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HUNGER video games and for while


This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written
permission of the author. The author may be contacted at Copyright 1998, Robert B. Morton II, all rights


For those individual not of legal age to read this where they live,
shame on you! For those folks who may be offended by this writing, all I
can say is caveat lector... you have been warned. The following is a work
of fiction and the usual statements about bearing any resemblance to people
or places, living or dead, being coincidental, etc., apply here.

The Hunger, by Rob Morton (M/M, inc)

The day started out warm and bright, which was perfect for my first day
off in a while. As I made coffee, I planned on doing absolutely nothing
worthwhile other than watch television and flat out being a bum. With the
house all to myself, it was going to be a glorious day!

For the remainder of the morning, I simply sat around in my underwear,
alternating between TV, CD's and video games and, for a while, I was living
the life of Riley. As in all things, though, you get tired of it after a
while and I found myself becoming restless. Suddenly, the house seemed
larger and more empty than it did just a few hours ago. Now bored out of
my mind, I moved from room to room, hoping something of interest would
catch my eye.

Finding nothing to do, I finally sat down and picked up a book I'd been
reading off and on. After picking up where I'd left off, I became
engrossed in my reading. After only a few minutes, I found myself becoming
aware of a gnawing feeling originating in the pit of my stomach. At first,
it was easy to ignore the feeling; however, the words on the pages began to
blur as more and more of my attention shifted to the feelings, which were
growing by leaps and bounds.

Now frustrated and bored, I put the book down, wondering just what in
the hell was wrong with me. The more I paced the room, the more the
feelings increased. It was like being trapped within yourself - you know
the feeling? Like being in a dark room; you know the way out but you just
can't seem to find the light switch.

More frustrating minutes went by before something inside of me decided I
had bumped around in the dark long enough by providing me a subtle clue,
manifesting itself as a warm, pulsing bulge in my underwear.

I felt foolish as I finally realize I needed to get laid. Now, some of
you might think "How can you not know when you're horny?" It's easy when
you're married and can pretty much get fucked whenever you want to, horny
or not. Okay! This isn't a problem, then. Smiling wickedly, I slipped
out of my underwear and reached for the source of my problems.

Oh, it felt so good as I wrapped my hand around my rapidly stiffening
cock. I just loved hot, silky smooth feeling of my shaft as my hand began
to work its magic. I can't begin to describe the immense pleasure I felt
as I continued to stroke my hardness, reveling in the delicious feeling of
an impending orgasm.

Not wanting the moment to end, I stopped and dashed to the bathroom,
positioning myself before the mirror, my cock angling nicely away from my
stomach. With my eyes transfixed on my image in the mirror, I continued to
pleasure myself until my breathing grew heavier. My balls tightened and I
braced myself for the explosion I knew would follow shortly.

A gasp of surprise escaped my lips as the first wave of pleasure coursed
through me. spurt after spurt flowed from the swollen head of my cock,
first splashing into the sink before flowing over my hand as I milked
myself for every drop. After what seemed to be a lifetime, the wave passed
over me and I felt much better, thank you. Or so I thought.

As I cleaned up my mess, I became aware of the fact that despite having
a pretty good orgasm, the gnawing feeling was still there, like a banked
ember. Looking down, my cock was still pretty much erect, begging for more
attention. Without even thinking twice about it, I began again, my legs
buckling as I massaged myself back into full erection.

Naughty pleasure was replaced by mounting frustration in short order,
making me realize I was beyond just being horny. Were I just horny, the
hand job would have been just what the doctor ordered; this was something
else. I was hungry for something - and I knew just what it was.

It was a special hunger for me, one which no form of food could ever
quell. No, the only thing which would put an end to my hunger was a thick,
hard cock. Don't get me wrong - I love the feel of a hot, wet and tight
pussy wrapped around me. Still, over the years I'd come to learn and
appreciate some of the more, ah, diverse things life had to offer - like
sucking dick. There's something... elemental about having another man in
your mouth. It's a sort of understanding, I suppose - it's really hard to
explain if you've never done it.

