and caught my hand in hers
and led me to your bedroom, She placed Jack in his bed
and turned to me and said, "Dear Linda, the first time
I saw you I hoped this might happen. Now I think you
want me as much as I want you."

I replied to her, "Oh I do Carol."

We kissed for the longest time. Then her hands
found my cunt and my ass my tits again. Mine sought
everything of hers too. Then on the bed nude she
pushed me back saying, "Me first darling. I am dying
to taste your sweet cunt. You will get your turn when I
have worn you out."

Jack she was true to her word. She is so good at
eating pussy and she tasted great just like you said.
As she ate me I told her Oh yes Carol eat me my
darling, oh shit Carol, you cunt... you sweet cunt.
She went crazy when I called her that. Just like you
told me she would.

We were at it so long we had to rush to get
dressed before Jimmy came home that night. After
dinner I spent that night fucking Carol's horny little
brother every way possible again.

I sent him off the next day again so Carol and I
could play some more. We did most of the morning. She
had a job interview that afternoon which let Jimmy and
I fuck all afternoon while she was gone.

When she came home that night I had dinner ready
for her but she was obviously shook up. I sent Jimmy
to a movie and joined Carol in your bedroom. She had
stripped off her business suit and stood there in
her skimpy black panties and bra and thigh high hose,
She looked gorgeous. I hugged her and caressed her
breasts lightly. She kissed me but it was clear she
wasn't in the mood so I said, "What happened baby?"

She said, "Damn it Linda, I have a problem. The
head of the law firm I interviewed this afternoon
wanted me to fuck him. It was clear from what he said
that it was part of the job requirement. He said he
didn't think he and the other two partners could keep
their hands off of my gorgeous body."

"That's a nice compliment...And did you?"

"Did I fuck him... not yet. I knew this law firm
had a reputation for working hard and playing hard. I
don't know why I went there. I guess I thought it was
just rumor. And they pay a lot more than the other law

"And maybe you wanted to join in the fun and games
you knew went on there."

We just stared at each other. Then Carol said,
"He sent me home to think about it. I have another
appointment with him tomorrow. If I go back for the
job I will have to fuck him and his partners and then
the job is mine.."

"So what's the problem darling. Would you like to
fuck him, them, if you were free to do so?"

She got a far away look in her eyes and she
sighed, "Yes... oh hell yes. I wanted to let him fuck
me this afternoon. Since I gave birth to junior I am
so fucking horny all the time. Sex with Jack has been
fantastic, and with you baby. But I wanted him today
too. I thought about fucking all three partners, maybe
all three at once, and I almost came right there in his

"So do it sweetheart."

"What about Jack?"

"What about Jack, haven't you ever cheated on

She smiled, "A few times...... When I was out of
town and got lonely... and horny.".

* * *

Jack stopped my story then as he began to fuck me
hard as he said, "She fucked some other guys out of
town... " and he flooded my pussy with his hot cum driving me into another orgasm.

It took a while and Jack looked at me and smiled,
his cock still in my cunt. He hadn't even gotten soft.
I asked him if he was OK. He grinned and said, "God
this is all so fucking hot. I think my dreams are
coming true."

I smiled at him and said, "And it may get better.
There are a lot of things I would like to try if you
are up to it. We can talk about that later shall I
finish my story?"

"Yeah baby, go on please, I am loving this."

So then I said to Carol, "So what is holding you

"Linda it is one thing to cheat on Jack when I'm
out of town. I think he probably does the same thing.
But at the office?"

"Don't you want to?"

"Oh hell yes. but Jack. I love him so much

"I know baby. But hell, we both know that just
because you fuck someone else doesn't mean you don't
love Jack. But you need to talk to him about it
someday. I think Jack would be more open than you
think about this."

"He did ask me once if I wanted to try swinging.
I wanted to so bad but we were trying to get pregnant.
Hell I wanted to be sure who the father of my child was
so I said no then. But if he asked me again now the
answer would be different."

"OK baby, come make love to me. I want to taste
your sweet pussy again. You need to think about what
you are going to say tomorrow."

* * *

"Jack, this entire morning she spent getting
ready. When she left here she said she still wasn't
sure what she was going to do but she didn't wear
panties or a bra. My guess is your sweet wife is
fucking the law firm about now."

Jack sighed and started fucking Linda again...
* * *

Jimmy came home about 6 and Carol was still out.
They had a quiet dinner. About seven Linda told Jack
she was taking the baby into her room. She bent over
and kissed his cheek and said, "Are you alright with
what Carol is probably doing?"

"Yeah Linda, the idea of her out there getting
fucked is exciting as hell for me. I am a little
worried. I don't want her getting hurt. I do love
both of you so much."

"And we love you Jack. Maybe we need to bring all
of this out in the open soon."

He looked at me and said, "Would it work?"

"If you can deal with a few things, I think so."

