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HUMMING movies where girls kiss and they


The content of this document is of an adult nature. You are not entitled
to read this document if you are under the age of 18.


Chapter 1- Learning the Ropes

(mf, teen, mff)

At the naïve age of 16, I met the most influential person in my life at
a house party that I had gatecrashed with a couple of friends. Fiona is
stunning, quite possibly the best looking girl I’ve ever met and I was
desperate to properly introduce myself. I knew of her because every guy in
my school rated her in their top 5 and would have jumped at the chance to
date her. When she arrived with her friends, Debbie and Sandy, I was
suitably filled with Dutch courage (3 or 4 bootlegged beers), to chance my
luck. I tried to position myself in the narrowest width of the main
hallway; guessing that at the least, she would have to notice me. They
inevitably passed en route to the kitchen and they all said ‘Hi’ casually,
like you would to someone sharing an elevator. She had said it nicely
enough to strengthen my resolve. I followed them under the guise of
getting a drink but more in the hope of striking up a conversation that
would involve mostly her.

I had been in lust with her for at least a year having spent most of my
pre-pubescence ogling her. She was a mediocre gymnast and most of my
friends and I would watch her and the rest of the team during their
training sessions after school. For obvious reasons our favourite
discipline to watch was trampoline and in that particular exercise, Fiona
actually excelled. The fact that she had a seriously sexy body, big tits,
great ass, rock-hard thighs, excellent posture, really pretty face etc…
made watching her bounce all the more attractive. For the gymnastics
spectator, Fiona was an eyeful!

I walked over to the large beer cooler on the floor by the sink and
tried to make it seem like the beer I was opening was the first of the day.
I took a big glug and provided a manly ‘aghhh’ after swallowing it, hoping
I could get her to acknowledge my presence in the room. All three of them
looked over because there were only the four of us in the room at the time
anyway. I had successfully won their attention, didn’t know what to do
with it and lost it again all in the space of a split second. The remnants
of success were such that I was allowed to take an extended look at her
without appearing awkward. She had dressed quite casually compared to most
of the other girls in the house; faded jeans that were quite tight and
showed off her lovely ass extremely well and a tight white t-shirt under a
checked lumberjack shirt that was open but tied at the waist. Her shiny
brown hair was tied in a loose ponytail and her make-up was minimal but did
enough to enhance her natural beauty. Caterpillar work boots completed the
look of: ‘casual but sexy’.

They remained in loose gossip for a minute or two and then Fiona looked
at me and said, ‘Whose house is this anyway?’

‘I think its Larry Richards house,’ said Debbie, answering before I had
the chance. Debbie was another blonde babe in everyone’s top 5 but I’d
have put her in my top 10. She had braces, had to knock off a few points
for that.

‘Yeah its Larry’s house,’ I said, not knowing if I should interrupt but
more than ready to.

‘David,’ said Sandy her other friend that I had known since I was little
and would never have had in my top 50 because she was so shy and boring.
‘Do you have a corkscrew, or is there one around?’

‘I think there’s one on the table. How ya doing Sandy?’

‘Good, you know…’ she said with a nervous laugh. ‘But this place is
like a sauna, where can I put my coat?’

Every time I spoke to Sandy, she would want to disappear or look for a
way out.

‘Most of the coats and jackets are being thrown in that room over there.
Make sure you take stuff out of your pockets though cuz there’s always some
asshole who goes through everyone’s stuff.’

‘Nothing to steal anyway, but thanks.’ she said as she started to take
her coat off and went into the other room.

‘Are you a friend of Larry’s?’ Fiona said looking at me.

‘Well if I’m honest, no, not really… actually no, not at all. We just
turned up and he was like, come on in!’

‘So you don’t even know him?’ she said with a half-grin

‘Well it doesn’t sound like you know him that well either!’ I said,
feeling my face begin to flush at the thought that I was finally talking to
her. Her tits were amazing and huge! I had always known they were big but
sports bra’s squash them down; the tight white t-shirt she had on and the
way she had tied the lumberjack shirt really accentuated her slender waist
and huge breasts that were obviously held in a lacy push-up bra. I found
it almost impossible not to stare at them.

‘Oh yeah, Larry and I go way back.’ she said, screwing her face up and
then laughing at what was an obvious lie.

‘How’d you guys hear about the party?’ I asked.

‘My brother told me about it, he’s here somewhere,’ said Debbie, passing
a drink to Fiona. ‘I should find him, he’s got some weed for us. David,
wanna get high?’

‘Sure,’ I said with all the confidence of a kid who’d only tried it two
or three times, the seasoned professional. Debbie was no slouch in the
body department either and the thought of getting high with these girls was
too good an opportunity to miss out on.

‘Great wait here and I’ll be right back.’

I expected Fiona to go with her but instead she came closer and putting
her hands on the counter behind us jumped up to sit right beside me. Now
we were at eye level with each other and quite close, my face had become
positively beetroot.

Sandy came back for a minute but then began to chat with some other
girls and I was left talking to Fiona on my own. The conversation flowed
incredibly well; I was able to maintain a sense of humour, display some
intelligence and keep her attention for at least half an hour. When I went
to get her a beer from the bathroom (the bathtub was full of iced beers as
the cooler in the kitchen couldn’t contain all the beer that had been
steadily arriving with an endless number of people), she was still there
and seemed quite happy to be talking to me rather than anyone else. After
a while she jumped down from the counter and said, ‘I want to get high,
come on let’s go find Debbie.’

We found her in a bedroom upstairs already stoned out of her mind.
‘Sorry guys they were passing one around and … well… I just kind of sat
down,’ she said trying to appear earnest and then lost it in a fit of
laughter. ‘Here I just rolled one, go for it Fi.’

Fiona lit it and we probably sat there talking through the entire album
of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark side of the Moon’, (the obligatory stoner music).
The friends I had come with, Jake and Wayne, had popped in to see if I was
up for moving on to another party but were more than understanding when I
declined. Looks of ‘how the fuck did you get talking with Fiona Dennis?’
were passed between us but to their credit they didn’t hang around to annoy
us. ‘Pussy Patrol’ as we used to lamely call it was more important and
they had heard of a senior’s party that was full of horny babes. Normally
I would have jumped at the thought but I was having to nice a time sitting
and talking with Fiona. Joint after joint had been passed around the room
and I can remember people commenting on how stoned we looked. We were
completely fucked but functioning at a level where we both seemed to be
able to communicate and enjoy ourselves. No one else mattered in the room,
we would talk, then stare at the carpet, then talk some more but neither of
us seemed inclined to be anywhere else. It was fantastic.

She seemed to have no hang-ups, willing to talk about almost anything
and was really clever. Huge tits, great ass, skinny waist, really pretty
face etc… and… likes to talk and get high!! It was a total confidence
booster! It kept running through my mind that if I didn’t ask her out that
night I would probably never get as good an opportunity, so I decided I’d
take the direct, ‘Route 1’approach. I reasoned that I could blame it on
the weed and the beer, if I made a fool of myself.

‘Are you going out with anyone right now?’ I said really nervously and
ridiculously slowly.

‘No,’ she said shyly. ‘Are you?’

‘No, ….do you want to do something sometime? Go to a movie maybe…’ The
absence of confidence I had was palpable.

‘I’ve got an even better idea…’

I didn’t know what she had planned but just then Sandy interrupted us to
say she wanted to go home and did we need a ride. We got up and left, not
really able to finish the conversation because Sandy might overhear and
Debbie was so wasted she needed to be carried out of the house. We did
manage to arrange it that we both sat in the backseat of Sandy’s Honda for
the short drive home, Debbie had her face perched on the window ledge and
looked green; too much wine and dope in a short time-span. Sandy put the
radio on and just drove, probably didn’t have anything of any value to add
to a conversation if she tried. Fiona slid her hand across the seat and
pulled it onto her thigh but kept looking straight ahead. We shuffled into
a more slouched seating position and then she moved my hand so that it
rested right in front of her crotch. I could feel the heat of her body
through her jeans and would have been happy to sit like that for hours but
as I lived closest, I got dropped off first. I really wanted to kiss Fiona
goodnight but could only manage a quick peck on the lips and then felt I
had to get out of the car. Debbie was totally incoherent and looked like
she was going to be sick. Sandy was obviously impatient to get her home.

I watched the car drive off, Fiona waved to me from the rear window,
then gestured ‘Call me’ before they were out of eyesight. God she was hot
and I had the green light to call her! I went straight to my room and
jerked off at the thought of touching every part of her body as soon as

The next morning I called Sandy. I knew her number because our parents know each other and occasionally see one another at social gatherings. I
used to dread them because I would have to sit with Sandy and almost cry
with boredom.

‘Hi Sand, it’s David. Did Debbie get home all right?’

‘Yeah, she’s OK. She’s probably feeling pretty awful today though! …
Um David, why are you calling me? I mean can I help you in some way?’

‘Well um… yeah!’ I said feeling a bit odd calling a girl for another
girl’s phone number.

‘You want Fiona’s number, don’t you?’ she said making me feel stupid.
I’m not used to boring people making me feel stupid. I didn’t think it

‘Yeah, have you got it?’ I said impatiently.

‘Of course I do… have you got a pen?’

‘Yes… can I have the number now?!’ Boring and annoying!

‘Ooooh, listen to you!’

Finally she gave me the number and I called Fiona. She sounded really
pleased that I called.

‘I was going to give you my number last night but there didn’t seem to
be enough time. I didn’t know you lived on Cambridge Street. If I did I
would have given it to you right away.’

She fucking likes me!!

‘No that’s o.k. I knew Sandy would have it anyway. Look … uh do you
want to do something this afternoon, go out somewhere?’

‘I can’t today we’ve got some people coming over and my Dad won’t let me
go out. Their some business people he works with. Do you want to meet me
after school tomorrow?’

‘Sure. Yeah… that sounds cool.’

The ‘better idea’ she had was for me to keep her company at her regular
baby-sitting job the next night. The baby was only about 2 so by the time
I’d had dinner and got over to the house, she had already put it in bed.
Fiona invited me to sit down and roll a joint from the stash that she had
discovered the baby’s parents had stored in a jar on the bookshelf. Nice
place to baby-sit!! We went through the usual embarrassed conversation
that you go through when you both know that all you want to do is shove
your tongue down each other’s throat.

Eventually we slid together beautifully, the only thing in between us
was the hand she had shoved down my jeans! To say this was unexpected is
beyond an understatement. This was the first time anyone had touched my
dick like they knew what they were doing and I could not believe how good
another person’s hand could feel when jerking me off. As the pleasure
increased and the shock, I decided to show her my only little ice-breaker!

‘Hey! What are you doing with your cock? It’s kind of buzzing’ She
said ‘cock’ like a real slut and I thought I was going to burst.

‘ Yeah it hums when it gets hard. I’m sorry, does it bother you?’ My
face reddened slightly but I wasn’t going to let her take her hand off my

‘Can you turn it on and off?’

‘Yeah… see?’

‘Oh my god its like a vibrator!’

‘You have a vibrator?’ I asked somewhat surprised.

‘No but I know what they are,’ she said as she slid her whole body down
mine to end up kneeling on the floor between my legs. She pulled my dick
out of my boxers with a look of amazement on her face. ‘Do it again’

Her face was inches from my dick and I didn’t have to think hard about
getting the humming to start, it just did, right in front of her nose. Her
hand grasped the shaft and she started to giggle.

‘Gawd - that is so weird’ But she was showing no signs of it being
anything other than an item of worship. ‘ Ohhhh, the feel of your skin and
that twitching is just amazing. I love it’

Her face had flushed and she had a sort of glaze over her eyes. I had
no idea what was going on but I was hardly going to stop it. She began
slowly jerking me off and I was in absolute heaven. I was really
inexperienced but I had a thorough knowledge of what I wanted to try!
Fiona was definitely going to have to let me touch everything because fair
is fair, she had my cock in her hand!

I leaned forward to kiss her and lift her back up on to the sofa, but
she moved as well and my hand grabbed the side of her tit more than her
underarm. She didn’t bat an eyelid so when she was back on the sofa and we
were frenching again I just carried on feeling her breasts. They were
heavy! I couldn’t believe that breasts could actually weigh a lot. I
thought they were light, like your ball-sac. They felt hard and were
enormous, I was gagging to see them. Slowly I began lifting her sweatshirt
but she saved me the trouble and pulled away, lifting it over her head in
one motion. The sight of huge tits always gets me going but the sight of
Fiona in a shiny silk bra that was doing its best to contain her tits was
etched in my top ten sexy moments purely because it was a first experience.
She looked fantastic. She was staring at my dick and I was staring at her

‘Come with me’ she said as she pulled me into what appeared to be the
guest bedroom. ‘Take off your clothes!’

I looked at her in shock. ‘All of them?’

‘Yes and I’ll do the same,’ but she waited for me to start. By the time
I had my t-shirt off I didn’t really care as I realised that she’d already
seen and held my most private bits.

I was sitting on the end of the bed and as I pulled off my boxers she
moved toward me and stood with her tits in my face. She reached around
behind her and undid the clasp. They didn’t fall out of the bra, they
bounced! I looked up at her and then kissed one of her nipples.

‘Mmmmm, that’s nice…’ she said purring with appreciation.

I lifted them both and was astonished at how soft the skin was; she
seemed to love the fact that I liked her tits so much. She kept moaning as
she unzipped her jeans as well. I took the hint and helped her push them
to her knees. The sight of her in just her skimpy panties had my cock
humming so much that I could almost hear it. She leaned forward and pushed
me back onto the bed. As she rose up and then lowered herself down on top
of me I felt the weight of her tits first and could see them flatten
against my chest.

‘It’s still humming!! Ohhh god that is just sooo fucking cool!….

After sexily tonguing me for a few seconds, she slid down again and
curled herself around my cock so that I couldn’t see anything but could
certainly feel it.

‘Oh my god what are you doing to me… oh ohhh ohh ….that’s… ohhh my
god!!!’ I cried. My back jerked uncontrollably, lifting my torso off the
bed as I felt the heat of her mouth softly slide up and down my cock. No
one had ever fully explained how amazing a good blowjob would feel. My
dick was humming like mad as each up or downstroke sent another wave of
intense pleasure through me. Her moaning and the sound of slick wet
cocksucking was extremely erotic and within minutes I was on the brink of
cumming. Not knowing what to do, I pulled her off my swollen prick but she
was back on it in a millisecond. Her mouth was so hot and wet, this was
what sex must feel like was all I could think of and I couldn’t hold back
any longer.

‘I’m going to cum’ I groaned in total embarrassed. She looked at me,
smiled and then dived back on my cock.

‘Cum, please …. cum! cum in my mouth’ she huskily whispered engulfing
me again.

She was deep-throating me! Literally bouncing her head up and down on
my cock and sucking in hard, with each up-stroke. It was the most
incredible sensation I’d ever experienced and I did not want it to stop but
I couldn’t avoid the inevitable. When she cupped my balls and gently
squeezed and sucked on my shaft harder than she had previously, I finally
exploded into her mouth. She didn’t swallow all of it all like I had heard
some girls do but she really seemed to enjoy the taste of my cum. She
lifted her head, smiled and then licked her lips like a pornstar, looking
up and locking eyes with me. My cock continued to sputter cum onto my
belly and just to finish off the show, she scooped it up and rubbed it into
her tits. I really thought she looked like the sexiest most passionate
looking woman, let alone girl, that I could possibly imagine.

She slid back up and the sensation of her big tits sliding up my body
had my flaccid cock twitching almost immediately. ‘Do me now!’ She
whispered in my ear and then lightly licked it.

Fiona seemed to know every erogenous zone going and seemed so
experienced that I just followed along and let her guide me. No one had
ever licked my ear before and I almost jumped at the sensation.

I had been aware of the incredible warmth coming from between her legs
while we had been moving about on the bed but I had no idea how wet she
would be. I ran my hand over her mound and then pushed my fingers down
through her soft pubic hair to discover her pussy, a woman’s pussy for the
first time! I was so nervous and fearful of hurting her that I just played
with her pubic hair for a few minutes until she took control of the

‘There …just touch me there, slide it over this bit… unghh.. yeah …
ohhh that’s it… now ummm… here.’ she grabbed my hand and pushed my finger
along her slit and then pushed my middle finger so that the tip of it had
entered her. ‘Oh god … yeah that’s it. Yeah …ohh that’s my clit… yeah
there…like this…mmmm, fuck yes!’

Following her lead, I carried on and then pushed it into her to feel the
steamy heat of her cunt envelop my finger. She began grinding her hips as
I slid my finger in and out. I fingered her for a long time and she just
kept moaning throughout; sometimes really loud and then it would subside,
only to slowly start back up again. I don’t think I knew that women could
have multiple orgasms and had no idea when to stop but the way she had been
behaving implied that she was having a pretty good time. She was grabbing
her nipples and pulling on them, pushing her breasts around and then
guiding my hand every now and then. My dick was back to full attention.
‘Nothing could be sexier than this, she’s loving it!’ I said to myself.

