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HUNGOVER cum for now


A Hangover to Beat Your Worst Ever
YOU wishing for a light to ease the darkness you hear me
come back into the room you wokein ..
your head still spins from whatever was given you
while you snoozed in bed last night..
you shiver a bit as you feel the breeze from the door
opening and closing rush over your body, naked and
tied to the bed, the breeze feeling strange on your
body and the light suddenly blazing into your eyes ..
and you see me--the man who hit on you in the bar
last night and suddenly disappeared on you right
before you were sposed to go home..
ME "you are with me ..for as long as I want that is where you are ..
and me .. me i am only to be known to you as Yes .. we will
be going on a little journey together .. one where you
will learn to be my servant"
..smiling at your indignant howling, I stuff the panties I took from
your body earlier into your mouth and tie them in with the
little top you were wearing while you slept ...then my
hands go to my back pocket .. and in addition to a pan
of water by the bed , you see in my hands a pair of
blunt nosed barber's scissors, and a disposable razor as well
..and then you cringe as i place a pillow under your
bottom, raising your hips and pushing out your pubic
mound, exposing your pussy and pubic hair to the light
.. then smiling as you whine while I snip away the longer
hair leaving stubble behind .. saying
" do you really want to writhe around like
that when I use the razor, as well??"..
filling my hand with lotion, I coat your formerly
hair covered cunny, then slowly so slowly shave your
mound clean, leaving you as nude below your waist as
you were as a child .. pulling the hair on your head
now into a ponytail, tying it back with a rubber band,
you see me stand closer to you and slowly undress,
dropping black jeans and shirt to reveal me standing
in nothing at all .. naked, not too horrid, and
blatantly erect, moving swiftly to cover your body
with mine and push between your legs ..forcing my
knees between yours now, pushing my naked cock into
your defenseless vagina with one hard shove .. filling
you as I seat myself to the hilt in you, pushing to
rest against the back of your pussy.. sliding back
into you quickly after pulling back slowly, I begin
moving inside you in a rhythm that leaes you little
time to breathe, my weight holding you to the bed
while my body invades yours...
reaching between us to massage your clitty, forcing
the pleasure into you as I do my cock, fastening my
moth on your nipple and suckling them to stiffer
points .. biting softly down on your breasts as I
punish with my hardness in the softest place of a woman
..rubbing my hands over your body caressing you even
as i take you, branding you with my touch inside while
I touch you softly outside .. feeling your body slowly
moving back against me as I push harrder in to your
willing but defiant body, enjoying the response of
your softer side to my rougher treatment of you,
knowing your total surrender will only come with your
acceptance of me in your orgasm .. riding faster in
your sweet silent body, feeling your breath whistling
from your body as I push into you , massaging your
clitty as I take your resistance and use it against
you, stripping the top and panties from your mouth
and covering it now with my own mouth, kissing you
hard @ first til your mouth opens under mine in
response, then softer as we touch tongues ..
I reach behind and grab the ponytail i made in your
hair, arching your head back on your neck and leaving
you still and vulnerable, my kisses nibbling at your
neck and below you ear, then fastening over your mouth
once again, punishing your resistance with my kisses,
gentling you again ..
feeling your body opening around me slowly, your puss
milking on my cock now as your sensual nature betrays
you, slicking the shaft of my cock with your desire
even while I ravish you .. feeling the hard bud of your clitoris under my fingers as your nipples scrape under my having chest,
your legs straining your hips up to meet mine in the
limited space you have to move, my hand driving you
towards your orgasm .. reaching beneath you to push my
hand that was massaging your clit into the tight bud
of your anus, invading your bottom as you work around
me , your inner muscles working against your resolve
.. feeling your body bucking now up to me, away from
thefingers in your bottom, towards the cock in your
body, teaching you that resistance is futile, there
will be only response ..
driving fast into your pussy .. feeling your body
rage against itself .. feeling your bottom clutching
in desperation around my fingers, writihing away even
as your puss betrays your need for the pain with
further convulsions and moistening ..
you will cum for me .. now .. you will open your
thighs and welcome me inside, anywhere i want to take
you .. you are mine .. you feel me making you mine as