But I digress! Now having recognized the real need in me, I was faced
with a different problem: Where to find a willing and available cock? I'm
not the type of guy to go out cruising to satisfy my peculiar hunger - too
many things can go wrong, you know? Shit, with AIDS and God knows what
running rampant, you just really couldn't take chances.

With my frustration mounting, I returned to the family room to retrieve
my discarded underwear, only to find my 19 year-old son, Aaron, standing
there. I had been so preoccupied with my thoughts I hadn't heard him come

"Hey, dude! What are you doing home?" I asked, bending over to pick up
my underwear and not bothering to cover my nakedness.

"Oh, we had mid-term exams today. I got done early, so I left and came
home," Aaron replied easily.

"Shit, I forgot about it," I said, stepping around Aaron to turn on the

"You look like you've been having fun," he quipped, causing me to smile
a little self-consciously.

"Yeah, well, you know how it is, right? A man's gotta do what a man's
gotta do." Behind me, I could sense Aaron nodding in agreement. Where I
masturbated every now and then, for Aaron it was a full time job, something
we always joked about.

"So, what are you going to do now?" I asked, turning to face him and, as
I did, I could see his eyes fasten onto my midsection, where my cock still
stood proudly. I also noticed he didn't answer me immediately, so I waved
my hand in front of him. "Hello? Earth to Aaron."

Aaron blinked, as if he just woke up. "Huh?"

"I asked you what you planned on doing now that you're home."

Aaron blinked again, trying to focus his thoughts. "Uh, well, I didn't
have anything planned. Figured I'd just hang out, read or something," he
finally said, his eyes never straying from my cock.

In a weird way, I was enjoying his rapt attention. At just about 5'11",
Aaron was a little shorter than me, even though he probably outweighed me
by a good 30 or 40 pounds. There was something about the way his eyes were
glazing over, along with the way he nervously licked his lips that I found
rather enticing. In the back of my mind, it was no big deal - he'd seen me
naked many times before; however, I could sense this time was different.

As Aaron began to shift from side to side, I could make out the print of
his own growing erection and my ego was off and running. Even though he's
my son, it felt pretty good to know he was getting excited looking at me.

"Well," I said, breaking the growing silence. "I'll be upstairs if you
need me for anything." With that, I turned and went to my bedroom. Behind
me, I could hear Aaron turning to watch me, his eyes following me as I
climbed the stairs. The perverse pleasure I was experiencing continued
because I knew he was getting a very good look at my ass.

Once in the room, I flopped onto the bed, smiling evilly. Of course, I
knew Aaron didn't have a girlfriend; the boy spent a great deal of time,
ah, taking matters into his own hands. In my heart, I really didn't mean
to tease him, but it just felt good being admired - and excited - by him.
Absently, my hand returned to my cock, stroking it idly when a knock came
at the door.

"Yeah?" I called out to Aaron - who else would it be, right?

"Dad? Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure - come on in," I answered, propping myself up on one elbow. Aaron
stepped into the relative darkness of the bedroom, stopping a few feet away
from the bed where he continued his earlier nervous shifting. And, once
again, I could feel his eyes on me.

"What can I do for you?" I prompted. For a moment, my son looked as if
he'd forgotten why he was there - but it passed quickly.

"You haven't gotten dressed yet?"

"Nope - don't plan on it any time sooner," I answered, my hand once
again finding something familiar to occupy itself with. I could swear his
eyes were moving in time with the movement of my hand. "What's on your
mind, son?"

Aaron shifted again, trying to organize his thoughts. "Well, I was

I really hated talking to Aaron at times; he has an annoying habit of
starting to say something then stopping before finishing. I knew all I had
to do was wait him out - but it was hard work. Finally, impatience won
out. "Wondering what, may I ask?"

"Well, do you remember telling me that you, uh, like..."

"Like what?"

"Uh, sucking guys. You remember telling me?"

"Of course I do. What about it?" I sat up, swinging my legs over the
edge of the bed, giving Aaron my undivided attention. Was he trying to
tell me something here?

"What's it really like?" he asked.

"It's not bad," I admitted. "Sort of like eating pussy - it's an
acquired taste, if you know what I mean."