I could have carried on for hours but she eventually caught my hand and
pulled it away. ‘Too sensitive… why don’t you try using your tongue’

For this I was definitely going to need some guidance! I inched my way
down her body, stopping to suck on her glorious boobs, her soft brown
nipples that were at least 4 times the size of mine. I licked and sucked on each one, mesmerised by their weight and then kissed my way down to her
pubic hair. I noticed that she had shaved some of her pubic hair away as
there was a distinct bikini line with only the beginnings of stubble. It
was all so neatly presented and tucked away. But the smell was what caught
me, sweet, alluring and totally erotic. It wasn’t overbearing or powerful
but it just drew me closer. I was kneeling on the floor and she had moved
down as well so that her legs extended off the bed and her toes were just
touching the floor. I stuck out my tongue and licked her from the bottom
of her lips to the top, my nose sliding between her lips and inhaling her
scent. She bucked her ass off the bed and pushed herself hard onto my
tongue, moving her hips in a circular motion so that all I had to do was
stay in the same position and move my tongue up, down or sideways.

‘Ohh you are soo fucking good at this!! … ungghh oh fuck … ohhh … there
…. yes … ohhh.’

Then my tongue found her clitoris and she almost jumped off the bed.
She was shaking her head back and forth and I remember thinking we were
going to wake the baby upstairs. As I was looking up at her she grabbed
the sides of her tits and pushed them together so I couldn’t see her face
anymore. They looked even bigger from this position; an enormous line of
cleavage rose between them and I reached up and began lightly pinching her
nipples. She wrapped her legs over my shoulders and around my head,
pulling me in. I then began really playing with her left tit while I
brought my right hand back down and inserted my thumb into her steaming
box. The effect of this and the constant flicks of my tongue on her clit
caused her to rise up and with an animalistic grown she came in a truly
seismic orgasm. Once her body relaxed, she flopped back on the bed pulling
me up at the same time.

‘No more … I can’t take it … no more. That was unreal!’

I smiled and realised I had several hairs in my mouth and her juices
were all over my face. She was spent and pulled me on top of her and she
didn’t hesitate in giving me a really wet French kiss. Her tongue seemed
to be seeking out any of her remaining juices. She kissed my whole face
and kept staring at my eyes.

‘You have no idea how good that was. I want you to do it again and
again but let’s wait a while cuz I thought I was going to lose it there for
a minute. I have never had that many orgasms in succession in my life.’

I was lying on top of her with one leg over hers. My dick was poking
right at her pussy and I turned the humming on again.

‘Stop it you perve! I know what you’re doing, I can feel that amazing
cock of yours and we’re not ready for that yet!’ she giggled.

I couldn’t complain. I had never been past the first base and had hit a
triple on the first outing!!

We lay there a while and I was allowed to fondle her breasts as much as
I wanted. She told me that she loved having her tits played with but
didn’t like guys who spent all of there time talking to them.

‘It’s as if that’s all that they are interested in. It’s seriously
annoying. I suppose I can understand though. If I saw a guy that had a
huge bulge I would definitely stare. Now that I know you’ve got a humming
cock I will definitely stare!’ she laughed giving my prick a quick tug.

‘I only realised you had pretty big tits after we had been talking for a
while at the party. Before that I thought they were just normal.’ I lied.

‘You couldn’t stop looking at them when we first met and you know it! I
just liked the way you were embarrassed to stare and kept trying to focus
on my eyes. Every time I looked away, I’d notice that you were staring at
them again. You’re no different, you’re just cuter than most of them.’

‘Ok, you’re right, I admit it but you are the sexiest and best looking
girl I’ve ever met.’ I said trying to look bashful.

‘How many girls have you gone out with?’

‘Oh… you know… a few. Not many. How about you?’

‘6, I think.’ she said honestly. ‘You must have gone out with some real
prudes cuz let’s face it you aren’t very experienced are you?’

‘Uh…no. I‘ve never done what we just did before.’ I said almost dieing
with embarrassment at this concession.

She just laughed and rolled on to her back so that we were both lying
there, staring at the ceiling.

‘Who?’ I asked a minute or so later.

‘Who? Like, who have I gone out with?’ she asked

‘Yeah,’ I nodded

‘Well I did go out with Eric Mathers for a few months last year but he
was such a dickhead. All he wanted to do was feel my tits. Then when I
let him he just sat there sloshing them around my chest. He didn’t seem to
want to do anything else and I wasn’t about to offer. Then he told the
soccer team that we’d done it and after it had gone around about a million
people and eventually got back to me, I told him to fuck off. He was like:
‘I didn’t say anything, honestly Fiona I wouldn’t do that. I’m not like
that! I wouldn’t ruin your reputation, honestly!’ (She mimicked him making
him sound stupid). I got him back though! I told Rachel Rees that he has
a real premature ejaculation problem! Obviously, Rachel being Rachel, the
whole school heard it!’

‘Wow, you did that! I mean I’ve heard that rumour! Woman scorned or

‘No, simpler than that. Don’t fucking lie about me!’ she said without
implying a threat, but I got the message.

‘Gotcha, O.K. who else?’ I asked playing with her heavy tits again.

‘Well I haven’t really gone out with anyone that you would know. Hang
on, maybe you do, do you know Patrick Johnson?’

‘Yeah I know him, sorry if it bugs you but I don’t really like him very

‘That’s cool cuz I fucking hate him. He was almost the same as Eric,
‘cept I wouldn’t let him do anything more than kiss me. He was all hands
all of the time!’ Fiona demonstrated on me. ‘It was bizarre and when he
was around people we knew he would put his arm around me and almost
strangle me and then want to sit like that for an hour!’ She demonstrates
again so that her arm is wrapped right round my head and her elbow is
directly under my chin. I didn’t mind too much, it meant my head was using
her great tits for a pillow.

‘The guy is odd,’ she said letting go of me.

‘Yeah, he is a dick. He’s really into cars and metalwork. That should
be a clue to just about anyone.’ We both laughed at the thought of the guys who seemed to be more interested in cars than anything else, always hanging
around the workshops and talking about the latest engine in a Ford.

‘Now let’s ask you a question!’ she said with an squinting her eye
inquisitively. ‘Who have you gone out with?’

‘You’re going to laugh at this but you’ll probably find out
anyway…..Jenna Chandler,’ I said meekly.

‘Jenna Chandler!! Are you serious? No way!’

‘It’s true, I went out with Jenna for two months the summer before last.
She was different then.’ I sputtered a laugh in defence.

‘The same Jenna Chandler with the really bad skin?’

‘Yeah, she didn’t have really bad skin then.’

‘With the really craggy looking tits?’

‘She didn’t really have tits then either.’

Fiona was pissing herself laughing. Jenna Chandler had acne; compound
acne! It had only really developed in the last year like her tits. They
were elongated and really droopy. When she wore t-shirts they seemed to
point straight down. Shaped like the hash-browns you get at McDonalds. I
only called her when I really had nothing else to do. She never seemed to
mind. We’d go to a movie, get a bite to eat, and then go home. Once we
went to her brother’s baseball game. I saw some kids I knew and went to
hang out with them till the game was over. She just sat there, on her own
watching the game. I walked her home and then she kind of dumped me.

‘You’re not very nice. I don’t like you very much.’ she said with
little or no emotion. That was all. She turned and walked up her driveway
and went inside. It didn’t even occur to me that I had treated her badly.
I was just acting normal, like kids do. Now I can’t help feeling sorry for
her because she is a nice girl that no one would want to go out with.

‘I’m not really proud of that one,’ I confessed.

‘So what you’re telling me, is that the first girl that comes to mind is
Jenna Chandler! What other skeletons are in your closet? Fucking hope
they are better than Jenna!’ she said gleefully.

‘No she’s the only one you know. I went out with a couple of girls who
are now at Oak Bay High.’ I said, to the most inflated degree of the truth
I could muster. I had gone out with a couple but they had hardly been
successful or longstanding; like a week at best.

‘Who?’ She demanded.

‘Carolyn Taylor!’ I responded haughtily.

‘She does not fucking count. I’ve known about Carolyn since I was in
the seventh grade. She’s been through everybody. Seriously she is a total
prick tease and you did not get anywhere with her. Tell me this David,
truthfully, how long did you actually go out with her?’

‘…Two weeks,’

‘How many girls have you actually been physically involved with? One?
Two tops?’

‘You’re actually the first, if I’m being really honest.’ My eyes
steadfastly focussed on the ceiling.

‘As I thought!’ she shouted a bit to loudly. ‘David,’ she continued
lowering her voice, ‘by the time I’m finished with you, you are going to be
the best lover any woman could ever want. Chicks will know, believe me!
You’re already a very fast learner and with that talented dick of yours,
you will go very far!’

We dressed really slowly, still playing with each other the whole time
so that I had a raging hard-on to stuff back into my jeans.

‘Wow you can actually see it humming through your jeans! Now I’m always
going to stare! Stop it, they’ll be home soon and I can’t control myself.
David stop it now! You should get going, seriously!’

I just laughed and grabbed my jacket, gave her a really passionate kiss
and arranged to meet her at lunchtime at school the next day. All the way
home my cock was humming and I kept thinking that maybe she was right:
maybe I do have a talented dick!

Chapter 2: School Night

Fiona met me at lunch, finding me seated on the kerb of the road that
ran alongside the playing field. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a
pair of faded Levi’s and a loose white men’s shirt that was buttoned up a
bit too high for my liking. Everything about her was stunningly
attractive. She looked a bit like a model from a home decorating catalogue,
‘casual, beautiful woman relaxing after recently moving into her chic
Manhattan loft apartment’. I enjoyed knowing that underneath that
sophisticated looking exterior was the girl I had run my tongue completely
over and that I was one of the few people in this world that had had the
pleasure of doing so!

‘Are you humming? Is that thing humming?’

‘Yes’ I laughed.

‘How can I eat my lunch with you and your humming dick beside me!’

‘Well I’ve got to look at your tits and ass all lunch hour. How do you
think that makes me feel?’

‘Hot, I hope!’

‘Absolutely!’ I said as I gave her a full body stare. ‘What are you
doing after school?’

‘Meeting you!’ she smiled knowingly.

‘Cool, I’ve got a Volleyball practice till about 4:30 but my parents are
going out for dinner so I don’t have to be home for supper.’

‘Do you want to come to my house for dinner? My mum won’t mind. I know
she’d like to meet you. I told her all about you!’

‘All about me?’

‘Well not everything obviously, you sicko!’ she giggled, poking me in
the ribs.

‘Ok, I’ll come over and you can ask your Mum if it’s ok first. I hate
the ‘Mum can David stay for dinner thing’ and then finding out its not
cool. I’d like to stay for dinner but I can always come back after you guys have eaten.’

‘It won’t be a big deal. My Dad is away on business so we aren’t having
anything special.’

We ate our lunches and chatted about nothing of any interest until out
of the blue she said ‘I started on the pill last month for the first time.
It was my Mum’s idea in case something happens. I’d be careful anyway but
its better to be extra safe than really fucking sorry. What I’m saying
is…I want you to be the first. You’re definitely the right guy but I have
to complete a full cycle before we have sex.’

‘Wow! Where did that come from?’

‘I just think that we are going to be a really great couple. I feel
completely relaxed in your company. My friends all like you. Most of your
friends are ok except for Alton. He gives me the creeps. And I think that
as long as you make me cum like you did last night then there won’t be any
reason for either of us to want to split up. I mean I will seriously
educate you!’

‘Are you sure? I mean we’ve only messed around once, so you know…I
could be crap.’

‘You won’t be crap, I know that already for damn sure! I can’t wait to
find out the real potential of your talented cock!’ she whispered in my ear
in that slutty voice she did do so well. She began nibbling on my earlobe
and I was humming again uncontrollably.

She then saw some of her friends who were beckoning her to go over. She
got up and went over to them saying she would be ready for me when I got to
her house after school. I wasn’t sure what that meant but it added some
more to my already hard prick. I just sat there watching some of the kids
kicking a ball around and occasionally looking back to see Fiona, chatting
away to her friends. Once in a while one or two of them would look over
with a strange look on their faces, which led me to believe that she was
gossiping about me. I knew that my friends would ask a million questions
too and they were definitely going to be of a graphic nature so I wasn’t
that bothered. I was over the moon about what she had said. All of my
friends were virgins apart from Alton who says that he lost his virginity
at the age of 12 but no one ever believed him.

The afternoon flew by and I could not wait to get over to Fiona’s house.
After the volleyball practice, some of the guys on the team were making fun
of me, saying how lucky I was that I had managed to land Fiona. ‘What was
she like? Have you felt them? Does she let you finger her?’ The usual
shit that teenage boys talk about like they know all about it and in
reality haven’t go a clue. No one ever thought for a minute that Fiona and
I were at the advanced stages of foreplay and I didn’t tell them anything

I rode my bike over to her house and was impressed at how big the house
was. It was quite old but had been remodelled as there were skylights on
the roof and it looked like an extension had been added to one side. It
was probably one of the first houses in the area and modelled after the old houses of New England; treated wooden siding with exterior shutters. The
colour scheme of lavender blue and white trim with a creeping vine snaking
its way up the side and then along the front, just below the gutters. Her
parents must have paid a fortune for it. There was a built in 2 car garage
on the left side of the house - another obvious extension. It was open so
I parked my mountain bike inside.

Fiona must have seen me come up the drive because she met me from the
side door of the house that opens into the garage from the house.

‘Quick my mum will be back in about ½ an hour. Come on!’ She was
literally dragging me by the arm up the stairs and into what was obviously
her room.

‘Get it out. I want it in my mouth!’

‘Fiona, hold on…!’

She was pulling at my jeans and it took her only seconds to have my fast
hardening cock in her hand. She was tugging on it and running her hands
all over it. She looked up at me as I stood in the middle of the room and
with a sly grin drew my now throbbing cock into her mouth. Again, that
amazing sensation.

‘As we’re clearly concentrating on my pleasure, let me see your tits’ I
almost demanded. She complied immediately, keeping one hand on my knob and
guiding it into her mouth while the other began to unbutton her shirt. It
took a minute or so and when she opened the shirt I almost came. She was
wearing a half-cup bra that was exposing a lot of nipple and made her tits look even bigger than normal.

‘Were you wearing that at school?’

She let my dick slide out of her mouth and said, ‘No it’s Alex’s, my
older sister. Do you like it?’

‘Fuck yeah its really hot! You look really sexy!’

‘Good’ she said ramming my cock back into her mouth.

She motioned for me to sit on the chair at her writing desk in the
corner and as we hobbled the short distance she never let my cock out of
her mouth. I positioned myself with my ass forward on the chair so that
she could get the best vantage for the incredible work she was doing to me.
She had the ability to suck down as well as up that produced shudders up my
spine. Occasionally she would lick up the sides of the shaft and along the
thick vein underneath and then bob for the tip again catching it only with
her mouth. The looks that she gave me were so lewd and nasty that I began
to wonder where she had learnt to behave like this. Not that I really
cared now. As I started to show signs of an impending orgasm she cupped my
balls with one hand and shoved a finger along the crack of my ass to give
my asshole a tickle, all the while pistoning her head up and down the
entire length of my cock. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in
touching my asshole.. ever! This newer sensation caught me completely
off-guard and jumped a bit causing my prick to go even deeper down her
throat. She had so many surprises and yet to look at her you’d just think
she was just a cute, innocent 16 year old with rather large tits.

She was concentrating on pleasing me and doing her damnedest to make
sure I got what I wanted. I had been controlling the humming so that I
could lengthen the pleasure but now it was humming outrageously on its own.
The rapid twitching of my dick and Fiona’s efforts brought me closer and
closer to another mind-blowing orgasm.

‘You love me sucking your big cock, don’t you? Are you almost there?
Come on baby, cum for me… cum for me.’

She grabbed my dick and laid it on the huge line of cleavage running
between her tits and then lifting some of the flesh of her breasts managed
to hide my cock between them.

‘Cum on my tits, David. cum on them… you know you want to. I want you
to. Do it!’

That sent me over the edge. My penis was having spasms in the depths of
her cleavage and she was moaning with pleasure too. My cock exploded and
shot its load in between her tits which she released so that she could see
the semen shooting from the tip. Great gobs of it sprayed all over her
tits, which she lifted out of the half cup bra and held up to her mouth to
lick. This was beyond eroticism, this was porn!! And this was my new

‘God, I couldn’t think about anything else all afternoon. I want to do
that to you all the time. David I think I’m in love with … your cock!’

We both laughed, but I knew one thing for sure, that I was not going to
let her go anywhere and that I was falling in love with her.

I started making moves to reciprocate but she jumped up and ran out of
the room and down the stairs. I chased her into the kitchen and tried to
grab hold of her but just as I caught up with her we heard the car engine
pulling into the garage. Her mother was back.

‘This does not end here Fiona. I will repay you the favour.’

‘I should hope so,’ she giggled. ‘Sort your hair out.’

I patted my hair down and checked that my shirt was tucked in properly.
I completed my check just as her mother walked in with a bag of groceries.

‘Fiona!’ she called not realising we were in the same room. ‘Fi can you
help me with the groceries please.’

‘Yeah Mum, we both will’

‘Oh hello,’ she said looking at me inquisitively. ‘Are you Fiona’s
friend David?’

‘Yes Mrs Dennis, nice to meet you.’

‘Nice to meet you,’ she smiled. ‘Are you staying for supper?’