Jack said, "It's worth a try. Let's talk
tomorrow. After I know Carol is safe."

"OK honey, now I'm going to take the baby... and
Jimmy to bed. I will see you tomorrow. If Carol isn't
home soon come get me."

"What about Jimmy?"

"So you catch us fucking. We can deal with that."

She kissed him and left.

Jack poured himself a scotch and tried to think as
he paced the floor waiting for Carol. At 8:00 he heard
her car pull into the drive. He moved into their
bedroom and waited.

She looked exhausted. When she saw Jack she waved
and said, "Gotta have a shower darling. Be out in a

Jack was relieved that she was home, seemingly
unharmed. What if she had been fucking her head off
all afternoon at the Law Firm? Hell as long as she was
safe he didn't care. He even hoped she enjoyed it and
from the look of her she probably had.

He took his clothes off and crawled under the
sheet. When Carol came out she had a clingy silk
nightgown on that hugged her gorgeous body but showed
nothing. Jack wonder what she was hiding but he

She crawled in bed with him and Jack held out his
arms to her. She cuddled up to him and he kissed her
cheek and held her. After a moment he said, "Looked
like you had a tough day honey. Someday you will have
to tell me all about it."

She snuggled closer and hugged him tight. Then
she said, "Someday soon we have a lot to talk about."

"I know my love. But know this, I love you and
always will."

"And I you my sweet husband. I am so tired. Can

"Shhh my love, just stay close and sleep."

She was out and Jack knew she would be out for
hours. He enjoyed holding her. She was something

Jack was still awake holding the sleeping Carol
when Linda came in. Jack blew her a kiss as she
walked up to his side of the bed. She leaned over Jack
and kissed Carols soft lips lightly. Then she did the
same to Jack and asked, "She OK?"

"Yeah just exhausted. I agree with you sweetheart,
we have to bring it all out in the open."

"Tomorrow night maybe Jack. There is one more
thing I would like to make happen first. I will take
care of it in the morning I think."

She kissed him long and sweet with a little caress
of tongue and left her two lovers to rest.
* * *

Jack was gone when Carol got up. She found Linda
feeding the baby, He had had his bath and looked so
cute and happy. Why wouldn't he be, he was getting
loving care from three doting parents.

Carol walked up behind Linda and hugged her. Then
she said, "Well Linda I did it sweetheart. I fucked
all three of them from two until eight last night."

"Was it fun?"

"Oh hell yes, believe me. I have never been so
well satisfied in my life. Or more exhausted. Dear
Jack was so sweet last night. When the partners left me
at my car they wanted to drive me home I was so tired
but I insisted I was OK. They really were so caring,
so sweet and so good at fucking me. For the first time
I had a cock in my cunt, my ass and my mouth at the
same time and it was fantastic. Oh and I was wrong. I
was afraid I was going to be the company whore but not
so. This was just my initiation so to speak. From here
on I am a part of the group and fuck only who I wish.
No coercion. I do plan on having seconds on these
darlings though. Maybe frequently."

"Now I am horny for you Linda, are you about
through with our baby?"

"I am, but lets go to my room."

"But Jimmy?"

"Never mind Jimmy. Come on."

Jack Junior went right to sleep and shortly Linda
lay on her back and Carol covered her in a 69 to die
for. Right on schedule, as Carol started getting
carried away, Jimmy came into the room on Linda's
signal. He was as naked as they were and his cock stood
out hard bouncing as he walked toward his sister and
his lover.

Jimmy had been unbelievable eager when Linda had
told him she would arrange it so he could fuck his
sister. He said he had wanted to do that since he
first turned 12.

Now Carol felt a cock head against her cunt lips
and sucked in her breath as he drove it in to the hilt
in his sisters cunt. Carol groaned and raised her head
up from Linda's pussy. She tried to look around but
couldn't see who was now fucking her so nicely. Linda
slipped out from under her and lay beside her. She
toyed with Carol's hard nipples adding to her pleasure.
Carol reached her first orgasm on her unknown lover's
cock but he didn't slow a bit.

Carol gasped to Linda, "Who.. baby... who?"

"Your little brother."

Carol froze briefly as the thought sunk in. But
it felt just too stop and she growled, "Oh yes
Jimmy, fuck me baby... fuck your big sister good...."

Later the three of them lay together. Jimmy and
Carol lay cuddled together still as they looked to
Linda as if to say what's going on. Linda sat up and
wrapped her arms around her knees and started. She
told them everything from the start in LA and how it
all came to be. She explained that Jack knew
everything except for Jimmy fucking Carol. But she
would tell him that before the gathering that night.
The four of them were going to get together that night
and be completely open from then on. Everyone was free
to do anything they wished either inside or outside the
family, but that person had to tell the group all about
it ASAP. The world was open for conquest...

The grins were enormous. They could hardly wait
as Linda picked up the phone to call Jack.

the end (at least for now)

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