Aaron nodded. "Can I ask you something else?"

"Sure, my man - ask away!"

"Would it bother you if I told you that, um, I wanted you to, ah, suck

Whoa! Where did THAT come from? Aaron's words hit me like a ton of
bricks; it was all I do to keep the surprise I was feeling from reaching my
face. Even though Aaron mostly kept to himself, I hadn't had a reason to
think he'd leaned in this particular direction. "Ah, well, I'd say it
probably wouldn't bother me," I finally said, hoping my face was on
straight. "Might I ask you a question?"

"You want to know what brought this on, don't you?" Aaron said, his
words more statement than question. I nodded.

Aaron expelled the breath he must have been holding, looking around the
room. "Well, I remember you telling me that if I ever wanted something, I
should ask."

"True," I said. "What does that have to do with what you're asking?"

"I want to know what I feels like to have a man do it."

I wasn't buying this at all. "Son," I began, "it doesn't feel much
different than when a girl does it. So what's this really about?"

"Shit," Aaron said softly. He suddenly looked up at me and I could
sense him gathering up his courage to answer the question.


"When I got home, I was just gonna go to my room and jerk off for a
while. But, after seeing you downstairs naked, well, I wondered if it
would be possible..."

"For me to suck you off," I finished for him. Within me, the hunger was
rattling the cage pretty hard, begging to be let out; it didn't care whose
cock it was as long as it was cock.

"Yeah, something like that," he said, relieved to have gotten this off
his chest.

"You are aware of what you're asking, aren't you?" I asked.


"You also know I could get in a lot of trouble. They don't take incest lightly down at the courthouse." I looked into Aaron's dark brown eyes.

"It's only incest if you get caught," he answered. Well, he had a point
there - sort of.

The human mind is a fantastic organ. As I pondered Aaron's nonchalant
statement, The Hunger and my Common Sense fought a battle. Just the
thought of sucking my own son's cock was tantalizing - not just for the
man-to-man thing, but, shit, this was incest! The great taboo, mankind's
darkest secret! As the battle waged within me, I found myself staring
directly into Aaron's crotch at the pronounced lump he was sporting. I
could easily imagine his cock pulsing with need beneath its cloth

Now, Common Sense did it's job, telling me not to do something I might
regret later - the implications and punishments were just not to be
invited. "This is your own flesh and blood! You can't do this!"

Common Sense spoke loud and true - but The Hunger was stronger...
"Think of it! Two taboos at the same time! Oooh, think of how he must

I felt as if I'd been thinking for an hour when, in reality, it had only
been mere seconds. Again, a fantastic organ, the mind. Looking up into
his expectant face, I asked one final question. "Why me?"

Aaron's answer was straight and to the point. "I'm horny as hell - who
else could I trust?"

Who else, indeed? Without another thought, I reached out to my son,
bringing him a little closer. With The Hunger in control and screaming its
victory over Common Sense, I reached for his belt. Within seconds, Aaron
was standing before me, naked from the waist down, his erection standing
proudly before me, awaiting my pleasure. My hands reached out, gripping
his ass and pulling him toward my waiting mouth, his body trembling
slightly. Before committing my soul to hell, I took a moment to examine my

Large cocks must run in the family because his was pretty impressive,
curving away from his body almost like a banana. Large, hairy balls swung
freely beneath his thick shaft, which was topped by a good sized,
mushroom-shaped head.

Even as Common Sense cried out in despair, I flicked out my tongue to
snatch away the crystal clear drop of pre-cum at the head of his cock,
bringing a fevered moan from Aaron. His hips thrust forward, urging me on.
Slowly, I covered the head of his dick, savoring his strong, musky taste,
feeling The Hunger coursing through every fiber of my being. As I slowly
devoured Aaron's cock, I could hear him muttering softly.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned, his hands caressing my face with a surprising
softness. "That feels so damned good! Suck me, suck me, suck me..."

The Hunger turned into a raving lunatic as I threw all pretenses aside,
giving in to the sinful lust. I buried my nose into his dark, curly pubic
hair, swallowing him whole - and loving every minute of my trip to
Purgatory. Between my own legs, my cock surged strongly, a river of my own
juices flowing from the swollen glans.