‘You don’t mind do you Mum?’ asked Fiona over her shoulder as she walked
out into the carport.

‘No, not at all. It would be nice to have some male company for a
change. Has anyone called?’


I was walking past on my way to help with the grocery bags and gave
Fiona’s mum a scan. If this was what Fiona was going to look like in 25
years I was going to stick around. She had shoulder length expensively
styled hair that had been highlighted but had been done to look completely
natural. Everything about her was femininity personified. Perfect
make-up, nails, toenails, jewellery and physical movements were all finely
tuned to the ideal image of a woman. She had to have been over 40 but
carried herself with the air of a sexy 25 year old. Everything about her
looked young and firm. Her tits were amazing, big but not as big as
Fiona’s although her ass made up for anything she might have been lacking.
It was high and pert, like a figure skater’s and I wondered how, after
three daughters, she had managed to look so bloody gorgeous.

‘Your Mum is really good looking,’ I said as I found Fiona hauling
shopping bags out of the rear of the car. ‘I can see where you got your
looks. I bet she was a knock out when she was younger!’

‘Thanks I guess, here take this,’ she said passing me some shopping bags
and giving me a strange look.

‘No I meant that she’s really pretty and so are you. It obviously runs
in the family. I was trying to pay you a compliment.’

‘Yeah I knew what you meant, thanks. Come on let’s get this stuff
inside.’ She grabbed a couple of the bags and handed them to me, then
picked up the remainder and closed the hatch of her mother’s Land Rover.
‘I’m starving, aren’t you?’

We carried the bags inside and placed them on the island worktop in the
centre of the kitchen. Fiona helped her mother put away the food and I
took a few minutes to look around their house. It wasn’t just big it was
enormous, with a dining room, den, kitchen and living room all on the
ground floor as well as several other rooms down a long hall. A family room was down a few steps from the living room that had beautiful French
doors that led out to the enormous and beautifully maintained garden. You
could have a party for well over 100 people on that floor comfortably.
Surveying the family room I noticed that there was a door slightly ajar
that led up a staircase to the first floor. As I was wondering where it
ended up, Fiona came into the room.

‘You guys have a beautiful house. It’s huge. How many bedrooms are

‘Seven, but don’t ask me why my parents wanted a seven bedroom house,
there are only three of us living here.’

Fiona had told me that she had two sisters. Alex was in first-year
college studying art and Sarah had completed her degree in medicine and
taken a year out before diving into a career, to travel Europe. The family room photo’s showed four stunning women and a handsome father at parties
and family occasions over the years.

‘Our house only has four bedrooms but that still feels quite big. Where
does that staircase go to by the way?’

‘It goes up to the doorway at the end of the hall, by my bedroom. My
end of the house was supposed to be designed for servant’s accommodation,
but my father had the designs of the house modified to make it easier to
get around. We have a cleaner who comes in three days a week but they
never wanted anyone living here full time.’

‘How long have you lived here?’

‘Almost all of my life but I went to private school until I was 12 and
then my parents decided that I should join mainstream education so that I
could meet more people. I didn’t meet anyone I hang out with now until
last year when I joined the gymnastics team. That’s when I met Sandy and
Debbie. We just clicked and they are the best friends I’ve ever had.’

‘You’re right they are both pretty cool. Sandy and I have gone to
school together since we were about six. Our parents know each other
because Sandy’s dad used to work for the same company as my dad. It’s
weird we never really got to know each other that well. I think she’s
great but she always seemed so shy.’ I lied through my teeth but I would
endure having Sandy tag along with us if that’s what Fiona wanted. I’d
suggest the idea if I thought it would please her!

‘She is really shy. She shouldn’t be, because she is gorgeous. Every
guy that hits on her is thinking she must be easy prey because she is quite
quiet. She went out with a guy in our gymnastics club for about 3 months
and all he wanted to do was grab her tits. He didn’t even want a
conversation with her. He’d pick her up in his Dad’s car, take her to
Willows beach and then just about maul her to death. What is it with guys and tits anyway? I mean they’re no big deal. They’re just there.’

‘Whoa there, you yourself said that you like having your tits played
with. They are sexy and I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s because we don’t
have them but they feel so amazing that all you want to do is touch them.
That’s all I know…. Remember me? I don’t know shit!’

She laughed. ‘You know enough for now!’ and winked.

We went in for dinner and sat at the table playing footsie, waiting for
her mother to bring in the food. I couldn’t stop thinking about how
unbelievably lucky I was to be going out with such an amazing girl. No one
would ever have suspected what she was like one-on-one. She just didn’t
have an overtly sexual nature about her. Once she got started though was
proving to be a completely different matter. This fact repeatedly raised
the same question in my head: where did she learn so much about sex? I
decided that all it would take would be the right time to ask.

Her mother was an amazing cook. We had chicken stuffed with tomatoes,
spinach and goat’s cheese, which was and still is one of my favourite
meals. Dessert was ice cream with berries and some kind of alcohol that I
wasn’t allowed to tell my parents about. Probably the best meal I ever had
outside of a restaurant.

Mrs Dennis explained that her husband worked as an investment-banking
consultant and did a lot of travelling. He was in Paris at the time and
she was looking forward to him calling that evening. That explained where
the money came from. He obviously knew how to spend it too. Everything
about the family was in perfect harmony with the stereotypical white-collar
family unit. The trophy wife, three beautiful and clever daughters and a
beautiful house in one of the city’s’ most sought after neighbourhoods.
She also seemed totally down to earth, nothing like some of the pretentious
bitches that you’d expect to live in a house like theirs.

Her mother wanted to know everything about me, my family, what my
parents did for their careers, who my friends were, how long I’d lived in
the area, what my interests were, why Fiona and I hadn’t met previously and
so on. It was cool the way she did it, allowing me time to answer and
clearly not making any judgement calls about my background. I immediately
thought that she was one of the coolest parents I’d ever met as well as
being the best looking. She was also very astute. She regularly left the
table to clear up or get something more for us to drink and took a long
time doing it so that Fiona and I could have a few minutes together. Very
clever because her contrivance was so obvious, alerting us in some way that
she was coming back into the room. I mean so obvious that Fiona and I knew
from the outset what she was trying to do and as such didn’t do anything
that could have embarrassed her.

After dinner Fiona and I went to the family room to watch tv and her
mother sat at the dining room table reading the paper with a glass of

Fiona was doing everything she could to stir me up without actually
touching me. She was cupping her tits, sliding a hand into her shirt and
clearly pinching a nipple, rubbing her middle finger over her crotch and
driving me insane with lust. A light stain was appearing on her tight
Levi’s and the piece de resistance was when she pretended to be tucking in
her shirt and shoved a hand down her jeans right to her pussy. She pulled
her hand out and offered the finger that had been doing all the work to my
nose. Then quickly pulled it away as I stretched my tongue to it. She
shoved the finger in her own mouth and I actually sighed out loud. All of
the work she had been doing had achieved the result she sought. My dick
could be clearly seen humming through my jeans.

‘I’m going up to bed now to watch TV. You kids help yourselves to
anything you want from the fridge. David, very nice to have met you, Fiona
don’t stay up too late, it is a school night.’

I had almost jumped out of my skin but Fiona was cool.

‘No problem, goodnight Mum.’

‘Nice to have met you too, Mrs Dennis.’

‘David, please call me Kay’

‘Good night Kay’ I said smiling.

I looked at my watch: 9:30. I was going to have to leave soon myself
but as soon as her mother was out of the room Fiona was all over me. I
could be late if need be.

She was mashing her breasts against me and forcing her tongue into the
recesses of my mouth. My hard-on was extremely ncomfortable, I kept having
to pull at the legs of my jeans to readjust and ease the discomfort that
she was trying desperately to cause me.

‘Let’s go out to the garden, I want to show you something.’

I followed her out across the enormous lawn and down a path to a very
secluded shed at the rear of the garden. She opened the door and led me
inside. The shed was only about 3 feet deep and then we went through
another door on the back wall that opened into an indoor swimming pool!

‘Jump in. Come on!’

She stripped off really quickly and then ran along the pool edge and
dived into the deep end of the pool. I’d never seen a busty naked woman
run before. The sight of those amazing breasts bouncing around on her
chest as she ran was breathtaking.

I was just about to drop my boxers when she swam up to where I was

‘No one ever uses this except me. Cool huh?’

‘You never told me you had a pool,’ I said as I jumped in and landed
beside her.

‘I didn’t think about it. Sorry. Uh…David we have a pool!’

‘I can see that, I can see a lot!’ I pulled her close to me and the feel
of her naked body was outstanding. It felt almost unnatural. Her nipples
were rock hard and poking into my chest. ‘Do you have any idea how much I
love feeling your body. You are the sexiest girl I could possibly ever
dream of knowing. All I want to do is make you cum.’

She just smiled and ran her hands up and down my back, lightly
scratching my skin with her nails and then soothing it over with her palms.
My cock was swelling despite the chill of the pool, she could feel it
sliding between her thighs and started to grind her muff against it. We
were both really aroused and I could sense that she was enjoying the
sensations because her breathing was growing deeper and deeper as she slid
the lips of her cunt along my dick-shaft. I grabbed my cock and held it in
place against her clitoris, my cock humming in 5th gear. She threw her
head back and hugged me as tight as she could, her huge tits rising up
between our bodies to present themselves to my mouth. I licked and sucked at her nipples while rubbing my pulsating prick between her lips and
directly against her clit. We were staring at each other with depraved
smiles on our faces. This was going to be the night, she wants it for
sure. As I pushed my cock-head towards her vagina she realised my intention
and pulled away.

‘No, David not yet. I promise you it will be soon but when we do I will
make it so good that you’ll be happy you waited.’

‘I’m sorry Fiona, it just seemed like the right moment.’

‘It’s very close, I just have to get through the first month of taking
the pill and then we can talk about going further.’


‘I’m kidding!!’ she said and slapped my ass lightly. ‘My period starts
next week and then when the new cycle starts we can go for it. I can’t
wait, I want to feel your cock in me so bad.’

In a weeks time I was going to get laid. I was so excited that I
grabbed her and kissed her passionately, pushing her breasts together and
cupping their voluminous flesh.

‘I bet you can’t wait either,’ she giggled and then pushed away from me
and swam to the other end of the pool. I swam after her and watched her
sexily walk up the submerged steps and then seat herself on the edge of the
pool. I stood in the shallow water and slowly waded through the water
towards her. She looked staggeringly alluring, breasts heaving as if she
was out of breath but she was far too fit to be tired. Her arousal was
obvious. Her right hand lightly stroked and then lifted her breast, the
size of which made her hand look small. I was transfixed, my dick
quivering with attention. I couldn’t help myself and slowly began stroking
my cock in long tugs that clearly met with her satisfaction.

‘Stroke that cock. God that makes me hot!’ she said, lifting a hefty
tit to her mouth and sucking seductively on her nipple. The dim light of
the pool-house made her soaking wet body gleam, emphasising her string
bikini tan-lines. The white patches of skin were almost fluorescent
against the deep tan of the rest of her body. She let her breast fall from
her mouth allowing it to bounce back into its proud position. Moving her
hand down to her cunt she began to gently rub her clitoris in a circular
motion. The look on her face suggested that she wanted to put on a show so
I stood in the water, curbing the onrush of what would soon be a massive
testicular eruption. She leaned back on to the pool deck, propping herself
up on her elbow and spread her legs so that I could get a better view of
her fragrant and overheated pussy. Softly she began to moan and her speed
began to pick up. The circular motion began to widen, her lips would part
and close with each swipe affording an amazing view of her the entrance to
her vagina.

‘Unghh, oh… oh … come closer… oh … touch my thighs…mmm.’

I complied immediately, pressing my thumbs into her athletic thighs and
slowly rubbing them from her knees to the lips of her pussy. The moaning
increased to the point that she was almost gasping.

‘Oh fuck … ohhhh… mm… your tongue baby… use your tongue!!’

I dropped to my knees on the second to last step of the pool and pushed
my tongue into her hole as she continued to concentrate on massaging her

‘Oh fuck yes!! Ahh fuck … ohhh … ohhh yes!!’ She was now lying on her
back on the pool deck, both hands pressing hard on her clit, tits shoved
together and pillowing over her strong arms. My tongue was fully extended
in her cunt. I was covered in her juices and working overtime in an
attempt to discover everything there was to taste. I ventured lower and
began to tongue the crack of her ass. She jerked and rather than pulling
away spread her legs further, lifting her ass off the floor so that her
asshole and cunt were even more accessible.

‘Tongue my hole … oh God does that feel good!! Oh fuck… oh …

Then I came up with the masterstroke and a talent that I had yet to
discover the use for. I folded my tongue into a U-shape and gently blew
onto her butt-hole. The effect sounds like a balloon rapidly deflating but
makes the edge of my tongue quiver at a ridiculously fast speed.

‘Oh my fucking God …. oh what the fuck are you doing to me ….. oh God
… oh do my cunt … just like that…. just like THATTTTT!!!!’

Her orgasm swept over her and completely took over her body. Her
gorgeous face was distorted as her lips snarled, cheeks seemingly imploding
with each heavy draw of breath and her eyes rolling around in the complete
and total release her body had finally given her.

Slowly her body relaxed but little tremors caused her spinal column to
jerk and twitch as the throws of her orgasm subsided. I ran my hands all
over her thighs, flat athletic stomach and up to her heaving breasts.
Lifting from the sides I pushed them together and gazed at the deep crevice
of her cleavage. Her double D-cup tits were absolutely rock hard and her
nipples were sticking straight up into the air. I wanted pictures. This
girl rivalled any porn star and she hadn’t even lost her virginity!

We laid on the deck of the pool with only our feet in the water,
frenching each other with unbridled lust. My cock had never stopped
humming and it was drumming away on her thigh.

‘I’m going to get you off in the worst way, you unbelievable God of a
lover. When we fuck, I am going to be terrified what you will conjure up
in my body. Every orgasm gets bigger and better than the last. Where’s it
going to stop and further, what possessed you to think that you were crap
at sex?’

‘You bring out my creative side I guess!’ I said attempting to look

She slid down into the pool, dragging those wet and enormous tits hers
across my chest and abdomen. She stopped at my cock and wrapped my dick
between her tits.

‘We can’t fuck yet but you can sure as hell fuck these!’

We moved into a position where I could push up through her cleavage and
draw back down again. I kept thinking that people don’t normally do this.
Wives don’t allow their husbands to fuck their tits do they? I stopped
thinking the thought when I thought about my own parents. Yikes!!

Fiona never took her eyes from mine, an angelic smile on her rosy and
beautifully tanned face. ‘Fuck my big tits David, fuck them…. mmmm feels
so hard, will you cum for me? cum like I did, … does that feeling of my
tits do it for you? My cunt is still steaming thanks to you and that
incredible tongue of yours, now show me what your incredible big dick can
do between my fucking tits!’

The running dialogue and the slurpy feeling between her breasts was
doing wonders for the hyper-sensitive nerve endings in my cock but I was
starting to rub raw on her skin and had to stretch out the full extent of
my body for some tanning oil on the lower shelf of a unit close by.
Pouring the oil directly on to her tits and all over my throbbing prick
made sliding between those fantastic hooters even better. I was really
going at it hard and holding her shoulders so that I could maintain balance
as I pulled my cock all the way out and then drove it back in between her
expansive flesh.

‘You do so much to me,’ I groaned. ‘My cock is too hard. It’s your
fucking tits and pussy! I’ll never get enough. Never.’

‘Try this on for size!’ she said as her mouth slowly slid all of the way
down my 7’ dick. The entire length disappeared down her throat and then
she slowly, very slowly, drew her head back up the length of my shaft. Her
nostrils flared as she struggled to breathe. At the top of her ascent she
swirled her tongue all around the head of my cock and then ran her tongue
all the way down the underside of my prick to suck on and then engulf one
of my balls. A hand slid up and a finger began rubbing my asshole.
Letting my cock slide back between her breasts she motioned for me to hold
her quivering jugs in place as she began to assault my balls and then
shoved a finger into my ass. I began to hum again and with very little
warning, shot my load into her face and hair. I arched my back in an
effort to maintain the power of my orgasm. I could feel my glands
contracting and forcing every drop of cum up and out of the tip of my
engorged cock. It was euphoric, absolutely monumental and every muscle in
my body was part of the build up. The aftershock causing a riptide of
sensory escalation reaching its crescendo and then in a denouement of
pleasure reached its conclusion. Fucking brilliant!!

The orgasm had lasted longer than I had thought possible or indeed
experienced. I had shot it all over her face. Little droplets of cum had
landed in her hair and there were gobs of it on her upper lip and nose.
She was laughing and staring deep into my eyes with a look of total
happiness as we both fell to the pool deck giggling; a feeling of
embarrassment at how out of control we had been and at the same time
thinking it was the coolest experience we had yet to encounter.

My mother freaked when I turned up at midnight and threatened to ground
me. She knew that I had a girlfriend now and was inwardly really pleased
but felt it necessary to castigate me as a matter of principle. I found
out later that Fiona’s mum had actually called to let them know where I was
and to coo about how cute a couple we were. Mothers!