I ride inside your tender body--stretching you with my
horridly stubborn erection .. raping your defenseless
body, but giving you pleasure ..
feeling your orgasm i give you the final indignity,
shuddering as well as i arch my body, seating the head
of my cock against the mouth of your womb, pulsing the
jets of my cum deep into you, gushing it into your
body and spurting it nearly to your throat ..
Making you oh so aware that if i keep you here and come
inside you again and again like this, that surely I
will eventually foster a child inside you ..
YOU You can only hope I will tire of you and release you before
that happens...Being my slave and breeding children
for me would be even more humiliating than submitting
to me in the bed of your captivity--shuddering at the
touch of a man who would do this to you .. knowing you
will do so at every turn--stripped, shaved, and used
for his pleasure ..
you feel small and weak even as I bathe the sweat
from your body with a warm cloth, still couched inside
you, sealing my seed into your with the plug of my
cock, forcing your body to absorb it even with the
tremors of your orgasm ebbing in you ...
ME untying one of your hands only to tie it next to the
other, but on the other side of the first, crossing
your hands and leaving room for them o turn over now
.. sliding, slipping out after endless minutes in you,
feeling you shudder as I leave you and untying your
legs, rolling you to your stomach and tying your legs
down again, farther apart and higher on the bed, tying
them off to the sides of the bedframe.. massaging your
bottom as I raise your hips, pushing pillow after
pillow under your belly feel the cool drizzle
of something slick in the crease of your bottom
cheeks, running down between them to be caught by my
fingers at your bottom's vulnerable entry, massaged
slowly into the tensing iris .. while I lean over to
murmur ..
" this is the truest lesson in submission you could
ever be taught .. only by giving of yourself and
accepting do you gain ease and comfort this way ..
rebellion and defiance cause you the pain you fear ..
submission and compliance ease your way and bring you
pleasure unimaginable, the sensations pulsing thru you
to fill every inch of your body .. if you fight me
with your stubbornness you will make yourself hurt ..
if you yield and welcome me you will be rewarded with
orgasm after orgasm .. I want you to learn .. it is in
your best interests to cooperate but you don;t have to
.. if you tense and try to force me out it only makes
for a tighter ride .."
YOU you feel me now holding your bottom open, spreading
your cheeks with one hand while the second pushes at
the sides of your anus, foring the iris to spiral open
.. when you feel me pressing inwards,you focus on
opening .. yes the same kind of opening as when you
____ .. with luck i will slip right inside with little
stretching .. then you concentrate on what is
happening to you, being fucked, not on where you are
being fucked .. You feel the head of my cock against
your ass now .. pressing at the sphicter .. fun ..
take me there now .. feel me sliding inside you,
stretching the ring of muscle as I push in to you ..
driving thru the muscles guarding your ass slipping on
inside you .. filling you as you writhe under me ..
You feel me taking you in one slow stroke, lasting a full minute
as i push in til my stomach rests against your bottom
and your body swells around me, your throat tight as
you feel me spiking int you guts, then lurching in
your insides as you feel my hardness sliding out, making you
squirm as your senses confuse and blur .. your body
strangely excited by the felling, the blending of
senses used for other puroses with those for sexual
stirring something hidden in you .. making your body
rocket towards an orgasm immediately.. feeling
strangely better as I slam back into you .. knowing
this wondrous feeling will happen every time I slide
in to you and worming back on to me as I fuck all the
way inside you ..
ME holding your hips in one hand and reaching forward to
grab your ponytail with the other .. holding you as i
push in to your violated body .. taking you again and
again .. slamming fast in to you only to draw out slowly ..
that relentless sliding sensation overwhelming you and
making you cry out Yes Yes Yes.. what I told you to
call me burning in your brain as you call it out in
your passion .. overcoming your defenses one by one ..
your will crumpling as i take you, making you mine and
branding you my own ..I am simply slamming into you
and pulling out, but feeling to you as if I have
written on your skin with a branding iron, but more
than that .. making you feel so very warm and wlecomed
.. and sending you thru the roof as I send the rush of
my seed into you, marking you in the final act of a
lesson of submission, coming into your bottom in
pulses of need ..

Jason Daniel ( ,, and


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