I paused for a moment - Aaron's knees began to buckle and it just
wouldn't do to have him fall on his ass. I moved over, making room for him
to join me on the bed, laying him down. Assured he was now very
comfortable, I knelt beside him and returned to my feeding, taking him deep
within my throat, going for everything I knew. The Hunger continued to
grow within me and I knew it would not be satisfied until I felt his seed
pouring into my mouth...

As I busied myself, I was pleasantly surprised to feel Aaron's hands on
my ass, kneading it gently. His hands roamed freely over my exposed
backside, slipping down between my thighs, caressing my sac before getting
a firm but gentle grip on my cock.

I moaned as one hand continued to massage my ass while the other ran
along my hardness, sending waves of unexpected pleasure flowing through me.
Beneath me, Aaron continued to mumble, too soft for me to really hear, but
it wasn't hard to imagine what he was saying to himself. Shit, I knew what
I'd say were the situation reversed...

I returned my full attention to his manhood, relishing the hard-yet-soft
texture of his cock, rejoicing in causing it to tremble and shudder under
my touch. Aaron's hips began to thrust upward, plunging more of his cock
into my mouth with greater urgency.

I felt my son shift under me and I instinctively moved without missing
one precious thrust of his hips. Reaching under him, I filled my hands
with his ass, pulling him even deeper into my mouth. Oh, this is what I
needed! My blood sang with the heady pleasures I was feeling as I
continued to work my lips and tongue along the underside of his glans,
pausing only to tongue his cock slit, suctioning more of his youthful
juices from him.

Suddenly, I felt Aaron tugging on my thigh. Thinking I may have been
kneeling on his arm, I moved again - only to feel the tugging become more
insistent. What did he want? A little annoyed at this interruption in my
feeding, I lifted my head slightly, looking back at him.

"What?" I growled. Growled? Goodness...

"I want it. Give it to me." Aaron continued to pull at my leg and,
through my haze of lust, I realized he wanted to return the favor. Oh, it
couldn't get any better than this, could it? I swung my leg over him,
straddling his chest.

"Damn right," I hear him say, just before his mouth closed on my cock.
It was all I could do to keep from exploding into his mouth right then and
there. I groaned loudly as his mouth - so hot and wet - slid down the
entire length of my cock. Aaron's hands grabbed my ass, holding me firmly
in place as he sucked me with surprising ferocity. Just when I thought it
really couldn't get any better, I felt his finger probing my pucked back
hole and I squirmed delightfully against it. I groaned even louder as I
felt his finger penetrate me, heightening my pleasure. Not wanting to be
outdone, I wet my middle finger and inserted it into Aaron's backside
before returning to his waiting cock meat. His thrusts, gentle in the
beginning, became that much more urgent as I probed his bottom, my mouth
working his cock for all I was worth.

It wasn't long before I could feel the telltale tremors signalling
Aaron's pending release. The Hunger pounced as I increased my efforts,
sucking and licking like a madman. Beneath me, Aaron grew still, my cock
falling from his oral embrace.

"Oh, shit! OH SHIT!" Aaron cried out as he exploded into my mouth. His
whole body shook uncontrollably as spurt after spurt of come splashed into
my mouth. This was the moment I'd been waiting for, that indescribable
feeling of triumph/pleasure as I felt his cock jerking and bucking within
the hot, sucking confines of my mouth, siphoning every drop of seed from

Slowly - and to my "disappointment," Aaron's cock began to soften. The
Hunger had been satisfied... sort of. Aaron lay beneath me, the warmth of
his orgasm flowing through him. For this moment, his need was sated - but
my own need for release remained - and it was in full control. Without
even thinking about it, I moved until I was facing him, taking perverse
delight in seeing the look on his face; to say it was precious just doesn't
do it any justice.

"You okay?" I asked, whispering unnecessarily.

"Huh?" came the dazed reply. I repeated my question.

"Yeah," he finally said. "What a rush..."

I smiled. "Glad to hear it, son."