Chapter 3 - Revelations

Fiona and I talked about three or four times a day on the phone, walked
to school together, ate lunch together, met each other after either
gymnastics or volleyball practice and then went back to her house for some
heavy oral sex for the next three days. Her mother was usually out or
going out, so we had plenty of time to ourselves.

Her room was a typical girls bedroom. Soft pastel shades, a dressing
table with discreet make-up lighting, writing desk with an Apple Mac and
what was somewhat unusual was the en-suite bathroom that I hadn’t noticed
before. ‘Lucky bitch!’ I chuckled to myself when I first saw it. She also
had a large walk-in cupboard that contained her clothes collection. On her
chest of drawers she had a tv and video machine and her own phone
extension. This was an apartment not a room and a fantastic place to fuck

She had taught me the pleasures of 69 but both of us preferred to get
the other one off, one at a time. No complaints but when you have a girl on heat you want to be able to watch.

We had learned that there were to be no inhibitions in what we did or
said with each other. There wasn’t anything about me or her that we
wouldn’t share and in some ways I felt a bit uneasy at first but then it
evolved quite naturally so that I felt I could say anything to he After a
particularly heavy session of me fingering her, I decided to level the
playing field.

‘Fiona, you don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to but… where
did you learn everything you know about sex?’

‘Um….why? What’s the matter?’

‘Well, ever since we first messed around, I’ve been following your lead.
I’m happy to, don’t worry. It’s just that no-one could possibly have the
imagination to come up with all of the things that you do without some form
of education. I mean how many guys have you really gone out with?’

She looked scared like something terrible had happened and then looking
at me square in the face said: ‘How much can I trust you?’

‘You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.’ I said trying to
retract the question.

‘Seriously, can I trust you beyond any of my friends?’

‘Yes completely. I mean totally. Totally,’ I declared emphatically.

‘If what I tell you were ever to be repeated, you would not only fuck me
up but everything that I love in this world would also be completely fucked
over. Can I trust you as much as I want to?’ She was searching my eyes to
provide her with the belief she needed.

‘You can trust me. I promise.’

‘Let’s go to the pool house. We’ll bring something to drink and smoke
with us. O.K.?


We got the supplies and sat on the white washed deck chairs smoking a
joint without saying much. I was waiting for her to tell me something that
was deeply personal and she was formulating how she would tell me. The
dope was taking the edge off of everything slowly.

‘Have you ever watched a porn movie?’ she began. I nodded without
needing to explain, she didn’t want me to. ‘I found a box full of porn in
our house last year when I was digging in the basement storeroom for some
of my Dad’s old records. He’s really into soul music and he told me he had
a huge collection but my Mum had moved it somewhere and he had no idea

‘So I started digging in the storeroom sifting through a shitload of old stuff; boxes of all of our schoolwork from when we were kids blah blah
blah…. I accidentally knocked over a box of old Christmas decorations we
never use and there was a box full of videos. Some were betamax. I mean
they are old! I took a couple of the vhs tapes up to my room and popped
one in the machine. The tape begins to roll and some cheesy music comes
on; a few credits and the title comes up ‘One Flew Over the Cuckolds Nest’.
It is seriously low grade shit, like you and I could do better but the
woman that enters the room, blows the guy, fucks him and then does it with
at least 3 other guys that miraculously appear from nowhere, is none other
than my mother!’

I was floored. ‘Your who?’

‘Imagine how I felt. Like what the fuck? She was wearing a wig but the
close ups are definitely my mother. I mean this was a long time ago. You
know like, 20 years ago. She goes at it hardcore! So I turn it off and
after crying a lot and spending a week thinking she’s a whore, I’m sitting
in my room and my Dad calls. I answer the phone at literally the same time
as my mother. She’s upstairs and I’m in the kitchen. He goes through the
usual that he’s running late and won’t be home as soon as he would like
etc… the call is no longer than 20 seconds and I don’t want to hang up
because they’ll hear the click on the line, so I just hang on in there. He
then says that maybe she should check the storeroom out because it has only
just occurred to him that I was in there looking through his old stuff and
maybe there are a few things in there that I shouldn’t find. She says
she’ll have a look and dinner will be waiting blah, blah, blah. She hangs
up and I put the phone down. I hear her going down the hall to the
basement door and follow her. I hear her in the room and then she says ‘Oh
dear God’ and starts frantically moving boxes around. I can hear her
starting to cry and get really upset. She was swearing and getting almost
hysterical. Then she just turns the light off and walks out the door. I
didn’t even have time to hide because I was so startled by how abruptly she
left the room. She sees me and I immediately burst into tears, so does she
and so we both know that I found a tape. One of many.’

I am completely thrown by what Fiona’s told me. This was fucking weird.
Her mother is gorgeous and maybe that’s where it all lies: a pretty girl doing a porno. But this was my girlfriend’s mother!!!

‘David if you ever repeat this to anyone I will do everything in my
power to fuck you up. This is too serious and I have never told anyone
this. I’m serious!’

She is looking at me like she’s going to cry so I just nod as solemnly
as I can and gesture for her to continue.

‘My Mum then tries to explain but keeps crying and crying, so I’m crying
too. We just sat against the wall and cried for a long time. She finally
says that she’ll tell me everything but that she needs a drink and a
cigarette. I’d never seen her smoke before so this is all so fucking
surreal. We go up and sit on the stools in the kitchen. She pours me a
glass of wine and a huge glass for herself. Then she tells me her life
story. Her parents were both alcoholics and died in a car crash. My
grandfather literally ploughed into a brick wall at over 60 miles an hour.
Totally over the limit! So she gets sent to live with her grandmother for
a couple of years but the two of them never get along. So she goes to live
with her aunt, her mum’s sister and that doesn’t go well either because the
first time she has sex with some fucking asshole, he gets her pregnant!
She was only 17!He doesn’t give a fuck and dumps her! Now you see why I
want to be sure of one complete cycle on the pill, just to be safe. Her
aunt couldn’t live with the disgrace and kicked her out. Mum is then
forced to live on welfare in a shitty subsidised apartment block and go
through the entire pregnancy alone. After having Sarah, my Mum had no idea
what to do and ended up getting a job waitressing at a coffee shop. A guy
comes in tells her she could make a lot of money if she wanted to and would
she be interested in dancing at his club? She goes along for an audition,
dances for these perves and they tell her she could be great. She decides
that she won’t go through with it but another dancer in the change room
tells her she can earn really good money dancing. My mum decides she’ll
give it a try and one thing leads to another and she’s a stripper in a
‘classy’ club.’ Fiona stresses the word sarcastically.

‘So after meeting yet another loser, Alex is born and my mother ends up
working on the front door of the club for most of the time she’s pregnant.
Really classy place has a pregnant woman on the door!? Did you notice that
none of us look alike?’

It dawns on me that although they are all very pretty girls, none of
them share a common set of features. Sarah is the tallest and must be 5’9’
because she is at least 3 inches taller than Fiona. She has wavy blonde hair and is the skinniest of the three. Fiona’s is dark brown and straight
and has the edge in the looks department. Alex has masses of hair that is
distinctly different from the others, ringlets of blonde and brunette and
at only 5’2’ is the shortest of the three. All three are beautiful without
question and even if the first two have assholes for fathers, they were
served well, genetically.

‘She eventually gets back on the floor and starts making some decent
money for herself again. The owner of the club comes in one night and says
he’s heard that she has been refusing to service the guests the way he
would like. They have an argument and she ends up losing her job. One of
the regulars tells her he can help her to earn some more cash if she’s
desperate. She says thanks but no way, knowing that he was seedy. In the
end she relents because she has absolutely nothing left and travels with
him to L.A. They start out with fetish lingerie and through the people
that she meets gets roped into doing porn. She always wore a wig, in case
someone recognised her but in the end she had made over 200 films but it
was always a worry about how my sisters were going to react if they ever
found out what Mummy did.’

‘Then she bumps into my Dad at a coffee shop, apparently it was almost
like the one that she had started out in. She just couldn’t get her head
around how off all the possible places to meet the right man, she never
thought it would be in a shitty coffee shop. So they date. Eventually she
confesses everything but by this time he’d fallen in love with her and my
sisters. He gets her out of the porn scene and cleans her up - she had a
bit of a coke habit apparently. But… my Dad is clever and sees the
potential of buying one of the porn distribution company’s that was
struggling to stay afloat, putting it in her name! About a year later the
company is raking it in due to home movies etc… video hadn’t even been
launched seriously at the time but the laws on porn distribution had been
relaxed so it was a booming market. The company - Metro Release - became a
pretty big player in the porn industry. She starts earning a fortune and
my Dad is doing really well working for a small but successful firm of
stockbrokers. Then I’m born and she quits working everyday and starts to
run the business from home although she has a staff of 50 doing all of the
work for her back in L.A.’

‘Does she still own the business?’ I asked, dumbstruck.

‘She’s one of the majority shareholders. The company they started was
bought out by a larger group and now she’s on the board!’

‘This is too fucking crazy. Your mother is an ex-porn queen!? Fucking
crazy man!’ I say, laughing in shock.

‘They didn’t tell me because they thought I was too young. My older sister’s know. They knew from a very young age but no one told me because
my Dad didn’t want me to have to go through what they did when they were
little. So even though Sarah is only 7 years older than me and Alex,4,
they knew and never told me. I was just as angry at them.’

‘So what happened then?’

‘We talked a lot over the next few months and I discovered so much about
my Mum that I would never have thought possible. She has had a very
colourful life, to say the least. Shit, shit and more shit has happened to
her but you would never know it. We talk about sex all the time. I’ve
only seen a few of her movies, I mean clips of them, I just can’t watch a
whole one - it is too fucking weird. Kind of makes you feel queasy. But I
have seen a hell of a lot of the stuff she distributes. We get it sent by
courier to the house and then return it the same way. That way she doesn’t
have to attend distributor screenings in L.A. Some of it is seriously
hot!! I haven’t done everything in them but for sure I am absolutely
gagging to try! That’s part of the reason why I wanted you to meet my
Mother. She approves of you, so we have the green light to do whatever we
want to each other!! Very cool! My Dad is not so quick to give his
blessing but he knows what adolescents are like and knows that I’m not
going to wait forever. So he’s heard nothing but good things about you and
knows that I am taking precautions. It all has worked out quite well.’

‘Why are you telling me all of this? I mean some things are better kept
in the family don’t you think?’ I had been listening to every word and
thinking that she was going way beyond what her parents would ever have
allowed her to say. They would be mortified. They would have to be.
‘Didn’t you feel weird watching your Mum’s porn flicks? I mean that is too
fucking weird!! Fuck I would freak! Mind you, my Mum ain’t the kind of
woman that would make a porno.’

‘And what kind of woman makes a porno then?’ said Fiona, narrowing her
eyes and staring at me in indignantly.

Realising I’d just stepped into a minefield, I immediately acquiesced.
‘I meant she’s not built for it and she is extremely self conscious. She
also wouldn’t have the guts! Besides she is nowhere near as good looking
as your mother’

Fiona smiled knowing exactly what I had been trying to say but also
testing me to see if I had been totally repulsed or not.

‘I’m telling you all of this because there are a lot of things you would
have discovered after only being around our house for a few days. Part of
the reason we’re a very private family. That’s why I don’t invite people
over here that often. Sandy and Debbie don’t know anything at all but I’ve
seen some really questioning looks on their faces. Regarding my Mother, I
don’t think it was a case of guts. You do what you have to. Some people
are easily manipulated and don’t realise what they are being dragged into.
I know she has learnt her lesson, in a fucking big way but she has turned
it into something that is a business and is all above board. Yeah, it is a
bit weird seeing my mother having sex but I’ve seen only a few of them and
only a few minutes of each. Like clips, scenes… that’s all! We get a lot
of porn in the house so I don’t have any desire to sit and watch my Mum
when I can look at well made hardcore. I’ve accepted that it happened
because she was just trying to earn some money and cope with bringing up my
sisters. Alex is in art school and Sarah has just finished med school.
She did well with what she had. No one knows what my mother does because
this is not L.A. and she does not look anything like she did back then.’

We sat and smoked another joint and I honestly did not know what to
think. I kind of thought it was cool and another part of me thought it was
sick. I also wanted to see one of the films! I think Fiona realised I
would as well. I’d have been an idiot if I hadn’t been curious.

‘David are you o.k with all of this or what?’

‘Of course I’m O.K. with it. Porn… yeah cool but you have to admit it
is a major shock! I’m worried I’ll make a fool of myself in front of your
Mum. You know… stare or some stupid shit or even worse say something I
shouldn’t. I don’t know what to do now.’

‘Would it help if I told you that I love you and that’s the only reason
that I told you any of this?’

‘Oh my God! Fuck… I mean, shit! … Jesus! …. I mean I love you too! …
I mean you are like a goddess to me. I am the luckiest guy I know.’

We sat in silence for a few seconds and then hugged and kissed with a
completely new sense of passion. As if we were truly sharing the pleasure
rather than me hoping that she was as enthusiastic as I was. Everything
seemed so unreal, two adolescents talking about hardcore actresses, porn

‘I knew I could trust you. I knew you felt as strongly as me. It was
the right thing to do,’ she said looking straight into my eyes. ‘You’re
the one!’

‘No you are!’

Completely relaxed, we swam for a bit and played with each other both in
the water and on the pool-deck. Nothing serious, just some very heavy
petting! We dried off, dressed and went back to the house. We walked in
through the Fiona insisted that nothing would happen that I should be
worried about. She wanted me to meet her Father, have dinner and chill
with them for the evening so I called my Mum to let her know I wouldn’t be
home for dinner.

When we walked in the house Fiona’s Mum was starting to get dinner
ready. I couldn’t help staring at her for a few seconds before realising
what I was doing. She was beautiful. She did have an amazing body but I
would never in a million years have thought she was a former pornstar.
There was nothing slutty about her. Her makeup was immaculate yet
conservative. No inch-thick mascara and electric blue eye-shadow just soft
touches to show she cared about her looks. The scars of her past were in
no way evident and she seemed to be completely self-confident. Thinking
about it, I don’t believe that she had a false bone in her body.

‘David, did you enjoy your swim?’

‘Uh… Yeah we did, it’s a really nice pool, thanks,’ I said in an almost
over the top ‘be polite to parents’ enthusiasm.

‘Good, Fiona is the only one using it these days. I should take more
advantage of it. I prefer to go to the gym and sauna. Pools always
irritate my skin unless I moisturise for hours.’

‘You should use the pool Mum, come with us, it is so refreshing. If the
weather gets any hotter then you’ll be jumping in everyday this summer.
You’ll have to!’

‘Not if your father ever organises the air-conditioning unit I’ve been
asking for. In the meantime, I may take you up on your offer. Fiona, your
Father will be home in a minute, can you set the table for me. David, you
are staying aren’t you?’

‘Yes Mrs. Dennis, if that’s O.K. - my mother is not expecting me.’

‘Call me Kay… please! No one except that shit of a paperboy calls me
Mrs. Dennis. It makes me feel dowdy and boring.’

You are far from boring! I thought to myself. Fiona clearly had an
idea of what I was thinking and grinned at me from the dining room.

‘Ok, Kay it is then! I feel out of place here, can I help with

‘No, dinner should be ready soon. Greg called from the car and should
be here shortly,’ she said then shouted, ‘Baby did you hear that?’ to Fiona
in the next room.

‘Yeah,’ came the reply. ‘Be good to see him for once!’

‘David,’ Kay turned to me with a very serious look on her face. ‘I have
to ask you a question. Can you open a bottle of wine?’

Her slowly developing smile was the only give away. If I said yes she
would want to know how an underage kid had learned how, and if I had
answered no, she might have thought I was a putz. I opted for putz and as
she reached full smile realised she wasn’t serious.

‘Not a lot of practice, I’m afraid… but willing to master the
technique!’ I said offering my best pitch.

‘I don’t doubt that for a minute.’ she said with a soft wink. ‘Greg
will be home soon, why don’t you go down to the family room and watch T.V.
till he gets here.’

She was like Fiona in so many ways. It was really hard not to notice
her fit body that she obviously worked hard too keep in shape. What made
her different was that she had hundreds of subtle ways to keep your
attention. Her body language was almost artful in the way she drew you in
so that whether you were speaking or listening to her, she maintained your
complete focus.

Ten minutes later, Greg arrived home. Fiona and Kay ran for the door to
the carport, welcoming him home. After he was allowed the time to set his
briefcase down and give his wife a big kiss, Fiona grabbed hold of him and
marched him through their expansive living room, towards me.

They stopped at the top of the small set of stairs, ‘David, this is my
Dad’ He was taller than I had imagined, maybe 6’2’ and in good shape. He
looked like he still exercised rather than letting his gut just continue to
expand with age. Tanned, well groomed, expensive but casual trousers and a
pastel pink Polo shirt certainly solidified the corporate image.

‘Hi David, glad you could join us for dinner. So how have the two of
them been while I was away.’

‘They’ve been really nice your wife… uh Kay cooked us dinner the other
night and it was fantastic. She is better than a chef.’

‘Yeah, shame she saves it for when we have guests over. The rest of the
time it’s sandwiches or a take out!’ He said winking at Fiona who was
looking anxious. ‘What are you watching there?’

‘Oh I wasn’t really watching anything… was there something you wanted to

‘Yeah, if you don’t mind,’ he said circling the sofa and seating himself
at one end of their incredibly comfortable sofa. ‘I wanted to watch the
sports news on ESPN. Sit down, you do like sports don’t you?’

‘Yeah, I’m on the volleyball team at school and when track season starts
I run the 400 and 800 metres.’

‘Good for you! Volleyball is a great sport and you never see it on tv unless it’s the Olympics. I played back in the sixties but I’m pretty sure
the game has come a long way since.’

‘I don’t know, sometimes we play as if we haven’t learnt a thing. We
have a Polish guy who is a star and used to play for the Polish Youth
National Team. He just makes us look good.’

He smiled and began watching the TV, occasionally asking what I thought
about this or that and engaging me in conversation. He was very relaxed -
asked me to call him Greg - and made me feel very at ease. We chatted
until we were called in for dinner.

Kay was just putting the last plates on the table and as she reached
over I noticed the depth of her cleavage. She would have been great to
watch back in the day! Heavy and perfectly shaped breasts on a slender
frame really made her look sexy even if she was in her forties. I think
she noticed me looking but didn’t seem to care.

Dinner was excellent once again: seared salmon and a wicked chocolate
mousse to follow. I couldn’t see any reason why my mother would object to
me moving over here, lower food bills, less washing and cleaning and
definitely more peace.

‘Honey, why don’t you go run yourself a bath and once I’ve cleared up
the kitchen, we can leave these two to enjoy a peaceful evening together.’

‘I think I will Kay,’ Greg said. ‘These young adults don’t want old farts like us cluttering up their time together.’

Within seconds Fiona and I were left on our own and had only one thing
on our minds. Pool-house!! We walked out to the back garden and then
almost sprinted to the shed in the end. We were manically trying to get
each other’s clothes off and grope each other at the same time. When her
shirt came off my eyes were transfixed by her deep and sexy cleavage, the
flesh bulging slightly from the supportive under-wired bra. She lifted one
of her breasts up and out of the bra and seductively raised her nipple to
her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the aureole.

‘You love my tits, don’t you? Tell me how much you like feeling my big
tits,’ she said in her best sex-kitten voice before sucking her nipple into
her pouting mouth.

‘They are unbelievably hot. I can’t stop thinking about how you let me
fuck and then cum on them earlier. You are every man’s dream. Beautiful
from head to toe.’ I replied wishing I knew how to talk dirty like her, how
to turn her on with just words as she could clearly do to me. My prick was
throbbing and I popped out of my boxers as I pulled them off.

‘Looks like I’ve got what I want too! You have a gorgeous cock David.
It looks like a model cock, like the perfect sample for a dildo.’

She moved toward me after removing her panties but still keeping her bra
on. ‘David, do you think you can last for a few minutes because I am so
hot right now and I need your tongue again…bad!’

‘Only after you let me suck your tits first. All through dinner I
couldn’t help noticing your amazing body. Do girls get the equivalent of a
hard-on because there was no way I could have got up from the table?!
You’re the wildest, sexiest girl I will probably ever know and I can’t stop
thinking about you and us.’

‘Yeah, we get horny, of course we do! It’s just not as visible. Want
some of this ‘

She lifted the other tit out of its cup and pushed her chest forward,
the effect being to push her breasts together. Then, with both arms behind
her back and DD’s at their fullest, she undid the clasp of the bra and her
glorious breasts tumbled out in full. She allowed me to suckle them but
began taking steps backwards causing me to walk and suck at the same time.
We were both laughing and at the pools edge she swung me round and shoved
me into the pool.

We moved our way to the shallow end again and I manoeuvred her into a
position where she was sitting on the pool edge, legs spread wide and pussy inviting me for a good tonguing. Within two strokes of my tongue Fiona was
talking dirty to me:

‘Oh fuck … oh my cunt is hot … ungghh David … yeah deeper… mmm, ohhh my
clit… my …mmmmm!!’ Her head was lolling back and forth and her gently
bouncing tits were rock hard, with the beginnings of a shiny dew of sweat
forming on her stomach and chest. She could easily be a pornstar, there is
no way that all women say things like: ‘I’m turning over cuz I want you to
rim my ass and my muff at the same time!’

I took a step back to allow her to move and watched as she lowered her
head to the pool deck, her fantastic tits flattening on the floor -
impossibly big for her size. Her ass rose up in the air and I was greeted
by the view of her beautifully prepared pussy, hairs no longer than an
1/8th of an inch. This was my first clear view of a woman’s genitalia and
I was awestruck. It was beautiful! Her puffy labia hid the mysterious
depths of her vagina, but her clitoris was engorged and rising from the
delicate folds. As she spread her legs apart, all was revealed and I began
to slowly, gingerly tongue my way along the folds of her labia. Steadily I
began to increase the tempo and pressure, my tongue darting into her
delicious opening. I folded my tongue once again and pushed it into her
hole, gently blowing my tongue vibrated in the opening and then I pushed it
in as far as it would go. This sent her over the top. Her head was
rolling around and she pushed herself off the ground so that she could
grind herself onto my eager tongue.

‘David that is so fucking good …. oh fuck … I’m going to cum…. mmmm.
Oh make me cum … unnnggh!! Feel how hot my pussy is David… this is what
you’re doing to me… unhh oh yeah do me hard!’

‘Check this out!’ I said as my tongue slid up to the asshole that had
beckoned me from the beginning. I darted my tongue over and around her
sphincter and occasionally pressed it into the tightly closed orifice. Her
reaction to this new sensation brought her to a huge orgasm. I persevered,
knowing that I would be repaid with something equally wild. I slid my
thumb into her vagina and began pushing hard into the depths of her
steaming cunt while continuing to rim her asshole. Throughout, she bucked
my face with her sweaty privates and howled in delight.

‘Yes…Mmnn…mmnnn…ohh..mmnn… oh fuck yes… oh fuck yes…ohhhhh … oh you
fucking genius!!!’

Arching her back she began to rock on the strokes of my thumb, faster
and faster. My cock which had been wholly unattended, was pulsating and
rock hard at the spectacle of her unbridled enjoyment. Finally, in a
scream of pleasure she came again and literally fell onto the edge of the
pool deck.

I kept my thumb in place but moved up to lie half in the water and press
my face into the side of her left breast. She moved down slightly and then
straddled my legs. The heat of her pussy against my cock was incredible.
She slowly slid up and down the length of my shaft and I could feel her
opening and then as she slid down my cock rubbed up against her clit.

‘David, I want to go inside and show you something. Then I’m going to
give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had. I know you’re ripe and ready
now but what I have to show you will be very fucking cool. I guarantee
it.’ She reached down and tugged several times on my raging hard-on.
‘You’re going to love this, I just know it!’

‘Fiona, how can I walk into your house like this? I’ve got the biggest
hard-on ever!’

‘Don’t worry, my parents are in bed for sure. They can’t go several
days apart without jumping into bed at the first sight of each other. If
you hadn’t been here they would have gone up to bed as soon as my Dad got

‘You know about their sex life!’

‘No, but it’s pretty easy to work out, they’ve always been like that.
Dad comes home, they go upstairs for an hour, we have dinner or whatever
and they smile at each other constantly all day. Never changes! Anyway,
don’t worry about them…it’s this thing I think you should be concerned
with. It looks like its going to blow!!’ she said with a wicked grin.

Chapter 3 - Losing it

We sneaked back through the French doors to the family room and quickly
ascended the flight of stairs I had noticed before but never used, we
normally just went up the main stairs. Her bedroom door was perfectly
positioned so that we would only be in the main hallway for a second.
Fiona peered down the hall before dashing across the corridor and into her
room. She then took another look and waved me across. Commandoes on a
raid? - hardly!

‘Fiona, what happens if your Mum comes in? Fuck, what happens if your
Dad comes in!!!?’ I said in anxiety but falling onto her bed anyway.

She joined me on the bed and lay beside me with her headed propped up on
an elbow. ‘David, what would have happened if they caught us in the pool?!
My parents respect my privacy; they know that I am with you. They know
that we are probably fooling around and my mother has more than made me
aware of the importance of taking precautions. She’s done o.k. in the end
but what a fucking way to do it!’

‘Tell me some more about her and your Dad. I mean there’s a lot of
stuff that I’m curious about.’

‘There’s not that much more to tell. We live a very normal life… well
sort of. My mother is on the board of a listed company now called
Metro-Pacific Film Distribution Inc. They have two main areas of business,
hardcore and softcore porn that it is their job to make sure is delivered
to all of the right markets. They deal with film companies that want to
learn how best to market their films, who will buy them etc… My mum attends
adult conventions two or three times a year to find out what’s going on and
to help with the behind the scenes work for Pacific-Metro. She is not in
it for anything other than the money. She is an executive now and spends
most of her day at home on the phone. Her office is full of computers and
fax machines and business shit.’

‘Where is her office?’

‘Upstairs. She converted the whole floor so that it takes in the attic
and the 3rd floor. I’ll show you it one day next week. It’s really
corporate business-like, leather chairs and sofas and frosted glass tables.
Occasionally people come to the house on business and they go up there and
talk porn all day. Oh by the way… it’s not porn if my mother and you ever
have a conversation about it. It is adult cinema. O.k.? ‘Sure, I think I
can remember that. How hardcore are we talking here? I mean is it like
Animal Farm?’

‘No, fuck no!!!’ She giggled. ‘Fuck what do you think my family is

‘Well I don’t know, I’ve hardly seen any porn. I’ve seen some of the
stuff they have on the Playboy channel and on HBO but that’s about it.’

‘That’s what I came up here to show you!’

She got up off the bed and walked into her walk-in closet, moved a few
things and returned carrying a wine box. She set it down and popped a tape
into the machine, grabbing the remote she jumped onto the bed with me. My
curiosity was at its pinnacle.

The tape rolled through the credits and on comes Sandra Slam in a
nurse’s outfit. It’s Kay! My jaw is hanging, my eyes are bulging and my
hands are up over my face in complete shock and disbelief. ‘Fuck you
weren’t joking!’

‘You thought I made all of this up!’ she laughed seemingly relaxed about
what she was showing me.

Sandra Slam (Kay) is making the rounds of a hospital and stops to talk
with one of the Doctors who is seated behind a desk. They start to eye
each other up while discussing a patient. The nurse thinks that the Doctor
should have a look at the woman who has a serious chest infection.

‘It hurts when she breathes,’ says Sandra as she holds her hands over
her breasts. ‘Her lungs are all tight. Dr! Do you think I should massage
them for her like this?’ her hands cupping her large tits and kneading

‘Nurse, I don’t think they taught you anything in nursing school. The
way you do it is like this!’ The Doctor walks around behind her and with
her help, unbuttons her dress, grabbing both of her fantastic tits that are
now on full view.

‘Oh Doctor, you have such marvellous hands! I feel so relaxed. Would
you like me to massage you in some way?’ says Sandra with a cheeky grin.
She drops to her knees and tugs on the front of his medical trousers. His
cock slides out and she makes several appreciative mmm’s and ahhh’s at the
size and speed at which it grows. I’m both shocked and aroused at the
thought that Fiona’s mum is the slut on her knees, sucking this stud’s
cock. She also does it incredibly well! Fiona must have learnt from the

After blowing this guy for a few minutes, another nurse comes in and
says without fully realising what’s going on, that one of the patients had
asked for a doctor and no one had been to see her.

‘I’m dealing with someone who needs my attention at the moment nurse.
Perhaps you’d like to observe!’

The second nurse gets down on her knees and watches Sandra really close
up. After only a few seconds, she says to Sandra, ‘No, no, you have to do
it like this! Mmngh, you see how he reacts when I lick his balls!’

‘Yes, I see!’ says Sandra and the two of them go at it sharing sucking and licking roles.

‘You’ll like this bit!’ said Fiona, stroking my chest and then sliding
it down to my seriously straining dick.

‘Ohhh, that feels good Fiona, I won’t last long!’ ‘Then I’ll stop for a
minute…just watch!’

Sandra and the nurse begin swirling tongues on the tip of the guys cock
and end up frenching each other. It is a wickedly sexy scene because I had
only seen a couple of movies where girls kiss and they never went at it
like Sandra and her fellow nurse!

The guy moves around behind Sandra and lifts up her skimpy nurse’s dress
to reveal her hot pussy.

‘Dr! Do you always give your patients such a thorough going over?’

‘Just the one’s that need it most Nurse and I would anticipate that it
has been a while since your last examination.’

‘Well Doctor, it has been almost 4 hours!!’

The doctor proceeds to begin fucking her doggy style and the other
nurse, now fully naked and lying on her back with her legs spread, is right
in front of Sandra.

‘Doctor?’ says the second nurse with slightly small but very pert tits.
‘I’m almost a fully qualified Nurse. All I need is an oral examination and
I’ll cum through in flying colours!!’ Sandra takes the hint and begins to
lick her out!

I’d never seen this kind of porn before. I always wanted to but had
only got so far as some hardcore mags that some of my friends had showed
around but never on video! These were real people doing it and I knew one
of them!

Fiona had begun to very delicately blow me. Soft, wet kisses followed
by full-length licks up and down my prick. I couldn’t stop the humming if
I’d tried. Looking down I could see it jumping around in irregular time
which Fiona controlled by grasping my length and holding the quivering tip
to her full lips.

Her mother was moaning like hell on the screen and so was the other
nurse. The camera caught both of their facial expressions and then took a
close up view of the Doctor pounding Sandra’s cunt. I couldn’t believe
what I was seeing! As the scene started to reach its crescendo, the second
nurse scooted headfirst under Sandra and began to lick at her clitoris
while the Doctor continued to pound her. Screen-takes of Sandra’s ecstasy,
the second nurse tonguing away, millimetres from the Doctors piston of a
cock and then a view over the shoulder of the Doctor followed in quick
succession. Finally the Doctor pulls out and sprays his spunk all over
Sandra’s pussy and the other Nurse’s pretty face.

I wanted to say something but was too caught up in the out-of-this-world
blowjob that Fiona was performing on me. She had regularly been looking up
at me and each time I didn’t know what to do, look at her or watch the

I began to moan, feeling my balls tighten and my humming cock grow to
its fullest extent. Instinctively, Fiona got up and wrapped my cock in her

‘Fuck them hard David, that’s what they are there for… you love my tits … now cum on them! God do I want to fuck you!!’

I responded, the feel of her pliant flesh and the look of outright lust
on her face was overwhelming.

‘Fee….ohhh… fuck.. uhnnhh …uhnnhh…unnghhh… God! … your tits are hot…
you are my pornstar …unggh!’ I groaned as cum shot all over her tits,
chest, neck, chin and face. The spasms of my orgasm continued for longer
than normal and she was still cupping her expansive breasts together and
had an angelic look of bliss on her face.

‘You just called me a pornstar!’

‘Well you’re as good at what you do as anyone on that video. Now, I
want you to lick all of that off!!’

She pushed me back on to the bed and then dragged her gooey body up my
torso. The effect wiped most of my cum off her tits but she did lift each
tit in turn and licked off my cum. Then she scooped up the remainder from
her face and slurped that into her mouth as well. A very, very sexy look
crossed her face and she then turned around and deposited her soaking
snatch on my face. My eyes were greeted by her anus and the familiar taste
of her pussy as she plunged it down on to my receptive face. I then felt
her sucking my cock of all the remaining cum I had left in my flaccid

I was hard again within only a few minutes and was getting pummelled by
the force of her grinding ass and hips. I started using the vibrating
tongue again but before I could get a rhythm going she stopped:

‘David, I stole a condom from my parents bathroom. I think we should go
for it or do you want it to be bareback in a few days? I mean this should
be memorable don’t you think?’

‘The condom … fucking now… God do I want to fuck you!! Where is it?’

She leaned back and I was now submerged in her cunt. Her pussy lips
were spread over my nose and tongue and to encourage me she wiggled her
hips slightly. After a few seconds she moved forward but stopped to let
her asshole get a short tonguing as well.

Getting off of me she said: ‘I’ve been wanting to do what we’re about to
do since the party. I am completely in love with you and just want you to
know that.’

‘I feel the same way Fiona, I love you too!’

‘Good, now let’s get down and dirty!’

She placed the condom on the end of my rock hard penis and then, rather
than rolling it down with her hand she used her mouth! She deep throated
me and managed to get the condom to fully unravel on my knob. Genius!

She slid up against me and we began necking fiercely. I was humming
between her sensuous thighs and I could tell she was enjoying it;
persistent kitten-like mews escaped her as her lust increased. She rolled
over onto her back and I positioned myself at the entrance of her steaming

‘Do it to me!’ she whispered in my ear.

I shoved forward and heard her gasp as the full length of my cock
gingerly worked its way into her vagina. The sensations were blinding!
Her cunt was very tight and the girth of my prick initially seemed to be
uncomfortable for her. As more of her love juice coated my length, it
became easier to slide in and out of her.

At first I couldn’t help going fast. The feeling was so new and so
unlike jacking off! Her vaginal walls were massaging me and the intensity
of feeling had me buzzing away like a madman.

‘David… slow down… go slowly …. mmmm!’ she moaned as I obeyed her
request and dropped my speed to a slow dance. This was a totally
unexpected pleasure. Sex was good both fast and slow! No one had told me
that either!