Aaron blinked a couple of times to focus his eyes, lifting his head to
look at me. "What are you waiting for?" he asked.

It was my turn to look confused. "Huh?"

"You gotta do something about that," he said, nodding toward my very
hard erection.

"That's okay," I said, knowing I was lying my ass off. "I'll just jerk
off until I come." My hand moved to my turgid maleness only to be stopped
in mid-grasp by Aaron.

"Uh, uh," he said, his grip firm. "Not like that."

My own lust, greatly delayed, was making me stupid. "What, then?" I

In reply to my dumb question, Aaron pulled me to him, using his hands
and legs to position me on top of him. "Does this give you any ideas?" he
asked, spreading his legs and lifting his knees, exposing the tight ring of
his ass.

Inwardly, The Hunger roared in agreement, beyond anything resembling
reason. With my eyes locked onto Aaron's, I reached up, wetting my hand
with spit and applying it to my cock.

"Yes," Aaron hissed as I continued to lubricate my cock with saliva.
"Fuck me..."

Slowly, I leaned forward until the spongy head of my dick came in
contact with Aaron's puckered opening, using one hand to wedge my swollen
glans into the tight opening. Beneath me, Aaron gasped as I slowly worked
my way into his virgin backside, revelling in the wonderfully tight
sensation as his sphincter tried to reject me.

"Just relax and push out a little," I whispered. Aaron complied and
with one hard thrust, I was into my son, my spit-slickened shaft plowing
past the tight ring of muscle and fully into him until my balls were
against his ass cheeks. Knowing he was feeling some rather incredible
pain, I gave him a moment to adjust.

But only a moment. My need was too great for being too patient; after a
parting glance to see it he was okay, I began my assault on his chute,
drawing my cock out until only the head remained in place before plunging
back into him. As Aaron groaned in what I hoped was pleasure, something
inside of me snapped and I began to fuck him with gusto, sweat pouring into
my eyes and dripping onto his chest. I could feel my cock growing

Aaron's mouth opened, as if to say something as my dick continued to
swell. The room began to spin as the orgasmic tidal wave began to crash
down upon me, overloading my senses. One thrust, then another and I was
filling his ass with my seed, a growl rumbling from the depths of my soul.

"Oh, fuck," Aaron breathed, wrapping his legs around my waist. "I can
feel it, shit, I can feel you coming in me!"

I only half-heard him as I roughly lifted his legs high, exposing more
of him and giving me more room to pound my spurting cock into him. Wave
after wave of pleasure crushed me as I continued to spill my spunk into

Lust can really fuck with your mind. One moment, you know exactly
what's going on and the next, you're wondering what the fuck just happened.
I remember pulling out of Aaron, rolling over to lie next to him, gasping
for air. Between the two of us, we sounded like a pair of old steam
engines, huffing and puffing. The Hunger had finally been sated and was
now back in his cage, purring happily. Common Sense was beginning to
recover from the lust-induced coma it had been shrouded in.

Guilt, however, had been waiting in the wings. Yeah, I knew it would
show up eventually and it didn't disappoint me either, pouncing on me like
a bad habit. Guilt spoke to me.

"You know, you're about the lowest motherfucker alive right now.
Sucking and fucking your own flesh and blood - you need to have your ass
kicked." Guilt ran fingers of sickness across my soul, feeling like heavy
grit sandpaper.

"Yeah, that's you alright. Sick, perverted puppy. Of course, you know
you're going to Hell, don't you?"

Guilt had done such a good job of fucking with me, I wanted to throw up.
Beside me, Aaron had made it to a sitting position. "Dad?"

"What?" I groaned, wondering if I could make it to the bathroom in time.

"Thanks, man. You just don't know how much I needed that. I knew this
day would come - and I'm glad it finally did."

Well, now, Guilt didn't like this one bit; he was expecting Aaron to
dissolve into hysterics and all that rot. Leaving a slimy trail behind
him, Guilt was shoved back into the shadows, complaining along the way
about shit not being fair and telling me he'd be back.

Fuck Guilt. All I cared about was my son wasn't angry with me.

And The Hunger had been fed.




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