Fiona was in another world. Her whole body was in motion, rhythmically
coaching me to sway my hips and grind my body into her. I began to learn
that by being fully extended inside her I could grind my pubic bone against
her clit causing heightened pleasure for both of us.

I also began to get bolder and raised myself so that I was now on my
knees looking down on her, I pulled her legs up and onto my shoulders (I’d
seen a picture of this in the classified section of a friends men’s
magazine). She took it one step further and pulled her knees up to her
chest so that I could bury my cock as far as possible into her cunt.

‘You’re fucking me … unnnghh… fuck the hell out of me!!’

‘What a brainwave! This.. was.. such ..a good idea!’ I moaned,
between heavy intakes of breath.

I hadn’t even thought about the fact that the tape was still playing,
but now another nurse was blowing a patient I wasn’t really that
interested, preferring the porn queen that I was actually fucking.

Fiona began rubbing her clitoris while I continued to fuck her, holding
onto her ankles and grinding every millimetre of my cock deep within her
pussy. The sight of her diddling herself and the look of rapture on her
face was porn in the flesh. I was loving it.

‘Fuck me from behind.. I want your fucking cock from behind!’

This was going to be cool, I just knew it! We moved into position and I
slipped in to the hilt with ease. It felt like I could go even deeper than
when she was on her back and we instinctively increased our speed. Her
sweaty DD cup tits hung down and swayed like pendulums as we continued to
fuck each other’s brains out.

I placed a thumb at the entrance to her asshole and applied pressure all
over it. Her moaning had escalated to screams and with the humming of my
cock and the asshole tickling she started to cum hysterically.

‘Oh my cunt… oh fuck!…oh fuck!…oh fuck!… Awnnggh, hunnn, hunnn, mmmm,
grab my tits you fucker!’

As I latched on to her tits she screamed so loudly I thought for sure
her parents could here us.

‘Cum… David …. cum… cum now… with me! ohhh fuck…cum!’

I was very close anyway because her dirty language was almost reflexive.
After only a few more strokes I pushed her down onto the bed so that she
was directly beneath me on her stomach. I scooped my hands underneath her
to grab both of her amazing tits and squeezed them hard. I was now
pounding into her and within a few seconds I grunted and shot my load into
the end of the condom that was deep within her. We both collapsed,
breathing hard and kissing each other frantically but slowing considerably
by second.

Falling off her but maintaining full body contact I looked over at the
TV to see Kay / Sandra sitting on some girls face. ‘What a family’, I
thought to myself!

Chapter 4 - Discovery

Losing my virginity to Fiona was the best thing that had happened in my
life. I only had to ask and she would do whatever I wanted. Nothing
seemed taboo. In retrospect the fact that we had such an open, ‘willing to
try anything’ approach from the outset, allowed us to be able to share our
thoughts and fantasies without restriction. I don’t think that either one
of us kept anything from the other. Trust is one thing but this had
evolved into total devotion and faith in each other. I was the luckiest
and proudest guy in the world and no one knew what we got up to.

… Apart from Kay! Because we spent literally every available moment
fucking each other, watching porn or just lolling around in her bedroom and
talking about sex, Kay had become somewhat suspicious of what we were
doing. She sat Fiona down and asked point-blank, ‘Are you two fucking?’
Fiona admitted that we were. They then talked about precautions and the
nightmares that could arise if we both weren’t careful. Kay said she
thought I was a great guy and that it was lovely that we were so happy
together but was worried that maybe we were too serious about each other.
Dating was a good thing, the benefits of meeting people etc… it was pretty
obvious that she was trying to tell Fiona that opening herself up too much
was a fast route to being seriously hurt at a young age. You can’t really
object to that, though I did, because she was right. What if I did dump
her and then go and tell the entire school that she was a horny slut that
would do absolutely anything in bed? How would that affect her? Kay
didn’t say it like that but the inference was definitely aimed in that
direction. They both began to cry and Fiona assured her that I was nothing
but a gentleman. No one in school knew that we were having sex. They did
think we were obsessed with each other but absolutely no one knew what we
were doing. Fiona then said something that was a little stupid.

‘Mum, I trust him completely. He knows everything about me, us. I
trust him that much!’

‘Say that again. He knows what about us?’

‘You know our family, ... Alex and Sarah and stuff. You know… stuff
about our family.’

The look on Kay’s face was terrifying according to Fiona. She was so
angry that she started throwing things around, breaking things and
basically went berserk. After smashing several glasses to the kitchen
floor and frightening the daylights out of Fiona, Kay calmed down somewhat.
‘Out with it, what exactly have you told him? This five-minute fuck of
yours! What jeopardy have you placed all of us under?’

Fiona said she had never even imagined that her mother could be so
ferocious. Kay’s anger scared the shit out of her and it was her own
fault. She said she literally crumbled and broke down in floods of tears.
She knew at the time that telling me everything about her family was a risk
but she had never thought that I could be a danger to their family security.

Fiona told Kay everything about us; how much we loved each other, how
much sex we were having, where we were having it-down to the finest of

‘I guess you think you’ve covered everything then, is that right?’ Kay
said with angry sarcasm.


‘And what about me in particular. What does wonder-fuck know about me?’

Fiona recoiled in terror. It was written all over her face that she had
told me everything about Kay.

‘Alright you little cooz, you fucking tell me what he knows or so help
me I will go over to his fucking house and drag him over here by the balls.
You total fuck-wit! How the fuck could you do this to me? Look at your
fucking life. I gave everything to you and this is the way you fucking
repay me. I should fucking throw you out in the street. How the fuck can
you betray me like this? How? You fucking little tramp!!’ Kay’s naked
emotion and maternal defence mechanism was in full flow and petrifying.

‘Mum, please! … David would never hurt us, we are in love with each

‘He is fucking sixteen, full of hormones and at the moment his brain can
only concentrate on one thing: getting some ass! He sees your big tits and
all he can think of is getting you naked. Do you see any kind of a future
here? How do you think I got pregnant with Sarah? Some little piece of
shit tells me he loves me and that he’d be ‘ree-al careful’. He didn’t
give a damn and dumped me. I was left with a baby and fuck-all else. How
the fuck don’t you see that? It’s a conquest for them! The cunts!!’

Fiona had never heard her mother speak like that. Her tough upbringing
had been neatly locked away in a secret place that no one was ever going to
be allowed to access. Nothing would ever be allowed to get in the way of
her happiness yet I posed a serious threat.

‘Go and get him. I don’t care where he is. Get him over here and I
will rip him a new asshole!’

Fiona called me at home and was crying uncontrollably. ‘David, my Mum
needs you to come over here. She knows that I told you everything! God,
what have I done?! David you have to come over here! Please.’

I hopped on my bike and raced over. This was not good. It sounded like
her mother had freaked and was probably going to have a fit at me too. I
kept thinking that I had done nothing wrong. Fiona had chosen to tell me
some very guarded secrets about her family and I had nothing but respect
for all of them in being able to turn things around. I had no idea what
was going to happen when I walked through the side door and into their

‘Ah, look who it is! Wonder-fuck!’ said Kay immediately putting me on
the defensive. I looked at Fiona, slumped on a stool and looking very,
very upset. The entire kitchen was strewn with broken china and glass.
Not good!

‘Fiona has decided to let me in on the little secret you’ve both had
for… what is it now 4 months?’

‘Ok,’ I said nervously.

‘David what do you know about my life?’ she said biting her bottom lip
in an attempt to control the fury that so clearly raged within her.

‘Well, I know that your parents died when you were young and you had a
tough time growing up.’

‘You can do a lot better than that! You don’t expect me to believe that
that is all little misses over there has told you, do you?’

‘Well uh … no. You got pregnant when you were really young and had
Sarah. Then the guy ran off and you met another guy and got pregnant again
… and then he ran off. I’m really sorry it happened to you!’ I said
shifting from one nervous position to the next.

‘Save the fucking sympathy wonder-fuck. What else do you know?’ she
said leaning forward and glaring at me.

‘You were a stripper for a while and worked in night clubs.’ I looked at
Fiona to see if I was doing ok, but she couldn’t lift her head out of her
hands. Huge tears trickled between her fingers and dropped to the floor.
‘You got into the porn industry.’ I declared trying to finish early.

‘Yeah, that’s right. I was in the porn industry. Keep going!’ she

‘You made some movies. So what! It doesn’t matter!’

‘Have you seen any of my movies?’

I knew that it was going to have to come out. I knew from the minute I
walked in the door that she would want to know everything I knew about her.
‘Yes,’ I said trying to appear indifferent.

‘So that little cunt has had so little respect for her mother that she
showed you some porn from 20 years ago. Stuff that she knew would really
hurt me. Stuff that I tried to bury.’

‘Kay it wasn’t like that. Honestly!’

‘What you came round here for cookies and she decided to show some
family movies instead of cartoons on TV. Don’t insult my fucking

‘Kay, I promise you it wasn’t like that. They are sexy. You are sexy
and we watched them before having sex once or twice. We lost our virginity
together and it was amazing. I absolutely love your daughter and would
never do anything to hurt her or you. I’d lose her if I did that.’

‘You are such a fucking idiot David! Kids your age do not know what
you’ll be doing next week let alone next year.’ she said lapsing into

‘Kay please listen… Fiona and I are very discreet. No one I hang out
with even knows that I lost my virginity over 3 months ago. I have wanted
to go out with your daughter for well over a year. The first time I saw
her in school I thought she was really attractive, like one of the best
looking girls I have ever seen! Since we started going out we have a
really good time together. I come over here and I like you and Greg and
all is cool! I’ve known about your past for the last three months and I
know I never gave you the impression that I was disgusted by what you did.
You are really cool! I haven’t let something that happened twenty years
ago bother me and nor should you. Look what you’ve made for yourself! You
have a business, you’re successful and all is cool. Just believe me.
Fiona and I watched about 3 of your films and not even all the way through.
We like porn and get into it, but I think we both feel more comfortable
watching other people have sex.’

Everybody seemed to calm down a bit. Fiona was wiping her eyes and
looking out the door to the hallway. She couldn’t look at either of us.
Kay walked to the fridge and got out a bottle of wine. Pouring herself a
glass, she looked at me with scrutiny.

‘I’m not happy with this at all. I feel more naked than I was in those
films. I suppose you’d like some of this?’ I nodded and after pouring me a
glass she continued. ‘You can offer me as many assurances as you like but
what I need is insurance! I have tried to disguise that part of my past
completely. Kay Matthews was not the name you would give a porn actress so
they chose Sandra Slam. I use Kay Matthews as my professional name now and
the only people that I invite to my office here are people that work for
me. No one knows me as Kay Dennis. It wouldn’t take much to find out but I
have tried to keep a very low profile. If I need to be at a conference I
usually wear a wig or do my hair and make-up so that people can’t put two
and two together. I would never attend a conference here. Do you see what
I mean? Greg knew that there was a lot of money to be made in the industry
but we couldn’t trust anyone to run the business for us. One of us had to
be involved. He couldn’t because of his own career. We have made a lot of
money out of this business and I’m proud of my family’s achievements but
I’m not at all proud of myself. I met Greg in a fucking coffee shop. I
can’t begin to tell you how upsetting that is for me. I was a waitress in
a coffee shop and there were decent men who liked me. My little rebellious
nature drove me into porn rather than meeting a decent guy. I kept
thinking no one would want to go out with a single mother when they could
have the better alternatives. David, I know you feel a lot for Fiona but
this is my life and my family’s life too. I need insurance that you will
never betray us. Please!’ She had gone the full circle, from snarling
demon to total vulnerability.

‘Kay, I don’t know how to prove to you that I won’t let you down,
regardless if shit happens between me and Fiona. I’ve got a lot of respect
for both of you and the things that you’ve all achieved. I’ll try and
prove it to you, I don’t know how but I will.’

She sat sobbing to herself, glass of wine resting on her thigh and I
felt obligated to put my arm around her shoulder. She looked up at me and
smiled. ‘Stay for dinner?’

‘Yeah sure, I’ll call my Mum.’

I went into the hallway and made the call. My mum was also concerned
that I was spending too much time with Fiona. ‘Why don’t you go down to
the ballpark anymore?’ was her way of suggesting I shouldn’t dump my
friends. The concerns she had were obviously nothing like those harboured
by Kay!

When I walked back in Fiona was kneeling on the floor and crying into
her mother’s lap, hugging her knees. I smiled and just leaned against the
fridge, sipping my wine and wondering what Kay’s life had really been like.
I felt incredibly sorry for her and at the same time couldn’t pity her
because we were standing in a house worth over a million dollars.

A few minutes later we heard the garage door open and Greg’s BMW pull in
to the carport. Here we go again I thought. Kay must have thought the
same thing because she shooed us out of the room. We went to the family room and Fiona vaulted onto the sofa, wailing in grief and self-pity. She
kept repeating, ‘What have I done?’ over and over and I just rubbed her
shoulders, vainly trying to console her.


Greg loomed over me and touched my shoulder. Kay had obviously spent
the last fifteen minutes giving him the lowdown on everything. He had a
very stern look on his face, forehead creased and tension built-up in his
upper body.

‘Hello Greg,’ I said solemnly.

‘Can we talk out in the garden?’


We walked out and looking back I could see Fiona with a totally new form
of misery washing over her face. ‘Fuck, what has she done?’

Greg was a lot bigger than me. His posture and the stress within him
made him look even bigger. I actually thought he was taking me outside to
beat the hell out of me.

‘David, Fiona has fucked up in the worst possible way. She has told you
something that no one outside of this family knows about. I mean the
immediate family! No one else knows. So… I’m faced with a major dilemma,
what do I do now?’

‘Sir,’ I said deferentially, ‘I promise you that I will never tell a
soul. I explained to Kay that I have seen a few of the films but I don’t
hold anything against her for it. I also don’t get into watching them. I
would rather watch something else…’

‘Shut up David! Listen to me. I’ll put this as clearly and succinctly
as I can. I think you are one of the brightest kids I’ve met in a long
time. We all really like you. My daughter doesn’t shut up about you.
You’re a good looking kid that has charm and maturity beyond your years
but… I will kill you if you ever do anything that hurts this family. Do
you understand?!’

‘Yes sir’ I replied with my head bowed. I was shitting myself.

‘Oh yeah… and you’re going to work for me this summer.’


‘I’m giving you a summer job in my office.’

‘Uh.. why?’

‘I need to get to know you better. Three days a week, 10 bucks an hour.

‘Oh my God! Yeah deal, definitely! God, thanks, thanks a lot! Wow!’

‘Now come inside and charm the ladies like I expect you to.’ he said
without emotion.

He walked ahead of me and I thought I heard him whistling. What an
amazing man. He got my total compliance and respect in less than two
minutes. I was not being bought, he was giving me an opportunity to earn
great money and prove myself to him. I’d never had a job before so this
was a major bonus!

As we entered the house, Kay was sitting with Fiona in the family room
and had obviously done some major repair work because Fiona looked a lot

‘David, it’s my turn. Can I talk to you as well?’

I turned around and walked back out to the garden, knowing that she was
following. She caught up with me and whirled me around to face her.

‘I am so in love with you I feel sick! What you did… what you said to
my Mum was unreal. You are the nicest man I will ever meet. I mean…most
guys would run a mile… sorry… ‘ She was sobbing again and after a few
seconds to compose herself resumed. ‘ My mother thinks you handled
yourself like an adult should, but rarely does. You were so good. You’re
so lovely… I love you, fuck I love you… never ever leave us!’

‘Fiona, you only told me all of that because you wanted me to really
know you, maybe to demonstrate that our relationship had to be completely
open without anything hidden. I’m cool with that but I don’t think that
either one of us ever considered how the secret would affect the other
people in your family. I was just being honest with your mum. I’m not
going to fuck up five people’s lives for the sake of getting even with you
on some score. In reality, I don’t want to go anywhere if it means you’re
not within a few minutes of me, ever! You are too fucking special to me.
We should do everything, see everything and live everything together.’

‘Move in!’ she said laughing and looking infinitely happier than she had
ten minutes previously.

We went back in the house and on entering Kay hugged me, apologising for
her behaviour. All was cool and after another glass of wine we settled
down to dinner.

Chapter 5 - Summer Job

Dinner was very nice and I think we all tried a little too hard to seem
as if nothing had happened. Greg was quite liberal with the wine and I
think I had about 5 glasses. To put it bluntly, I was drunk. Fiona was a
bit tiddly too but hadn’t had quite as much as me.

After dinner, we all retired to the family room to watch tv and chill. I
couldn’t help thinking that some major iceberg had been broken between the
family and I. Although it was somewhat difficult to fully understand, I
felt really happy and confident around them.

Fiona and I went up to her room because I was behaving like a bit of an
idiot: over-animated conversation, clumsiness and being a little too keen
to appear the model boyfriend. It was probably best to get me out of their
sight while things were still good between us.

We got up to her room and I fell on the bed with a huge smile on my
face. My head was spinning with alcohol and all I could do was say ‘I love
you, Fiona’ and then promptly fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning at around 6:00. Fiona and I were both fully
clothed and lying on top of her quilted white duvet. She looked angelic in
her sleep. I decided that I should try and get home before my parents got
up and avoid the anguish that that involved. I went down the back stairs
to the family room and was shocked to find Greg sitting there, reading Time

‘I wonder if you’re trying to sneak home,’ he said with a wry grin.

‘Well… yeah. I think I passed out. Too much wine probably,’ I said

‘You are under age. I shouldn’t have let you have so much. Get
yourself a cup of coffee from the kitchen and come and join me. I want to
talk about the work you’ll be doing. Oh and by the way, Kay called your
Mum last night and explained we had a bit of a celebration about the job
offer. You’re in the clear.’

‘Really! Oh God thanks, that is a big relief!’

‘Well are you getting a cup of coffee or not. You look like you could
use it!’

‘Uh yeah…right, back in a sec.’

When I returned, Greg was in the garden admiring his beautiful lawn.

‘David,’ he said as I joined him. ‘I normally would take a college intern for this position but I think in the long run this will work out to
be the same thing. I want you to work in our investment research
department. You’ll be working in a team of analysts that specialise in
looking for good investment opportunities and analysing their strengths and
weaknesses. The sector you’ll be working in is technology stocks. Sound

‘Sure… yeah, sounds really interesting! Do you mind if I sit down?’ I
was experiencing the effects of a colossal hangover and was having trouble
on my feet.

He smiled and continued.

‘What have your grades at school been like?’

‘Pretty good, I’m not top of the class but I’m in the top 20%.’

‘Could you do better than that?’


The truth was that I never studied much. I’d do my homework and hand it
in on time but not a lot of effort went into it. I knew it and so did my
teachers; every report card mentioned it.

‘Good. You guys have your exams in 3 weeks is that right?’


‘I want you to study your ass off for the next three weeks. If you get
A’s in at least four of the subjects, you’ll get $15 bucks an hour. Deal!’

‘Deal!!!’ I could get a really decent second hand car in less than a
month with that kind of money! This was too good to be true! Images of
everything I could buy flashed through my head and filled me with

‘Greg, seriously why are you doing this for me? It’s not about the
secret is it? I mean… you don’t have to give me a job, you know.’

‘I know. I see it as an investment. I get to see what kind of kid my
daughter is so hooked on. I get to invest in your future and possibly hers
if you two are so close. I also get cheaper labour than I would if I used
an employment agency or took someone direct from a college. They are
greedy and have no real interest in trying to impress me. You do. I
wouldn’t let my daughter go out with anyone who didn’t want to impress me.’

He had a point!

We finished our coffee by walking around the garden and enjoying the
early morning sun. Kay came out in her dressing gown to offer us breakfast
and looked spectacular. She had pulled her hair back in a loose bun and
had no make-up on but her tanned skin looked immaculately clean and she had
a very healthy glow. She was 39 years old, almost 40, but had the figure
and appeal of a woman in her late 20’s. There was little you couldn’t
admire about her.

‘David, I just want to apologise again. You are a good kid and we are
lucky to have such a nice guy seeing Fiona. I guess I just need you to
realise how seriously we take our privacy. I don’t want my kids’
reputations ruined, I could give a shit about mine. You know what I mean,

‘No problem Kay. Honestly, I think the world of you and would not do
anything to screw things up.’

‘Thanks, can you go and find Fiona for breakfast?’

Fiona was already in her shower. Feeling quite horny, I took off my
clothes and joined her. I scared the shit out of her when I got in but
that initial fear disappeared quickly when she saw my stiffening cock.

‘Good morning!’ she purred seductively, pulling me towards her by the
end of my dick. ‘I hope you slept well!’

‘Yeah… I’m really sorry about that, I got quite drunk, didn’t I? Did
you sleep ok?’ I said pouring some liquid soap into my hands and rubbing it
into her hardening breasts. ‘Did I disappoint you? Because I’ll make it
up to you right now if you’d like!’

Fiona was leaning against me, enjoying the attention that I was paying
her breasts and smiling lewdly up at me. I think it’s the way her big tits swell out from her slender body that gives me the horn more than anything.
The weight was also extraordinary because each one had to be several pounds
and yet there was no sag whatsoever. I lifted them together and she stuck
out her tongue to lick a beautiful nipple. ‘I’ll never get enough of your
great tits baby. They are so sexy.’

‘Can we dispense with a lot of foreplay David? I just want your cock in
me right now. Just get your cock up my snatch and do not let go of my

She leaned forward and stretched out her arms to brace herself against
the wall and await my plunge from behind. At 5’6’ Fiona was almost the
perfect height for me to fuck from behind. The more she leaned over, the
more her perfectly formed pussy was revealed to me. She pressed back onto
my knob and I slid in with relative ease, an inch with each stroke. Her
cunt was spasming almost immediately and the feeling of her slick walls
sliding up and down my cock was fantastic. Her supple, athletic body was
gyrating on my turgid dick, pulling and pushing on it as our tempo
increased. I slid my thumb down along the crack of her ass and pressed it
against her anus. With this new sensation her body bucked even harder,
pushing me back against the shower wall.

‘Push it in, shove your thumb up my ass… ohh David this is soo good!’
she panted.

I pushed harder with my thumb and entered her asshole. The sight of
Fiona, tits swaying, slick juices sliding up and down my cock and loving
the fact that I was thumbing her asshole was almost too much. I could feel
my orgasm begin to build within me as we fucked at a ridiculous speed under
the steaming water.

‘Fiona, I can’t hold it … I ..’ I came with such force that I began to
tremble. She came only seconds later, rotating her hips in wide circles
and clenching her asshole and cunt down onto my thumb and cock. It had
been the archetypal quickie but just what we both needed.

She stepped away from me, rubbed some liquid soap all over her
impressive breasts and stomach and slid up against me again. ‘You are
without doubt, a fantastic start to the day!’ she said sliding her tongue
into my mouth.

‘So are you, babe!’ I said playing with her hefty breasts and making her
nipples harden.

‘Stop it David… it tickles! Let’s go and have breakfast,’ she said
pushing away from me and then stepping out of the shower.

We dressed quickly and went downstairs to the kitchen. I related Greg’s
expectations of me to Fiona as we went. The thought of making $15 an hour
and only working 3 days of the week was amazing. I would definitely study
hard. Most of my friends had jobs at McDonalds, or were busboys in
restaurants. I was going to be an investment analyst’s assistant! Fiona
was really pleased for me but was a bit surprised that her Dad had come up
with the idea. I explained that I was cheaper than a college under-grad
and he could expect more loyalty from me than them.

‘Do you know anything about investment banking?’

‘No, not really but I can learn. Shit, I don’t know about anything! I
do not want to go into my Dad’s clothing business. My brother can do that.
I mean, if your Dad wants to pay me $15 bucks an hour, I’ll do pretty well
anything he asks.’

‘Careful, in this house we don’t make promises like that!! You could
end up working for my mother!’ she winked.

Greg and Kay had obviously gone to get dressed, so we made ourselves a
cup of coffee and sat at the table discussing what we were going to do all
summer. When they did finally arrive, it seemed pretty clear to everyone
that we had all just had sex. Nervous and smiling glances passed between
us but the telltale signs of happy, affectionate and loving couples with
soaking wet hair and red blotchy faces had given the game away without a

Work and Play

Fiona and I studied together everyday. My parents could not believe the
change in me over those three weeks. I was up before them studying. I’d
come home for dinner and walk through the door immersed in my algebra
textbook. I knew the periodic table of elements back to front and could
balance chemical equations in my head. My French teacher was stunned when
I translated ‘Paint it Black’ by the Stones on the spot and in front of the
whole class! My use of the correct tenses in the past and future were
‘Merveilleux!’ she had said. It felt fantastic because it was the first
time I had ever been supremely confident going into the end of year exams.
I’d always been terrified previously.

Fiona and I knew we would do well. We had hardly touched each other
during those three weeks because we were working so hard. She was going to
get a car if she got three A’s. She would get a new car if she got four!
The way she put it, we could forego any sexual distractions for a few weeks
and then drive off in the comfort of her new car and fuck each other’s
brains out pretty well anywhere we liked! Two days before exams, we were
totally satisfied that we were ready. Fiona met me in the hallway.

‘David, I have to help Debbie with her Algebra tonight. She is going to
fail for sure. Is that ok?’

‘Yeah sure… but what are you saying? You don’t want me to come over

‘No, no I’m not saying that. I just didn’t think you’d want to help. I
mean you can have the night off!’ she said smiling. ‘I’ve got to take her
back to the beginning of the year and go over everything. The silly girl has lost her fucking workbook that had everything in it and she is
distraught, to say the least!’

‘Ok, you guys study for a couple of hours and I’ll come over after
dinner to help you re-cap.’

The thought of Debbie and Fiona lolling about in her room got my dick
humming. Debbie has an amazing body and is seriously good looking, at the
time though. her braces didn’t really do her any favours. She was 5’4’
and had the habit of never wearing clothes that showed her off as much as
the male population of my school would have liked. We only got to see her
body when she was doing her gymnastics training. With Fiona, Debbie and
Sandy on the team it was no surprise that there were a lot of guys watching
them train. They were all so beautifully built! The thought of the three
of them in the showers sent shivers down my spine and up my dick!

When I got to Fiona’s, they hadn’t got very far. Debbie couldn’t grasp
the purpose of Algebra and was getting frustrated.

‘X’s and Y’s, formulas, who gives a fuck! I hate this shit! Why do I
have to study this?’

‘Not doing so well then?’ I said as I entered the room. They were in
fact lolling about on Fiona’s comfy double bed and I immediately felt a
rush in my humming genitals.

‘She’s not doing at all well!’ said Fiona who got up to give me a kiss
and slid her hands into my back pockets to squeeze my ass. A quick bump of
her groin against my hardening dick brought a smile to her sexy face. I
could tell she was seriously horny and I was in for a treat when Debbie

‘You guys! I need help! Seriously!!!’ whined Debbie.

‘You try David, she won’t listen to me!’ said Fiona laughing.

‘That’s cuz you’re a crap teacher! You bitch!’ said Debbie swinging her
legs round so that she was seated upright on the bed with her arms behind
her. The effect was to push her chest forward and afford a fantastic view
of the fullness of her breasts. Fortunately she didn’t seem to realise the
effect that her body was having on me.

‘David, you’ll help me won’t you?’ she asked.

‘I’ll try but how thick are you?’ I joked.

We spent at least 2 more hours going over and over the material. Fiona
and I took turns tutoring her. I didn’t think she would ever get it but in
the end she seemed to catch on so that I could set her questions and she
could struggle her way through the calculations. By giving her examples of
everyday life, unknown quantity this versus unknown quantity this equals
known quantity that etc… she got the picture in the end.

We closed the books when we were all sure that she had a relatively
confident understanding, certainly miles better than she had when she had
first arrived. To thank us Debbie offered us a joint of the finest
quality. The effects were instant and we just lay there on Fiona’s bed
staring at the ceiling.

‘David, how come most guys are just shits?’ asked Debbie rolling on to
her side to look at me. My head was resting on Fiona’s thighs that she had
curled round my shoulders.

‘Why? Some are assholes not all of them.’ I said.

‘Well, you and Fiona are really cool together and like … well I know
that you two are in love. But you are so good to her. I want that too.’

‘You can’t have it!’ said Fiona with a grin.

‘No not David, I mean I want someone like David!’

‘I knew what you meant.’ said Fiona.

‘She can have it if she wants it!’ I joked.

‘David you bastard!’ exclaimed Fiona. ‘She can not have it!’

‘I know… I was just thinking about it as an idea.’

‘David!!’ they both squealed in hysterics. ‘You fucking pig!’

‘Just keeping the ‘men are pigs’ stereotype alive!’ I grinned.

‘Men are pigs!’ They both agreed.

We sat for a few more minutes watching Debbie roll another joint. The
weed was extremely powerful and we were all completely relaxed.

Fiona was starting to get quite playful as she stroked my head. She
always got extremely horny whenever she smoked dope. She moved her legs
back and forth so that my head bounced up and down on her thighs and played
with her shirt so that if I looked over at her I could see part way up her
shirt. The view of the lacy under-cups of her bra was incredibly sexy and
she knew it was having an effect on me. I was trying to appear
uninterested but couldn’t look away for more than a minute without her
doing something to draw my attention back to her tits.

‘What are you guys doing?’ asked Debbie with a mischievous grin.

‘She is making me stare at her tits.’

‘David!! I am not!’

‘Fiona, you were!! God right in front of me!’ squealed Debbie in
laughter. ‘You little slut!’

‘He loves my tits… what can I say?’

‘You do have nice tits… I have to admit!’

‘This is great, 2 babes talking about their tits. Keep going!’ I said

‘Well let’s face it David, there aren’t many girls in school with tits like Fiona’s. I mean they are quite big.’ She said and then cupped both of
hers together. ‘I’m a D Cup and she’s even bigger than me! What size are
you anyway?’

‘Double D.’

‘I thought so. They’re nice to have aren’t they? I mean I love my
tits, I don’t think I’d like really small tits, boys wouldn’t be as
interested would they?’

That was it, my cock was hard! I had to raise my knees so that it
wouldn’t be so obvious but would be uncomfortable. She was actually
massaging her breasts in front of me without a clue of the effect it was
having on me.

‘Debbie, you’re going to get David all worked up if you keep doing

‘Oops! Sorry… I mean… oh fuck it!” blushed Debbie. She stopped playing
but kept her hands holding them.

‘Between the two of you I was already worked up!’ I said laughing.
‘She’s just made it worse!’

‘Is it humming?’

‘Fiona!! For fuck’s sake!’

‘Is what humming?’ asked Debbie with a look of total bewilderment and

‘His cock is like a vibrator!’ said Fiona suddenly abandoning any
inhibitions. ‘It’s amazing!’

‘Fiona!’ I implored her. ‘Stop it!’

‘David can do this thing with his dick that is so cool. It vibrates
really quickly and feels so fucking sexy. Honestly it’s unreal! David
show her!’

‘Fiona!’ I was really embarrassed but at the same time over the moon
with the way events were unfolding.

‘David this is no big deal, just show her!’ She pushed my knees down so
that I was lying flat on my back. My cock was almost poking out of the top
of my jeans and was humming away with great gusto.

‘Oh my God!’ shrieked Debbie. ‘Oh that is so amazing!! I’ve never…

‘Touch it!’ urged Fiona.

‘What?!!’ Debbie and I exclaimed in unison.

‘Fuck it David, get your cock out and let her touch it. You know you
want her to and I think Debbie wants to touch it, so let her!’

I looked at Debbie who was clearly in the mood for adventure. She took
one look at me and then seeing that I was starting to pull out my dick she
grabbed my arm and stopped me. ‘I want to do this,’ she said.

She got off the bed and kneeled on the floor in front of me. My zipper
was already undone but she had to pull my cock out of my boxers. With both
extremely tentative and nervous hands, she pulled my knob out and held it
straight up.

‘Fuck its huge! Ohh and it is humming!! This is amazing!!’

‘It’s not huge, it’s just a bit above average!’ I said with a smug grin.
‘It’s fucking perfect is what it is!’ said Fiona bouncing on the bed in
excitement. ‘Jack him Debs!’

Debbie couldn’t wait and began slowly pulling me off with a look of awe
and amazement on her face that she kept only inches from my dick.

I began to get into it. Debbie had obviously played with a few dicks in
her time because she knew exactly what pressure to apply. Fiona was beside
herself with excitement. She pulled her sweatshirt off and without taking
off her bra, offered me her huge tits to suck on.

‘I am so hot… this is so sexy!’ she said sinking a hand into the
waistband of her jeans and diving for her pussy. ‘Fuck …I’m dripping!’

I was stunned by how quickly the atmosphere in the room changed from
three stoned juveniles into an adult porn flick but I was hardly going to

Debbie had begun to get a little more adventurous herself and had also
plunged a hand down for a little self-exploration. After a few minutes
Debbie began licking my dick and really working on her pussy. Her hand was
rubbing her mound furiously and at the same time she was licking all around
the tip of my cock. I was a bit concerned that she was going to slice my
dick to shreds with her braces but she was very careful in the way she
manipulated my bell-end. Fiona got down on the floor and lifted Debbie’s
top up over her head. I now had two beautiful girls in front of my cock,
in their bras! Heaven!

‘Suck him Debs! Give him a blowjob!’

I was a little surprised at Fiona but with the amount of porn we
watched, I would never have put this past her. She gently undid her bra
and then undid Debbie’s, who had begun really working on my humming cock.
Their tits were so beautiful: full, unsagging and hard. As Fiona slid her
body up the back of Debbie and reached around to cup her big tits we all
moaned. Debbie undid the clasp at the top of her trousers and still with
my dick in her mouth pulled Fiona’s hand down into her panties. Fiona
looked surprised for a millisecond but then purred into Debbie’s ear:

‘Make him cum, Debbie. Make him cum in your mouth!’ Then looking up at
me she said, ‘I want you to really enjoy this!’

Debbie was moaning really loudly from the pleasure Fiona was giving her.
Her breathing was getting heavy and the sounds of her slick wet mouth
sliding up and down the full length of my cock was a bit too much to bear.
Up and down, with nothing but snorts and moans. She sensed that I was
getting ready to cum and then grabbed the base of my cock really tight.

‘You’re not going to come yet, David!!’ she said pulling Fiona up to a
standing position.

They faced each other and started to undress completely. Debbie seemed
to have no noticeable inhibitions about what was happening and to say that
Fiona was enjoying herself would be a serious understatement. These two
beautiful girls were having a really good time. When Debbie stepped out of
her panties we got a real treat. She had shaved her pussy so that there
was only a little tuft of natural blonde hair.

‘You’ve shaved, you slut! I was wondering where the hair was !!’ cooed

‘If I ever meet the right guy I want him to have a nice surprise!’ said
Debbie, in a ‘matter of fact’ manner.

‘He’s gonna love you for that!’ I said enthusiastically.

‘Do you think so?’ Debbie asked huskily and fell into my arms on the bed
for a sloppy wet kiss. It didn’t even occur to me that this might be a bit
too personal for Fiona to allow. I looked up and she was gone.

‘Fiona what are you doing? Where are you?’ I shouted thinking she was
pissed off.

‘In here…’ she shouted from the bathroom. ‘I’ll be back in a second.’

Debbie and I lay there wondering if she was angry but too stoned to get
off the bed and go and check on her.

‘I’m still a Virgin, David,’ whispered Debbie as she slid her body up
and down mine. My cock was still rigid and knowing her wet pussy was
sliding along my thigh was not helping matters.

I said, ‘Really! You shave your pussy and you’re a virgin! I just

‘I shave my pussy because I think it looks sexy. My brother has porn
mags in his bedroom and all the women in them have shaved beav’s, so I
thought why not?’

‘Precisely!’ I agreed and ran a hand up her leg to lightly touch her
pussy lips. ‘It looks hot and it feels fucking wonderful!’

‘Mmmm,’ she purred. ‘I’m going to ask Fiona if she’d mind if you were
to be my first. I have never been this horny in my life. The three of us
could have a fucking amazing night tonight, don’t you think? If she says
no, I still want you to fuck me - even if it means climbing through your
bedroom window! ‘

‘You wouldn’t do that! She’s your best friend!’ I said anxiously. I
had no idea how far Fiona had planned for us to go but Debbie certainly
seemed determined.

‘I’m not going to try and steal you David. This is sex. I like you a
lot, you have a marvellous cock, I’m really stoned and seriously horny.
Besides, your girlfriend has already had her hand in my pussy and played
with my tits! I don’t think she’ll say no. In fact I think she’ll
encourage you to fuck me. I just want it to be tonight regardless. Do you
see what I mean?’

I looked down at her fantastic body, stretched out in front of me. She
was helping me rub her pussy and occasionally sliding a hand up to cup one
of her big tits.

‘You do want to fuck me, don’t you David?!’

‘Yes,’ I admitted. There was no point in trying to deny it. I wanted
to fuck her really badly and the mutual masturbation game was keeping me
very interested.

‘Imagine how good I feel inside!’ she said between slow and sultry
moans, her fingers sliding the length of her hairless pussy lips. ‘That
cock of yours, in my pussy…mmmm!’

I grabbed my dick and began to slowly jack. ‘You are one hot babe, Deb.
The two of you at the same time could possibly make me the luckiest guy in
the world!’

We just played with ourselves for a minute or so more until Fiona came
out of the bathroom and jumped onto the bed.

‘Whatcha doin’?’ she said playfully.

‘Playing!’ said Debbie lustfully.

‘Can I play? I’ve got something to play with!!’ Fiona cried like a
wanton nymphomaniac. ‘Look!’

She had shaved her pussy too!! All there was left was a thin strip of
brunette pubes that stopped just above the folds of her labia.

‘If Debs can make hers look that pretty, I thought I better do it too!
We can’t have you fucking one pussy that looks better than another, now can

‘Fucking?’ I said inquisitively.

‘Yeah fucking!’ said Debbie instantly, grabbing my hips and pulling me
on top of her. Fiona moved beside us and dangled her huge tits in Debbie’s
face, urging her to suck on her nipples. Debbie obliged and circled her
tongue rapidly around Fiona’s distended aureola. The sight was pure porn.
I hesitated from fucking Debbie right away and moved backwards so that I
could gaze at the pussies of these sex starved babes getting off on each
other. Fiona swung her leg over Debbie’s prostrate body and positioned
herself so that her cunt was directly on top of Debbie’s. She ground her
pubic mound against Debbie’s for a few seconds, which afforded me an
unbelievably hardcore view of their cunts together. They even began to
French and grab at each other’s fantastic tits, but neither of them seemed
to be even the slightest bit phased about this new development in their

Fiona pulled away from Debbie and turning her head to me said ‘Fuck her
David. She is so ready and I can’t wait to see her face when you stuff
that rod up her. Debbie you are going to enjoy this!’

‘God yes!!’ she panted. ‘David put it in slowly … please!’

‘Are you sure Debbie?’ I asked just to make it absolutely clear.

‘Fuck yeah!’ She replied with a sexy passionate voice.

I positioned my dick at the entrance to her cunt and slowly pushed

‘David! Condom you idiot!!’ said Fiona. ‘Debbie’s not on the pill… or
are you?’

‘No, but I think I will start tomorrow!’ Debbie said chuckling

I reached over to Fiona’s nightstand and found a ribbed one. I ripped
it open but Fiona stopped me and got off Debbie to do her ‘sliding it on
with the mouth’ trick. Debbie just gazed in awe. She had raised herself
up onto her elbows and seemed keen to take in the proceedings.

Fiona guided my dick to Debbie’s entrance and stood at my side to watch
me enter her.

‘Mmmm that looks so hot… Debbie your pussy is so sweet!!’ purred Fiona
like a pro.

Initially, I pushed as gently as I could, knowing that I could really
hurt her but she was so horny and absolutely dripping that it took only a
few seconds to be in her to the hilt. From there she went completely

‘Oh fuck … oh fuck … ohhhhh!! Oh God! Mmmmnggh! Oh yes!!.. Mmmm… ohh
yes.’ she screamed.

‘Feels good doesn’t it Debs! Mmm you love it don’t you!’ purred Fiona
in Debbie’s ear.

Debbie reached out and pulled Fiona to her. They started frenching each
other and fondling each other’s tits as I increased my work-rate. The two
girls were completely consumed by their passion, neither of them realising
or caring how far things had gone. This was like a dream.

‘Ohh fuck me hard, mnggh… harder… oh fuck that’s it … fuck me hard!’

Debbie’s cunt was so tight and receptive. She was literally begging me
to pound on her, not just fuck her hard. I had never fucked Fiona as hard
as this. My cock was sliding out so that only the very tip was left in and
then banging in to the hilt in a nanosecond. Once or twice it popped out
but her hand frantically grabbed it to get it back in her steaming box
within a millisecond.

Fiona began rubbing Debbie’s clit as I continued to piston her. The
effect was electric. Her vaginal walls seemed to contract and tighten
around my cock and her body was shaking uncontrollably. Fiona increased
the tempo in time with me, rubbing Debbie’s clit vigorously.

‘You are so hot now, aren’t you Debs? Look at his big cock in your
beautiful little pussy. Can you feel his cock deep inside you?’ whispered

‘Ohhh yes! It feels so good. His cock feels so fucking good!’ cried
Debbie, tugging on her stiff nipples.

After a few seconds Debbie orbited into the most frenzied orgasm
imaginable. Her entire body stiffened in an arch as she concentrated on
her impending orgasm.

‘Ohhh my Goddd!! Ohhhhh fucking yess!! … unnngh, unnnngh… oh fuck
…fuck…. fuck.. oh yes!!’

The power of her orgasm swept over her, forcing her to thrash her head
and body about uncontrollably. Her beautiful blonde hair whipped my face
and her nails dug in to my skin as she rode me to the summit of her
pleasure. Her climax subsided, but little ripples of pleasure caught her
over and over again. It was fantastic to watch someone completely lose
themselves in their own pleasure and knowing you were the cause. After a
few minutes she fell back on the bed with an angelic smile on her face.

‘If sex is that good,’ she breathed, ‘I am going to do the entire
football team tomorrow! David that was spectacular!’

‘Uh… Debbie?’ I said in a way that made her open her eyes and look up at
me in alarm.


‘I haven’t finished yet!’

‘No… oh no, I can’t do it. No!!!’ she said half-giggling, half in

‘That’s alright Debs, I’ll fuck him for you!’ said Fiona grabbing my
dick and pulling me to some free space on the bed. To me she said, ‘Fuck
me from behind, hard!!’

I got into position and rammed my cock in hard. Debbie watched us
closely, her orgasm had weakened her physically but her eyes were actively
taking in every movement we made. Before long she had moved next to Fiona
to stroke her breasts and nestle up against her best friend.

‘You both look so fucking hot… this is great!” said Debs as she ran her
tongue all over Fiona’s huge tits.

‘Get up here in front of me Debs… here sit in front of me’ said Fiona

‘Why?’ asked Debbie.

‘Cuz David’s going to fuck me from behind and I’m going to lick your
gorgeous pussy!’ moaned Fiona.

‘Yeah. do it!’ I said thinking that this would definitely be worth

She couldn’t get there fast enough. Within seconds Fiona had her head
buried in Debbie’s hot snatch and getting her all worked up again. Debbie
was looking me straight in the eye and lewdly swirling her tongue around
her lips. In an effort to allow Fiona full access to her cunt she raised
her hips and forced her tits up and out at me.

‘Fuck her mmm…fuck her’ she mouthed at me.

Fiona was having a fantastic time taking the length of my dick and
licking the juice from Debs overheated pussy. The two girls were mewing
and moaning louder and louder as our play reached its crescendo. With a
few skilful stabs I sent Fiona on her way. She brought her head up and

‘David fuck me ... mmmm oh fuck… ohh fuck …yeah!’ she screamed as her
orgasm racked her outstanding body. ‘Ohhh yes that’s it…. oh God yes!’

‘Here it comes Baby!!’ I cried

My balls tightened and my shaft stretched to its fullest extent as I
pounded her as fast as I could. I pulled out, whipped the condom off and
then shot my load all over Fiona’s asshole, rump and back.

‘David came big!!’ said Debbie in awe at the amount of cum I had
unleashed on Fiona’s sexy body.

‘Mmmm.’ Was all Fiona could say as she pushed herself against my
deflating cock.

‘That is a wondrous cock David.’ said Debbie as she allowed Fiona time
to relax and scooched her way down the bed to admire the work I had been
doing. ‘It looks like we need to clean you up a bit though!’

Debbie pulled my cock into her mouth and worked her tongue all around my
shaft. The end of my cock was still humming with the pleasure of my orgasm
and the effect of Debbie’s tongue sent shivers up my spine. Again she was
looking up at me and giving me the sexiest looks as my cock couldn’t help
responding to her efforts. Her shining braces glinted with moisture as she
worked my tool.

‘You’re staying hard for me!! Mmm… Fi check out his cock its staying
hard for me!’

Fiona purred her approval.

“You’re pretty good at that Deb, where’d you learn to how to suck cock?’
I groaned.

‘With anyone I liked enough to do it to! Make it hum in my mouth, I
wanna feel it in deep.’

I did and she gurgled with surprise, her eyes opening wide and then she
winked with appreciation. She worked me with her hands and swirled her
tongue around the tip then went back to deep-throating me.

‘Are you gonna fuck me again with your marvellous cock?’ said Debbie
with a wink.

‘Sure but I want to fuck your tits first. Wrap ‘em round my cock’

Debs duly obliged. She had clearly never been tit fucked before and
unlike Fiona didn’t seem to know what to do but by getting her to squeeze
them together I was able to push up into them.

Fiona watched with a sexy smile on her face. ‘Bounce for him Debs, let
his cock slide between your lovely tits. He loves it!’ She moved over and
started kissing Debbie and then the two of them would touch tongues and
look directly at me. They knew the effect that it would have on me and
seemed to get off on it.

I laid back on the bed and Fiona positioned Debbie so that she straddled
me but was facing the other way. She quickly slid a condom on me, this
time without using her mouth and then positioned my cock at the entrance to
Debbie’s seriously wet hole. I was in effect, fucking her from behind,
just that I was on the bottom. It was the first time I had done it this
way and I could not believe how good it felt. Debbie’s ass cheeks spread
out across my pelvis, her tits bouncing beside my face and I could wrap a
hand around and play with her clit all at the same time. I could also get
really deep inside her and it was this that seemed to drive her crazy.

‘Fiona, he’s good …oh fuck is he good… mmnggh… fuck me ohh God fuck me…
oh yesss!’

Fiona wasn’t bored in the slightest. She was running her hands all over
our bodies and licking Debs tits, right in front of me, inches from my
face. She would then move so that her huge tits would dangle just above my
face, affording me a spectacular view.

‘Fuck her David… the view of your cock in her pussy is amazing!! Let me
lick off some of that excess juice for you Debs, you seem to be enjoying my
boyfriends cock a bit too much huh?’

‘Fiona don’t stop doing that mmmm… oh God lick my clit… ohhh ohhh ohhh
yes. Lick me… oh fuck oh fuck ohhh!’

I started to feel my balls tighten as soon as Fiona began licking my
scrotum. Her tongue was everywhere and Debs and I were clearly
overheating. I began to buck really hard and Debs abandoned all control and
allowed me to pound into her with little cause for resistance.

‘Cum Debs … mmm feels good doesn’t it? Can you see his cock in your
pussy? Ooh you look so hot doing it babe!’ whispered Fiona.

Debs moved into a more vertical position and began bouncing on my cock
with renewed gusto. Her climax took control of her and she literally began

‘Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!! Oh God Yes!! Ohh Ohhh Ohh’

I couldn’t hold back any longer although I had been trying. I pushed my
cock up into her as hard as I could and shot my load. The orgasm was
unbelievably powerful and caused me to whimper in rhapsodic pleasure.
Fiona moved over and kissed every inch of my face.

‘You are so fucking wonderful… I love you so much, I love you, I love
you, I love you!’ she sighed.

‘Me too!’ said Debbie and then realising that she may have over-stepped
the mark, ‘but just not as much as she does!’

We laid back on the bed; both of them with their heads on my chest, and
stared at the ceiling. I had just fucked 2 women in one night and there
was every likelihood, given the way we had so naturally fallen into it,
that this was not going to be the last time we were all going to get
together. I was in heaven. I closed my eyes and gently fell into a deep

When I awoke it was 1:00 a.m and neither of the girls were in the room.
I was shitting myself because I was going to be late again and my Mum would
be having a fit. I quickly put on my clothes and went down to find Fiona
whispering goodbye to Debbie by the front door.

‘Why didn’t you wake me up? My Mum is going to kill me!’

‘We only woke up a few minutes ago ourselves. I was just going to come
up and wake you.’

‘I’ve got my Mum’s car David, if you want a ride home… I mean after
you’ve said goodbye and everything,’ said Debbie.

‘Cool, I’ll be just a second, meet you at the car.’

Fiona and I necked for a minute or two. I loved the feeling of being
able to hold her and the feel of her amazing tits pressed hard against my
chest. She was so attractive in so many ways and I hated saying goodbye. I
promised to meet her in the morning to walk to school and ran out to find
Debbie in her Mum’s old Volkswagen.

I hopped in the car and as we drove off Deb’s said, ‘I just want you to
know that I will never try and get in the way of you and Fiona but I would
really like it if you could continue fucking me… whether she is there or

‘Debs!?! I can’t do that! Fiona is my girlfriend! You know the score.
She’d fucking kill both of us if she found out that I was screwing you on
the side.’

‘I know, I know! I don’t mean every night but just once in a while.
Hopefully she will be there when we do it! Tonight was fucking hot don’t
you think? I had no idea that you and Fiona were so advanced. You had me
doing stuff that I never knew people did!’

‘If Fiona’s there, then by all means, I will continue fucking you. But
I won’t go behind her back, I have too much to lose.’ ‘Not even if I climb
through your window?’

‘No, not even if you climb through my window. Anyway you don’t even
know which window it is.’ I said laughing.

‘David get a grip, I’m not asking you to choose me over Fiona. I just
love the feeling of your cock. It’s beautiful and occasionally I’ll want
you to fuck me. I want Fiona to be there too because I like her pussy and
love her licking mine. Tonight was so cool. I just don’t want it to end
here. Fuck me and keep me happy!’

We pulled up outside my house and she leaned over and kissed me quite
passionately. Her lips were incredibly soft and surprised me. I thought
kissing her wouldn’t feel very nice because of her braces, but it
definitely stirred something in me. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and I
could feel my cock start to hum. After a few seconds she reached down and
gave it a tug through my jeans.

‘I knew you’d be up for it!’ she cried. ‘Men are all the same!’

‘G’night Debs,’ I said as I got out of the car with some discomfort.
‘It’s been a hell of a night and I want to do it again too. Is that good
enough for you?’

She grabbed her big tits and playfully stroked her nipples through her
sweatshirt. ‘Fucking perfect!!’ she said with a lascivious smile.

I ran up the driveway and went inside, my mother had for the first time
given up on me and gone to bed. I went up to my room and when I went to
shut the curtains I noticed that Debbie’s car was still outside. I
couldn’t see because of the glare of my bedroom light but it looked like
she was waving and then drove off slowly down the road.

‘So now she knows which room is my bedroom. Scheming little bitch!’ I
chuckled to myself.

End of Part One Part 2 of this story will be posted soon


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